Game Theory: 3 NEW FNAF Security Breach Theories!

  • Published on Apr 6, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Theorists, I have been up to my ears in FNAF theories lately and so I thought, " Why not do a rapid fire of 3 mini-theories in one episode?" That's right, you get not one, not two, but THREE theories today! WE are talking everything from new clues to FNAF Security Breach to what is going on in the newest Fazbear Frights books, to maybe even uncovering the TRUE villain we've all been overlooking! No time to waste! Let's dive in!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comments • 70

  • Weegeepie
    Weegeepie 6 days ago +34363

    That homage to Ronnie's animation is just so heartwarming
    fav GT episode

  • Orange Mandalorian
    Orange Mandalorian 8 hours ago

    Congratulations on hitting 14 million subs. You guys make so many amazing videos, I can’t stop watching and rewatching them. I’m excited to see what you guys will do during this month! 🤩👍🧡

  • Lanny Luckey
    Lanny Luckey 8 hours ago

    by the way your the only channel iv ever bought merch from. i thought you'd like that.

  • Simon Martel
    Simon Martel 8 hours ago

    Could you do a theory on the binding of Isaac afterbirth/repentance I think it could be a real interesting update since your last theory was really long ago any way stay safe and I enjoyed the video.

  • Brian Suddeth
    Brian Suddeth 8 hours ago

    Ok, im pretty sure the hand at the end of the security breach trailer is a body that vanny made for glitch-trap to use, but what if Scott decided to make the hand belong to the stitch-wrath, ik it’s prolly not the case in this situation, but you never know.....

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu 8 hours ago

    “There is no foxy” Roxy just stat there like ._.

  • God fearing believer
    God fearing believer 8 hours ago

    I have the same birthday as this channel

    • soinhu foitu
      soinhu foitu 8 hours ago

      I like the book reference of the giving birth to a video game bunny

  • Toasty
    Toasty 8 hours ago +1

    Purple guy was phone guy once. Oh the nostalgia

    CLARI 9 hours ago +1

    Fnaf theory so back in sister location there was a lot of evidence that crying child was rebuilt hence him not dying to the scooper so what if afton used his soal in the glitchtrap suit to rebuild a robotic humanoid character named vanny/venessa and then Elisabeths soal possessed vanny and then afton partially took control

  • Rage _Gamer
    Rage _Gamer 9 hours ago

    Mangle is Toy Foxy, and Roxy is Glamrock Foxy. I don’t know how you didn’t see that.

  • dJoseph Romero
    dJoseph Romero 9 hours ago +1

    Hey matpat what about dawkos theory that Vanny messes with the amintronics and makes them try to kill you🤔

  • Nadeem Malik
    Nadeem Malik 9 hours ago

    What about the purple guy voice reveal in security breach?

  • RussianBagel #2
    RussianBagel #2 9 hours ago

    If Game theory is right about The Cliffs being after Security Breach then the giant trash rabbit could be the purple metal arm you see reach out at the end of the Security Breach trailer

  • Melissa Wright
    Melissa Wright 9 hours ago

    To me the alligator mouth picture looks like it’s part of the giant statue from the trailer but all the lights turned off which makes sense I suppose I’m not sure though 🤷‍♀️

  • yeetus go commit lego step

    if matpat is right and we get to ride the glamrocks as mechs, i wonder what the GUI is gonna look like when we are in the suits, or if the even will be any GUI

  • Dark knight
    Dark knight 9 hours ago

    I think its not normal bonnie cause when i watched dawko gameplay reaction at almost the end i saw a hand with claws like in fnaf 4 they have sharp hands and i saw the color is purple or pink so i think its nightmare bonnie

  • David vs bendy apple
    David vs bendy apple 9 hours ago

    Can you play the new fnaf game for
    Fnaf plus when it comes out

  • Ruby Hernandez
    Ruby Hernandez 9 hours ago

    Hey matpat I just have one question could trash afton or trash rabbit be the big twisted hand at the end of the recent trailer of security breach? Also happy late 10th anniversary!!!

  • CorgiShark Studios
    CorgiShark Studios 9 hours ago

    OK so someone probably already figured this out, but i thinnk i know how the 1:35am minireena story relates to the ennard scooping Michael thing. i saw two theories and have 3 pieces of evidence: 1: Ennard himself would be way too big to fit in michael. 2: it was theorized that he only put PART of him in michael, based off of the minireena fazbear frights story. 3: We see michael getting progressively more rotten in the UCN cutscenes, indicating ennard used him to go in and out of circus baby's rentals more than once. But why you ask? because he used Michael to carry himself *bit by bit* out of the underground facility. That explains how he got out, despite Michael being too small, and what the cutscenes were trying to show. I'm probably just slow but WhAtEvEr.

  • Wesley Wang
    Wesley Wang 9 hours ago

    This intro never gets old.

  • Ink! temmie
    Ink! temmie 9 hours ago

    Vanessa's nick name is ness? Who is ness? Sans? BOOM Vanessa in sans.

  • Yahir Arce
    Yahir Arce 10 hours ago +1

    Video idea for film theory : I know you have covered a lot of creepy Clip-Share channels and Omega mart is a new one ,I recommend you covering the secret messages in the videos and also record calling the omega mart number and decoding the secret message that they give you thanks ! P.s shout me out if you take the idea

  • I am red Boy
    I am red Boy 10 hours ago

    I like the book reference of the giving birth to a video game bunny

  • Introverted Cosplayer
    Introverted Cosplayer 10 hours ago

    Wow! The livestream will be on my Birthday! That’s a great present! 😂💜

  • Gee 27
    Gee 27 10 hours ago

    you must spend ALOT of time thinking about fnaf

  • Carla Waiters
    Carla Waiters 10 hours ago

    Noooooo foxmaaaaaaaannnnnn😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  • Matthew Surmay
    Matthew Surmay 10 hours ago +1

    ok i have a theroy... sort of uh fnaf 3's ending shows the og animatronics but what about the toy animatronics?

  • Shadow4629
    Shadow4629 10 hours ago

    wheres the shirt maaan

  • *Mello* _
    *Mello* _ 10 hours ago

    Just realized the Afton amalgamation could be what we saw at the end of the security breach trailer

  • Vengful873 gaming 873
    Vengful873 gaming 873 11 hours ago +1

    Congrats on ten years I joined 6 years ago

  • Spacetrash
    Spacetrash 11 hours ago

    I've been wondering for a while now if fnaf 3 was a test to see if the animatronics (or at least william) would follow the sound of a child. Maybe a test henry set up to see if he could use that for his trap in pizzeria sim, my guess is that he would have set up the horror attraction and hired someone to "find" springtrap in the safe room. It would also make sense as to why you can only play the same exact sounds in every room, you'd think a horror attraction would have more options on their soundboard...

  • WolfpupBrew
    WolfpupBrew 11 hours ago

    Goo that turns into an exact copy of someone with a piece of their DNA...I guess Scott saw the Disney Channel Original Movie “The Other Me”.

  • Nanomachines Gaming
    Nanomachines Gaming 11 hours ago

    Would love to see a fnaf/SCP foundation crossover with how much horror stories are getting crammed in here.

  • Sadie Hernandez
    Sadie Hernandez 11 hours ago +1


  • JoJoGamer600
    JoJoGamer600 11 hours ago

    Me an intellectual: When is the next we beat fnaf video?

  • Johnathan Jerome
    Johnathan Jerome 11 hours ago

    Can we call the afton trash amalgamation the trashton?

  • Star Child
    Star Child 11 hours ago

    Nobody: .....

    Matpat: Dawul

  • StarSilverInfinity
    StarSilverInfinity 11 hours ago +1

    Foxy keeps on getting the shaft :(

  • How to eat grapes
    How to eat grapes 11 hours ago

    Maybe this is why so many websites ask if “you are a not a robot” to make sure you not some vanny afton puppet

  • anilegnA D
    anilegnA D 11 hours ago +1

    Scott Cawthon: *watches this*
    Also Scott Cawthon: *changes the whole plot again*

  • injuringflea727 yeet!
    injuringflea727 yeet! 12 hours ago

    The fnaf timeline actually exists and I was there.

  • Edzilla
    Edzilla 12 hours ago

    I love this editing style

  • Little Doof
    Little Doof 12 hours ago

    Omega mart you have no idea what’s in store for you!

  • Aiden Sabbatino
    Aiden Sabbatino 12 hours ago

    i only have one question. didn't baby die in the fire in pizzaria simulator?

  • Drish Danny
    Drish Danny 12 hours ago

    wait isn't mangle messed up toy foxy?

  • Surprised Pikachu
    Surprised Pikachu 12 hours ago

    Can you do the full story of the titan fall 2/Apex Legends lore.

  • Horror FAN
    Horror FAN 12 hours ago +1

    1. 15ft tall bunny made of trash
    2. Army of AI possesed by a rabbit??
    3. Person gives birth to rabbit.
    At this point matpat can say pigs can fly and I'll believe it.

  • min3slime
    min3slime 12 hours ago

    Not jannali it's kinda hard to keep up with everything like I mean mad PatNot jannali it's kinda hard to keep up with everything like I mean mad Pat Well this is this what you called just wow this is a lot to take a new do realise that and again right it is a 10 year anniversary for the game Ceres or game Siri I can't even count how many videos there are the text and time off I mean seriously I have no idea how many videos you made

  • namelessronin
    namelessronin 12 hours ago

    my birthday is on april 22

  • Gregory Minitsios
    Gregory Minitsios 12 hours ago

    Hey, mat Pat my nickname is "Greg" so I think that I hiding inside of greasy for security breach!

  • Project
    Project 12 hours ago +1


  • Sn0wyP1ayz Animations
    Sn0wyP1ayz Animations 13 hours ago

    When he said: Hey but that’s just a theory!

  • bruh kid
    bruh kid 13 hours ago +2

    Mat i didnt know you gave birth to springtrap

  • Gregory Fuentes
    Gregory Fuentes 13 hours ago +1

    Really subtle Scott reeeally subtle...

  • Wilbert Jediel Miranda Amaez

    I would be down to use the animatronics as suits to unlock new sections, but I do wonder how hes gonna bring all the animatronics with him since it would mean he has to get out of the animatronic and go into the other one, unless they all follow you

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer 13 hours ago +1

    Why is April 18th also the day ps4 communities are shut down

  • Jackson Cats
    Jackson Cats 13 hours ago +1

    Who else was like “ that’s just a theory a ga-
    And then u heard matpat and u were like wait

  • Gregory Fuentes
    Gregory Fuentes 13 hours ago

    Really Scott REALLY! 😂

  • Vinnie Stevenson
    Vinnie Stevenson 13 hours ago

    I’ve been here since you did the theory on how rapture works, you know Bioshock

  • timmycool GAMER
    timmycool GAMER 13 hours ago

    Hey matpat did you consider roxanne being foxy?

  • isabella deleon
    isabella deleon 13 hours ago

    Well I’m turning 10 this month on the 16th

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 13 hours ago

    MatPat “mini theory” me, a true fan, “actually it’s diet theory”

  • dooo l
    dooo l 13 hours ago +1

    one thing I want to say, in book number 7 of the fazbear fright's series the teacher in story 2 has the name Ms. Billings. In book number 6 the main family of story number 3's last name is Billings. The family had the mother leave them when the youngest was five and the oldest was 7, if I'm correct. They never stated much features about the mother and Ms. Billings is said to be like an A.I. Since we werent given reason as to why the mother ran away, we have to assume something bad happened. if something bad happened Ms. Billings could very well be the mother, as her feelings could of got numbed after the situation leading her to being the way she is. Another possibility is that running away from her family may have lead her to feel guilty or out of place. I havent fully read the second book yet so once I finish it any mistake made will be corrected. Just a little theory as it's never a coincidence with fnaf.

  • Josey Strife
    Josey Strife 13 hours ago

    Wait wasn't Mangle the toy animatronic version of Foxy I mean if were going old school Mangle has 3 toes and 4 fingers like all the other toy animatronics also are we just going to ignore the fact that the only animatronic that we've ever seen get put back together was Mangle thanks to the Mangle Quest minigame who is also referred to as a she and is literally in the sister's room in pieces
    And this might be a stretch but doesn't anyone else find it interesting phone guy literally call Mangle a take a part and put back together attraction which on it's own wouldn't be worth noting except that we keep seeing those words all over the place in the FNAF games

  • Toy Chica Simp
    Toy Chica Simp 14 hours ago +1

    Toy Chica deserves more lore significants ❤️

  • Simon Mandl-Ciolek
    Simon Mandl-Ciolek 14 hours ago

    My only question is how baby is still alive. Aften died in the Fnaf 6 fire and only lived on as a weak spirit, so how did baby survive

  • Ramon Castillo
    Ramon Castillo 14 hours ago

    Roxy is the Foxy reskin, just like Toy Foxy was before s(he) got turned into Mangle. If Roxy becomes a "Mangle" I would not be surprised.

  • Ammar Gaming
    Ammar Gaming 14 hours ago +1

    I have a theory in that photo when we saw that mouth you said it was the gators mouth but I think it’s foxy cause it’s a little red not gonna lie

  • Shãdøwy_ Bean
    Shãdøwy_ Bean 14 hours ago +1

    Baby's voice sounds a lot like the voice that said there's more going on here than you realise

  • Melody
    Melody 14 hours ago

    April 18th is also my 20th birthday, how awesome c,: