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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090, 4080 16GB, & 4080 12GB Specs, Price, Release Date

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  2 months ago +600

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    • Chuck Norris
      Chuck Norris 2 months ago

      AMD is better because of lower input lag and no screen tearing with FreeSync. Nvidia is inferior drivers. Sad. Intel will spank them both in few years if the decide to do so.

    • Oldaman Bastard
      Oldaman Bastard 2 months ago

      Hey Steve, how does one Efficiently balance CPU/GPU/Ram for gaming PC’s? How to avoid bottlenecks and over buying. Thanks for your show…🌱✌️

    • KB
      KB 2 months ago

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    • yotamshaked1
      yotamshaked1 2 months ago +1

      Look at the spec of 3080 vs 4080 (include price) 🤨😬 - THIS IS BAD... VERY BAD!

    • Robin Ainscough
      Robin Ainscough 2 months ago

      Microsoft Flight Sim is a garbage game ... more like a Google maps navigator than flight simulator ... but "hey maa, I can see my house" ... mario kart type of gamers. But realistically AMD 7900 at the same performance, lower prices, and half as much power consumption and comes out about 1 month later.

  • Nobody
    Nobody 2 months ago +15

    Videocardz was right. They said a week ago that 4070 got a last minute naming change to the 4080 12GB. It's just a rebranding to justify insane price hike. The same name implies only really the memory change but it has massively different specs and will have a bigperformance gap. Because this is the AD104 that the 70 series will use not the AD103 the 16GB uses. The performance gap bewteen 4080 12GB and 16GB will probably be similar to the 3070 to 3080 gap... on a GPU with the same name. Outright scam. You're paying $900 for the 70 series now basically and the real 4080 is $1200. And realistically probably $1000 and $1300 from AIBs with FEs being perma sold out once again. If reviewers let Nvidia get away with this marketing BS and absurd price hikes then all integrity of the industry will be lost.

  • Donald
    Donald 2 months ago +137

    Calling the 12GB card a "4080" when it has a totally inferior chip seems extremely dishonest on Nvidia's part. This card should be a 4070 or a 4070TI.

    • DruffilaX
      DruffilaX 2 months ago

      more a 4060ti

    • MeteoR
      MeteoR 2 months ago

      Maybe but if it’s performance is noticeably superior to 3090 Ti,who cares? It’s just a name.

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss 2 months ago

      the enterprise compute/AI cloud. Many in the tech world have short memories, but not you guys. Fantastic analysis as always!

  • GeneralLee131
    GeneralLee131 2 months ago +328

    Shockingly high prices given the GPU market "crash", although GPUs are still ludicrously expensive, just not as much relatively. Ram amount is pretty disappointing overall, would have liked to see 16GB start earlier in the hierarchy. Curious to see what AMD has to offer.

    • Amir Mohamad
      Amir Mohamad 2 months ago

      @YMX you guys are the ones who are squealing right now. Complaining about the prices knowing that it could've been a lot worse. Cant afford it? Then buy something else. Nvidia is not forcing anybody to buy their shit.

    • Daytimerocker
      Daytimerocker 2 months ago

      @Amir Mohamad They could charge any amount and people would be ok with it and buy it. People will ride nvidia's dick no matter what.

    • Daytimerocker
      Daytimerocker 2 months ago

      @Fredo Cuomo Yeah but the 4090 isnt a Titan and thats a $400 dollar mark up for no reason.

    • nunkuruji
      nunkuruji 2 months ago

      When considering Nvidia's recent quarterly call, and how it was stated that the 30-series will be in the channel side-by-side the 40-series, the (recently adjusted) pricing targets for the 30-series and 40-series makes sense. If you believe their own charts, they show the 3090ti perform between the 4080-12G and 4080-16G in some typical games, and the pricing is stratified as such. Of course, truly wait for independent benchmarking, and the pricing as a whole is still awful and I'm not defending it. If you want to stick it to them, but still want one of their cards, there's the option of buying used, they don't see a dime from that transaction.

    • Amir Mohamad
      Amir Mohamad 2 months ago

      @Harry Baals that is true with the help of dlss 3.0. in non ray tracing games then it's different.

  • AnInstantRamen
    AnInstantRamen 2 months ago +492

    $200 GPUs are such a distant memory. I don't think any of our grand kids would believe us if we told them that used to be a very normal thing lmao

    • Hike1020
      Hike1020 Month ago

      so as $50000 house back in day

    • billyhatcher643
      billyhatcher643 2 months ago

      well as far as im aware gpu market is stagnant and dead nvidia killed it completely and eventually we wont even have a 80 variant gpu anymore itll be just a 5090 gpu with different vram variants

    • Javascript Kiddie
      Javascript Kiddie 2 months ago

      @Loki 76 My dad bought his first house for $4,000!

    • Kevin Mahoney
      Kevin Mahoney 2 months ago

      NVIDIA is turning PC gaming into a rich man's sport. Guess the rest of us will be buying consoles from here on out.

      VENOMVETTE 2 months ago +1

      They also would be laughing at our 3-8gb of vram

  • DJ Polo
    DJ Polo 2 months ago +103

    I want to thank Nvidia, they have made me feel even better about getting a 3080 and 3060 for retail and sticking with them for years to come, I alreday was more than happy but this just makes me delirious! These prices are insane for founder editions, the partner editions will mind blowing. Come on AMD you have been given a huge gift, don't blow it.

    • DJ Polo
      DJ Polo 2 months ago

      @MeteoR Did I say AMD has a better product line, I said they could have better price to performance and just a better product than Nvidia. Please read instead of just sucking off Nvidia, companies don't care about you, only your money, if you died tomorrow they would not care as long as you gave them all your money first.

    • MeteoR
      MeteoR 2 months ago

      @DJ Polo better product in general? which one? they’re still catching up can’t compete in the high end line and their drivers are 💩

    • DJ Polo
      DJ Polo 2 months ago

      @MeteoR Who said AMD does not like money and will sell their GPU's for half the price of Nvidia, nobody I saw. What they could do is not lie about their product line, have better price to performance and just a better damn product in general. If they also choose to undercut Nvidia on price then that will be a bonus and in the long run make them more money.

    • MeteoR
      MeteoR 2 months ago

      And what makes you think AMD doesn’t like profit as much as Nvidia ? If they are capable to compete,they will price them accordingly.
      There is no way AMD comes with GPUs comparable to 4000 series yet price them 1/2 Nvidia.

    • Algonquin Loon
      Algonquin Loon 2 months ago

      I got my 16 yo son an ASUS DUAL 2070 Super "renewed" by ASUS for $300 on Amazon. It's 120% better than his AMD RX 590 Fatboy which was fine for 1080p. I feel he'll be "futurised" for quite some time for $300. He is overjoyed. Yay me!

  • Entenkommando
    Entenkommando 2 months ago +5275

    The 12 GB variant is literally what the 4070 should be. But they're instead asking for an 80-tier price.

    • Jude Miller
      Jude Miller Month ago

      They just unlaunched it, guess everyone else thought so too

    • Mr Liquid Devil
      Mr Liquid Devil 2 months ago

      actually they are asking for a 80 ti price

    • MeteoR
      MeteoR 2 months ago

      @Harawanagangsta well all the information we have so far are hinting it will outperform 3090 Ti at least 35%.and if it does,then who gives a F what it’s called? the goal is having higher performance vs current flagship.it’s not about what the product is called.

    • Harawanagangsta
      Harawanagangsta 2 months ago

      @MeteoR Because marketing, Modeling. Nomenclature consistency. Everyone cares because Nvidia is being dishonest. And its not outperforming the 3090 twice over, No Idea who smoked what to give you that number.

    • MeteoR
      MeteoR 2 months ago

      Yes but if it’s outperforming current flagship 3090 Ti by say 2x,who cares what it’s called??

  • Fantasy's Keep
    Fantasy's Keep 2 months ago +25

    These companies need to make their cards far more efficient. Pullinging over 600w on a single card is unacceptable.

    • Bilbo Swaggins
      Bilbo Swaggins 2 months ago +1

      They are more efficient though, way more efficient, however, they use that efficiency to pull more power to up performance. Efficiency is measured in something like fps per watt, not total power draw, and in terms of efficiency, the 6800 gets over twice as many frames per watt vs the RX 580, and the same with the 3070 vs the 970, it just happens that they're putting more cores and faster cores in as efficiency goes up at the same time so the power draw also goes up. Another way they're addressing it is DLSS, so an even less powerful card can perform just as well with a minimal drop in quality. Basically, efficiency is definitely going up, you just wouldn't be able to see it by just looking at power draw, and if you care more about total power draw instead of frames per watt, you're not their target audience anyways.

    • EriktheRedBaron
      EriktheRedBaron 2 months ago +4

      The power draw of these parts are getting to the point where the quality of the house wiring starts to become a real concern, especially in older buildings.

  • Stanley O
    Stanley O 2 months ago +3

    I would love to see Nvidia actually make an efficient, powerful, and affordable GPU instead of brute forcing their way ahead and making these expensive power burners. I remember back in the day buying a gtx 1060 which was affordable, powerful, and relatively efficient. These new cards are completely a joke and shows how out of touch Nvidia is these days with its consumers and the industry. Its actually making the Intel ARC, and AMD RADEON GPUs actually look good for price to performance. Thank god EVGA walked from this s*** show.

  • Gemini Woods
    Gemini Woods 2 months ago +7

    Man I remember top tier GPU's being around 500 - 600 bucks back in the day. Don't think I'll ever have 1600$ just laying around to buy a GPU.

  • Cloud Creation
    Cloud Creation 2 months ago +48

    With the end of crypto mining, I feel that this pricing model is an example of how companies take a while to adjust to the market. These cards would have sold at these prices earlier this year, but now since you can't mine Etherium anymore, the miners won't buy these cards and gamers are notoriously fiscal so I see this generation being similar to the old days of the 90 series and earlier where every card sold under MSRP by a few hundred dollars.

    • chilpeeps
      chilpeeps 2 months ago

      Not when they only produce few of them

    • Slampth Chompth
      Slampth Chompth 2 months ago +2

      Scalpers are going to regret this one

    • Trzrz1234
      Trzrz1234 2 months ago

      I wish I could agree with you, but I've seen this movie before. The 10 series cards were great to mine on and mining was booming, so the release of the 20 series cards had a HUGE price rise. But before the cards were released, mining crashed and used cards were flooding the market. But idiot people still bought them at whatever price Nvidia was asking. That just taught them they can charge whatever they want. Proof is in the pudding, prices increased again on 30 series cards. I think the thing people don't understand in general, companies this big only listen to one thing, your wallet. That is the only voice you have. If you don't like what the company is doing, yet you buy the product anyway, even if you do it kicking and screaming, they don't care. Vote with your wallet.

    • Davide Lancellotti
      Davide Lancellotti 2 months ago +3

      exactly, those prices were surely made probably months (if not a whole year) ago, while there was still a huge demand of GPUs and they really couldn't keep up with production. I wouldn't be surprised if those card where made months ago, now they're trying to sell these expensive cards because they paid tons of money to produce them, while later this year (and start of next year) they will have new batches ready that will be way cheaper to produce so they will be cheaper to us customers.
      Sadly we'll have to wait a few more months to see that, but the market will surely crash because they'll flood it with so many card. My 960 (yeah, an OG one bought in 2015 like) was like 200€ cheaper than the MSRP of it, and we'll somethign similar I think around February/March, probably around the launch of the 4070/4060 (so the normal gamers who only need some perfomance but they do not care about 4K@144HZ will be pleased, NVIDIA will gain money and its stocks will rise and everybody is going to be happy)

    • mitrooper
      mitrooper 2 months ago +2

      I think your reasoning behind the higher prices makes the most sense.

  • TheGreenOak
    TheGreenOak 2 months ago +1440

    As someone who hasn't bought an AMD card since 2005, this would be the perfect time for AMD to come out with an insanely amazing product, and leave NVIDIA with a bunch of overpriced cards that no one wants.

    • Fafski11
      Fafski11 2 months ago

      @jesh It's pretty much set in stone, since AMD always carbon copies anything that Nvidia does, 2-3 gens later.

    • Volvo T6 R design awd
      Volvo T6 R design awd 2 months ago

      @God of death my advice is if youre going to change cpus id wait till 2023 Q1 maybe Q2 and swap to a 3d v cache 7000 series cpu if gaming is youre only thing ..
      i cant comment on the 3070 honestly ive been happy with my AMD gpu products so far but lets just say i think a 7800x3d or a 7900x3d will dominate 1440p with the 3070 ..
      Im ditching the 7000 series till the 3d v cache cpus arrive as im using the 5800x3d now !!
      then maybe take stock of the 40 series or what amd is doing after that !!

    • God of death
      God of death 2 months ago +1

      @Volvo T6 R design awd well now i think like i will stick with 3070 for 1440p. Only need to upgrade my cpu from intel core i5 9600kf till ryzen 5 7800x

    • Matous
      Matous 2 months ago +1

      I think amd cards will be cheaper but after situation with ryzens i dont think they will be much cheaper then this abomination called 40xx

    • Volvo T6 R design awd
      Volvo T6 R design awd 2 months ago

      @TheKazragore this is my argument dlss 3.0 and fsr2.0 seem to be a waste if by what Nvidia are claiming on the 40 series at 2x the performance then what is the point of DLSS and FSR 2.0 ..
      yes FPS is king but mainly for competitive gaming and honestly dont them guys/ gals use 1080p and low settings .. not ultra graphics and 4k !!

  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt 2 months ago +72

    That memory bandwidth has been proven to show bottlenecks in older graphics cards, I can only imagine how bad it's going to be on this one.

    • sqerx fan
      sqerx fan 2 months ago

      wtf Gamers Nexus ist so schlecht geworden, das ist viel besser clip-share.net/video/BtB4FebTSnU/video.html

  • Krionic
    Krionic 2 months ago +19

    It is weird to see undervolting more valued than overclocking now. RTX 4000 series uses a lot of power

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss 2 months ago

      Eagerly waiting for Arc GPU's to mature and see how they improve over time.

  • Kira's Guardian
    Kira's Guardian 2 months ago +6

    12:17 I'm really glad you brought up the issue of endless security vulnerabilities as a result of out-of-order/speculative execution. I don't see this ending well, at least for clients in the enterprise compute/AI cloud.
    Many in the tech world have short memories, but not you guys. Fantastic analysis as always!

  • Sight Beyond Sight
    Sight Beyond Sight 2 months ago +3

    Would be interested to see AMD vs. NVidia in an apples-to-apples comparison and price point. I expect the prices NVidia is publishing will come down either way.

  • Purutzil
    Purutzil 2 months ago +1408

    I can't help but feel the insane pricing is their method of trying to sell the large overstock of 30 series cards without having to drop the old card's prices that much.

    • Akin42
      Akin42 2 months ago

      @Testiga Intellectual property makes real competition impossible in tech. Just look at the CPU sphere and how many companies are even /allowed/ to make x86 tech.

    • awsd25 H
      awsd25 H 2 months ago

      @burr I work for a retailer that sells Nvidia gpus and I can tell you they absolutely can dictate what the retailers do and the retailers just let them because it keeps pricing and margin high. There's no way Nvidia would allocate cards to a retailer selling under what Nvidia wants to sell at (and the retailer doesn't want to either)

    • awsd25 H
      awsd25 H 2 months ago

      @Ayush Singh Chauhan and if Nvidia follows their playbook again, the cheaper than $900 cards aren't coming until February and then later. We have no idea which skus they're considering and they have no reason not to line the 4070 up next to the 4080 and sell the 4070 for $800

    • Viktor Flyberg
      Viktor Flyberg 2 months ago

      @TheLangeLange i remeber getting a 980 for 760EU, now a 4090 costs about a 3rd of my car

    • TheLangeLange
      TheLangeLange 2 months ago

      ​@Viktor Flyberg Right, it's total bullshit. The GPU's nowadays cost more than the PC I built some years ago with GTX 1080. I've been wanting to upgrade but with these prices, hell to the no. These greedy corps are literally killing PC gaming :/

  • Logical Snorlax
    Logical Snorlax 2 months ago +17

    there's also the psu cost you'll have to add onto this, a hidden charge that most people will have to pay due to the insane power requirements

  • Irvin Ibarra
    Irvin Ibarra 2 months ago +8

    Having seen the price I knew the first place to stop for information was Gamers Nexus. Thank to the whole team for the hard work in delivering not just videos but knowledge.

  • The Ripper
    The Ripper 2 months ago +1

    Be interesting to see if failure rate escalates in line with cost per watt. That 4080 12gb should be a 4070, but Nvidia never fails to milk consumers for all it can. Expect a 4080TI or Super to be 20GB? Either way going sit this gen out. The only exciting thing may be the raytracing improvements.

  • James Young
    James Young 2 months ago +2

    I'll pass on the 40 series. I was hoping to pick up a 30 series for a decent price as either a primary or backup card. Worse case, I'll go with a used one. On a side note, I chose the Fractal Pop Air XL as my case for my new build.

  • Charlie Detviler
    Charlie Detviler 2 months ago +674

    This is the only channel that has cut through the marketing bullshit. I've seen a couple channels talk about the 4080 12gb as if the only difference is the 4gb of memory. Thanks for doing what you guys do.

    • Akira1364
      Akira1364 2 months ago

      That's not a secret in any way though, their website clearly lists the exact specs lol

    • GeorgeMonet
      GeorgeMonet 2 months ago

      The sad truth is that we have known for months that the difference was more than just 4 gb of memory.

    • ThatXoneXguy
      ThatXoneXguy 2 months ago

      No clickbait, no bs. All the other youtubers are absolute garbage

    • Matteo
      Matteo 2 months ago +3

      @vintatsh hardware unboxed is a very respectable channel as well, no wonder they are consistently related to gn in many videos.

    • albino_gringo
      albino_gringo 2 months ago +1

      @Super Étendard they've been sellouts since turing

  • Backbone
    Backbone 2 months ago +53

    I was gonna get a 3060 but price circumstances changed . I’ll stick with my 1080 and hope AMD finally compete properly

    • L
      L 2 months ago +1

      @Tard Wrangler first GPU I had was AMD. As a penniless teen the price performance made AMD the only choice. My ol sapphire 5770 ran for 10 years straight, played competativly and won a few battlefield 2-3 lans on it. My brother used it in his first gaming PC and is Masters tier in league. Buy what you can afford, AMD kills at the lower end and it ain't the hardware that makes the difference but the player. All the competitive gamers play on low anyways, eye candy gets in the way.

    • Tard Wrangler
      Tard Wrangler 2 months ago

      Keep waiting lmao. Amd can't compete

    • chilpeeps
      chilpeeps 2 months ago

      For only gaming you should get consoles.

    • L
      L 2 months ago +1

      @Corvo Attano used 2080 ti is cheaper and faster than the lot ;)

    • Jeffrey Grindle
      Jeffrey Grindle 2 months ago

      I'm with you my 1080 still doing good the hell with these overpriced gpus

  • Angel Damage
    Angel Damage 2 months ago +2

    These 4090s are huge cards, it is interesting how the workstation cards will look like and how they'll call it - RTX L6000 or something.

  • Nathanael Shumsky
    Nathanael Shumsky 2 months ago +1

    I am a little confused on how they expect to compete with AMD, assuming AMD keeps with expected pricing

  • Night_Fiend6
    Night_Fiend6 2 months ago +1

    Oh great, so I am going to have to wait for new PSUs too. The technology looks impressive, I am keen to see what AMD is doing on the GPU front.

  • Esryn Shudder
    Esryn Shudder 2 months ago +1014

    Petition for the 4080 12gb to be called the 4070

    • avatarion
      avatarion 2 months ago

      The 4080 12GB was the 4070, but the 4080 16GB was also the same price as the current 4080 12GB. NVIDIA basically bumped up both by one tier.

    • GridTac
      GridTac 2 months ago

      Misunderstood... New name rtx 4780ti super extreme RGB. Price $3500

    • fREAK
      fREAK 2 months ago +1

      @Mageleader Gaming no need for clarification I agree with your frustrations. this is daylight robbery. gamers can help by not buying them

    • Mageleader Gaming
      Mageleader Gaming 2 months ago +1

      @fREAK I should clarify. At most it should be a 3060 ti

    • fREAK
      fREAK 2 months ago +1

      @Mageleader Gaming 3060 ti has a 256 bit bus. this has 192

  • Diamon Shade
    Diamon Shade 2 months ago +7

    The only question now is AMD going to be able to control themselves

  • Col Mustard
    Col Mustard 2 months ago +4

    Eagerly waiting for Arc GPU's to mature and see how they improve over time.

    • Kaleziz
      Kaleziz 2 months ago +2

      Sorry to break it to you, but Intel's GPU ambitions are on the verge of collapsing already. Rumours say we'll get the Alchemist and Battlemage cards and that's it. Turns out building a competitive GPU out of nothing is incredibly costly and difficult process and the numerous setbacks have cost them company exec support.

  • Numb
    Numb 2 months ago +71

    This really feels like they're setting up AMD to succeed like Intel unintentionally did. I'm really excited AMD! please don't let us down

    • hala Lolo
      hala Lolo 2 months ago

      What do you think of this other one?
      Leave your comment there please..

    • Reza Ramadea
      Reza Ramadea 2 months ago

      @RS 390 well, 3080 Ti on Laptop also performs like Desktop 3060 Ti, irl

    • RS 390
      RS 390 2 months ago

      @Jordi Roodi The thing is they already have a 6800M for laptops which is a 6700XT die. They changed a letter and boom, it's now a 6600XT.

    • Jordi Roodi
      Jordi Roodi 2 months ago +7

      @RS 390 thats not unique to AMD, thats how laptop specs work

    • RS 390
      RS 390 2 months ago

      On the laptop side they have a 6700S/6800S which are basically the 6600/6600XT dies, while they had a 6700M/6800M being the 10GB 6700 and 6700XT die. So they have this kind of dodgy naming too...

  • Cidi89
    Cidi89 2 months ago +3

    i love the "which is all good. . that's how these companies should work" when he mentioned AMD tried to steal the thunder away. XD gotta love the honesty and transparency on this channel. love it. otherwise, im really just waiting for AMD to give us something to rival the nvenc encoder/broadcast suite and then i'd probably switch to AMD.

  • rare
    rare 2 months ago +1608

    The pricing on the 80 cards is blatantly just mugging off pc gamers now. Forcing people to either step up to the big margin 4090, or help clear their 30xx cards of which they’ve got too many. In the UK the 12GB 4080 is just shy of a thousand pounds. For a 192 bit card. Insane. And the ‘real’ FE 4080 is essentially DOUBLE the price of the FE 3080. In one generation it’s gone from £650 to £1269!! How can anyone defend that kind of price increase.

    • Sean D
      Sean D 2 months ago +1

      @avatarion the way Nvidia sees it, it's their product portfolio, their cards, they can name and price them however they want. We as consumers can't be idiots though and buy these 4000 series cars with this pricing, the 4080 16GB needs to drop to st least $799, and the 4080 12GB down to $599 before people should be buying them in significant quantities.
      None of it matters though, morons will pay the prices again, justifying Nvidia and locking in these price hikes permanently as the new normal.

    • avatarion
      avatarion 2 months ago +1

      The only card that is as should be is the 4090, everything else is manipulated by some way or another with naming schemes. Originally the 4080 was the 16GB model at around $900, while the 4070 12GB was at a lower price. Then NVIDIA decided to change the 4070 12GB to a 4080 12GB at the original price point of the 4080 at $900, and bumped up the old 4080 (16) to a new $1200 price point for no other reason than to because they can. Next they will probably make the new 4070 what was supposed to be the 4060 Ti, which means we have yet another example of price/naming manipulation.

    • ronuss
      ronuss 2 months ago

      its crazy. and as a gamer even my 3090 runs everything and then some. games are still supporting last gen, there are no games out there now that push hardware much at all. As a gamer i see no reason to get the 4000 series at all. the price just seals that conclusion.

    • Cow
      Cow 2 months ago

      Scalping prices. Not buying that pos.

    • Sean D
      Sean D 2 months ago +1

      @Adam Lopez I mean, how long did you expect Nvidia to continue leaving all that money on the table? They were selling 3080 FE cards and probably making $125 per card prior to the component availability crunch, then watching scalpers routinely sell them for $1300-$1500, from Nvidia's perspective, they left $500-$700 profit per unit on the table, their investors were well aware of this as well, no way the investors were going sit back and tolerate Nvidia releasing this generation's flagship for under $1200 given that the market was clearly willing to tolerate that pricing for well over a year. Nvidia also knew there would be backlash, so they took what was originally going to be RTX 4070 and called it an RTX 4080 12GB selling it at $900 so they could claim only a 128% price increase in MSRP from 3080 to 4080 rather than the 171% actual MSRP increase from the 3080 to the 4080 16GB. This is some shady sh1t right here, and many morons will be more than happy to shell out the $1200 for the new 4080 16GB or $1600 for a 4090 to flex on people who in all likelihood really don't care.

  • bd bd
    bd bd 2 months ago +6

    Yeah I am gonna wait to see what amd does. These card prices are nuts.

  • IgWannA2
    IgWannA2 2 months ago +6

    The frame interpolation in DLSS 3 will presumably introduce additional latency because it will only be able to interpolate between previous frames and not predict future frames. I haven't seen anyone discuss this yet.

  • Neuro
    Neuro 2 months ago +2

    I massively appreciate all of the hard work you guys do for us.

  • Sakara123
    Sakara123 2 months ago +9

    Looks like they're going for another generational price increase on everything except the 4090. So much for this gen helping to alleviate the reasonably priced gpu market.

    • rkan2
      rkan2 2 months ago

      The pricing saga is not done yet. Nvidia can probably manage two quarters before it will have to so something about pricing if there is not enough demand.

    • Brinewind
      Brinewind 2 months ago +1

      It did get alleviated. So alleviated the reasonably priced GPU market has floated away forever and left behind an overpriced hellscape.

  • TheRaven
    TheRaven 2 months ago +5867

    I just hope RDNA3 is competitive and better priced. That 4070 disguised as a "4080 12GB" and its price is just ridiculous at this point. Sketchy move, that.

    • Enbima
      Enbima 2 months ago

      @horeaper 4080 12GB = 4070

    • Gamevet
      Gamevet 2 months ago

      @TheRaven That is true, though I do feel that the 3080 10GB isn't going to age well. We'll see just how gimped the 1060(cough) 4080 12GB fairs in the upcoming benchmarks.

    • TheRaven
      TheRaven 2 months ago

      @Gamevet I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I do think that this 4080 16GB - 4080 12GB situation is different because of everything else I said. The core is substantially different.

    • Gamevet
      Gamevet 2 months ago

      @TheRaven It's 3-5 fps faster than the 10GB 3080 in 4K. That 10GB card is going to age much worse than the 12GB, once 4K games start using excess of 10GB of VRAM at that resolution.

    • TheRaven
      TheRaven 2 months ago

      @Gamevet it's not. Yeah, 3080 12GB was slightly faster, had a marginally bigger memory bus and a few hundred Cuda cores more, but it was like 4% faster than 3080 10GB on average, not really a big deal. This has a way narrower memory bus, way less VRAM, more than 2000 less CUDA cores and a way too high price tag.

  • Starfals
    Starfals 2 months ago +30

    This is beyond insane, especially in today's world. Also, the Wats on those is crazy too. We all knew from the leaks, but holy cow. Its actually true.... Electricity prices here are NO JOKE

    • Drunk Husband
      Drunk Husband 2 months ago +1

      Todays world everything has gone up in price in the last 3 years, the housing costs have gone up massively

    • GCAT01 Living
      GCAT01 Living 2 months ago +5

      Also the SIZE! Let me bust out my 30 year old massive Gateway beast of a tower to fit this ridiculous power-sucking vortex into my case.

  • Sven Helge Håheim
    Sven Helge Håheim 2 months ago +2

    The pricing levels of new High end cards are insane, there really needs to come a new competitor on this market to push it back to sanity. NIVIDA is just pure greed at this point.

    • sqerx fan
      sqerx fan 2 months ago

      wtf Gamers Nexus ist so schlecht geworden, das ist viel besser clip-share.net/video/BtB4FebTSnU/video.html

  • Wren Tubes
    Wren Tubes 2 months ago +1

    Nvidia is leaving an opening for intel to gain on them with these ridiculously high prices. I am surprised they're not dropping their prices and trying to undercut and undermine their competitors by dumping cheap cards on the market

  • Bloom To Decay
    Bloom To Decay 2 months ago +2

    This kind of pricing will push people away from pc gaming tbh. I already longed for the dual chip gpu days and sli configs, it was a fun time back then. I'll wait and see what AMD has to offer. Thanks, GN!

  • narcisrm
    narcisrm 2 months ago +596

    3080 was 699€ in Spain, now the (real) 4080 16GB is 1469€, more than double the price, it's insane.

    • avatarion
      avatarion 2 months ago

      That's because the 4080 was artificially inflated in price to make room for the 4070/fake 4080 12GB. Now there is hardly any room for a future 4080 Ti because the 4080 and 4090 are so close.

    • JERRY Wzhang
      JERRY Wzhang 2 months ago

      AD103 9728 CUDA 16GB VRAM is real RTX 4070 ,7680 CUDA AD104 is RTX4060TI 192bit with 12G VRAM

    • Amir Mohamad
      Amir Mohamad 2 months ago

      @Paul Lasky Nvidia is helping their AIB partners to clear all the 30-series stock. When that is done, then they can maybe lower the price by a bit. So its a win-win.

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO 2 months ago +3

      4080 16GB is actually a 4070 Ti.
      WAKE UP! 😂

    • Florian Oprescu
      Florian Oprescu 2 months ago

      Nvidia wants to clear 3000 series stock with these new high prices

  • John Scaramis
    John Scaramis 2 months ago +1

    Future pricing of the cards, both AMD and Nvidia, will be interesting. With the high prices of Nvidia for the 40 series, AMD will probably price only slightly lower than Nvidia in the beginning. That's capitalism. Maybe the price difference for the 7000 top model will have a bigger difference to Nvidia's top model simply to make a statement.
    Based on the available information, AMD has much lower costs for production of the silicon (known and developed 5N and 6N nodes, high yield due to nodes and chiplets), whereas Nvidia uses a cutting edge, pricey 4N node with a huge die size which alsoi affects yield. So AMD should have more headroom for lowering prices than Nvidia, if they have to.

  • cartoon80s90s
    cartoon80s90s 2 months ago +1

    I just saw the prices for Europe and for the RTX 4080 12GB (4070 Ti would be a more fitting name) it landed around 1150€. Ouch! I was going to wait for 4060 to come out, but assuming its price will average 600€ for Europe, that's prohibitively expensive for a lot of people. I hope AMD can take advantage of Nvidia's pricing, but I hold little hope that their prices will be significantly better.

  • Tom
    Tom 2 months ago +5

    We do know that the 12gb is a smaller die.
    The 12gb is AD104.
    The 16gb is AD103.
    4090 is AD 102.
    It shall be Noted that as usual the 4090 is not a fully unlocked AD102

  • Aki Chan
    Aki Chan 2 months ago +1

    At point I'm not surprised that NVidia is pricing those cards the way they are. Here's hoping AMD can bring out something better in terms of value.

  • DeadTake 26
    DeadTake 26 2 months ago +698

    Now is the perfect time for AMD to crush Nvidia this generation with Nvidia’s insane pricing

    • Krzysztof Zukowski
      Krzysztof Zukowski 2 months ago

      ​@Fafski11 funny how my comment mentioning that Amd and Nvidia colluding got wiped out almost instantly from Clip-Share. scummy forces at play.

    • Fafski11
      Fafski11 2 months ago

      And exactly how will AMD undercut them by a huge amount? They in the same boat, where they are also currently affected by high inflation rates, high component and manufacturing costs and high shipping costs. The only way they can undercut them by a great amount is to cut back heavily on the amount performance per card, cut-back on the quality of components used or reduce the amount of profits they take per GPU. The later of which simply won't happen. AMD like Nvidia is a billion dollar company, where the greedy stakeholders rule the roost and always want to rake in as much profit as humanly possible.

    • God of death
      God of death 2 months ago

      @Midnight Vibes then i will just stick with 3070. I am can't say i am not satisfied but in same time i feel myself fucked with this 8 gb of vram. And i want to play in 1440p 120 hz since i got at past week great 1440p ips 170hz monitor gigabyte m27q. I just need to upgrade my cpu i guess i have intel core i5 9600kf its weak now i will try ryzen 5 7800x its should be best cpu for 3070

    • Kicapan Manis
      Kicapan Manis 2 months ago +1

      @Kerbodynamic X Yea people said the same thing when 20 series was announced too.

    • Kicapan Manis
      Kicapan Manis 2 months ago

      @james jordan I can tell you know nothing about their CEO just by that comment.

  • lezmaka
    lezmaka 2 months ago +4

    Never mind that the performance numbers came from Nvidia, the fine print on the ones claiming 2x performance said it was with DLSS frame generation enabled - which if it works well, it's nice to have, but suggests performance for non-DLSS games won't increase nearly as much.

    • brad wood
      brad wood 2 months ago

      oh, good point. I completely forgot they need to actually have a data set to run it. LMAO.
      Yeah...not looking too good. I think ill pass.

  • vikx512
    vikx512 2 months ago +2

    Feels like a deja vu, I was just as disappointed when RTX 20 series was announced, hoping for better pricing from AMD is a long shot, they are rarely cheaper where I live.

  • Just Some Koala Without A Mustache

    The 12GB RTX 4080 is a rebranded 4070. Such a slimy move in addition to the biggest MSRP price hikes in the history of GPUs.

  • Carnage
    Carnage 2 months ago +3

    Amazing coverage as always. Thank you.

  • Hippocrates Noah
    Hippocrates Noah 2 months ago +489

    OK, I'm definitely waiting to see what AMD has to offer. AMD's pricing can't be worse. I was pleasantly surprised by their 6000 series cards during the shortage, so I'm hoping they surprise me again.

    • Sylvia
      Sylvia 2 months ago +1

      @Liberty Prime ohh interesting, thank you for replying :)

    • Liberty Prime
      Liberty Prime 2 months ago +1

      @Sylvia No, FSR 2.0 is getting way more support because it's implementable in an afternoon and it even works on Nvidia cards.
      DLSS is mainly featured in sponsored titles.
      You can argue DLSS 2.0 is better than FSR 2.0, but you can't argue it's getting more support.

    • Sylvia
      Sylvia 2 months ago

      @Liberty Prime theres also just more support from 3rd parties: eg minecraft RTX and portal RTX

    • avatarion
      avatarion 2 months ago

      I heard the 7600 XT could be surprisingly powerful. If they price it right it would be the next logical move for Pascal or even older Maxwell owners.

    • Chicken Pasta
      Chicken Pasta 2 months ago

      AMD usually undercuts the competition from around $50 to $80. Don't expect AMD to be the hero we want

  • version46
    version46 2 months ago +3

    People are forgetting the reason EVGA is abandoning NVIDIA is precisely because of the low margins, so increasing prices for the 40 series is to help partners sell more 30 series cards. Scummy either way because GN's own insiders said the 30 series was higher because of the market conditions which they are happily taking advantage of.

  • James Walker
    James Walker 2 months ago +1

    I'm definitely waiting to see what comes from RDNA3. I don't want to spend over 1k for a proper 4080.

  • MrX600531
    MrX600531 2 months ago +8

    I just think that after 6 years I should be able to find another graphics card for about $400 that is actually a decent upgrade from my gtx 1070.

    • avatarion
      avatarion 2 months ago

      There will be plenty of good low end cards coming out, the problem is that you would essentially be stuck at the same VRAM count. 8GB will stick around for a long time at the low end.

    • bradmonk69
      bradmonk69 2 months ago +1

      Keep wishing, my friend.

  • Diana Alyssa
    Diana Alyssa 2 months ago +1

    Interesting, Might sit out a gen for upgrades or see what price point AMD comes in.

  • Asgard Ian
    Asgard Ian 2 months ago +776

    These prices are nuts compared to what it used to be 5 years ago. The weird thing is console prices havnt really changed, but gpus have doubled. PC gaming was always more expensive, but now the gap is enormous.

    • Cacodemon345
      Cacodemon345 2 months ago

      @ThePaulg123 Well how much do you bet they will eventually start doing major price increases after AAA PC gaming is no longer accessible to the majority?
      Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

    • Asgard Ian
      Asgard Ian 2 months ago

      @BeardO Wrong...you obviously havnt read multiple responses here

    • TheHopper Hopes
      TheHopper Hopes 2 months ago

      @MightyCats2011 Most likely that's $550 USD ,which is around $800 AUD. With GST that's around AUD$880. AUD was at all time highs during the PS4 time , our exchange rate has drop from $1.14 USD to only around $0.70USD. So all imports are more expensive.

    • MightyCats2011
      MightyCats2011 2 months ago

      As another person mentioned I was able to get PS4 for $550, but cannot get a PS5 for $800 AUD. Consoles have gone up in price. But still cheaper than high end video card

    • BeardO
      BeardO 2 months ago

      @Labas Labas I agree completely, they don't. The only people that should buy it are the ones sitting on 10 series still and even then they should just pick up a 30 series and save the money

    TTV_NEON 2 months ago +4

    As it’s been from them for a while, nothing ground breaking or truly new, but newly ground breaking prices, I’m hoping AMD sees the weak prey right now, cause they could easily win this and hold the top spot

  • palastinmo
    palastinmo 2 months ago +1

    With that hugh power draw I would love to see a fps over watts graph e.g. for a 4080 16GB starting with max power draw and lowering the power limit so we can see if the cards will be more efficient with lower power. Or more like a graph fps/watt over watts drawn. You know what I mean?

  • Grrizz
    Grrizz 2 months ago +6

    That moment when the 4070 had to be renamed 4080 12GB to help justify the silly price they wanted to sell them for 😅

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    I honestly would have liked to see AMD beat geforce to the punch here. I know AMD is holding their cards to play their usual game, but I would be leaning into this hard with aggressive marketing and price-match programs, while beating nVidia to the market.

  • Ernismeister
    Ernismeister 2 months ago +486

    They called a 70 Ti (192 bit bus) class card a 4080. And priced it above an 80 class card. Ridiculous. Time to wait to see what AMD can offer.

    • Amir Mohamad
      Amir Mohamad 2 months ago +1

      @ashley doviak because of some idiots some time ago who purchased a 3070 for $900 or more. We wouldn't have this problem otherwise.

    • You 2be
      You 2be 2 months ago +2

      I agree with the 1st part of the sentence, but I don't believe AMD is anyone's friend and that they will come to rescue consumers from Ngreedia

    • canaconn23
      canaconn23 2 months ago +3

      It's not a mistake if people keep buying. Seems like this is a constant pattern that never changes.

    • ashley doviak
      ashley doviak 2 months ago

      Big freaking mistake Jensen

    • GutsRage
      GutsRage 2 months ago +15

      bruh my 3070 (non ti) is 256b.... this peasant 4080 it's a complete joke.

  • Abe Fromen
    Abe Fromen 2 months ago +3

    AMD GPUs looking real good right about now

  • Keanu Vernon
    Keanu Vernon 2 months ago

    I had a strong feeling this would happen. If I was cfo I wouldn’t make more than enough to please deep wallets as the miners and board partners sell off stock.

  • User
    User 2 months ago +8

    I'd love to try Portal RTX, really hope they don't overdo the shininess of everything and make it ugly

    • Cow
      Cow 2 months ago

      Have fun. I ain't buying shit from nvidia at those price points.

    • Michael Guy
      Michael Guy 2 months ago +2

      I think the issue of Portal RTX is that the game world doesn’t have a lot of direct light sources. So it would be OLED dark during the later “back rooms” scenes unless they have a sudden tile glow added to everything that can make a portal.
      Lore wise, that would make sense,
      iirc, Cave Johnson made the robotic wall tiles from lunar rocks once they realised they could be used for portals. And then promptly forgot about the massive amount of radiation that would be pumped out by insulating the building with tons of radioactive material. Glowingly obvious, perhaps they can mod this to make it more obvious that the tiles are luminous.

    • volvo09
      volvo09 2 months ago +1

      chrome edition... play as mercury man, in a chrome and nickel plated world...

  • Nicholas Steel
    Nicholas Steel 2 months ago +1

    DLSS 3 is just TV Motion Interpolation that's been around for the last 14~ years with just one key difference, its algorithm has access to Motion Vectors from the game engine. This may help alleviate artifacting when things disappear behind an object and when things appear from behind an object, especially if the algorithm also has access to object and depth information.
    That being said, it wouldn't surprise me if they made it available for all games via an additional algorithm that didn't need Motion Vectors, essentially giving similar experience to what TV's have for over a decade.

  • hmm
    hmm 2 months ago +15

    This was a disaster of a launch. That 4080 12GB is basically a 4070 that moved up $300 from last gen. And the 4080 moved up by $550 from the last gen equivalent. And that doesn't even include the early adopter "sucker's tax" of 10-20% on top of MSRP that scalping retailers will add over the next 6 months at least.
    I can now see why EVGA decided to call it a day on Ngreedia -- because after the hype dies down on 4000 series, AIBs will have 3000 and 4000 series sitting on the shelves. It'll be a race to the bottom for margins.
    Scalpers can have these overpriced trash cards -- I'll wait for AMD's launch.

  • Trevor Holland
    Trevor Holland 2 months ago +21

    Given Nvidia's behavior and what's come out with EVGA, the GPU in my current computer will probably be the last Nvidia product I buy.

    • GCAT01 Living
      GCAT01 Living 2 months ago +5

      Was going to give them the benefit of the doubt, but with this pricing it's pretty obvious they really want to go the Apple route: Piss off everyone they work with, charge ridiculous prices because their ego says they can. Hope AMD/Intel just stay practical and dig the market out from under them.

  • rararawr619
    rararawr619 2 months ago +1

    What are the odds these are slightly less cost efficient per frame compared to 30 series and then they drop a lot when they sell off old units?

  • sam
    sam 2 months ago +3

    Seems tone-deaf to make overpriced power hungry GPU's, when there is a global recession and energy crisis. I hope Intel or AMD release something affordable and power efficient, let Nvidia do their own thing turning up the juice and price each generation.

  • eugkra33
    eugkra33 2 months ago +11

    If you look at more slides, the 4090 is only 50-70% faster than then 3090ti. Flightsim also has frame interpolation turned on. We're yet to see how good that looks.

    • Omicron
      Omicron 2 months ago

      @Matt H No, it isn't. That's a normal, if not underwhelming, generational gap. The price increase does not justify that.

    • Matteo
      Matteo 2 months ago

      @Matt H it's a normal generational increase. It sure as hell shouldn't come with a massive price increase. Especially when you consider that 3080ti is about as good as 3090 in gaminf

    • Matt H
      Matt H 2 months ago +1

      Is that a typo? A 50-70% increase is insane.

  • Gregory Wilson
    Gregory Wilson 2 months ago +812

    Nvidia can blow me if they think I will ever pay those kind of prices for their cards, shortage or not.

    • Gregory Wilson
      Gregory Wilson 2 months ago

      @MattMexor2 why type out such a long response if you're done arguing with me?
      Inflation is not a response to anything. It is price hikes across the economy. It may be IN response to something, tho.
      The question is.. what?
      I'd agree with you, but if I thought the Fed really had a handle on inflation, I suspect they'd do a better job controlling it.
      There doesn't need to be a political motivation to beg the question as to why inflation is such wily beast.
      One thing seems pretty clear.. if you want to stop or limit inflation, you have to stop vendors from continually raising prices, and knowing why they're doing it, would probably be a step towards figuring out how to stop it.
      I take issue with another thing you said. "Inflation isn't an attempt to increase margins."
      Well, on the face, that is true.. but you're trying to insinuate that inflation CAN'T be driven by a desire to improve margins, which is patently false.
      Inflation is price hikes, and price hikes are one way companies try to improve margins.
      Example: meat is very inflated right now in the U.S., because meat packers continually raised the prices of meat throughout the pandemic. They are ALL now in court, many having already paid substantial fines, for price fixing.
      So.. what they DID was inflation, and what was driving it? Well, the U.S. court system seems to think price fixing, to the ends of making better margins..

    • MattMexor2
      MattMexor2 2 months ago

      @Gregory Wilson I'm not talking about it as if it's magic. I am saying it is a response. You are talking about it like it's willfull. It is not. Inflation is not the same thing as companies increasing their margins. Look. I am done arguing about this. I think you are wrong and you need to learn a bit about macroeconomics. I can only guess as to where you got your misconceptions from. And they are very wrong misconceptions. I'll just say that "politics ruins everything".

    • Gregory Wilson
      Gregory Wilson 2 months ago

      @MattMexor2 Inflation is a series of discrete price hikes by vendors of goods and services, leading to a currency being overall worth less.
      You are literally talking about it as if it is magic. It isn't. It is when companies raise prices. That's why they use a CPI chart to look at inflation in a meaningful way.
      When the Federal Reserve thinks that the driver of those price hikes is wage gains, and not price gouging due to low supply - it absolutely does matter, and it will lead to economic disaster, again.
      You can't just crank rates until so many people lose their jobs that eggs aren't in demand.
      Well, you can, actually. Nvm.

    • MattMexor2
      MattMexor2 2 months ago

      @Gregory Wilson No, it does not for the purpose of this conversation. It's beyond the scope. Your claim that inflation is the fault of this person or that person is nonsense. Inflation is a macroeconomic systemic condition. The Federal Reserve is not claiming it is not. You are trying to make a claim through their mouth that you either don't understand or you are fabricating.

    • Gregory Wilson
      Gregory Wilson 2 months ago

      @MattMexor2 It absolutely does matter what/who what the Federal Reserve blames for inflation.

  • Adrenaline Junkie
    Adrenaline Junkie 2 months ago

    Can't wait for the rasterization gaming benchmarks on GN hopefully demonstrating Nvidia's claimed *two times* superior performance of RTX 4090 over RTX 3090 Ti Nvidia 'forgot' to present, despite having time and ability to produce them for potential customers.

  • Shmeh Fleh
    Shmeh Fleh 2 months ago

    NVlink is still alive and well on their enterprise GPUs, in case anyone was curious. The H100, their brand new enterprise GPU, supports 256-way NVlink.

  • Huntercyril
    Huntercyril 2 months ago +3

    To anyone reading this : DLSS 3.0 features Super Resolution and Reflex WILL be supported by RTX older generations, only the Frame Generation feature is exclusive to 40 Series. Source : Nvidia official reps on several reddit posts and Q&A.

  • Michael Toney
    Michael Toney 2 months ago +2

    Those prices are crazy. I dont how they expect anyone but highend enthusiasts buying at these prices when a lot of people have Nvidia 3000s and AMD 6000 cards now.

  • Clell Biggs
    Clell Biggs 2 months ago +488

    Nvidia intentionally changes the hierarchy of their cards names with every launch to confuse people. The names no longer mean anything.

    • Knaeckebrotsaege
      Knaeckebrotsaege 2 months ago

      @Franky Tanky "Like how can you really release 2 products with exactly the same name?" let me introduce you to the GTX 1060 which had NINE different configs (VRAM/Shaders/TMUs/ROPs/memory interface/actual GPU Die) all called the same thing. There was the 3GB GP106, the 3GB GP104 (failed 1070), the odd 5GB version with 160bit mem interface instead of 192bit, the "normal" 6GB GP106, the same thing with 9Gbps memory, the 6GB version with GDDR5X, the 6GB with GP104 core (failed 1070), ..... do i need to go on? All of these were just called "GTX 1060". Not the same thing nor as idiotic as nvidia intentionally calling what should've been and definitely _is_ the 4070 a "4080 12GB" but still..

    • spectraleggings
      spectraleggings 2 months ago

      the same thing Audi did a few years ago. Now your 55tfsi doesn't mean shit. Bimmer did it earlier.

    • I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages
      I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages 2 months ago

      @Bittendonut You're missing the point by miles.

    • Bittendonut
      Bittendonut 2 months ago +1

      @I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages first of all that doesn't change the misleading titling, which i believe to be the point of discussion, secondly different memory types affect performance DRASTICALLY, check out difference between 1030s and tell me it isn't scummy afterwards

    • Dale Francis
      Dale Francis 2 months ago

      @DudeWhoLifts Yeah we know you're Elon Musk son.

  • Charlie Roberts
    Charlie Roberts 2 months ago +5

    I feel like I did when the 20 series released. I've got my money I've waited so long and they raise the prices again...... And I don't feel like the 30 series have really gone down in price that much.

  • Jay B
    Jay B 2 months ago +6

    Their biggest competition is going to come from their own 3000 series cards that they, and miners, need to dump.

  • bill clay
    bill clay 2 months ago +1

    Id like to see how much it costs to develop and manufacture these cards.

  • Qual
    Qual 2 months ago +1

    Question for the tech-savvy here: I have a 3090 ( Which I use for AI, 3D rendering etc ), Do you think it would be a better move to wait for a price drop of the 3090s and purchase a second one and use NVLINK ( to have double the VRAM etc) rather than purchasing a 4090/4080 ?

    • Comandobelo
      Comandobelo 2 months ago

      Sell your 3090 and get a 4090.. the market is built that way, want better performance, you spend money..
      I know in the past it was different but now this is the world we live in.

  • Chigurh
    Chigurh 2 months ago +335

    I can see why EVGA dropped Nvidia now. No way these prices are sustainable in the long run. If AMD/Intel doesn't capitalize here, I feel like EVGA will just dissipate into a husk of itself.

    • happyASMC
      happyASMC 2 months ago

      @Arcturus519 No the complaint was about reasonable profit margins and avoiding losses on the whim of the chip manufacturer. Nothing to do with prices.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 months ago

      @mjc0961 We are paying attention, but we know money talks. I don't care who it comes from, a public corporate statement like that can't be taken as 100% fact.

    • mjc0961
      mjc0961 2 months ago +3

      EVGA has already made it clear, no graphics cards from AMD or Intel either. Why do so many people keep thinking EVGA is going to pick up AMD or Intel? Pay attention to what Steve and Jay told us!

    • mjc0961
      mjc0961 2 months ago +4

      @Jay J The remaining AIBs are MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, and Zotac.
      I don't feel sorry for any of those corporations.

    • Jay J
      Jay J 2 months ago +5

      @YazX EVGA just cut ties with nVidia while they were being undercut by $300 on EVGA's base model 3090 TI vs the FE edition. EVGA stated that they were selling their remaining inventory at a loss. That sure sounds like EVGA owned that stock/allocation, and nVidia was not giving them what it cost to create them.

  • veli2501
    veli2501 2 months ago +2

    This is the least excited I have been for a GPU launch in a decade.

  • ShoutingStone
    ShoutingStone 2 months ago +2

    I'm still rocking a1080 FTW (rip EVGA) which still plays everything perfectly fine (or at least ive not felt bottlenecked by it yet). When I do eventually upgrade it's going to be like going from VHS to Blu-ray though!

  • Memes of Production
    Memes of Production 2 months ago +7

    I think DLSS 3.0 is going to be a huge disappointment. Firstly, I cannot comprehend how predicting intermediate frames will NOT cause ghosting artifacts. Secondly, generating intermediate frames independently in GPU will negate all the advantages of higher framerate in game engine like keystrokes being registered quicker to generate the next frame.

    • Ace Strife
      Ace Strife 2 months ago

      Ghosting? Just like TXAA that they pushed for all the "gameworks" games years back! And now we all suffer it with TAA in every engine!

  • ericneo2
    ericneo2 2 months ago +3

    I have to ask, are they improving their cards or just pushing more power through the cards?

  • Abrasive_Heat
    Abrasive_Heat 2 months ago +160

    This is just a prediction from me. I think most of the 2-4x improvements will come from games using DLSS 3.0 which for now seems like a 40 series exclusive. I think we'll see the usual 30-40% average uplift that we normally see every generation in most other games. At least in the games that don't use ray tracing or DLSS 3.0. I hope it's wrong because that will be yet another thing to complain about but nothing will surprise me at this point. I still think it's a horrible value regardless.

    • Memitim
      Memitim 2 months ago

      @John Smith If you think it will actually have 100% increase in regular rasterization I don't even know what to tell you, except you are in for a rude awakening.
      If it does, I will buy it, if it doesn't...you have to buy it. :D

    • Memitim
      Memitim 2 months ago

      @Mantas S I don't know, I've jumped 6 generations before now, literally the only time I've upgraded 1 gen was when my 970 died, and it would have been 2 if the 20-series wasn't terrible and overpriced. But it would be nice if there was a card worth buying more than once every 7-10 years... :D

    • Memitim
      Memitim 2 months ago

      @TheJackiMonster "or it was 3090 Ti footage" That's the problem, there are no like for like comparisons, everything was with DLSS3, we have no real idea what it's like without it and not every game will have support so it matters.
      Also, you might not even want it on since as you pointed out we have no idea if it will play nice, having frames that the CPU isn't actually pushing sounds like it will have some weird effects to me but we will see. Forgive me my fanboism, but I'll believe it when I see the GN benchmarks.

    • Mantas S
      Mantas S 2 months ago +1

      @Memitim Why do people even consider buying a new gpu every year? It's a colossal waste of money. We are at the point where low/mid range cards are better than flagship gpu's 5 years ago. Pushing the newest tech further and further gets exponentially more difficult, We are not going to get 50% improvements every year, unless some breakthrough happens in the tech industry. It's not limited to GPU's only. CPU's are the same, smartphones are the same, yet people for some stupid ass reason keep buying a new iphone every year which is literally the same as a previous one. If you buy a new GPU every 5 years instead of every 2 years and if you wait until the initial price hikes go down (so if people actually made smart decisions while purchasing stuff, you get an insane amount of gain for a good price). But unfortunately majority of the people shit on Nvidia for the prices and still preorder cards for $2000 the next day.

    • TheJackiMonster
      TheJackiMonster 2 months ago

      @Memitim I'm pretty sure it's about 30~60% (unsure because the footage I looked up doesn't match but 30~40% would make sense). You can look up on Clip-Share finding Cyberpunk 2077 footage in 4K on the 3090 Ti using DLSS in performance mode and ray tracing on highest settings. It brings about 51~66 fps... then compare that with the 4090 footage 92~108 fps also using DLSS (but 3.0) and ray tracing on max settings.
      With native rendering it's about 16~25 fps on the 3090 Ti and 20~23 fps in the footage (potentially RTX 4090... or it was 3090 Ti footage to compare with). So either way Nvidia has only shown a performance increase in ray tracing yet utilizing DLSS 3.0.
      We don't know anything about rasterization improvements yet and if DLSS 3.0 generates frames without the actual game logic, it might just inflate frame rates. In worst case games won't even utilize the amount of CUDA cores they put into it. Also we still don't know whether the instruction ordering to improve ray tracing hurts rasterization by adding latency. Not impossible actually given that sorting is difficult to parallelize.
      It's still possible that Cyberpunk 2077 just added even more ray tracing features to tank performance on older GPUs but I'm not sure about that.

  • Marc Hernandez
    Marc Hernandez 2 months ago +2

    I might have to go AMD this time. I haven't owned an AMD since the ATi X1900XTX. Best card ever at its time.

  • Kevin L
    Kevin L 2 months ago

    Once these are available, do you have any plans to benchmark on text-to-image processing like Stable Diffusion and/or ML model training? I love seeing stuff like Blender benchmarks but I feel like NVIDIA is really trying to differentiate themselves from AMD in the ML space more than in 3D graphics (even if their marketing is primarily focused on gaming). As far as I know, nobody is currently benchmarking this stuff, especially not at the level of quality that you do, and it would be interesting to see differences between NVIDIA 3000 and 4000 generations as well as between NVIDIA and AMD.
    Also, any plans or thoughts on comparing performance with DLSS turned on versus turned off? I've seen people saying that DLSS actually causes latency and reduced quality in games but is used in marketing because it increases FPS. Would love to see some actual data on this since I have no idea if that's true or not.

  • Andrei Streche
    Andrei Streche 2 months ago

    Whatever you want to tell me about pricing, i believe the 4080 16gb is a nice buy for those who waited already 3 generations of GPUs for an upgrade. The performance seems to be really really good and seems quite future proof. Let's not forget that all developers are slowly migrating to Unreal Engine 5 which will absolutely eat up these GPU's.

  • Sven Reichert
    Sven Reichert 2 months ago

    Can't wait to see first reviews from Hardware Unboxed to see real (rasterization) perfomance increases.

  • Carlos Carlitos
    Carlos Carlitos 2 months ago +248

    I really hope amd comes strong this generation , that 4070 ( 4080 12gb ) is a sketchy move by Nvidia just to charge more money what a shame

    • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
      Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 2 months ago

      @Neptune I don't blame them, ordering from the AMD website was a nightmare !

    • Neptune
      Neptune 2 months ago +1

      @Kutark - Lol No it wasn't. During the entire first half of this past generation, you couldn't get AMD cards hardly anywhere, and even with scalped cards on Ebay, there were way more Nvidia cards available than AMD ones, and the Steam hardware survey bore that out, as almost nobody on the survey had AMD cards. Right now, the highest-ranked current-gen AMD card on the Steam survey is the 6600XT, at a whopping 0.36%. Even the 3090, an enthusiast-class card that was almost 3 grand through much of the pandemic has higher representation at 0.48%.
      I also remember a poll that Hardware Unboxed did right in the middle of the pandemic that asked their audience which current-gen cards they were able to get a hold of, and the percentage for Nvidia was way higher than AMD. AMD was almost non-existent on that poll. Given that at one point during this past gen, people were literally buying *any* cards that were available, if AMD was so much easier to find, you should see far higher numbers of AMD cards on the Steam survey than you currently do. It wasn't until the 6600XT came out that AMD cards started to become easier to find.

    • Kutark
      Kutark 2 months ago +1

      @Neptune That is the literal opposite of the truth. It was far easier to find AMD cards literally the entire pandemic.

    • Nadeem Ahmed
      Nadeem Ahmed 2 months ago +1

      There been competitive mid tier since 5700xt

    • eXploit
      eXploit 2 months ago +4

      @haukionkannel market share vs profit let's see

  • Kiryu Kazuma
    Kiryu Kazuma 2 months ago +1

    I have faith that RDNA3 will be good. AMD still just want my money, but their business model includes a lot of open source support. Linux support etc.

  • Harawanagangsta
    Harawanagangsta 2 months ago +1

    Imagine the heat these things put out. I run my 3080ti undervolted and it doesnt get above 260w of peak draw, It can raise my room 10 degrees higher depending on the game.

  • Jean Paul Rampersad
    Jean Paul Rampersad 2 months ago +2

    Sticking with my 3080ti for now. 4090 looks interesting, going with AMD next though. Selling a 4070 as a "4080" is sneaky as hell.

    • Eric
      Eric 2 months ago +1

      Still have a 2080Ti, seen no reason to upgrade yet since I play on 1080p 240hz.

  • Will Croston
    Will Croston 2 months ago +1

    Anytime I've bought a GPU from Nvidia it's been EVGA. With EVGA being gone and these insane prices, I might be buying AMD.

  • l0y0la
    l0y0la 2 months ago +205

    Don't forget to add like 30 - 40% to those prices if you are planning to buy the card from actual retailer.

    • You 2be
      You 2be 2 months ago

      MSRP, just like the card SKU model, mean nothing these days.

    • AmbroReality
      AmbroReality 2 months ago +1

      Totally forgot about that ... add about 200 eur because of location and retailer scum (they sell 30s for more then whats avg globally, and even add more to price when they think it is a hot product) + tax = on avg 2100 eur for rtx4090 and 1600 eur for rtx4080 16gb .... this is insane ...

      TRIKSHOTz 2 months ago

      @doot pooter I hope, their name is a lie

    • doot pooter
      doot pooter 2 months ago +2

      @Arnoldas M Don't worry, soon there won't be Best Buy in America either.

    • Bob Tower
      Bob Tower 2 months ago

      @Judas You sound like a victim of circumstance. "But our prices are too high" no one cares.

  • Ignaz Achenbach
    Ignaz Achenbach 2 months ago +8

    I like the way you're presenting this. It's a lot less clickbait-y than LTT.

    • Dio
      Dio 2 months ago +1

      LTT entire's channel revolves around clickbait

  • War Gaming Refugee
    War Gaming Refugee 2 months ago +1

    @3:03 That lift truck shows exactly what's wrong with having a parallel, virtual world. In the real world, with rare exceptions, lift trucks don't have suspensions. There is no way that machine would bounce like that in the real world. Metaverse 0, Real World 1

  • Hasso Sigbjoernson
    Hasso Sigbjoernson 2 months ago

    *This Fractal Pop Air case is really, really nice! I think, I'll get one!*
    Oh ... end these other news are more "meh", because I simply don't see the need right now for an so expensive graphics card, especially when playing story games that are actually available now in next gen console like settings in 1440p or "checkerboard rendered 4K". *The good news for many people is here: RTX 20 and 30 are dropping in price way below 500 bucks. So ... that's good!*