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I spent a day with FLAT EARTHERS

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  5 years ago +13334

    make sure you scroll around the screen by moving your phone or swiping your finger to see the full 360 degrees! see ya later bye guys press a like
    love, padildad

    • Kommissar Junior
      Kommissar Junior 2 months ago

      You should have brought physicist to these interviews

    • y yg
      y yg 3 months ago

      but its on laptop

    • zeranzeran
      zeranzeran 3 months ago +1

      I'm glad your parents had you, Accident Padilla ♥

    • Keriana Hicks
      Keriana Hicks 5 months ago

      You played Hal from angry birds I didn’t know that

    • Ray Pratt
      Ray Pratt 6 months ago

      Wait you can use your finger??

  • Brad Noonan
    Brad Noonan Year ago +3870

    These people are the type that would put a ruler in their bed to see how long they slept.

  • YeetMaster100
    YeetMaster100 Year ago +853

    Flat Earthers: How come we’re not orbiting something.
    Meanwhile: the earth orbiting the sun

    • ☆veorskia☆
      ☆veorskia☆ 7 days ago +1

      The sun:I am offended

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious 8 days ago +1

      @Diamondzfriend Yes, a few of them claim the sun moves in and out on it's path's latitude. Of course, it would change speed if it did, and we would detect that. But why let reason and fact get in the way of some ad-hoc FE bee ess.

    • Diamondzfriend
      Diamondzfriend 3 months ago +6

      Have they never noticed that the position of the sun in the sky changes over the seasons?

    • boB (nOt sLoiiMe!}
      boB (nOt sLoiiMe!} 8 months ago +4

      Meanwhile: Meanwhile: The sun orbiting the galaxy

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 9 months ago +8

      @Jay Nicholson They are both orbiting each other, but because of their huge mass difference, the barycenter is below our surface.

  • Knight
    Knight Year ago +286

    It’s hard to win an argument to a smart person, but it’s impossible to win an argument to a dumb person

    • Deehz Nuhhtz
      Deehz Nuhhtz 3 months ago

      You must be really dumb, cause I can’t argue that.
      Also funny to see how these dummies followed this comment. I’m not dumb, cause I gave something that can be argued. Hahahaha

    • Susanna
      Susanna 3 months ago +2

      And unfortunate fact is that even dumbest person on Earth thinks that they are the smartest...

    • Sierra Rose
      Sierra Rose 4 months ago +7

      What's funny is if you put together any two or three flat earth "theories" about how the earth is flat they cancel each other out lol

    • Wednesday Addams
      Wednesday Addams 5 months ago +1

      You spit out facts

    • hetan 321
      hetan 321 6 months ago +3

      Technoblade profile picture is speaking facts

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C Year ago +182

    Props to Anthony for not bursting out of laughter for the entire video.

  • Arquéa Lucus Wolven
    Arquéa Lucus Wolven Year ago +2179

    I love how most of their evidence uses gravity to disprove gravity

    • David Lester
      David Lester 29 days ago

      @Gem Ex how does he have no evidence, champ?

    • Arquéa Lucus Wolven
      Arquéa Lucus Wolven Month ago +1

      @Gem Ex Satillites (both of mineral and man-made) out in space orbiting Earth, the moon which is also a satellite orbiting Earth, the Earth orbiting the Sun, meteors being pulled off their trajectory by the Earth's pull... There are many examples of gravity "pulling" on things. The best examples are just out in space since there are fewer things, such as air drag and etc., affecting what is observed

    • Gem Ex
      Gem Ex Month ago

      I like how you have no proof of gravity.

    • David Lester
      David Lester Month ago +1

      @remi_daDUDE bruh 😔

    • remi_daDUDE
      remi_daDUDE 2 months ago +2

      @Michael Lovecat are you calling me fat???

  • BlackPitMiner
    BlackPitMiner Year ago +554

    I love how they actually think they’re being super smart but really all the things they’re saying makes no sense

    • Alucard
      Alucard 6 months ago

      @TASIK 1) lgbt isn't being ignorant or you just don't turn gay when you hear about lgbt stuff
      2) flat earth is around from a long time and it only made sense in 15th century because of how lack of scientific knowledge humans had
      3) flat earthers usually harm others or harass others in order to prove their moronic points and the fact most of the conspiracy theorists are most conservative and believe in anti vax shit too can also cause other people harm

    • Alucard
      Alucard 6 months ago

      @mscape H love how you talk about not questioning stuff when you can't even question your own words

    • Witherest
      Witherest 7 months ago

      @TASIK no, not just cos someone said it, because there's proof

    • Thanos Noctem
      Thanos Noctem 7 months ago

      @TASIK Well, the difference is, a flat earth mindset is a mindset not a condition. Flat-earthers are not a sub species in our culture now are they? They are just dumb. And nobody ever said you couldn't laugh at a dumb person. It is normal to laugh at things we find amusing after all. Now, don't get me wrong. If someone with a mental illness believes in it then that's a different scenario, but from what I see, most of this is just stupid people acting their part. And by stupid, I mean hugely ignorant as hell. Questioning stuff is not bad at all but on the long run, you aren't questioning your own belief either so its just one-sided ignorance on their part. That's why we say to get educated.

    • Lesli Williams
      Lesli Williams 7 months ago

      @TASIK LGBT is okay because there was research done proving that there's nothing inherently wrong with the communityand we should accept them. Satanists usually don't hurt other people and when they do, then they are appropriately criticized. But we are decades ahead in science and there is uncontested proof that the earth isn't flat. You're right when you say that cult mentality is hurtful, but most people are able to think for themselves these days and do their research. Flat earthers are ridiculed because they don't even bother looking at the data. They just look at the ground and think "Yup. Looks flat to me" which is dumb

  • Random
    Random Year ago +179

    "Why are we not orbiting!?" He says while we are flying around the sun

    • Random4
      Random4 Month ago

      @Spark In The Dark gravity is lost on these people

    • Spark In The Dark
      Spark In The Dark 2 months ago

      Yea of course we're on a ball of water flying through space at 67k mph around the sun, 480k mph around the galaxy and 1.3 million mph away from the center of the big Bang at this very moment... how isn't it obvious we're moving that fast right now as I'm able to sit on the toilet without flying off???

    • Random4
      Random4 2 months ago

      The Earth spinning at 1000mph and orbiting the sun at 16,000 mph: *Tf is you on about*

  • I_Live_Under_A_Bridge
    I_Live_Under_A_Bridge Year ago +59

    The absolute gall to film flat earthers with a spherical camera is why I love you.

  • winterbearblue
    winterbearblue 10 months ago +34

    I have so much respect for Anthoy for keeping a straight face through all of these interviews

  • Lib
    Lib 3 years ago +9260

    I like how every single video in this series, no matter what the person's background or beliefs, Anthony interviews with love and a willingness to understand and this one hes like "lol no"

    • Your sleep paralysis demon
      Your sleep paralysis demon 25 days ago

      @Liravin You already answered that yourself. He's supportive to everyone else because they actually have evidence, and he's trolling the flat earthers because they don't, and their arguments are completely idiotic

    • Random4
      Random4 2 months ago

      @Liravin Their sources aren't peer review research in scientific journals tho...

    • Sun 🇺🇦
      Sun 🇺🇦 5 months ago


    • Will Garamendi
      Will Garamendi 6 months ago

      @Liravin right but one has science behind that's being researched, and lots of evidence suggesting its real, just not fully understood yet... it the other is just a myth about a flat earth.

    • AverageCaliforniaMale
      AverageCaliforniaMale 6 months ago

      @Liravin bro this is about flat earthers not did you buffoon

  • borg
    borg 8 months ago +30

    "It's because you're heavy not because of gravity" that was so dumb that I actually had a loss of words

  • Rose Lee
    Rose Lee Year ago +73

    “Press the like. It’s flat.”
    The truest statement out of this entire thing. Including whatever Anthony said about them being his friends.

  • Meowmere
    Meowmere Year ago +32

    'Why did I fall?'
    'Because you're heavy, not because of gravity'
    My god, their stupidity is boundless

  • Clutcher Hierts
    Clutcher Hierts Year ago +29

    "What's the most ironic thing you've done?"
    "I used to iron clothes."
    "I asked most ironic."
    "I interviewed flat earthers and put out a 360-degree video of it."

  • Monkey Time
    Monkey Time 2 years ago +4624

    "Because you're heavy, not because of gravity"
    _Standing ovation_

    • Spark In The Dark
      Spark In The Dark 2 months ago

      @Unbreakable Pickaxe dust particles fall to the ground if they're undisturbed

    • Spark In The Dark
      Spark In The Dark 2 months ago

      @MoriaDwarf27 Kurzeganot what is "gravity" exactly?

    • Random4
      Random4 2 months ago

      @Unbreakable Pickaxe Emphasis on the word 'vacuum', this isn't a gotcha moment you just stated an obvious fact

    • Corrina
      Corrina 2 months ago

      @Mr Stush lol

    • Susanna
      Susanna 3 months ago

      Why you are not heavy In water or in places they have created where is no gravity? Everyone can try those...but these sciense denials dont hear or see what they dont want

  • hobovan
    hobovan Year ago +31

    i really just don’t get why the shape of the earth would be hidden from us

    • hobovan
      hobovan Year ago +3

      @Scratch ah yes, thank you, all my problems have been solved

    • Scratch
      Scratch Year ago +3

      easy, just open your third eye

  • Yiunin
    Yiunin Year ago +45

    the funniest thing is that you know those people are serious

  • Nampledamp
    Nampledamp Year ago +85

    This is the kind of thing that makes me question humanity.

  • Max
    Max Year ago +14

    I don't actually watch Anthony's videos but when this one showed up in my recommended I was like: "oh no..."
    Now that I'm watching it, it has changed into an: "oh yes!"
    Simultaneously witnessing the flat earther cringe and Anthony making fun of them to their faces without them noticing is making my brain hurt.

    J.RABBIT 2 years ago +1961

    Everything about this is a meme- the fact he did 360 in a globe- put one of the people into a primary school set, the SHOES PLLSSS this is so funny

    • Dylan
      Dylan 9 months ago +2

      This is a masterpiece

    • Addicted To Money
      Addicted To Money 10 months ago

      @Gray! are you _reeeaaaallllyyyy_ *THAT* stupid !?!?

    • The Magician
      The Magician Year ago +10

      Even the curved couch lmao!!!

    • Gray!
      Gray! Year ago +3

      what about the shoes?

    • JulzyBoy
      JulzyBoy Year ago +11

      Just genius!

  • Xavier Cast
    Xavier Cast Month ago

    Ask yourself one question: Where are the videos of the edge of flat Earth? Where are the videos of people jumping off the edges of flat Earth?

  • Ava Smith
    Ava Smith Year ago +17

    This is one of the only videos in this series where Anthony is trolling the interviewees

  • Noah B
    Noah B Year ago +24

    I love how he just trolls them xDD they are so stupid that even Anthony couldn't help himself

  • Michael Huber
    Michael Huber Year ago +18

    “Why is there no curves?” The sheer size of earth is why and gravity is there so if there were curves you would not feel a difference because of gravity makes it feel flat. If you go high enough, you can see the curve of the atmosphere. I’ve see it myself.

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins 2 years ago +3792

    If the Earth was flat, cats would have knocked everything off the edge by now.

    • green shadow
      green shadow 8 days ago


    • Jchgame
      Jchgame Month ago

      So true

    • Aeromarmot
      Aeromarmot Year ago +2

      Wrong! Nope! No they would not! Cats are too busy scheming and planning our demise!

    • Stem Dapple
      Stem Dapple Year ago

      Good luck beating that, flat earth-ers

    • Taeholic
      Taeholic Year ago

      yea lollll

  • LuxiChara
    LuxiChara Year ago +9

    Gonna be honest, went to the comments to see if any flat-earthers were gonna shout at people. I'm glad most of us aren't flat-earthers, maybe I can hope that humanity isn't as stupid as I thought, but I'm kinda sad I can't laugh at anyone or try my very best to see their point of view and then eventually fail because it's so flawed

  • D P
    D P 8 months ago +2

    I remember hearing of the Flat Earth Society 30 or 40 years ago and thinking it was a fun joke.
    Decades on I am flabbergasted to realize that no, they're serious. WTF?

  • Reinard Räv
    Reinard Räv 8 months ago +5

    I feel like a large contributor to their disbelief is that they can’t realise how massive and humongous the earth and even countries are!

    • user
      user 8 months ago +1

      Why can’t I see the curve?!?! 🤡

  • Mitwo2
    Mitwo2 Year ago +9

    I like how the woman actually thought that everything sticks (well she didn't think but thought everyone else thought that) to earth because it is spinning

  • Rat Rat
    Rat Rat 2 years ago +2463

    The fact that he did this video in 360 is hilarious

    • GokusFaded
      GokusFaded 2 months ago

      Lol I was thinking why the hell does this look so weird thanks

    • Bricks with the Fern
      Bricks with the Fern 2 months ago

      Not hilarious dizzying

    • Susanna
      Susanna 3 months ago

      Proving to them that space around them is not flat either...

    • y yg
      y yg 3 months ago

      ifkr but its annoying cuz i cant watch it lol

    • dripp_
      dripp_ 5 months ago

      i was playing around with it the whole video😂

  • Lets get to 1mill without vids

    This is hilarious 😂 I know anthony doesn't judge but this video was too funny technically he wasn't judgemental he just got there level of insanity and stupidity

  • ๖Cloud
    ๖Cloud 6 months ago +3

    "Because you're heavy not because of gravity"
    That's enough braincell reduction for one day.
    I'm shocked these people are still alive.

  • Eduard
    Eduard 5 months ago +2

    i love anthony in this time. nowadays his humor has changesd, and i dont think he would ever troll idiots like he did here.

  • Yael Levi
    Yael Levi Year ago +5

    To flat earthers:
    You also need to remember that it doesn't really matter unless you want to go around the world.

  • Arjun A
    Arjun A 2 years ago +4112

    I feel like the flat earth theory was originally started for jokes, simply for the fun of arguing. Then, the idea spread until some fools who skipped science class took it seriously.

    • Cold Chillin
      Cold Chillin 9 days ago

      Probably started out as a thought experiment then someone missed a lot of days and brought the idea to the masses.

    • yesyas
      yesyas 24 days ago

      @Huub Huijbens I live in australia and it seems pretty real to me and we do have some stupid over the top political parties

    • yesyas
      yesyas 24 days ago

      @Autistic Ash it was also people who found science to abstract and basically needed their own senses to confirm stuff

    • yesyas
      yesyas 24 days ago

      Actually in the 1800’s some people thought science was becoming too abstract and theoretical and some guy was like. If I don’t see it i don’t believe it. He set a boat sail down a canal and looked through the telescope. He saw the boat and released a paper and that’s why we have idiots. And yes I do sound like a nerd please do not reply to me with the emoji

    • Random4
      Random4 Month ago

      @AspireGD Couldn't have put it better myself

  • Idk wat to name my channel

    Remember people if you ever think you are stupid remember that flat earthers exist

  • Timelapse stuff
    Timelapse stuff Month ago

    I think more conversation cudv bn done, Im a globe believer on a flat earth group and debate regularly. U shudv reached out to people like Mark Sargeant, Bob Nodell and others.

  • SMALLpp
    SMALLpp 28 days ago

    I'm watching this on my tv and I was like wats wrong with this video 😂😂😂😂😂

  • WatermelonWoman42
    WatermelonWoman42 Year ago +2

    Turning this into a video in 360 mode made it so much more of a better experience then it already is!! I love itttt!!

  • thedreadedzero
    thedreadedzero 2 years ago +13819

    I feel like this is the only video he’s ever done where instead of actually trying to understand a group of people and give them a platform he was just totally trolling them.

    • Dodomod
      Dodomod Month ago

      @XnyroX Ships sailing over the horizon, drop of the horizon, 2 celestial poles, trigonometry...

    • Spark In The Dark
      Spark In The Dark 2 months ago

      @Glenda Dlamini "it is the mark of an educated man to entertain an idea even if he doesn't agree with it" Aristotle. This video shows ignorance

    • Your mom
      Your mom 2 months ago

      It’s brilliant 😂

    • zeranzeran
      zeranzeran 3 months ago

      @The Bull Whisperer Cloud chaser*

    • zeranzeran
      zeranzeran 3 months ago

      @Tristin Smith i wish i had a snowglobe of earth with lil people inside of it. This thought was brought to you by sleep deprivation and weed.

  • Shina93
    Shina93 10 months ago +1

    I love what you did with the camera, it's so fascinating! I have never watched a video done like this before!! :O

  • AlexFalTon
    AlexFalTon Year ago +1

    Personally, I think these guys saw the theories, said that they believed them to be part of a group and got convinced themselves along the way.

  • Vanessa Harkins
    Vanessa Harkins Year ago

    Oh My God that was painful to watch! I feel like I lost a few IQ points. I do love how Anthony was actually very nice and seemed like he was trying to understand how and why these people believe something so profoundly wrong. He just set the stage for them and let them show the world how painfully stupid they are all by themselves.
    I mean seriously. "I come from a banana." Uuuuuuum what?! 🤦‍♀️
    Just found out my coworker is a flat Earther. Such a shock! I though she was smart!

  • Aksiyon Bizde
    Aksiyon Bizde Year ago +5

    “Because you’re heavy, not because of gravity”
    She probably skipped physics class, mass multiplied by acceleration of gravity equals weight.

  • Luna Bautista
    Luna Bautista 3 years ago +3420

    Okay but
    Someone put flatearthers in a boat and tell them to find the edge

    • Leonie Clifford
      Leonie Clifford 6 months ago

      @Kai Nah they would photoshop it because they are to lazy to actually travel and take the money..

    • that one with no idea
      that one with no idea 7 months ago

      Hahaha impossible: they are too dumb to know how to function a boat

    • deli georgieva
      deli georgieva 8 months ago

      My mother is a flatearter and i once told her exactly that, "why aren't there any pictures of the edge of the Earth?" And her answer literally was "because it's government protected and has to be kept secret, no normal human has access to it"

    • Bianca H
      Bianca H 10 months ago

      @Kai OMG I would pay to see this

    • Meowmere
      Meowmere Year ago +1

      aNTaRcTIcA Is GuArDEd bY nAsA 1!!11!

  • gayratweddings
    gayratweddings Year ago +5

    flat earthers arguments always being along the lines of "that doesnt make sense" when referring to proven science is always so funny to me. like your inability to grasp science is not a valid argument against it

  • This is a jojo’s reference

    Anthony: Why did I fall here?
    Girl: Because you're heavy, not because of gravity :)

  • DanishOlivetree
    DanishOlivetree Year ago +5

    "why do i fall in the exact same place?" "because youre heavy, not because of gravity" best quote of 2018 right there folks. this is the proof of new hope. flat earthers are evolving... just like us humans

  • Autumn
    Autumn Year ago +26

    Anthony: "I was an accident"
    Her: -_-

  • Ezra Jordan Clark
    Ezra Jordan Clark Year ago +1634

    "and guess what? my dad thinks it's idiotic!"
    Anthony: "rEAlly...?"

    • Jespertjehh
      Jespertjehh 6 months ago +1

      Dont worry he’s brainwashed so he isn’t thinking clearly

    • Niko Gladu
      Niko Gladu Year ago +9

      No he’s obviously brainwashed

    • Ty
      Ty Year ago +17

      I wonder why lmaoo

    • Ponsal
      Ponsal Year ago +22

      *i would have never guessed-*

    • TheVampireMatrix
      TheVampireMatrix Year ago +4

      200th like :)

  • Terrell
    Terrell 5 months ago +2

    I ended a Friendship with a guy who became an outspoken Flat Earther.
    I can't be openly associated with stupid people.....It's a bad look that I don't need.

  • Julia Bünk
    Julia Bünk 10 months ago

    I'm kinda sad that this wasn't done in the same "eye to eye" way as the other videos of this format because I would really love to see a flat-earther just thrive in confidence... on the other hand I'm glad it wasn't because we wouldn't have gotten this absolute gem!

  • Eline
    Eline 8 months ago +1

    What I'm curious about is that one of the women said being a flat earther changed her life... does it really matter that much to your daily functioning and experiences?

  • Burger
    Burger Month ago

    They disprove gravity... using gravity itself

  • Reagann Smith
    Reagann Smith 2 years ago +1935

    I wanna see their explanation for how a plane could fly in a straight line and still end up in the same place eventually

    • 🖤𝒞𝒶𝓁𝓁ℳ𝑒ℰ𝓁𝒾🤍
      🖤𝒞𝒶𝓁𝓁ℳ𝑒ℰ𝓁𝒾🤍 3 months ago

      @Shiro Deski depends where you're going

    • 🖤𝒞𝒶𝓁𝓁ℳ𝑒ℰ𝓁𝒾🤍
      🖤𝒞𝒶𝓁𝓁ℳ𝑒ℰ𝓁𝒾🤍 3 months ago

      @sapphics for socialism, baby! yes actually, I got paid 1 trillion dollars to fly make a video of me flying to florida and than edit the pics

    • Mimi Frank
      Mimi Frank 6 months ago

      @jdn that’s would just make it an oval so still a form of sphere

    • Raigardas Rimas
      Raigardas Rimas 7 months ago

      @Ray Erickson Listen man I'm tellin' ya, the Pac-Man teleportation is real my dude

    • Adam Mandelj
      Adam Mandelj 7 months ago

      @Ray Erickson because you cannot cross the northern or the southern pole. Its the most militarry secured place on earth. "I wonder why"

  • Stephan
    Stephan Year ago +1

    These flat Earthers are so smart that they fail to realize that you're taking the piss out of them. I enjoyed the vid.

  • bored
    bored 5 months ago

    It’s always confused me how flat-earthers could see the sun, the moon, and other planets that are visibly round, we’ve taken pictures of Earth from space, and you can see the curve of the Earth from the horizon, but still believe that the Earth is the only flat planet. Even greeks proved the Earth was round before us; it’s just super confusing.

  • zombie782
    zombie782 Year ago +5

    "Some people have theorized that there are tons of Earths, and we are all kept separate. But maybe we all get the same television programming" LMFAO idk why but this was the best line to me just so random

  • Meowmere
    Meowmere Year ago +4

    I don't think flat earthers quite get how *big* the earth is.

  • MrBall 69
    MrBall 69 4 years ago +8012

    "It's because you're heavy, not because of gravity"
    Say that again, but slowly

    • Nzredwolf
      Nzredwolf 10 days ago

      @Christine Davis do oceans have wings?

    • King Speechless
      King Speechless Month ago

      As dumb as a rock!

    • RTX 3080 ti
      RTX 3080 ti 8 months ago

      @Christine Davis lift + weight

    • Chai C
      Chai C 8 months ago

      @Christine Davis Show me an ocean with wings I'll wait

    • Blakksheep
      Blakksheep 8 months ago

      @Mia Mona You are, but by a very small amount.

  • Aqua Alford
    Aqua Alford 10 months ago

    It’s actually funny to know that even if you sent them all up in a rocket and showed them the earth they’d most likely still say “nope it’s still flat”

  • Floshi
    Floshi Year ago +10

    "Why did I fall in the same spot"
    "Because you're heavy, not because of gravity"

  • Sarah Sarah
    Sarah Sarah 10 months ago +1

    You've given me 8 minutes of the best comedy 😂

  • ngl
    ngl 9 months ago

    4:36 'it appears i was beginning to win these flat earthers over'
    honestly give this man a nobel prize because I don't think anyone's ever been able to do that before

  • Kid with no life
    Kid with no life 3 years ago +4818

    Alright guys the earth is flat so if we flip it over like the cool side of a pillow then global warming will end
    Problem solved.

    • Shadow_ Leaf
      Shadow_ Leaf 2 months ago +1

      We all stand on one side and jump, ready?

    • MP3R - Topic
      MP3R - Topic 3 months ago

      @Yuknow Welp, you know what that means: Let's wait on gen α! Problem solved

    • Rosa
      Rosa 3 months ago


    • Sierra Rose
      Sierra Rose 4 months ago

      God that is so smart 🤓

    • MP3R - Topic
      MP3R - Topic 4 months ago

      *Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?*

  • Jyoti Kshatriya
    Jyoti Kshatriya 8 months ago

    I am grateful for all the teachers teachingme science ... I feel so good whenever i watch these flat earthers just makes u feel great

  • sao
    sao 6 months ago +2

    6:35 so, she says gravity leads to the formation of oceans and lakes and all that, right? but gravity is a force that exists in the center of the earth which would mean if the earth is really a flat round disk, then all the water would just converge at the center of the disk and form one huge ocean instead... essentially, if someone was to jump into the air, they shouldn't land on the exact spot they jumped off from but should land in the center of the round flat disk because gravity pulls them to the center of the earth.

  • MrRejex (B4KUR4)
    MrRejex (B4KUR4) 8 months ago

    I can respect you that you had time to interview them

  • Someone
    Someone Year ago

    Their standards of evidence are an amazing display of the Dunning Kruger effect.
    Let's take the water example:
    They clearly don't understand the concept of scale. Or they would be mind blown by surface tension.
    I mean just look ho high you can "pile" water on a globe in relation to it's diameter, that would be a giant mountain of water.
    And this is just the tip of the iceberg. And even just of the water physics.
    It's exactly like the origin story with the guy who thought lemon juice would turn him invisible.

  • GiggyCresent27
    GiggyCresent27 7 months ago +6

    "it's because you're heavy, not because of gravity"
    I'm impressed

    • Minis N
      Minis N 2 months ago

      @sunnysushi No you have weight because of gravity. Mass exists separate from gravity.

  • Petey Pete
    Petey Pete 7 months ago

    I'm glad you went to hang out with a different group of people to become more educated about the world! You must've learned lots.

  • Hazmatt
    Hazmatt 7 months ago

    Anthony: Interviews someone that is opposite to him in every way possible but the person believes the earth is round
    Anthony: Interviews them with respect and love and is not rude
    also Anthony to a flat earther: Get out of my sight

  • RetroGameDays36
    RetroGameDays36 6 months ago

    The face that he does when he was so confused when the flat earthers were explaining their theories was golden

  • Liz
    Liz 2 years ago +1902

    Not a single respectable evolutionary biologist would ever claim that we "come from bananas"

    • AspireGD
      AspireGD Month ago +1

      Late, but for context, we share DNA with every living being on the planet to a certain extent, as all life is related through common ancestry. Just because you share DNA with something does not mean you are a descendent, or even a "true" relative of a living being (AKA not sharing a taxonomic *family* ) The species you share the most genetic similarity with is your closest relative, which for us would be Chimps (98.8% similarity) and then followed by Bonobos (98.7%)
      Just a 1% difference is massive, for example, we share 99.7% with Neanderthals, humans true closest relative including extinct species, so just a 1% difference is the difference between us and chimps and us and Neanderthals. So 60% DNA would mean not truly related in the absolute slightest. (We also share 90% of cats, even though cats aren't close to being true human relatives other than being mammals.) And we don't share 50-60% of our DNA with bananas, that's a misconception.
      And for any ignorant Christians, no we are not monkeys and no we are not descendants of ANY living species, we are a descendent of a common ancestor between us and all of our true relatives (the great apes.) Just for clarity considering just how much ignorance and misconceptions surround this topic.

    • Random4
      Random4 2 months ago

      @Buttermy Eggrolllington Yeah I'm gay

    • J.R.
      J.R. 6 months ago

      @Why Tho? Doesn't mean we come from them though.

    • Jake Wilferd
      Jake Wilferd 8 months ago

      she's just remembering that one night with her sorority and took things a little too literal. remember hun, cusp the apples.

    • nautilus
      nautilus 8 months ago

      @LavaSqrl lol

  • A blowfish
    A blowfish 6 months ago +1

    The line “why aren’t WE orbiting?” Has to be the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while

  • HPFanNi
    HPFanNi Year ago +3

    It hurts my brain to listen to these people. I like that you're just trolling them instead of trying to understand them, like you do in your other videos. It's completely idiotic. But at least they aren't hurting anyone, like anti-vaxxers do.

    • HPFanNi
      HPFanNi Year ago

      @Lollie yeah, you're right

    • Lollie
      Lollie Year ago +1

      Imagine they spread this information to others, if they spread it to children. We would have many people, possibly an entire generation who can't grasp basic science, it is harmful.

  • Em
    Em 6 months ago +1

    I was spinning the 360 camera casually and laughed out loud at 2:24 at the unexpected whiteboard 😂

  • Hudterapeuten Elviras största fan

    Even tho we might not Agree with them it’s amazing that you are giving them a voice and letting them feel heard as well.

  • M Hlib
    M Hlib 3 years ago +1439

    "I spent a day with flat earthers"
    really taking one for the team, man

    • Korok 752
      Korok 752 7 months ago

      @Michael Arthur water is always level, has no meaning in this context

    • Korok 752
      Korok 752 7 months ago +1

      @Michael Arthur a organization is cgi?
      A building you can touch and visit?
      How does a sundial prove a word exists?

    • Blakksheep
      Blakksheep 8 months ago +1

      @Michael Arthur Yes, water is always level. It just so happens that level is close to the center of the earth as possible, because that is the state of the lowest potential energy. And no, you don't need a container to have pressure. That one other thing gravity does, hold air close to the earth. If air only has pressure inside a container, then it should be the same pressure everywhere, yet it is noticeably thinner as you go up.

    • Michael Arthur
      Michael Arthur Year ago

      @Monochrome Art Sun dial is proof. NASA is cgi

    • Monochrome Art
      Monochrome Art Year ago +1

      @Michael Arthur your proof?

  • KaffeMachine
    KaffeMachine 7 months ago +2

    "because youre heavy not because of gravity" hit me so hard

  • Uday Raghavendra
    Uday Raghavendra Year ago +2

    Everytime I feel useless, I remind my self that flat earthers exist on the globe

  • Commenter
    Commenter 6 months ago +1

    *"Because you're heavy, it's not because of gravity."*
    Imagine giving birth and then your baby just flies away because they weren't heavy enough.

  • Kenny Mcgavin
    Kenny Mcgavin 3 months ago

    Props to Anthony for not completely losing his shit and dying laughing, cause I always do when I listen to people people like this

  • Dat Seb
    Dat Seb 2 years ago +2140

    Whenever I feel dumb, like when I forget what like terms are in math, I just search up this topic and instant gratification

    • Tristin Smith
      Tristin Smith 5 months ago

      yep ill never feel dumb because bigots and these idiots exist xD how could i be dumb or feel bad about myself when they exist

    • Bonnyismydoggy
      Bonnyismydoggy 10 months ago +1

      Search up anti vaxxers lol

    • ByeGuys Sry
      ByeGuys Sry 10 months ago +1

      I once forgot to account for gravity in Physics when it was the only reason why the question is even a question

    • raddle
      raddle 11 months ago

      + they are pretty dumb.

    • raddle
      raddle 11 months ago +1

      @Marco It’s a thing humans do. We will feel better about ourselves if we look at people who are worse. It’s the same thing as when a mother tells their child that there are people out there who don’t even get any food to get the child to eat up.

  • Your sleep paralysis demon

    God, I love how Anthony is just trolling the shit out of these guys throughout the video

  • Levi
    Levi 6 months ago +2

    I have a challenge for flat earthers:
    How far do you dig before you just fall out.....or do you hit bedrock at some point?

  • Iaminevitable
    Iaminevitable Year ago

    dude, this is funny af. why'd you have to leave smosh :(. Mostly people whomake completely different types fail and suck but you are still rocking it, my man

  • Kevin Avelar
    Kevin Avelar Year ago

    Just so everyone knows, gravity isnt caused by the Earth spinning. Everything has a gravitational pull, but since the Earth is so much larger than any object on it we all get pulled toward the center (aka the ground)

  • Camaroni1000
    Camaroni1000 4 years ago +1577

    *shows a flat earther different ways to prove the earth is round*
    “Fake! Wrong!”
    *Anthony gives them a curved shoe as a joke to show them that the earth can’t be curved*
    “This is great evidence!”

    • Rafe Warren
      Rafe Warren 7 months ago

      @LavaSqrl Nah dude we live on a pentagon I don’t know about these circle people or sphere but I will always believe the earth is a pentagon. (No one actually take this serious it’s a joke…)

    • LavaSqrl
      LavaSqrl 11 months ago

      @Mia Mona We live on a cube earth, or (as my sister says) 2 pyramids put together

    • LavaSqrl
      LavaSqrl 11 months ago

      @Mia Mona Ever heard of the cosmonauts from the soviet union during the space race? They were against the USA and yet they accepted that the earth is round, not make up propaganda.

    • Royvan7
      Royvan7 2 years ago

      @Mia Mona so are you a poe? you are just regurgitating flat earth rhetoric nearly verbatim.

    • E W
      E W 3 years ago +1

      @Stop it with the moth memes- you can't reason with stupidity, especially when they say one thing and then contradict themselves in the next sentence...something I've noticed flat earthers to do many many times. The main problem is that their egos are bigger than their brains. They'd like to believe they're the unsung hero undermining the establishment in a science fiction novel than accept scientific reality.

  • Ringtail
    Ringtail Year ago +4

    "There's this theory that there's multiple Earths kept separate from each other but we may have the same television programs."
    That's Rick & Morty. Her scientific theory is a Rick & Morty episode where the creators animated sketches to the audio of themselves being wasted.

  • PsychoHerobrine
    PsychoHerobrine 6 months ago +1

    I always want to ask a flat earther a question is that if the earth is flat, and hills are bumpy, would earth have pimples?

  • Ewalko Beats
    Ewalko Beats Year ago +17

    i feel like all of these people would say they’re “graduates of” and a “freethinker” when asked for their occupation

  • Summer Tea
    Summer Tea Year ago +1

    Even in ancient times some sheep herders looked up at the moon and probably surmised that it was round just like the earth they walked on.

  • Juls
    Juls 3 years ago +2618

    I feel bad for them, must be hard to be so ignorant

    • Olivia
      Olivia 7 months ago

      Nah, cause they don’t know that they’re ignorant. It’s just painful for others

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 9 months ago

      Or ignorance is bliss?

    • Halloween All Year Round
      Halloween All Year Round 10 months ago

      They seem pretty blissful. But obviously they can be easily taken advantage of by the far right and by trolls, predators and scammers. As proven by their beliefs.

    • echo
      echo Year ago

      @Rose Bud it's my opinion to be able to stab people and not be arrested and flash kids you see how dumb that is

    • I_Live_Under_A_Bridge
      I_Live_Under_A_Bridge Year ago

      @Rose Bud surely you've got better bait than that!

  • Van Goghs Severed Ear
    Van Goghs Severed Ear 10 months ago

    My favourite part was just watching Anthony's reaction the whole time

  • Richard Davis
    Richard Davis 6 months ago

    My mom, and most of my family, are great because when I came out and said "All this God and Jesus shit is fuckin' bonkers." they responded "Well, maybe but, be careful who you say that to."
    The earth is a tugged at spheroid that we're all lucky to inhabit and should attempt to preserve.

  • Luna Resson
    Luna Resson 11 months ago +2

    People being serious and actually listening to what the flat-earthers have to say:
    Me: *Looking around the room*
    Me again: *Sees a "STOP LOOKING HERE" message on the board*
    Me once again: HOW DID HE KNOW

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily 2 months ago +1

    It's a sad thing that this man can't even reason with a flat earther. All you can do is troll them and ignore them.

  • buzz
    buzz 3 years ago +3336

    I love how he did the 360 view for a flat earth video thing xD

    • Supertron
      Supertron Year ago

      That was the first thing I noticed and immediately knew this one was gonna be good. XD

    • Irish
      Irish Year ago

      @Deborah Dobbie same lol

    • Deborah Dobbie
      Deborah Dobbie 2 years ago +2

      Right?! I’ve also actually never seen a 360 YT video in general so this was a real treat lol

    • Sara de Almeida
      Sara de Almeida 2 years ago +2

      The shadeeee 😂

    • Namjoon’s lost AirPod
      Namjoon’s lost AirPod 3 years ago +1

      not furry oh shit now I just realized