"Free Guy" Official Trailer REACTION!!!

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • In today's Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX and this actually looks like a fun movie since Ryan Reynolds has no idea that he is in a video game and decides to become the main character for once lol
    Original Video Link: clip-share.net/video/X2m-08cOAbc/video.html
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Comments • 520

  • Dwayne N Jazz
    Dwayne N Jazz  Month ago +404

    We thought this was gonna be an isekai lol 😂😂😂😂

    • Your Little Sister
      Your Little Sister Month ago

      MysticSage 84 Please

    • Awesome7T k31st1n
      Awesome7T k31st1n Month ago

      Jackseptieye confirms he's in the movie

    • Stray killer queen
      Stray killer queen Month ago

      Nah the title's not long enough to be an isekai

    • JC J
      JC J Month ago

      I love how you both said “Twice” at the same time at 0:31

    • Joseph D
      Joseph D Month ago

      ..... rip

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 9 days ago

    Did you guys know, that Jacksepticeye is doing a cameo for this movie ??

  • Prince Lit
    Prince Lit 13 days ago

    Isn't Jack going to be in this

  • HeyitsTay Marie
    HeyitsTay Marie 13 days ago

    2:38 Steve from stranger things or joe

  • Raven Studios
    Raven Studios 14 days ago +2

    This movie also got Jacksepticeye he isn't in the trailer but he is in the movie and that just makes the movie better 👌

  • Joker
    Joker 14 days ago +2

    Jacksepticeye is gonna be in this and I’m ready for it

  • EricPlayz951
    EricPlayz951 17 days ago

    It is GTA 5

  • Cameron Harmon III
    Cameron Harmon III 27 days ago

    Hell yeah on my birthday

  • ArtizticEnderz
    ArtizticEnderz Month ago

    So basically if GTA5 and PAYDAY collided with 100 or even more players
    And this movies is based on a good npc glitching and turning into a player npc

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores Month ago

    Police: *won't do this shit anymore*

  • The Real Elmo
    The Real Elmo Month ago

    People: LIFE IS NOT A GAME

  • Red Scorpion
    Red Scorpion Month ago

    Part of this Movie was done next to my Job,they had to close the Streets down and there’s nothing but big Building and so many different Banks around that area

  • chris brown
    chris brown Month ago

    The movie is basically fortnite

  • Dylan Dylan
    Dylan Dylan Month ago

    Haven’t watched in a while but damn you guys poppin. New background, new equipment, and both lookin fresh. Go Dwayne N Jazz!

  • Myles Lee
    Myles Lee Month ago

    who else just got off GTA and saw this

  • Robot Bits
    Robot Bits Month ago

    so modded gta 5 the movie

  • Deep Red
    Deep Red Month ago +2

    Guy is like that one enemy is red dead 2 that just won’t go down and is gonna take you with him

  • Obey_The_Mold
    Obey_The_Mold Month ago +2

    It’s gta from the perspective of the NPC

  • aja walker
    aja walker Month ago

    Ryan Reynolds as Guy
    Jodie Comer as Milly/Molotov Girl[4]
    Joe Keery as Keys
    Lil Rel Howery as Buddy
    Utkarsh Ambudkar as Mouser[5]
    Taika Waititi as Antoine[6][2]
    Camille Kostek as Beauty[7]
    Channing Tatum

  • aja walker
    aja walker Month ago

    In the open world video game Free City, an amalgamation of Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite, Guy (Reynolds) is a non-player character (NPC), working as a bank teller. Thanks to a code developed by programmers Milly (Comer) and Keys (Keery) inserted into Free City by the publisher Antoine (Waititi), Guy becomes aware of his world being a video game, and takes steps to make himself the hero, creating a race against time to save the game before the developers can shut it down.

  • Gamer Light
    Gamer Light Month ago +1

    Wreck it Ralph 2 irl?

  • Gatcha Ross & candy’s there

    The on time dancing tho


    He's an NPC

  • Tig ol' Bitties
    Tig ol' Bitties Month ago

    React to ERB Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso

  • John Trainor
    John Trainor Month ago

    Jazz be looking mad good. Lucky dude

  • HQ Gaming
    HQ Gaming Month ago +2

    Brooooo this movie comes out on my birthday I am gonna watch this😁

  • Smboyd25
    Smboyd25 Month ago

    Love thos earings

  • No1 Commans
    No1 Commans Month ago +1

    Can y’all react to all life is strange ending

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder Month ago +3

    Starring Ryan Reynolds as Emmet.

    IMTHEKING FTW Month ago

    He look like tyga in barbershop lol

  • PumpkinJack88
    PumpkinJack88 Month ago

    Very nice. Think Im going to see that.

  • Jeahav  Valentin
    Jeahav Valentin Month ago +1

    You both should react to an old music video from 1984 called fairy queen performed by Tami Stronach

  • 1levelup Alba
    1levelup Alba Month ago

    Everybody gangster till the npcs star fighting back in gta

  • Phantom 1
    Phantom 1 Month ago

    So he's a npc.

  • Oxi Clean
    Oxi Clean Month ago +1

    BRuhhh he really was an NPC That became the main character
    that is just fucking awesome

  • Fiona Bear
    Fiona Bear Month ago

    Closest thing were getting to a GTA movie

  • js Carrasco
    js Carrasco Month ago

    NPC the movie


    Although its a fox movie but Disney definitely has major influence in this movie. This movie was supposed to have a color palette and asthetic, humors and feels slightly dark like deadpool and other R rated movies but now we can see some disney (family friendly) vibes in the trailer.

  • VIBE moodininja 454

    Wach cilvanis video when you accidentaly put the english cover of the anime intro

  • manboy2005 Mustapah

    Hy... i'm love free guy 😍😎😎

  • GHOST Kill3R
    GHOST Kill3R Month ago

    Rip juice Wrld

  • Lazy Missy Sleeping ’til noon

    I think I saw my boi Steve from Stranger Things... One question, is the demogorgon making an appearance!!?😋 Can't wait to see this movie 🔥 🔥 🔥 so lit!!!!

  • Shelbyville Rules
    Shelbyville Rules Month ago

    Anyone else think Jasmine looks like Erica from Stranger Things?

  • Quiet Demon
    Quiet Demon Month ago

    0:30 yeah because Disney bought Fox

  • MoJo Claw
    MoJo Claw Month ago

    The plot is oddly similar to the LEGO movie

  • Scraftycraft vlog
    Scraftycraft vlog Month ago

    This is pretty much a gta in real life but different

  • James Carter
    James Carter Month ago +2

    "I'm not gonna be the good guy, I'm gonna be a great guy"🤣🤣

  • Justin. Y.
    Justin. Y. Month ago

    It’s like GTA but if the npcs fought back

  • Brandon Simmons
    Brandon Simmons Month ago

    My guess is that Ryan is playing as an NPC

  • Juppet
    Juppet Month ago

    This movie is basically when you try to rob the store in GTAV and the NPC fights back.

  • Bryan McLendon Jr
    Bryan McLendon Jr Month ago

    He must’ve been an NPC (non playable character)

  • Poptart Cat
    Poptart Cat Month ago +2

    Man I can’t believe There making a GTA movie I need to see this just wow that’s Basically every time I get on GTA🤣

  • McLaineAC
    McLaineAC Month ago

    Bruh HOW could it go over yalls head that this movie is about the BATTLE ROYAL GAMES these days. And the hero is a NPCS that breaks the system to become the hero and do something different

  • Jeremiyah Espinoza
    Jeremiyah Espinoza Month ago

    Do hitman reborn

  • Juppet
    Juppet Month ago

    Spoiler: *its just a game*

  • Antonio Rush
    Antonio Rush Month ago

    Here we go Again

  • Gucci MUI
    Gucci MUI Month ago


  • iM sTiLl piece oF gArBaGE.

    React to the new Wonder Woman trailer

  • iM sTiLl piece oF gArBaGE.

    React to the new Wonder Woman trailer

  • iM sTiLl piece oF gArBaGE.

    React to the new Wonder Woman trailer