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Worse Than Walmart: Dell G5 5000 PC’s Garbage Parts & Hidden Charges

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  Year ago +2572

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    • unseriös
      unseriös 19 days ago

      Screwing the cpu cooler ist actually a thing lenovo did over 10 Years ago in a low profile pc with a core 2 duo e8400 so yeay this pc is buld like a pc from at least 15 years ago.

    • JayJay Golden
      JayJay Golden 28 days ago

      why would they put a window on a pc with components this ugly

    • Tobi Won Kanogy
      Tobi Won Kanogy 3 months ago

      I might be really weird but have the front panel audio not be attached by cables is sort of neat. it could theoretically lead to higher fidelity front panel options . less worry about connection issues with the higher speeds. its not totally dumb , the rest of the layout is strange and awkward but probably so everything can use server sized psu's.

    • A Z
      A Z 3 months ago

      Ah, I see you too are purveyors of fine cuisine.

    • Weekdays133
      Weekdays133 4 months ago

      @Gomer501 if i was acer/hp i would be quiet rn

  • BobSamurai Anime Reviews
    BobSamurai Anime Reviews Year ago +1224

    This looks like a computer built to last a week longer than your warranty.

    • DarkWiN14 & Kenzo75
      DarkWiN14 & Kenzo75 3 days ago

      @Mark D those optiplex were so poorly built, I had a job to disassemble dells back then, Those things sucked to be tempered with at all.

    • e S
      e S 6 days ago

      Good ole Planned obsolescence. Dell doesn't really make their money in personal PCs anyway. Most their money is generated by VMware and EMC.

    • BobSamurai Anime Reviews
      BobSamurai Anime Reviews 7 days ago

      @kooll sounds like the perfect time to test its limits and get a new one XD

    • kooll
      kooll 7 days ago +1

      im getting close to 1 year past on it...after that it's time for fear for sure

    • MK
      MK 22 days ago

      @Joo Hoe Unfortunate.

  • Greg Marsh
    Greg Marsh 10 months ago +432

    I've known since the 1990's, that the easiest way to tell if a Dell computer is garbage or not, is to look at the nameplate. If it says Dell, it's going to be garbage and should be avoided.

    • Jason Muir
      Jason Muir 21 day ago +1

      @Elrond_Hubbard it was expensive though , Back when Moore's law was a real thing you had to spend a fortune to keep up , I'm one of the few people that enjoyed the staleness of the 2010s , Kept a 2600k for 7 years only upgrading from a GTX570 to a GTX970 half way through.
      Wasn't until 2021 where I went to a 10700k and now I already got the itch and have a 12700h , RTX3070ti laptop , Now I'm thinking of a 7950X desktop unfortunately the Mrs is having issues with me getting another PC.

    • Christopher Sadlowski
      Christopher Sadlowski 23 days ago

      It's great to see DELL still using all these ridiculous proprietary parts! I'm sure they charge an arm and a leg for anything that needs to be replaced because everything in this PC is "special". Like, who even uses proprietary parts anymore!

    • SixSilverStones
      SixSilverStones Month ago

      Dell’s laptops are great but their desktops are not good

    • Völundr Frey
      Völundr Frey Month ago +2

      @A. B. I mean they sell that shit for $4000+ if that's not premium enough then stay away from the brand as a whole

    • A. B.
      A. B. Month ago +1

      @Völundr Frey Precision 5000 series is pretty much rebranded XPS 15/17 laptops. It's the 7000 series thats actually premium + 5000/7000/9000 Latitude series. Stay away from any other laptops from Dell

  • tommy karrick
    tommy karrick 4 months ago +108

    Labeling a paid service as “free” definitely seems illegal, and responding to it by trying to hide it in other more obscure line items or mixed into the total PC cost seems significantly more illegal
    That’s like getting accused of murder and telling the cops to “give me a second to get rid of these bloody clothes”

    • Jannes Althoff
      Jannes Althoff Month ago

      @Shanez1215"Free" as in included in the cost of the product. The billing was internal billing of the company which shouldn't be included in the customer invoice. Everything which includes a warranty is just priced higher to include the costs of that warranty.

    • Shanez1215
      Shanez1215 Month ago

      @Jannes Althoff But 1 year warranty already is free

    • Jannes Althoff
      Jannes Althoff Month ago

      Free Warranty means warranty at no additional cost to buying the product, it is implied that the cost of warranty is included in the price of the product. I mean the price of every manufacteurs warranty is included in the price of the product. But advitising it as free and billing it could be illegal.

    • 5 Percent Juice
      5 Percent Juice 2 months ago +5

      I believe it would hold up as false advertising in court, but they're obviously relying on people not to sue them over it.

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago +901

    The memory modules aren't lonely, they're responsible and socially isolating to avoid catching any malware and viruses.

    • peachierose
      peachierose 4 months ago

      wooo lol

    • Karl Marx
      Karl Marx 5 months ago

      @Ken Isolating yourself isn't responsibility, it's falling for the claims the government proliferates. We should have just done what Sweden did, just kept on as normal with social distancing and masks. No lockdowns, no curfews, no isolation, etc

    • Ken
      Ken 5 months ago

      Association responsibility with blindly obeying government commands… baaah baaah 🐑🐑🐑

    • Avery Porter
      Avery Porter 6 months ago


    • Karl Marx
      Karl Marx 7 months ago +1

      Foolish and gullible*

  • RJ24 RJ
    RJ24 RJ Year ago +386

    This is a basic business office computer. We've been getting very similar base models like these for years in bulk where I work. They serve their purpose for basic office functions and that's about it. For Dell to advertise this as a "Gaming Computer" is laughable. Sure does look pretty on the outside though.

    • RJ24 RJ
      RJ24 RJ 2 months ago

      @Dystopian Overture - I'm talking about the internals.

    • Dystopian Overture
      Dystopian Overture 2 months ago +1

      A clear window on the side of the case wouldn't be there if it was a basic office PC.

    • Harrison Mauldin
      Harrison Mauldin 4 months ago

      to my it looks like an optiplex that got in a knife fight haha

    • Jakub Lulek
      Jakub Lulek 6 months ago

      My 2012 Vostro has the same CPU cooler but because it is so old, it's board is pretty close to standard micro-ATX. Back of this case is almost the same as my Vostro, and the power supply is close enough but with standard cabling. This case is ancient, we got rid of many office Dell computers from 2009 and their case is pretty much the same layout.

    • David Ruiz
      David Ruiz 6 months ago

      Pretty basic.

  • John R
    John R Year ago +5914

    'worse than walmart'
    that really says a lot

    • Christopher Sadlowski
      Christopher Sadlowski 23 days ago

      Says it all, really.

    • Charles Hines
      Charles Hines 4 months ago

      Worse than Walmart. That is the first time I ever saw those words in the same sentence! Walmart may seem OK for some things but I am not sure I would ever want to buy a PC there. I know I won't find all the parts I need at Walmart. I would have to order those. BTW, Walmart allows businesses to sell through them in a way that is similar to the way Amazon works. A lot of the same businesses have their own websites too so look there, don't let Walmart take part of their profits! They may be small businesses that are just down the road from a lot of people

    • W K
      W K 4 months ago

      @Fat Bubba down hill? this is a consistent product from dell, their prebuilts have always been GARBAGE

    • W K
      W K 4 months ago

      well i dont know about that, if walmart put that pc in a better airflow case it wouldve been okay-good. Dell has always made overpriced, terrible prebuilts. I remember early 2000s My older brother financed a PC from dell.. After financing it was over 3grand for probably less than a gig of ram, probably a pentium 4, and no gpu. Walmart actually attempted to fit in with casual gamers, and they just didnt handle the press and media well.

    • Ron Smith
      Ron Smith Year ago +1

      @NewTube Channel Not even remotely true. Building a PC nowadays is simple, and with channels like this anyone can gain all the knowledge they need. And, what? I'm sorry? Dell is the best PC brand out there? Thanks for the laugh LOL

  • e S
    e S 6 days ago

    What do you expect out of a company that created itself repackaging IBM parts.

  • JuicyRedskin
    JuicyRedskin 6 days ago

    I bought this pc of Kijiji for $700 and it came with a gaming keyboard and a monitor. $900 for just the base pc sounds like a total ripoff.

  • J.D.
    J.D. 7 days ago +1

    When you add RGB it's called Alienware.

  • Woof Owl
    Woof Owl Year ago +123

    This is almost exactly what I went through with a Dell computer about 7 years ago. The only thing that survived that non-standard heap of junk was the i7 CPU.

    • Eskie Man
      Eskie Man 4 months ago

      @Jack Sparrow Not me. I'm impressed with Apple, but I prefer building my own systems.

    • H RALF
      H RALF 7 months ago +1

      I was told by a Dell Tech that the reason their systems are non standard is because their designs are (get this) "More Robust". And compared to "E Machines", yes, yes they May be.

    • Woof Owl
      Woof Owl 8 months ago

      @J Jj Can't quite remember but yes, it must have been an onboard gpu

    • Vekurus
      Vekurus 8 months ago +2

      @Plastified Metal I get this, Have done the same in the past. The major stumbling block is the board and probably PSU. Most everything else work work "ok"

    • Jack Sparrow
      Jack Sparrow 8 months ago

      And yet most of you complain about apple.

  • Latios Eon
    Latios Eon Year ago +1884

    Its like they thought of every single method to stop you from upgrading anything, Louis Rossman would love this thing..

    • Local Area Kobold
      Local Area Kobold 4 months ago

      A pokemon UwU

    • Delta Six Gaming
      Delta Six Gaming 7 months ago

      @docgiggles130 that's a Shocker and just sounds like people creating E-Waste for No Reason

    • docgiggles130
      docgiggles130 7 months ago

      @Delta Six Gaming You would be surprised. I've gotten a few units for 'parts' because of it.

    • Delta Six Gaming
      Delta Six Gaming 7 months ago

      @docgiggles130 I really hope no one is throwing away a Laptop because the couldn't buy a Rubber Foot

    • Merritt Olsen
      Merritt Olsen 7 months ago

      @docgiggles130 I love Loius Rossmann. His new store is like 3 to 4 blocks from me.

  • Vlad Dracula
    Vlad Dracula Year ago +146

    I bought an Alienware back in the day when it was Alienware, it wasn’t bad for a pre-built way back then. Then when dell bought the brand I got one and had nothing but regret. Needless to say it taught me a lesson and I build my own from that point on.

    • Kaymerra
      Kaymerra 3 months ago

      My Dad still has his ALienware from 2013 running pretty well. He is not really considering changing it up, but it was also highly modded by someone before he bought it, so maybe thats why its working so good.

    • Ast2435
      Ast2435 9 months ago

      @PaLaS0 Well, as I said, it outperforms shitty walmart laptops and PC's, not high end stuff, anyways, I already built a new PC, so i'm gonna turn the alienware into a personal server.

    • PaLaS0
      PaLaS0 9 months ago +1

      @Ast2435 I don't see how it outperforms anything, anything even on an insane budget is like 10x better than that

    • A. R.
      A. R. Year ago +1

      @Ast2435 I still use my Alienware 18 as a backup. Aside from running a little hot, it performs well.

    • Costin Simon
      Costin Simon Year ago +9

      Before Dell, Alienware was good jank, with good value. Now it's just overpriced janky proprietary crap.

  • Flo Vi
    Flo Vi 10 months ago +54

    I regularly come back to this video to remember even though life might be going shit sometimes, at least im not like dell.
    I've seen this video at least 5 times and i still cant get over how dell made every part inside look like absolute grabage, to a point where its genuinely impressive.

    • Derp
      Derp Month ago

      alot of the stuff in that thing is very similar to how it is in a dell optiplex 9010 from 2013, except it's even worse than the 9010 because that actually has normal power supply connectors

    • Shanez1215
      Shanez1215 Month ago +1

      Dude same lmao. When I'm feeling imposter syndrome at my job, at least I didn't build I/O into the motherboard and forget what the word "free" means.

  • lancelot1953
    lancelot1953 9 months ago +12

    Thank you to Gamers Nexus for calling a cat "a cat"! Dell has changed many years ago, starting to use non-standard parts in their Desktop, referring customers (even small-businesses owners) to overseas tech support, adding "hidden" or "camouflaged" fees, ... Dell has gone the way of many US companies, outsourcing, being run by groups of investors/leaders/CEOs/CFOs that have only one loyalty if any, the investors. Gone is the pride in the name of the company nor its product. Thank you again for an honest and genuine review of this product. Ciao, L

  • hossahunter22
    hossahunter22 Day ago

    "Jerry, these are LOAD-BEARING CPU COOLERS!"

  • itsGuy
    itsGuy Year ago +1342

    You should order a system as a random person, and order an identical system as Gamers Nexus, and compare the builds, just to see if they actually build it better for influencers. Please and thanks

    • Deshire Gump
      Deshire Gump 7 months ago

      Actually I believe if he did that as a regular customer and went as gamer nexus and told the rep that he was gamer nexus and only wanted to spend the same budget on the pc as he just reviewed they would send him top tier parts

    • ://ReaperReaper
      ://ReaperReaper 9 months ago +3

      @doltBmB His request is that GN puts in 2 orders for the same thing. One anonymously, the other as GN, to see if the manufacturer will cherry pick the unit that they know GN bought.

    • SirUncleDolan
      SirUncleDolan 9 months ago

      Oh that's actually a really interesting idea

    • tweaked
      tweaked Year ago +1


    • Aureste
      Aureste Year ago +2

      PCsecretShopper ?

  • Tj H
    Tj H Year ago +40

    21:40 honestly i was like "meh this is not THAT bad, just a bad product" until you talked about ewaste and omg yes! THe fact that these things are proprietary means that you can never use the components again for anything, esp. in todays world where people are getting more and more concerned about ewaste this is pure corporate irresponsibility and honestly between this and the other issues from Linus' videos i wish more ppl would call out dell on this shit.

  • Jim Dean
    Jim Dean 8 months ago +11

    The window makes perfect sense. It's actually a vintage display model that's meant to show your kids what their father's computer look like

  • Jim Flood
    Jim Flood Year ago +15

    I've built lots of computers in my time, but I have to admit I bought an Alienware 8 years ago and learned a valuable lesson about Dell's cheap proprietary parts and configuration of their cases. Fortunately the unit I bought had an itx motherboard so I was able to ditch the case that constricted air flow so badly it would overheat and shut down, and put it into a Corsair case with lots of fans. Its still running but never again.

    • A. R.
      A. R. Year ago +1

      I got an an aurora R7 and found out about all the dismal proprietary nonsense. I needed a computer quickly, and couldn't find a powerful one in stock locally. Live and learn I guess.

  • Aaron Camren
    Aaron Camren Year ago +45

    I want to thank you Steve. No one gives more honest and thorough reviews. I know it must be hard pissing off all of your endorsers, just know that we really appreciate you and Gamers Nexus for providing a no bullshit review platform we can all depend on.

  • Jabels
    Jabels Year ago +1912

    2004: Dude! You’re getting a Dell!
    2021: Dude... You’re getting a Dell?

    • Chris K
      Chris K 9 months ago


    • [ERROR]
      [ERROR] Year ago

      @- spudman 2.0 nah man they switched to chromebooks

    • John Doe
      John Doe Year ago

      @jimster1111 I must say, I have a dell laptop from like 2011 that still works fine, running Linux...it is as heavy as a brick though...that being said, I replaced it with a HP Envy laptop....

    • lexwaldez
      lexwaldez Year ago

      +1M Music Video - This is 100% tru.

    • Michael1875l
      Michael1875l Year ago

      Dells used to be so good back then...

  • Ken Engström
    Ken Engström 7 months ago +3

    I worked at DELL PC support many years ago, and it is actually standard to remove and check cables, ram, graphics-card during troubleshooting with customers.
    Depending on the troubleshooting guides available to employees.
    They actually have a very impressive troubleshooting tree which would actually be really helpful if made public, as it is a lot of generic if this then that to try to isolate/fix problems.

  • Mal Contender
    Mal Contender Year ago +12

    Hardly surprising.
    In 2007 I bought an XPS 720 from the big D. They told me it was billed to my credit. They reaffirmed this many times - no cosigner.
    On the bill they had somehow acquired my mothers credit info and billed it to her credit. This is beyond strange as I had never given them her info.
    Months of dead-end calls with thick accented people ensue. Goes nowhere.
    Left with a substandard machine who's ram failed within the first month and a permanent distaste for anything Dell.

  • adecree
    adecree Year ago +4

    Dell literally tried to upsell Linus on the same sneaky charges in 2 secret shopper episodes! Extremely shady.

  • Handyman
    Handyman 9 months ago +17

    The funniest part of this video is Steve crediting Dell for not putting the front IO in the front panel only to find out what's really happening later

  • PaladinGeorge
    PaladinGeorge Year ago +327

    GN: "This isn't a DIY elitism video."
    GN, literally seconds later: "There are good prebuilts out there, IN THEORY...."
    That was accidentally the sickest burn against OEM machines.

    • Backlog Buddies and Game Highlighter
      Backlog Buddies and Game Highlighter 28 days ago

      @Thomas B You can act like a smug ass but you don't know everyone's situations. I can build custom loop systems. I know about hardware. I've gone to doctorate discussions on CPUs, specifically.
      Some people do not have the room, space, money, or time to get a system. I just left an apartment where I didn't even have access to my internet modem and router. I had to use wifi and couldn't touch any settings. I had no room for a desktop. I barely had room for a laptop.
      Lots of people also need a computer for both work and play. Laptop fits that easily because you can easily take it where you need. This also fits the needs of traveling.
      Some people don't care to mess with graphic settings, DRMs, learning which games are always online, etc... They just want to sit down and plop in a game. They want a system that can autoupdate while they're at work without worrying about the power bill. They don't want to worry about MS updating their systems and breaking crap. Game consoles fit those needs.
      Consoles may be slower but you're not working on them. You're playing on them. They have dedicated hardware which lets devs, like my friends and I, optimize and squeeze out more power from weaker systems.

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B Month ago

      @Backlog Buddies and Game Highlighter earlier this year I got a PC with a Ryzen 7 5800x water cooled, 16gb ram, 1tb nvme SSD and an rtx 3060ti for $850, there's a lot of really good used PC deals out there, consoles are worth jt

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B Month ago

      @Sander te Hennepe and it runs cod better than the console, and runs office a lot quicker than a cheap laptop, plus you don't have to listen to a jet fan all the time because laptop and consoles have abysmal cooling

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B Month ago

      @Backlog Buddies and Game Highlighter or I just skip buying a crappy latoptop and a slow ass console and buy a computer for the amount id spend and get a kick ass PC that can play 4k 60fps in most games, you don't much about PC hardware do you?

    • KrushKrills
      KrushKrills 4 months ago

      the only good prebuilt is one that you build for a friend lol

  • Half Insane Outdoor Guy
    Half Insane Outdoor Guy 8 months ago +39

    Someone at dell: “What board form factor should we go with?” Another nerd at dell: “Utah.” 1st guy: “say no more!”

  • Ava
    Ava Year ago +23

    I've been using a G5 5000 (I was hardware-illiterate at the time), but never had the random charges.
    This thing also decides to die every once and a while.

    • Ava
      Ava 4 months ago

      @Jan Jančík I think it was a software issue. Since I posted this 11 months ago, i've swapped to Linux and I've had no issues.

    • Jan Jančík
      Jan Jančík 4 months ago

      That dying part is a sign it is trying to save itself! :D It needs a break every once in a while to recover.

  • 1soupasaurus
    1soupasaurus Year ago +15

    I bought the signed deskmat just to give you guys a little more while also getting something unique.
    I may not watch every video, but your persistence against corporations doing shady things is so refreshing.

  • Plazma balls
    Plazma balls 8 days ago +2

    Being a "Jerk" to companies that do this shit is perfectly acceptable! Those customer service reps know exactly what they are doing.

  • Fabian Scherrer
    Fabian Scherrer Year ago +570

    Dell: We're gonna do the cheapest, shittiest-looking internals we can (not) get away with.
    Also Dell: Let's put a window on it!

    • A Chaps
      A Chaps 9 months ago +1

      A window on this particular computer is kind of like putting a non functioning adhesive ram air intake on your grandmother's grandmother's Ford Taurus station wagon from 1997

    • Beware the Lily of the Valley
      Beware the Lily of the Valley 10 months ago

      @Charles Brown Dells make decent business computers and at this point, I think that's probably theit biggest customer base. Every call center I've worked at has used Dell.

    • Charles Brown
      Charles Brown 11 months ago

      Yup there’s so many stupid/out of touch people in the world that it just doesn’t matter if the small percentage of informed consumers(us) know better and laugh at Dell. They’ll still move enough PC’s.

    • Immortal SoFar
      Immortal SoFar Year ago +1

      Can you imagine the inter-departmental meeting when they told them they were going to add a window?

    • Doc Lex
      Doc Lex Year ago

      @Paul Stubbs exactly my point!

  • MrZani90
    MrZani90 11 months ago +3

    Hahaha Dell... I will NEVER forget when an acquaintance of mine was starting up an Internet Café with a friend of his, who most definitely knew what was good and what wasn't in terms of specs, sockets and so on.. However he wasn't aware of how some manufacturers uses proprietary parts etc.. He ended up being in charge of purchasing the the machines and bought a ton of Dell PC's... I started laughing with a bit of feeling sorry.. Told him why and he absolutely panicked.. >,< said Café had to close around 1,5yr later, they had been able to get decent paychecks and keep it running, but due to how restricted they were in terms of upgrades, they would've had to buy entirely new PC's.. And in my country it's more or less around 2 yrs til u turn proper profits

  • Woods2Waters
    Woods2Waters 9 months ago +3

    I bought a Dell way back in the early 90's. It was such a pile of JUNK and i swore to NEVER EVER by a Dell Product again. 30 years later, i still stand by that decision.

  • Aero
    Aero 4 months ago +1

    After very recently dealing with the nightmare that was Dell's proprietary hardware in a PC I'm glad other people can understand what I went through.

  • Composing Gloves
    Composing Gloves 10 months ago +22

    Wallmart: Does Bad PC
    Dell (an actual computer company): hold my beer

  • Anthony Wong
    Anthony Wong Year ago +2594

    "There are good prebuilts out there.
    In theory.
    We're working on finding them for you."
    We feel you Steve

    • Tobi Pohan
      Tobi Pohan Year ago

      @Gamers Nexus have you tried hp prebuilts? I heard they're pretty good

    • DanTheManProductions
      DanTheManProductions Year ago

      HP omen 30l is pretty good!

    • Computer Rodeo LLC
      Computer Rodeo LLC Year ago

      HP IS CRAP !!!!!! NEVER BUY THEIR SHIT !!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Aaron Camren
      Aaron Camren Year ago

      I bought an ABS pre -built earlier this year. It was the only way I could get a 3000-series card. It posted the first time, fans and connections were all correct and snug. Quality parts except for a c-tier PSU (Thermaltake GXT 700) and only 16 gb 3000 RAM
      I actually liked the rosewill prism case so I kept it and replaced PSU, Ram and installed an AIO + noctua case fans. It turned into a nice full ATX build.

    • Greepa
      Greepa Year ago

      Here in the UK we have a company called alphasync who do great pre builts

  • FGC Kratos
    FGC Kratos 7 months ago +1

    I unfortunately bought one of these as my first PC in years. Specifically one of the models with a 3080 for 2900 bucks and it shit the bed. They fixed it twice under the warranty but I just stripped what I could from it and built a new one myself. Expensive lesson for sure.

  • Haze Pheno
    Haze Pheno 9 months ago +1

    Dell has always been trying to sneak in charges, or leave in things you specifically ask them to not quote.
    I worked at a very large Defense Contractor in the DC area buying IT equipment for nearly 10 years (2005-2015). I purchased on average $3-5 Million in Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Storage from Dell each year for the company (Just my division. We did a LOT of business with Dell). I constantly had to review every quote they provided (they would configure and send quote), as they would always slip in some weird charge or upgrade some Service level you specifically said you didn't want. They always seem to make it sound like their quote system reverted to some other option by accident (guess when you are a Global company that spends $30m+ yearly with Dell, they want to keep you business and don't push back when you call out their errors/fraud).

  • Fir3Chi3f
    Fir3Chi3f 9 months ago

    Doing good work here fighting with the big companies! Reminds me of the earlier years of computers where you need to review products in magazines just to know if they're worth paying for

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson Year ago +1

    Is always amazing to me that the bigger companies get the worse their quality control is. I don't know how that is managed to be possible every time. From tech to cars to furniture to whatever, they always sub quality control for warranty terms.

  • Antares 8001
    Antares 8001 Year ago +12

    Ok my main takeaway from this is that it made me question why the hell we would ever switch to a 12V only standard? It feels like it is gonna make for a much more awkward to built and cluttered system, not to mention the alienation of an existing standard that everyone has used for a ages. What problem are we trying to solve with it? Seems like we're moving power delivery from a component where it is really convenient and literally a non-issue, you know the PSU, to a component where it is a best inconvenient.

    • Dileesh VV
      Dileesh VV 6 months ago

      May be so that there can be a battery or external laptop charger powered model with a DC barrel jack on the back of the case, using the same motherboard layout.

    • Dakyon
      Dakyon 9 months ago

      @John DoDo Doe Idk I'm not power technician

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe 9 months ago

      @Dakyon Simple really: Every regulator will waste a small percentage of the power between input and output. An 80+ supply looses up to 20%, A 90+ only 10%. The next regulator after that will loose a percentage of what's left etc. In an ATX system, the CPU gets its own regulator (VRM) because modern CPUs and DRAM run at very small and precise voltage, so that must be less than 2" from the CPU chip. But all the other parts are designed to run at standard voltages like 12, 5, or 3.3V, which are provided directly from AT PSUs and can be delivered over footlong cables that have air gaps between the wires for the cooling of components. Stuffing regulators for standard voltages onto the motherboard is impractical unless it's a battery powered system such as a laptop or a 48V rack system powered from a room full of UPS batteries.

    • Dakyon
      Dakyon 9 months ago

      @John DoDo Doe Idk I'm not power technician

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe 9 months ago

      @Dakyon Only if every other rail is either unused or fed to another regulator.

  • Carbon No6
    Carbon No6 Year ago +2

    Despite the ugly cables and there only being a few cables, they definitely did a good job keeping them from flopping every-which-way.

  • Tom Hubbard
    Tom Hubbard 4 months ago +1

    One of the most frustrating PCs I've ever worked on was an Asus prebuilt. I opened it up and was surprised by how many standard components they used. The case had an ATX PSU mount, standard E-ATX etc mounting holes and an apparently standard motherboard. Only when I actually got into it did I realise the motherboard itself, despite having standard form factor REQUIERED their proprietary power supply. The front panel connectors were some weird proprietary thing, no 24pin power slot etc. Everything in it was *almost* standard. Even the fucking CPU cooler was their own special screw spacing, so you couldn't use it with any other board or CPU of the same era. Fucking ridiculous. Lost a lot of respect for ASUS that day. Now I tend to buy MSI motherboards as the BIOS is better anyway.

  • Dan the-Man
    Dan the-Man Year ago +3

    I'm pretty sure the FTC would get on Dell's case if they knew this was happening, and Dell might be violating the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, too.

  • P3chv0gel
    P3chv0gel Year ago +331

    When Steve mentioned the "lonely RAM modules", i got REALLY strong vibes of Bob Ross saying, that every tree needs a friend

  • Strongit
    Strongit Year ago +3

    I've been dealing with Dell in the business sector for quite some time and a little bit in the personal sector and this, to me, screams that they basically have fired the entire personal manufacturing division and told the business division to pick up the slack. This looks exactly like the business computers I've dealt with for over ten years. All proprietary, can't swap stuff out for other parts, gotta deal with them directly for literally anything to do with it.
    For a business computer it sort of makes sense since companies will basically just replace the entire computer every few years instead of upgrading parts in their existing ones but as a personal computer it's just BS. This is just an effort to make more money by cheaping out on as much as possible and forcing people to either buy a whole new system or proprietary parts that may only be available for a year or two at best. Very poor form, Dell.

    • Lucario Lps
      Lucario Lps 9 months ago +1

      Since I started working with Dell machines ive always tought of them as the McDonalds of computers. We exclusively use Dell at work. From the Servers to the Laptops. All Dell. And for Business, they are fine. If something breaks, you can fairly easily get one of their techs to replace it. But, that's all they are. Fine. They work. Loads of room for improvment. So yeah. The McDonalds of computers.

  • basicfacekick
    basicfacekick 8 months ago

    Having come from the Optiplex side of Dell, this was a little trip down memory lane. Everything here made perfect sense. For a Dell. The proprietary parts, motherboards, mounts, shrouds, and retention pieces... the odd choices that do all "work" but are still odd and entirely non-standard... yep. Checks out.

  • Keith Plumley
    Keith Plumley Year ago +9

    This video only confirms what I've suspected ever since Microsoft took over, Dell is junk to be avoided. Sad because I used to consider Dell as top of the line.

  • Learn Christianity
    Learn Christianity 24 days ago +1

    3:34 _"Actually makes sense to buy"_ is subjective, and thankfully Dell can charge whatever they want to because people can pay for whatever they want to, and for whatever price they want to, because we live in a free market. Dell is not forcing you to buy their computers, and if you do not like their prices then you should find another manufacture to sell you computers. As much as I respect Steve and his channel, the Gamers Nexus ideology of "we should all buy computers for the cost of hardware and labor" is nothing but self-entitlement and wishful thinking. The cost of a computer is not only the hardware and labor, but it's a Creation that you did not Create. C'mon Steve, you're wiser than this... _Think!_

  • h91
    h91 Year ago +252

    That's a real achievement to make something worse than Walmart

    • Zraknul
      Zraknul Year ago +2

      @Mechenzo they were standard Walmart tier. Dell found a way to get under it.

    • Naamã dos Santos Silva
      Naamã dos Santos Silva Year ago +3

      Especially when PCs are your core business

    • Mechenzo
      Mechenzo Year ago +1

      Wallmart pc were like 10x better,you could say premium in comparison

  • Sean Richardson
    Sean Richardson Year ago +10

    "Why would you do any of this?". Answer: to make it proprietary so you can only buy parts from them. That is literally the point. Every chance they get, they change it from standard because they don't want you buying standard parts. They want to lock you into buying their overpriced garbage.

    • Balthromaw
      Balthromaw Year ago +1

      Just like Apple, except with Apple you cant get replacement parts :P

  • ScourgeNemesis
    ScourgeNemesis 9 months ago +3

    I did a pre-built test just to see (almost a year after your video), everything that is selected says: "Included in price". This includes the 1 year warranty, which in this case says: "Included". It doesn't say "free" anywhere.

  • Tyler Beamer
    Tyler Beamer 3 days ago +1

    Thanks for this . I always wondered why Dell pulled this from being sold; they just do G5's now as laptops. Only gaming desktops they do are Alienware. I bought one of these in the summer of 2020 when it was on sale because I badly needed a gaming PC to try one out and my budget was low. It's worked fine but honestly the specs on it aren't great. I'm getting ready to try to see if I can upgrade it for my Christmas present. I ordered ram to try to get it to 32 gigs and I'm installing an SSD to make the hard drive faster. Graphics card is fine but my main worry now is the air cooler; it got super hot yesterday just trying a game off Steam for a test for my new monitor. I got a 9th gen I3 processor which kinda stinks but I'm stuck with it for the time being.
    In hindsight I feel so cheated. I shoulda honestly just waited until Christmas that year and got something better. Def a case of curiosity biting the cat. I'm just trying to make the most of it. I just hope the cooler issue won't be a problem. The one dell put in sucks.

    • Red Star
      Red Star 6 hours ago

      >I'm getting ready to try to see if I can upgrade it
      >I ordered ram to try to get it to 32 gigs
      Dont bother you are an idiot anyway, ask for help.

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M Year ago

    My guess regarding the warranty is that they have to include a cost to them for accounting purposes. Their “cost” should not, however, reflect on the line item details to the customer. I’ve worked in billing systems for close to 10 years so it should really be a simple fix.

  • Wayne Templar
    Wayne Templar Year ago +787

    I still have a Dell with Windows XP and I remember it was over-priced at the time but at least the quality was there. Good to see some of the parts from my old PC are still in use in that Dell of yours!

    • IamBrock
      IamBrock Year ago

      Jesus Christ my guy we were trying to burn them, not completely _char_ them!

    • TDG
      TDG Year ago

      @John DoDo Doe why would that be criminal? Do you know who owns the LARGEST database of child pornography in the world? The FBI.

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe Year ago

      @TDG I presume Apple doesn't have the database themselves (that would be criminal), they probably arranged for a robot that couldn't enjoy such illicit materials to visit a law enforcement evidence database and return a list of MD5 checksums with extra steps. Hashing technology like this has the special limitation that it cannot recognize new or unknown CSAM from previously uninvestigated crimes, but also the advantage that each recognized item of CSAM will have been properly and separately considered by courts and law enforcement, unlike the past garbage behavior by Microsoft moderators attacking customers for humorous cartoons about misbehavior.

    • TDG
      TDG Year ago

      @Pankaj Doharey as far as I'm aware no, google does not keep a database of over 200k "CSAM" images and they then in turn do not scan your photos on your devices to cross-reference it, giving your device a "CSAM score". Don't know what CSAM is? Google it.

    • Nipandeerus 95
      Nipandeerus 95 Year ago +1

      @Pankaj Doharey Apple lmao

  • Stephen Petersen
    Stephen Petersen 3 days ago

    I would be really interested to see what you opinion of pre builts made by PC Laptops based out of Salt Lake City Utah.

  • ScareCrow
    ScareCrow 2 days ago

    also a free ssd if it didnt die! thats pretty good.

  • John Monks
    John Monks Year ago

    The important thing to me on the warranty is, does the headline price of the system when you're going through the buying process include that $67? If it was included in the price you may have used as a comparison before committing to a purchase, i think that's reasonable. If its added on at the end, it's out of line.

  • Jacob Radabaugh
    Jacob Radabaugh Year ago

    Okay so I already made the mistake of buying one, and it seems to run okay with the notable exception of the CPU running quite hot. It seems to run okay if I just leave the side panel off, so my theory is that either the exhaust or intake is insufficient. Do you have any recommendations for how I might be able to fix this? There isn't much room in the case for adding additional fans, although I suppose I could get creative with a Dremel.

  • IMightBeBiased
    IMightBeBiased Year ago +516

    "So, what you're saying here is not that you didn't intend to charge me this $67, you just regret that I was able to notice it."
    Dell: "Yes."

    • isodoublet
      isodoublet Year ago +4

      @Trevor Can't argue with you there. Big oof.

    • Trevor
      Trevor Year ago +5

      @isodoublet even considering Alienware, there’s your first mistake.

    • isodoublet
      isodoublet Year ago +8

      I bought an alienware laptop recently, and I had the same charge, except for $109. Had to return the thing because everything was wrong with it (CPU perpetually throttled to 0.8 GHz whenever plugged into the wall, unbearable dentist drill/jet engine fan noise, random freezes, screen randomly dimmed to an unusable level until reboot, and subpar performance even when it worked -- less than 11k on timespy with a 3080). I tried to get support to look at it, and after having me run around in circles reinstalling windows _twice_ for what's obviously a hardware issue, and promising to send a tech to help, they archived my case.
      10/10 would buy again except the opposite. Jesus.

    • Cris Sto
      Cris Sto Year ago +19

      @Arashmickey I didn't last long in support for the exact same reason. Wasn't fired, but didn't feel like staying with a company that makes it more difficult for their clients

    • Arashmickey
      Arashmickey Year ago +22

      I'm thinking she was honest because she disagrees with the practice and wants it to get media exposure.

  • HappyQuails
    HappyQuails 8 months ago +1

    I think the limited air flow through the front panel may be done for the purpose of directing airflow to maximize exposure of cooler outside air and enable release of heat exposed warm ait back out with the least comingling, and something that is commonly done but misunderstood.

  • Vincent
    Vincent Year ago +1

    I had all those problems in 2005. The Mainboard was shot, I was 5 Days of the warranty and they refused to fix it and when I brought it into a shop the guy looked at me with a baffled look when he opened it up and saw that proprietary mainboard. Dell, never again.

  • John Clark
    John Clark Year ago

    I remember having a board about 20 years ago that had that "contraption" holding down a chipset heatsink. The solder on one of the loops failed and I ended up using the holes to tie the thing back down with some thread. Good times.

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard 8 months ago

    I vaguely recall my parents buying a Dell system when I was about 5 or 6, so it would have been over 20 years ago now. The conversation you had with their billing department is almost a mirror of what my father recalls.

  • David Traver Adolphus
    David Traver Adolphus Year ago +3765

    Dell: *starts to recover from being savaged by Linus.*
    Steve: Ahem.

    • William Helbing
      William Helbing Year ago

      I came here to say the exact same thing.

    • SaudadeSunday
      SaudadeSunday Year ago

      @Lord Sandwich It's only flawed until technology catches up. Plenty of people thought the entire concept of a portable computer was a flawed premise.

    • Lord Sandwich
      Lord Sandwich Year ago

      @SaudadeSunday That's because not many companies are willing to produce a product on such a flawed premise.

    • SaudadeSunday
      SaudadeSunday Year ago

      @Lord Sandwich Not many powerful thin and light laptops on the market.

    • Lord Sandwich
      Lord Sandwich Year ago

      @SaudadeSunday That's like saying "butter is unhealthy, so I'm switching to Lard."

  • Spaceman Rick
    Spaceman Rick Year ago

    I found a 2002 Dell desktop behind a warehouse, so I took it home just to take it apart. So weird how similar that one is to this.
    • wrap-around side panel with captive screws
    • non-standard psu
    • non-standard motherboard
    • similar clip that holds in the expansion cards, no screws
    From what I know about Dell, they have purposely avoided using standard mobos for years.
    That’s Dell for you.

  • beebait
    beebait Year ago +3

    Check out the lenovo legion prebuilt. I watched another youtuber give it a great review from case design to standardization to upgradability. A pretty decent package all around. It did have a suspiciously similar 1660 super but with a different logo printed on it. It did have a nice flow through air cooler and not a cheap flow down cooler.

  • TheSfaok
    TheSfaok 9 months ago

    Such a shame what's happened to Dell over the last 20 years. My first every proper gaming PC was a Dell and a beast that I was able to keep alive and current for nearly a decade.

  • Kelkschiz
    Kelkschiz 8 months ago

    I think it will be impractical to try to find a replacement PSU or MB for this in a couple of years from now. This design severely limits its lifespan and makes the use of its parts in other systems pretty much impossible. I wish prebuilt buyers would know what exactly they are buying and stop this garbage from being produced. Unfortunately, I fear that the Dell buyer group doesn't share a lot of overlap with the GN subscriber group.
    Personally, I love the fact that I can often fix one computer with the parts of another, or easily order a replacement part without having to buy an entirely new computer.

  • Jin
    Jin Year ago +463

    "Load bearing cpu cooler" might be the best thing I've heard since "out of the box thermals"

    • Violent
      Violent Year ago +1

      @complexacious I used to run a business that would sell PC's, although for a PC cooler like that, id argue its not a big deal unless you're dell and trying to save on every last penny for thee few small 0.1% of PC's that do get damaged by the cooler.
      The cooler of that size could be mounted to the motherboard without worry. Now if I were going larger, then id worry more.
      Its the same logic with the GPU. Its not held down besides that clamp pressure, it COULD fly out in theory, I've seen it happen, but the GPU is so light, they don't have to worry about it unless they're very unlucky.
      Its overengineering.
      My solution to both of those problems was to package the inside of the PC's. Other OEM companies do it anyways, so if it allowed me to ship PC's without any damage risk, it was worth doing, especially since I'm not Dell and didn't have my own assembly line of custom parts.

    • variatas
      variatas Year ago +1

      It's the one thing Steve gets totally wrong though. They didn't make it "load-bearing", they *removed* the load of it from the motherboard. With proper tensioning, it makes the system far safer in shipping, since the heavy mass of the cooler is primarily loaded onto the steel chassis instead of the PCB motherboard.
      The problem with it is that it's non-standard. The way it's loaded has major advantages over ATX standard. (Which is exactly why it was a feature of the BTX standard.)

    • Andrew Ritz
      Andrew Ritz Year ago +1

      @Fal' Cie In what scenarios does a case warp like this?

    • Rusty Shackelford
      Rusty Shackelford Year ago +2

      It's not really load bearing tho. The CPU cooler is holding down the motherboard but there is no load being beared on the actual cooler.

    • chickywilly
      chickywilly Year ago

      The thing “bearing” the weight is quite possibly the motherboard; with unnecessary pressure.

  • AKgaming786
    AKgaming786 Year ago +2

    As a former Dell technician, I convinced every dell customers that there better pcs out there than this, most customers just look into discounts from local stores and thought its a great deal.

    • Kevmachine
      Kevmachine 7 months ago

      their laptops get better reviews thou correct?

  • The 0n3
    The 0n3 Year ago

    I got a system from them once and they recalled it. The problem was, the new system was going to include a different series of processors. The CPU they wanted to give me was significantly slower than the one that was in the system they wanted to recall. I was broke and saved my pennies for a long time for that comp so I ended up spending 12 hours over two days on the phone with them and kept getting transferred. The last guy told me that I was a very difficult customer but said he would upgrade the CPU to match the speed of my original one. When I received my new computer, they sent the most expensive processor, double the ram and SLI graphics all of which I did not ask for and am not sure why I received. I honestly don't think they understood that I was just asking for a processor with the same performance. I guess it pays to be a pain in the ass sometimes.

  • Black Blaze Gaming

    This sort of shit reminds me of the Dell Vostro laptop I bought back in like 2011 ish which they shipped packed with 4gb of RAM on a 32-bit OS. Being Dell, they had a bunch of proprietary keyboard controls for media playback etc, but the drivers to make those Dell-specific buttons work never got updated to 64 bit OS so when I upgraded to a 64 bit Windows OS, all of my media controls, volume and so forth were completely useless. Also the bloatware that it came with was insane, though it didn't matter since most of it was also not made for 64 bit either. That computer lasted less than a year before their shitty Seagate HDD crapped out and the screen died.

  • Tom Pike
    Tom Pike Year ago +2

    This entire series is so good. There are excellent reasons to buy a pre-built computer. It's just abominable that OEMS take advantage of so many customers that do or don't seem to care about the quality of the system.

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B Month ago

      these big manufacturers like dell use mass ordered cheap ass parts for their power supplies and motherboards so their margins are a lot lower than custom builders yet they charge as much or more than building a better system by yourself or getting a good custom gaming build from some plac like Nzxt

  • FatCat201
    FatCat201 Year ago +708

    Linus: “Dell Scammed Me”
    Steve: “Interesting”

    • Josh Mason
      Josh Mason 7 months ago

      @Markus Strangl From what I remember, the Latitude E6xx0 line was solid, everything was replaceable/upgradable that could be replaced/upgraded, and easily too, if I were fine with running third-gen or fourth-gen laptop parts, I would not hesitate to buy an E6430/6530 or E6440/6540 again, Precision M4x00/M6x00 is a nice workstation laptop line too from what I recall. Unfortunately Dell seems to have started to slide downhill after Haswell both for the consumer and business lineups though.
      PS: I owned an eBay-sourced E6440 that I loved until it got fried by my own stupidity, so I have some personal experience with the Latitude E6xx0 series.

    • Backlog Buddies and Game Highlighter
      Backlog Buddies and Game Highlighter Year ago

      @Mark D my inspiron from 2009 couldn't even load network settings unless i spammed it 6 times. If i did it 7 I'd bsod. It would not load until 6 spams. Then it would take 13 minutes until i could choose a wifi spot. Then 4 minutes to connect.
      That's not even getting into battery issues to where after 3 months my expensive premium upgrade battery was down to 10 minutes and dell refused to replace it.

    • gnarlin
      gnarlin Year ago

      @Gamers Nexus There's a snowball's change in Dell of that happening.

    • Northicex
      Northicex Year ago +2

      @Gamers Nexus They have no incentive to change. Dell has one thing that other PC manufacturers lack, government contracts. Schools, Dell machines and Alienware's to run the VR labs, government offices, use Dells, the consumer PC market is not as much of a priority with these sweet sweet contracts. Dell has something else with those contracts, connections, so if the company gets caught doing something patently illegal the get out of jail free card is a phone call away. Dell would have to lose its Government contracts before they begin competing fairly and honestly again, until then they will nickel and dime anyone that does business with them and does not know better e.g. the average consumer.

    • Mark D
      Mark D Year ago +1

      @Pobbity Boppity NOT AT ALL, they were proprietary in design, but very well built at that time.

  • Rafael Toro VIP
    Rafael Toro VIP 8 months ago

    Thanks for the video. Sad seeing this. I was a customer of Dell’s computers but seeing this type of stuff makes me think twice about this company. I am not going to trust Dell. Sorry, no for me. Again, thanks for your hard work.

  • Ruuko
    Ruuko Year ago

    You know these PC's needs to be EMI/EMC compliant and most builders dont care so can use any case, but Dell have to adhere and that certifcation is just an airflow killer.

  • Katari Cummings
    Katari Cummings Year ago

    Feel bad now, just brought this sometime in February and this is my first gaming pc. I had no knowledge of how they operate but I'm going upgrade the ram to 16 see if that helps the CPU issue I'm having.

  • Eli Knight
    Eli Knight Year ago

    I'm watching this in September of 2021 and I had bought an HP pavilion gaming desktop for my very first PC back in the end of July for around $770 (not including shipping) on Amazon. It came with an i5 10400f and a GTX 1650. The only thing I have changed is the RAM from the standard single stick 8gb they give you to 16gb corsair vengeance 3200Mz. After having it and playing a multitude of different games for a couple months I can safely say that it is one of the best starting PCs out there. Amazon offers more intel and AMD options and all under $800 for the most part.

  • JanusVariant
    JanusVariant Year ago +368

    my dad was actually recommended this pc by a colleague who used to work for dell. he ended up just building his own computer because he’d had issues with dell PC’s in the past. my god he dodged a bullet.

    • kefu zz
      kefu zz 4 months ago +1

      @sodvar kind of funny that these shitty pre builts are whats causing users to learn how to build their own pc

    • BigBubba 043
      BigBubba 043 4 months ago

      Dude I swear dentists offices are the only places (and maybe secretaries) that actually use Dell computers. Like I literally went to the dentist and they had a Dell optiplex sitting on the table

    • sodvar
      sodvar 4 months ago +3

      Dell is indirectly responsible for getting me interested in building PCs. Back in the day I got an old XPS desktop as payment for a random freelance job I did. That machine had such bad ventilation that the AMD Radeon R9 270 that came pre-installed in it would trigger a system shutdown every time it ran a demanding game. Not knowing much about hardware, I went through Dell's horrid customer support and managed to get a substitute card, but it didn't help. I ended up taking the entire thing apart and swapping all the parts except for the motherboard and CPU. In retrospect, I should have bitten the bullet, salvaged the parts and built a better custom system in a decent case, but oh well.

    • Kickyour
      Kickyour 4 months ago +9

      @kefu zz you could look at from a different viewpoint... the PC was so bad you learned a skill...

    • JanusVariant
      JanusVariant 4 months ago +4

      @kefu zz it’s the thought that counts

  • AcceptYourDeath
    AcceptYourDeath Year ago +3

    There are 2 scenarios how I experienced Dell PC`s throughout my life.
    They were either slow and s"§5 in a puplic space such as libraries or classrooms or they were slow and s"%& at a workplace.

    • Mud Kip
      Mud Kip Year ago

      Yeah my High School had Dells. I looked at the system specs and they shouldn't have been that slow for the specs. Dell is just garbage,

  • RetroCNY
    RetroCNY Year ago

    Years ago I actually had and used a Dell XPS 8300 series. I can't remember what gpu it had because I replaced it soon after, pretty sure it was a Radeon HD 5000 series of some kind, but definitely a mid-range budget card. This was during the sandy bridge era for intel so it came with an i7 2600(non K), 8gb of 1333 ram, and I think a 2TB seagate drive. For the time, it was a pretty good little gaming computer, this was late 2010 early 2011 time-frame. It did pretty well, and it wasn't loaded with a bunch of bloatware garbage. It did have it's flaws, the case was horrible & cheap, zero airflow or room for additional fans, dell parts like their motherboards leave zero room for expansion or upgradability,. I was a teenager who had barely started working, my mother bought it for me, first real "gaming pc", under the condition I paid it off when I could. All I ever could do to it was max out the dimm slots and upgraded the gpu twice. Last gpu I put in it was an GTX 660 Ti and that was pretty much the max for whatever power supply dell was putting in these things.
    I haven't touched a Dell product since then, because I got more and more fascinated with doing my own builds, sourcing my own parts and learning as much as I could. But the reason I say all this is because at least at one time, Dell's gaming machines were at least decent. But what fascinates me here is it genuinely looks like Dell hasn't innovated at all in terms of their "gaming focused" Dell branded machines. Same horrible case construction, same proprietary parts that do nothing but frustrate the end-user and make upgrading more painful than it needs to be, etc. Feels like they're still stuck in the past.

  • Josey Scannell
    Josey Scannell Year ago +1

    So i bought one of these as my first computer and well. it doesnt seem bad to me, but i do notice some bothersome issues. what can i do to improve and fix/alleviate these issues?

  • T0beyeus
    T0beyeus Year ago

    I wish I had saw this video before I bought it during the Amazon/competitors Prime Day sales. I ended up buying a new MOBO and used only the GPU, CPU and RAM and rebuilt it in my old case. I did get the system for under $730 when on sale so it was a good buy then for the parts.

  • Ed Dale
    Ed Dale Year ago +130

    I think the line - “buy it from a retailer, so Dell at least doesn’t have your credit card info” is the best comment on this system.

  • William and Audrey Menjivar
    William and Audrey Menjivar 10 months ago +2

    The average consumer just doesn't know what they are buying, thank you for your review.

  • JM Cagle
    JM Cagle Year ago +6

    Could you do a similar breakdown on Dell’s G5 laptops? I got a 5515 Ryzen Edition from work and have had a pretty mediocre experience; curious to see it in depth after this scathing desktop review.

  • Robert T
    Robert T Year ago

    Sometimes there is a good value proposition in OEM. The previous time my parents needed a computer the OEM was about 20-30% cheaper than the parts. It was an ACER, worked well enough, but had a proprietary power supply and likely a low quality motherboard. It lasted about 5.5 years before dying. I believe it was a motherboard issue, but I don’t have a compatible motherboard to test whether it was the motherboard or CPU, which would be unlikely. I had purchased a PSU adapter for its proprietary connector and there was no change using another power supply.
    The most recent build I convinced them to go DIY build. The prices for DIY vs OEM were roughly the same, but the DIY route allowed me to get a decent PSU, a mainstream quality motherboard, more ram, and a reasonable quality/performing nvme ssd.
    I also got my mother to help build it, which she really enjoyed. That alone seemed to make the DIY route worthwhile for her. I am much more confident in this computer than an OEM.

  • neptronix
    neptronix Year ago

    I run a small IT company and have usually outfitted companies with Dell computers. I've seen their hardware quality drop in the last few years and reached my breaking point with them since of the last 9 computers i ordered, 3 had some kind of hardware flaw, like bluescreening when bluetooth is used, ethernet not connecting at gigabit speeds no matter what, etc.
    The number of unnecessarily proprietary parts here is way too high. And the hidden costs of the warranty is bs too. I think Dell is answering to their shareholders more than their customers these days. Currently investigating alternatives to cut ties with this company.

  • Scores and Flames
    Scores and Flames Year ago +1

    What makes me very sad is that there is this huge organization and real people get actually paid to design a board, a case, a cooler, a GPU, a GPU cooler, some get paid to review and authorise the design, all these worthless parts get made, shipped all over the world, it gets all built, shipped again... all of these people need to get fired (and then someone who buys and tries to use this unit, will forever think: PCs are like that... well no wonder, that there are so many buying consoles) If they would fire these careless people, all these systems and the services would be much cheaper.
    What a waste of the consumers' money! What a waste of energy! What a surplus of CO2 emissions! What a waste of mother Earth's resources!
    Shame on you DELL. Thank you to GN for presenting these mishaps.

  • Brandon Campbell
    Brandon Campbell 2 months ago

    My favorite vids are definitely the ones of you guys roasting garbage products, and I don't feel bad for it. Keep doing what you do, It's made me much more informed as a consumer.

  • girohead
    girohead 7 months ago

    Questioning the design during teardown was classic. In my first job we'd tear open industrial controls and some had stupid artwork on the circuit board - hieroglyphics in addition to circuits. Absolutely foolish unless you purposely sought electrical noise interference. I wonder how many were returned. Not all designers are that good.

  • jjjarod1
    jjjarod1 Year ago

    I bought this pc after weeks of looking at specs and learning, understanding what you do want is different from knowing what you don’t want and it’s really a shame vidéos like this are only showing up to me now. NZXT would have been a much better choice I think we can all agree. I basically got scalped for a 3070 while specifically trying to avoid getting scalped for a 3070. I cry

    • Mud Kip
      Mud Kip Year ago

      I have been building computers since the mid 2000's and everyone has known Dell to be awful. They used to be better and their XPS systems were ok/good but Dell has never been great.

  • MudSweat&Kilns
    MudSweat&Kilns Year ago

    Congrats to Dell for proving me wrong that bloatware being the worst thing about buying pre-builds

  • Shavais Zarathu
    Shavais Zarathu Year ago

    I feel like this routing of cables each with multiple stranded wires in them is kind of primitive and messy. And we're still doing this general kind of thing to this day. I feel like there has to be a better way to do things. These days you see a lot of braided sleeves around the wires of multi-wire cables, which is certainly nicer. But it seems like the whole cable routing mess is still kind of a problem.
    What if cases had a sort of a power and signal bus that went in a U shape around the motherboard? With modular plugs at various points? So you'd just plug things into the most convenient plug on that bus. Then you're cables could be really short. Maybe cables could come in a few different fairly short lengths, and/or they would have little spring loaded spools to adjust their length as needed.
    I suppose, depending on how it was constructed, such a bus might block or hinder air flow. If it were just a u-shaped trellis of poles and posts it might not really affect air flow much. Or the bus could be part of the case itself.

  • The Creature from the Seventh Chamber

    Personally, I'll never buy a prebuilt. I enjoy putting my own computer together. I enjoy researching parts. I enjoy matching everything together perfectly for what I'm using it for. I like buying exactly what I want, from the case to the GPU... Everything is exactly what I want and nothing I don't want.

  • Florian Oldenburg
    Florian Oldenburg 9 months ago

    Wasn't that always a thing with Dell? I remember knowing that all the way back in the early 2000s. If you buy a Dell, you have a Dell and nothing else.

    IIARROWS Year ago +94

    One thing positive with Dell: they didn't treat you differently then any other normal customer when you said you were media.

  • Silver F
    Silver F Year ago

    I think i know how this kind of system ended up at consumer markets. This is a design common in systems sold en masse bundled with service deals spanning years to government or schools. In Sweden i have disassembled alot of these and i know the feeling of encountering that kind of motherboard for the first time xD