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Tanks: The beginning of the end for Putin's invasion?

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Last week Germany confirmed it would send tanks to Ukraine to help the fight against Russia. The announcement came after weeks of foot-dragging on the issue - why was the decision apparently so difficult and what made Germany change its mind?
    Guest: Oliver Moody, Berlin correspondent, Times and Sunday Times
    Host: Manveen Rana.
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Comments • 734

  • Roy Old Boy
    Roy Old Boy Month ago +120

    An excellent analysis! One thing I would like to add as a Brit living in Germany is that Chancellor Scholz was also under increasing pressure to act from the ruling Green Party and the Liberal Democrats as well as from the opposition party CDU. A point to add to the analysis is that reunified Germany is still not a fully homogenous country. The majority of people in former West Germany support sending tanks, but the majority in former East Germany (DDR) are against, perhaps because of their historical ties to the “Brudervolk” Russia. Let’s do all possible to ensure that the outcome of this awful war is good for the people in Ukraine and also for the many oppressed people in Russia. Slava Ukraini.

    • Hyperman
      Hyperman Month ago

      @anonymusum Well I have to dissagree.
      For one Germany has a special resposibilty to help Ukraine because.
      1 WW 3 will start if Ukraine losses not if it wins. Germany already started two world wars so it would be great if its actions wouldnt lead to a third one.
      2 Russia attacked Ukraine so there is no "moral dilema" here about Russian lives. Or at least there should be none.
      3 If it was not for the Nord Stream pipes this invasion would not be possible for Russia. Germany went along with those pipes despite a decade of warnings from the baltic states.
      The second thing is that for a democracy to have such a weird nostalgia for a mafia regime like Russia is preety weird.
      Unless you know that Germany needs Russia to keeps its power in Europe. It need it for trade.
      As always its about money and comfort, no matter How mich you dance around it.
      To sumarize.
      Germany made this possible with Nord Stream, is the LAST to act, the whole of Europe has to talk sence and some moral duty into the German heads and still ( despite its history and generational shame ) a significant portion of the German population is againts helping Ukraine.
      Good job.
      Grand parrents would be proud.

    • Hyperman
      Hyperman Month ago

      @anonymusum Well I have to dissagree.
      For one Germany has a special resposibilty to help Ukraine because.
      1 WW 3 will start if Ukraine losses not if it wins. Germany already started two world wars so it would be great if its actions wouldnt lead to a third one.
      2 Russia attacked Ukraine so there is no "moral dilema" here about Russian lives. Or at least there should be none.
      3 If it was not for the Nord Stream pipes this invasion would not be possible for Russia. Germany went along with those pipes despite a decade of warnings from the baltic states.
      The second thing is that for a democracy to have such a weird nostalgia for a mafia regime like Russia is preety weird.
      Unless you know that Germany needs Russia to keeps its power in Europe. It need it for trade.
      As always its about money and comfort, no matter How mich you dance around it.
      To sumarize.
      Germany made this possible with Nord Stream, is the LAST to act, the whole of Europe has to talk sence and some moral duty into the German heads and still ( despite its history and generational shame ) a significant portion of the German population is againts helping Ukraine.
      Good job.
      Grand parrents would be proud.

    • anonymusum
      anonymusum Month ago

      @Hyperman No, it doesn´t say anything about Germany. It only says that there are people in East-Germany, the former GDR, who have familiar or ideological ties to Russia. And in general: We are a Democracy and it´s normal and essential that there are different opinions. And those opinions who disagreed to the transfer of weapons to Ukraine referred to our past when we attacked Russia/UdSSR and caused about 20 million Russian deaths. And they pled for starting negotiations with Russia.
      Furthermore we always have to consider that this war could develop to a huge World War 3 and that means we all have to be thoughtful and cautious.
      That led to a broad discussion about our standing in this awful war.
      I always pled for a big transfer of weapons but in the end I must say that I rather live in a country that carefully thinks about it´s actions and plans than in a country in which 100% of the population follows the direction of the government. And in which a populist government sets the course and numerous dummies follow and elect them - like in Poland.

    • Hyperman
      Hyperman Month ago

      Well that is sayin something about Germany. In Poland almost everybody is for helping Ukraine Even though we are Even closer to Russia than eats Germany. Being German is a state of mind….

  • Russ Barnes
    Russ Barnes Month ago +27

    Ukrainians have to be tuff they are defending democracy for the world.
    Thank you Ukraine be strong.

  • Soren Ingram
    Soren Ingram Month ago +63

    Stand with Ukraine Love Liberty Sovereignty

  • Aco747lyte
    Aco747lyte Month ago +25

    An excellent analysis giving a very concise explanation. Thank you so much!

  • Pat Santers
    Pat Santers Month ago +13

    Two countries for me get top marks for not dithering in aid for Ukraine and pound for pound have done best and thats smallest country Britain and Poland ..The Usa have aided much but they do have in reserve tons of gear ..Pound for Pound ill say Britain has aided most as they do not sit right next door to Ukraine and were very first country to aid Ukraine in giving and were first to hand them Tanks in need also . All Nato countries should be helping from the very start not just few .

  • Jackson Teller
    Jackson Teller Month ago +65

    The Ukrainian army has just finished the overhaul and refit of the tanks used for the Kharkiv Oblast and the Russian ones they captured. Now they are getting the T-72 with NATO electronics and optics about 240. The heavy weight Leopard 2 in numbers, 83 on the way now or soon and in total 128-218 will be delivered before the summer. Add the 31 Abrams and 14 Challenger 2 tanks and it is enough to replace the losses of the AFU since the start of the war. Especially when you consider they are worth 5-10 of the Russian tanks.

    • Withnail1969
      Withnail1969 Month ago

      @Steven Wilson I think the captured ones are gone now.

    • Steven Wilson
      Steven Wilson Month ago

      @Withnail1969 Ukraine captured a large number of tanks from Russia in Kharkiv and Kherson offensives which are being fixed up to the extent possible, Ukraine no doubt did some of it but Poland is also doing it. There are lot of Leopard 1s and some 2s going as well as British Challengers. Abrams will come but just slower than would be optimal. You also have to factor in other things coming such as self propelled artillery and IFVs.

    • Withnail1969
      Withnail1969 Month ago

      @Steven Wilson Poland already gave its tanks to Ukraine. Those are gone now. There are no more Soviet era tanks to give. The Abrams wonder weapons are needed now.

    • Steven Wilson
      Steven Wilson Month ago

      @Withnail1969 Are you completely ignorant of the fact that Poland among other neighboring countries are doing a lot of refurbishing work for Soviet era tanks and vehicles? Did you think everything was being done solely inside Ukraine? As far as Abrams not getting to Ukraine yet, they have "super secret" 30 yr old depleted uranium mesh armor that the US for some reason thinks is a strategic threat if Russia gets their claws on it. IMO they should just send them as-is and accept that there's a chance Russia might see our secret 30 year old tank armor when Russia can barely build its own 30+ year old tanks, slowly. But instead we are doing the "export version" which will take some time to get some tanks ready as we don't have a lot of export M1 Abrams ready to go.

    • Withnail1969
      Withnail1969 Month ago

      @Steven Wilson none have been sent so far. we will see.

  • Master Mariner
    Master Mariner Month ago +11

    If used right,in manuever warfare and combined arms together with artillery,IFVs like Bradleys,Marder ,amx 10rc,and cv90,infantry and mobile air defences,these tanks will have a huge impact in the armoured spearhead

    • Master Mariner
      Master Mariner Month ago +1

      @Frank de Groot Ukraine have recived many new mobile air defence systems that will follow the armoured spearhead,and it seems to work in Kharkiv and Kherson
      Neither Russia or Ukraine have established any air superiority yet,allthough Russia is closer to their own borders in Donbas.
      Fighter jets wont make more difference to what they allready have in Ukraine

    • Frank de Groot
      Frank de Groot Month ago

      Still vulnerable without the protection of fighter jets

  • Anthony West
    Anthony West Month ago +201

    Putin has to be stopped in Ukraine or we will all regret it, give them everything.

    • Conner Gazal
      Conner Gazal Month ago +1

      Give them everything, what could go wrong?

    • Pierre Robert
      Pierre Robert Month ago

      @Anthony West It's a shame for the UK and US !

    • Mariana Gautier
      Mariana Gautier Month ago


    • Sam Thomas
      Sam Thomas Month ago +3

      @Anthony West You know your history Mr. West. Well said.

  • Cathy Michalopoulos
    Cathy Michalopoulos Month ago +7

    Thank you so very much to all the countries sending tanks and Weapons to Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Emmanuel Goldstein
    Emmanuel Goldstein Month ago +86

    Slava Ukraini! 💙
    Heroyam slava! 💛

    • Mike
      Mike Month ago +2

      Salva Ukraine…Scholz is still Scholzing & until we see 🇩🇪s owned 🐆 in 🇺🇦… it’s just talk…next send the F16s etc…💙💛💙

  • Wayne Riches
    Wayne Riches Month ago +22

    Good interview and good reporting, thanks from down under 🇦🇺

  • uberchrist 1896
    uberchrist 1896 Month ago +1

    This was extremely informative! Thank you!

  • 2justbeme
    2justbeme Month ago +33

    As usual, another articulate and erudite report. Well done !~!

    • niburu
      niburu Month ago

      @American In Mykolaiv Dog is doing a GOOD JOB. God will be watching him too.

    • American In Mykolaiv
      American In Mykolaiv Month ago

      @niburu Dog is watching all of us - silly boy!

    • niburu
      niburu Month ago

      @American In Mykolaiv obviously being you being able to read does seem to include comprehension. Are you sure it is the “Russian Truths” that are making you sick? God is watching you.

  • Laura S.
    Laura S. Month ago +134

    Swedish Gripen fighters would be the best fighter jet for Ukraine. Unlike the F-16, the Gripen is built to operate on rough airstrips.

    • TheMadMariner
      TheMadMariner Month ago

      This is the correct take. Something like Harriers would be good too, but I don't know if those even exist anymore.

    • arno vriends
      arno vriends Month ago

      @occam raiser exactly, the chances are this is a long term situation that could escalate quickly and/or morph, ergo hope for the best and prepare for the worst! That includes all NATO and allies, so start cooperating and producing realistically, which does not mean at a slow measured pace but get a move on producing and innovating we are already years behind. Just imagine China delivering serious hardware in a very short time, what then??

    • David Maly
      David Maly Month ago +1

      Ukraine actually asked for these over any other platforms... There isn't enough of them around though... Czech has 12 on lease... But can't spare them because they are now contracted to monitor and protect Polish and Slovakian air space because those countries are giving Ukraine their Russian fighters...

    • Matthew Huszarik
      Matthew Huszarik Month ago

      The number of available F-16 dwarfs every other fighter.

    • Colin o brien
      Colin o brien Month ago


  • Gargamel And Rudmila
    Gargamel And Rudmila Month ago +14

    The final piece of the puzzle will be F-16.
    F-16 is a multirole jet that is a swiss army knife for Ukraine. Over Ukraine it will wipe out the low flying jets along with the deadly man pads.
    The most important is the air cover it will give ground troops on bombing runs and its use in combined arms tactics that will break through Russian defence lines and maul everything behind and take back territory.

    • Ulrik Schack Meyer
      Ulrik Schack Meyer Month ago

      @ETS Well in my reality I heard a month ago that Ukrainian pilots are already training in the US!

    • Big D's Gaming
      Big D's Gaming  Month ago

      can't wait for that Thunder run

    • Damir Bubnič
      Damir Bubnič Month ago

      The final piece will have nuclear head.

    • Malcolm Bloor
      Malcolm Bloor Month ago +2

      Only fly in the ointment for F16's is the need for concrete runways. Russia can target all of them. The UK built the Harrier to not need runways for just this situation, for close troop support. Now retired, even the much vaunted F35 does not offer the same capability for dispersed operability. Politics.

  • Lenton Lawrence
    Lenton Lawrence Month ago +1

    Expert analysis! Ur always ahead of others.Thank u, Time Radio.

  • Johannes
    Johannes Month ago +2

    You should have mentioned the massive pressure on Scholz from Inside germany (two of the three partys in the government and most of the opposition.) Also polands gouvernment (elections incoming) was screaming loud about tanks, but only officially asked germany a day before the descition.
    Now I just hope everybody is doubling up. 14 is weak from germany and poland alike.
    Also tanks like that are very good in the defense as well. The leopard 2 was developed specificaly to fight mobile defenses against russian attacks. That's why it drives so well backwards.

  • rightousIke
    rightousIke Month ago +17

    The saab jas 39 gripen is the platform that Ukraine needs today, the f16 and f35 are the jet that would help in the future.

    • Ulfarinn
      Ulfarinn Month ago +1

      No, I don't think it'll happen because Sweden doesnt want their tech in Russian hands. The EW in those fighter planes are top of the line.

    • fourtysix4646
      fourtysix4646 Month ago

      @Henrik Nilsson it has 10 or 12 maintenance hours for 1 hour of flight, while the f-18 takes 6 hours for every 1 hour of flight.

    • Henrik Nilsson
      Henrik Nilsson Month ago

      @fourtysix4646 Gripen is designed for using roads and to be serviced by conscripts.

    • fourtysix4646
      fourtysix4646 Month ago

      @Jackson Teller what are you smoking? They will never get the gripen or the f-16. The f-18 is their only chance at getting anything other then more migs. F-16 requires concrete runways while f-18 can land on a road if a runway isn’t available because of the robust landing gear, it can hold all the latest munitions on its pylons and has the lowest maintenance per hour of flight of any fighter flying right now. How many man hours for an hour of flight on the gripen? Can it take off from a road if needed? There is a reason Canada and Finland use the F-18, and the best pet is these are aging airframes that both countries are looking to replace.

    • Jackson Teller
      Jackson Teller Month ago

      @fourtysix4646 no range they will be better off with the short legged Gripen. A quarter of the Ukrainian pilots are already trained on the F-16 as are their ground crews. That means no conversion training necessary for either.

  • Gryze
    Gryze Month ago +4

    At least 9 months too late and the tanks still need at least a few more months to hit the ground. Abrams even longer.

  • Chuck Amadi
    Chuck Amadi Month ago +8

    Poland and UK, played a good game. Straw that broke the camels back. Well done all. USA move with 31 Abrahams was cute too. Although they'll take an age they'll come in handy even in several months, when Ukrainians already liberated their Territories.

  • Thomas McBurney
    Thomas McBurney Month ago +12

    I hope you like the following rap song.
    Verse 1:
    Listen up, y'all, I got a story to tell
    About a tank that can't seem to keep its turret well
    T72, rolling down the field
    But every time it's hit, it loses its shield
    Turret pops off, T72 in distress
    Can't handle the heat, can't handle the stress
    Scared of the Javelin, that's its biggest fear
    Better watch out, T72, it's always near
    Verse 2:
    From the battlefield to the desert sands
    T72 just can't seem to make a stand
    Gets hit, loses its turret with a pop
    Can't handle the power, can't handle the shock
    Turret pops off, T72 in distress
    Can't handle the heat, can't handle the stress
    Scared of the Javelin, that's its biggest fear
    Better watch out, T72, it's always near
    T72, you better step up your game
    Can't keep losing your turret, that's just insane
    Javelin's got your number, you better beware
    T72 tank, you better be aware.

  • Joshua Chapman
    Joshua Chapman Month ago +4

    Great work on this.

  • Abé Wickham
    Abé Wickham Month ago +1

    Excellent article .. well done !

  • KcuS my KciD
    KcuS my KciD Month ago +19

    Tanks working along Bradley is a devastation to any enemies. Ooh I forgot next will be ATACAMS I'm pretty sure.

    • Jimmy Johnstone
      Jimmy Johnstone Month ago +1

      @KcuS my KciD agreed. We only know a tiny fraction of what is going on to supply Ukraine. Lots of kit is there already...

    • KcuS my KciD
      KcuS my KciD Month ago +1

      @fourtysix4646 they already have.. its lie and deception for the spring and summer offensive.

    • Big D's Gaming
      Big D's Gaming  Month ago

      total obliteration

    • fourtysix4646
      fourtysix4646 Month ago +2

      Nothing confirmed as of yet and USA still saying they won’t send atacms to Ukraine. The stuff in the new aid package is the glsdb with 150km range.

  • M Valentine
    M Valentine Month ago

    Brilliant, both of You, I’ve learnt so much 🇨🇭✨🤍✨

  • Phil O
    Phil O Month ago +28

    Germany’s Leopard 2 is the fiercest and most capable MBT in service today, anywhere. Great to see that Germany has decided to unleash the big cats in a cause for freedom and justice.

    • zorglub667
      zorglub667 Month ago

      @Pat Santers you've got that backwards.
      It was the US that eventually had to give in. Scholz said from the start, German tanks only when embedded in a multinational campaign (and that is German speak for "not without the USA"). Historic reasons as well as the perception that any leopard, regardless of which country sends it, will be perceived as German, were the reasoning behind that. Like it or leave it, those were the conditions, and once Biden finally realized that it doesn't make that much of a difference for him whether he parks some abrams around Kiev or not, it took Scholz not even 24 hours to fulfill his promise that Germany would deliver in such a context.
      So now Germany cannot be singled out, and Ukraine gets even more tanks.

    • Leonie Freihart
      Leonie Freihart Month ago +1

      @Pat Santers Germany was Ukraine's biggest supporter from 2014 to 2022. Then the US stepped up and spend alot of money. This means Germany is only Ukaine's second biggest donor. However, that is not a shameful place. Germany has given almost twice as much as the third biggest donor (France) and much more than twice as much than the US, if not looking at absolute numbers, but instead at %GDP. Yes, the UK is on that list too, somewhere, I think right yfter France, but in no comparison to Germany.
      For Poland, well, Poland is really benefiting from trilateral agreements which inflate their support. Poland has send T-72s in exchange for Leopard 2 from Germany, to name an example. This is counted as a purely Polish contribution, although, it would make more sense to count it as a German contribution. Afterall, it is not Poland but Germany that has less after the exchange.
      Anyway, Germany has send dozens of German-made tanks months ago. Those tanks, according to the Ukrainian mikitary intelligence were key in the liberations we have seen. No other country has done that so far...
      Maybe, next time, you inform yourself before you jump to conclusions. Its not a good thing to have an ooinion, if the opinion is not supported by reality but only by fiction ;)

    • Phil O
      Phil O Month ago

      @ginojaco yep, I see your point, but still one of the best, I agree perhaps the best option for Ukraine given the availability and infrastructure to support the Leopard in this situation.

    • Olli
      Olli Month ago

      @ginojaco Difficult to tell which one is the best. Maybe we will know more after this war.

    • ginojaco
      ginojaco Month ago +3

      No, it isn't. But it is the best for the situation in Ukraine, and they greatly outmatch the enemy's anyway, which is all that matters really.

  • Tim D
    Tim D Month ago

    Good analysis and balanced

  • Monster Forge
    Monster Forge Month ago +14

    37 Gepard already in Ukraine...

  • Raymond Rothstein
    Raymond Rothstein Month ago +6

    In my personal opinion, yes ukraine should get all they need. But first you must crawl before you can walk, and then you can run. Everybody needs to remember that ukraine is primarily trained on old USSR equipment and doctrine of waging wars. Yes, they learn fast, yes there are game changing equipment being introduced, but to have effective use of the tools, they need the proper training on usage and tactics that actually make a difference in the field. Like Ryan mcbeth says, give your enemy delemas, not options, to the point where all their options are undesirable. If they know the tank, or air power isn't experienced, they will exploit that weakness.

    • mac22011964
      mac22011964 Month ago +1

      Let’s not forget that a number of Western Countries have been training Ukrainian forces since about 2009 with a significant upgrade in training since 2014 where a full officer and NCO training facility was built and largely staffed by Western forces (U.K., Canada, US to name a few).

    • Paisa231
      Paisa231 Month ago +1

      Sure, but this is war. Ukraine doesnt have such luxuries. And Im more confident in our militaries, on the timeline they work with and towards. Than what we YT think and theorise. Sure McBeath have more knowledge, but thats under totaly different conditions. Ukraine is eager to learn, and motivated to fight for their nation survival. And up to now, they realy proven themself, and astonished most military out there of what they achieve with what they have and get.
      To me, once the decision is made to send stuff, the training time and transport time have been spot on to now. So Im confident out military and Ukraines, will figure this out, all taken into account.

    • K-Strom
      K-Strom Month ago

      Good points Ray.
      I'm sure they'll get it done, with what I expect, through a comprehensive technical training package. Tactically on the other hand, Ukraine tankers have a lot of runs on the board with their application of manoeuvre theory. I think we're going to see some historically significant breaches and breakthroughs in the next 6 months

    • David Elliott
      David Elliott Month ago +3

      Absolutely correct. However, war has its own timelines. Ukraine needs the tanks now. Poor tactics might lose some of them but Ukraine learns extremely fast. They will make excellent use of them.

  • Stewie Kid Griffin
    Stewie Kid Griffin Month ago +102

    GOD bless, save & protect the Hero Nation of Ukraine & all it's friends and allies!
    Great news bulletin as always, pleasure to listen.

    • david schneide
      david schneide Month ago

      @Yankeepride03 not Putler bots, but those who credit the real people required to help Ukraine, not imaginary friends

  • Christopher Bergin
    Christopher Bergin Month ago

    Great episode. I want to say thank you to all Germans for succeeding through this year of constant change. And thank you to all who have been helping the brave Ukrainian citizens, government, and military to have the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies to win against their aggressive and hostile occupier. Slava Ukraine

  • Jey
    Jey Month ago +8

    Good Germany and western allies
    Must reach Ukraine ASP

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez Month ago

    Just great , informative news chanel, I just love it...

  • Kent G
    Kent G Month ago

    Excellent production! Thank you!

  • Miguel Bustos
    Miguel Bustos Month ago +20

    excellent journalism

  • DigNap15
    DigNap15 Month ago +23

    Slava Germania
    The Leopards are free!
    Ukraine will use them wisely

    • islamdo go
      islamdo go Month ago

      Nothing is for free my man

    • Will C
      Will C Month ago

      Thundercats are loose!...

  • Ian Way
    Ian Way Month ago +12

    A kiwi's view. Thanks for an informative article. Well presented

    • Ian Way
      Ian Way Month ago

      @Mata-Miramar That's what my passport says!

    • Mata-Miramar
      Mata-Miramar Month ago

      You're no kiwi ya liar!

  • dragonade85
    dragonade85 Month ago +4

    It's good news, but nowhere near the beginning of the end.

  • Trev S
    Trev S Month ago +6

    It depends which Lepard2 - the Older A4 is more vunerable than the A6

    • Deviltamer
      Deviltamer Month ago

      @Marcus Franconium it takes time and skilled workforce that could be used on more modern versions aswell.

    • arno vriends
      arno vriends Month ago +1

      @Marcus Franconium hey mr. amateur hour that will take years, it's not lego.

    • Marcus Franconium
      Marcus Franconium Month ago +1

      @Bluehelmet There are complete kits ready to go . people tend to forget this . also countries like greece and netherlands have licenses to build and upgrade leopard 2 tanks.

    • Bluehelmet
      Bluehelmet Month ago +2

      @Marcus Franconium Not realy, an A6 has a different gun and the armor of early batch A4's is inferior.

  • Anthony Mitchell
    Anthony Mitchell Month ago +1

    Thanks for your insights

  • Clara Hilaire Tessier

    And yes they are releasing the leopards🐆🐆 Gosh, one or two have already bitten me !

  • Richard Fothergill
    Richard Fothergill Month ago +9

    Germany offering the tanks after ages of deliberation and then instantaneously declaring they won’t offer jets is like throwing a punch and then running away.
    Showing their weakness is more dangerous than showing strength.

    • zorglub667
      zorglub667 Month ago

      Let the French take care of that, since they quietly sat in the corner during this whole tank soap opera.
      And be it only because Germany doesn't have much of an air force to speak of anyway, much less the f16s that people demand.

    • 00hhboy
      00hhboy Month ago

      @Edithae Here's the dumb thing about German jets, they have a perfectly good way not to send them by focusing on tanks and let the fighter coalition do it's thing, although this only works if he actually follows though on tanks which I sort of don't trust him on given we had to bash his head in just to get started. Each country has capacities that others don't. Scholz is an idiot asking for American Abrams. Europe has tanks, US has all the guided munitions and secret sauce, tanks take away from that. JFC Scholz is an awful leader.

    • arno vriends
      arno vriends Month ago

      That's because Russia is a nuclear superpower run by a irrational Putin, you know that unfortunate fact but conveniently leave that out if Germany is concerned don't you?

    • Edithae
      Edithae Month ago +1

      They'll cave on the jets too.

  • Leanne Vande Kew
    Leanne Vande Kew Month ago +4

    Vladimir Putin and two friends, a Chechen warlord and an Amur Oblast governor, had car trouble in the countryside, before they asked to spend the night with a farmer. The farmer said, "There might be a problem; you see, I only have room for two to sleep, so one of you must sleep in the barn." "No problem," chimed the Chechen, "My people fought for forty years, I am humble enough to sleep in the barn for an evening." With that he departed to the barn and the others bedded down for the night. Moments later a knock was heard at the door; the farmer opened the door. There, from the barn, stood the warlord. "What's wrong?" asked the farmer. He replied, "I am grateful to you, but I can't sleep in the barn. There is a pig in the barn, and my Muslim faith believes them to be unclean animals." His Buddhist friend agrees to swap places with him. But a few minutes later, the scene reoccurs, after another knock on the door. "What's wrong, now?" the farmer asks. The Buddhist governor replies, "I too am grateful for your helping us out, but there is a cow in the barn and in my country, cows are considered sacred. I can't sleep near a cow" Well, that leaves only Vladimir to make the change. He grumbled and complained but went out to the barn. Moments later there was another knock on the farmer's door. Frustrated and tired, the farmer opens the door, and there stood.... the pig and the cow.

  • jpa5038
    jpa5038 Month ago

    I watched the whole interview. One thing I have a big problem with is saying these Western tanks won't matter to counter the upcoming Russian offensive. That's ridiculous. Tanks are very much an offensive weapon but when your opponent employs wave attack tactics a heavy tank is a perfect counter.

  • Nick R. T.
    Nick R. T. Month ago +3

    Can we just point out that they are probably not sending the 2A7, but older versions like the 2A4 and 2A6.

    • The Immortal
      The Immortal Month ago

      @Posi Troll
      Sounds about right

    • Posi Troll
      Posi Troll Month ago +1

      Ger is sending 14 A6.
      Poland is sending 14 A4.
      Both are trying to bring in other countries to send more and fill up 2 full batallions of each (44)
      Denmark will likely pay for FFG to prepare and send 20 Leo1A5, and Ger might add more of those later.

    • The Immortal
      The Immortal Month ago +1

      Lol. What? What does it matter if a Clip-Share channel shows a picture and says the model number? What is that proof of?
      Germany is not going to send their best top of the line tank to Ukraine.

    • James
      James Month ago

      @The Immortal condsidering she named the exact model and this is comments on said video with no external evidence posted to say otherwise. yes im assuming.

    • The Immortal
      The Immortal Month ago

      Didn't miss anything. We are doubting that they are sending the latest model
      But hey, if a Clip-Share channel said it's so, we should just accept it uncritically, right?

  • Film Comrades Production Corporation

    These tanks better be worth it

  • kukul roukul
    kukul roukul Month ago +6

    Beautiful podcast ! dry and british :)

  • alvin fanechigiy
    alvin fanechigiy Month ago +9

    I will dance when Crimea is back in the hands of Ukrainian again

  • Deviltamer
    Deviltamer Month ago +11

    A good episode with a guest who actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to Germany and it's people.
    Dankeschön, times radio 🙏

  • HaZadeur1
    HaZadeur1 Month ago +3

    There will be no A7V send... its gonna be the A6 variante and there are no F16 in German hands to give away.

  • Anton Leimbach
    Anton Leimbach Month ago

    The Leopards, Abrams, and Challengers will be the can openers. They will be used to break open the lines and the older tanks will be used to exploit the gap.

  • Jimmy Johnstone
    Jimmy Johnstone Month ago

    Hopefully Ukrainian troops have already been training in the use of these foreign supplied tanks and will be ready to deploy in sufficient numbers to make a difference on the front line. Better artillery and personnel carriers are also needed. It's going to be a huge logistical problem to keep this kit operational and supplied with fuel/ammunition. If Ukraine can get the battle management correct, Russia will struggle to hold ground.

  • Sunny
    Sunny Month ago

    i really liked this! Subscribing!

  • Randy Dawson
    Randy Dawson Month ago +3

    I am overwhelmed with Gratitude by the Amazing Support from all the Countries assisting Ukraine which is Unprecedented. However Nato & the UN need to take a more serious approach, instead of sending Military Aid (Piecemeal)....I am very proud that my Country (UK) is part of this help and it must continue however long it takes..It's fantastic to see that the whole World stands Proudly United against the Evils of Putin and his Overfed Russian Warmongering Puppets.. God Bless Ukraine..x

  • Louis Cypher
    Louis Cypher Month ago +8

    Tank nerd please help. The thumbnail seems to show a driver about to lose his head if the turret moves!

    • Leif Goodwin
      Leif Goodwin Month ago +1

      Don’t worry, the rest of the crew are trained in driving in case the original driver gets decapitated. They think of everything. Serious answer: it’s not an issue.

    • Nainara32
      Nainara32 Month ago +5

      It's a feature of the new Leopard 2D7 model first introduced in 2013. This model includes improved armor composites, a secure communications package upgrade, and an MRE heater. The D stands for "decapitation".

    • Matjov
      Matjov Month ago +4

      Of course he wouldn't😂

    • William Henry
      William Henry Month ago +3

      I was just thinking the same thing!

  • Conner Gazal
    Conner Gazal Month ago

    This feels like a movie with everything going on. Operation Barbarossa 2.0 underway.

  • KP103
    KP103 Month ago +1

    It would have been simpler for the US and UK to have given some other kind of compensation to Germany or other European allies for more leopards than giving their own Abrams and Challengers.
    Now they need to divide their forces and train them on three separate tank systems. Logistics, maintenance, forming cohesive battle groups around the tank (preferably with air and infantry) it’s much more complicated across the three

    • zorglub667
      zorglub667 Month ago

      The Abrams and challengers will likely be used in more stationary scenarios where maintenance and the notorious fuel consumption of especially the Abrams won't be as much of an issue.
      Also, budget wouldn't have done it cause this was more about politics all along. It had to be actual tanks so that Germany cannot be singled out.

  • John Pace
    John Pace Month ago +3

    Logistics Nightmare. With so many different type of tanks from so many different countries, it will be a logistics nightmare with spare parts, etc. As an ex-tank soldier myself, I know more of these Western tanks will be lost to mechanical breakdown than Russian action. Especially as training will be minimal for these new crewmen, on most elementary maintenance things like how to change engine filters. The last thing they want is for the engine to seize up and die due to a clogged up filter, when under heavy Russian fire.

    • James
      James Month ago

      a diesel tank is not going to brake down. come on, thats no fiat out there. maybe 1 will need minor repairs. most will be KIA, them are older tanks, even more reliable then the new Eletronic ones

  • Robert Seaborne
    Robert Seaborne Month ago

    If and when the tanks arrive at the battlefronts, then Putin might decide to end the war sooner rather than later.

  • Nivek
    Nivek Month ago +1

    Just the beginning of yet another beginning of conflict without end. 😑

  • Lance Jackson
    Lance Jackson Month ago

    Difference this time is that Germany is not the aggressor. Many times the west could have opposed Russia but stalled. Ukraine was the final straw. If you don't stop Russia now, there will be conflict on other fronts. China is also watching how the west responds to Russian aggression. Must not forget the conference in Munich prior to WW 2. There is a very understandable concern over war but holding back just convinces the Kremlin it is right.

  • Ulrik Schack Meyer
    Ulrik Schack Meyer Month ago

    Dear Oliver
    Very worthwhile broardcast. As a Dane with German connections and roots I'd say you do a remarkably good job on the Germans, for a Brit, that is.
    Just an idea about the Polish MiGs, to ship upwards in your network, if you please: Mightn't unidentified MiGs mysteriously make an undetectable low level flights out of say Zürich to land in Ukraine? Perhaps with drop tanks or via neutral Austria, with an unidentifiable tanker along the way, if neccesary? Surely not even Russia would accuse Switzerland of not being neutral? Surely NO minister of finance would want to have Switzerland as a silent enemy? Just a thought. You're welcome.

  • Andrew Beavis
    Andrew Beavis Month ago +1

    the end ? A bit like the boy who cried wolf, once too often.

  • DianneMarlene Hargitai

    Ironically, the few heavy Leopard 2s will have the same impact in Ukraine as the many light T-34s had in WW2.

  • Big D's Gaming
    Big D's Gaming  Month ago +1

    Don't fall for the Tank be alone BS they are going to be used in a fully armored division with other armor that will shred orc defense lines like paper . Be sure to buy some popcorn for the coming massive spring Thunder Runs

  • fred smith
    fred smith Month ago +1

    in a strange way, german reluctance has helped ukraine, germany by resisting to release the leopards and insisting that america send the abrams has helped ukraine secure more tanks, forcing the americans to contribute, and the americans have a good supply line for parts and spares.
    more infantry fighting vehicles will be a life line to ukraine, those Bradly fighting vehicles are exactly what ukraine needs, now the ice has been broken, hopefully america can send more, like one hundred at a time ???

  • Michael Esq. ATP, CFII.

    Putin's strategy - 1:2 casualty ratio between RU and UA forces. Currently, 200k RU v. 100k UA est. RU drafts another 500k. Est. 700k UA total ground forces equals 1.4 MILLION Russian casualty’s before UA is totally exhausted.

  • ivtch51
    ivtch51 Month ago

    In the very short term this declaration will no make a difference on the battlefront. Training and supply-maintenance logistics must be worked out. It is indeed very regrettable this decision has taken so long given the German pacifist leanings after the end of WWII. This has given the Russians an advantage that they would not have had if these tanks had arrived earlier.
    It seems Putin and Co still think they can still win. Without poking the bear in the eye too directly we must show them they never will.
    This decision is some 3 months too delayed.
    Will this indecisiveness affect Olef's domestic standing?

  • Marie Bowman
    Marie Bowman Month ago +4

    God bless Ukrainian and keep them sfave amen ❤

  • Shane W
    Shane W Month ago +1

    Germany is "one" germany. And thank you for sending aid and tanks to Ukraine

  • methanedirigible
    methanedirigible Month ago

    Thanks Germany - you do owe us all tbf.

  • Scott Krater
    Scott Krater Month ago

    Now which is it? I thought according to the Vatniks that comment, these tanks have already been destroyed before they were even delivered. Is that untrue?

  • Peter Kobor
    Peter Kobor Month ago

    This war is about a handful of powerfull people fighting for power . All the others are like the screaming fans in a football match that pay for the price of the show .

  • A Park
    A Park Month ago +1

    Germany it's OK you are the good guys this time.

  • Anton Leimbach
    Anton Leimbach Month ago

    German tanks racing eastward across the Donbas? I like it.

  • Rodger hempfing
    Rodger hempfing Month ago

    The intelligent use of these new tanks will be critical



  • total plonker
    total plonker Month ago +1

    Go on Mr crackles I appreciate the sound design. Very immersive!

  • Jah Mah
    Jah Mah Month ago +1

    Only those that Love offer purpose, all else endanger life.

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith Month ago

    This is all good and well but the west may have waited too long to OK the transfer of APS' and tanks. A major Russian offensive is sure to come before the arrival of this armor. They'll have to succeed or fail to hold the Russians back with their T-72's and BMP's.

  • Posi Troll
    Posi Troll Month ago

    No, the A7V is NOT going to Ukraine.
    They are sending a company (14) of A6, and hope to find more in Europe for a batallion.
    Still very modern, but not the very top model.
    Poland will send a company of old A4, also trying to organise a full batallion.

  • chris windley
    chris windley Month ago

    Proud to have been involved in #FreetheLeopards @MriyaReport from the beginning !!

  • Bristol Fashion
    Bristol Fashion Month ago +4

    ...bloke is deeply committed to the expansion of the home-land and will have no qualms in continuing to send poorly trained conscripts over to Ukraine for months and months ahead... he'll shell the place into a flattended mess until somebody or something stops him.

    • Ann Nee
      Ann Nee Month ago

      Yes. But Russians seem willing to take it

  • Toshiro7777
    Toshiro7777 Month ago +3

    So tired of hearing "sat" when people clearly mean to say "sitting"

  • andrew strongman
    andrew strongman Month ago +1

    Ukraine could win this war by the end of the year if given 1,000 modern Western MBT's and at least the same number of IFV's.

  • chris windley
    chris windley Month ago

    Annalena Baerbock went from dove to hawk and maybe because of the way that the Russians treated her amongst other things ...

  • Von plinkplonk
    Von plinkplonk Month ago

    Scholtz persuading Biden is some wild gaslighting

  • ted dinardo
    ted dinardo Month ago +1

    MR Austin great job,And N A T O for keeping the world order the rule of law and respect for the rule of law is so important for wold trade must remain stable , and wars threaten even africans with starvation because of wheat export from Ukraine just one example when the rules of law broken . all of the destruction all of the lives broken, also the millions that have been displaced also all of the death , sad all business rely on stability , that can only be achieved when the rule of law is adhered to, and respect of the rule of law 70 years of peace because of the documents signed and adhered to, ,Germany should not feel bad for standing up for a world base order that adheres to the rules of law, We all wanted peace , France fought for peace to the point of knowing it was not going to happen ,all worked very hard for peace Sad but true they Drew first blood , they said they were not going in but did anyway ,all trust as broken I have always had respect for N A T O , peace and the rule of law, that made so many countries rich and peace remained ,until this SO many could not trust . him not stoping after the Ukraine , he wanted to bring even more countries under his country . if you hear what he says on how the breakup of the Russian empire as the worst thing that has happened in he 20 th century.and trust broken we all have to even think of every countries protection , because of his goals to unite the countries that broke away ,that seem to be in his sights

  • JMK
    JMK Month ago +2

    Hope that, once the Léopard are released in their natural habitat , they will depleated Ukrainian from Russian plage 🤣

  • Cosmic Debris
    Cosmic Debris Month ago +3

    it seems that leos from Germany won't be there until 2024. Only those from Poland will arrive soon, and they apparently need them now (though I am skeptical if tanks is what it takes as they can be wiped out as easily as the Russian tanks are being taken out by the Ukrainians now).

    • Deviltamer
      Deviltamer Month ago

      The german Defense Minister himself said they arrive by the end of march/beginning of april.
      More tanks will (most likely) come continously, as was the case with other german weapons like Gepards, Panzerhaubitze 2000(+ Cobra Radar ), Iris T-SLM etc.

  • Jey
    Jey Month ago +5

    Need long missile jet fight and bombs 💣

  • Alejandro soto martin

    Hope so.

  • James Vapour
    James Vapour Month ago +7

    The Russians are clearly going throw everything at them at once this spring. Its not over yet.

  • J Bouchard
    J Bouchard Month ago +1

    As the war goes on, shared competencies within NATO countries is how we will help Ukraine defeat ruzzia.
    A great example is the latest / unexpected order by Italy for the French Aster anti air missiles. In VERY simple terms, it's a bit like a Patriot system.
    Italy just ordered 700 of them.
    Understand this: a typical yearly order from Italy was closer to 10 or 12 missiles per year.
    So my question is this:
    Where do you think these missiles are ultimately going?
    Yep... That's NATO for you.
    If ruzzia can smuggle gas out of their country to bypass sanctions, don't you think that NATO can play with the rules THEY put in place?
    So... Don't be that bothered whether the UK is delivering tanks the first. Or that country is not. Namely, don't fall into the "France / Germany is not helping Ukraine" trap. That's ruzzian propagandists pushing for discord in the Western block...
    France never EVER published it's military help ANYWHERE. And you know what? This is something that the USA loves as well; An Ally which can play without a CNN or a BBC journalist for every 20 soldiers.

  • Cory Ludwig
    Cory Ludwig Month ago

    This won't happen and I'm not suggesting that it should but can you imagine what a B52 would do to this trench warfare. Once you got rid of the air defense of course. Ukraine has the right to protect itself just like you have the right to protect your house

  • Da Trevmeister
    Da Trevmeister Month ago

    Common sense will tell you that the Ukranians have already been training for these tanks for a while. It only makes sense to train Ukranians on Abrams, Leopards, and even F16s while the politicians navigate through their politics

  • Ralph Boardman
    Ralph Boardman Month ago

    in matters essential, unity! A united stance by all the world will be best to send Russian boys back home to their loving families: now for India, Egypt and even China to join the good side....