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Mat Armstrong got SCAMMED on his Murcielago project!

  • Published on May 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 0

  • Tavarish
    Tavarish 4 months ago +3135

    Finally the real story comes out!

    • Sweaty Jaguar
      Sweaty Jaguar 4 months ago +20

      The truth shall prevail

    • Phil H.
      Phil H. 4 months ago +54

      Yeah you should concentrate in finishing a project instead of watching yt videos XD

    • Joshua Snyder
      Joshua Snyder 4 months ago +43

      Thank you for working along with Mat on the journey. You both are the best!

    • Joshua Snyder
      Joshua Snyder 4 months ago +108

      ​@Phil H. Don't be that guy, it makes your Mom sad.

    • Wildz Nip
      Wildz Nip 4 months ago +73

      This is phils mother, I'm sad now

  • VINwiki
    VINwiki  4 months ago +1125

    It has been so much fun to see Mat's well-deserved success with these projects.

    • king david
      king david 3 months ago +4

      worth tuning in just to see his smile and reactions

    • John Gustafsson
      John Gustafsson 3 months ago +3

      The real stars of his show is his girlfriend, his dad, and Kevin :)
      It’s a feel good show, always positive and inspirational. The cars are a bonus.

  • Mat Armstrong
    Mat Armstrong 4 months ago +3012

    Thanks so much for having me over!!

    • Mitch Frost
      Mitch Frost 4 months ago +24

      Stoked to see your gumball coverage if you're allowed to record it! that's going to be so sick.

    • Hristo Hristov
      Hristo Hristov 4 months ago +13

      Waiting for the next lambo video ❤

    • Joshua Snyder
      Joshua Snyder 4 months ago +9

      You're the best, Mat. Thanks for all of the genuine content and hard work, man.

    • Mark MyWords
      Mark MyWords 4 months ago +8

      *I think it was the ''track experience'' place that had you over mate!*

    • Matt Purcell
      Matt Purcell 4 months ago +1

      Well done Matt 👏

  • CharcoalProductions
    CharcoalProductions 3 months ago +551

    I worked at Everyman Racing, and they treated me like trash. The guy who sold you the car used to bully me. He also used to stare at me and give me extreme anxiety. That company doesn’t deserve the costumers it gets, it’s filled with toxic people and it’s a shame to see how good employees are treated

    • Kieran Warriner
      Kieran Warriner 3 months ago +67

      I've worked there as a track mechanic you wouldn't believe what we had to do to keep them cars going 😂

    • matthew barclay
      matthew barclay 3 months ago +45

      Yep I worked there and they are a bunch of crooks!

    • LeighW1973
      LeighW1973 3 months ago +45

      One of my mates is a driver there, he says all the cars are absolute wrecks, they buy the cheapest examples they can find and run them with the absolute minimum maintenance that they can.

    • Adz Win
      Adz Win 3 months ago

      Yeh they offering jobs for customer services like fuk😢

  • Flight Risk
    Flight Risk 3 months ago +278

    Rule of thumb, never try to scam or outhustle someone who is going to bring your shit to light to millions of people. That track company has gone from just a track experience company to a scam company for just 100,000 pounds. What a shame

    • Dean Mcdonnell
      Dean Mcdonnell 3 months ago +10

      Couldn't have said that any better 😂 Name and Shame 😮😊

    • kash6576
      kash6576 3 months ago +3

      Its funny how the car guys who would do track days, are the ones who will now avoid them. Shot themselves in the foot.

    • Philemon Paul Fils-Aime
      Philemon Paul Fils-Aime 3 months ago


    • Andrew
      Andrew 3 months ago +10

      its worse than that really because all he wanted was the missing parts so really they did all of this for prolly less than £10k in refunds lmao

    • Prodbyes
      Prodbyes 3 months ago

      ​@Andrewmore like £30k lmao have you watched the rebuild series?

  • Erik Allen
    Erik Allen 3 months ago +188

    If you are listening to this guy for the first time, he and his father are some of the best guys on the internet when it comes to good wholesome entertainment as they work together to repair damaged vehicles. Compared to all the stupid crap that actually exists on the internet, this is one of the one redeeming channels that I enjoy watching that actually put a smile on my face as the two work hard together.

    • Don H
      Don H 3 months ago +6

      I absolutely agree with you. Love his channel and his projects

    • Matt Stringer
      Matt Stringer 3 months ago +1

      This :)

    • Bad Larry
      Bad Larry 3 months ago +1

      and he's a midlander✌

    • Philemon Paul Fils-Aime
      Philemon Paul Fils-Aime 3 months ago

      Yup very true🙏🏽🤝🏽

    • Ian
      Ian 3 months ago

      I watch his channels with my 12 year old son. It’s a nice change from the regular trash found on Clip-Share.

  • Ed Bolian
    Ed Bolian 4 months ago +353

    This was a huge project and it has been so much fun to see Mat knocking it out. Can't wait to see it reach the Gumball finish line!

    • Hungry Horse
      Hungry Horse 3 months ago +4

      I for one don't want to see him knocking one out.

    • Team DriveAlot
      Team DriveAlot 3 months ago

      ​@Hungry Horse i want 😂

  • rossd001
    rossd001 3 months ago +151

    I worked for said experience company as a photographer for almost a decade and I photographed this car so many times over the years. I know the car has been abused to hell and its the same as all of the cars that are in that hanger. The whole place is ran by a bunch of con artists that treat their customers like cattle. Everything is ran on a shoe string from the cars to the staff at that place. The events and offices are ran on fear and intimidation by the people at the top. They hire kids that love cars with dreams of glamour and the high life, pay them the bare minimum and work them like dogs. One of the worst places to work ever.

    • WV Adventurer
      WV Adventurer 3 months ago +2

      Sounds like most jobs in America, for the most part.

    • Izester
      Izester 3 months ago +4

      I worked for nasa aswell

    • Stig Feeling
      Stig Feeling 3 months ago

      Sounds like working in a plastic factory.

  • Rogue Aquariums
    Rogue Aquariums 3 months ago +91

    Freddy’s kindness showed by helping Mat out. It’s too bad there were so many parts that didn’t come with the car but Mat & his dad did a great job restoring it.

  • Leon Enzmann
    Leon Enzmann 4 months ago +556

    That track experience company is so unprofessional and should honestly be held accountable!!!

    • V Hash
      V Hash 3 months ago +21

      Someone tag the company

    • RY
      RY 3 months ago +48


    • Proper Tea Property
      Proper Tea Property 3 months ago +95

      I was gonna say was it Everyman? I had an Atom experience with them.. paid for 2 laps driven by their driver.. then 8 or 10 laps by me.. on the day I was told 2 laps by me then kicked out. Complained.. they did nothing.. scammers

    • ken kennith
      ken kennith 3 months ago +1

      ​@Proper Tea Property they've never let the public drive the ariel atom ?

    • Proper Tea Property
      Proper Tea Property 3 months ago +16

      @ken kennith well I drove one in 2014.. have a photo too.. 1st day I drove to the track it was raining so waited 3 hours (along with others who had booked the Atom) and told it was not permitted on track that day and then told to book another day and come back. It was my 40th birthday and booked through Red Letter Days.. Redeemed through Everyman Racing.

  • Audifan
    Audifan 4 months ago +424

    I remember watching Mat when he was a small Clip-Sharer with his Audi. The comeup is unreal and the interest in these types of videos has grown rapidly.

    • Redemption X
      Redemption X 3 months ago +6

      Hahah same here, I was having suspension trouble with my S3 and I came across his channel with the TT. I wasn’t hooked straight away, it was only when he got the S5 I was really interested!

    • Audifan
      Audifan 3 months ago +3

      @Redemption X I used to have an A4. So I watched his channel the A4 broke down a lot. The new S5 has been a lot better. Unfortunately I can’t keep up with Mat in terms of supercars yet 😂. One day.

    • Redemption X
      Redemption X 3 months ago

      @Audifan haha same here as well mate😂, who knows One day there could be a R8 outside! Ahah I the A4 3L TDI B9 Quattro, but wanted a petrol, so the most logical answer was the S4 which I now have. Fuel economy is well… no longer 60mpg 😂😂

    • Michael Persons
      Michael Persons 3 months ago +1

      Same, started watching Matt build an S5 when I was in high school, now I’m a year out of university.

    • Schrodingers Cat
      Schrodingers Cat 3 months ago +2

      Same, been watching his channel since the Audi TT just love the positive energy in all his videos. The last couple of years the whole channel exploded, one of the few channels where I look forward to every video.

  • Martin Bennett
    Martin Bennett 3 months ago +60

    Mat is without doubt one of the best Clip-Sharers currently. His enthusiasm and ability to make consistently enjoyable videos is extremely difficult and he deserves every success he’s having and in the future. I look forward to the channel growing and watching future projects.

  • John Ringhisen
    John Ringhisen 3 months ago +32

    Mat's channel is the one I'm watching most right now. His builds and getting to see how family support him have been a true joy.

    • Fargo Holmes
      Fargo Holmes 3 months ago +1

      I have to agree, whilst the man is living the lavish life he isn't a stuck-up a-hole. Just an honest bloke

  • Wrench Guru
    Wrench Guru 4 months ago +73

    Watching Mats content is a joy. Such a good guy with lots of positive energy and love for cars.

  • Jonno Wocky
    Jonno Wocky 3 months ago +90

    Right from episode 1 this was clearly a honey trap for Matt, but the perseverance from his Dad and himself has been great to watch. Great to see it tackled for what it is, and raised from the dead

    • Badger Services
      Badger Services 3 months ago +7

      At the end of the day, he got a lot more content out of it so probably in the end he was still the winner.

    • IMNOTA
      IMNOTA 3 months ago +4

      I didn't originally know the track experience company were the ones to contact Matt but now it all makes sense, they knew from the get go he'd be their sucker

    • Jonno Wocky
      Jonno Wocky 3 months ago

      @IMNOTA crooks through and through clearly, even when given the opportunity to save face they doubled down on being shady. Relieved to see Matt come out the real winner

    • IMNOTA
      IMNOTA 3 months ago

      @Jonno Wocky Can't really say he won when he did spend 100k on a car in that state, and they haven't hold up their end of the deal so he pays for the missing parts too. I checked yesterday and there's an egear murci for 140k in the UK, surely converting that one to manual would cost about the same as this resto and it would have known mileage and history...

    • The Warrior Returns
      The Warrior Returns 3 months ago +2

      @IMNOTA channel growth bro

  • Koyoguitar
    Koyoguitar 3 months ago +13

    Matt and his dad are truly amazing people who never give up. Inspiring.

  • Mark Musgrave
    Mark Musgrave 3 months ago +1

    Mat reminds us that being a hard worker is not only the key to success, but also makes being a good (and sane) person easier. Rather than spending time and energy on having been wronged, he (after what I imagine were a few profanity-laden conversations with his team) just got on with the damn thing - which, at the end of the day, is all anyone can do really.

  • Kayden Craig
    Kayden Craig 3 months ago +1

    I love Matt always positive and laughing in very disappointing moments. Thanks so much for having me over!!.

  • Gwinya Fats
    Gwinya Fats 3 months ago +3

    I love Matt always positive and laughing in very disappointing moments

  • Carefree Clubhouse
    Carefree Clubhouse 4 months ago +22

    Mat is a Rockstar in his rebuilding. Love the attitude of jumping in and figuring it out later! BANG ON BROTHER!!!

  • Iain Walker
    Iain Walker 4 months ago +27

    you can't not love Mat Armstrong's passion, hard work and he does it with a smile that's not just joyful, its also extremely interesting......

  • Secure The Bag
    Secure The Bag 3 months ago +4

    A harsh lesson learnt here for Mat, but great resilience and perseverance in rebuilding that engine and getting it running. It truly is a dream car and you can’t fault him for jumping at the opportunity. Shame on those shady sellers though. Hope Mat completes the project and enjoys that car to the fullest

  • Christy Cullen
    Christy Cullen 3 months ago +14

    Its great to see Matt finally get his flowers. His channel is nothing short of inspirational

  • Dave46
    Dave46 3 months ago

    I’m so proud of Matt and his dad putting the engine and the car back together and running, What an achievement, they deserve all the luck and the car a second better life!

  • Ed
    Ed 3 months ago +6

    Matt’s channel has been the only thing I always check every day for new content. The dude is truly in his happiness rebuilding cars and it makes the content that much better. If you’d asked me who I want to be when growing up I would have said Matt Armstrong 😂

  • zach sutton
    zach sutton 3 months ago +3

    I love this guy!! I hope for nothing but success for Matt in all he does. It has been cool watching his journey to this point.

  • stormtrooperxl1
    stormtrooperxl1 3 months ago +8

    Sometimes the journey makes the bond stronger. Bringing a formerly tracked car back to life isn’t the best decision financially but the experience is priceless. Great job!

  • Jonathan Watkins
    Jonathan Watkins 3 months ago +6

    Unbelievable how bad some of these scams are! Some people are ruthless when it comes to money. Pure lies & no remorse! Well done to Matt for getting the build this far!!! 👏🏼

  • James Bush
    James Bush 3 months ago +9

    “The mechanic went to prison for robbery.” The irony… Matt’s a legend and the story of this car and his journey with it only makes it more special

  • Marcello Caroli
    Marcello Caroli 3 months ago +1

    100k for that wreck was absolutely a scam from that company, name and shame them was the best thing to do!!!
    Super happy it turns out to be a huge success on youtube for Matt, i think he is one of the best youtuber around with load of enthusiasm!!!

  • Barney Charalambous
    Barney Charalambous 3 months ago +3

    Admire Matt more each time he accomplishes each project and keeps moving forward. All the best to him and all his future endeavours.

  • Smokkedandslammed
    Smokkedandslammed 3 months ago +17

    Yo, Matt is one of my new favorite CarTubers. He laughs and smiles the whole damn time, it's the best hahaha

  • David O'Gorman
    David O'Gorman 3 months ago +3

    A very honest interview. I suspected something was up with the company Mat got the car from, but stunned they were this bad. I’d love to know who they are to avoid them. Keep up the great work Mat.

  • peccatumDei
    peccatumDei 3 months ago

    I've been following Mat's series on the rebuild and I just have to say, he and his father have done an outstanding job! My hat is off to them.

  • Leetween
    Leetween 4 months ago +11

    I love following Matt. He seems like such a nice guy and a hard worker.

  • Raj Dhaliwal
    Raj Dhaliwal 4 months ago +8

    Matt is so full of life its so fullfilling and joyful to watch him do his thing 👌🏻😊

  • Schrodingers Cat
    Schrodingers Cat 3 months ago +5

    Mat may have been ripped off by the people who sold him the car but the rebuild has been some of the best content on YT plus it got his dad involved a lot more in the channel which is great. Some people would have seen it as a disaster but Mat turned the whole thing into a triumph, he's that kind of positive energy personality I suppose.

    • Schrodingers other cat
      Schrodingers other cat 3 months ago

      Yeah, gotta feel for him about the rip off, but tbf it has resulted in some great YT content for us to enjoy. And if Mat's gonna keep the Murci once it's done then that's a dream car in his garage which can't be a bad thing. Better than rotting in that 'workshop' the track day people have. Have you checked their reviews BTW? Ouch...

  • Rodrigo V
    Rodrigo V 3 months ago +14

    I'm glad to hear ppl are bugging the track experience company about this 💯

  • Azzy X
    Azzy X 3 months ago +6

    Never seen this bloke before or heard this story but I've instantly become a fan. Amazing story and an incredible rebuild. Mat seems like such a good hearted lad, the positive vibes are immaculate.

  • Andrew Malone
    Andrew Malone 3 months ago +11

    How many Subscribers did Matt have before the Murcielago? The people who robbed him also gave him just that thing that blew his channel up, the kicker being Matt deserves it. Genuinely nice lad obviously loving what he is doing whilst spending a load of time with his old man and setting up their future. And we get to enjoy watching it happen. HWBT

    • 88trapordie
      88trapordie 3 months ago +1

      I was literally just thinking this.. sometimes what may seem like a bad decision can turn round be the best thing that could happen. He’s gained loads of followers from this build and followers = £££££

  • Tim Jacks
    Tim Jacks 3 months ago +1

    Mat is fast becoming one of my favourite Clip-Sharers. Great content, regular and well edited

  • MattHD
    MattHD 3 months ago +5

    The build has been wild, the story is just as crazy! The project with his dad is awesome.

  • Don Robinson
    Don Robinson 3 months ago

    such an epic rebuild! cant wait to see the 3000km trip

  • Ezee
    Ezee 3 months ago +1

    What a lovely guy 😊 well done for pushing through and making it run

  • Chiefpep
    Chiefpep 3 months ago +1

    When Mat tries to analyze where the car comes from, what it has undergone and what it has gone through is like watching a documentary about somebody's family tree going back 150 years...

  • William
    William 3 months ago +3

    Have to admire a person with that kind of passion and perseverance on any kind of project.
    His attitude at every issue was proceed and carry on with a smile.
    Not all of us are like that.
    It was a passion project that through thick or thin he will complete it.

  • Rhys Merchant
    Rhys Merchant 3 months ago +2

    Love that Matt has come so far and now to see him on vin wiki and in the company of Freddy and alike is amazing can't wait for gumball ..well done lads

  • marc wonnacott
    marc wonnacott 3 months ago

    Good on you Mat. Hope a certain track day company get to see this and how a professional deals with issues. Car is sick as mate.

  • brandywell44
    brandywell44 2 months ago

    Great story of a man and his Dad and a car with character, love it

  • The DVZ4
    The DVZ4 3 months ago +2

    Hope y'all do a follow up story with his GT3 now that he's on the tail end of it. Such a good personality that makes it extremely entertaining to watch his builds.

  • Foxtrot Charlie
    Foxtrot Charlie 4 months ago +48

    Good story. He put so much effort into that build.

  • craigc1101
    craigc1101 3 months ago +2

    I’m sure I’m you haggled and left they would have crawled back, 7 years of being stored and it never moved. I’m watching the rebuild and previous ones, always well put together videos and great content!

  • BRainvil11
    BRainvil11 3 months ago

    It’s great to get even more backstory on this build, even after watching each MA episode. Having the story told with Uncle Touchy’s No-No Basement as the backdrop is the icing on the cake. Cheers to you all.

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan 3 months ago +1

    I’m happy for you matey. You chased your dream. And it came true. Hard work can pay off , Fingers crossed it makes the full GB rally 🙏

  • Baker Company Gaming
    Baker Company Gaming 3 months ago +1

    This is an incredible job well done and a even better story. I can’t imagine the work that even went in to that car. It sounds like it should of been rolled off a bridge 5 times

  • Andy Williams
    Andy Williams 3 months ago +2

    Mat keeps it real, thus so relatable. Such a pleasure following all of his projects on yt,

  • Adrian Dumitru
    Adrian Dumitru 3 months ago

    Good luck on Gumball and I hope you keep the Lambo for many, many years to come.
    I followed the whole reconstruction and all the respect to you and your loved ones that you managed to reach where you are.

  • Andy brace
    Andy brace 3 months ago

    You are the only person i believe can come out on top on this build ,sometimes you have to suck it up,even though its a lot of dollar... but as you say Mat H W B T 💥💥💥💥

  • BJW
    BJW 3 months ago

    Good on you for sticking with it & making it whole again, I did not know how much you were stuffed around by the place you got it from or there was a partition, I'd be interested to sign it for you & I'm sure my friends & their friends I have recommended your channel to would sign it in solidarity, cheers.

  • SCS2158
    SCS2158 4 months ago +13

    Big fan of Mat Armstrong! thanks for bringing him for an episode!

  • gcm747
    gcm747 3 months ago +1

    I knew he’d been scammed on this car from the beginning. Absolute thieves charging him what they did. That said, awesome job bringing this car back to life and caring for it the way it should be.

  • Stan17
    Stan17 3 months ago

    Can’t believe how upbeat Mat was in all the rebuild videos 🙌🏻 top man 🤟🏻

  • Kobi86J
    Kobi86J 3 months ago +1

    For an extra 80k you could of had a 2020 hurricane evo in the UK for sale on PistonHeads atm.
    I've watch the whole build from day 1 on Matt's channel and am always impressed with him and his Dad how they manage to rebuild all these high end cars, especially the M5 Competition he did, what a beautiful car and what an amazing job he did on it.
    Will always follow his rebuilds and hope for the best for him and his channel. ❤

  • Night
    Night 3 months ago

    This guy... Really doesent deserve this. He is one of ghe most enthousiast persons over here.

    HARRY SCHNEIDER 3 months ago +2

    This guy is amazing....just full of knowledge...if he doesnt know,he figures it out....love it. Thanks mat

  • Vlad Varga
    Vlad Varga 3 months ago

    the energy that this guy have!!! amazing! thanks for all the amazing work!

  • T0mmy Murray
    T0mmy Murray 3 months ago

    Your such an inspiration to so so many people keep it up sir tomthedecorator

  • Johannes Botha
    Johannes Botha 3 months ago +2

    Mat channel is next level! The excitement from his joy is just pure awesomeness!

  • Nick975eng
    Nick975eng 3 months ago

    Glad you've nearly got there Matt in the end. A running Murcielago!

  • DJ SUB
    DJ SUB 3 months ago +1

    That car should have been sold for £50k Matt u got good energy a lot of good things will come to you keep posting buddy 👍🏾

  • Muppet B. Lansing
    Muppet B. Lansing 3 months ago

    Ouch, sorry to hear about your experience Mat. Hopefully its a lesson in paying most of this purchase price but withholding a percentage as a retention sum until they actually supply the missing parts....

  • Richard Blackburn
    Richard Blackburn Month ago

    Incredible story. Glad you managed to get it running and drive it the Gumball Ralley 😎

  • DUBLIFE1982
    DUBLIFE1982 3 months ago

    The mileage doesn’t matter to me, you have replaced EVERYTHING:) I have loved watching your videos:) we can see you have done alright out of it, keep it FOREVER:)

  • ThisGuyHere
    ThisGuyHere 3 months ago +11

    I hope that everyone is bypassing the test track company 👍🏼

  • Lp Mj
    Lp Mj 3 months ago

    Raise your hand, if you believe Everyman Racing, should do the right thing. Money comes and goes, your name, reputation, and the legacy of your business will
    live on. Do the right thing, 50% refund at the least. Big ups to you and the crew Mat🙌🏽✌🏽

  • Wade227
    Wade227 3 months ago +1

    It’s been a while but that was a great story. Building something from scratch is different. I have a bike that was my dad’s. (The one in my pic.) When I got it, it had all of the stuff I didn’t like. So I built it the way I wanted it. Got offered $15,000 for it, but will never sell it. Because it’s mine.

  • Andy
    Andy 3 months ago +1

    I love Matt's channel, such a nice bloke. Still cant believe he gave them £100k for it though 😞

  • Test Pilot
    Test Pilot 3 months ago +3

    Mat the mileage should be on a EPROM chip
    A device called orange5 EPROM reader should be able to read the data. The chip should be voltage and reverse polarity protected.

  • Zealaequin
    Zealaequin 3 months ago

    I think more amazing than this build is Matt's patience with that company and the whole situation. Still giggling and going with the flow; i damn well know it couldnt be me lol.

  • Mr Cheeka
    Mr Cheeka 3 months ago

    Matt is one of my favorite content creators. I’m so glad y’all got him on here

  • Joe Max Fpv
    Joe Max Fpv 3 months ago

    What a crazy story. These are the stories I come here to listen to.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 3 months ago

    Idk why but I like this build a lot, I think it’s because we can all relate to you, your just like every other “normal” guys out there and you rebuilt a lambo and got a decent deal on it, and that gives a lot of guys hope..

  • Oliver Clark
    Oliver Clark 3 months ago

    I’ve been a subscriber of Mat’s for ages. His channel is entertaining and inspiring. I don’t recall Mat ever mentioning the name of the experience day company on his channel and he doesn’t in this video, but some of the commenters have mentioned a name. In case it’s just rumour I won’t mention the name but I had wondered whether it might be that one. I had an experience day with them a few years ago and when I came to drive my final car of the day, a McLaren MP4-12C, before we set out onto the track I noticed a tyre pressure warning light was showing. The instructor I was with was a sound enough chap but gave me some story about a faulty sensor that they couldn’t fix because they do their own maintenance. It was against my better judgement, but I went out anyway because I didn’t want to miss out on the experience, which turned out to be great.

  • Jake D
    Jake D 3 months ago

    This is amazing! I can’t think of a Lamborghini I’d want more. Clapped out but saved and brought back to life! Amazing job!

  • M B
    M B 3 months ago

    I’ve watched the series from the beginning, but this was really fascinating to watch, and learn more about the on goings behind the scenes.

  • DS 1969
    DS 1969 3 months ago

    You always hope that there is some negative karma towards the race day people who did this to Mat. Decent bloke, doing a decent and very interesting thing, getting ripped by second rate people - is not a nice thing to have.
    Complaining to Mat about the negative stuff from Mats followers is just poor, if they had any decency left they would send Mat his money back. And perhaps post a video of them doing so.
    Good luck Mat, love your videos, and the fact you are bringing wrecked cars back to life.

  • Nick B Bad
    Nick B Bad 3 months ago

    Nothing beats that feeling the first time you get in your project and it moves under its own power.

  • truegaurd1
    truegaurd1 3 months ago

    Matt and his father did a great rebuild, however all the judges out there need to watch all the videos. Maintaining and rebuilding rare cars is troublesome, and even Matt himself took to 'corner cutting' during his rebuild. They did a great job, and watching it driven was awesome. But don't judge too quickly about what steps may need to be taken during such car builds or repairs.

  • ATHERmedia
    ATHERmedia 3 months ago

    Great guy, his determination is always on point.

  • Knighttus
    Knighttus 3 months ago

    Thank you for coming out with the truth, f those who scammed you, your a big youtuber im pretty sure this video is going to affect their brand for sure.

  • Maria D
    Maria D 3 months ago

    Used car sales is very shady. Always get every agreement in writing and even then, it’s a gamble. Best of luck to you and great content!

  • Albert Santos
    Albert Santos 3 months ago

    Mat , it’s a lesson well learnt. One makes bad decisions due to lack of experience and you gain experience by making bad decisions. Wish you all the best mate and it’s such a pleasure watching all your videos.

  • Gaddafi Gaddafi
    Gaddafi Gaddafi 3 months ago

    Hard work, patience and dedication pay offs. Only a few will understand the "I will never sell the car, if it breaks I will start again"

  • SmashingBangers
    SmashingBangers 3 months ago +1

    This is the best VinWiki car stories I’ve seen, since I’ve been following this rebuild from scratch. The full backstory adds so much more to the ongoing saga 😂

  • Spirit
    Spirit 3 months ago

    I felt Matt got scammed soon after he purchased it and I had a bad feeling. Not happy to hear my gut feeling was true, those track-day guys are absolute crooks. I hope they pay for their thieving ways.

  • trashermoto
    trashermoto 3 months ago +8

    Imagine selling mat a ringer with the following he has now,I bet that track day companies trust pilot/trip advisor has gone downhill 😂😂😂

  • zapro_dk
    zapro_dk 3 months ago +1

    The original instrument cluster might be able to be repaired. It's probably a voltage regulator and supporting components that are fried, not the downstream logic. Source: I'm an EE.

  • stevie smozz
    stevie smozz 3 months ago

    Based on the $80k that Freddie paid for his with the engine intact I thought at the time you paid way over the top for yours, that said you own a manual Murcielago and I don't (yet)! I hope it goes all the way in Gumball trouble free Matt!

  • Xande Oliveira
    Xande Oliveira 3 months ago +14

    You have to tell everyone the name of the Track experience company so we’ll never go there or suggest people not to go there. We should not support dishonest people. Congratulations for the rebuilding. You guys are fantastic. Say hello to your dad, I love when he laugh out loud.

    • jesper kuipers
      jesper kuipers 3 months ago +3


    • Alex Gaskin
      Alex Gaskin 3 months ago +9

      Everyman Racing, based at Prestwold, just north of Loughborough.
      Did work experience with them back in 2016/17, place was a shed. 75% of the cars didn’t run, and the amount of dirt and grime on every car there was insane.

    • boofman 0
      boofman 0 3 months ago +1

      ​@Alex Gaskineveryone go online and give them a 1 star😂

  • John Dilk
    John Dilk 3 months ago

    The driving experience school is totally out of order, they would of cashed in on your car , times over. Companies like that need to be named and shamed. Mat is so likeable and you can tell, first hand that he is such a genuine person. I bet that the driving experience school changes it’s name