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10 Most Mysterious Unsolved Objects in Video Games

  • Published on Jun 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Sometimes you find something in a video game that makes you think … how did this get here? Today we’re diving into the 10 most mysterious objects ever found in video games.
    Games featured (Spoilers)
    No Man’s Sky
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Road 96
    UB Funkey’s
    The Ring: Terror’s Realm
    Cave Story
    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
    Half-Life: Alyx
    Clips and References
    • H3 Podcast #99 - ...
    No Man’s Sky
    • Video
    The Ring: Terror’s Realm
    • The Mystery of th...
    Cave Story
    • Cave Story 3D Ann...
    Fan art by LimeSoda
    Assistant editor: Cassandra Lipp
    Official Clip Capturers: Cassandra Lipp, oddheader, and Evan Hill.
    Special thanks to Evan Hill, Poseidon, Granivolus, Maximillan Mackinnon, ghostly, lazy, HajimeTheFool, Doc Evazan, Randi Lubbers, thatowldude, and the monotonist for their contributions to this video.
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  • BrickFighter 13
    BrickFighter 13 Year ago +5680

    Oddheader is seriously the only Clip-Sharer that I know who actually covers stuff that I've never heard of

    • Avashapava
      Avashapava Year ago +117

      That’s why everyone watches him, and him only!

    • Shigeo Kageyama
      Shigeo Kageyama Year ago +70

      Right? I feel like he's way underrated

    • CFU
      CFU Year ago +77

      The fact this man still has stuff to cover shows how much research he actually does.
      Mad respect.

    • Daffier Python7
      Daffier Python7 Year ago +42

      Even better is if you did know about it he usually covers how it was found/ how to find it or obscure facts like how yummer from that SpongeBob game was found in more than one level

  • Tinkuwu
    Tinkuwu Year ago +1574

    I have a theory for the buttons in the UBFunky game.
    It's just a tracker that developers like to have in their games, even if it's pointless. Kind of like how Dark Souls 2 has a global counter for deaths in the game and how websites used to have a tracker of how many "hits" they had.
    So it's likely just a thing the developers wanted to see, like "How many people would push this pointless button?" and then smile when they see the button has been pressed billions of times by millions of players.

    • Hooded Man
      Hooded Man Year ago +35

      But why make it per person then?

    • __sweat boba tea__UWU
      __sweat boba tea__UWU Year ago +192

      @Hooded Man useless button pressing leaderboards ?

    • D YellowMadness
      D YellowMadness Year ago +69

      @__sweat boba tea__UWU Maybe? It might be interesting (or sad) to see what's the largest amount of times anyone pushed 'em.

    • Zeallust
      Zeallust Year ago +56

      DS2s global death count did have a purpose though, the team who made the game were obsessed with how hard Dark Souls was. And they wanted a way for people to see the gimmick of death. (I love ds2 btw, this isnt hate)

    • beardalaxy
      beardalaxy Year ago +24

      it probably was intended to do something originally but then whatever it was intended to do got scrapped or never happened.

  • Slystral
    Slystral Year ago +326

    The pool of forgetfulness was most likely gonna be for resetting all your stats. In Morrowind Multiplayer Nerevarine Prophecies they made it into a working reset tool.

    • Chris Woollett
      Chris Woollett Year ago +8

      @Camelworks should do a video on The Pool of Forgetfulness with his Elder Scrolls Detective series.

    • Zey Face
      Zey Face Year ago +2

      @Chris Woollett would probably be too short

    • Dylan Hodgson
      Dylan Hodgson Year ago +3

      Or it could be a reference to the Well of forgetfulness from He-Man

  • Ikcatcher
    Ikcatcher Year ago +105

    I can’t imagine how it must feel to be the first to discover an easter egg, knowing that you found something and no one else knows about it

    • couchpotato
      couchpotato Year ago +11

      Imagine people who found Easter eggs and never told anyone. Or game devs who know their Easter egg hasn't been found

    • Spit1firit5
      Spit1firit5 Year ago

      @couchpotato fr

    • psycless
      psycless Year ago +2

      @couchpotato they wouldn't know if nobody told them ...

    • Salami Tsunami
      Salami Tsunami 7 months ago +1

      I found the halo reach elites having organs and flesh as a texture on top of the first person lower body model. I was exited and was eager to get it out there....took me months to get a Clip-Sharers attention to make the vid so it could be on Clip-Share.

    • Mortus Sweet・
      Mortus Sweet・ 6 days ago +1

      I actually found a fake wall in gta 5 before anyone else did

  • Toa Olisi
    Toa Olisi Year ago +143

    I remember when Oddheader was experimenting with hidden things in movies because he was running out of game-related content to show. Now he is the go-to channel for gaming mysteries and always shows us stuff no other channel has covered before.

    • JoJoVersus
      JoJoVersus Year ago +37

      I actually thought the "DVD Easter Eggs" was kinda cool.

    • Scary Stories At 2AM
      Scary Stories At 2AM Year ago +7

      @JoJoVersus I did too! One of my fav videos, definitely wouldn't mind seeing a couple more of them done

    • Toa Olisi
      Toa Olisi Year ago +5

      @JoJoVersus even that video covered things from movies that no other channel has covered before.

  • The Beaverhouse
    The Beaverhouse Year ago +133

    Regarding the No Man's Sky "mystery," I honestly see that one as a bit of a non-entry. Speaking as somebody who plays the game regularly, the Anomalous Number Station is just one of SEVERAL space anomalies that don't actually do anything and never have. Which in themselves are one of several random objects in the game that never served any real purpose beyond worldbuilding. My takeaway is that it's either just that, worldbuilding, or a feature that's only been partially implemented such as the Station Core. (Which actually has associated items given to you during expeditions that ALSO currently serve no purpose)

    • Raelexx
      Raelexx Year ago +8

      Yep. Tons of these things and whichever thing you get be it a giant space worm, a listening post or a destroyed freighter, there are many mysteries in the infinite.

    • grievousx
      grievousx Year ago +6

      Apparently, converting the numbers from the Anomalous Numbers Stations can be converted to hexadecimal codes, which can then be used on the Galactic Atlas site and converted to system coordinates. Has anyone found anything specific that they lead to? Nah. CAN they lead somewhere given some screwing around? Sure. In my opinion it's a good way to try and get you outside your comfort zone, I tend to stick to a cluster of systems and this would be a great way to get to a whole new part of a galaxy to explore.

    • The Beaverhouse
      The Beaverhouse Year ago

      Interesting. Do these lead to like.. valid systems in the portal network, or does it act like it does when you punch in a random address? Cause a portal will always take you SOMEWHERE, regardless of what you give it. It will however give you an error before doing so.

    • grievousx
      grievousx Year ago

      @The Beaverhouse I can't say for sure whether it leads to valid addresses or it just gives you the approximate address, I haven't tried it for myself. Next time I find a numbers station I'll try to remember to come back and let you know.

    • A Very Purple Ostrich
      A Very Purple Ostrich Year ago

      @grievousx you're thinking of the hyperspace navigation stations. And as far as I know, the coordinates just lead to a random nearby system.

  • GameGrumps Compilations
    GameGrumps Compilations Year ago +3263

    Best gaming mystery videos on the internet by a wide margin. The community Oddheader has built is amazing.

    • Bungo Bogus
      Bungo Bogus Year ago +93

      It’s crazy how well he landed into this niche which dominated old Clip-Share. It’s not even like he’s documenting old game myths, the community that latched onto this seems to find new ones all the time. It’s like a beacon for glitch hunters.

    • John Van Der Beek
      John Van Der Beek Year ago +19

      Is there even a [wide] margin? i only watch odd and easter egg hunter

    • John Van Der Beek
      John Van Der Beek Year ago +6

      @Obi-Wan Kannabis used to look at that channel but im all done with gta 5 that candle burnt out a while ago lol

    • Obi-Wan Kannabis
      Obi-Wan Kannabis Year ago +1

      @John Van Der Beek he does other GTA games

  • Comment
    Comment Year ago +615

    10:57 The author said that the book is named Ring due to way it spreads. Ring is not only the name of the virus. In the novel, the original film, and the remake, there were various things the word Ring related to. The phone "rings" for example.
    It seems pretty obvious that the silver ring is a joke. Especially since the description says it's Sadako's Ring.

    • Fatal Felix
      Fatal Felix Year ago +7

      I just wanted to add that the final book of the ring series "Loop" summarize that it really is a simulation so I think its all kinda related?

    • Mar Hawkman
      Mar Hawkman Year ago

      wait, the silver ring belonging to Sadako suddenly makes a lot more sense. It's just an easter egg, but as a useless item you can pick up.

    • k4rec4
      k4rec4 11 months ago +2

      I would've said that if you didn't... It seems 'The Ring' actually is a reference to a bunch of things related to the case: the small group of people involved, the sunbeam through the well's cover, and, specially, the phone's ring sound.

  • Sylvester Ashcroft
    Sylvester Ashcroft Year ago +202

    Death Stranding is about beings passing into our world from a place called the beach, whilst the main character is trying to prevent an extinction level event, whilst trying to subdue said entities. This is probably the simplest way I can explain the story, without spoiling it too much.

    • L16htW4rr10r
      L16htW4rr10r Year ago +2

      Im still confused why it was a beach though

    • Darkzyl00
      Darkzyl00 Year ago +26

      @L16htW4rr10r It is Kojima thing

    • Hanskah
      Hanskah Year ago

      Or is it?

    • LeWalrus Pires
      LeWalrus Pires Year ago +4

      @L16htW4rr10r basically the afterlife

    • ItsaLaughingMan2024
      ItsaLaughingMan2024 Year ago +11

      @L16htW4rr10r The beach is where souls stay until they pass through to the other side. It's a kind of purgatory.

  • thiccboibrando
    thiccboibrando Year ago +59

    it's crazy he still hasn't reached 1 million subs yet, he really deserves it

    • Scary Stories At 2AM
      Scary Stories At 2AM Year ago +4

      I just had to double check , I thought he was at 1.14m or something like that! I agree, great channel , def deserves all the subs he has

    • Thiago Meneghetti
      Thiago Meneghetti Year ago +4

      Im sure he will double it if he posted more often, but then I imagine the quality and depfht of information will be gone, anyway love this guy

    • Jim, the Curator
      Jim, the Curator Year ago

      Don't quote me here but I think when I subbed he was at like 20K subs. It's good to see this channel grow, he really deserves it. Quality content, concise runtimes, genuine humor, good BG music, covers mysteries I actually haven't heard of elsewhere. If he ever branches out beyond video game / lost media mysteries, I'm 100% down.

    • Angel Alanis
      Angel Alanis 3 months ago

      Well, he has 1.3 millions, so goal reached

  • Angel Singer
    Angel Singer Year ago +265

    Britney has already won something far better than an Oscar: her freedom.

    • Daniel Johnson
      Daniel Johnson Year ago +18


    • Nathan
      Nathan Year ago +46

      She recently announced she’s gonna be in a film SO the Oscar part could actually come true

    • k4rec4
      k4rec4 11 months ago

      Freedom of what? 🤔

    • AbombOO7
      AbombOO7 3 months ago

      Leave Britney Alone!

  • Exhaustion
    Exhaustion Year ago +13

    I love how oddheader, guru, captain eggcellent and a few others have kept the actual interesting parts of Easter eggs on Clip-Share alive I swear like 9-10 years ago Easter egg scene on Clip-Share was nothing the way they made it.

  • Miller Wright
    Miller Wright Year ago +1431

    The pause quit bug in cave story 3d is so fun to mess around with. You can actually get the beast fang many ways using that bug, the prefab house is just a simple one.

    • Silverizael
      Silverizael Year ago +62

      Which really does imply that, at least for 3D, the beast fang was just included as the error bug response if you break the game in some way. There's likely nothing deeper to it than that.

    • Miller Wright
      Miller Wright Year ago +69

      @Silverizael Well to be fair, the fang is actually in the exact same place as the original game. The pause quit bug just lets you apply the flags of one room to another, so you can put it "in bounds".

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname Year ago +307

    About the Golden Owl one:
    In the book being referenced, isn't finding the golden owl the objective?
    I'm pretty sure that means there is no other step in the game. The owl statue was the reward. Not sure why you'd think finding the owl statue would be the start of a scavenger hunt. That would be the exact opposite of what it's referencing.

    • Chocov 123
      Chocov 123 Year ago +4

      @nabil What the heck?!?! Are you a bot or something?

    • Mad Hatter
      Mad Hatter Year ago +81

      Just what I was thinking. The owl is probably the prize at the end of a short hunt, not a clue at the beginning of a long one.

    • Anirvana
      Anirvana Year ago +4

      @Chocov 123 Yes.

    • Kevin Sundelin
      Kevin Sundelin Year ago +7

      @Mad Hatter Kind of a useless "hunt" if it takes a minute to complete

    • Anglo-Saxophone
      Anglo-Saxophone Year ago +47

      @Kevin Sundelin it’s a reference, not a hunt

  • Wesley Files
    Wesley Files Year ago +154

    I think this Ring game is based on a Japan only novel from the franchise, where the curse is spread through a video game. So it's way more true to the source material than it seems.

    • Scary Stories At 2AM
      Scary Stories At 2AM Year ago +2

      Never heard of the novel, interesting🤔 definitely going to look into that!

    • DecimusYna
      DecimusYna Year ago +6

      @Scary Stories At 2AM I think they are 3 novels, if I remember correctly?

    • Prince Kuju
      Prince Kuju Year ago +11

      originally there are 3 novels ,The Ring, The Spiral and The Loop and some side stories and there is no videogame curse

    • DecimusYna
      DecimusYna Year ago +3

      @Prince Kuju Yeah, I don't remember any games involved.

  • Tert
    Tert Year ago +4

    Interesting thing for those who dont know: the panties in Cave Story were actually given a purpose in Cave Story+. They unlock Curly Story, a retelling of the game but Curly and the protagonist are swapped. Dont know why they existed in the original release though, it's probably just a joke. Also, another item exists like that, if you sleep in the bed in Chako's House after interacting with her lit fireplace, you get her lipstick. Odd, but funny.

  • 01
    01 Year ago +52

    The flesh blob on the ground in the Vr game might be a refrence to "Inside" by playdead, where at the end of the game you die on a field as a big flesh ball. Battery might be another hint as a secret ending in the game is where you basically unplug yourself from the game, knowing u were just a drone.

    • srs bness
      srs bness Year ago +4

      Fleshy blob look like interface console from David Cronenberg's movie "eXistenZ".

    • Sid Ramen
      Sid Ramen Year ago +8

      Looks like we all have our own takes on this one part. I thought it had a resemblance to Kos and the baby carriage referencing Mergo from Bloodborne

    • The Lonely Lullaby
      The Lonely Lullaby Year ago +1

      @Sid Ramen lmao same here bro immediately thought of BB

    • Bubberz Gaming
      Bubberz Gaming 2 months ago

      Am I not the only one who noticed as soon as the battery was picked up just before it kicked him back to the level select area the blob disappeared?

  • Luciano Martinez
    Luciano Martinez 8 months ago +3

    People were disappointed the mystery box contained warm socks, but just think about it. In a post apocalyptic world, they probably rely on fire for warmth, and fire as a heat source isn't exactly something you can just carry around anywhere. A pair of warm socks would be a godsend for situation where you're trapped in a snowy tundra where the cold penetrates your boots. You can't run and you can barely walk if you have frostbiten feet, so warm socks become as underrated as toilet paper or glasses cleaning solution in an apocalypse.

  • F1nicky
    F1nicky Year ago +1339

    honestly mad props for actually finding shit nobody has ever heard of instead if the low hanging fruit, it really shows that you love this stuff and dont just do it for a video's sake, keep at it dude!

    • Kevin Sundelin
      Kevin Sundelin Year ago +23

      All it shows is he has a community. Without it he couldn't make videos like these

    • Dija Vlogs Games
      Dija Vlogs Games Year ago +28

      Well, at this point it is really just him picking the most interesting things his community shovels his way.

    • crazyduplicate
      crazyduplicate Year ago +19

      @Kevin Sundelin the community wouldn't exist if he hadn't started his channel with his own work

    • Jacob L
      Jacob L Year ago +9

      @crazyduplicate it’s a beautiful synergy

  • Aiden
    Aiden Year ago +11

    Huge respect for you and the community to find these mysteries. Never get tired of these videos.

    • Scary Stories At 2AM
      Scary Stories At 2AM Year ago +2

      Agreeed, I'm always amazed at the dedication in finding some (most?) of these easter eggs

  • ashleajon
    ashleajon Year ago +9

    Sadly, the solution in the envelope to the golden owl statue mystery simply says, "maybe the real owl statue is the friends we made along the way".

  • Safebox Gaming
    Safebox Gaming Year ago +9

    Morrowind modder here; the pool of forgetfulness is just something we kinda never pay attention to.
    It's been used in a few quest mods but no attempt to look into its actual purpose has been made because there isn't much to go on.
    It's not mentioned in dialogue or any books, though there is evidence to suggest the player would have the opportunity to join the Sixth House so it might have been related to that.

    • Ghost Gameplays
      Ghost Gameplays 2 months ago

      that water looks worse than a ROBLOX waterslide...

  • Wandergirl108
    Wandergirl108 Year ago +55

    I've always been afraid to sell the warm socks in HZD just in case they actually did something. Good to know I'm not the only one who's clueless about what that might be. XD

    • xXEdgelord420Xx
      xXEdgelord420Xx Year ago +18

      Death Stranding reference. It's the first item you get in that game.

    • G
      G 8 months ago +1

      @xXEdgelord420Xx this is the best answer. Just a reference.

    • Anne Terres
      Anne Terres 8 months ago

      I thought they were a hint to the DLC for Zero Dawn

  • Rizki Salminen
    Rizki Salminen Year ago +10

    To be fair if you read the Ring Trilogy novel, The Ring is definitely a memetic death matrix thing that is also a virus.
    Although the novel describes Ring/Sadako as a virus, it spreads itself through media; the tapes and according to the sequel Spiral, the first novel "Ring" **and** all subsequent Ring adaptations. It is not the curse that killed people, but if I recall correctly a cardiac arrest where they found a lump of ring shaped tumor in the heart system.
    I don't know the plot of the game version of The Ring, but Sadako died after being r*p*d by a doctor / scientist who had smallpox and dumped into a well, where her vengeful psychic spirit, love for media / theatre, and the smallpox virus combined into a memetic virus.
    So maybe the ring is kept by the scientist responsible for the creation of Sadako?

  • PaperFlare
    PaperFlare Year ago +820

    As an elder scrolls turbonerd, I can all but guess the meaning of the Pool Of Forgetfulness.
    Early in develop of Morrowind, House Dagoth was actually a joinable faction. You could become a dreamer and fight the tribunal and the empire, rather than work to unite Morrowind and stop Dagoth Ur. Given the constraints of the time period of the game's development, this was ultimately scrapped because of the logistics of having such a dramatically branching storyline.
    That said, there are a number of quests, interactions, dialogue, and even bits of code that serve as hints towards this early vision of the game. Most theorists believe the Pool of Forgetfulness was part of this early design (given Sharapli's location, ease of access, and the lack of high leveled 6th House agents like Ghouls or Vampires) where you would join the 6th House. Which would make sense that, as an early House Dagoth quest, it would have been one of the first things made before the plans were scrapped.
    Plus, people have asked Michael Kirkbride (the guy responsible for Morrowind's lore and much of its writings), and he doesn't remember. So lol.

    • Shadrake
      Shadrake Year ago +9

      Thanks for the info!

    • obsessed pathetic troll
      obsessed pathetic troll Year ago +11

      The waters of L337H

    • K
      K Year ago +41

      Noone knows what it does because everyone forgot

    • zeranzeran
      zeranzeran Year ago +4

      how do you forget the plotline for something you wrote?
      What is he hiding.. another oddheader secret is in that room!

    • General Autism
      General Autism Year ago +19

      @zeranzeran He was on drugs for a lot of his writing. Which you would be able to tell the moment you get into some deeplore.

  • mody1710
    mody1710 Year ago +11

    As a professional game dev myself, the radio thing is intriguing but the programming isn’t that weird. The only thing that raises an alarm for me is the use of the word “secret” to mark the event data. My guess is that it might be a leftover of a test feature. But weighted randomness is common when you’re showing an item from a list of random assets. You want to show the best takes more often.
    But even then, a feature goes through multiple iterations and you might end up with a system that’s no longer needed for the feature (e.g. weighted randomness)...and might just use it for the heck of it anyway.
    As for the game crashing when you take a radio somewhere else...I’ve seen that a lot. That’s probably a feature with faulty wiring for the dependencies. Probably something that didn’t come up in testing, or was in the backlog and I’d imagine there to be a lot more important bugs to fix near release.
    P.s. great stuff!

  • Matthew McDonald
    Matthew McDonald Year ago +22

    The panties you can find, in cave story actually unlock a mode where you can play as Curly Brace rather then Quote. In the steam version at least. I think it even gives you an achievement.

    • NinjaKIngAce
      NinjaKIngAce Year ago +4

      I just looked it up, and apparently the panties don't do anything in the original game or Cave Story 3D, and only unlock Curly as a playable character in Cave Story+ and the Wiiware and 3DS ports

  • ImpossibleParadox
    ImpossibleParadox Year ago +14

    I adored UB Funkeys and remembered wondering about those buttons too! There was also a semi easter egg/cheat that would allow you to gain UB Funkeys in-game that you never purchased from a store. I only know this from this one gate in one of the worlds that required a absurd about of Funkeys to open.
    You had to lick any one of the smaller UB Funkeys that you had and place back on the larger base one.
    It gave me a headache and a strong metal taste in my mouth but eventually it really *worked*

    • ImpossibleParadox
      ImpossibleParadox Year ago +1

      @Neobot21 My age hadn't yet hit the double digits yet, licking magnets because a Clip-Share video said so felt logical at the time lol

    • Neobot21
      Neobot21 Year ago +1

      @ImpossibleParadox Can't argue with that! No literally I can't, I sucked on an electrical cable when I was like 5 or 6 years old. I still remember the whole thing, My eyes shot back and forth (left and right) and everything flashed white for a second. It was crazy but I'm lucky to be alive with all the dumb stuff I've done haha

    TJ'S VLOGS AND DOGS Year ago +25

    Something you should look at is the strange formations and sounds far in the void of the older versions of the original subnautica.

  • WALN Zell
    WALN Zell Year ago +11

    God, I remember UB Funkies.
    Even named my pet goldfish after them.
    That goldfish lived longer than the franchise. Way longer.

  • PhoenixDreams505
    PhoenixDreams505 Year ago +245

    I love your videos. They're creepy without giving me nightmares. I also love video games and think these mysteries are pretty cool. Solved or unsolved. Keep up the good work Oddheader!

    • L16htW4rr10r
      L16htW4rr10r Year ago +7

      I can relate. I'm scared but also not scared at the same time. Its a weird feeling. X,D

  • Sydney Clement
    Sydney Clement Year ago +2

    I recently started playing Road 96. During one "level", I was with Alex in a restaurant. We went behind it into this smaller building. I was looking through one of the cardboard boxes and spotted a picture that looked eerily similar to he late Budd Dwyer. I googled it, and it is in fact Budd Dwyer. Has anyone else spotted this?

  • JoJoVersus
    JoJoVersus Year ago +1

    You're #34 on Trending!!! Congratulations, Odd! I've watched you build yourself up from about 5k subs. Your growth & the distance you've come is commendable. We all love you, man. 😊

  • Nyslexic Dinja
    Nyslexic Dinja Year ago +2

    I love your content so much man. You put so much work in and it shows. Thank you.

  • lambda
    lambda Year ago +5

    Wow, I never knew the radio in Half-Life: Alyx was so complex. I always thought the only interesting thing about it was the creepy radio song that was first featured in HL2.

    • Gustavo Dutra
      Gustavo Dutra Year ago

      The radio in Half-Life 2: Beta has something weird, unlike the final version.

  • Lxcas2104
    Lxcas2104 Year ago +5

    Hey odd ! Just want to say as someone with ADD I find it very difficult to remain focused on specific topics or videos , but your videos give me a nice moment of time to just focus and get really into what I’m watching , super interesting stuff as always !

  • PhantomShadow
    PhantomShadow Year ago +379

    I think the wedding ring is a story related Easter egg, signifying that he was going to propose to the MC but was murdered in the elaborate cover up involving the ring virus.

    • Lucios1995
      Lucios1995 Year ago +44

      Considering it's still in the case, it makes sense.

    • i cant think of anything
      i cant think of anything Year ago +8

      @nabil girl calm down

    • touma fr
      touma fr Year ago +9

      @nabil Stop it takeshi your body cannot handle much more than this

    • a r
      a r Year ago +6

      That kinda makes sense, but why would the item description say it belongs to Sadako? I remember reading the game adheres to the sequel books (which apparently go way off the rails), so maybe it's related to the book story somehow?

    • Prince Kuju
      Prince Kuju Year ago +3

      there were many men who loved sadako

  • Myles Bailey
    Myles Bailey Year ago +1

    Happy holidays Oddheader and thank you for all the work you do to give us such great videos!

  • Vik
    Vik Year ago +1

    You always manage to find mysteries I have genuinely never heard before, every video is a treat.

  • Jonathan Chang
    Jonathan Chang Year ago +1

    I love that youre covering more VR games! I'd love to see more VR related mysteries!

  • juan let's play
    juan let's play Year ago

    Rest in peace to Régis Hauser, also known as Max Valentin, I hope he's happy knowing that his little secret will take a really long time to be found.

  • Crawldragon
    Crawldragon 11 months ago +1

    My favorite theory about the Pool of Forgetfulness is that the player character is actually able to do something with it, but every time they try they immediately forget, and so from the player's perspective it seems to not do anything.

    • Ghost Gameplays
      Ghost Gameplays 2 months ago

      still looks worse than a water slide made in ROBLOX

  • TheDullFork
    TheDullFork Year ago +307

    Oh damn I did not expect to hear another person talking about UB Funkeys in 2021. Played that game all the time as a kid. That OST still slaps

    • Neobot21
      Neobot21 Year ago +8

      I still look at my funkeys and wish the game didn't die, I have such good memories of that game.

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    These videos never get old, it's just so damn interesting
    Great Video oddhead 😄❤

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    These are always just the right amount of content to be worth the wait.

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    Kevin S Year ago +5

    I’m sure somebody already mentioned this but, that fleshy wad from the Accounting game looks a lot like the big fleshy wad from the Inside game. Great content as always. Love your channel.

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    V4riousMind Year ago +20

    Oddheader is one of those Clip-Sharers, that gives me a special feeling watching his Videos. Everything is so unique, that it feels completly different (in a positive way lol).
    Even the Music, when i listen to it on Spotify in my car my brain starts feeling like watching an episode.
    Well done. You are true gold.

  • 0% Imagination
    0% Imagination Year ago +2

    Always nice to watch these videos especially seeing mysteries that aren't just arg's or horror games. Makes me want to play some old games and just wander around to see if I stumble on something lol.

  • A-A-Ron Somehow
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    Thank you Oddheader for making many of our days better

  • Art Kholodov
    Art Kholodov Year ago +11

    Has anyone considered the Half-Life Alyx secret to be a cryptographic secret? It's believable to me that "A14", "D7", "B4" can be part of a hexadecimal string, the most common format for storing these

    • Gustavo Dutra
      Gustavo Dutra Year ago +2

      There must be an file in the game that when you search in that hexadecimal thing it shows a clue or something like that

    • Mathias B
      Mathias B Year ago +1

      Thought of the same thing

    • Requiem for a Meme
      Requiem for a Meme 4 months ago

      I think it's a type of UTF encoding, however "A14" throws that for a loop sort of.
      In the transcriptions of the synthy_ID files, there are simple patterns being repeated if you plot the alphabet out. Some examples:
      synthy_01 ("SW TX UY"): Each first character moves 4 characters to the right (if S = W then V = Z for example).
      synthy_02 ("SPTQU"): The pattern is Left 3, Right 4. (Continuing this pattern leads to R as it is 3 Left from the letter U).
      I'll edit this post if I find anything, but I'm only going off an old Reddit post as the game itself makes me puke (motion sickness, I'd probably like the game).
      Edit: Think I figured it out. If you keep going with this pattern of logic you will get an instruction... or at least, a button.

    • rollanddev
      rollanddev 24 days ago

      "A14" breaks that hypothesis pretty hard. 14 is "E" in hex, not "14".

    • Art Kholodov
      Art Kholodov 24 days ago

      @rollanddev Not necessarily, A14 is a perfectly valid hexadecimal representation of a 12 bit number:
      A 1 4
      = 1010 0001 0100
      Combining the 3 constant sequences we get 28 bits of information total, which while uncommon in cryptography is seen in DES, which uses 2 28 bit keys individually as the basis of a key rotation schedule implementation.
      To be clear I highly doubt that's what's going on here, just wanted to point out it is not entirely outside the realm of possibility

  • Ultrabosh64
    Ultrabosh64 Year ago

    So glad to see The Ring covered! Hopefully this sparks someone to help find out what it's for! Even after extracting files and searching the hex I still couldn't find anything. Also talking to some of the devs who localized and they don't remember.

    • Ghost Gameplays
      Ghost Gameplays 2 months ago

      im almost certain a dev used it to propose, its pretty unlikely it would have any other purpose, other than maybe a joke as the title of the game is simply "The Ring"

  • SoulYard
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    I can't believe UB Funkies would ever appear here, what a nostalgia blast

  • ShyGuyXXL
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    It's unfortunate that datamining has removed so much potential for mysteries in games.
    I really miss this sense of wonder about a game's potential.
    That's the one good thing that cloud gaming could bring to the table: Not being able to datamine.

  • dreadhead207
    dreadhead207 Year ago +1

    Love the content, always “Odd” and extremely interesting. I love HZD, I set about trying to platinum trophy the game not long after it came out. In my opinion it’s one of the easier ones to platinum trophy. In my quest for 100% I came upon a mysterious item known only as the “Warm Socks.” I was dumbfounded to say the least. No one knew what they were. Everyone online had no idea, and developers only said they wouldn’t comment on it. This was a little while before I and I’m pretty sure some other people knew that there was going to be a definitive DLC, and not just some minor content added. Then all of a sudden BAM!!! The new DLC is confirmed, and where was it set to take place? The Frozen Wilds baby!!! And I realized “huh, the developers actually foreshadowed their own DLC.” You can only access this item near the end of the main story. I felt like the developers were subtly telling the players “hey congratulations for all your hard work and taking the time to explore our game. Here’s a seemingly useless item that Aloy would need for where she’s going.” Cause I don’t know about most people, but if I’m going somewhere cold. I’m taking some damn warm socks. That’s just my opinion for what the purpose of the sock were for, and it’s honestly helped me sleep a little easier thinking that way. As for the Death Stranding. I believe that was partly an HZD Easter Egg with a funny nod to everyone’s frustration on the socks. And partly Kojima’s awkward foot fetish. Done ranting now. Thanks for awesome content and keep up the amazing work.

  • TheYellowShyGuy
    TheYellowShyGuy Year ago +96

    Seeing UB Funkeys in this video was a huge blast of nostalgia, I still have a box full of them under my bed and a USB stick with one of the final updates on it just in case I ever wanted to go back and play it lol

    • Brendan
      Brendan Year ago +9

      that's incredible! I've never even heard of these things before this video, and I used to be pretty into collectible type toys like that. I still have a load of the go-gos from the first two seasons of them, and plenty of my old beyblades, so I know the feeling you're talking about

    • Crystamanthequins
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      Same I still have every single one of them.

    • emanuel emanuel
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      Protect that usb

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    The reason I like these videos is because they take me back to when I was around ten years and would get freaked out and horrified by glitches or other strange things in games.

  • BrokenOpus
    BrokenOpus Year ago +66

    The Accounting Plus creature is called “mother” it is related/inspired by the beached thing KOS from PS4 game Bloodborne. Also not sure if they were joking but Tree Guy and the Mother are the parents of King of VR.

    • TrixterBambi
      TrixterBambi Year ago +21

      Interestingly, the reason there's a baby carriage and the battery takes you to the main menu is because Kos is a mother whose baby (Orphan of Kos) crawls out of her to fight the player. Defeating the Orphan destroys the Hunter's Nightmare (the setting of the DLC) because it was created in the process of its inhabitants doing crazy shit to Kos. By taking the battery out, you take out what's powering the Nightmare. (BONUS: Throwing the seed in the planter is reminiscent of an Amygdala carrying you and dropping you into the Nightmare to begin the DLC)
      None of this has anything to do with Accounting, but Bloodborne is just an amazing game. Would love it if more games referenced FromSoft games besides the obvious bonfire.

    • Iris
      Iris Year ago +4

      I came here to see if anyone else realized this part was referencing Bloodborne. The baby carriage is seen several times in BB too

    • TrixterBambi
      TrixterBambi Year ago +2

      @Iris Mergo's carriage too! Though, I feel the Accounting easter egg is definitely pointing to Orphan of Kos, but yes babies are indeed a running theme in FromSoft games

    • Shadow Lady
      Shadow Lady Year ago +1

      was looking for anyone else who noticed this,somehow very few people did even though its so blatant

    • Raelexx
      Raelexx Year ago +2

      Would be nice if I was good at soul's type games. I couldn't even beat the damn cleric beast.

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    No way! Road 96! That game is such a criminally underrated little gem. It's so cool!

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    Love your content. Please keep up the great work.

  • The Kakuzato
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    Something I find interesting with the Pool of Forgetfulness is that in the Elder Scrolls, water either is memories, or that memories take the form of water, or maybe the ocean is filled with memories... It's a bit unclear, but regardless, memory is directly linked with water.
    So a source of water that is linked to forgetfulness -- which I assume means that drinking or bathing in the water causes one to lose memories -- is certainly an interesting concept.

    • Daniel Johnson
      Daniel Johnson Year ago

      It’s forgetfulness because that water was designed to not use a lot of memory (this is just a guess, idrkj

  • Micah Brunet
    Micah Brunet Year ago +85

    The Pool of Forgetfulness is more than likely a joke. They kept forgetting to finish the asset so they kept it how it was and called it a cheeky name

  • Dingus Khaan
    Dingus Khaan Year ago +3

    The HL:A radios could be a nod to a similar mystery from HL2, that being the strange unplugged television in the chapter "Anticitizen One", that shows the G-Man standing on a rowboat with a crow on his shoulder, all while dissonant music plays.
    You'll hear the music first, and when you find the television, it turns off almost as soon as you see it. If you hang around it for too long, it explodes.

    • Gustavo Dutra
      Gustavo Dutra Year ago

      What are you talking about? It doesn't explode, that TV has a really weird physics, but it doesn't explode.

  • Psyrus
    Psyrus Year ago +17

    What if the Pool of Forgetfulness affects anyone who finds it in real life, and functions in a way akin to The Silence in Dr. Who? One can find the pool, discover it's meaning, but upon leaving have no memory of what was learned.

  • Lokï & Psych G
    Lokï & Psych G Year ago +2

    The NMS thing, if you mine asteroids, you can get a thing called an Anomaly Detector, and it's fairly easy to clone objects in the game. After using the detector probably an easy 50+ times, I've seen the number station only a handful of times. But it is an easier way to find the number station, along with a bunch of other weird things, including a containment chamber. The chamber seems to add new things into the empty spaces as well, bc after the recent Sand-Worm update, now one can be seen in said chamber. It's super helpful to get an Anomaly Detector.

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    I love seeing hidden stuff in games like this, especially when some of the games are ones I’ve played

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    The quality and consistency of this content is really refreshing 📺

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    I ran into one of those bizarre number stations in No Man's Sky myself but like everyone else had no clue what its for! After some thought I believe its more of a nod to the lore. I dont want to spoil anything so all I'll say is I think its meant to be a way to send messages between Atlas and an important being to The Atlas, which is why there is never a reply. It only sends out a coded message. I dont think there will ever actually be something we do with it. Puzzles like that haven't ever been in No Man's Sky.
    Regardless, I'm assuming people have already bugged Sean Murray about it on Twitter? In case y'all didn't know, the emojis he uses in some of his Tweets have ended up being clues. If you see someone asking him about the number stations, take note if he replies with an emoji!

    • JoJoVersus
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      Your facemask is AMAZING and I NEED one!

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    I'd love to see more VR Easter eggs (if there's any out there).

    • Scary Stories At 2AM
      Scary Stories At 2AM Year ago

      I feel like there's a whole world of VR titles out there I haven't gotten a chance to explore yet because of not having a headset! Would definitely love to see more easter eggs in some of those games

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    Oddheader is so charming. He takes some of the spook and transforms it into funny.

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    • Scary Stories At 2AM
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    I never realized the big red buttons in UBFunkey were such a mystery.. I thought I just couldn't press them cuz I either didn't have enough Funkeys or experience 🙃 I guess it's good to know it wasn't just a skill issue; and also that there's still a community supporting UBFunkey. I would've never expected that tbh. About to re-adopt my Funkeys from my younger sibling..

  • Argus
    Argus Year ago +2

    Holy crap UB Funkys that brings me back. I remember playing that as a 9-10 year old for like a single night after an "18 year old" followed me around the entire map asking to date me. It freaked me out so bad I threw that little vinyl toy away hah

  • Samuel Mace
    Samuel Mace Year ago +3

    Oh my God! UB Funkeys! I remember that! I used to have a few of the figurines, and I played it myself, until I lost the giant Hub connecter thing.... the Giant Funkey, ig. I loved this game. It's sad to hear that it went defunct in 2010 though. It seems like a lot of my favorite childhood games are shut down now. UB Funkeys, Super Hero Squad Online, Club Penguin. It's just sad. And TWO of those were shut down thanks to Disney! Dumb bastards. I'd honestly still give them my money to play SHSO again. I put so many hours into that game, from 2011 to 2015, it was insane. I had collected so many characters, had so much silver (until they replaced silver with fractals, which I ALSO had a lot of), and i was a member, so I was constantly getting gold as well! God, I miss that one the most! 😭💔

  • Cleanurself
    Cleanurself Year ago

    I honestly I think the mysterious box is a inside joke about how Kojima was originally going studio to studio to find an engine that he would use for Death Stranding and when he went to Guerrilla Games to look at the Decima engine they were so honored that they later sent Kojima a small wooden gift box with a few goodies and a copy of the Decima engine itself

  • Mega Dick 6 Billion

    As for the beast fang, I think it was generally a joke referencing how you weren't supposed to get it, but as for why it's there, likely one of those cases in which they have it specifically to avoid you getting a crash or something similar over a null value. If I'm correct (and I very well might not be) the beast fang could be achieved through any other glitch that gives you an item value the game sees as null.

  • Psykel
    Psykel Year ago +128

    11:15 If you read the sequels to the original Ring novel, Spiral and Loop, it actually is a malicious virtual reality cyber matrix thing.

    • Goom
      Goom Year ago +2

      lol I just commented something similar

    • Psykel
      Psykel Year ago +17

      @Lexi Yeah. They’re nothing like the movies though and border more on sci-fi thrillers than classic horror. Heck, the Ring novel doesn’t even have Sadako coming out of the TV like the movies do. They’re quite good though!

    • Scary Stories At 2AM
      Scary Stories At 2AM Year ago +4

      I definitely need to look into these novels, that's so interesting! I had no idea there were sequels

    • Psykel
      Psykel Year ago +2

      @Scary Stories At 2AM Do it! They’re great!

  • the monotonist
    the monotonist Year ago +9

    woah, I didn't expect to be mentioned in an Oddheader video (about the HLA thing). Thanks for bringing attention to it! That radio is still one of my most thought about mysteries to this day, as a long time Half Life fan

    • Bonethrower
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      Hey Mono, cool seeing you on another side of Clip-Share other than Vinesauce :)

  • emmoony
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    I have a theory for the road 96 owl, in the original trail of the golden owl a bronze owl was buried were the clues all lead up to. If you return the bronze owl to Becker’s (the creator of the puzzle) legal protector, you will be declared the winner and receive the golden owl. I wonder if you take the owl in the game and give it to someone (if that is possible in the game ) than something will happen, or a second owl will spawn in.

  • Reniachii
    Reniachii Year ago +1

    It is possible that the beast fang in Cave Story is a "debug item" used for chests/item givers without a proper id for testing purposes

  • Bec Callow
    Bec Callow Year ago +1

    The blob of flesh and baby carriage speak to Bloodborne for me, since both of them contain babies that cause a boss fight. The carriage being related to Mergo's Wet Nurse, and the blob of flesh hiding the Orphan of Kos.

  • Pensive Scarlet
    Pensive Scarlet Year ago +2

    Also, the silver ring in the crazy Ring spinoff game says it apparently belonged to Sadako Yamamura, who is the OG Ring girl. So, pretty sure that's just a standard egg, referencing the origin of all Ring related fiction. It feels like a bit of a Japanese pun, too. You found Sadako's literal ring. That's funny to me, anyway.

  • Kendler Kendler
    Kendler Kendler Year ago +70

    The first easter egg immediately made me think about bloodborne. That fleshy gray body on the ground looks a lot like Kos, and the baby carriage which featured a lot in the game.
    No idea what it could mean though.

    • asdbanz
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    • Bono
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      exactly what I was about to say

    • Megami
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    • donleza
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      yea, it's totally a Bloodborne reference

    • Spike
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      @Megami But only some say Kosm

  • Antonio G.
    Antonio G. Year ago

    I love displate they are a bit pricey but Totally worth it. I just finished the game Superliminal not too long ago. Working on my second play through with the secrets on to see if I can find anything else. It’s such an interesting game

  • Mimick
    Mimick Year ago +3

    I remember when I used to watch TatsTopsVideos with similar stuff about this. Been watching OddHeader for a few years now cuz of this crazy stuff. I told a friend about the glitched version of the orc from Shadow of War and he thought that was reaaaaal trippy. And he played that game religiously! Good video, Odd!

  • Suburban Vibes
    Suburban Vibes Year ago +2

    What we ought to do with the Half Life radio is hire a professional game developer to fix the crash when you leave the room with the radio so we can see what happens

  • a guy with a GasMask

    I love how the zoo level moves makes me wonder what would happen if you run or stop it from moving using hacks

  • Josh Makarenko
    Josh Makarenko Year ago +10

    I found the Pool of Forgetfulness like a third of the way through my first playthrough and could never figure out what it was for, glad I wasn't the only one haha

  • edfreak9001
    edfreak9001 Year ago +235

    "a secret zoo level that can't be found via datadumping or datamining"
    doesn't exist, understood

    • Goom
      Goom Year ago +5


    • Aaron Exton
      Aaron Exton Year ago +67

      Yeah, that's the ultimate takeaway here.
      If he's truly found a way to prevent something from being datamined by experienced people actively trying to datamine it, then I'm sure a lot of companies would be interested in paying good money for that method.
      He's full of shit and it's a surprise people didn't instantly write this off as a hoax as soon as he said it.

    • Eliezra
      Eliezra Year ago +4

      @Aaron Exton did you listen to the video? It says there's code to download and extract it

    • Goom
      Goom Year ago +24

      @Eliezra it says that's theorized by people, although afaik nothing like that has been foud

    • Eggs
      Eggs Year ago +17

      Even if it doesn't exist the mystery is still fun

  • hamburger helper
    hamburger helper Year ago +1

    Im so glad Accounting was mentioned, That flesh room was fucking horrifying. Scared the fuck out of me when I just randomly found it, especially on VR

  • Ronald White
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    You're truly the best Easter egg channel on Clip-Share. Guru is a close second

  • Pleblep
    Pleblep Year ago +1

    I like to imagine devs adding random Easter eggs in a game that can make some cryptic message that means absolutely

  • uselesscalcium
    uselesscalcium Year ago +1

    regarding the beast fang: cave story was originally a japanese game, and has two translations - the fanmade one for the original freeware game, and the one made by nicalis, the company who bought the rights. the beast fang event and inventory description were updated to reference its unused nature in the nicalis translation, if you manage to obtain it in any of the official ports, it will have that description - and it wasn't deliberately added to CS3D, it just uses the original scripts which contain both dialogue and events to obtain items
    as for the beast fang itself, it's most likely just a scrapped item that pixel didn't remove or null out for whatever reason, the game's full of things like that :P
    (tdlr: unused item with a self-aware description carried over from the original game due to how CS3D works internally)

  • /::Whatislife[
    /::Whatislife[ Year ago +2

    When I was messing around in the keyhole room in superliminal, I was able to use the door to clip past the table and into a white void. A few other glitches happened in a different stage with a small SomnaSculpt building that was managed to clip out of bounds. When I walked through the door and a weird square that would shape shift into other blocky shapes. There was another glitch where the game started when the logo was still loading. You can find the video on my channel.

  • Ellie Sanders
    Ellie Sanders Year ago +46

    As for the no Man's sky update.
    At this point I think the only way to tell if the anomalies are worth anything is to go to all 255 galaxies get the numbers for each one of them and then try to figure out if they mean anything. I know that sounds tedious but to me it sounds kind of fun

    • Ralsei
      Ralsei Year ago +5

      I'll share what I had found last week:
      While pulse driving, I had found one of those Civilization Shelter Pods, a pretty common anomaly encounter that doesn't really do anything besides give you some Portal glyph codes. Now, what was strange about this specific pod was that it had an entry point, similar to a space station's or the Nexus', that I was able to fly into.
      (My game instantly froze and crashed shortly after my ship had initiated the landing sequence.)
      I assume that it's just an unfinished function for the Station Override item.

  • Mr Spaghetti
    Mr Spaghetti Year ago +17

    5:30 Wait… Horizon Zero Dawn is _one_ of your favorite recent games about a post apocalyptic Western United States where society has fallen and become overrrun by sentient robot beasts? Can you tell me what your top 5 are in that genre?

    • kimzee59
      kimzee59 Year ago +1

      I was about to say that you could add Nier Automata to that list. Then I remembered it canonically takes place in Japan

  • ArkTheCat
    ArkTheCat Year ago +21

    7:54 Anyone notice how the UI says "ODDHEADER RULES" on the top left corner? I definitely agree with it, easter eggs are cool as hell.

    • MareeeeDensos
      MareeeeDensos Year ago +1

      Whoever made Road 96 must've noticed him.

    • bryan
      bryan Year ago

      Probably just edited, I've noticed he did it before.

  • Kaye PlagueDoc
    Kaye PlagueDoc Year ago +1

    If The Ring in The Ring Terrors Realm is a weird cyber matrix thing, then that's actually pretty close to the source material not the other way around, the books sequels dealt with the Ring virus expanding into a virtual space like that.