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The Biggest VAR Mistakes

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The Biggest VAR Mistakes
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Comments • 19

  • Luna Skye
    Luna Skye Month ago

    The stuff with disallowing a goal due to offside after the final whistle happened in the France Vs Marokko group game in Qatar

    AWIE STORY Month ago +2

    Love this chanel.. Keep it up a good work mate.. Wish you all the best in the future.. 👍🙏

  • OfficialMrAndy
    OfficialMrAndy 2 months ago +4

    Thanks for the video Jeremy Clarkson!

  • Theerapat S.
    Theerapat S. Month ago +2

    All these problems aren’t caused by VAR. It’s all about the referees who did the interpretation.

  • Khairul Lezran
    Khairul Lezran Month ago +1

    we all know , Rasford was offside vs City .

  • Hemoflier
    Hemoflier 2 months ago +3

    End of the day, manu yet again favored by referees

  • Gurumoorthy Ramesh
    Gurumoorthy Ramesh 2 months ago +3

    great video mate

  • Guillermo Mathews Kaungu

    It's the Rashford Trent offside comparison for me

    • corneil thomas
      corneil thomas Month ago

      But was there anyone else not offside contesting for trents ball as in the case of bruno with rashfords case? This is the difference

    • Grand Master Grogu
      Grand Master Grogu Month ago

      Rashford nor Trent made an attempt to touch the ball, so neither should've been offside

  • BoracicLint
    BoracicLint Month ago +1

    Just to correct you before much more qualified referees do,it's the Offside 'Law' rather than 'rule.' This basically just epitomises how arrogant a lot of those law or rule makers in football are when talking about the game/sport. VAR is a crock of sh'te and was only introduced to enhance the drama and entertainment for tv viewers rather than any crap about 'improving' refereeing decisions. All it needed was better referee assessors and referees but we got another attempt to try to please the tv execs rather than the fans.

  • Grasskii
    Grasskii 2 months ago +2

    this video 🔥🔥🔥

  • The Sabbath Faithful
    The Sabbath Faithful Month ago +1

    FA is over protecting this officials , they make mistakes game in game out but no punishment

  • Nam Phạm
    Nam Phạm Month ago

    i can confirmed that 17 Man City fans around the world pretty pissed off

  • wak din mohd
    wak din mohd Month ago

    The play on system gets many players injurd and f#€* fhe var s#*t

  • Min etlaV
    Min etlaV Month ago

    If var isn't the problem then the refree need to go back to the primary school and learn more about how to watch a video

  • Angelina Markus
    Angelina Markus Month ago

    Cuz everything is fixed .Period

  • Up Your Game
    Up Your Game 2 months ago +1

    VAR is killing the game. Off sides now are a fn joke at best. Simply get rid of it.

  • Brandon And tom
    Brandon And tom Month ago

    Man city fans worldwide 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Obvious trophy hunters, because who outside England even knew them until the oil started to flow