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Robert's Rebellion Histories & Lore Supercut: Tourney of Harrenhal - Siege of Pyke (Game of Thrones)


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  • nunouno001
    nunouno001 Year ago +167

    I really loved these History and Lore videos, they did a great job at enriching the world of Westeros/Essos through the eyes of the characters. They were great icing on the cake when it came to the earlier seasons, but as time passed, they startled to taste even better than the cake. And by the time the last season came around, even the icing wasn't worth it anymore.
    Here's hoping they can find new life in these spin-offs and save the franchise from the mistakes of David, Dan, and Bryan.

    • TheDzudas
      TheDzudas Year ago

      That is just small part of the books

    • The Dragon Demands
      The Dragon Demands  Year ago +2

      @Loot Leo they'd do a remake before they ever did a sequel

    • Loot Leo
      Loot Leo Year ago +1

      I’d really love it that do a sequel to GOT after the prequel.

    • TamHutchins
      TamHutchins Year ago +2

      I absolutely love these! Thank you for continuing making videos and the enthusiasm you still keep for ASOIAF/GOT/HBO 's spin offs! I still have it so I love your videos!

    • The Dragon Demands
      The Dragon Demands  Year ago +17

      they're what I waited for in the second half of the show

  • Callum Ilott
    Callum Ilott Year ago +140

    I’ve always love these, especially how subjective each characters perspectives shaped how they retell history

  • Scott
    Scott Year ago +43

    I cant watch it just yet, but almost an hour of Robert's Rebellion lore? Sir yes sir.

    • brad carver
      brad carver 3 months ago

      Did you ever watch it? It’s pretty good.

  • Jason ck
    Jason ck Year ago +35

    I love these and how they are voiced by the actors who portray them” , for people like me who haven’t read the books yet , these are great for helping us learn the past events

    • TheDzudas
      TheDzudas Year ago +5

      Start Reading and then you Will see what story is. TV show is 30% of books

  • AK Watch
    AK Watch Year ago +8

    Still love the history and lore backstories. Great cut.

  • Liberater
    Liberater Year ago +75

    Will never stop being hilarious to me that the season 8 histories and lore was like 20 minutes shorter than every other season lmfao

    • codafett
      codafett 8 months ago

      @Sebastian B. Pretend? It's canon that there are tons of crazy Targs.

    • Sebastian B.
      Sebastian B. Year ago +7

      @The Dragon Demands the few they could find in the actual canon, rather than the hundreds they pretend to wxist

    • The Dragon Demands
      The Dragon Demands  Year ago +9

      And focused on insane Targaryens

  • gina Rosetti
    gina Rosetti Year ago +4

    I wish they would continue doing these histories and lores with the other books in the world of ASOIAF or new tales from westoros, essos, even go back to valriya. I mean George rr Martin doesn’t have to write them, he could approve them after they are written. I’d would be a really, really amazing idea if they did some of these leading up to the house of the dragon spinoff, using the new actors/characters to voice them, hell even if they don’t have time to animate, use old animations, but just a great way to get fans, specially the only the show fans, up to date, get us used to hearing the actors voices and start telling the story. But it prob won’t happen.

  • Grand Admiral Zaarin
    Grand Admiral Zaarin Year ago +100

    Margaery's recounting of the Rebellion has more than a few flaws in it. Firstly it was Randyll Tarly that defeated Robert, not her father and her father called off Tarly from pursuing Robert, giving him a lease on life. Then Mace ineptly tied up 50,000 soldiers and nearly the entire navy of the Reach besieging 500 men in Storms End, when he could well have achieved the same result with 5,000 men and fewer ships. Mace's strategic ineptitude directly resulted in the Royalists losing the war as his army would have turned the tide at Stony Sept or the Trident easily. Her suggesting they waited as a potential favor to Robert also rings false as the Tyrells gained nothing from Robert's victory and is just her justifying her family's failings as military commanders.

    • I Putu Satyena Uttabhita Pande
      I Putu Satyena Uttabhita Pande 3 months ago

      That's the point. The PoVs are biased.

    • Poppa Piltch
      Poppa Piltch 8 months ago

      It's meant to present as their own, favourable perceptions

    • Amanda Phoenix
      Amanda Phoenix Year ago +1

      Yea that’s why they’re told in a POV like the books. The characters are unreliable narrators as they are biased to their own agendas

    • ade fay
      ade fay Year ago +1

      @Grand Admiral Zaarin I agree but it played out well for the tyrells either way. I just think Mace was a fool but was also taking some kind of orders from his mother the queen of thorns to stay at storms end and wait for things to develop more to see what they the tyrells would do next.

    • Grand Admiral Zaarin
      Grand Admiral Zaarin Year ago +2

      @ade fay That was their explanation after the fact, but it doesn't actually hold water upon examination. They'd wronged Robert twice in the Rebellion, were some of the last Royalists to quit and also played pivotal parts for the Royalists early in the war. They weren't trying to 'play it safe' they were genuinely incompetently led by Mace. Mace wanted glory and to show off but didn't have the slightest clue how to progress a war, he took credit for Randyll's victory over Robert then set about besieging Storms End for a year, he sent some soldiers to the Trident as well. He chose poorly as he had the power to shift the war in either side's favor and reap the benefits, but instead sat outside a castle wasting resources, gold and time and doing no one any good with the only thing to show for it being alienating both sides.

  • AntMan221
    AntMan221 Year ago +7

    These short stories are better than the last 4 seasons

  • V
    V Year ago +51

    Harry Lloyd's reading is something else

  • Arian Dito
    Arian Dito Year ago +60

    I love how Karma is a big part of this story, Aerys was jealous of Tywin even though he did a fine job at managing the Seven Kingdoms for him and treated him like shit, and Tywin and his Army could have easily turned the tide and win the war for Aerys.

    • Galvin Fernandes
      Galvin Fernandes Year ago +1

      And Tywin was a bitch to Tyrion and Tyrion screwed his case !

    • Steadyjumper
      Steadyjumper Year ago

      This kind of stuff is why I love George’s world building. It’s not about the stuff but the peoples hearts and emotions driving them to petty actions.

  • inconsistent
    inconsistent Year ago +4

    I love Robert's rebellion. In my eyes its technically jon arryns rebellion but still love it nonetheless

  • Tim Dinh
    Tim Dinh Year ago +5

    I love the narration of each character, especially Robert Baratheon talking about the “glory days”. Whoever wrote it for the narrators is a great writer! Very good story telling, especially for A Song Of Ice And Fire series! 🙏🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    • Ahmed
      Ahmed 3 months ago

      Same here man the way Ropert read is just great

  • A C
    A C Year ago +2

    Harrenhal was truly cursed. Ageon burnt it, no lord can hold it without being wiped out, the sucession council held there sowed the seeds for the Dance, Daemon and Aemond both perished there, and the tourney spelled the end of Rhaegar (and thus Aerys as well)

  • Jai Authenti
    Jai Authenti Year ago +28

    Love your videos, not too many like them. When’s your casting for the main characters coming?

  • Arist Aquino
    Arist Aquino Year ago +4

    Voices of Robert Baratheon and Tywin are really good

  • Amelia Of America
    Amelia Of America Year ago +1

    I mean technically, the Mad King was right that the Knight of the Laughing Tree was the traitor since if Lyanna Stark was the knight than she did indirectly brought the Targaryen Dynasty down

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Year ago +10

    This is just what I needed today!! Thank u so much!

  • Katie Michel
    Katie Michel Year ago +8

    Wait did the show leave out that the Baratheons had a Targaryen grandmother? Admittedly I don't remember them ever mentioning it, now that I think about that. I know they cut out Jaehaerys II. Kind of a shame. I always loved the irony of Robert so vehemently hating the "dragonspwan" despite being at least 1/4 Targaryen himself.

    • woodside4life
      woodside4life 5 months ago

      It was just another detail that wasn’t complete necessary for the truncated format of the show.

  • Loot Leo
    Loot Leo Year ago +12

    Imagin the hell Cerci would’ve caused if Jaime wedded. But I do think Lysa Tully would’ve given her a run for her money.

  • Anthony Griffin
    Anthony Griffin Year ago +2

    Your work is fucking Dope. I love this. Keep it up and keep it thorough.

  • Cunnysmythe
    Cunnysmythe Year ago +9

    Great video, enjoyed every second

  • Joe Jitsu
    Joe Jitsu Year ago +8

    I’m 16 minutes in and I have to say, this is amazingly put together. Not sure how you got the actors- and if it’s not them - well, you fooled me because it’s perfect. Either way, thank you for creating a wonderful project. I appreciate the time you all spent on this. Very entertaining.

  • perry keel
    perry keel 10 months ago +1

    Bro I want to see Roberts rebellion so bad in live action or in animation like I need to see Rhaegar vs Robert at the trident

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen Year ago +35

    If HBO make this prequel I would love to see Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington and other actresses and actors again.

    • TheDzudas
      TheDzudas Year ago

      Silver hair Kit Harrington or he can ne King Who Knelt. I can hear him saying "HE IS MY KING" Like Jon was saying " She is my kween"

    • Adonna Rowe
      Adonna Rowe Year ago +1

      Def need to give Ramsey a role he was such a good actor

    • Adonna Rowe
      Adonna Rowe Year ago +1

      I would LOVE to see them again please please please!!!

    • Dildo Faggins
      Dildo Faggins Year ago +6

      I would love to not see them again

    • E J
      E J Year ago +14

      When GoT first aired (szn 1), Kit/Emelia/Maisie/Sophie/Alphie/Conleth etc were utterly unknown.
      The only known actors were "C List" Lena Headey from her rather minor role in 300 (i may be butchering the spelling of these people, my apologies), and Aiden Gillen just from The Wire (what a brilliant actor he is!). And then "B List" (being generous) Sean Bean... who lost his head in episode 9.
      My point being, at least in my opinion, the fact I didnt recognize these actors amplified the immersive-ness of the show. It was so damn good that I almost felt like it was real, like Maisie Williams *was* Arya - because I had never seen her face before. I guarantee these people get called their GoT names everywhere they go, to this very day.. "holy shit its Jon Snow! The King in the North!" Etc etc
      My very long-winded point is that if they do make these prequels, and they attempt to do it *right* like seasons 1-4 of GoT, I would very much love for them to get a completely new cast of basically unknown actors to fill the roles. Not being able to recognize the actors really amplifies the suspension of belief/reality for becoming hooked on a fantasy series such as this. As much as I would love to see Emelia and Kit back in Westeros, I would never be able to separate them from Dany and Jon, hence making the show less immersive.
      Just one man's opinion. Love the channel!

  • Lola Soulfinger
    Lola Soulfinger Year ago +21

    i listen to this to fall asleep..i love it!!!!

  • Sith'ari
    Sith'ari Year ago +7

    Seems like Howland could be a good candidate for the Mystery Knight? Most say it was Lyanna or Rhaegar, but the way this is all written makes it seem more likely. A Stark (Lyanna, Ned, Brendan, Benjen) or Howland seem most likely....

    • HazelOrb
      HazelOrb 3 months ago

      It’s Lyanna. Howland isn’t a very good rider, whereas Lyanna is often described as “half a horse” in relation to her riding abilities. Other characters like Jaime also mentions that jousting is more about the rider’s skill with a horse than the actual jousting.

    • Poppa Piltch
      Poppa Piltch 8 months ago

      Cool observation

  • Ray Phillups
    Ray Phillups Year ago +5

    The first one is my favorite lore piece tbh.
    I also believe with every fiber of my body that is was howland reed.

    • 180Deadman
      180Deadman Year ago +3

      My personal belief is that it was Lyanna herself

  • Tabby Moonshine
    Tabby Moonshine Year ago +17

    Any Robert narration.....”Gods!....GODS!.....*GODS!!*”

  • Gary Esajas
    Gary Esajas Year ago +3

    You gotta love the onion Knights voice though.

  • Nicholas Szabo
    Nicholas Szabo Year ago +1

    I'm unsure if Robert Baratheon beat 3 armies in a single day...vid wasn't very clear on that.

    • Anthony Lombardo
      Anthony Lombardo Year ago

      @The Dragon Demands dude went 3-0-1 in one day, idk any NHL team that can do that.

    • The Dragon Demands
      The Dragon Demands  Year ago

      ? Battle of Summerhall was actually three small battles fought near each other on the same day

  • Warrior Medic
    Warrior Medic Year ago +2

    So who was the knight of the laughing tree?

  • Anthony Lombardo
    Anthony Lombardo Year ago +1

    fans: hey HBO, lets do this please
    fans: ....

  • ceptember
    ceptember Year ago +1

    Thank you for the upload

  • James Gray
    James Gray Year ago +18

    "The older a man grows. The less sleep he needs." 0.0...that's some alpha shit.

  • King of Terror
    King of Terror Year ago +7

    The littlefinger stuff would fit better intercut into the middle of the narrative instead of being tacked on at the end of it.

  • TheDzudas
    TheDzudas Year ago +6

    They just straight out bullied Iron Borns lol

    • TheDzudas
      TheDzudas Year ago +2

      Also you can hear how much Stannis is jelause of Ned , everytime he speaks

  • Anti Censorship Society

    They usually aren't in color, I guess the later ones were. Nice.

  • tom simon
    tom simon Year ago +1

    Where can I watch all of this lores from ?

  • William McClanahan

    Which book(s) is this all in ?

    • ade fay
      ade fay Year ago

      It's not apart of any book but we get small flash backs from it in the first two books but this is with more detail

  • Arian Dito
    Arian Dito Year ago +19


  • David Manners
    David Manners Year ago +19

    To be very honest rhaegar Targaryen was never going to beat Robert Baratheon no matter how their conflict went it was said that Robert Baratheon was the most strongest man in Westeros along with the mount(Gregor clegane) Robert Baratheon was a formidable fighter with his hammer and rhaegar was just the average sword man he liked music more than fighting not to mention their immense size difference Robert Baratheon being 6’6 and rhaegar targaryen only 6’1-6’3 roberts hammer was so heavy that most men could not even lift it with 2 hands and Robert swung his hammer around so swiftly and easily plus he is very fast for a 6’6 guy so rhaegar would never beat Robert

    • Mel Oderieugif
      Mel Oderieugif 2 months ago

      Robert didn't take part in taking Kings Landing because he was recovering from his fight with Rhaegar

    • kyle frost
      kyle frost 2 months ago +1

      @Masulu Bonak seems like things were pretty good under his reign. The one weakness was getting the kingdom into debt and not paying enough attention to know that he wouldn’t have produced kids that looked like that, not 3 of them.

    • Anthony Lombardo
      Anthony Lombardo Year ago

      indeed. Barristen might have foresaw the casual Frey reinforcments, yet due to being pussies they backed out, thus during the battle lowing the morale of their side drastically. But yea definitely out matched.

    • David Manners
      David Manners Year ago

      @Jazeene Sibley it was still roberts reign

    • Jazeene Sibley
      Jazeene Sibley Year ago

      @David Manners to be fair the realm prospered under Jon Arryn’s reign as Hand of the King. Jon was the one who ruled while Bobby B was out drinking and whoring.

  • Daniel Moreno
    Daniel Moreno Year ago +13

    39:56 And that's the moment of Westeros history when Roberts reign got curse and him and all his allies paid deadly for it. How many things would have change if Robert wouldn't have pardon the murder of two innocent children. A clear sign that the gods of Westeros don't forget these types of sins.

  • Evan Smith
    Evan Smith Year ago

    Did Ned take Ice to battle? The books gave the impression it was too large and unwieldy for combat. Used primarily for ceremonial executions.

  • Bry A
    Bry A 11 months ago

    Still mad about them destroying Jamie's character development

    CIVIL RAWR :3 Year ago +2

    Why, why can't we have this show!?

    • Sandeep Prasher
      Sandeep Prasher Year ago +2

      Sadly Robert’s Rebellion won’t be a part of House of the Dragon. Hopefully they’re planning another prequel series focused on this story. It would blow GoT out of the water.

  • Rejinnmund Daiki
    Rejinnmund Daiki Year ago

    Robert was half dragon

  • unstaible child
    unstaible child Year ago

    i would have prefered honestly if we just got a semi-animated comic adaptation of ASOIAF voiced instead of acted

  • B D 9
    B D 9 6 months ago

    20:35,Rendal Tarrly won Ashford,not Mayce Tyrell

  • MattyVice
    MattyVice Year ago +1

    Sansas reading was bad

  • Valpeys Gaming
    Valpeys Gaming Year ago +24

    The only character I truly feel sorry for is Stannis. He is more honor bound than Ned was, atleast until the Red Priestess ruined his life over her half seen visions. Who she really saw was Jon, yet blinded by her hubris she tried to force Stannis to manifest her visions

    • Silas Nai
      Silas Nai 4 months ago

      If hes so honourable why did he wait until Rob was dead to declare his nieces and nephews bastards? Stannis was an opportunist. Not nearly as honorable as Ned on his worst day.

    • Zack McDermott
      Zack McDermott Year ago +6

      Totally agree regarding sympathy for Stannis. However, without her half seen visions, and pushing stannis to complete her visions, Jon Snow in both the books and show most likely would’ve perished at the wall… it had to happen as bad as it is

  • Mattias Lundkvist

    Any particular reason you chose to cut some of them down? Oberyns for example?

  • Guess Time
    Guess Time 4 months ago

    That’s how Theon ended up in Winterfell

  • IshtarBabylon🦉
    IshtarBabylon🦉 2 months ago

    The way Natalie says Aerys ( Aweys) I just can’t! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jonjzi
    Jonjzi 7 months ago

    What? Eddard fought with the family sword 'Ice' during the siege of Pyke? Don't these nerds realize that 'Ice' is a ceremonial sword and wasn't used in combat? Come on, man.

  • ColdHands
    ColdHands Year ago +5

    I don't think the knight of the laughing tree was Lyanna. It was Ned.

    • Dominique Odom
      Dominique Odom Year ago +3

      It being Ned doesn't make any Sense. Lyanna is the one most likely to be the Laughing Knight due to the fact that Rhaegar was sent to apprehend this Mystery Knight,which led into Rhaegar crowning Lyanna Queen of Love and Beauty and also led into the two going missing into Dorne after the Tourney.

    • ade fay
      ade fay Year ago

      Why would Ned have to hide himself? He was invited and seen during the tourney... it being Ned makes no sense to be honest.

    • Jinxed Sphinx
      Jinxed Sphinx Year ago +1

      @ColdHands she is described as good with a horse and the story goes out of its way a couple of times to describe the way helm made the person’s voice boom across the tourney...

    • ColdHands
      ColdHands Year ago +5

      @The Dragon Demands
      He's never described as tall. And Lyanna didn't have a booming voice or know jousting.. Could have been Benjen too but most think Ned.

    • The Dragon Demands
      The Dragon Demands  Year ago +7

      was Ned that short?

  • SniffSniffMmm
    SniffSniffMmm 4 months ago

    They better Adaptate Robert's rebellion for the circle will be complete.

  • Ghostwriter
    Ghostwriter 9 months ago

    These are awesome

  • Guess Time
    Guess Time 5 months ago

    They should make a animated GOT about Robert Rebellion. There, they can have over 80,000 men fighting. It can be more graphic. There’s a lot they could do that can’t be done in live action.

  • Turtle Anton
    Turtle Anton 9 months ago

    Great stuff

  • Rocket Science
    Rocket Science 6 months ago

    What a silly things!

  • Richard Langston
    Richard Langston Year ago +4

    Who was speaking first i don't know who it is.

  • The Great Page
    The Great Page 10 months ago +2

    Why do a lot of people in universe and in real life act like Robert was wrong for rebelling against the Targaryen's. Was he suppose to just roll over and let Aerys execute him for doing nothing wrong.

  • Iuliu
    Iuliu Year ago +10

    Huge spoliers below (or not).
    For me, this makes even more clear that:
    1. Littlefinger is Catlyn's half borther.
    2. It was Littlefinger who lied to Brandon that Rhaegar abducted Lyanna. "Ahh the Starks - quick tempers, small minds".
    3. King Aerys named Jaime to the kings guard to have his son, Tyrion, as heir of Casterly Rock; or to stick it to Tywin by showing him who rules in Westeros. Both reasons are valid. I think we will never find out if Tyrion is a Targaryen, as his story works if he is and also works if he isn't.
    4. Rhaegar thought he had to die. He wounded Robert in the direct confrontation, but let him have his final hammer blow.
    5. The Mad King was not that mad...I think he somehow knew he will be the last Targaryen king and a white tree from the north will be responsible. Something related to Kings Landing and wild fire would be his only hope...
    P.S. I definetly believe Daenerys will warg into Drogon when she will be killed; and it will be her (as Drogon) that will burn the Iron Throne.
    6. Jon Snow will go north of the wall (what will be left of it) as it's the only way to actively "not want the throne". - Maester Aemon did the same not only by words, but also by taking the wouws of the Nights Watch.

    • TheDzudas
      TheDzudas Year ago

      @Jazeene Sibley Robert fought many battles before that and that battale also , we dont know that Rheagar wounded him

    • Jazeene Sibley
      Jazeene Sibley Year ago

      @TheDzudas I think you’re greatly underestimating Rhaegar. He was a very good and proficient fighter. So you saying 5 Rhaegar’s couldn’t beat Robert is a stretch. Especially seeing as he had greatly wounded Robert. Also if only Robert’s bastards are left why would they make them kings? Only a king/queen can legitimize a bastard and I don’t see who would do that for Gendry. He has no support and literally zero claim to be he throne. Who would want him as kind? Also why do you believe Gendry and Arya will end up together? I don’t see anything in the books that suggest Arya would want that.

    • TheDzudas
      TheDzudas Year ago

      @ColdHands Jon and Denny will die = Azora Ahai and Nissa Nissa. I belive Stannis will also die and YG (i have theory that one of Dennys dragons Will kill him. So only Robert bastards are left ( Gendry older and Edric younger). I belive Gendry and Arya will be King and Queen, i have pretty good argumments for that

    • TheDzudas
      TheDzudas Year ago +1

      @ColdHands 5 Rheagars would loose against Robert

    • 497 latinovic
      497 latinovic Year ago

      @ColdHands he's not interested in the throne and if the white walkers are defeated then he will see no purpose in ruling. He might also be affected by the great wars losses that he would be tired of the south.