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James Lindsay | Woke Culture HAS NOT Gone Too Far - 6/8 | Oxford Union

  • Published on Jan 11, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Initially used as a term to empower awareness of systemic inequalities in society, wokeism is now a deeply divisive term. The media's perpetuation of woke culture has made this term a buzzword. For some, being woke is part of the antidote of acknowledging the instruments of oppression. For others, it is a dangerously absolutist ideology, a sort of reverse McCarthyism, corroding liberal society and encouraging self-imposed victimhood. Is the 'war on woke' a legitimate phenomenon, or a reactionary distraction from the real problems being 'woke' addresses?
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  • Ian Albert
    Ian Albert 8 months ago +1629

    Watching someone masterfully present a position they know is wrong, in a style that implies complete sincerity, is terrifying. If he had not explicitly laid out his personal beliefs as anti woke, this would have been the greatest, most articulate defense of woke culture I’ve ever seen. This is the essence of true debate, present your opponent’s argument more thoroughly and clearly then even they can, then defeat that position. Give your opponent all the genuine help you can, and use no tricks against them. If you’re in the right, a clear articulation of your opponent’s position is all you need to defeat them. Thank god the people who debate this well all see the deep flaws in woke ideology.

    • Cachin Nation
      Cachin Nation 8 months ago +83

      Steel man their argument then destroy it. Is this the Socratic/Thomistic method of argumentation? Either way, I love it.

    • Son of Somerset
      Son of Somerset 8 months ago +45

      It's a parody of their views, he's trolling them.

    • Noob and Friends
      Noob and Friends 8 months ago +18

      Glad he appears to be on the good side.

    • Weefy 117
      Weefy 117 8 months ago +157

      @Son of Somerset it's not a parody. It's literally their views. It only comes off as a parody because we know he doesn't believe what he is saying. If no one knew who he was, this would literally be shared by academics across the west as gospel spoken by a prophet.

    • ChickVicious237
      ChickVicious237 8 months ago +40

      It's really the only way to become a true master of your own position. If you don't understand your opponent, how can you know that your own understanding is accurate?

  • Sarah Steiner
    Sarah Steiner 8 months ago +1164

    Another brilliant move by James. He simultaneously makes an excellent point about how woke culture can’t go far enough (based on its own definition) while also subverting his side of the debate by performing how ridiculous wokeness can be. He was a de facto debater for the ‘pro’ side of the argument but was officially on the ‘con’ side. This would normally seem unfair but he was merely implementing the same tactics used by the wokies to subvert institutions that they wish to dismantle. Bravo James, Bravo

    • Courtney Haynes
      Courtney Haynes 8 months ago +8

      He literally argued for the other side. And simply pulled from vastly different authors to find contradiction amongst them which is true with any ideology. You cannot take from a Marxist and then use Ibram X Kendi (a modern day anti-racist activist) and then be like "Oh wow, these ideas contradict one another" and claim this is a strong argument.
      He arbitrarily decided on a definition of woke when it's origins date back to black culture (not marxists) and doesn't start to be used in a political framework until the 1970s only to become widely used in the 2000s. At the end of the day, his argument is an implied appeal to ridicule that lacks the courage to actually make a claim. And at the end of the day, he debunks his own point by admitting that wokeness cannot go to far. Because as stated by someone else, wokeness is merely kindness, empathy, understanding one other. And how does that ever go to far? I guess we'll never know because James never makes that argument.

    • Maelstrom
      Maelstrom 8 months ago +67

      @Courtney Haynes Kindness and empathy can go too far if it ends up sacrificing your own safety and survival. Such as tolerating your enemies. The same arguments used on behalf of wokeness are also used to justify not standing up to autocrats in China and elsewhere. The victory of these regimes in the battle for global hegemony would reverse all gains made in the past century.
      Additionally, black activist culture borrowed from and often collaborated with marxists of the day, often sympathetic to those particular regimes during the Cold War. The Black Panthers for instance had a very warm relationship with Mao Zedong.

    • Courtney Haynes
      Courtney Haynes 8 months ago

      @Maelstrom "The Woke/CRT group says personal experience trumps any rational thought --"
      But that's not what he argued. He only implied an argument that Wokism is contradictory by pulling from different authors who he thinks stand for wokism and who disagree with one another.
      Whether Black people borrowed from Marxist is irrelevant. They borrowed from many sources. The fact is wokism did not originate from the places he claimed. It's like claiming constitutionalism is actual something else because the founders pulled ideas from other books they read.

    • Das KritterHaus
      Das KritterHaus 8 months ago

      tq for that explanation and clarification. lm new to this yt group. tq, spot on.

  • falkenlaser
    falkenlaser 8 months ago +513

    Considering James got 4 gender studies papers actually published by journals within just 1 year, he would be considered one of the greatest gender studies scholars in history if he was a real gender studies scholar.

    • MBNHedger
      MBNHedger 8 months ago +68

      rephrase that... He is one of the greatest gender studies scholars in history to the point he discovered gender studies was not real...

    • Lewjorel
      Lewjorel 8 months ago +21

      @MBNHedger Exactly he Degendered them hahahahaha

    • DiS♡F
      DiS♡F 8 months ago +20

      @Lewjorel disingendered

    • johnvannewhouse
      johnvannewhouse 8 months ago +6

      "real gender studies scholar".......LMAO....

  • Tang0Fox1
    Tang0Fox1 8 months ago +404

    Dr. Lindsay is so brilliant that he argues against the proposition while destroying wokism while being in their side in the debate.

    • alt left
      alt left 8 months ago +4

      this is not correct.. its wrong and unfair and it makes a mockery of the Union (which is probably a joke anyway) you have 3 people speaking against the proposal all of them very poor orators, the 1st just tries and use a subjective feeling of intelligence to make their point and fails. The 2nd is drunk and just tries to co-op some names and situations into their argument. The third is speaking against the position while cracking ironic jokes.. not right, not fair, not good.. maybe they could not get anybody to speak for “more woke culture” in which case the debate is a “straw man” sorry “straw person argument” .. the three anti wokers were articulate, intelligent informed & able. If anything this debate will just cause further polarisation (something it claims it wishes to avoid) as for WOKE i think I have woke up to the fact that "Woke culture" is just a mind game for the elite and the more we ignore it the better.. if they cant make films, TV shows or supply state education without making up complete bulls1y t then they is jusyt gonna loose the prols.. then that is their problem.. we can always entertain and educte ourselves.... and then awaken....

    • Cioccolateria Veneziana
      Cioccolateria Veneziana 8 months ago +3

      Which makes the debate unfair, of course, because it should be 4 speakers for, 4 speakers against.

    • Rob Smith
      Rob Smith 8 months ago

      @alt left yooooo this guy is spitting facts

    • Captain Bube
      Captain Bube 7 months ago +1

      @alt left i mean I disagree that this was pouring gasoline in the first but I agree with your conclusion 100%

  • The Empathic Armed Infidel
    The Empathic Armed Infidel 8 months ago +38

    As a conservative living in America I can say Mr Lindsay is spot on! Post-Modernism has compromised our institutions of higher education. "Next time an academic preaches to you about inclusivity ask them how many conservatives are in their sociology department"
    ~Thomas Sowell

  • En9a9e Perelandra
    En9a9e Perelandra 8 months ago +474

    This was an absolute master class in trolling the trolls... as well as people who don't realize they have become trolls. Also a dire warning.

    • Konohagakure Jonin
      Konohagakure Jonin 8 months ago +2

      Fookin brilliant, isn't it? Haha!

    • Eric&Cecil
      Eric&Cecil 8 months ago +3

      You mean Foucault brilliant

    • chris rice
      chris rice 8 months ago +2

      he just got 800 books ban

    • Colin Killian
      Colin Killian 7 months ago +4

      @chris rice No, he was able to get school boards ro implement the will of the local population who send their kids to said public schools. Perhaps we shouldn't be teaching children about anal sex, gender queerness, and social injustice. Let's instead teach them how to read properly, do mathematics as a proper grade level, and history and civics..

  • thoughtPatrol
    thoughtPatrol 8 months ago +668

    It's a dark joke how easy it is to ape the woke debate style and how superficially convincing it can be in the hands of a good orator, as James has shown so easily here.

    • BigDickEnergy
      BigDickEnergy 8 months ago +14

      Thought this was sincere originally and was utterly horrified at his Ibram Kendi suggestions for the woke-police.

    • SquirrelandOwl
      SquirrelandOwl 8 months ago +13

      He wasn't aping the woke style at all. Only the position that woke hasn't gone far enough. The analysis and style were of Lindsay.

    • David Pocock
      David Pocock 8 months ago +2

      @BigDickEnergy lol me too🤯

  • OomBok
    OomBok 8 months ago +166

    This gets better every time I watch it. James has risked his own sanity to dive deep and come out the other end understanding the woke better than most understand it themselves

    • Milo
      Milo 8 months ago +11

      And it truly is risking one's sanity to read that literature. I can vouch for that. I've no idea how he does it day in and day out.

    • CoryTheRaven
      CoryTheRaven 8 months ago +5

      I've seen his Twitter. I don't think Lindsay got out unscathed. Stare into the abyss long enough...

    • Maintaint
      Maintaint 8 months ago +3

      He was radicalized by Feminist Glaciology. Made him physically sick for days, he told the story in recent New Discourses podcast.

    • Maintaint
      Maintaint 8 months ago

      @Richard Ott Feminist Glaciology had almost nothing to do with glaciers.

  • G Money
    G Money 8 months ago +478

    Lindsay understands their ideology better than they do and his French philosopher impression is hilarious.

    • Courtney Haynes
      Courtney Haynes 8 months ago +3

      Uh, no. Lindsay strawmans the ideology and then takes down that strawman. Experts in marxism consider his theories connecting wokism to marxism laughable. He doesn't know what he's talking about. And I'll gladly debate how horribly illogical his speech was, but something tells me you don't want that

    • G Money
      G Money 8 months ago +72

      @Courtney Haynes Well, if the experts in marxism say so.

    • Jianju69
      Jianju69 8 months ago +52

      @Courtney Haynes No, no, hon, we want it. Dazzle us.

  • captainphoenix
    captainphoenix 8 months ago +186

    This was an incredibly ballsy, extraordinarily high-risk move, and James succeeded with aplomb. Didn't see it coming at all, and totally blown away. Absolutely brilliant. Bravo, James.

    • Marcus
      Marcus 5 months ago

      It's like watching a true wizard. Which of course is apropo

  • Michael O'Shea
    Michael O'Shea 8 months ago +576

    Absolute genius. Well played, Dr Lindsay.

    • Fast Slow
      Fast Slow 8 months ago +12

      sounds like a guy who's getting a bit too high on his own supply to me.

    • Michael O'Shea
      Michael O'Shea 8 months ago +20

      @Fast Slow lol, that content-free smear

    • Rob Vel
      Rob Vel 8 months ago +16

      @Fast Slow he killed it and you call him a narcissist

    • Hugh MacDonald
      Hugh MacDonald 8 months ago +1

      @Michael O'Shea Accurate nonetheless.

  • HermitTheFrog
    HermitTheFrog 8 months ago +503

    I would estimate that less than 50% of the audience really understood this level of genius.
    And James cleans up nice, too.

    • tallard666
      tallard666 8 months ago +2

      I wanna see him without the weird chin fur!

    • Erica E Li
      Erica E Li 8 months ago +3

      Yasmin Benoit sure thinks so

    • djmix5000
      djmix5000 8 months ago

      You're very generous. I wouldn't estimate that percentage higher than fingers on a hand.

    • Tulay Gunes
      Tulay Gunes 8 months ago +12

      Unfortunately, I am not one of the people who got it - I had to read the comments as I was confused about his true stance because he was being oxymoronic and contradictory.

    • Erica E Li
      Erica E Li 8 months ago +4

      @Tulay Gunes Yes he is an expert on the academic literature. He was explicit about who he is within 3 minutes of opening his talk.

  • 5DollarShake
    5DollarShake 8 months ago +31

    James Lindsay is one of the most important people we need to defeat the impending attempt at a woke/marxist/CRT/communist revolution.

    • David Li
      David Li 3 months ago +1

      Thank the lord he's not actually woke. His speech is impeccable but woke arguments are mostly based on emotion instead of logic. Here he is like a super soldier but his gun loaded with blanks, even so his speaking skills show and flex his prowess in debate.

    • Antibullshit
      Antibullshit 15 days ago

      @David Li I read about a longitudinal study showing a rise in emotive reasoning (vs logical reasoning) beginning in the early 00s, hitting its peak a few years ago (when the study concluded), WOKE culture is the embodiment of that data.

  • Frederick Archibald chumly-warner

    Nobody knows this ideology better than James. He's an absolute hero.

  • César Carvalho
    César Carvalho 8 months ago +507

    The only thing missing to make this THE perfect representation of woke culture is that he should have yelled "SHUT UP, RACIST!" to at least one of the people who tried to interrupt him.

    • Steven Morahan
      Steven Morahan 8 months ago +9


    • Bushwacka
      Bushwacka 8 months ago +39

      With one accusation of transphobia too, just to flex his Woke cred.

    • Random_Person
      Random_Person 8 months ago

      Or honk!

    • channel
      channel 8 months ago +11

      @Bushwacka +homophobia+nazism+other words

  • tagus100
    tagus100 8 months ago +38

    This is brilliant because it's not a caricature. Lindsay used the exact talking points, even down to the exact buzzwords and phraseology of the woke Leftists.

  • Kon Berner
    Kon Berner 8 months ago +69

    Great! Watching this, I feel as if I am in a Dali painting. Surrealism never felt so wonderfully weird. Terrific job, James, and well done Oxford!

  • josten cline
    josten cline 8 months ago +24

    This is one of the best James Lindsey videos I've seen since the grievance studies affair. short and PACKED with most of the key points that need to be exposed about "woke" ideology. well done James!

  • MikeSAN
    MikeSAN 8 months ago +880

    James Lindsay destroys woke from the inside

    • Jianju69
      Jianju69 8 months ago +31

      You can see their minds being blown by his explosion of irony, simile, truth.

    • Joshua Taylor
      Joshua Taylor 8 months ago +3

      He only speaks to absurdity of existence, his own position is equally absurd.

    • Eric B
      Eric B 8 months ago +26

      @Joshua Taylor Are you incapable of enjoying satirical measures ?

  • Chris Percival
    Chris Percival 8 months ago +17

    Outstanding job Dr Lindsay.
    Understanding woke better than their own academics. Masterful.

  • Precision Marksmanship HQ
    Precision Marksmanship HQ 8 months ago +223

    Awesome, and very true...I wish more would lose the cowardice and stand against the woke, PC BS..

    • ShidaPenns
      ShidaPenns 8 months ago +1

      Most don't have the time to devote to understanding it in its entirety, as he has done.

    • Gareth Reynolds
      Gareth Reynolds 3 months ago

      ​@ShidaPenns Yes they depend on it being extremely complex in its nature to confuse people and prevent then from opposing it. You need to know hermenetics, gnosticism, hegel, rousseau, marx, the work of the frankfurt school (marcuse, horkheimer, habermas), and then all of the proceeding critical theorists that popped out of it (queer theory, critical race theory) to really understand whats going on.
      I will say though, its quite extraordinary how hes managed to bring together all of this to explain whats happening. He paints the most complete picture of the ideology that ive witnesse.

  • Empiar
    Empiar 8 months ago +33

    All of the other debaters on James's side were unable to present arguments even with notes, and they were utterly unconvincing. James presents an argument without a single note and is absolutely *terrifying*. This is great.

  • Sam Flintham
    Sam Flintham 8 months ago +372

    The madman actually did it. He entered the Matrix and is using it against them 😂

    • Erica E Li
      Erica E Li 8 months ago +11

      He seemed to win over Yasmin Benoit the young lady arguing for the Woke side.

    • Lewjorel
      Lewjorel 8 months ago +9

      He is the One! Thanks Neo! Hahahahahaha

    • Ivan
      Ivan 8 months ago

      As someone who is actually in the intelligentsia Matrix, trust me when I say that he is not. He just like yesterday discovered Jurgen Habermas.

    • Erica E Li
      Erica E Li 8 months ago +7

      @Ivan sorry, never heard of you

    • Ivan
      Ivan 8 months ago

      @Erica E Li Have you heard of Michel Foucault? James heard of him for the first time about a year ago, and he pronounced it "Faugh-call-T." It was hilarious. Look it up. James is a complete charlatan.

  • OnionKnight
    OnionKnight 8 months ago +49

    on my second watch-thru already haha. that impromptu "to interrupt someone speaking on behalf of social justice is, again, to re-ascribe violence and do epistemic injustice to people who are fighting to end oppression," caught me off guard and made me listen more intently to what was being done.

  • Shmuel Rosenthal
    Shmuel Rosenthal 8 months ago +241

    Better than anything Saturday Night Live has put out in a decade.

    • S.C. Degrand
      S.C. Degrand 8 months ago +5

      I couldn't agree more. Was laughing hysterically. I've been waiting and looking forward to this for months and it did not disappoint.

  • Eric Feldkamp
    Eric Feldkamp 8 months ago +482

    The irony of James' every word is going to be lost on the leftists watching this.

    • silly goose
      silly goose 8 months ago +8

      Not really, in the introduction episode the girl says he voted for Trump because how much he hates Wokeism. Even in his speech he says he's famous for being anti-woke. Watch the video before commenting FFS

    • Joshua Taylor
      Joshua Taylor 8 months ago +1

      He only speaks to absurdity of existence, his own position is equally absurd.

    • 3x3Nihilo
      3x3Nihilo 8 months ago +22

      Commenting to keep on eye on the cope in the replies

  • Víctor Elías Lugo Vásquez

    James is simply fantastic! Thanks for the clarity and attitude!

  • Mask Hysteria
    Mask Hysteria 8 months ago +83

    James Lindsay, as performative as woke culture, therefore he can never go to far and likely hasn't gone far enough.

  • David Lythgoe
    David Lythgoe 8 months ago +92

    Amazing to see James demonstrate their tactics 👏

  • Aidan
    Aidan 8 months ago +145

    Everyone before him goes up with pages of notes. Legend has it all in his brain, and calls it forth with great accuracy and effect.

    • Aidan
      Aidan 8 months ago +4

      As freire, who lindsay likes to quote says, James speaks the word to proclaim the world.

    • Martin Liehs
      Martin Liehs 8 months ago +16

      If you listen to his New Discourses podcast, you will have seen that Lindsay can monolog on this topic nonstop for hours on end. Hard to believe that he is a math PHD as well as a well read expert in sociology.

    • S.C. Degrand
      S.C. Degrand 8 months ago +10

      Kendi, page 19, epic

    • Stupid Anon
      Stupid Anon 8 months ago +8

      @Martin Liehs Math is pretty much the benchmark. If you can do high-level math, high-level language isn't far behind because math is language.

    • Martin Liehs
      Martin Liehs 8 months ago +5

      @Stupid Anon Agree, however math is much more precise and universal. Once one has mastered the basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) as well as the fundamental of the base 10 "alphabet" (the digits from 0 to 9), a person solving an arithmetic problem in Omaha will get the same answer as a person solving the same problem in Paris, or Singapore, or Buenos Aires.
      That is why it is so important that we fight the woke idiots that keep trying to tell us that 2 + 2 = 5.

  • Musashi Senku
    Musashi Senku 8 months ago +50

    If you know James Lindsey, then you know that performance deserves an Oscar. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • S irotahaggen
    S irotahaggen 8 months ago +22

    What a grand speech and most clever squeezing in Habermas's "performative contradiction" while going on to implicitly dismantle the tenets of woke culture by satirizing its defense with its own definition and talking points. I don't know of anyone who comes close to James Lindsay that has done so much work and research in pinning wokeness down.

  • Isoban
    Isoban 8 months ago +40

    Yasmin Benoit's reactions are solid gold. If you haven't yet, after this video go and listen to her speech. It puts all her facial expressions in this video into beautiful context. Specifically...she has absolutely no idea what he's even saying. She obviously can't follow him. I call this out because its the perfect context for the entire argument about 'woke culture'. Here, Lindsay is well-informed, concise, clever, convincing, and has deep knowledge and nuance in his argument. Benoit's argument was a shambling, stumbling, semi-drunk self-congratulatory babble that boiled down to "Stop criticizing 'woke' because...racism or something. Woke is good."
    She's spent this entire video watching Lindsay while rolling her eyes and making histrionic, dismissive facial expressions, occasionally slipping into a literally open-mouthed, uncomprehending glare.
    Woke culture is an instagram influencer rolling her eyes at a nuanced, informed argument.

    • Si Baroni
      Si Baroni 8 months ago +13

      "Woke culture is an instagram influencer rolling her eyes at a nuanced, informed argument." that is the image that truly defines our times.

    • Erica E Li
      Erica E Li 8 months ago +6

      I thought she looked like she was really impressed by his argument, probably because she didn’t understand what was going on. She was primping her hair and laughed in a way that seemed coy and flirtatious, not malicious or conceited.
      An asexual activist. Gimme a break. For the occasion, she was dressed very provocatively. Guess what you do as an asexual activist? Talk about sex, all the time.

    • Broccoli Hikicks
      Broccoli Hikicks 8 months ago +4

      @Erica E Li I thought that too. She giggled dismissively at the silly man at first, but by the end she looked almost as if there was a dawning cognitive dissonance...

  • Nick Michelioudakis
    Nick Michelioudakis 8 months ago +11

    Simply brilliant. It is impressive how he can reel off all these facts and the argument sequences without any references to notes. I have read 'Cynical Theories' and it is excellent. Here, however, I felt that Lindsay was just a little too deep for the listener (I had to go back and re-watch a few things in order to be able to fully follow him). I thought that the direct style of Toby Young and Konstantin Kisin were more effective in such a context.

    • Erica E Li
      Erica E Li 8 months ago +1

      Konstantin killed it. Hard act to follow when Lindsay precedes you, but he killed it.

  • kevL s
    kevL s 4 months ago +6

    "No. ... In fact, to interrupt someone speaking on behalf of social justice is again to reinscribe violence and do epistemic injustice to people who are fighting to end oppression."
    holy ef, nailed it!
    notice he didn't end with "to people who are oppressed" but "to people who are fighting to end oppression." Master class in satire.

  • CAK
    CAK 8 months ago +14

    It’s fantastic they couldn’t find speakers to oppose the proposition so had to ask someone anti woke. This gives me hope.

  • lonzo61
    lonzo61 8 months ago +40

    Lindsay is surrounded by British snowflakes, and he doesn't miss a beat. Way to go. But I'm not convinced his message will win or even be understood by these youngsters. They are so amazed by themselves, there is no room for anything else.

    • Chester Donnelly
      Chester Donnelly 8 months ago +4

      Lol, amazed by themselves. That's brilliant.

    • mostevil
      mostevil 8 months ago

      Cute, but he's not, even most of the opposition aren't in favour, debating is an intellectual excercise, speaking for something you don't beleive is often part of that. Pay attention to the reaction on his own bench. And perhaps glance to the nearest mirror.

    • lonzo61
      lonzo61 8 months ago +6

      @mostevil I realize that Lindsay is steel manning the "against the motion" position. He does a pretty fair job at it and simultaneously and knowingly is being overtly sarcastic and ironic. And to your point, those two youngsters sharing his bench, indeed, are rolling their eyes at him. But they are doing so, for the very reason I mentioned in my first comment: they don't get it. Sure, they know he's actually for the motion, but they won't understand his points just as they won't understand or try to even understand the points made by others who argue for the motion! It's one of the ways--maybe the primary way--that WOKE remains so stubbornly unshaken as an ideology. But, that may slowly be changing. For the sake of democracy, I sure hope so.

  • Aare Luhaäär
    Aare Luhaäär 8 months ago

    I'm glad people like this speak against blatant lies and illnesses.
    I hope more people like him come.
    It looks like truth and rationality are being oppressed.

  • ravcreed
    ravcreed 3 months ago

    James Lindsay is operating on a higher level than almost everyone. Brilliant.

  • roxee57
    roxee57 8 months ago +2

    This is what is used to be like at university. Someone put forward an argument. You listened carefully. You thought about it, read the works that informed it. Read the works that critiqued it. Arrived at a level of understanding of the argument equal to or better than the person who made it. And then, if you concurred added more reasons to support it. And if you didn’t concur were able to articulate the reasons why. James was brilliant, but he appeared to stand out by shining brighter here because because so many who show up to these things these days don’t appear to have “done the work” so fail to either convincingly make the case, or refute it.

  • Kaj
    Kaj 7 months ago +2

    This is even better than what the speakers unironically in favor bring to this debate. Bravo James, satire at it's most disarming.

  • Cor Gi
    Cor Gi 8 months ago +7

    The sad part is that had it been anyone but James who delivered this speech, every single woke student and faculty member there would've been nodding their heads.

  • Hon. Mr. Ron Burgundy III, esq.

    Nice to see the dots being connected between woke and communism. It's the same dot.

    • Rob Vel
      Rob Vel 8 months ago +21

      A line so short it looks like a dash

    • DieFlabbergast
      DieFlabbergast 8 months ago +2

      Dat be a biiiig dot!

    • Fizeek Poaster
      Fizeek Poaster 8 months ago +2

      Wait until you see the dots connected between liberalism and communism (also the same dot)

    • Rob Vel
      Rob Vel 8 months ago +3

      @Fizeek Poaster enlightenment and classical liberalism is not the same as just “liberalism” though

  • zoukatron
    zoukatron 8 months ago +1

    James had a special brilliance when it comes to combining trolling with sincerely fighting the woke. This is an awesome display of understanding your opponent and being able to sincerely represent their position.
    My only complaints... Two-button notch-lapel jacket? Pre-tied bow tie? High-cut waistcoat? A terrible representation of the black tie dress code... Unless... Is he trying to subvert that too?

  • IphigeniaAtAulis
    IphigeniaAtAulis 8 months ago +2

    You know a man is an expert on a subject when he can defend it better than anyone else, all the while not believing in it.

  • TheHangedMan
    TheHangedMan 8 months ago +5

    Real life is a parody of itself, and James Lindsay is angling to be the main character. Bravo!

  • S.C. Degrand
    S.C. Degrand 8 months ago +34

    Don't we all look great? (Round of applause)
    You're applauding colonizer formal wear.
    Just walks the entire room into a dunking on. 😂 He is having so much fun with this.
    Right from the rip, so good. This was well worth the wait.

  • Griffinsdad
    Griffinsdad 6 months ago

    The guy just keeps on owning and his style and clarity are truly inspiring. Thx, Lindsey.

  • Eric Grey
    Eric Grey 8 months ago +6

    I freakin' love that James Lindsay has to speak against what he believes.

  • Emily Jones
    Emily Jones 8 months ago +2

    As intelligent and well-informed as James is, his greatest weakness in a debate is not addressing points raised. He just uses the time to speak on whatever he wants people to hear. He's right, but I don't think people are following where he's going, b/c he's not transitioning them well.

    • Stan Bucasas
      Stan Bucasas 8 months ago +2

      “Time makes more converts than reason.”

    METROIDMAN 389 8 months ago +56

    This was some of the best 10 mins of my life.
    The Oroboros in perfect spoken form.

    • silly goose
      silly goose 8 months ago


    • silly goose
      silly goose 8 months ago

      I think you recently found out about the ouroboros and have not the slightest clue what it represents

    • Jared Czaia
      Jared Czaia 8 months ago +13

      @silly goose I don't think ouroborous is misapplied here. Revolutionary progressivism consumes itself. The French revolution was a good example of how it can play out.

  • First Last
    First Last 8 months ago +35

    Those advocating that woke culture is not a "mental illness". Are so charged ... and committed to their strong beliefs. However, their delusion that the rest of us , have to dance to their tune .. constantly , regardless of how absurd it can be .. is ridiculous. I don't mind someone having their moment in the sun. But to expect you to think and do as they expect you to .. is not okay.

    • First Last
      First Last 8 months ago

      @Andy Jarman the challenge is not to get wrapped up in their stories, theories and all other means of distraction and disinformation. To keep a clear understanding of the difference between what we know and what we've been told to be true. What we've been told .. is hardly ever actually true. However, what we know ... isn't always true either. Just stay grounded and never lend yourself to someone elses delusions.

  • Christopher Fowler
    Christopher Fowler 8 months ago +20

    When you understand your opponent's position well enough to argue it better than they ever could, the technical term for your opponent's situation is "royally fucked".

  • stellario82
    stellario82 7 months ago

    James Lindsay is really a serious scholar. I has earned all my admiration.

  • Terf Rocks
    Terf Rocks 8 months ago +34

    I hope to meet James at a #Letwomenspeak event one day! All the best people attend 😉😉😉 At these meet ups I’ve met, hugged and thanked Maya Forstater, Graham Linehan, Helen Joyce, Kellie Jay Keen and Exulansic for speaking up for US ALL, especially children and adult human females…. Thank you James….. Best wishes, Terf Rocks 💪💪💪🦖🦖🦖🦕🦕🦕

    • Nick
      Nick 8 months ago +2

      Is the next meeting in Afghanistan? If so, I'll see you there. What's the point of having a "let women speak event", in a country where no one is trying to stop women from speaking?

    • Galen Schultz
      Galen Schultz 8 months ago +15

      @Nick Perhaps you haven't investigated those events. You should. Plenty of people were trying to stop women from speaking. They're called trans activists.

    • E C
      E C 8 months ago +16

      @Nick Antifa and trans activists do stop women from speaking about transgender ideology with threats, violence, and intimidation.

    • A H
      A H 8 months ago +5

      @Nick Clip-Share has endless videos of UK trans activists silencing women by physical violence, intimidation and shouting down.

  • Roy Street
    Roy Street 8 months ago +27

    Love it. Just like his podcasts: he starts slow; then he takes off., Giving in to his passion, starts spraying ideas like a machine-gun. Had to re-watch just to catch up. Clearly, though, his auditors also got left behind.

    • Elizabeth Spence
      Elizabeth Spence 8 months ago +1

      No the one behind him is a journalist who is an adversary. He lost the plot. His GF or something besides him was just as clueless and ordinary.

  • snack☆entity🥨
    snack☆entity🥨 8 months ago +38

    James' face when he's serious and when he's intensely sarcastic are the same.

    • Virginia Charlotte
      Virginia Charlotte 8 months ago

      This made me think of that Gary Larson comic- Recognising the emotional states of a Red Setter!

  • The Good Baby Channel
    The Good Baby Channel 8 months ago

    Great opening sentiments James. Went to the absolute source argument sensibility.

  • Einherjar25
    Einherjar25 4 months ago

    I can't express how much I enjoyed this.

  • Shannon Ochoa
    Shannon Ochoa 8 months ago

    Dr Lindsay is brilliant. That he perfectly argued for the side he disagrees with and did so in a way that seemingly made his co-debaters uneasy is masterful.

  • Benjamin A Boyce
    Benjamin A Boyce 8 months ago +59

    Beautifully done!

    • T. Secret Squirrel
      T. Secret Squirrel 8 months ago +3

      Indeed. Jolly good show.

    • The Beast
      The Beast 8 months ago +4

      Will we see Dr. Manspreader in a Calmversation soon? 🙏🏾

    • mark kavanagh
      mark kavanagh 8 months ago


    • Benjamin A Boyce
      Benjamin A Boyce 8 months ago +2

      @The Beast We just finished a stream...!

    • The Beast
      The Beast 8 months ago +2

      @Benjamin A Boyce Thank you. I watched it livestream. 😸

  • d
    d 7 months ago +1

    He understand critical praxis to a level where he can feign it better than those who truly believe it

  • Rob Sealsey
    Rob Sealsey 8 months ago

    Genius, he argues for the woke form their own platform in the best manner possible. You can see the gears turning in the heads of the two kids beside him as they realize he's using their own best argument to show how ludicrous it is.

  • Design
    Design 8 months ago +1

    Excellent. Gets to the very heart of it - There Is Always So Much More Work To Be Done. If your line STILL hasn't been crossed by Wokism in this insane clown world, then it at some point WILL, assuming civilisation hasn't already collapsed.

  • Justin - ShalaJC - Cox
    Justin - ShalaJC - Cox 7 months ago

    James Lindsey is changing thoughts and minds everyday

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis 8 months ago +27

    And praise to whoever had the insight to select you for this role.

    • Richard Lefaive
      Richard Lefaive 8 months ago +4

      He selected himself when they mistakenly invited him to argue the woke side and he accepted w/o missing beat.

    • Erica E Li
      Erica E Li 8 months ago +1

      @Richard Lefaive “mistake.” There is a master behind this. They are trying to hide.

  • Jenna Pecor
    Jenna Pecor 8 months ago +14

    James is one of the smartest people of our time.

    • Google Sucks Ass
      Google Sucks Ass 8 months ago +1

      that is not close to true and reflects poorly on you

  • SprikSprak
    SprikSprak 8 months ago +1

    Hearing it explained like this is giving me strong Totalitarian vibes - when he talks of holding society to account to a set of easily interpreted and shifted ideals from a extra government group particularly makes me think of Robespierre and his Committee of Public Safety

  • Andy Cloquet
    Andy Cloquet 5 months ago

    Superb presentation even if his word choice was overblown at times but nevertheless, engaging and convincing…again, I learnt much.

  • Dankness
    Dankness 7 days ago

    James Lindsay is one of the most articulate and deepest thinkers of the 21st century.
    I consume all of his material I can get.
    May God continue to bless our societies with men, albeit flawed, with great conviction and reasoning like Dr Lindsay.

  • SnorgonOfBorkkad
    SnorgonOfBorkkad 8 months ago +5

    The fact that James was clever enough to know not to correct them when they put him on the wrong side is amazing. Using the opportunity to play a parody of Woke Extremists is brilliant.

    • mostevil
      mostevil 8 months ago +2

      Correct them? Everybody knew what they were doing. This is a debating society...

  • J.H Marvelous
    J.H Marvelous 8 months ago +23

    James is the only one on that stage that has street cred and is an intellectual giant 🙌🏾🫡

    • dinobotpwnz
      dinobotpwnz 8 months ago

      He's the most well known because of the Grievance Studies Affair which was his best work. After that, he became a boring keyboard warrior.

    • Al Ementary
      Al Ementary 8 months ago +6

      @dinobotpwnz You've obviously not read any of his other work, or listened to his 'New Discourses' podcast.

    • Troll Searching
      Troll Searching 8 months ago +1

      @dinobotpwnz love it. Bring the cope. Comment more, please. I need these cope replies every day.

    • dinobotpwnz
      dinobotpwnz 8 months ago +1

      @Troll Searching Happy to oblige. There's one FB friend where for his birthday, I'm going to make a happy birthday post in the "translations from the wokish style". It is oppressive to celebrate the passing down of privilege through the circumstances of one's birth, bla, bla bla. Quippy fodder for people online but that's about it.

    • Troll Searching
      Troll Searching 8 months ago

      @dinobotpwnz perfect!!! This is it. Awesome sauce!

  • Dave Rohrich
    Dave Rohrich 8 months ago +142

    Someone save this immediately. There's no way they leave it up

    • The Rabbit Hole
      The Rabbit Hole 8 months ago +14

      This comment isn't going to age well.

    • Benjamin A Boyce
      Benjamin A Boyce 8 months ago +7

      ​@The Rabbit Hole only insofar as woke culture doesn't go too far.

    • Hugh MacDonald
      Hugh MacDonald 8 months ago +5

      How much would you like to bet? Let's go big.

    • The Rabbit Hole
      The Rabbit Hole 8 months ago +2

      @Hugh MacDonald The implication is that this will be taken down because of the woke who object to it. It could be taken down because of other reasons. Those reasons can be far less likely, but they must be excluded if the video is taken down. Also, sure, I'm going to make a bet with some random person on the internet.

    • The Rabbit Hole
      The Rabbit Hole 8 months ago

      @Benjamin A Boyce Ha ha, right.

  • Andrew Woodhall
    Andrew Woodhall Month ago

    When I saw dr Lindsay was debating for this side I was shocked. Didn't realise it was a troll. A delightful own goal by team woke 😂

  • Erika Oliver
    Erika Oliver 8 months ago

    Bravo, Oxford for "platforming" this engaging discussion! Bravo!

  • Read It Again
    Read It Again 8 months ago +5

    He keeps saying, "We have taken no steps towards achieving this..."
    Every single time I say to myself, "Thank God."

    • crustybomb
      crustybomb 4 months ago

      thats exactly his point, hes literally subverting the woke bs from within in that debate while also basicly explaining that theres no "too far" in wokism...

  • Allan Gildea
    Allan Gildea 8 months ago +4

    Humbling to see such intellect, rhetorical power and moral fervour at work.

  • ToothGrinder
    ToothGrinder 8 months ago +1

    James Lindsay is an American treasure.

  • Curtis Loftis
    Curtis Loftis 8 months ago +6

    James Lindsay is terrific. He is the G.O.A.T!

  • TheyCalledMeT
    TheyCalledMeT 8 months ago +153

    2 groups of people watch this
    both agree completely with this video
    one side sees it as an ingenious sarcastic performance
    the other side takes it literal

    • Philip Hudgens
      Philip Hudgens 8 months ago +1


    • VagueAnn
      VagueAnn 8 months ago +1


    • psylentps
      psylentps 8 months ago +1

      Artistic genius. Like Alex Jones as an indie song, or Donald trump singing once in a lifetime .

    • TheyCalledMeT
      TheyCalledMeT 8 months ago

      @psylentps he's a mathematician .. not an actor ..

  • Anne Other
    Anne Other 8 months ago +41

    Bravo, James Lindsay.

  • Michael Wooten
    Michael Wooten 8 months ago +9

    This speech is spectacular.

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 8 months ago +64

    James Lindsay is the man.

  • purdysanchez
    purdysanchez 8 months ago +6

    This isn't fair. You can't just let someone talk about the underlying literature that college professors use to mold their students' ideologies.

  • N why?
    N why? 8 months ago +8

    This guy has the most likes from that side and he argued for the otherside lol.

  • SleepingForest
    SleepingForest 8 months ago

    James put theory into practice here, absolutely brilliant.

  • Nobody’s Fool
    Nobody’s Fool 8 months ago +24

    James at his best.

  • Yorkie Chris
    Yorkie Chris 8 months ago +44

    OMG, I'm 63, you've given me hope, and all the men and women didn't die for nothing in 1918 and 1941 onwards

  • Dork Flassbury
    Dork Flassbury 8 months ago +1

    Does he really have his whole speech memorized ? That is impressive.

  • Peter Rasmussen
    Peter Rasmussen 8 months ago +10

    That was the most brilliant satire I have ever seen!

  • Get Rekt Son
    Get Rekt Son 8 months ago +5

    I love how he uses its own methods against itself lol.

  • Skylark Ravenslark
    Skylark Ravenslark 8 months ago +1

    No, we take back our words. To dare to claim that "Woke Culture has gone too far" is to believe that they have NOT already gone way too far. Well done James Lindsay. You've successfully proven that Woke Culture has already gone too far wayyyy long ago.

    • Skylark Ravenslark
      Skylark Ravenslark 8 months ago +1

      After a 2nd viewing... I just gotta say... OH COME ON you damned intellectuals at Oxford! STOP SMIRKING behind his back trying to hold back laughter at the irony of someone supposedly on the side of Woke Culture but totally undermining it himself hahahahahahah.

  • Madeline Mardigan
    Madeline Mardigan 8 months ago

    Imagine being told to except being second class citizens and letting a group of people who have never been able to create a successful society even when they inherited it

  • F. B.
    F. B. 8 months ago +26

    Well played, comrade. Well played.

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 8 months ago

    Brilliant. He completely undoes woke culture by talking about their own ideas, revealing their absurdity in the process

  • Tyler
    Tyler 8 months ago

    This speech gave me a nightmare vision. Imagine a football match where one team is up 100-0 in the 90th minute. The referee adds an undisclosed amount of stoppage time. The team down by a 100 goals is given water and the team up by a 100 goals is forced at gunpoint to stay on the pitch until they die of thirst leading to a forfeit.

  • Sisyphus'dungball
    Sisyphus'dungball 8 months ago +97

    "Saint Foucault" threw that in there without skipping a beat!
    Edit: 8:31

    • Rob Vel
      Rob Vel 8 months ago +2

      Nah he’s more like a Priest

    • S.C. Degrand
      S.C. Degrand 8 months ago +8

      Caught that too, I was dying! 😂

    • Sisyphus'dungball
      Sisyphus'dungball 8 months ago +2

      @S.C. Degrand Same!

    • Doutsoldome
      Doutsoldome 8 months ago +2

      "Saint Foucault" is the title of a book by David Halperin, which James was citing. I'm inclined to think that he threw that in there more for the effect from the book's title than for the quote itself, though, hehe.

  • TheLogicBeast
    TheLogicBeast 8 months ago +11

    James performs a 'short march through the institution'.

  • Exelereight
    Exelereight 8 months ago +4

    Lol, I started watching this and realized I need to try again when I have more time to really pay attention. Poe's law is in action, and if it wasn't for some physical tells I'd say he argues for the woke just as well or better than most woke scholars.

  • Happyhedgehog64
    Happyhedgehog64 8 months ago +3

    What a legend. The ending Q.E.D. was just delightful.