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NBA YoungBoy - Hi Haters (official video)

  • Published on Nov 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Hanie Moon
    Hanie Moon Month ago +474

    The guys who did this video should be given their credits, they did an incredible job 🔥

    • NSA Scotty
      NSA Scotty 15 days ago

      He LITERALLY put "DIRECTED BY Garcia" in the beginning of the video lol

    • Duarte Joshua
      Duarte Joshua 22 days ago

      The whip huh!

    • Tango Down2x2x
      Tango Down2x2x 23 days ago +1

      @Jayson Brewer ain’t nobody Coming up in them snowy mountains with wolves bears elk etc tons of wolves lol

    • Rajul khan
      Rajul khan Month ago

      this is the best

    • No_limits
      No_limits Month ago +1

      @Jayson Brewerno he didn’t btw how u know his address

  • Big Woods
    Big Woods Month ago +258

    NBA youngboy I seen this kid grow throughout the years and got to say I'm proud of how he's moving now I'm just glad to see you still alive keep doing your thing young king

    • gotsHmoked
      gotsHmoked 4 days ago

      @Kamora Mitchlle

    • Kamora Mitchlle
      Kamora Mitchlle 4 days ago

      @gotsHmoked kings are human they contract cancer they bleed they become old right that's because they are human and we too do all the same get old bleed die so please don't let stupidity utter from your filthy mouth again which is impossible because I just realised what else do you expect when an ignorant person is allowed to speak and express his thoughts ignorance

    • Kamora Mitchlle
      Kamora Mitchlle 4 days ago +2

      and he said he saw a kid grow throughout the years might I add young boy was 15 16 when he came in the game a young kid since they says we as men do not become mature until 25 which he still has not reached yet and has battled his demons and changed his way of thinking before the world and some men can't do that before there homeboys lol a group of ten and this kid is being judged by millions and millions I salute him before I try to correct somebody on if he a kid or not this world is crazy smh

    • Kamora Mitchlle
      Kamora Mitchlle 4 days ago +1

      who are any of you to say what a king is in his eyes

    • dannyg
      dannyg 9 days ago +1

      @gotsHmokedkings do have money

  • Pi
    Pi Month ago +706

    That "thank you for being my friend" is so heartwarming and it comes straight from the heart too😭😭!!

    • Feyvah
      Feyvah 4 days ago

      @Kamora Mitchlle no it’s just a random yt comment section…

    • Kamora Mitchlle
      Kamora Mitchlle 4 days ago

      @Feyvah bro go somewhere else with that every comment under this one should be pertaining what was said in the first comment people like you are a reflection of what's wrong with society it's like walking into a restaurant that says no talking or smoking and you walk in with a cigarette talking loud on the phone asking for a lighter from the owner

    • Linx
      Linx 19 days ago


    • TheBigLeo
      TheBigLeo 20 days ago

      Yes it does

    • Neckbones Mukbangs
      Neckbones Mukbangs 22 days ago

      Omm I love it I say it all the time

  • Truly Worthy
    Truly Worthy Month ago +74

    The fact that you can feel and hear the pain in this young man voice is what makes everyone gravitate to him you can hear the growth he's came a long way and bettering himself as a father overall he doing a great job being from Baton Rouge coming from the struggle and he praising God more then ever keep up the good work.

    • Truly Worthy
      Truly Worthy Month ago +1

      Yeah that's my 💩 bro
      I've been rocking with YB for quite some time now this my playlist for when I'm cleaning up my house lol
      Lonely child
      Drawing symbols
      Cross me
      Death Enclaimed
      How I been
      Solar eclipse
      valuable pain

    • Tayyibah Z
      Tayyibah Z Month ago +2

      @Alex Youngfr

    • Alex Young
      Alex Young Month ago +3

      You haven’t heard the pain if you never listen 2015-16 and 2020 the prime of yb

    • King Jay Official
      King Jay Official Month ago

      No he sounds the same in every song, cry baby dude with a cry baby kid fan base same flow since be started rapping its trash

  • 48forlife
    48forlife Month ago +129

    That's Growth when you can say"Hi Haters" When you can love your enemies and the ppl who treat you wrong, that's love!!!! Only Jesus can help us do it!🙏🏾✌🏿❤ Nice song!!!!

    • Dice Money
      Dice Money Month ago +1


  • Big 4nem
    Big 4nem Month ago +277

    The way he nodded his head before saying "thank you for being my friend" you can tell it was sincere and from the heart ♻️ 💚

  • YBP Gio
    YBP Gio Month ago +59

    I listen to this song to calm me down and make me feel happy cuz I gotta lotta people speaking down on me

    • Gabrielle A.
      Gabrielle A. 28 days ago +1

      Bless you’re heart and I refuse all the negative remarks spoken over your life. It WILL NOT prevail. ❤

    • BTBSwervo1k
      BTBSwervo1k Month ago

      True shiiii

    • 🧛🏿
      🧛🏿 Month ago +1

      cuz you up nigga

  • Rocky G
    Rocky G Month ago +276

    So many artist hate on him because he’s truly a young legend and will continue at the Top. #GOAT 🔥🙌🏼

    • Quasimodo
      Quasimodo 25 days ago

      @𝘼𝙬𝙂𝙞𝙛𝙩 feels good to gobble on a big one dont it?

    • 𝘼𝙬𝙂𝙞𝙛𝙩
      𝘼𝙬𝙂𝙞𝙛𝙩 26 days ago +1


    • rick ross
      rick ross Month ago

      lol ur funny

    • keano ritchie
      keano ritchie Month ago

      bro the songs absolutely gash one of the most piss ass songs in eternity

    • itske1
      itske1 Month ago

      @BennyCat Editz 💪👍

  • Da Man
    Da Man Month ago +379

    Being the same age as dude is crazy, feel like we all growing up together as a community real shit

    • Christopher Hurley
      Christopher Hurley 10 days ago

      @Darieon Davis untouchable was when he changed I still remember when it came out.. I like old yb more but it is what it is

    • Crxb STXMP
      Crxb STXMP 17 days ago +1

      Do yk the songs at the end of it?

    • Justin Mathis
      Justin Mathis 26 days ago

      How you think I feel me and that nigga was born the same damn day 😂

    • Tyrik Shakur
      Tyrik Shakur Month ago

      Ong🎉 Merry Christmas Everyone #LLZ

    • Lamonte Gordon
      Lamonte Gordon Month ago

      @Blake Wells lol

  • ThatDudeOverThere
    ThatDudeOverThere Month ago +56

    Homie really looked at the camera and said "Thank you for being my friend" - that shit hit me in the chest... gah damn bro bless up

      AJQGAMER 5 days ago

      @No name you aint a real yb fan then

    • No name
      No name Month ago +3

      It’s not that deep😂

  • j smooth77
    j smooth77 Month ago +36

    don't let them black ball this legend no more he being doing this since a child providing for all his kids and family and gives credit to all that has impacted his life 🙌 👏 🙏 yb keep going u in a different Era than biggie and pac but you got everyone's ears 💯

    • rick ross
      rick ross Month ago

      i’m so sorry u sound very dumb with the biggie part😂

  • That’s Tuff
    That’s Tuff Month ago +55

    Hero’s come and goes but legends never dies

    • Lito
      Lito 26 days ago

      heros come and go but legends never die

  • İnsafsız Tayfa Ofical
    İnsafsız Tayfa Ofical Month ago +688

    A lot of celebrities uses *iGrams* to promote their social stuff do you think NBA do it too?

    • eagle_xyx
      eagle_xyx Month ago

      How fye is my music out of 10?🔥🇺🇸

  • Isaiah Labadie
    Isaiah Labadie Month ago +36

    Man that one hit you straight in the heart 🤙🏼 thank you for bein my friend

  • Wakinglife
    Wakinglife Month ago +47

    I truly wish YB and his family that best. Lord please watch them alln❤

  • 4KT_Slime
    4KT_Slime Month ago +51

    This man will live on for generations...4ktrey💚💚💚💚

  • Evan Carnick
    Evan Carnick Month ago +51

    5:26 was so heartwarming ❤

    • Jamm
      Jamm 28 days ago +1


    I USE LT KID Month ago +91

    i wanna meet him so bad

  • Ynd trenchmob
    Ynd trenchmob Month ago +48

    Yb really deserves to be on top 💯

  • Derrick johnson
    Derrick johnson Month ago +36

    in NBA I trust 🖤

  • Spencer Williams
    Spencer Williams Month ago +16

    Love that scripture in the beginning. One of my favorites in the Book of Mormon

  • Acee Stockton
    Acee Stockton Month ago +39


    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      Click to Watch youngboy making music in jail

  • Luke Penn
    Luke Penn Month ago +44

    In kentrell we trust💚

    • Quiana Johnson
      Quiana Johnson 28 days ago

      Hey babe i love you from Glasgow Kentucky. Happy New Year's babe be safe

  • Breandon Ross
    Breandon Ross Month ago +16

    I love this song especially the beginning I’m glad to know yb somewhat believes in Jesus

  • Tango Down2x2x
    Tango Down2x2x Month ago +19

    Shout out’s cw!!!!! He’s reaching the real young ones

    • Tango Down2x2x
      Tango Down2x2x Month ago +2

      @Rose Walker yup facts he’s one wise elder from the south! I’d love to just kick it with CW for a weekend just to soak up game

    • Rose Walker
      Rose Walker Month ago +1

      @Tango Down2x2x and he be speaking some real shitt fr💯. Like i actually watch CW not just clips . If people listen they would understand

    • Tango Down2x2x
      Tango Down2x2x Month ago +3

      @Rose Walker yup that’s what he said . Cuz he know charleston doing shit for the kids

    • Jayla W.
      Jayla W. Month ago +1


    • Rose Walker
      Rose Walker Month ago +1

      Aye facts tho 💯 did he say if he ever need him he’ll send him a bag?? . CW really be talking facts.

  • WᴀᴠᴇGᴏᴅ540s
    WᴀᴠᴇGᴏᴅ540s Month ago +22

    This shit hard af.💪🏾

  • Christian Sherod
    Christian Sherod Month ago +15

    Man Yb Please Keep Dropping Don't Stop Keep Going Idv If U Drop A 40 Sec Vid Of U Rappin Drop Sum 🔥🔥🔥

  • Julie Chavez
    Julie Chavez Month ago +13

    “I’m caught up providiiinng but all my niggas been sliding “ as a man I felt that I gotta provide for the fam 100

  • BobbyJoe24
    BobbyJoe24 Month ago +472

    I hope he’s able to grow old and live his full life cause too many rapper dying young af
    Edit: I don’t care about the likes ngl

    AlXNDR_MUSIC Month ago +18

    is it me or does he just sound even better on these type beats. dope flows

  • Nooney Skeet
    Nooney Skeet Month ago +13

    Forever at the TOP Intelligent Thuggn on the Mountain 🕊️

    • itske1
      itske1 Month ago

      Not NLE Choppa?

  • Jacobs baseball
    Jacobs baseball Month ago +17

    This is one of the best songs i’ve ever heard on moms

  • dystorted
    dystorted Month ago +61

    cant get this beat out of my head

  • NCAA Youngirl
    NCAA Youngirl Month ago +1

    Winner goes to a best rapper: NBA YOUNGBOY!🏆

  • Joshua liah Harris
    Joshua liah Harris Month ago +7

    Love NBA YOUNGBOY and all the songs and attitude #LORD KENTRELL

  • BaBaWrldTv
    BaBaWrldTv Month ago +15

    YoungBoy beat the odds 🏋🏽‍♂️💯

  • Fxlse Axmzz
    Fxlse Axmzz Month ago +6

    Man i love this song it's so good and like the beat is so good and the start I love it

  • Luh kia
    Luh kia Month ago +22

    his versatility is insaneee

  • JiG
    JiG Month ago +2

    i can feel it coming when i get to the top i hope to be able to get to you somehow someway

    • JiG
      JiG Month ago


  • Braeden
    Braeden Month ago +5

    Stay safe stop the violence ❤

  • Mareco
    Mareco Month ago +5

    Legendary and it's no Dispute about it🐐🔥💎🖤

  • Popout bangco
    Popout bangco Month ago +6

    My boy top🔥🔥he get me through the day who else

  • Shilomih Marie
    Shilomih Marie Month ago +22

    In this generation YB is and will always be remember as Tupac Shakur was & to this day still relevant that’s how big of a deal he is in Rap music fucking Iconic 🖤

    • Shilomih Marie
      Shilomih Marie 8 days ago

      @Antione .R YES

    • Antione .R
      Antione .R 8 days ago

      @Shilomih Marie no

    • LG
      LG Month ago

      representing Generation Z 98 99

    • Shilomih Marie
      Shilomih Marie Month ago

      @Never Around Yoooo 🤣🤣 yu funny 😄 ok ok

    • Never Around
      Never Around Month ago

      @Shilomih Marie okay, your right 🫡

  • Singili Sam
    Singili Sam Month ago +13

    Props to loyd for dropping a crazy beat.

  • 88 club taste test
    88 club taste test Month ago +1

    I love what u doing youngin speaking peace reaching out to c murder jungle ya best song.ever I love it u the new pac u got son fuck beef get ya money speak peace bro keep stacking u winning don't let the game trick u off the streets my ģ this rap shit a trap do songs wit nigga

  • HoodToxicity
    HoodToxicity 2 months ago +1773

    I pray we don’t ever lose this man! We are witnessing greatness..

    • Prince Williams
      Prince Williams Month ago

      @Chronic Daniel bru

    • Israel Ali
      Israel Ali Month ago

      @VontheMod nobody said that

    • Israel Ali
      Israel Ali Month ago

      @Shimon “watch my nails”

    • HAzel
      HAzel Month ago


    • Shilomih Marie
      Shilomih Marie Month ago +1

      YB Is the next 2pac I swear mark my words 💯🖤

  • CJ King AgainstAllOdds

    Salute got on and ain't looked back. And still young af. 💯

  • Jayden Cartagena
    Jayden Cartagena Month ago +8

    w yb again always coming through with a fire song. i love you so much yb man you are such a w rapper and i literally am your son

  • Linell Galloway
    Linell Galloway Month ago +6

    I loooooovvvee u YoungBoy Never Be Broke Again u everything hunni

  • kiigeh
    kiigeh Month ago +7

    i cant stop listening bro shi

  • Matt Sousa
    Matt Sousa Month ago +5

    The goat 💚🤞🏽

  • couturefit couturefit
    couturefit couturefit Month ago +5

    Can someone give Sheronda her own reality show, with all the lil grand babies we want to see all the kids together growing up ❤

  • Jason Ward
    Jason Ward Month ago +7

    The fact u named your dog peaches and I’ve had one I named about 5 years ago peaches just made me love u more 😂😂😂

    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

      Click to Watch youngboy making music in jail
      Subscribe to that channel

  • Yashraj Alva
    Yashraj Alva Month ago +8

    2:24 ---- to ------ 3:09 got addicted to this lines ❤️😩🙏❤️

    • Feyvah
      Feyvah Month ago

      Them Hittasssss miss me wit dem kaysssssss

  • J.A.R. Family
    J.A.R. Family Month ago +128

    That " thank you for being my friend" hits hard.

  • Michael Moulton
    Michael Moulton Month ago +7

    That beat sick

  • Cable Hoops
    Cable Hoops Month ago +66

    Man it’s so amazing to me how inspirational this man is in and outside of the industry❤

    • Godiseverything
      Godiseverything Month ago

      clip-share.net/user/shorts3LfMB4ncJkg?feature=share Yb Stan goes nuts

  • NUDYTv
    NUDYTv Month ago +4

    Thank u for being my friend"
    I felt that one

  • 18o4nld
    18o4nld Month ago +6

    Youngboy fullfill my wish He gonna release home of the land soon😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love this man

  • Bino Kakana
    Bino Kakana Month ago +1

    YB NBA and weak verses are enemies that's why whatever he drops becomes a hit

  • Verified Matt
    Verified Matt 26 days ago +5

    Growing old is a beautiful thing my g 💯 ❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Dwick
    Dwick Month ago

    Inspiration 💯

  • Psycholol SD
    Psycholol SD Month ago +166

    “Tell the haters I said hey 👋🏾 I made through another day😌” this shit is a vibe 😮‍💨

    • Lowkey The Joker YT
      Lowkey The Joker YT Month ago +1

      On soul

    • RichMell
      RichMell Month ago +1


    • Charles Ulmer
      Charles Ulmer Month ago

      He can't stop smiling, cuz family guud. Pay attention men that is the end game

    • Lil Man A
      Lil Man A Month ago

      plz checkout my songs

    • 38BABY
      38BABY Month ago +5


  • Ron HunDun
    Ron HunDun Month ago +5

    I thank the LORD that I'm saved 🎵🎵🎵🎼🎼

  • Nate Carter
    Nate Carter Month ago +1

    Produced By @yung_tago @bjbeatz_
    Official Music Video
    Directed By #nbayoungboy @isaacgarcia
    🤜 Distributed By @usemyideas 🤛

  • Non Opp
    Non Opp Month ago +3

    Don't act like the demon sneaking through the beat screaming in the back ground ain't touching yo soul 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Yasiyah West
    Yasiyah West Month ago

    Ughhh I love youuu💚

  • Food Fun and Fuckery
    Food Fun and Fuckery Month ago +1

    I like this Keep the Peace my brother #stoptheviolence

  • Zaybo561
    Zaybo561 Month ago +3

    Yb I know you still love Gates that BON line (Big Ol Nigga) and Big Ol Player that's all him his influence over Louisiana can't be overlooked but it gets unnoticed 💯💪🏽🪶

    SKYZ_APEX_ Month ago +8

    fire bro yb keep it up brudda

  • confusedclouds
    confusedclouds Month ago +81

    This man needs to be inducted into the rappers hall of fame fr tho 💯🔥

    • zaysteppin
      zaysteppin Month ago +1

      @Dick Hurtz npc

    • Dick Hurtz
      Dick Hurtz Month ago

      Hell to the no

    • zaysteppin
      zaysteppin Month ago

      @Aaron Olson probably an old head stfu bruh, things change

    • DN Recqn
      DN Recqn Month ago

      @Loron Trapper and they still gone ride him to the end 😂

    • Loron Trapper
      Loron Trapper Month ago

      @Sauccey hurt my soul that boy took the oath 🤦‍♂️

  • Cass Adams
    Cass Adams Month ago +2

    Don’t set your self up for The Fail

  • Ski Youngboy
    Ski Youngboy Month ago +5

    Love it

  • MythiCreeP
    MythiCreeP  Month ago +1

    I like how they slid that quote in there like the beginning of an uncharted game 😂

  • CiZzle PUBG.
    CiZzle PUBG. Month ago +4

    Hope u see tomorrow and tomorrow bro 💯💫

  • RickyNettles
    RickyNettles Month ago +3


  • Go sub 2 GR dezdotti
    Go sub 2 GR dezdotti Month ago +6

    Dis my ring tone😂😂😂

  • Malik K.
    Malik K. Month ago +2

    Difficult to explain the beauty in this

  • Whydionte
    Whydionte Month ago +47

    The guys who did this video should be given their credits, they did an incredible job

    • Derrel RRG
      Derrel RRG  Month ago +1

      0:33 “Isaac Garcia” got his credit lol

  • DJ Aktivist
    DJ Aktivist Month ago +2


  • JOT
    JOT Month ago +3

    Thank you for being my friend 😢

  • Jalux⍟
    Jalux⍟ Month ago +2

    yb ur a legend

  • Project 1391
    Project 1391 Month ago +3

    Yb real and it's all good wit me

  • Lilyoungin38
    Lilyoungin38 Month ago +2


  • Santy Thakur
    Santy Thakur Month ago +3


  • Ani
    Ani Month ago +1

    shout out to slick rick !!!! "hey young world" real music heads kno !!!! #heyyoungworld

  • Khi2fyee_1329
    Khi2fyee_1329 Month ago


  • Mary Lou
    Mary Lou Month ago +1


  • Ace Hendrix
    Ace Hendrix Month ago

    We love ya top from one gansta to another I understand bra always have always do ,believe tht

  • NanaBaadAhh
    NanaBaadAhh Month ago +1

    Me and my one year old daughter love nba YoungBoy I hope he always available to continue making great music ❤️ his music keeps me going every day

  • LIl leeky
    LIl leeky Month ago


  • OnGo Ent
    OnGo Ent Month ago +14

    A young man who wants a great life while living in a fucked up world all while understanding that life is what it is. A true definition of don't judge a book by its cover...it just is what it is💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🤜🏾🤛🏾

  • kenneth ross
    kenneth ross Month ago +2

    cant stop wont stop hide behind another name they bow at are feet

  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis Month ago +2

    This my songYB!🥰🤟🏾🔥

  • Justin Bonds
    Justin Bonds Month ago +4

    bro the verse in the beginning hit different “Now, as my mind caught hold upon this thought, I cried within my heart: O Jesus, thou Son of God, have mercy on me, who am in the gall of bitterness, and am encircled about by the everlasting chains of death” (Alma 36:18).

  • IzoZaza
    IzoZaza Month ago +279

    Im bumping this in 2045 at my family reunion onna hood 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    I USE LT KID Month ago +1

    "thank you for being my fren"

  • 1k
    1k Month ago +1

    I know with the self promotion , new music #OUTNOW I appreciate anything coming with it #subscribe #stream #react 🧡🍂

  • Yrn Tmoney
    Yrn Tmoney Month ago +2


  • Gk Pros
    Gk Pros Month ago +1

    Crazy how my man’s really got his addy on dere😭