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😮 Pigs fight off hungry bear


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  • ns8013
    ns8013 2 months ago +3028

    The pigs were like "we aren't stuck in here with you, you're stuck in here with us!”

  • Smoth Clips
    Smoth Clips Month ago +360

    Bear "on second thought, I'll check the trash bin"

    • Fra Thi
      Fra Thi Month ago +2

      😂😂😂 right on! First "thought" was a mistake! These two fellows were ready for him!😂😂😘

  • Sparky
    Sparky Month ago +325

    Pigs may look goofy but they are extremely smart and tough as nails. That bear jumped into the wrong pen lol

    • philip wadelius
      philip wadelius Month ago +7

      100%. Just look at how the pig just keeps on eating like it's nothing until the moment the bear comes inside. That's a bad ass right there

    • William Karcher
      William Karcher Month ago

      Ball pig

    • Benito Mussolini
      Benito Mussolini Month ago

      They are pretty much dumb they cant move sideways when running you can escape them by just moving to side of his running path

    • Sparky
      Sparky Month ago +3

      @Benito Mussolini Yeah, I assume you haven't heard the numerous stories of wild pigs killing people, that had guns even. 😂

    • Manakzar
      Manakzar 28 days ago +1

      ​@Benito MussoliniThey are as smart as some dogs

  • Dylan Jarman
    Dylan Jarman 3 months ago +1929

    bro was like "THE FCK U SAY TO MY WIFE?!?!"

  • Hisservant S
    Hisservant S Month ago

    I love bears, but I have to stand with pigs here. They did an excellent job of defending themselves.

  • EyeSeeYou
    EyeSeeYou Month ago

    Porcine species, even domesticated breeds, are armed with sharp tusks and become aggressive in self-defence.
    Black bears are some of the smallest and shiest of the omnivourous bears, so seeing the pigs run it off easily isn't that surprising.
    Had this been an adult Brown or Polar bear, the pigs would not have had much chance to survive the encounter.

  • Валентина Пономарева

    Вот какой мужчина спасает свою женщину. Медведя прогнал. Герой.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago +8

    Pig was like “ keep my wife’s name out your dam mouth “ lmao lmao

  • Benjamin Battaglia
    Benjamin Battaglia Month ago +3

    Next time someone calls me a pig im going to show them this, and take it as a compliment.

  • linda Mclennan
    linda Mclennan 3 months ago +480

    Pigs are actually very intelligent & are NOT taking any threats from the bear

    • Tim Cornwall
      Tim Cornwall 3 months ago +4

      you are so right

      EXTRA VAGANZA 2 months ago +2

      Yeah exactly like you.

    • Michael Mendillo
      Michael Mendillo 2 months ago

      Uh Uh !!!!. She was right on his ass !
      Lol,,,that was so great ! 😁😂

    • Василий Добрый
      Василий Добрый 2 months ago +7

      Подросток медведь. Был бы взрослый, то обоих утащил.

    • Markbiggs Ggg
      Markbiggs Ggg 2 months ago +4

      bears are also too equally as intelligent as hogs.

  • It'sMe
    It'sMe Month ago +3

    Those pigs need more protection than that.

    • Movie Nerd
      Movie Nerd Month ago +1

      The bear needs protection from those pigs 😊

    • angelaschmalzbauer
      angelaschmalzbauer Month ago +1

      I agree with you 💯

    • angelaschmalzbauer
      angelaschmalzbauer Month ago +1

      that fence is not secure enough 😡👎

    • It'sMe
      It'sMe Month ago +1

      @angelaschmalzbauer , AMEN. Pigs aren’t equipped to protect themselves either. Coyotes all over my place. You’d have to put them up at night, and electrify some fences.

  • TAC
    TAC Month ago +2

    That shit ain't gonna work on a Grizzly. But props to the pigs

  • Maya Kogay
    Maya Kogay 2 months ago +2204

    Мишка молодой. Не сильно голодный. Не ожидал, что еда начнёт драться.


    “If you ever see me in the forest fighting a grizzly bear, HELP THE BEAR..cuz that bitch gone need it” 😂😂😂

  • Ceb from the streets of Torn

    Bear: "Bacon for dinner tonight!"
    Pigs: "Our favorite... Bear bacon. 😌"

  • Mi Ba
    Mi Ba 3 months ago +158

    Brave pigs!

    • Jeremy Scherrer
      Jeremy Scherrer 2 months ago +5

      Sometimes you have to be brave when your left with no other choice.

    • The Honest Truth
      The Honest Truth Month ago

      ​@Jeremy Scherrer deep ....

  • SuperNovaGames
    SuperNovaGames Month ago

    After that traumatic incident with the big bad wolf they got tired with predators stepping into their homes.

  • Mochi6900
    Mochi6900 22 days ago

    Somebody has to show this to Joe Rogan!!

  • Митя Захарович
    Митя Захарович 3 months ago +144

    А дикий кабан может сам медведя съесть, они вообще безбашенные

    • Hugh Morjoui
      Hugh Morjoui 2 months ago +16

      Гопники прессанули потапыча ))

    • Лилия Сидорова
      Лилия Сидорова 2 months ago +13

      сикач еще и продемонстрировал,ка жевать медведя станет...самой страшно стало 😂🤣😅

    • Леонид
      Леонид 2 months ago +11

      Миха, по ходу не разглядел на загородке жовто- блакитный символ. Посмотри внимательно.

    • Владимир Кулаков
      Владимир Кулаков 2 months ago +4

      ​@Леонид Как всегда, перевёрнутый вверх каком.

  • Anonymous 1
    Anonymous 1 Month ago

    Joe Rogan is going to be heartbroken

  • Darilyn Adams
    Darilyn Adams Month ago

    Gosh! Good on the pigs! Fighting for their lives! I'm surprised, how the pigs defended themselves! [From an Aussie]. The farmer should put an electric wire around the top of the pigs fences & hut to protect them!

  • Сергей Кобяков
    Сергей Кобяков 2 months ago +160

    Главное не габариты, а характер)) медведь просто не ожидал, думал его испугаются..

  • Dee
    Dee Month ago

    That's why they say black bears are the weaker of the 3

  • Hysterik3o6
    Hysterik3o6 Month ago

    Bears are smart. He recognized it was 2 against 1 and hightailed it outta there. The same thing happens in the wild. When a bear sees 2 or more wolves, it usually backs off. This bear also looks like a juvenile.

  • Frances Venezia
    Frances Venezia 2 months ago +1357

    Bear: "I didn't really want that bacon anyway."

  • Jay J
    Jay J 29 days ago

    This is why women need men.

  • Crystal Coutes
    Crystal Coutes Month ago

    Changed his mind real quick

  • Иннокентий Мохначевский

    Повезло что супруг оказался дома.

  • Toxic
    Toxic  12 days ago

    Second pig really went "GET OVER HERE"

  • Andrew Jason
    Andrew Jason Month ago +1

    Those pigs got some dwag in them

  • Татьяна Иванова

    Мужик, настоящий мужик. Стоит против медведя, ещё и пожевывает 😂

    • Real Me
      Real Me 2 months ago +6

      Кабан сильнее медведя.

    • Master Hrust
      Master Hrust 2 months ago +2


    • Artem Fominykh
      Artem Fominykh 2 months ago +14

      Он не жует , он демонстрирует клыки !

  • V Moya
    V Moya Month ago +8

    Bear was not expecting a more fierce attack than what he was about to deliver. Obviously that changed his mind completely

  • Queen of Hearts.♥️👸

    Pig : My area my rule. You gtf outta here.

  • Jason H
    Jason H Month ago +384

    Never underestimate how dangerous pigs can be. Particularly if they’re hungry.

      OOGA BOOGA Month ago +8

      Heard of a guy who got death rolled by a pig... He lost his leg but survived

    • Rýžovník Šedý
      Rýžovník Šedý Month ago +8

      @OOGA BOOGA pigs doing death roll? I thought it is
      crocodiles special skill

    • Jp Bm
      Jp Bm Month ago +4

      @OOGA BOOGA Heard of a guy that tried to pet a pig with his right hand...
      Moral of the story: he no longer has a right hand.

    • Т.Т Дикий Запад
      Т.Т Дикий Запад Month ago

      Особенно если Свинья ранена

  • Alex Antonucci
    Alex Antonucci Month ago +1

    The first pig gave that bear a cold ass 1 / 2 combination. He was pretty much done after that.

  • Deadplayers 1997
    Deadplayers 1997 Month ago

    He soon realised he stepped into the wrong pigs hood, that ain’t no Percy pigs bruh

  • Indie Moore
    Indie Moore Month ago +215

    The guy who built that fence must have been using Thor’s hammer. The bear didn’t even make it budge.

    • Barry B. Benson
      Barry B. Benson Month ago +9

      Thors hammer 😂😂 shits nailed to the core of the earth 😂

    • Mr. Meeseeks
      Mr. Meeseeks Month ago +4

      With pigs that can push black fluffy forest tanks, u have to.

    • It Is What It Is
      It Is What It Is Month ago +3

      It's called hog wire for a reason. It's tough enough to withstand a beating from hogs, so bears are no problem!

    • Blossom Wilder
      Blossom Wilder Month ago


    • arnel weger
      arnel weger Month ago


  • Judith Mendes
    Judith Mendes Month ago

    Impor autoridade é um dom q nem todos possuem.

  • Dr. Strange
    Dr. Strange Month ago

    If they actually got it holy crap they'd be FEASTING

  • Андрей Давыдов
    Андрей Давыдов 2 months ago +127

    Ух и как его она потом зауважала и загордилась, мужчина защитник

  • ashok
    ashok Month ago +1

    So pigs are stronger than bears

  • Broken Hill Man
    Broken Hill Man 27 days ago

    Pigs: you ain't that guy, bear.

  • louis hurak
    louis hurak 2 months ago +70

    Pigs are intelligent creatures, I know they make look weird or gross to u, but they are smart, and Loyal to their family. So respect them

    • Dave Herschberger
      Dave Herschberger 2 months ago +4

      I do respect their bacon, ham and pork chops they are delicious

    • The Dream Jackson
      The Dream Jackson 2 months ago +2

      Respect them?? Nah..

    • Joe
      Joe 2 months ago +1

      They taste delicious as well

    • louis hurak
      louis hurak 2 months ago +1

      Lol bacon is my favorite

    • Emma s
      Emma s 2 months ago +3

      I love pigs . All animals . No bacon sandwiches for me

  • L.E.D
    L.E.D Month ago

    The second he got over the fence he got freaking body checked😂😂😂

  • Snagletooth
    Snagletooth Month ago

    Pigs were better at bearing than the bear

  • Алексей Асеев
    Алексей Асеев 2 months ago +80

    Судя по размерам медведь ещё молод. Взрослый медведь бы не отпустил свинью

    • Егор Николаев
      Егор Николаев 2 months ago +1

      От свиней любой медведь боится. Тут дело не в габаритах так как кабаны многих медведей испугали в лесах

  • Ann M.
    Ann M. Month ago

    Pigs can get really mean

  • Joe T
    Joe T Month ago

    Don't mess with a pig, officer. Haha

  • Елена Алпатова
    Елена Алпатова 2 months ago +550

    Защитил свою даму сердца 💕
    МУЖИК 👍👍👍

    • vra4
      vra4 2 months ago +19

      Это пятачок с армии вернулся 😂😂😂

    • Erjan Mambetow
      Erjan Mambetow 2 months ago +12

      Почему на заборе украинский флаг висит???

    • DonAlfonso63
      DonAlfonso63 2 months ago +16

      ​@Erjan Mambetow The stall is Ukrainian territory, the bear is the Russian aggressor!! 😁

    • Аnatoliy Ng
      Аnatoliy Ng 2 months ago +1

      Это Папа 😁👍наверно

  • Mandy Brown
    Mandy Brown Month ago

    Good Job Porky.

  • Catania Momma Italia

    The dark pig is a Vietnamese pot-belly pig. It has tusks; which means any intruder is in danger of death.
    I had one. Wilbur almost killed the linemen repairing the electric lines that fell during a storm. They came at night and didn't realize there were more than horses in the barn. We hadn't cut Wilbur's tusks because the weather had been so bad and it was difficult for the large animal vet to get down our country driveway.
    Needless to say, we heard the screams and were able to stop the attack. Wilbur was the best guard animal...however, he was dangerous to have our friends and other family members around, as long as he had tusks. Without tusks, he was like a big baby. He loved to have his belly rubbed, and back scratched and loved to have a beer on Friday night with my husband lol

  • Joanna McPeak
    Joanna McPeak 3 months ago +135

    I can't believe what I just saw, but I am glad Ms. Piggy wasn't injured

  • Danielle T.
    Danielle T. Month ago

    Pretty sure the bear was trying to get some of the pigs food, not the actual pigs themselves..

  • Mike Herriman
    Mike Herriman Month ago

    Those pigs were like "You better back up son"

  • Елена Касаткина

    Какой кабанчик зачётный.

  • Ghost of the grave
    Ghost of the grave Month ago

    The bears like "alright alright chill man.....Okay I'm going!!!!"

  • Manditoe Mya
    Manditoe Mya Month ago

    If hunters and trappers or whoever would stop killing off smaller animals then Foxes, wolves, Coyotes etc.. plus minks, Hawks, Owls, and the like would not be so hungry and go after farm animals or go around people etc.. . I've seen Men take dogs and go to fields and Kill EVERY rat or Rabbit etc.. just to kill them. Those smaller animals are what feeds a good amount of other larger animals and Big Birds. People Don't think and use their brains and it's so frustrating.

  • Mylenabr
    Mylenabr 3 months ago +463

    No Bacon today, Mr. bear! 😂😂😂

    • Chocolate Chunky Cookies
      Chocolate Chunky Cookies 2 months ago +2

      I thought the same thing exactly 🤣😂

    • GEO🇬🇪
      GEO🇬🇪 2 months ago

      everything is a fence and a man, if not for this, the bear would have eaten bacon 😉😁🤔🤣

    • Avery Jackson
      Avery Jackson 2 months ago +3

      Bear said I'm going to McDonald's and order a sausage Mc muffin it's cheaper

    • Надежда
      Надежда Month ago

      Точно не сегодня😂

  • Christopher worgan
    Christopher worgan Month ago

    If the bear owned a skillet its a different story.

  • steve bull
    steve bull Month ago

    Bear just realised the fence was for his protection

  • Алексей З
    Алексей З 2 months ago +197

    Чётко сработала команда. Белая сдержала первую атаку, пока не пришло подкрепление. Затем отошла в сторонку и не мешала разбираться папе)

    • mama mama
      mama mama 2 months ago +4


    • Эльдар Карасов
      Эльдар Карасов 2 months ago +10

      Точно - видно, что медведя ввела в ступор именно четкая, слаженная и командная работа обороняющихся

    • Ruslan Ishchenko
      Ruslan Ishchenko 2 months ago +9

      Мишка хотел поросятинки отведать, не вышло

  • BidenSenile
    BidenSenile 22 days ago

    Yeah, you can freak out a black bear if you go beserker on em.A brown bear will not care and tear up your whole family.

  • Henry J Klein
    Henry J Klein Month ago +1

    Bear was lucky he walked out.Old boars would've been tuff anyway.

  • Дарья Зацарная
    Дарья Зацарная 2 months ago +116

    лапусечка беленькая какая умница отошла в уголок и ждёт как её муж разбирается

  • Moyra Rasheed
    Moyra Rasheed Month ago

    Bear forgot it’s own real strength

  • gaia lavrenteva
    gaia lavrenteva Month ago +1

    Вот что значит сила характера !!!

  • 88trapordie
    88trapordie 2 months ago +148

    Homeboy came out that tent real quick wanting all the smoke 😂that’s a real friend right there

  • Rubi roy Hahaha
    Rubi roy Hahaha Month ago

    That was a handicap match . First pig fight than tagged his partner and waited in the corner to get tagged 😂😂

  • Фарид Наджмидинов

    Настоящий мужик

  • B J Steinhoff
    B J Steinhoff 3 months ago +107

    The bear was the lucky one here 🐻

  • Ikram
    Ikram Month ago

    Sometimes the bears can be so sarcastic😭

  • J M
    J M Month ago +1

    Now if that was a brown bear or a Grizzly ….

  • Randy B
    Randy B Month ago

    Loved when he moped around a second, then beat feet

  • Brianne Kelley
    Brianne Kelley Month ago

    I love how those cute little piggy stuck together and RAM that bear up out of there the bear they're all so cute they were so adorable but that could have turned out so bad for both of them but I'm just glad they didn't get hurt and I'm glad the bear changed his mind about looking in their house😂😂

  • Наташа Медведчук

    В первые, наконец-то вижу настоящего мужчину!!!

    • Евгений к М
      Евгений к М 2 months ago +39

      Выходи за него

    • Нонна Горбунова
      Нонна Горбунова 2 months ago +4


    • Nelli Klundt
      Nelli Klundt 2 months ago +8

      ​@Евгений к М Да уж лучше в девках остаться чем за таких как ты идти! Не дай Бог!!!

    • КОСМОС
      КОСМОС 2 months ago +14

      ​​@Евгений к М 😂😂😂 ты мой День мужик сделал

    • Евгений к М
      Евгений к М 2 months ago +6

      @Nelli Klundt видимо у вас вкусы совпадают

  • GcatMSGC
    GcatMSGC Month ago

    I love pigs😊

  • Wolfu
    Wolfu Month ago

    Pigs are so smart !

  • She Traded It
    She Traded It 2 months ago +340

    I like how he didn't even stop chewing his dinner... totally unbothered... 😆🐽🐻

    • Lone wolf
      Lone wolf Month ago +16

      I belive he was grinding the teeth

    • She Traded It
      She Traded It Month ago +7

      ​@Lone wolf I believe you are not invited to parties.

    • Kathleen Mann
      Kathleen Mann Month ago +10

      Pig was grinding it’s teeth in warning

      GOODBOY Month ago

      Lmao 😂😂😂 noted

    • ogbubba👌
      ogbubba👌 Month ago +3

      ​@She Traded It lol its a warning sound that pigs do

  • Taz Toma
    Taz Toma Month ago

    Someone forward this to Joe Rogan

    DARK KNIGHT 22 days ago

    That's one bad ass pig

  • Гуджа Ониани
    Гуджа Ониани 2 months ago +11

    Мужик защитил свою даму ✌️

  • Kelly Taylor
    Kelly Taylor Month ago

    Looks like y’all need some livestock guardian dogs.

  • Night Rider
    Night Rider Month ago

    Piggy never broke eye contact once!

  • Азнор Хыбыртов
    Азнор Хыбыртов 2 months ago +56

    Мишка не ожидал токого хотел поесть а чуть сам не стал ужином ,он этот день на долгт запомнит )))))

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    those pigs got balls, big balls


    Bear like, "damn angry pork chops!"

  • Ryan Kohls
    Ryan Kohls 3 months ago +51

    Bear had to rethink about his life choices

    • VunVibes
      VunVibes 2 months ago +3

      He Was Like Let Me Get The F*ck Out Of Here😂😂😂

    • Patriot
      Patriot 2 months ago


  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker Month ago +1

    If bear gets injured and falls, bear gets eaten.

  • jay nickerson
    jay nickerson Month ago

    That bear was one of the spartan babies they threw away.

  • Natures Best
    Natures Best 2 months ago +45

    People have no idea how aggressive a boar or pig can be. Super powerful animal.

  • alchemest
    alchemest Month ago

    And people wonder why boar's were used as medeval devices.

  • lily_loves_jh
    lily_loves_jh Month ago

    pigs can be very territorial. my aunt has a mini pig (shes not so mini after she got into a pack of hot dogs) but shes had her for about 3-4 years. and just recently the pig stopped chasing me around the house.

  • Alfred Rodriguez
    Alfred Rodriguez 2 months ago +29

    People may not know this..but bears are problem solvers.. as soon as he realizes there's two and they're willing to fight.. the injury he will sustain isn't worth the trouble.. plus he's in their enclosure hence his quick exit... Smart bear.!!!.

    • Rosemarie Tolentino
      Rosemarie Tolentino 2 months ago +4

      Realized he was not that hungry after all.

    • Miracles Happen
      Miracles Happen 2 months ago +3

      I didn’t realize I only needed to walk w/2 pigs by my side to keep the bears away! If I didn’t see this I wouldn’t believe someone telling me that 2 pigs got a bear to runaway. I’m shocked!😳

    • Robmck Robmck
      Robmck Robmck 2 months ago

      I think the limitations to his problem solving led the bear to run when one paw swipe would've been an easy solution even before he saw there was a second problem/meal.

    • Joe
      Joe 2 months ago

      Lmao that bear would not have been injured eating both of them.
      Unless you consider explosive diarrhea from eating 300lbs of bacon an injury

  • Cheva
    Cheva Month ago

    Кабаны красавчики

  • Joanna Mallory
    Joanna Mallory Month ago

    My cousin kept a pig on her island as a bear deterrent. It would chase them right back into the water.

  • Максим Богач
    Максим Богач 2 months ago +13

    Миха-разумный чел! Оценил все "за" и "против" и сделал выводы!

  • Lukhal Kaulig
    Lukhal Kaulig 7 days ago

    😂 Crazy bear 🐻

  • Nikita Nikolaev
    Nikita Nikolaev 29 days ago

    Brave warriors

  • Dallas Bellman
    Dallas Bellman Month ago +8

    Whatever he said to the bear, must have been some really dark stuff to make the bear jump out of the cage that fast

  • Andy Bush
    Andy Bush Month ago

    Hogs are tough