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2017 Michigan Defense Highlights

  • Published on Feb 4, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • The Highlight of the season for the Wolverines this year, Go Blue.
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  • bo jiden
    bo jiden 4 years ago +17

    When we can get a QB who can throw a ball more than 3 yards without throwing an interception we'll be in good shape

  • Cryogenx37
    Cryogenx37 5 years ago +3

    It's a shame that the Defense got tired out because of the Offense kept getting 3 and outs. I'm extremely hopeful for this coming season with Ed Warinner coaching the O-Line and 4-way QB talent.

  • Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen 4 years ago +8

    If they can stay healthy the 2018 version will be one of the very best units in the nation. Speed, experience and playmaking at every level of the D.

  • itsaccer
    itsaccer 5 years ago +98

    I hate that we wasted this Defense because of our awful O

    • OttoVonAaron
      OttoVonAaron 5 years ago +2

      itsaccer with Patterson now we are a play-off contender

    • Eddie Sharpe
      Eddie Sharpe 5 years ago +1

      I absolutely agree

    • Michael Duncan
      Michael Duncan 5 years ago +2

      Patterson hasn't even taken a snap yet. And with Michigan's habit of regressing qb talent, I'd have to see it before I believe it.

    • Matthew
      Matthew 4 years ago

      Mike Duncan Patterson hasn't taken a snap? Lmao he had 2200 in 6 games in 2017

    • Matthew
      Matthew 4 years ago +2

      itsaccer McCray was terrible who had to leave and Mo Hurst can be replaced because we have depth on the d line so Michigan hasn't wasted this defense yet

  • 19.Nick.03
    19.Nick.03 2 years ago

    I miss having a defense like this 😢😭

  • Kyriea
    Kyriea 2 years ago +1

    I went to that Florida game and he litteraly never saw Winovich coming, and ive never been so happy in my life.

  • Rick M
    Rick M 4 years ago +2

    Show Harbaugh’s vaunted offense. Can’t wait to see some more of the handoff to the tight end that could only happen to a Harbaugh coached team.

  • Darryl W
    Darryl W 4 years ago +2

    They are unreal....Go Blue!!!

  • zackkidd30
    zackkidd30 3 years ago +1

    When we gonna get a 2018 defense video? Can't wait!

  • Johnny Olden Jr.
    Johnny Olden Jr. 4 years ago +3

    The defense played so fast and nasty against Florida.

  • Bradley Hills
    Bradley Hills 4 years ago +2

    Number 4 on Florida had maybe the worst play that a blocking WR can have at 1:35. Thrown to the ground by Metellus, who forced the fumble, and then ran over by Marshall who recovered the fumble.

  • Josh Edwards
    Josh Edwards 3 years ago

    Looking back at this vid I see one difference that separates the 15-17 teams from the 18-19 teams. They played the game with FIRE and PASSION. These past two seasons I've seen nowhere near that. Not against OSU, or anyone. Yeah they showed some heart, but not on the level of wanting to rip the heart from the opponent, take a bite and smash it on the ground. Our O has improved but our D has taken huge steps back since we have up 62 to OSU.

  • Liam McElroy
    Liam McElroy 3 years ago +5

    Should’ve just called this 2017 full season highlights since we had no highlights on offense

  • tonoslim
    tonoslim 4 years ago +10

    This yrs offense should be better for sure. 18's defense will be just as nasty if not nastier.

    • Happy Gilmore
      Happy Gilmore 4 years ago +1

      I hope it will be more stable...they would play lights out but give up 3-5 big plays a game that usually resulted in TD’s. That’s what frustrates me the most.

    • Jalen Campbell
      Jalen Campbell 4 years ago

      @Happy Gilmore that happens to almost every defense in the country though, if our offense wasn't so trash we could afford to give up a few big plays a game

  • Lugowski
    Lugowski 5 years ago +31

    This team was ranked 8th at one point... our QB guru better actually put a capable quarterback on the field this year.

  • Clay Scharboneau
    Clay Scharboneau 5 years ago +9

    No reason to skip the losses

    • Joshua Painter
      Joshua Painter 5 years ago

      Clay Scharboneau seriously. I was looking forward to ALL pf the '17 D highlights

  • Noah Ballard
    Noah Ballard 3 months ago

    I wish this was still the Devin Bush that the Steelers had

  • Justin Roh
    Justin Roh 4 years ago +1

    5-1 guys not a bad start

  • Happy Gilmore
    Happy Gilmore 4 years ago +1

    This defense was AMAZING! That being said they were prone to giving up 3-5 big plays a game that usually resulted in a TD. I am so excited for this years TEAM!

    • TheOhioanBuckeye
      TheOhioanBuckeye 3 years ago

      August Janke It wasn’t really amazing more of a Overrated Defense 62 - 39

  • Paul Seibert
    Paul Seibert 4 years ago


  • Losttouchjs
    Losttouchjs Year ago

    Michigan is real good when they’re playing easy teams 🤷‍♂️

  • Supreme dawgo
    Supreme dawgo 3 years ago

    I loved our defense in 2017. Too bad we wasted it because our offense sucks.

  • Sheriff_Branford
    Sheriff_Branford 5 years ago +1

    It's a shame that the offense was so putrid.

  • Mike
    Mike 5 years ago

    Congrats on all these highlights against Cincinnati and Rutgers

  • Evan 215
    Evan 215 4 years ago +1

    Tarik Black is out for the year again

  • 9 is fine Ohio State NATTYS

    ''hope we can beat Ohio State before the world ends''

    • Kyle2324
      Kyle2324 4 years ago +2

      Jalen Campbell or you know, just a normal Michigan fan that’s been a fan since they were 7. And they live in Michigan and go to Michigan for school.

  • jaymilez523
    jaymilez523 5 years ago +11


  • foreal pat
    foreal pat 5 years ago +1

    GO BLUE!!!
    More music soon.
    FREE artist: foreal pat

  • user123
    user123 2 years ago

    We should have beat florida by so much more

  • Rick M
    Rick M 4 years ago +1

    Where’s the video of the offensive highlights? Oh, that’s right there weren’t any.

  • Huddle Highlights
    Huddle Highlights 3 years ago +1

    lol Maryland in 2017... Then they go beat Texas back to back?

  • Inturat
    Inturat 4 years ago +1

    Why did you skip the losses

    • Michael A
      Michael A 4 years ago


    • Vinayak Swaroop
      Vinayak Swaroop 4 years ago

      i mean they still had some highlights in their losses

  • Paul Seibert
    Paul Seibert 3 years ago

    I love the way you HATE ME. GO BLUE!!!!!

  • Rick M
    Rick M 4 years ago +1

    With no offense what else can you show?

    • Jackson Rosenthal
      Jackson Rosenthal 3 years ago

      Rick M our offense was OFFENSIVE to the word “offense” and it was so offensive that the offense might as well have been called the defense

  • Duke Moose
    Duke Moose 4 years ago

    Penn St 42 Michigan 13

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 5 years ago +3

    How they do against the buckeyes ?

    • Kyoto and Sun Chips
      Kyoto and Sun Chips 5 years ago +1

      We lost by four in an interception thrown by Josh O'Korn

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 5 years ago

      Heartless Vanitas cool

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 5 years ago

      Pretty easy to play defense against shitty teams with no offense

    • Bryan Badder
      Bryan Badder 5 years ago +4

      Sean Craven your Suckeyes had -6 total yards after the 1st quarter. Now try looking at more than just the final score.

    • Tyler Durden
      Tyler Durden 5 years ago +2

      Bryan Badder not gonna lie. You guys did very well against us in that first quarter. You were up 14-0 at one point. I was honestly worried there for a sec especially playing in the big house. But the remaining 3 quarters we rushed for an outstanding 232 yards against your defense. So I try to look at the entire game as a whole instead of focusing on the first quarter. I'll tell you this though. I'm excited your whole defense is back and you finally have a quarterback. This next year will be very interesting. And I see a possible scenario where we may both get into the playoffs if the cards fall right. That would be crazy. What are your predictions for next season? Good luck

  • TheOhioanBuckeye
    TheOhioanBuckeye 3 years ago

    Where’s the Ohio State Video... Oh Wait

  • Sora Light
    Sora Light 4 years ago +1

    Where are the highlights vs OSU and MSU? Oh wait... our defense didn't show up in a clutch road game. What a surprise.

    • WolverineHighlights
      WolverineHighlights  4 years ago +2

      Sora Pelkey they were both home games but they only gave up 14 to MSU

    • Sora Light
      Sora Light 4 years ago

      WolverineHighlights whoops then that's even worse. Assumed they were road since they haven't won a road game against a ranked team since 2007. However, Lewerke looked like a stud against out defense in a windy ass game. Oh and how about however many points we gave up against Penn state? Michigan's defense is overrated and crumbles at important moments/games.

    • WolverineHighlights
      WolverineHighlights  4 years ago

      Sora Pelkey they will look a lot better if the offense could sustain drives

    • Sora Light
      Sora Light 4 years ago +1

      WolverineHighlights hey I definitely agree. Our offense was a joke and our defense had to bail us out plenty of times. However, it's still frustrating to see a team perform so well, then faced with a challenge like Saquon Barkley they crumble at the sight.

    • WolverineHighlights
      WolverineHighlights  4 years ago +1

      Sora Pelkey I feel you