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In Germany we don’t say 🇩🇪❄️

  • Published on Jan 23, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Lukas Neuhoff
    Lukas Neuhoff 2 months ago +25416

    He is really integrating in German culture 😂😂

  • Azyreux
    Azyreux Month ago +1760

    In Chicago we say:
    "Hmm this is odd. I don't hear any gunshots."

    • mcstotti
      mcstotti 15 hours ago +1

      If in chicago and you dont hear gunshots run. Or you will feel the gunshots

    • 낼모레오십
      낼모레오십 9 days ago


    • RDKirbyN
      RDKirbyN 18 days ago

      This is what people who DON'T live in Chicago say LMFAO

  • Draconic Meta
    Draconic Meta Month ago +60

    In Canada we say “ah summer, I love our hot -10”

    • Hill27
      Hill27 3 days ago +2

      I'm in Wisconsin, Minnesota and your weather shows up as angry snow men on our maps.

    • 낼모레오십
      낼모레오십 9 days ago


    • Nikki B
      Nikki B 12 days ago +5

      -5 yesterday in Ontario, and my son is out in shorts and a tee shirt playing badminton lol

  • Hadjer Hadji
    Hadjer Hadji 2 months ago +10148

    He is more German than Germans themselves

    • Lynn M
      Lynn M 4 days ago

      @Seline Dracula no, I was talking about a group of vikings that got paid for their service...
      They traveled there and decided to stay.
      No taking babies at birth.

    • Seline Dracula
      Seline Dracula 4 days ago

      @Lynn M en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janissary

    • Seline Dracula
      Seline Dracula 4 days ago

      @Lynn M The personal guard's of the Sultans that were taken at birth...the whole reason for the ottoman fall

    • Lynn M
      Lynn M 4 days ago

      @Seline Dracula ??

  • DerToteUser
    DerToteUser Month ago +243

    I love how the alarm doesn't even has a sound, but still makes him wake up

    • Chirako
      Chirako Day ago

      I dont use sound either, just vibration mode

    • Emerald_Digger
      Emerald_Digger 7 days ago

      @Lisa Stenzel Ich hab meinen Wecker auf der anderen Seite des Raumes. Zwinge mich aufzustehen dadurch XD

    • Lisa Stenzel
      Lisa Stenzel 7 days ago +1

      ​@BobTheTrueCactus thats more like me...thats why my wonderful CD-alarm clock wouldn't work...woke me the second the CD started to get ready

    • Lisa Stenzel
      Lisa Stenzel 7 days ago

      ​@Emerald_Digger Oida! 😂 Hilfe!! Fühl mich nicht deutsch gerade. Mein Wecker geht alle 10 Minuten wenigstens 3 mal bevor ich überhaupt dran denke die Augen zu öffnen

    • BobTheTrueCactus
      BobTheTrueCactus 7 days ago +5

      My alarm clock used to make a tick-soind right before the alarm went of. The tick sound was enough to wake me up.

  • AnarchyFork
    AnarchyFork Month ago +747

    In Australia, we don't say:
    *"Woah, it's really slippery today"*
    In Australia, we say:
    *"The fuck did this weather come from, we’re nowhere near The Blueys”*

    • Chris Taylor
      Chris Taylor 10 days ago +1

      I'm Australian and I'm too worried about getting a traffic fine to think about the weather

    • Ryan
      Ryan 28 days ago +1

      And that's with it being 20 degrees Celsius we do all our slipping in mud

    • TheMelbournelad
      TheMelbournelad Month ago +1

      @AnarchyFork as a Melbournite, the weather is interesting when the You Yangs are off their meds.

    • AnarchyFork
      AnarchyFork Month ago +10

      Yes, we do say a variety of things. I think I’ve said both of those already this week bc Melbourne weather is just lovely

  • shesaid destroy
    shesaid destroy Month ago +3529

    In Italy we say: Ok, close the schools, there is a climatic hazard

    • Pianeta Blu
      Pianeta Blu 20 days ago +1

      In Italy we say : SCUOLE CHIUSE A NAPOLI

    • Giuseppe Capriglia
      Giuseppe Capriglia Month ago

      But we also say: "School closed in Naples"

    • Rob LB
      Rob LB Month ago

      @AM Studios Yeah, the last one you mentioned happened in my town

    • AM Studios
      AM Studios Month ago

      @Rob LB That's close to where I went, but there most of the times it wasn't serious and it wouldn't even rain much, I guess l was just lucky that the city or province was too eager to make yellow hazards.
      Sometimes it was really bad though, they once sent me a video of water erupting out of a sewer manhole.

    • Rob LB
      Rob LB Month ago

      @AM Studios Even we closed for dangerous climactic hazards (I was in Castelvetrano (TP)), but had to be serious, we didn't close when it snowed or during a lot of pretty intense storms.

  • blank
    blank Month ago +69

    The Hasselhoff alarm XD, you're truly integrated into our culture

  • cDayz
    cDayz Month ago +8

    And here in the UK, we say.
    "It's every person for themselves"

  • C M
    C M 2 months ago +4977

    This time the smirk at the end is almost invisible. But it's there.🥰😏

  • Curry
    Curry Month ago +15

    In Canada we don’t say: “woah! It’s slippery today”
    We just don’t care about it. When it’s winter there’s slippery roads almost everywhere

  • Little significance
    Little significance Month ago +37

    As an Australian we say ‘oh, the next ice age has come’

  • Happy Dogger
    Happy Dogger Month ago +2311

    As a Pole, I would probably just use 5 different swear words

    • GrimPig6969
      GrimPig6969 Month ago


    • Darth _Italy
      Darth _Italy Month ago +2

      Very civil comment section

    • AloneSitoYT
      AloneSitoYT Month ago +1

      As an Hispanic I would start swearing in 50 languages

    • DanielGamer2467
      DanielGamer2467 Month ago

      hey wait a second this is a German video-

    • Happy Dogger
      Happy Dogger Month ago +2

      @Davinci one guy asked how does it feel to be the thing strippers dance on, but he deleted his reply before I answered "Not that bad, only tough sometimes, your mom could really use some diet"

  • HBM
    HBM Month ago +11

    He’s so prepared that he has socks with sandals

  • Zachey’s Flip
    Zachey’s Flip Month ago +24

    As a Florida man I wouldn’t consider those conditions livable at all😂

    • Mark Palmer
      Mark Palmer 7 days ago

      Then you need to get out more.

    • Ellie  #PutinsMommyNeverHuggedHim
      Ellie #PutinsMommyNeverHuggedHim 14 days ago

      with Death Santis as governor, it’s not like you know any better

    • Edith Puthy
      Edith Puthy 16 days ago +2

      I read about you in the news Florida man

    • gabZ
      gabZ Month ago +2

      neither would i consider florida s hot temperatures livable at all ^^ cold weather is so much better except you cant do outside activities as much as you can in australia, spain etc.

    • Oberbaumbruecke
      Oberbaumbruecke Month ago


  • Ȓ̴̚yusuke
    Ȓ̴̚yusuke 2 months ago +2686

    Die Socken mit Sandalen. Perfekt!

    • 낼모레오십
      낼모레오십 9 days ago

      Such fashionista!

    • Lord Fluffykinz
      Lord Fluffykinz Month ago +1

      Why we Europeans wear long ass socks in the winter

    • randomjaguar
      randomjaguar Month ago +1

      Im not even German but i wear socks in sandals ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    • Brasil66
      Brasil66 Month ago +1

      The shoveling snow in socks and sandals is even better 😂

    • Moritz Lenhart
      Moritz Lenhart Month ago +1


  • Medieval the bucket
    Medieval the bucket Month ago +14

    As a dutchie we’d probably just jump in it out of happiness that we finally have a winter in which it snows (and we’d probably all start skating instead of working)

  • Dennis Engelen
    Dennis Engelen 12 days ago +4

    Same in Belgium, you're responsible if someone slips on your ground before your house.

  • Mr. Napkin
    Mr. Napkin 2 months ago +405

    In Russia we say "Help, I left the house and drowned in the snow"

    • Guilherme Oliveira
      Guilherme Oliveira Month ago

      @Mr. Napkin Yeah, indeed

    • Mr. Napkin
      Mr. Napkin Month ago +2

      @Сашаш Всем смешно, а мой отец реально утонул в снегу по пояс (он работал на Севере)
      Надо смотреть куда наступаешь)0

    • Mr. Napkin
      Mr. Napkin Month ago +2

      @Guilherme Oliveira If you can understand English it doesn't mean you can speak English))
      Most of us have never spoken English with someone
      Plus English does not convey the whole meaning. English is more practical, while Russian is more..

    • Kugelblitz
      Kugelblitz Month ago +1

      ​@Blank Blank in Virginia in my area we say "ope, it's -5 and there are two inches of snow I'll just take the truck today, it's going to be forty by noon anyway."

    • Guilherme Oliveira
      Guilherme Oliveira Month ago +1

      @A Person of Interest I see. English isn't my mother language either, but I thought it was taken for the international language by now (which does not mean people cannot use other languages if they want to)

  • Figeroux
    Figeroux Month ago +1

    He even woke up and looked German.

  • J Woshy
    J Woshy Month ago +2

    As a Canadian, we just skate everywhere

  • all in for JESUS
    all in for JESUS 2 months ago +2319

    Wenn man morgens um 5 Uhr aufwacht und draußen schon den Nachbarn mit der Schaufel über den Asphalt kratzen hört läuft es einem schon eiskalt den Rücken runter weil man dann weiß dass es geschneit hat und man auch ran muss.

    • Oberbaumbruecke
      Oberbaumbruecke Month ago +1

      ​@Al Ash Natürlich. Wenn die Oma um 6.00 Uhr mit dem Dackel rausgeht, soll die sich doch nicht die Gräten brechen. 😸
      Außerdem sollen alle immer schön arbeiten und steuern zahlen.

    • Oberbaumbruecke
      Oberbaumbruecke Month ago

      Kratz..... 😸

    • 314jph
      314jph Month ago

      Most German thing, 1 sentence paragraph with no punctuation.

    • Al Ash
      Al Ash Month ago +1

      @Unknown User Okay danke für die Antwort! Ich bin absolut faul und unzuverlässig, weswegen dies für mich Probleme bedeutet hätte, sollte ich jemals nach D ziehen ^^

  • Fiona Rasquinha
    Fiona Rasquinha Month ago +3

    And Australians say… Wait! It dOseN’T SnOw HeRe

  • Revoke
    Revoke Month ago +3

    the silent alarm is the underrated part here😭

  • C. W.
    C. W. 2 months ago +584

    Except Nachtruhe is considered to be between 22 pm and 6 am. I once woke up at 5:30 and proceeded to shovel the snow in front of our house because I would have to do it before school anyway...my parents completely lost their shit and yelled at me for being inconsiderate to the neighbors, I had to apologize to them later but nobody had actually heard anything...

    • Coding Feature
      Coding Feature Month ago

      Ish bin Berliner

    • UnknownDev
      UnknownDev Month ago +4

      Beim schneeräumen greift die Nachtruhe tatsächlich nicht, da hier die Sicherheit eine höhere Priorität hat.
      "Paragraph 32 des BIMS (Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetzes) in Wohngebieten. Dort ist geregelt, dass Geräte und Maschinen generell nicht von 20 bis 7 Uhr betrieben werden dürfen. Ausgenommen sind darin ausdrücklich „Geräte und Maschinen bei Unwetter oder Schneefall oder zur Abwendung einer sonstigen Gefahr für Mensch, Umwelt oder Sachgüter.“"

    • xTonicWaterx
      xTonicWaterx Month ago +1

      Being made to apologize for something that bothered nobody might be the single most german thing I've ever heard

    • Prodeigsen
      Prodeigsen Month ago +3

      @Artur Kraus naja so eine Metall was immer auf teilweise unebenes Gestein mit Druck kracht weil man ja auch etwas Druck ausüben muss um harte gefrorene Stellen abzubekommen die mit unter dem Schnee sind kann nachts bzw sehr früh morgens wenn die strasse ruhig ist und allgemein alles leer ist schon laut und sogar hallend sein was einige die keinen festen supertiefen schlaf haben aufwecken oder am weitersxhlafen hindern :D man kann aber auch nixht auf alles achten. Is eben so

    • Barbora Smutná
      Barbora Smutná Month ago

      @Magda Rantanplan Hilarious! XD

  • un smarties
    un smarties Month ago +2

    In Canada we say:
    “That’s a lot of ice, can’t wait to play bumper cars!”
    (Our snow cleaning companies don’t clean the roads properly and it legit becomes a bumper car mania, only Canadians will understand)

  • Jscon
    Jscon Month ago +7

    I’m so glad he graduated and got a degree as a professor. Love to see him getting better.

    • David Parkersteyn
      David Parkersteyn Day ago

      Uhhh... You don't graduate as a professor. You can get a doctorate (Phd) and work your way through the ranks to professor, but you don't graduate as a professor.
      Unless you had a somewhat obfuscated point which I missed 🤔

  • MentalUntilDawn
    MentalUntilDawn 2 months ago +666

    In Canada we say “She’s greasy out today, boys.”

    • NBCatch22
      NBCatch22 Month ago +1

      Well that is the worst case Ontario..

    • Mélissa A
      Mélissa A Month ago

      way she goes bud

    • Senjusan
      Senjusan Month ago

      Sounds kinky to me

    • The Enigma Bureau
      The Enigma Bureau Month ago +3

      Also commonly said:
      “Watch your driving, she’s a little slick out there.”
      Definitions of ‘a little’:
      1. Great care is necessary, as you might fall and break something.
      2. Enough ice and slush to ditch dive much of the traffic for the day.

  • nalinea18
    nalinea18 Month ago +2

    In Finland: If a Finnish man mutters "perkele" from under his breath but no one is around to hear it, does he make a sound?

  • Raine_Cloud
    Raine_Cloud Month ago +2

    I'm convinced every German has a pair of those shoes in their household (My grandparents are german)

  • IRWIN rivera
    IRWIN rivera Month ago +1036

    The guy creating the German language had to be high
    Edit: Jesus 1k like

    • Gandalf the Grey
      Gandalf the Grey 26 days ago

      the fck is happening in these comments

    • JustThatPotatoKid
      JustThatPotatoKid Month ago

      @Jah-Jah Marley🇯🇲 i can appreciate the joke

    • RustRoomOfDoom
      RustRoomOfDoom Month ago +1

      *Ger* was smoking that superior german engineering shit

    • mohamed jinah
      mohamed jinah Month ago

      bro is the greatest naz- i mean german teacher ever

    • No
      No Month ago

      @Dexter Do because weed isn’t really the best thing for the people I personally think it’s good it’s not legal there

  • Ki Neko
    Ki Neko 7 days ago

    His neighbours must be really proud of him. On time fulfilling his duties with the proper gear ofc.

  • jaimedreamsx
    jaimedreamsx Month ago +1

    In Arizona we say:
    "Thank God, a break from the heat."

  • JustPyro
    JustPyro 2 months ago +928

    Wer die räum- und Streupflicht nicht ehrt, ist das ausrutschen wert.

    • megopzit
      megopzit Month ago

      Guter Spruch 😂

    • Prodeigsen
      Prodeigsen Month ago +1

      @K. R. Verbesserung v2: ist des rutschfesten Gehwegs nicht wert :D

    • K. R.
      K. R. Month ago +3

      Nice lol. Kleiner Verbesserungsvorschlag: *ist den sicheren Gehweg nicht wert.

    • S
      S 2 months ago


  • Ryan Rusch
    Ryan Rusch Month ago +2

    In Wisconsin we just say ope and salt the neighbors driveway for them, they’ve got a lotta things goin on.

  • SharpshooterMS14 Brad

    Bro got the Jesus Sandals and socks on like a real Eskimo

  • This one cottacore girl
    This one cottacore girl Month ago +630

    In Poland we don't say:
    "Woah! It is really slippery today"
    We say:
    "Kurwa, ja pierdole!"
    Love ur channel btw ❤️

  • fireschoolbus
    fireschoolbus Month ago +5

    How to be a true German
    Don’t check the wether
    Go outside and deal with it

    • レオン ꪴ
      レオン ꪴ Month ago

      Irgendwie kann man bei uns auch teilweise nie so viel gegen Kälte machen, wegen dieser Nassen Kälte.

  • mike ok
    mike ok Month ago

    The most german thing is him waking up to an alarm with David Hasselhoff’s face. Sehr schön!

  • approver
    approver  2 months ago +262

    es ist Räum und Streupflicht ich werde sie Verklagen!

    • Maja
      Maja 2 months ago

      _Ah, old guy nostalgy_

    • Julia Hengstermann
      Julia Hengstermann 2 months ago +5

      Anzeige ist raus 😂

    • Schnittertm1
      Schnittertm1 2 months ago +10

      Wieso? Der Schnee ist gleich verschwunden, ich mußte nur den Flammenwerfer von meinem Opa auftanken!

  • Killy Silence
    Killy Silence Month ago +2

    Simple explanation: We don't care about who gets hurt. We only care about who is getting SUED! So we have laws for everything.

  • TDM3 Bros | Tricky Deutscher Mario 3

    Update in Germany: Away with the snow

  • Eagle Owl
    Eagle Owl 2 months ago +103

    Just make sure that it's allowed to use salt in your city, because many cities forbid it for private households since it's bad for the environment. When in doubt, use grit/gravel.

    • TheInfectous
      TheInfectous Month ago +1

      @Fanni Kaczy yeah that's why he said "use grit/gravel." .... bro his comment is less than 35 words... it literally takes 3 seconds to read.

    • crazyman3921
      crazyman3921 Month ago

      ​@Joker_Gthat makes me thankful I live in Calgary Alberta. That's just a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    • Maja
      Maja 2 months ago

      ​@Eagle Owl yep

    • Upright Bassist — Felix Arndt
      Upright Bassist — Felix Arndt 2 months ago +4

      @A P genau das ist “gravel/grit”. 🤓
      Doch nicht, anscheinend bedeutet das „Kies“. 🤔
      Außerdem hätte ich eher auf Split getippt. 😮

    • A P
      A P 2 months ago +5

      Das ist nirgends erlaubt für Privatpersonen. Und Sand schon mal gar nicht. Nur Kiesel.

  • Player-1 👑
    Player-1 👑 Month ago +3

    In Germany we say: “Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
    Und das heißt
    Heiß von hunderttausend kleinen Bienelein
    Wird umschwärmt
    Denn ihr Herz ist voller Süßigkeit
    Zarter Duft entströmt dem Blütenkleid
    Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
    Und das heißt
    In der Heimat wohnt ein blondes Mägdelein
    Und das heißt
    Dieses Mädel ist mein treues Schätzelein
    Und mein Glück
    Wenn das Heidekraut rot-lila blüht
    Singe ich zum Gruß ihr dieses Lied
    Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
    Und das heißt
    In mein'm Kämmerlein blüht auch ein Blümelein
    Und das heißt
    Schon beim Morgengrau'n sowie beim Dämmerschein
    Schaut's mich an
    Und dann ist es mir, als spräch' es laut
    "Denkst du auch an deine kleine Braut?"
    In der Heimat weint um dich ein Mägdelein
    Und das heißt

  • Grace Ku
    Grace Ku Day ago

    I like how he woke up like he wasn't asleep the whole time 😅

  • it's a moo point
    it's a moo point 2 months ago +243

    I live and work in London now. I remember one year I used to work for a German mum. She shovelled away the snow in front of her house in the hopes her lovely English neighbours would follow her example. But not even one person did 😄 she got so annoyed that only her tiny pavement bit was free of snow lol.

    • brandon denny
      brandon denny Month ago +1

      ​@A Not in most cases no, your property line ends usually right before the pavement not at the street, and most cities add in an ordinance that agreeing to live in the house when you sign that you agree to mow your lawn and upkeep the pavement.
      I thankfully do not have a sidewalk.

    • Ti Ko
      Ti Ko Month ago

      @Charlie McIntyre it’s like that anywhere in the us. If someone gets injured on your property you can unfortunately be held liable.

    • Uzaid Gurjee
      Uzaid Gurjee Month ago +1

      @Krowa święta and even when it does snow, it very rarely sticks to the ground.

    • Charlie McIntyre
      Charlie McIntyre Month ago +4

      @Julia Hengstermann
      It’s the same here in the Northeastern US.

    • cil uoduod
      cil uoduod Month ago


  • Harrald Aguilar
    Harrald Aguilar Month ago

    The happiest german

  • Duncantones
    Duncantones Month ago +7

    I wish the American medical school I work for had the German work ethic of shoveling and salting before I slipped on campus, cracked the base of my skull, and spent two weeks recovering from soft tissue damage.

  • athena3016
    athena3016 2 months ago +140

    In Virginia, we say, “Shut it down guys, there’s a snowflake.”

    • Benny Alpert
      Benny Alpert Month ago


    • Juliankha
      Juliankha Month ago

      In pa we say only a few inches? fantastic. We won't shovel. We dodged a foot of snow. Woo hoo

    • Endless
      Endless Month ago +2

      In Colorado, I have not had one snow day. I have even been marked tardy after a crash blocked the highway, the teacher said “you should leave earlier because you know the roads are bad”

    • Giodyne
      Giodyne Month ago

      I live in Fairfax VA, can confirm

    • QueenOfDarknes5
      QueenOfDarknes5 Month ago +1

      That's the winter slogan of the Deutsche Bahn

    JKDONNIE23 Month ago +1

    As an American, I saw woah it's really slippery today.

  • Vyv II
    Vyv II 5 days ago +1

    I wish we had this obligation/ law in Scotland!

  • Lord Valinar
    Lord Valinar Month ago +196

    The fact this man has David Hasselhoff on his phone makes him 100% German. xD

    • DJ Breeze
      DJ Breeze Month ago

      @Lord Valinar he’s brilliant lol

    • Kyle Daugherty
      Kyle Daugherty Month ago

      What phone? All I saw was his handy.

    • Lord Valinar
      Lord Valinar Month ago

      @CrazzyJokerr Yeah I know what you meant. I was implying both. Take it as you will.

    • CrazzyJokerr
      CrazzyJokerr Month ago

      @Lord Valinar careless about the stuff you supposedly like ... not the accusation... dude

    • Lord Valinar
      Lord Valinar Month ago +2

      @CrazzyJokerr Nope. Because if I couldn't care less, then I wouldn't care what people said what I liked. :P

  • Mihai Voicu Drebot
    Mihai Voicu Drebot Month ago +1

    Exactly what I and my neighbors did this morning in Romania. I think (I'm not sure about this) that you are liable for injuries that happen in front of your house if you don't clean the snow. It might apply only to companies and institutions, though. We do it because it's the normal thing to do, not because of any legal obligation.

  • Alyssa &Audrey Studios

    In Alaska we don't say:
    "Woah, it is really slippery today,"
    We say:
    "Oh f*ck yeah 2 ft of snow /hj"
    "Heck nah time to stay inside today-"

  • Valid but at what cost?
    Valid but at what cost? Month ago +124

    I love how in the German language anything that is a task whether or not it has to be done is either an obligation or requirement 😂😂

  • i
    i Month ago +1

    In Germany doctors don't say "your medicine is $54" we say "Uber ready"

  • Mastan Qasimi
    Mastan Qasimi Month ago +2

    As German myself i can confirm that we do this!

  • Lord Ebe
    Lord Ebe Month ago +30

    As a German I can confirm, one of my biggest fears is sleeping too long, while I have to räum and streu and my neighbors get mad

    • mojo9583
      mojo9583 Month ago +1

      Or put the Mülltonne back in late after they emptied it.

  • IGB
    IGB Month ago

    Bro said we don't say "Whoa it is really slippery today." He still said it. Lol

  • Leontine shikukutu
    Leontine shikukutu Month ago +1

    I can’t wait to be in Germany, highly looking forward to it😅❤️

  • C.J Armstrong
    C.J Armstrong 2 months ago +69

    Berks with socks in the winter, truly German

  • The Lord Is Coming
    The Lord Is Coming Month ago

    In America we don’t say:
    “Woah! It is really slippery today!”
    We say:
    **snoozes alarm**

  • Jenny
    Jenny Month ago +4

    In Russia we don't say:
    "Woah!It is really slippery today!"
    We say:
    "Oh, it is really warm outside today!Just -30°C!"

  • Martin
    Martin 2 months ago +62

    That's David Hasselhoff at 5am. Great.

  • J. Hamilton
    J. Hamilton Month ago

    In Scotland we don't say:
    "Woah! It's really slippery today"
    We say:
    "Oh ya bastard!" *slips on arse*

  • Deven Rivera
    Deven Rivera Month ago +1

    Respect to him, actions speak louder than words.

  • Totesfleisch
    Totesfleisch 2 months ago +27

    To one up the german-nes: Using Gritting Salt is forbidden in most Municipalities in Germany and will bring a Fine if caught. Make sure to call them up and ask about local Ruling to prevent having Issues with them.

  • Occasional Commenter

    In Wyoming we say "Better take the chain, Samantha's stuck again."

  • Destroyergod
    Destroyergod Month ago

    Bro turned from a regular person to a npc 🤣🤣🤣

  • iLLest Villain
    iLLest Villain Month ago +92

    I like how he sets the alarm to get up and doesn't even need the sound he is the clockwork

  • Classical_Monke
    Classical_Monke Month ago +2

    As a German I clearly agree 🇩🇪🇩🇪😂

  • Soba’s Master
    Soba’s Master Month ago

    bro really does that while he’s slipping ❤

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller 2 months ago +16

    It was Hasselhoff for me 🤣🤣🤣

  • BraveHCR2
    BraveHCR2 Month ago +1

    If you ever feel such a pro in hcr 2 remember this person exist...

  • Commenting on Every Single video I watch

    I love the part where he says it’s shoveling time and then shovels all over

  • Viomint
    Viomint 2 months ago +126

    Not gonna lie, I went home from a birthday party at 4am and one of neighbours was already eliminating the snow which stopped falling 30 minutes before. The next day I woke up at 12 o clock and had to swipe off the snow of my corner house.The snow was hard to get rid off because a lot of people already walked over it. I swear something german suddenly activated in me because now I will never sweep off my snow that late again. Räum- und Streupflicht.

    • SuperJuvexxx
      SuperJuvexxx Month ago

      @Artur Kraus krautenwagen?

    • Artur Kraus
      Artur Kraus Month ago +5

      12 is way too late, my friend. In most cities, the Räum- & Streupflicht starts at 7 (at 9 on weekends).☝🏼 This is the law (it actually is).

  • ProfShep
    ProfShep Month ago

    in Germany you also don't say "I can't wait to receive 70% of my reported pay."

  • Predrag Antic
    Predrag Antic Month ago

    I never thought this guy talked German until I found out now 🤣

  • Miss Crouch
    Miss Crouch 2 months ago +131

    The picture of David Hasselhoff though...he has truly turned into a German.

  • Master of 🐉
    Master of 🐉 Month ago

    I have german grandparents, so we visit Germany often and I can say IT‘S SO TRUE 😂

  • Jaqavion3rdPosted
    Jaqavion3rdPosted Month ago

    In Germany we don’t say “Go to your room!” We say “GET IN THE CHAMBER!”

  • indrinita
    indrinita 2 months ago +48

    He even did the salt bae thing at the end 😂

  • Steve S
    Steve S Month ago

    In the UK we say:
    "I'm not going to attempt to clear the ice because if someone slips on the 'cleared area', then I could be held liable for the damages".

  • Axl
    Axl Month ago

    Here in Australia we say ‘I wish it would snow one day other then that it’s it’s a nice warm, cool morning’

  • Colin Baldwin
    Colin Baldwin 2 months ago +101

    As an Englishman I’m liking Germany more and more.

    • winonaforever
      winonaforever Month ago +1

      @Leos Lit Fantastisch zusammengefasst!!!!😂👍

    • The young pope
      The young pope Month ago +1

      ​@winonaforever love you too darling 🤣

    • Farben Seher
      Farben Seher Month ago

      But why?

    • Ulla Gunther
      Ulla Gunther Month ago +1

      ​@Leos Lit thanks for dissing Hannover. Stay away with your negativity

  • King Nebula
    King Nebula Month ago

    In Canada, we don't say:
    ''Woah, its really slippery today''
    Instead, we say:
    Dang, its so hot outside, barely any ice!

  • Aaron Grimes
    Aaron Grimes Month ago

    Sliding on the sidewalk and acting like nothing happened is a daily occurrence in Canada

  • Mushroom Man
    Mushroom Man Month ago +6

    When you move to Germany you have pay a weekly tax of a portion of your soul until you are unable to find joy in anything but beer.

  • iam_sherlocked
    iam_sherlocked Month ago

    I live in Finland and...well, I just gasp 💀 and if someone else almost slips, I gasp for them as well (I don't know why...).

  • Crazy Comments
    Crazy Comments Month ago

    In the south, we don’t say: “boy it’s slippery today”
    We say: 🚶‍♂️
    No ice at all

  • Mydogisthecutestdon'tfightmeiquitboxingforareason

    He literally had to go to a field of some kind to find proper snowy ground xD

    • Kat.
      Kat. 2 months ago

      True! We've got a colder winter only all 4-ish years. At least in the flat parts of Germany. A very different story in the mountains, though they, too, start to experience more lack of snow now!

  • Chris Mckee
    Chris Mckee Month ago

    In America, we say ‘have the neighbors son do it, I’m too lazy and round’

  • Michael!!
    Michael!! Month ago +1

    In England, we say: It's not even that cold, just run the 16000 miles, you'll be fine!

  • infamous
    infamous Month ago +69

    i have fond memories of being 5 and trying to clear the garden during christmas. man i love germany

    • infamous
      infamous Month ago

      @Sensei Shu yeah but i live in britain now and it hardly ever snows. there was a LOT of snow that one christmas.

    • Sensei Shu
      Sensei Shu Month ago +1

      Do other countries not clear their driveways too? We do it all the time in America...

  • NoFlu
    NoFlu 25 days ago

    As an Austrian, I have to say Germany is more like
    "Oh no, 1cm of snow fell overnight, we have to shut our whole infrastructure down because of this unimaginable snow chaos"

  • Izzysworld
    Izzysworld Month ago

    i’m glad i’m getting recommended these videos because i’m learning german

  • Samwise
    Samwise Month ago +7

    Holy shit i didnt know Germans had perfected the technique of waking up from a silenced alarm.

  • EagleSpirit88
    EagleSpirit88 Month ago

    In NJ we say:
    "Aye where's the fuckin snow shovellers"

  • ᵐʳˢ.ʳⁱᵈᵈˡᵉ

    Them German slippers be hittin different tho

  • 6.49 DROW RANGER
    6.49 DROW RANGER 2 months ago +118

    Lemme guess, his alarm clock must sound something like... :
    One wintry morning some 20 mins ago, I had clearing obligation.
    I had everything to season the road, but salt, there was none.
    I've been looking for Salt Bae,
    I've been looking for so long...

    • 6.49 DROW RANGER
      6.49 DROW RANGER 2 months ago +1

      I've been looking for Salt Bae,
      Still the search goes on
      I've been looking for Salt Bae
      Since I left my home bed
      I've been looking for Salt Bae
      Still he can't be found
      I headed down the track,
      Snow shovel on my back
      I left the city far behind
      Slipping down that road,
      With my heavy load,
      Trying to find some peace of mind
      Wifey said: "You'll be frozen, Liam,
      If you leave our home this way
      And when you realize,
      The Salt Bae money buys,
      He'll come running here someday"
      I've been looking for Salt Bae,
      I've been looking for so long
      I've been looking for Salt Bae,
      Still the search goes on
      I've been looking for Salt Bae
      Since I left my home bed
      I've been looking for Salt Bae
      Still he can't be found
      I met a lot of dews,
      From the nose to ooze,
      Travelling across the land
      Worked on a path,
      Got some muscle in my arms
      But still I am not a salty man
      I feel the run for many hours to come
      I'll be searching door to door
      And given some time
      Some day I'm gonna find
      The Salt Bae
      I've been searching for
      I've been looking for Salt Bae,
      I've been looking for so long
      I've been looking for Salt Bae,
      Still the search goes on
      I've been looking for Salt Bae
      Since I left my home bed
      I've been looking for Salt Bae
      Still he can't be found
      I've been looking for Salt Bae,
      I've been looking for so long
      I've been looking for Salt Bae,
      Still the search goes on
      I've been looking for Salt Bae
      Since I left my home bed
      I've been looking for Salt Bae
      Still he can't be found
      I think I nailed the song that unites Germany in the winter. :D

    • Maja
      Maja 2 months ago

      I've been looking for freedom
      _checking_ ah, this' what you meant 🙄

    • nein nein
      nein nein 2 months ago +1

      Preußens Gloria !

    • Алексић Владица.
      Алексић Владица. 2 months ago

      Noob, why do you play Drow Ranger?