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The day when Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi played world class

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 246

  • Miyamoto Musashi
    Miyamoto Musashi Month ago +42

    as an Argentine supporter it was a nerve wracking match, mbappe played so good here

  • Ash2506
    Ash2506 29 days ago +21

    the argentinian team was playing a fairytale wc final match for the first 70-80 minutes, it was so smooth flowing and perfect, everything they did turned to gold

      FF LOVING YT 22 days ago +1

      bro the legendery angel di maria was missing in that time . when di maria was getting to bench me and my father said that match prediction will change now the legend was substituted thats all otherwise they would win it in 90 minutes

    • Bimal Kumar Deb
      Bimal Kumar Deb 25 days ago +1

      I think Argentina players are tired after 80 minutes and also missing the brilliance of dimaria and so French got a chance of making a comeback.

  • Moh Name
    Moh Name 10 days ago +3

    10:57 I celebrated that shot from Messi. 90% of the times that is a goal if Messi hits such a shot from that area.

  • KaziOp!
    KaziOp! 23 days ago +9

    Mbappe performance at 2nd half was an shocking news for Argentina and whole world ever

  • Kudzai Ngozo-Chapata
    Kudzai Ngozo-Chapata 3 days ago +5

    The best world cup final ever played in history

  • Godlin Kumaresan
    Godlin Kumaresan Month ago +60

    This was the best world Cup final in football history

    • Nasteha Haruun
      Nasteha Haruun 6 days ago


      ASSANE NDJAYE Month ago +2

      No doubt! Best word cup final

  • Empty 107-Ninja the Cat
    Empty 107-Ninja the Cat 18 days ago +4

    We just appreciate how op mbappe was in this game

  • ankur kundlia
    ankur kundlia Month ago +45

    I am watching football since 1998 WC when france won the world cup. but i never saw match like this final, every second was like a goosebump coming. France is my all time favourite team but messi , christiano , zidane and ronaldo nazario and neymar junior is my all time individual favourite, i really wanted messi or christiano or neymar should lift the world cup...I am happy to see argentina lift the world cup. but we should also not forget mbappe efforts, it was match beetween Argentine all vs Mbappe.. he has a bright future ahead.

    • Rocio Martinez angel
      Rocio Martinez angel Month ago

      mama eres mi mejor papa y mama

    • Pato Ivan
      Pato Ivan Month ago +2

      I can't help but admire Kylian so much as a player after watching the WC, every time he had the ball he'd dribble someone, make an amazing pass, score or the three at once. That man's gonna be a beast and go down as one of the best players ever

  • Rossen Thalapathy
    Rossen Thalapathy 22 days ago +10

    Mbappe taught argentine players what does the fear taste like💯💯💯💯

  • Nargis Fatima
    Nargis Fatima 17 days ago +1

    everyone was like: only Mbappe was playing nice in france.
    but lets give some appreciation to the defendinf of France also the assists made by the team mates of the team

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 9 days ago +4

    14:35 this one was insane🥶🥶

  • Iip Ilham Firman
    Iip Ilham Firman 5 days ago +1

    The final that would be everlasting for football fans image.

  • masud alam
    masud alam Month ago +63

    Mbappe was world class for the last 20 minutes.... Before that, he was invisible.

    • Gryfenfer
      Gryfenfer 4 days ago

      ​@Thapelo Gumbi messi 2014 totally invisible 💀
      People hating on kylian bcs they fear his potential 😂

    • Gryfenfer
      Gryfenfer 4 days ago

      2014 messi invisible the whole finale 😂

    • M.F.F.R
      M.F.F.R 7 days ago

      @Aaron Chiam triggered lmao im saying these are clear pens unlike 4/5 of messi pens🤣🤣🤣

    • Aaron Chiam
      Aaron Chiam 7 days ago

      @M.F.F.R Oh so just because Mbappe is the one scoring penalties, the penalties are legit now? He scored 2 penalties in the final yet he still lost🤣🤣

    • TheRaikouEmp4ror
      TheRaikouEmp4ror 10 days ago

      ​@Arianna Regulykeep hating on mbappe

  • HelloWorld
    HelloWorld Month ago +12

    This is gonna soon be history, MESSI GOAT!

  • Akshay
    Akshay  27 days ago +6

    Di Maria and Leo legendary Duo in the international level

  • Crimer Surfer
    Crimer Surfer 4 days ago

    This was the best ever high lights ever made!
    well done

  • Paul Tait
    Paul Tait 25 days ago +1

    idk who was going to win but a very good preformance for both france and argentina

  • NinjaTdog Mapping
    NinjaTdog Mapping Month ago +17


    SHREYAS 25 days ago +5

    The best match plates in FIFA history 👌 🙌 👏 💯

  • Nina Bou
    Nina Bou 21 day ago

    Grac à Messi je suis tomber amoureux du foot de puis 2020

  • Onyema Oluchi
    Onyema Oluchi 24 days ago +1

    When you have Messi and Di Maria just know you will win a any final

  • Shuriken Gamer
    Shuriken Gamer Month ago +11

    I’m in pain every time I watch this.. because all of his efforts gone in waste. If he didn’t did 3 goals then I wouldn’t be this sad but he did 3 goals and still lost I feel bad for him and I’ll feel relieved only if Portugal or France wins 2026 World Cup

    • Gryfenfer
      Gryfenfer 4 days ago

      ​@Nandlal Maurya nahh stop trash argentina we know messi fan boy always do it but respect them kid

    • Nandlal Maurya
      Nandlal Maurya 21 day ago

      @Ahmed argentina -messi = a bad team

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed 24 days ago +1

      Nah argentina will win

    • Shuriken Gamer
      Shuriken Gamer 28 days ago +1

      @Tarak Bose Brazil France England Netherlands will be next level in 2026 World Cup I think any one if these will win

    • Tarak Bose
      Tarak Bose 29 days ago +2

      England or Germany will win 2026 world cup

  • al gika
    al gika 9 days ago +1

    here you only comment on Messi and mbape, but I have more respect for emi here he is very savage !! wow ❤

  • N.M.Ashraf Ul Azam
    N.M.Ashraf Ul Azam 27 days ago +2

    Mbappe and colomuani almost snatching away the match .

  • ZombiePlaysYT
    ZombiePlaysYT Month ago +1

    Mbappe 4 goals, (penalty) 1 hatrick 1 volley 1 penalty

  • Walworth Community Pub
    Walworth Community Pub 16 days ago +1

    Mbappe is the second person to score a hattrick in a World Cup final after Jeff Hearst

    • Aaron Chiam
      Aaron Chiam 4 days ago

      @Gryfenfer I agree. He has a high change👌🏻

    • Gryfenfer
      Gryfenfer 4 days ago

      @Aaron Chiam he already showed when he was 19 that messi wasnt a big deal for him.
      Again in 2022, almost single handled the finale
      messi retire or not doesnt change the fact he'll reach his prime in 2026 and win the worldcup no matter what.

    • Aaron Chiam
      Aaron Chiam 4 days ago

      @Gryfenfer true, Mbappe will definitely be the best player after Messi retires. He has the potential

    • Gryfenfer
      Gryfenfer 4 days ago

      ​@Aaron Chiam you maybe 😊 but almost everyone will remember his performance, the day the world knew mbappe was destined to be the 🐐

    • Aaron Chiam
      Aaron Chiam 7 days ago

      But no one will remember it because he lost. No hate tho..

  • Sharad Mohip
    Sharad Mohip Month ago +36

    wacthing over this game messi really created some serious chances and scored to,...10/10 for messi ...10/10 for mbappe in the final half

  • Jenny Remache
    Jenny Remache 3 days ago

    This World cup made me cry in school😢

  • Juan John
    Juan John 23 days ago +1

    Messi had to be a wc champ before his retirement to be a legend as one of the best players the world has ever had,if they would’ve gotten eliminated he was gonna end up like another mediocre player ..FIFA good job

    • Aaron Chiam
      Aaron Chiam 7 days ago

      What are u talking about. Messi was already a legend and the G.O.A.T before this. This WC just confirms it

  • Simpson Nyacharo
    Simpson Nyacharo Month ago +17

    How do I explain to my children that Mbape scored 3 goals in a world Cup final and still never won the cup.

    • CalaSound
      CalaSound 7 days ago

      Oh... and explaining his children how good the argentinian mate is... I must have misread 😄

    • Aaron Chiam
      Aaron Chiam 7 days ago

      @Monsieur G He was talking about this match which he lost

    • jorfradec1
      jorfradec1 15 days ago

      Soccer is a team game and Argentina played better as a team and never missed a penalty kick. On the other hand, France was not enough with the genius of Mbappé, although he saved it from a catastrophe.

    • iFeelRonaldo
      iFeelRonaldo Month ago

      @Monsieur Ghe must be weak in GK 😂💀

    • Monsieur G
      Monsieur G Month ago +4

      You won't have to because he already won it once.

  • Derrick the railfan
    Derrick the railfan Month ago +8

    Let me be honest, Argentina was attacking France at this match

    • Sharad Mohip
      Sharad Mohip Month ago +2

      yeahthey deserved it , but otamendi showed why he is suspect. Was a very good comeback from the french biut the better team won in the end

  • LordVoldemort TheReturnofTheDarklord

    That first pen was not even a pen... If you watch Maria closely, you will find out that... France deserved to be the World Cup winners, but Argentina won. It is what it is. Respect to both "young talent" Mbappe and "dribbling god" Messi....
    CR7 Fan here... 🙂

    • jorfradec1
      jorfradec1 15 days ago +1

      Es penal, le toca la pierna zurda, y eso hace que se cruce con la pierna de apoya y se tropiece. El referee lo vio porque estaba cerca, ni dudó. Depende de la camara, se ve el foul o no

  • Damanvir Singh Gill
    Damanvir Singh Gill 22 days ago +1

    14:36 “”THE SAVE OF THE CENTURY “”

  • sankalp singh
    sankalp singh Month ago +3

    Mbappe was lucky to have 2 penalties 😂
    Apart from that he didn't do anything on the pitch and more precisely couldn't do anything 🤣
    Only 1 goal is good and that too was nothing special

    • Gryfenfer
      Gryfenfer 4 days ago

      Messi 2014 ? Invisible total flop
      Mbappe hat trick 😌

  • Willie D.
    Willie D. 24 days ago +1

    It's all messie ever wanted

  • MD. TãmzïD_HóssãïN

    14:37 if France have good luck results would have been something different 😢😌😬

  • 95__Gamerz々
    95__Gamerz々 21 day ago +1

    15:03 mbappe shooting power 😓

  • Archis Dutta
    Archis Dutta Month ago +9

    I love ❤️ 🇦🇷 Argentina

  • Solmaz Kaya
    Solmaz Kaya 25 days ago

    Mbappe scored 2 goals in 2 mins

  • Monjulespatient Dyhonga

    Messi mon idole

  • Marcelo Muñoz
    Marcelo Muñoz 21 day ago

    Argentina could win for 6 goals, but anyway WOLRD CHAMPIONS MY FRIENDS! land of Maradona and Messi.

  • Evans Mkhabela
    Evans Mkhabela Month ago +82

    Argentina struggled because their coach substituted de-Maria they dominated France in the first half....

    • Birori Ivan
      Birori Ivan 9 days ago

      That's the moment that made me scared too

    • Ean
      Ean 17 days ago

      Di Maria would have kept them u by one

      THE BILKUL FAMILY 19 days ago

      And no greezeman tooo

      THE BILKUL FAMILY 19 days ago

      Bro dont talk about demaria in france team there was no pogba ,benzema demaria is not too good if there was benzema then it will be too good for St and pogba bestest defender

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed 24 days ago

    The way he danced lol 16:00

  • Ravindra chauhan
    Ravindra chauhan Month ago +13

    Before final match everyone was saying that France team is stronger with many star players but during the match argentina showed france how to play football...
    Messi Showed Mbbape why he is GOAT

    • Len Singson
      Len Singson Month ago

      100% Messi showed why he is Goat correct 👏

    • Rea Dema
      Rea Dema Month ago

      Medien😲😲😲😲😲😲 Arkentine🖕

  • 95__Gamerz々
    95__Gamerz々 21 day ago +1

    The best night of 2022 mine

  • Fut_Stats
    Fut_Stats 25 days ago


  • Vall draskovic
    Vall draskovic 7 days ago

    8:51 mbappe goal🎉🎉🎉

  • Justin Bieber Bangladesh
    Justin Bieber Bangladesh 23 days ago +8

    No word for Messi. He is world best

  • Football Editz
    Football Editz 23 days ago

    10:56 11:58 If these were a goals

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  • sisay mesfin
    sisay mesfin 23 days ago

    wow best perfonmance

  • ARS Raza
    ARS Raza 16 days ago

    Mbappes birthday gift losing the wc

  • Nina Bou
    Nina Bou 21 day ago

    Messi à sa troi ème étoile je l’ador taillent

  • Rusmin Bin rusdee
    Rusmin Bin rusdee Month ago +2


  • Riley YEUNG [5M]
    Riley YEUNG [5M] 26 days ago

    This is so exciting 6:08

  • Pouchunthuan Pamei
    Pouchunthuan Pamei Month ago +1

    Honestly in Final Mbappe play World class football not Messi with respect

    • Ajayi Oreoluwa
      Ajayi Oreoluwa 21 day ago

      So obvious you didn’t watch the match and you didn’t even see this highlights

  • Bright Shoes
    Bright Shoes 21 day ago


  • Jashavantbhai Chaudhari

    what a best

  • Vall draskovic
    Vall draskovic 7 days ago

    9:02😂😂😂ha ha martinez goal

  • Victor Nnabugwu
    Victor Nnabugwu Month ago +9

    Di maria crying like a kid 😂

    • Debarun Karmakar
      Debarun Karmakar Month ago +1

      yeah commenting in the comment section is very much easier, but playing 3 world cups like Di Maria and winning it is way more tough....at first, get a life bro...

  • Nkl
    Nkl 25 days ago

    Nice match

  • Samuvel D
    Samuvel D 10 days ago +1

    I am watching football since 1986

  • David Hedblom
    David Hedblom 26 days ago +1

    Ni är bäst på fotboll

  • Walworth Community Pub

    Portugal will win the 2030 World Cup because of Ronaldo jr

  • Mehedi Hasan Maruf
    Mehedi Hasan Maruf 16 days ago

    122.06 minutes Save.....😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Dibu

  • Анвар Рахматуллаев

    its a great video

    ÇERÇIZ DELIJA 4 days ago


  • Joy Merheb
    Joy Merheb Month ago +5

    Messi wow

  • Rose Muha
    Rose Muha 13 days ago

    France could have won that world cup

  • M.S. Bahri
    M.S. Bahri Month ago


  • Bisham personal channel

    I mess young messi😥😥😥😓😓

  • Hussain Ahmed
    Hussain Ahmed Month ago +3


  • Sagar Maharjan
    Sagar Maharjan Month ago +2


  • Josh Morales
    Josh Morales Month ago +10

    Messi is the best

  • Mafia România
    Mafia România 7 days ago +1

    messi yeeeeeeeeey yes yes bro messi tare bro bro messi bravo yeeeeey

  • John Cute John Cute
    John Cute John Cute 26 days ago

    Macalister key in the match......

  • molly
    molly 18 days ago

    Mbappe is next levle he will come back

  • Амалия Гукасян


  • NigthWolf.1989
    NigthWolf.1989 20 days ago

    Argentina victory

  • Monjulespatient Dyhonga

    Di Maria est meilleur vraiment il nous a montré les points faibles de Jules kounde et ses coéquipiers

  • Nina Bou
    Nina Bou 21 day ago

    Messi je suis son bras droit 😂😂❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉 popopo

  • Dimitri.09
    Dimitri.09 Month ago +12

    Messi is best

  • kelly hidalgo
    kelly hidalgo Month ago


  • Md Shihab
    Md Shihab 25 days ago


  • jhon joni
    jhon joni Month ago


  • Md Nirob
    Md Nirob 10 days ago


  • Tewelde Gayim
    Tewelde Gayim 18 days ago


  • Kearan Tingle
    Kearan Tingle Month ago +2

    I don't think lloris should be keeper.

  • ashvin toofanny
    ashvin toofanny Month ago +3

    Technically france won this world cup cuz there were favouritism for argentina

  • Walworth Community Pub

    Who was man of the match

  • Aryan Vishnoi
    Aryan Vishnoi Month ago +6

    Anyboby noticed wtf is going in 9:50 min during celebration..🥺🥺🥺

    • Jean Lacroix
      Jean Lacroix Month ago

      @Hattan Algarni This rule doesn't exist. It is a legend.

    • Hattan Algarni
      Hattan Algarni Month ago

      It is because there is a rule that only the side with the kick off has to be on there side so if all eleven players are celebrating the game can start but I don’t think the ref would allow this in a World Cup final

  • FatehEditz
    FatehEditz Month ago

    France played really dirty with argentina

    SPURIN K S 8 days ago


  • Sabya Mandal
    Sabya Mandal Month ago

    Messsi op khala

    VIRALGO Month ago

    Loved to see likes on this video.

    MILAN JUNG RAI TV 29 days ago

    The game changer k mabappe

  • Vall draskovic
    Vall draskovic 7 days ago

    Mbappe and france is best

  • 亗 Bryant_Myers07 ⺓

    penal para argentina : Que patie penalessis

  • Arka Arka
    Arka Arka 26 days ago


  • John kargbo
    John kargbo Month ago

    Mbappe is the cow He is the cooooooooow