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$100k BOUNTY if you help us find these MISSING Lambos!

  • Published on Jan 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • We are looking for 2 specific manual transmission LP670 SVs. The VINs are ZHWBU8AM2ALA03490 or ZHWBE81M0ALA03528. The US car is orange and was originally in Singapore but went to China sometime last year. The European car is believed to be either Grigio Telesto or Matte Blue.
    We are well aware of the owners of the 3 US cars (3794 Roy Cats, 3957 Ben Chen, 3875 Harrison Houng) and the 2 Swiss cars (3883 LamboNutter, 4015 Matte Brown). Please note we are not looking for early manual cars and we know of the matte white car in Dubai that is advertised as a manual but is an E-Gear car.
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  • VINwiki
    VINwiki  Month ago +1893

    We are looking for 2 specific manual transmission LP670 SVs. The VINs are ZHWBU8AM2ALA03490 or ZHWBE81M0ALA03528. The US car is orange and was originally in Singapore but went to China sometime last year. The European car is believed to be either Grigio Telesto or Matte Blue.
    We are well aware of the owners of the 3 US cars (3794 Roy Cats, 3957 Ben Chen, 3875 Harrison Houng) and the 2 Swiss cars (3883 LamboNutter, 4015 Matte Brown). Please note we are not looking for early manual cars and we know of the matte white car in Dubai that is advertised as a manual but is an E-Gear car.
    See the full video: clip-share.net/video/Rmwv6ZK1A8k/video.html

    • Sparkling Wine
      Sparkling Wine 10 days ago

      ​@Brad Harvey can be done. But getting it out won't be easy

    • Ba Ba
      Ba Ba 15 days ago

      @Arjun U.K that's honestly probably the one lmao

    • MustafA al abdullah
      MustafA al abdullah 16 days ago

      I got it in lebanon and if u want proof just contact me as fast as u can

  • MrRogers1187
    MrRogers1187 Month ago +15504

    $5 says he doesn't keep his word.

    • 777hdt
      777hdt 2 days ago

      This guy has always made my flog meter go off the chart

    • Kristian playz
      Kristian playz 3 days ago

      ​@B³ 30 says you don't pay the ten and he doesn't pay the thirty

    • MrRogers1187
      MrRogers1187 4 days ago

      @D C 👀

    • D C
      D C 4 days ago +1

      I bet the odds are the same as you paying somebody $5

    • jesus garcia
      jesus garcia 13 days ago +1

      10 dollars u won’t give that 5

  • Rsk47 reviews
    Rsk47 reviews Month ago +567

    Golden rule: if you cannot find a particular car, its probably in Dubai.

    • Stefan
      Stefan 3 days ago

      or in Russia or in Japan

    • Geeth San
      Geeth San 21 day ago +1

      Dubai really is a place where you find the most unexpected shit that makes you wondering how the f did it even end up here. For example, i found a GT3RS parked under a tree with a bunch of crap on top of it.

    • Bluekey
      Bluekey 21 day ago +1

      I see the possibility

    • Average 3323
      Average 3323 28 days ago +1

      Either Dubai or Brunei

    • John Moylan
      John Moylan Month ago +36

      Plot twist: dumped in Dubai in the long term car park at the airport. Owner went awol on a one-way ticket out of there and stopped making payments on it...

    GARBAGE FIRE Month ago +233

    Plot twist.
    He'll never pay anyone anything.

  • I'm Illiterate and
    I'm Illiterate and Month ago +3831

    That 100k will be shrewdly negotiated away to meet the 'reasonable cost' clause.

    • Matthew Lindung
      Matthew Lindung 21 day ago

      ​@PatrickSwayzeOnDbol "oh sorry, someone made us an offer to give us the info for $50"

    • AT
      AT Month ago


    • Phuck YouTube
      Phuck YouTube Month ago

      @Jakey Jake your a demon bruh.
      Never change.

    • Eyeborg314
      Eyeborg314 Month ago +1

      If you actually had info on these cars and knew someone who would sell it for a “reasonable price”, best thing to do is buy it first and then tell Ed

  • C Minor
    C Minor Month ago +38

    Dude not paying anyone anything, that's why he's got $$$

  • Ivan Aslan
    Ivan Aslan Month ago +38

    Basically what he is saying is that even if you help him, he won't pay you because to him it will not be a "reasonable" price

  • Nicolas A.
    Nicolas A. Month ago +1281

    In short, if you know where those cars are, don't tell Ed SHIT until they're yours

    • Gregory B
      Gregory B Month ago +7

      Sad thing I know for a fact he will never find the one in the US 😂😂😂 it's actually here but in a place he'd never look. Doesn't come out but once ever now and then. No I don't own it.

    • Sofakingmegamagaitgagsyermum
    • BowTie4life100
      BowTie4life100 Month ago +2


  • CapulloSpawn
    CapulloSpawn Month ago +11

    Swiss here. 2 years ago I worked as a gardener near Zurich. We had a customer who always had his plants picked up. It was the second richest Swiss (at that time), I don't know the name. All I know is that he's a luxury car dealer and very wealthy. Anyway, his staff house had a garage downstairs with all the expensive luxury cars. Underneath was a Lamborghini Murcielago with the side lettering SV, was midnight purple and the SV was silver/chrome.
    It also had the rear wing and everything you could see in the video. We spoke to the employee/butler or whatever and he said he never moves the vehicle. It is a collector's item and extremely rare. I knew then that it was a rare Lambo, just because of the eye-catching paint job. But I can't tell if it was foiled or not.
    The only reason we saw the garage is because the customer sent a rare Bougivilea in an expensive pot and we couldn't take it down the stairs. Through the "house" it was a vestibule of the actual house, the garage went on in both directions. So if you like, a garage with two garage doors. In the far corner and behind a glass wall was the Lambo.
    Maybe it's the Lambo, but I wouldn't be surprised. Even as a gardener, I've seen things you can't imagine. I was born in Switzerland, but I can't afford such things. But I know the value of such objects because people flex around with them. They bring the gardener into the garden to brag about it. So you are just such an object as the expensive vehicles. For example, there is a rare Bugatti in the Swiss canton of Schwyz. Or countless collector's items with Bernese car numbers.

  • Dyl “Too Tall” E
    Dyl “Too Tall” E 17 days ago +2

    Pretty sure the stradman has a gated manual murcielago. Might try asking him if he’s willing to sell.

  • Maestru Susano
    Maestru Susano Month ago +738

    I'll pay you an even larger amount of money if you can find my dad. He's been gone for 15 years, said he went out to go get milk, there's only been one in existence.

    • digital water
      digital water Month ago

      Are u sure your dad is human and you didn't say anything 😂😂😂

    • vinish shetty
      vinish shetty Month ago

      We regret to inform you He was deported back to his home country for trying to milk the store assistant. Can you believe it....Some one trying to milk a guy...

    • shooting star
      shooting star Month ago

      where has been he milking??

    • Eric Bess
      Eric Bess Month ago


    • Samuel Gagor
      Samuel Gagor Month ago

      Iam sorry to tell you this but he is nit coming back.

  • Liam Gill
    Liam Gill Month ago +2

    Try Matt Armstrong he has a manual one here in the uk

  • Jaybruhh
    Jaybruhh Month ago +1

    *_I could have sworn I saw a video about one in Japan a few years back._*

  • Ed Bolian
    Ed Bolian Month ago +6248

    We have heard that the orange US car was originally in Singapore and then went to China. Let’s find it!

    • Shikobe420
      Shikobe420 Month ago

      I remember seeing a white sv on Jameslist in the early 2010s

    • ¿LiGHTÂ
      ¿LiGHT Month ago

      ​@Konstantin Boychook socal exotics never featured a manual sv

    • T H
      T H Month ago

      @Konstantin Boychook it crossed the border

    • hekler
      hekler Month ago

      so both are probably mega rich car collectors that don't consider selling it no matter how high the price is

  • Lawn Chair
    Lawn Chair Month ago +4

    “So yeah I did buy it but it wasn’t a reasonable price so I’m not paying you the 100k”

  • Thomas Babiak
    Thomas Babiak 18 days ago +1

    We talked about agreements like this in my business law class. His offer could be considered unreasonable to a court and he wouldn’t owe you any money. Also there’s no offers or acceptance, or any contracts, so if you have info, make sure to put an agreement in writing before you do something for free :)

  • Immature Mushroom
    Immature Mushroom Month ago +2016

    "Ill give stupid money if you can find me something for reasonable money"
    Makes perfect sense.

    • Robmancan1987
      Robmancan1987 Month ago

      Two of the rarest cars on earth should definitely be at a reasonable price. Or you would think so anyway 🤣

    • Alex Becker
      Alex Becker Month ago

      @Kathleen MacDonald that’s not reasonable for a 2 of a kind car…

    • Bogdan Bogdan
      Bogdan Bogdan Month ago

      Exactly my point, also. If you really want something, that's no "reasonable price".

    • ComputerNerdInside
      ComputerNerdInside Month ago

      “Reasonable” is more than you think for these cars.

    • Jedi Gill Gaming
      Jedi Gill Gaming Month ago +7

      The term "Reasonably priced" is his excuse not to pay whomever find this car as it's a subjective term. He should pay anyone who finds this car for him regardless of the price. Chances are whomever owns it knows its a unicorn and it won't be cheap given how rare it is.

  • PerplexedProto
    PerplexedProto Month ago +3

    Yeah I get the feeling that he’ll just take the information and get lawyers. There’s no legal contract saying they will give you 100k.

  • Digital Dreamer
    Digital Dreamer Month ago

    The American one is located here in Honolulu and owned by a HFD Fire Capt that does stunt driving for the new TV series, Magnum PI.

  • sT!zzl
    sT!zzl Month ago +1839

    Lmao ya right Ed, you would find a sneaky way to wordsmith your way out of paying that 100k to a viewer

    • Rodney
      Rodney Month ago

      @Jake lmfao

    • Jake
      Jake Month ago +1

      @Robert Hull I am sure the Irony has gone over your head, here I thought you wanted to have a "legitimate converstaion/civil argument" but the first words out of your mouth is to call me naive! That not much of any kind of civil discussion..

  • M L
    M L Month ago

    How fun. I love massive hunts like this

  • Maximilian Kylén
    Maximilian Kylén Month ago +1

    If they do exist they are probably collecting dust in some unknown car collection in some warehouse for a owner that probably doesn’t even know or care that he owns it let alone be bothered to sell it, and even if one of them went up for sale it would probably be way to expensive to justify.. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • R N
    R N Month ago +403

    Everything sounded so good. Then he said reasonable price 😅😅

    • R N
      R N Month ago

      @Sleeper 100K is enough most sales commission is 2 to 3 percent of the purchase price

    • Sleeper
      Sleeper Month ago +3

      These cars are worth several million💀 100k is nothing for a prize.

    • William Brown
      William Brown Month ago +2


  • Blake Sejarma
    Blake Sejarma Month ago

    And through shrewd negotiation he will meet you in the middle and pay 34.50$

  • Chief puffing bull
    Chief puffing bull Month ago +2

    Translation- I'll pay you if I get the car at a low ass price

  • Robert California
    Robert California Month ago +765

    “I’m looking for a 1 of 2 car” immediately follows up with “for a good price”

    • Rodney
      Rodney Month ago +1

      @effin same. For all you know, the other could be totaled or parted out. So it could be the last one

    • effin
      effin Month ago +3

      ​@Wizard Of Ounces yeah if I had one of 2 cars like those I'd just say to find the other one cuz my price would be absolutely ridiculous

    • Wizard Of Ounces
      Wizard Of Ounces Month ago +32

      Well, as much as it’s a unicorn and it’s gonna be expensive, he knows it’s already gonna be stupid pricey. He’s willing to pay a stupid price for it, but not a regarded price, if you catch my drift

  • Walter Langkowski
    Walter Langkowski 20 days ago

    Real talk all you have to do is find someone on the inside and run the vin through their internal system. I used to do it at Ford for people all the time. I could tell you everything down to what dealer it went though

  • Frank B
    Frank B Month ago

    Do you want rhd manuals as well or only after lhd manual merci's?

  • DoubleD
    DoubleD Month ago +556

    translation: i’ll give you 100k for priceless information

    • V
      V Month ago

      No no. He said info to find. AND buy at a REASONABLE price.

    • Inquisitor Crashdive007
      Inquisitor Crashdive007 Month ago +1

      This is the best comment.

    • Sophia H
      Sophia H Month ago

      Springfield is the only US capital who’s first three letters doesn’t have a vowel. $100000 please. 😅😅

    • Tamaki
      Tamaki Month ago +2

      @Paulie G didn’t you hear the fact there is only two known to exist 😭

    • Paulie G
      Paulie G Month ago +3

      Why is this information so "priceless" exactly? It's a car.

  • Bret G
    Bret G Month ago

    Check a military ship import. CO's get a HUGE storage area on some of the ships, Aircraft Carriers, for example.

  • Lucky Jinx
    Lucky Jinx Month ago

    Heard a long time back that Lamborghini took the cars back and destroyed the wrecked one.

  • Danny G
    Danny G Month ago +541

    Ed is going to negotiate the reward price. He can’t help it

    • Captain FALKEN
      Captain FALKEN Month ago +1


    • Unruly_Shiba
      Unruly_Shiba Month ago

      I like it it's true but check out and the youtuber

    • Not-user
      Not-user Month ago +3

      Tell this guy I know a guy who knows a guy Who MAY know a guy that has a manual geo metro for sale

    • Ethan Leite
      Ethan Leite Month ago +8


  • Angelo Jones Jones
    Angelo Jones Jones Month ago

    You may want to talk to Mike Singletary. I saw h driving one.

  • zach proulx
    zach proulx Month ago +1

    Damn was waiting for the edited ending. Saudi walks into his garage and says "Oh look i have both" *walks away*

  • ricky bobby
    ricky bobby Month ago +899

    I've been trying to get in touch with you regarding the extended warranty on your LP640 sir!

  • The Legendary T-rex

    If yall manage to find the car, just keep it 😭😭💀💀

  • ikanberapi
    ikanberapi Month ago +1

    Little did he know, u can mod your car 🗿

  • Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4

    *Sultan of Brunei checks* "oh sh**t i have both" *Closes hanger*

    • BakedStreet YT
      BakedStreet YT Month ago


    • Lim Kaiser
      Lim Kaiser Month ago +1

      He says that as he laughs in in his one of a kind Bugatti and Skylines coming back from a ride with his mistress 😂

    • Jay T
      Jay T Month ago +9


  • Aussie Idiot
    Aussie Idiot Month ago

    These was literally a manual LP670 Murcielago for sale in Australia not long ago

  • Bullet HUNTER
    Bullet HUNTER Month ago

    Go to Dallas or Houston impound lot. They have tons of em from dealers and big ballers

  • Papa Squid
    Papa Squid Month ago +293

    ah. he said " useful information that allows me to buy either car at a reasonable price." aka his way out to not pay whoever helps him.

    • IS 3hunna
      IS 3hunna Month ago

      He dont even need to use that excuse cause he not paying anyone even if they meet all the "expectations"

    • Eyeborg314
      Eyeborg314 Month ago +6

      If you actually had info on these cars and knew someone who would sell it for a “reasonable price”, best thing to do is buy it first and then tell Ed

  • IEetCrayonz
    IEetCrayonz Month ago

    I saw a Yellow SV in Central London about 4 years ago. Unknown if it was manual but damn was it gorgeous

  • Dave D
    Dave D Month ago

    Buying it at a reasonable price throws out the reward because I know what I got 😂

  • mark greenhalgh
    mark greenhalgh Month ago +198

    You need to redact the reasonable price out of the conditions. We have no control over that.

    • Oliver Larsen
      Oliver Larsen Month ago

      @J.D 2.0 N54 Where is your point?

    • J.D 2.0 N54
      J.D 2.0 N54 Month ago +5

      Exactly my point.

    • Solar Rain
      Solar Rain Month ago +35

      If he did that then he'd actually have to pay the person that helps him

  • D R
    D R Month ago

    Hang on, what a sneaky catch. 100,000 if he gets a good deal lol, nothing to do with finding it for him only.

  • Alex Hunton
    Alex Hunton Month ago

    Sultan of Brunei without a shadow of a doubt, probably has variations no one even knew existed too

  • somethnaboutnothn
    somethnaboutnothn Month ago +376

    Key words, “Reasonable price!”. You won’t get paid because if found, the price won’t be reasonable!
    This guy is not trustworthy! 🤡

    • norgeek
      norgeek Month ago

      He literally said the small text out loud up front, you can't possibly try to make a claim that he's being deceitful.

    • Matthew P
      Matthew P Month ago

      Ya its a great way for this guy to say he wont pay you, even if you found one for $300k he will say its not reasonable or whatever price you find it at

    • Kevin Bruneau
      Kevin Bruneau Month ago

      @Young Houston Hitta yeah that makes sense. I thought it was just the information piece. I have the compression skills of a 4th grader. Haha. But he probably has enough to buy it though. I doubt the cars will be an unachievable amount for him I mean the $100k offer for information is pretty good.

    • Kevin Bruneau
      Kevin Bruneau Month ago

      @Brian Argo yeah I guess that's fair

    • Young Houston Hitta
      Young Houston Hitta Month ago +4

      @Kevin Bruneau okay but what if he gets to the gas station and the gas is $15 a gallon? He won’t buy the gas cause it’s not “ reasonable price “ so therefore you won’t get paid cause your tips were useless

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov Month ago

    Dude not paying anyone anything, that's why he's got $$$

    • Xela Ander
      Xela Ander Month ago

      I've seen three different accounts say this word for word, troll farming on car Clip-Share? Lmao

  • REAPER-6
    REAPER-6 Month ago

    Can tell you exactly where one of the LP’s is located but not for sale

  • Danny A
    Danny A Month ago +265

    Word has it, it’s slammed on air bags with 27inch forged 3piece wheels, straight piped, with Philips LED underglow in JAPAN

    • Jay Bailey
      Jay Bailey Month ago


    • ev pover
      ev pover Month ago

      Nah One its in Europe ...i know for sure

    • Fendtrian
      Fendtrian Month ago

      Probably even Hue LED and even some smarthome stuff considered ancient for Japan but modern everywhere else. Heated steering as well

    • Sashan Naidoo
      Sashan Naidoo Month ago +1


    • Dat Boii
      Dat Boii Month ago


  • Warthog
    Warthog Month ago

    The manual transmission LP670 one is in Japan but not for sale

  • Sean *
    Sean * Month ago

    There are a lot of conditions in his offer. So not only do you have to know the location of the vehicle(s) ...but... you also basically have to broker a deal for him to purchase the vehicle at a "reasonable price" whatever that means to him. Good luck collecting that money.

  • RPL53208
    RPL53208 Month ago

    I don’t know them personally, however, I do know who has the Murcéilago you’re looking for. Ironically, the color is yellow too. It’s probably a wrap though. I know that you probably got all kinds of dead end leads, and how it must be extremely frustrating and disappointing. I can honestly tell you who has the car. I have their name as well and knowing where they live. If you’re serious about the finders fee, let’s set something up to discuss it and how to move forward. I understand wasted time cannot be returned, therefore you can rest assured that your time will not be wasted.

  • Cyrus Rose
    Cyrus Rose Month ago

    Someone get that dude that be finding ANY girls @ on social media 😂

  • Jay Naz
    Jay Naz Month ago +129

    this the typa guy to have you look for it then say it’s too expensive. then hit up the buyer n purchase it 😂

    • George Frederickton
      George Frederickton Month ago

      The old double cross lad! I'll fold you like A4 paper brah! Free Tate!

    • ahmed
      ahmed Month ago +2

      In business thats called the Backdoor 😂

    • LaFrancois
      LaFrancois Month ago +1


    • Parrkeng
      Parrkeng Month ago +1


  • D K
    D K Month ago

    If you do find it, don't tell this guy a single thing until he signs a contract stating how much he will pay you for exactly what he wants. This video would be good evidence of an agreement, but be seems like a guy you would have to take to court and then they could argue the "reasonable price" part.

  • SuperflyTink
    SuperflyTink Month ago

    Let’s see who gets the MANUAL SV first Ed or Damon from DDE 😂

  • James G
    James G Month ago +28

    “I believe the car is still in Europe or probably somewhere else in the world.” Aha good thinking, I believe you’re probably right Ed!

  • Boris Müller
    Boris Müller 12 days ago

    “…at a reasonable price.” Ah there’s the kicker.

  • Colethat1guy
    Colethat1guy Month ago

    You should contact daily driven exotics, or ask learns luxury motorsports, they are the main people I would contact

  • Matthew Elliott
    Matthew Elliott Month ago +117

    Since Roy Cats listed his manual SV for $6M/USD in 2022, these are gone gone... Might see one on loan to the Peterson or something someday--but that's it. Good luck VINwiki!

    • Frederik  Werner
      Frederik Werner Month ago

      Yeah the guy in Switzerland wanted 5 million, we should start a community project and just buy it:D

  • Drake
    Drake Month ago

    If he’s willing to pay ‘reasonable money’ for it, I’m sure I can find someone who will pay ridiculous money 💰

  • Lucas castelli chaves

    You have to communicate with the Argentine customs, they have EVERYTHING there! and here there is a lot of culture of manual driving (I dare say that more than 70 percent of people drive manual)

  • World War III
    World War III Month ago +37

    50% down payment first. Within 2-3 weeks I’ll give you the location for the European car.

    • Frederik  Werner
      Frederik Werner Month ago

      5million was too much for him

    • Terry A Davis
      Terry A Davis Month ago

      It's in the Netherlands or Germany

    • Nate KK7 ••-• ••• -•-•
      Nate KK7 ••-• ••• -•-• Month ago +1

      See here’s the thing a reasonable price doesn’t mean reasonable market price it means reasonable to him, reasonable to him could be $100,000 for a $3 million car. Everyone has their own definition of whats reasonable.

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose Month ago

    Guaranteed they’re sitting in 2 separate drug lords 6th extra garage and if it’s “found” you’ll be “found”

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose Month ago

      Ik where the one is. Daily driven exotics

  • Joseph Varela
    Joseph Varela Month ago

    Someone’s grandpa has it and their grandson finna spoil it😂

  • Rollin&Strollin
    Rollin&Strollin Month ago +118

    I guarantee a prince in Dubai has it. They value themselves off of rarities. And I can promise that this thing is priceless.

    • lordjaashin
      lordjaashin Month ago

      @GruncleStanWannaBe yes I'm from Israel, how did you know?

    • lordjaashin
      lordjaashin Month ago

      @LM "value themselves" is equal to personal value aka social status

    • LM
      LM Month ago

      @lordjaashin “increase their personal value” maybe (although questionable buying cars) but he said value themselves.

    • lordjaashin
      lordjaashin Month ago +4

      lol people found the US one in Texas. (if their info is reliable) do Americans increase their personal value by collecting rarities?

  • Doug alan
    Doug alan 12 days ago

    He’s narrowed down the locations to planet earth

  • N
    N 28 days ago

    I’m going to find the car, then send it to WhistlinDiesel and you can negotiate that 😊

  • Chace Alvernaz
    Chace Alvernaz Month ago +95

    “At a reasonable price” that’s the fine print boys😂

    • MeetMrMossberg6
      MeetMrMossberg6 Month ago +2

      Yep he’d say it wasn’t reasonable and wouldn’t pay out that’s how they stay rich by lying

  • BeezyBoy
    BeezyBoy Month ago

    Hey @vinwiki, I’d ask the guys over at Prestige Imports in Miami. Maybe they can help source the car for you!

  • J Villain
    J Villain Month ago

    I may or may not know the exact location of a shipping container on a San Fran dock holding said imported Lambo if genuine interest is shown

  • CoopaCoop
    CoopaCoop Month ago +5

    So wait... You'd need to find the car, find the owner, and negotiate a good deal for you? Yeah nah.

  • Elliot Smyers
    Elliot Smyers Month ago

    Possibly brought through the southeast of the US through Atlanta and held by a private “dealer” in forest city North Carolina.

  • VI Guy
    VI Guy Month ago

    What you said was…I help you find a car that might NOT be for sale, & I’d get nothing🤔 Got it!

  • Immanu El
    Immanu El Month ago +20

    fun fact the crashed batman lambo was sent to a upholstery man in Puerto Rico to redo the Interior. he is one of the only ones certified to do so.

  • Jacklullaine
    Jacklullaine Month ago

    You should watch an episode of uk top gear driving it in dubai. They had a manual I think

  • King Hachiroku
    King Hachiroku Month ago

    Damn I should use this when I have enough money to buy an AE86

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez Month ago +47

    Lol at a “reasonable price.” They are unicorns be ready to open that wallet. 😂

  • travis preble
    travis preble Month ago

    I used to know a guy who's neighbor had all kinds of movie cars just rotting in his back yard in South San Jose CA. Herbie, BTTF Delirean, Duke, Taxi, MIB car, batmobile, KIT, Speed Racer, Green Hornet. Literally had all the car just under tarps in a residential backyard.

  • Craig R
    Craig R Month ago

    Every video I see of this guy, the first thought I have is that he seems like a guy that just likes to hear himself talk.

  • Ralph Harrison
    Ralph Harrison Month ago +12

    cant help you with those, but i have a gently used 2011 f150 eco boost, willing to trade for just about anything.

  • Here Here
    Here Here Month ago

    I got a sick 2008 Prius with a LOT of character. More character and stories than any ole Lambo. I'll sell it to you, maybe, price would have to be way up though for something of this unspeakable value.

  • SeqK
    SeqK Month ago

    Yeah, he will just say the price is unreasonable.
    Quote your terms for reasonable price so that if somebody was inclined to find it, they will have a guarentee that your $100,000.00 request will not be spoiled for any party.
    A 3 person team of sleuths may be interested.

  • Tripp Rogers
    Tripp Rogers Month ago +8

    I can help you.. as soon as i google what a Murcialligator is.

  • TheATLASProject
    TheATLASProject 5 days ago

    I believe there’s a black Merci somewhere in Michigan, one of my friends dads owned it, not sure if it was manual tho. It was Matte Black.

  • Aredeakay
    Aredeakay Month ago

    I’m pretty sure we had the US one pull into our Audi shop in North Carolina; it was just there for a safety inspection.

  • D Pressmann
    D Pressmann Month ago +20

    What’s a reasonable price? He legit made himself a “WANT” buyer. He ain’t getting no deal

    • GTCam
      GTCam Month ago

      If it’s the car I think it is, the owner has turned down $4mil

  • Qieri
    Qieri Month ago +1

    Unlocked new side mission:

  • REB4
    REB4 Month ago

    Did you hear all the caveats to get the $100K at the end? Yeah, so many outs for him not to pay you.

  • burnsurvivor88
    burnsurvivor88 Month ago +80

    Ed we need a video with your wife saying you can spend that much money on your dream unicorn

    • Caleb Hubbard
      Caleb Hubbard Month ago +1

      They are very well off financially. I doubt she cares lol. He's said in a video a long time ago his goal was to be able to spend $5k on the spot without any questions asked on whatever he felt like and it not impact the budget. I'd imagine at this point he has achieved that given how successful of an entrepreneur he is.

    • Chaman Kudmarbettu
      Chaman Kudmarbettu Month ago +4

      that would be hilarious 😂

  • Hammer
    Hammer Month ago

    You should contact Dennis Collins so you both can talk unicorns and rarity and a Holy Grail find...

  • Ardi Wibowo
    Ardi Wibowo Month ago

    Let's say I got lucky walking into one of those. Their prices aren't going to be "reasonable" lol

  • edageneR
    edageneR Month ago +4

    If I’m not mistaken, 5 Total Murcielago SVs came out the factory as Manuals. Again if I’m not mistaken, the car was optioned as a Manual and Auto, but most people opted for the auto.

  • Jacob Foster
    Jacob Foster 22 days ago

    Not just find but buy at whatever he considers a reasonable price...yep that's how you get out of keeping your word.

  • Terence Merritt
    Terence Merritt 28 days ago

    I bet that if anyone gave him useful information to buy either at a useful
    Price, he wouldn’t give you a damn dime 🙄

  • Lucky Wright
    Lucky Wright Month ago +35

    Talk to the guys from at daily driven exotics they might be able to help you find one

    • William Holder
      William Holder Month ago +1

      And quite the opposite, I'm fairly certain Ed actually sourced Damon's Murcy originally

  • R n R
    R n R 4 days ago

    Here’s the deal half up front for the info of where and who. The other half if you ever buy it.

  • vinish shetty
    vinish shetty Month ago

    Talk to the company that sold them and request them for details

  • H3ntairican
    H3ntairican Month ago +6

    He gonna be like some one finally found it but the reasonable price wasn't met🌝 because that price was never mentioned.