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Minecraft Totems at Different Ages 😳

  • Published on Nov 13, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Platinum Art
    Platinum Art 2 months ago +2061

    The drugs won't affect my child
    The child :

  • Jon Fohrer
    Jon Fohrer 2 months ago +765

    This guy is the reason shampoo bottles have instructions 💀

  • ON GAMING  🏳️‍🌈⃠

    Clip-Share Kids At 3AM:

  • cloudzzyy
    cloudzzyy 2 months ago +1171

    If you ever feel useless remember the guy at the top exists

    • Vilhelm Rönnlund
      Vilhelm Rönnlund 2 days ago


    • Spheal
      Spheal 7 days ago

      ​@Ofdints 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

    • PucciTheFirst
      PucciTheFirst 14 days ago

      You are still a little useless tbh, everyone uses this comment over and over on videos, mainly this guy’s video.

    • Racked
      Racked 14 days ago


    • cloudzzyy
      cloudzzyy 18 days ago

      @Ofdints Hilarious buddy 💀💀

  • yellow
    yellow 2 months ago +180

    If you suddenly consider yourself useless on the ground, then remember this guy from above.

    • Patrick
      Patrick 13 days ago

      @JustGenericMe · 420 years ago omfg it’s just a comment

    • JustGenericMe · 420 years ago
      JustGenericMe · 420 years ago 18 days ago

      @David Tischer I’m not here to take sides, it’s just repetitive

    • David Tischer
      David Tischer 18 days ago

      @JustGenericMe · 420 years ago are you a fanboy of this guy? Because if yes then go on fucking youtube kids and you can see better acting skill

    • Ofdints
      Ofdints 19 days ago

      Stop being toxic, yellow. Would u like it if i called YOU useless

    • JustGenericMe · 420 years ago
      JustGenericMe · 420 years ago Month ago

      get original

  • Commentor
    Commentor 2 months ago

    The 69 block stack in the last age with out mods
    Mojang:Wait that's illegal

  • Corne Couwenberg
    Corne Couwenberg 2 months ago

    How useless do you want him to be?: Yes

  • Landon Custer
    Landon Custer 2 months ago +1

    I like how the totems look better the older you are because the 5 year old could be a 1990s kid and when hes 69 it would be 2054 with probably a lot of pixels like a lot also just mine the block that was gonna blow up

  • Elidiane Gomes
    Elidiane Gomes 2 months ago

    Already saw this same Guy, doing the exact same movements, in different videos

  • testaccount
    testaccount Month ago +228

    "What do you do when living?"
    _"i make random faces"_

  • Orochi Chris
    Orochi Chris Month ago

    Is this the player's age or the totem's age?

  • roflaflop
    roflaflop 2 months ago

    I only in end realised that age is not guy who play, it's totem age💀

  • Evan Hagman
    Evan Hagman Month ago

    (Me wondering how a 5 year old got a totem)

  • Sasha Taran
    Sasha Taran 2 months ago +3

    if you ever feel useless, remember this guy from above..

  • CrimsonXYZツ
    CrimsonXYZツ 2 months ago +16

    legends say he is still using totems

  • Person
    Person 13 days ago

    Wow. The guy at the top brings so much emotion and information into the video. It truly felt heartbreaking to see his worried face and his relief made me break out into tears.

  • Topper1426Gm
    Topper1426Gm 2 months ago

    Year1 to years 9999999 still using default minecraft resources pack 🗿

  • me
    me Month ago

    Me who switches to creative mode at the last second:
    Me whos playing on my greatest world that had no cheats:
    Actually, i lost all of my best survival worlds because my cat accidentally unplugged my console and erased its data

  • TheReal Saad
    TheReal Saad Month ago

    Me on age 69 : uses totem in real life

  • Gat Boom
    Gat Boom 2 months ago

    Um dia isso vai acontecer, um dia

  • SimplyAkemi
    SimplyAkemi 12 days ago +2

    This guy is the reason that the food tutorials at the end says enjoy.

  • nade bade
    nade bade 2 months ago

    His ages are same everywhere

  • брат гриба

    who did not understand the essence of the video totem grows up

  • Average Moron On The Internet

    Me: 😐

  • Bofu
    Bofu Month ago

    i have an infinite amount of hate on these kind of videos, they frustrate me so much 😭

  • Fettrio
    Fettrio Month ago

    Acting in ohio- the guy at the top 💀💀

  • Gorilla bread vr
    Gorilla bread vr 2 months ago +45

    I swear if I hear this one more time I will blow in to smithereens

  • Andrew Bg
    Andrew Bg 2 months ago +3

    "I swear bro you can't even have Minecraft totems in Ohio anymore"

  • Cinn4947
    Cinn4947 Month ago

    Imma be real, the last one is the worst one I've seen.

  • That One Galaxy Guy
    That One Galaxy Guy Month ago +1

    Producer: Okay, how fake of a reaction do you want?
    Him: yes

  • ( ᐛ )だけで1000人
    ( ᐛ )だけで1000人 2 months ago +3


  • Lockdown-productions
    Lockdown-productions 13 days ago +1

    It took man’s 25 years to learn to not hit the pressure play at the bottom of a desert temple😂

    BAZIK Month ago

    Do you also look like a grown man at 5 years old?

  • DaAcm
    DaAcm 2 months ago +6

    The 5 year old learned why you never dig straight down in Minecraft

  • Shu Sh
    Shu Sh 15 days ago

    "so how did you get rich?"
    "I watch minecraft videos and shake my head with goofy reactions watching them"

  • SebMax
    SebMax 2 months ago +3

    Here are those who fool nostalgic for the totem of the age 10😞👍

    ELİF CIVAK Month ago


  • Dvzz
    Dvzz 12 days ago

    When you take 15 years of playing to make it to the nether 💀

  • hamini en pc
    hamini en pc 2 months ago

    el tipo es muy lindo (la canción igual)

  • Xito
    Xito 2 months ago +19

    If I hear this song again, I will actually blow up into smitherines…

  • ItMe Thang
    ItMe Thang 2 months ago +2

    Somehow at 69 years he didn’t get old

  • TachyCH
    TachyCH 2 months ago +12

    *Best reaction ever, no fax*

  • Jaelen A
    Jaelen A 8 days ago

    I like how the totems get more crazier each age

  • Le_aimbot
    Le_aimbot 2 months ago +1

    I just realize I saw enchanted gapple and it's FUNNY NUMBER it's 69

  • Bluebreb
    Bluebreb 13 days ago +1

    Mum: my child is beautiful, he’ll grow up to be Rich, healthy and mentally well trained
    The child:

  • Girastinka
    Girastinka 2 months ago

    This video just reminded me of how bad totems used to look

  • Zvixp
    Zvixp 2 months ago +66

    Someone: nothing can be useless
    The guy in the upper part of video:

    • Patrick
      Patrick 13 days ago

      @Ofdints your iq be in the negatives 💀

    • Ofdints
      Ofdints 19 days ago

      Im sick of saying to EVERYONE TO STOP BEING TOXIC

    • Ofdints
      Ofdints 19 days ago


  • barlas akalın
    barlas akalın 2 months ago

    2. Totem > All Totem

  • Ömer tayyip Ercan
    Ömer tayyip Ercan 2 days ago

    why does he always love the totem when it's gone?

  • Вита Драгинская


  • نمایشی سەربازی

    잘보면 갑옷 방어력 점점 늘음

  • SirKing Official
    SirKing Official Month ago

    easter egg: his xp levels is the same as the age level
    easter egg 2: the age level is how much pixel there is in the totem

  • AZ Gamez YT
    AZ Gamez YT 2 months ago

    69 gapples and diamonds lol

  • lol
    lol 2 months ago

    npc reaction tbh

  • Morpeko Kid
    Morpeko Kid 2 months ago +5

    This guy looks so goofy💀

  • B3tterluckn3xtime
    B3tterluckn3xtime 2 months ago

    He must be in Ohio wit 69 gaps

  • コンコンのいえ
    コンコンのいえ 2 months ago


  • kakyoinnoriaki
    kakyoinnoriaki Month ago +2

    Dude was beating minecraft for 69 years💀

  • vitamin D fan
    vitamin D fan 15 days ago

    man thought, instead of adding his own sound, he would mime random words

  • BluePatched
    BluePatched 15 days ago +1

    I miss when good content existed

  • GhostZaum
    GhostZaum 2 months ago

    Lol, very Good

    DV_GEMINI 2 months ago +76

    am I the only person that realized that age 69 had 69 apples not 64💀💀💀

  • Lex Gomez
    Lex Gomez Month ago

    69 notch Apple an 69 Blocks of diamond

  • PrinceNoob
    PrinceNoob 12 days ago

    Bro went from a gen 0 totem to a gen 69 million totem💀

  • Luca Bibilashvili
    Luca Bibilashvili 2 months ago

    I’m ten and I do water bucket clutches pretty often , I succeed 86% of the time

  • Dante.
    Dante. 14 days ago

    The fact he calls the og totem (the one at age 10) ugly even if he never played in that time💀

  • Glitchy Monkey
    Glitchy Monkey Month ago

    Bro cursed 69 in the age 69 there are 69 enchanted golden apples CURSED

  • Back to Earth Electrical

    I noticed the totem got more pixels as he got older when it was at age 20. When did you?

  • the TROLLGE is HERE
    the TROLLGE is HERE 2 months ago

    finally respect for ten year olds

  • Gnome
    Gnome 2 months ago +119

    his head and mouth:↪️↔️↘️↕️↖️↩️↔️↗️↙️↕️🔄⬆️↙️⤴️↘️↕️↖️↕️↙️⬆️🔄⤴️⬇️⤵️↪️↗️↙️⬆️⬅️⬆️↖️⤴️↔️↕️⤴️

  • JustCwertyf
    JustCwertyf Month ago +1

    Bro didn't get grown update 💀

  • Cyan Marker
    Cyan Marker 2 months ago +1

    legit custom totems at different ages

  • Sonny Saragena
    Sonny Saragena Month ago

    The totem is literally getting realistic 👁️👄👁️

  • Lecvitird Thesamuele2
    Lecvitird Thesamuele2 2 months ago

    Ma in realtà il più vecchio dovrebbe avere il PC più vecchio di tutti e quindi meno pixel

  • Kim
    Kim Month ago

    Why at every age there is different totems

  • подпишись :)
    подпишись :) 13 days ago

    The years went by and he still hasn't changed.
    годы всё шли, а он так и не изменился

  • Jiiich
    Jiiich 2 months ago +107

    bro`s mic be dead

  • Synex
    Synex 4 days ago

    As a person who is still learning english i had a hard time understanding the word “cringe”, but u made it seem so simple with this video

  • bekopter
    bekopter 18 days ago

    “So what is your grandpa doing right now?”
    “Playing minecraft”

  • sksnbsis nsndndosmen

    Normal totem in Ohio

  • Gabriel Gutierrez
    Gabriel Gutierrez Month ago

    Never seen somebody so excited of a totem

  • морковка
    морковка 22 days ago +5

    I'll blow up into smithereens if I see another video from this channel

    • Patrick
      Patrick 13 days ago

      @Ofdints atleast it’s better than your content 💀

    • David Tischer
      David Tischer 18 days ago +1

      @Ofdints bro what did the guy in the comment say about deleting his channel?

    • Ofdints
      Ofdints 19 days ago

      So its ok to say that this guy is forced to delete his toutube channel and stop earning money? Is it? NO

  • Mr. bruh
    Mr. bruh 2 months ago

    At the end I thought he was going to pull out a Holy Cross

  • Aryan Gamer
    Aryan Gamer 2 months ago

    Chalenge be like the more you die the more your totem will get more realistic

  • one for all
    one for all 2 months ago

    that is count diamonds block and gold apple wtf

  • luke naethan Carisma
    luke naethan Carisma 2 months ago +1

    Anyone Noticed The Fossil At The Last Part?

  • Helix Furniture
    Helix Furniture 2 months ago +4

    The last one is so good

  • Toshi
    Toshi 17 days ago

    It took him 20 years to go to the Nether💀

  • well
    well 11 days ago

    this guy is the reason why does ukraine and russia started the war💀💀

  • UnTurned
    UnTurned 14 days ago

    Man's making every face in the whole universe

  • Darth shlembo
    Darth shlembo 15 days ago

    I thought it was the fallings all the time until I read the title 😂😂😂😂

  • Spicy Turtle
    Spicy Turtle 2 months ago +52

    You forgot to turn your mic on lol

    • David Tischer
      David Tischer 18 days ago +2

      @Ofdints worst acting skills ever

    • Ofdints
      Ofdints 19 days ago

      He didnt its acting

    СВЕПЗИ 2 months ago

    Age: 69⁰🤨

  • Fading Nightmare
    Fading Nightmare 2 months ago

    Nausea: alright, nether portal Nausea time.
    Him: 😃

  • PIerre Gabriel
    PIerre Gabriel 2 months ago

    Cadê o amongus Toten?

  • ñañ
    ñañ 16 days ago

    the second makes me nostalgic reminds me of the old days of minecraft

  • Aeri
    Aeri 2 months ago +5

    100 ways to die I guess??

  • TheCrazyLunatic
    TheCrazyLunatic 2 months ago

    Man didn't make it to the Nether for 20 years

  • Сергей
    Сергей 2 months ago

    Пожалуйста сними ещё какое-то такое интересное

  • Kitan
    Kitan  11 days ago

    the fact it tool him 99 years to make this