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Toosii - Favorite Song (Official Video)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Watch the official video for Toosii's "Favorite Song."
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    Favorite Song
    I’m on the stage right now
    Singing your favorite song
    Look in the crowd and you’re no where to be found as they sing along
    I say,
    You look good without no makeup
    No lashes even better when you wake up
    I see the look on your face
    I see ya hiding the hate
    I see ya looking for someone to scoop you right off of your feet
    You wanna ride in a Wraith
    You wanna go out on dates
    You want somebody to come bring you flowers
    Someone to talk to for hours
    Wash your back while y’all sit in the shower
    Someone to tell you “you’re beautiful”
    Someone to tell you and mean it
    Someone to tell you I love you everyday
    And don’t got a reason
    You want someone to bring you peace
    Someone to help you sleep
    Someone to pick you up when you feeling down feeling lonely
    Need somebody
    Who can make it better
    Who can open up those gates
    Open up those gates to your heart
    Only if you’ll let me
    I’m on the stage right now
    Singing your favorite song
    Look in the crowd and you’re no where to be found as they sing along
    I say,
    You look good without no makeup
    No lashes even better when you wake up
    I see the look on you face
    I see ya looking for peace
    I see ya tired of the hurt
    Tired of the pain
    Tired of the nights where you can’t get no sleep
    I see you’re tired thinking bout if he cheat
    See you’re tired thinking bout if you leaving
    See you’re tired of being so tired
    And ya damn sure ain’t getting even
    Need somebody
    Who can make it better
    Who can open up those gates
    Open up those gates to your heart
    Only if you’ll let me
    I’m on the stage right now
    Singing your favorite song
    Look in the crowd and you’re no where to be found as they sing along
    I say,
    You look good without no makeup
    No lashes even better when you wake up
    #Toosii #FavoriteSong
    Music video by Toosii performing Favorite Song. South Coast Music Group/Capitol Records; © 2022 UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Comments • 12 356

  • Prince Paki
    Prince Paki 2 months ago +20399

    no swearing,
    no drugs,
    no naked women,
    just 100% real talent.

    • O n e U p
      O n e U p 2 months ago +176


    • Leticia Lugo
      Leticia Lugo 2 months ago +402

      type of music we need.

    • Unreleased Songs And Edits
      Unreleased Songs And Edits 2 months ago +371

      Damn isn't that bad but it's still swearing but you right
      Edit: I don't wanna be "that guy" but I've never had 33 likes on a comment

    • khalifornian
      khalifornian 2 months ago +56

      @Unreleased Songs And Edits no its not

    • its Nadia
      its Nadia 2 months ago +35

      You so right

  • Adrienne Pillarella
    Adrienne Pillarella 2 days ago +55

    Driving in my car, first time I heard this song. I had to ask Siri who sang this so I could search it on Clip-Share and here I am on repeat. BEAUTIFUL SONG. Can’t say it enough. 💜🙏🏼

  • tiana kennedy
    tiana kennedy Day ago +163

    This song deserves a Grammy ❤😩✅
    Toosii be straight slayin' the game, no doubt! *AUTHENTIC VIEWS* gave him a boost, but his raw talent remains unchanged. He's holdin' it down like a true boss! Drop a thumbs up if you're vibin' with it, fam!

    • Messi
      Messi 20 hours ago +1

      Wtf is a grammy

    • Sonia Alonzo
      Sonia Alonzo 9 hours ago +1

      😢😢❤ I l8ke this song thank you tossi

    • gavin ay
      gavin ay 6 hours ago +1

      @Messi u serious rn

  • BlackReign2023
    BlackReign2023 2 days ago +154

    This young man went to school with my daughter. He worked hard and introduced real music to his generation. I listen to this song everyday not just bc I like the melody and lyrics but to show this young man support. Keep positive and keep pushing. #NCSupportsYou

    • Jessica Mattiese
      Jessica Mattiese 2 days ago +4

      He’s from Syracuse 🤣🤣

    • Heather Mills
      Heather Mills 2 days ago +8

      @Jessica Mattiese simple Google search says he relocated to Raleigh at 13, goofy. 😭

    • Diohonne Johnson
      Diohonne Johnson Day ago

      ​@Heather Mills😢😢p😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😢😢🎉pp😂🎉p🎉😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉

    • Sue
      Sue Day ago +1

      I think he is awesome, and love this song. Hope he wins a Grammy for it

  • Tekesha Harris
    Tekesha Harris 5 days ago +180


    • T V
      T V Day ago +6

      Always hated when women try to define real men...

    • J Fire
      J Fire Day ago

    • Junior Luma
      Junior Luma 16 hours ago +1

      Ye ain t nothing serious things in the word for this dumb song to save the world 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Finnesser Hxndrxx
      Finnesser Hxndrxx 15 hours ago

      Make sure you wipe your mouth after he zips his pants up.

  • Ishmatu baby 💞🦋
    Ishmatu baby 💞🦋 Month ago +14292

    I'm leaving a comment here so whenever someone like it, I will listen to this masterpiece again❤❤❤

    • Troy
      Troy Month ago +135

      #11 my bday is 11 😎👉💯

    • Helloxons Fan
      Helloxons Fan Month ago +91

      Here you go ... enjoy... again...
      👍🏽 👏🏽 🏆 ♥ 🎵 🎶 🎧

    • Robert Jones
      Robert Jones Month ago +38


    • Ishmatu baby 💞🦋
      Ishmatu baby 💞🦋 Month ago +76

      😭😭 Thanks guys I will always listen to this song

  • Beauti FAHT
    Beauti FAHT 13 hours ago +4

    I am 45 years old and this song resonates with my whole being. That's exactly what I want right now, especially in my age. Be attracted to me in the purest form, no makeup, no lashes....someone to make it better...acknowledge me when I am just tired...mentally, emotionally, and spirtually

  • Sonia Deveau
    Sonia Deveau 15 hours ago +59

    Toosii is so dope💯. Yes, he used *AUTHENTIC VIEWS* to go viral initially just like all other famous artists but it does not change the fact he is super mad talented !!! Thumbs up who agree with me❤‍🔥

  • Jonath4n_NK
    Jonath4n_NK 12 hours ago +5

    Que música perfeita 🔥💓

  • Khuks Khulani
    Khuks Khulani 6 days ago +177

    This song deserves a Grammy ❤️😩✅

  • Kathy D
    Kathy D 3 days ago +48

    Toosi, you seem to understand the feelings of a woman no matter how deep. You really touched me with this song. When I first heard it, I got chills. I am playing this song non stop❤

  • Micaela Du Preez
    Micaela Du Preez 2 days ago +49

    A song that perfectly describes what I want in my relationship one day

  • Forty Seven
    Forty Seven 2 months ago +8670

    The reason Toosii has had so much success is because his music is authentic. He built a loyal fanbase through focusing on his craft, and not being pressured into sounding like other artists. Hopefully one day my music can touch the masses such as Toosii. But as for now I’m just happy being a fan

  • Jack T.
    Jack T. 3 days ago +63

    Caught it on the radio as it was ending. Quickly shazamed it and thankfully I didn't miss this gem. What. A. Song!!!

    • Jestina Sills-Powell
      Jestina Sills-Powell 3 days ago +4

      Same, on my way home from work. This is why I appreciate listening to the radio, you never know when you're going to come across a masterpiece!

    • John Dough
      John Dough 2 days ago +2

      crazy, thats exactly how i found this same, that was my same reaction

    • Jack T.
      Jack T. Day ago

      @Jestina Sills-Powell Exactly!

    • Kelly
      Kelly  15 hours ago +1

      I did the same. Caught the last part of it and now all in my feelings. Idk what this song is doing to me

    • Dion Guthrie
      Dion Guthrie 14 hours ago

      This one brought a few tears to my eyes. I try to act hard but I really do miss being in love, it’s no greater feeling in the world. 😢

  • jaythekid family channel
    jaythekid family channel 20 hours ago +2

    I don’t even listen to rap like that, but this song here!! I can’t stop playing it, thanks for writing everything in my head💙💙💙💙💙

  • Brantley  Bales
    Brantley Bales 9 hours ago +2

    Stuck on repeat!! Love this song!!

  • Olmec _____
    Olmec _____ Month ago +531

    This song gave me the chills bro.. he's singing about real love, not violence and bullshit. Big respect. First time listener

    • 6Rico
      6Rico Month ago +4

      @The GGPCTU™ Channel your the one who didnt go when it turned green🤦🏽‍♂️i was omw to the gym bro

    • Sary Meas
      Sary Meas Month ago +3

      I respect to that❤

    • Desiree  Sarah
      Desiree Sarah Month ago +1

      ​@6Rico 🎉😮🎉😮 nc😊

    • Cindy L
      Cindy L Month ago +5

      I just heard this while driving. What an amazing song! It does send chills through your body.

  • Amber Hayhoe
    Amber Hayhoe 2 hours ago

    Everybody deserves somebody who can make you better. I felt all the meanings in this song . I felt that spokes to me.

  • Gi.M
    Gi.M 8 days ago +91

    Thank you Toosii from bringing this 💎 of a song to all of us 🙏🏼❤

    MMXXII Day ago +2

    Once every generation comes a song that changes everything and embodies love... This is that song!!! Written for Ladies loved by Men too! #Repeat

  • AC
    AC Month ago +523

    Man we need more hiphop artists like you these days. No music about sex, drugs, money, etc. Just pure music with a deep meaning. Pure talent.

  • Alexandra Preece
    Alexandra Preece 4 days ago +47

    This is my new song now. TURNT UP ALL THE WAY, ON REPEAT‼️🔥 Makes me cry & smile at the same time. I'm so proud of you, sir! You are nothing like these other artists! You are definitely one of a kind & I'd love to hear more music from you & see you go beyond what you are now. Stay away from Hollywood! WE fans don't want to see you go down with them. Keep up the phenomenal work King!

  • Mrs. Rogers’ Neighborhood

    FINALLY!!! As someone who rarely listens to the new music, due to the GARAGE that is out today, I must say that THIS song has restored my hope! I listened to this song the other day in the car, and was stopped in my tracks. It’s actually about what old school R&B is about…LOVE, RESPECT FOR WOMEN, CLASS. I love this song, and enjoy listening to it over and over again.

  • Shannon Gordon
    Shannon Gordon 4 hours ago

    His voice makes my heart skip all types of beats ❤️🌹

  • Wadner Louidor
    Wadner Louidor 6 hours ago +2

    First good song I heard of this new generation pure art no curse , smoke or drugs name calling ❤❤

  • macosha hammonds
    macosha hammonds 3 hours ago +1

    This is my signature song, my wake up, go to sleep, keep on repeat. ❤❤❤

  • Damien Sandoval
    Damien Sandoval 2 months ago +3564

    I was the Director of this shoot, and when I say Toosii is one of the most hardworking talented humble class acts of a artist I ever met, I mean it! He is by far one of the top 3 best artist Ive ever had the chance to work with. Not 1 complaint ,he worked extremely hard the whole 12 hour day, and his team/entourage was extremely professional and respectful which is very rare in the music business.
    I also have to say how much I love this song. Not 1 curse word, no degrading women, no drugs no violence, etc. This man is hidden treasure on his way to superstar status soon.
    Make sure you give the video a thumbs up and support him because he deserves it.
    Also thank you to everyone involved especially the crew, SCmg, and Capital Records. Thank you guys for allowing me to be apart of such a dope record, it means the world to me. Blessings - Damien.

    • Bigcruz
      Bigcruz 2 months ago +98

      He lying it was me I shot this whole video

    • Rel
      Rel 2 months ago +59

      Shoutout to you Damien, for a beautifully shot video and for those kind words you shared of your experience. May you continue to grow in your artistry 🙏🏿
      Toosii is amazing and on a verge on becoming superstar status in this industry. He will be around for a while.

    • Nataska Stluce
      Nataska Stluce 2 months ago +43

      @Bigcruz 😂😂😂

    • yourcallingiscalling
      yourcallingiscalling 2 months ago +23

      Blessings! Love this song and how uplifting it is. Loved when Toosii handed roses out to the women too. This song will help many heal

    • Anthony
      Anthony 2 months ago +18

      Amazing song, great video! No bad language for a change and realness.

  • Kristi Strauser
    Kristi Strauser 8 hours ago +1

    Absolutely feel this in my soul. Love this song❤. Only one person can make me feel like this 🥰

  • Zelia Haruna
    Zelia Haruna Day ago +3

    I’m a sucker for good music and Babyyyy, this right here is amazing ❤️

  • Jay🦋
    Jay🦋 6 days ago +88

    i was in a accident 3 yrs ago and my face hasn’t recovered yet but once i heard this song i started crying and this song just makes me feel better about myself and loved. thank you Toosii i really appreciate you!!!:)

    • Michelle Elks
      Michelle Elks 5 days ago +4


    • Manuel Alcala
      Manuel Alcala 5 days ago +3

      The best it yet to come

    • Ramsey Major
      Ramsey Major 5 days ago +4

      ❤Blessings to you❤

    • Jay🦋
      Jay🦋 5 days ago +5

      the accident was on my nina’s birthday 2 days before my grandpas birthday who passed away and like a week after my uncle died and i was in a coma for 2 weeks

    • Ever Dominguez
      Ever Dominguez 5 days ago +2

      Amor ok bro y respeto siempre para adelante ok 💯💙😈🤟🇲🇽♿

  • Bravo
    Bravo Day ago +2

    Once I find that one perfect lover, I'll sing this to her to tell how much I love her.

  • Bre Russel
    Bre Russel 6 days ago

    Absolutely amazing song!!!! When I'm having a bad day I listen to this song. Love this song!!!! Bless your heart tootsie!!!!

  • Precious Dentilus
    Precious Dentilus 2 months ago +1127

    We need more songs like this . His music has soul and life .

  • Xxsimply.Mexican		………


  • Kimberly Keith
    Kimberly Keith 4 days ago +32

    I am 57 years old and I LOVE this SONG…. No guns no profanity no nasty naked pics JUST PURE BEAUTIFUL TALENT ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

  • Reymond Ulrich
    Reymond Ulrich Day ago

    Absolutely love this song since day one of hearing it ❤❤❤

  • Ashley Lumsden
    Ashley Lumsden 2 days ago

    This song will be on repeat 🥺

  • O n e U p
    O n e U p 2 months ago +1034


    • Mutsuz insanlar topluluğu
      Mutsuz insanlar topluluğu 2 months ago +4

      they played the same song (lil vrah - bad bunny v2) 😵

    • Sára Žáková
      Sára Žáková 2 months ago +2


    • OneWayTiktoks01
      OneWayTiktoks01 2 months ago +1


    • yxngscxr!
      yxngscxr! 2 months ago +2

      no you guys should repeat my new song way harderrrr than thissss

    • Dovely ~ Believe in Jesus
      Dovely ~ Believe in Jesus 2 months ago +5

      The Gospel:
      (I am not a bot, I'm just someone who enjoys spreading the gospel. Much love to you all!)
      The gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins and rose again, eternally triumphant over His enemies, so that there is now no condemnation for those who believe, but only everlasting joy.
      Peter says in 1 Peter 2:24, “He himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness.”
      So Christ died not only to forgive sin, but also that it might die in the lives of His people.
      ~Quoting John Piper~
      My friend put together a great PowerPoint about the Gospel and Jesus being the prophesied Messiah. I'd like to share if you're interested, just reply and I can send you the link. May Jesus Bless you!

  • sonia millan
    sonia millan Day ago

    Love this song I'm a 32 year old mama of teens now and my son introduced me to this song and I love it ❤

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith 8 hours ago

    Beautiful song. Was riding in my BMW and feel in love with this song. Just had to see who was behind this awesome voice. Go Toosii love it.

  • Kristin Myrtle
    Kristin Myrtle 2 days ago +3

    Beautiful song ❤❤❤

  • Keegan Warner
    Keegan Warner 3 days ago +2

    Amazing song love your music!!!

  • Shane Hill
    Shane Hill 4 days ago

    Beautiful song. Finally a chang up from all the garbage today in music. Good job bro, this song is definitely a tear catcher. This is the type of music I live for. Realness. Just realness man. Good job man, this one got me

  • Eddie Eddie
    Eddie Eddie 10 days ago +483

    Finally, a song with real music and substance. Thank you Toosii. We appreciate you!!

  • Tiffany Griffin
    Tiffany Griffin 3 days ago +6

    Tootsie, thank you for this song... It's like you found my journal and singing my hearts desires out loud.. this is absolutely the best song out at this not. I appreciate you for putting my thoughts to dong... It gives me hope to know someone understands me.❤❤❤❤

  • Ethel Daniels
    Ethel Daniels 4 days ago +1

    This ain’t a master piece this is a body of work✊💪❤️👏

  • Kayla Jewell
    Kayla Jewell 11 hours ago


  • Kameron Staton
    Kameron Staton 8 days ago +18

    This is one of the best songs on the charts right now!!! You really touched alot of people with this one right here!!! It's on my Playlist for sure keep doing what u do and making great music!

  • Lakendra Jons
    Lakendra Jons 7 hours ago

    This is my first time listen to this song and I am already in love with this song 💕

  • Annette Washington
    Annette Washington 3 days ago +3

    This is every woman's dream to be loved, respected, and wanted we need our men to acknowledge how much love a woman will give to you men if you just notice her love for you I pray 🙏 for those gates to be reopen again us queens need our king to stand beside use with true love❤ " beautiful song heart felt " ❤️

  • Adell hall
    Adell hall 5 days ago +3

    If your sad this song will make you feel better.when I'm low I listen to this for my pick me up❤ self love

  • Jason Wernick
    Jason Wernick 8 days ago +35

    This song brings peace to my heart ❤️, I'm going through a break up and it was painful one!! This makes believe that there will love again in my heart and life ♥️!! Much respect to this young fella!!

  • L Saunders
    L Saunders 12 hours ago

    This song is really one of few that keeps me from completely hardening myself. I know i have no more energy to give over myself to just be HULK smashed, Thrown out, discarded, rejected, disrespected, never seen for who i am, shown not enough. I give no more efforts.

  • Wanda Bellamy
    Wanda Bellamy 6 days ago +44

    🌷I fell in ♥️ with this song when I first heard it! Especially that part where he says No makeup No lashes. I can listen to this song alllll day long...Young man u did Damn good 🌺🌹🥀

    • Michael Mayfield
      Michael Mayfield 4 days ago

      Some of these commits finna make me 😭

    • Wanda Bellamy
      Wanda Bellamy 4 days ago

      @Michael Mayfield speak english, WTH is finna & commits...Fixing and Comments 😂😂😂

    • 1995Benzo
      1995Benzo 4 days ago

      "Even better when you wake up" ♥️

  • Heaven Chew
    Heaven Chew Month ago +423

    I'm 40 years old and I love this song. We had this kind of music when I was young. Singing about being in love. Much respect to this young man!!

    • Mom
      Mom Month ago +5

      You not 40 stop the cap

    • Mookie
      Mookie Month ago +4

      Ikr I'm 45 and such meaningful song love

    • Trenton Markley
      Trenton Markley 29 days ago +2

      Hey man your honesty a good man I hope god watches over you

    • Tess
      Tess 29 days ago +3

      I'm 63 an this is my new favorite ❤

    • Latta Joe
      Latta Joe 28 days ago +2

      Yes your right ❤ I'm 41🙂

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man 6 days ago +17

    this guy really feels the music. true to the beat and very melodic

  • Magi Adji
    Magi Adji Day ago

    Real puree talent, just a true emotion, honestly thise songe deserves a grammy
    Sad perfect song

  • Kelly Batchelor
    Kelly Batchelor 20 hours ago

    Somebody to open those gates , Open up those gates to your heart...❤❤❤ Love this .....

  • Charlene Stewart
    Charlene Stewart 8 days ago +8

    Toosii we appreciate you thank u for all the music I’m waiting for more

  • Simply Me
    Simply Me 7 hours ago

    This hits right in my soul 😢

  • Gray Gray
    Gray Gray 24 days ago +932

    I am an educator and my students mentioned you can play this song "it's no cussing" I was reluctant at first and then I played the song, and when I listen to the song and heard my students sing to the top of their lungs, It sent chills all over my body because they sung loud and proud with no difficult language....thank you Toosii for putting music back in its place you are exceptional.....

  • Chey-Chey-the-weirdo22

    Toosii keep up the hard work this is good like all of your other songs to some people they don’t like but they are missing out on theses amazing songs of yours this so good but all of your other are also amazing just keep up the hard work I know how hard singing is keep it up bud❤ and thank you so much for doing these song for your fans it awesome of you I wish I can go to one of yours concerts but I can’t but thank you so much❤️❤️

  • Sawmsawmi 27
    Sawmsawmi 27 5 days ago +16

    I just sang this song and during the "you look good without no make-up, no lashes even better", this song helped me know that I don't need make-up to change myself, this song makes me feel comfortable😊. Thanks Toosi, we appreciate you

    • Shudigg
      Shudigg 4 days ago +1

      You don’t, stay blessed.

    • Amy Piro
      Amy Piro 2 days ago

      I no I feel the same way

  • Cali
    Cali 15 hours ago

    LOVE IT!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Danelle Steenkamp
    Danelle Steenkamp 6 days ago +54

    I am totally honest.. I never wanna step out of my comfort zone of music and thought maybe Toosii is one these modern mumbling artists.. but this song gives me a different kind of peace
    thank you for making this masterpiece.. it definitely on repeat. I LOVE THIS SONG !!!

    • Music Shorts tv
      Music Shorts tv 4 days ago


    • baby
      baby Day ago


    • baby
      baby Day ago

      i think you would like a song called Calm me Down by Love Mansuy :)) hope you enjoy

    • Danelle Steenkamp
      Danelle Steenkamp Day ago

      @baby thank you will do 👍

  • Chelsi Jones
    Chelsi Jones Month ago +281

    Whoever raised this king did an amazing job 💚

  • Jade
    Jade 5 days ago +17

    10 years from now this song will never be old for me😂😂😂 I could play this song for a whole day it's amazing ❤❤

  • Din Vireakbot
    Din Vireakbot 7 days ago +1

    just 100% talent ❤️✨

  • Cordaro Gardner
    Cordaro Gardner 3 days ago

    I keep playing on repeat... Realize I'm longing for something 😥

  • Gwendolyn Morrow
    Gwendolyn Morrow 6 days ago +1

    I love this song being in broken relationships time after time and I finally found my best friend my everything who made me feel like everything this song mention was wonderful and I'm thankful for every moment I spent with him R.I.H

  • Erika Fox
    Erika Fox 2 days ago +3

    Absolutely love it. We need more of songs like this. Love. ❤

  • Jessy Bonilla
    Jessy Bonilla Month ago +407

    We need to support artist that make this type of uplifting music!! Let’s give this artist all the support they need to keep on making this type of legendary music.

  • Angelia Fairchild
    Angelia Fairchild 18 hours ago

    Loving the vibe❤❤❤❤

  • Jimeka Fleming
    Jimeka Fleming 2 days ago +2

    This song is so beautiful🥰🥰🥰 Every woman want this kind of love 💗

  • Dariana Arrindell
    Dariana Arrindell 2 days ago +1

    Heard it today, Shazam it and it’s on repeat!!

  • Shadaya Boyce
    Shadaya Boyce 6 days ago +8

    i love this song it’s on repeat

  • Natalie Stephenson Baboram

    Potent lyrics. Powerful!

  • eric whitley
    eric whitley Month ago +633

    I’m 38 yrs old and I told my wife I don’t know who this young artist is but I love this song just because it uplifting and positive towards women. No talking about women , money, jewelry, or killing….👍🏿💪🏿💯👍🏿💪🏿💯

  • Wiseman Chaser
    Wiseman Chaser 8 days ago

    Fire 🔥. Pure talent for sure 💯

  • Tanoyha McLaughlin
    Tanoyha McLaughlin 3 days ago +2

    Yeah, I'm on the stage right now
    Singin' your favorite song
    Look in the crowd
    And you're nowhere to be found as they sing along
    I say you look good without no makeup
    No lashes, even better when you wake up
    I see the look on your face
    I see you hidin' the hate
    I see you lookin' for someone to scoop you right off of your feet
    You wanna ride in a Wraith
    You wanna go out on dates
    You want somebody to come bring you flowers
    Someone to talk to for hours
    Wash your back while y'all sit in the shower, yeah
    Someone to tell you, "You're beautiful"
    Someone to tell you and mean it
    Someone to tell you, "I love you" every day
    And don't got a reason
    You want someone to bring you peace, uh
    Someone to help you sleep, yeah
    Someone to pick you up when you're feelin' down, feelin' lonely
    Need somebody who can make it better
    Somebody who can open up those gates
    Open up those gates to your heart
    Only if you'll let me
    I'm on the stage right now
    Singin' your favorite song
    Look in the crowd
    And you're nowhere to be found as they sing along
    I say you look good without no makeup
    No lashes even better when you wake up
    I see the look on your face
    I see you lookin' for peace
    I see you tired of the hurt
    Tired of the pain
    Tired of the nights where you can't get no sleep
    I see you're tired thinkin' 'bout if he cheat
    See you're tired thinkin' 'bout if you leavin'
    See you're tired of bein' so tired
    And you damn sure ain't gettin' even
    Need somebody
    Who can make it better
    Who can open up those gates
    Open up those gates to your heart
    Only if you'll let me
    I'm on the stage right now
    Singin' your favorite song
    Look in the crowd
    And you're nowhere to be found as they sing along
    I say you look good without no makeup
    No lashes even better when you wake up

  • Coranne Cline
    Coranne Cline 6 days ago +15

    I swear this is gonna be the song I get married to !! I love this song so much ! ❤❤❤

  • Jerry Sherman
    Jerry Sherman 2 days ago +3

    Damn this is my favorite song 🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤ I listen thousand times😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Rissa Rochelle
    Rissa Rochelle 2 days ago +1

    My kids put me on to this song and as the title says this is now literally my Favorite Song! Lol❤❤❤

  • NJ VA18
    NJ VA18 17 days ago +422

    The only song I can literally play 100 times and never get tired of listening to it

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels 7 hours ago

    DEEP- hits on all frequencies 💯❤️🔥

  • Chrishina Howard
    Chrishina Howard 5 days ago +9

    This is clearly a legendary song and he is very talented I have it on repeat

  • Maxii Barreto 🎶
    Maxii Barreto 🎶 3 days ago

    Soy Argentino y mi sueño es colaborar con este gran artista 🙏🇦🇷

  • Don Campbell
    Don Campbell Day ago +1

    Love this song!!

  • Backwood Drea
    Backwood Drea Month ago +214

    This song deadass deserves a Grammy , I pray toosii starts to get the recognition he deserves..

    • shanoya halloway
      shanoya halloway Month ago +3

      I said the same thing too this is the song of the year 👍

  • Lonzo Lincoln
    Lonzo Lincoln Day ago

    This gentleman was in the same class my daughter was true honor to see some talent that does not come around anymore love you tootsie

  • Tanya Monique
    Tanya Monique 5 hours ago

    Love this song❤

  • Amina Zamma El Bey
    Amina Zamma El Bey 2 days ago +9

    A true top billboard hit. I pray you go all the way to the top. ❤

  • Ashley Kriedman- Crider

    This is my favorite song❤❤ I listen to it everyday I love it❤❤

  • Christian Jade
    Christian Jade 3 days ago

    I appreciate this song because my soul only let's me listen to Christian and gospel music really but this, this song. This clean great song, I can do! Thank you Toosie.

  • Sourcing Sailor
    Sourcing Sailor Month ago +746

    As a 52 year old African-American man, I applaud this artist for making a song of purity and love and not all that nonsense that others feel must be in their songs to obtain clout or street-cred.
    Trust me, i lived that life, survive that life, left that life, obtained two master's degrees and I am teaching others how to make the proper decision for a way out of the madness.

    • Shelley Sandillo
      Shelley Sandillo Month ago +14

      Amen 🙏 congratulations n thank you

    • msjaxson125
      msjaxson125 Month ago +15

      Applause King!! I was so proud of you just reading this!!

    • J-Wine
      J-Wine Month ago +5

      Still uses auto tune tho. Auto tune is hard to listen to personally.

    • Blue
      Blue Month ago +10

      One thing to consider is without all of that other nonsense, this would not shine as brightly through all the chaos. Please never stop being the great mentor you know these young adults need in their lives, teach as many of them as you can.

  • hazel d
    hazel d 8 hours ago

    Absolutely beautiful ♥️ this song

  • Relissha Franklin

    I love this song I could listen 👂 to it all day!

  • MicahandNatalie💕💕

    A clean song that other rappers can see that there doesn’t have to be drugs and cussing for their songs to be successful 😊