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Do NOT buy the Freedom Phone!! 🤬

  • Published on Jul 23, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • The Freedom Phone by Erik Finman is an elaborate waste of money, and quite possibly also a security risk, do NOT buy it! Try Dashlane for free on your first device head to www.dashlane.com/boss and if you decide to upgrade to premium use my code boss for 50% off!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  Year ago +6808

    Anyone know someone who'd probably want this? 😂
    To see an ABSOLUTE MONSTER video about the biggest tech fails of ALL TIME: clip-share.net/video/bBcwFWS34ZY/video.html

  • Miles Corporosus
    Miles Corporosus Year ago +12951

    The Freedom Phone makes the Escobar phones seem totally legit.

    • Randy Goos
      Randy Goos Day ago

      @Smarterthan You the Clip-Sharer or the person who made the comment?

    • PenguinMan
      PenguinMan Month ago

      Don’t disrespect Escobar phones by comparing them to this rubbish.

    • Randy Goos
      Randy Goos 3 months ago


  • WorldWide
    WorldWide 3 months ago +393

    Candace Owens endorsing the Freedom phone as a “MUST BUY! YOU NEED THIS PHONE” and then getting caught still using her iPhone will never not be hilarious

  • Idky
    Idky Year ago +6050

    Erik sounds like someone who responds to every insult with, “Are you a millionaire?!?”

    • Beware the Lily of the Valley
      Beware the Lily of the Valley 20 days ago

      Jordan Peterson is exactly this 😖😖😖. The type to think that all opinions are invalid unless it aligns with his very specific, narrow definition of who has a right to an opinion. In fact, I say that like it's a joke, but he actually has repeatedly used lines like, "Do you own a business?!" as some sort of defense against conversations on the economy. You know...because those are the only people who have a voice in the space, and not the employees who help to run the business, for example 🙄.

    • Plastic Baby Official
      Plastic Baby Official Month ago

      @Every name I make is cringe 2 6:32

    • Shaiyan Ahmed Khan
      Shaiyan Ahmed Khan Month ago

      Elon: Are you a billionaire

    • CuberBeats
      CuberBeats Month ago

      This comment aged marvellously…

    • BladerDragonSonic
      BladerDragonSonic 2 months ago

      Aha what colur is yor Bugatti??????

  • AaronTechnic
    AaronTechnic 10 months ago +1768

    "FINALLY we have a solution to tech monopolies"
    Open source and Linux: Excuse me?

    • Smarterthan You
      Smarterthan You 15 days ago

      Linux is open source, but locked bootloaders and OEM installed spyware make the phones spy machines.

    • The Eye of Cthulhu
      The Eye of Cthulhu 27 days ago

      @AaronTechnic librewolf is better than firefox actually
      librewolf is a fork of firefox and as the name suggests its libre

    • Declinedyt
      Declinedyt 2 months ago

      @Slug Eater wait what?

    • Ziggy
      Ziggy 2 months ago

      @devalapar no i said that the party with the most money lobbies for whoever they think will have the most pull. That’s why you’d need to be a part of the current existing oligopolies or hell “your own monopoly” in order to have more power than the current lobbyists. I don’t know what all the shit you’re trying to say is about cus I never specifically talked about any individual position

  • Google Pixel 6A
    Google Pixel 6A Year ago +4751

    ... i hate how society idolizes people who get LUCKY with investments and acts as if they actually know what tf they're doing. its so dumb

  • Phade102
    Phade102 3 months ago +331

    I mean, this guy is a genius. he knows the people this phone will appeal to aren't smart enough to ask questions.

    • Arturo Andres
      Arturo Andres 19 days ago

      I feel like DT used the same logic when he ran for president to get people to vote for him, so at least we know there's a way to get rich quick and then leave people out to dry...

    • Corn Puffs
      Corn Puffs Month ago +1

      As a conservitive I see no use in this phone. If you want free speech just speak in person.

    • 2halliom
      2halliom 2 months ago +1

      @Phade102 Freedom is bloody, controlled freedom, if not too much controlled, is heavenly.

    • devalapar
      devalapar 2 months ago +1

      @Phade102 True!!!

  • Ankan Saha
    Ankan Saha Year ago +4400

    He literally ripped that guy apart without saying a single curse word. He made it funny, and gave us a ton of knowledge! He is by far, one of the best Clip-Sharers currently!!! 👍👍👍

  • JacketCK
    JacketCK Year ago +3569

    the funniest thing about this phone is the fact that it's an Android...
    you know... the phone OS developed and owned by Google?

    • Smarterthan You
      Smarterthan You 15 days ago

      Android is open source. Android isn't where the spyware comes from. You THINK you're smart..... but you're not.

    • Donato Bisceglia
      Donato Bisceglia 4 months ago

      Android is Ubuntu Linux based..

    • Donato Bisceglia
      Donato Bisceglia 4 months ago +3

      Actually Android is Linux based..

  • Timmy Gaming
    Timmy Gaming Year ago +540

    Can we just appreciate that Arun makes his videos using the aspect ratio of modern day phones

    • Mandy Waynick
      Mandy Waynick 9 months ago +2

      @Juno definitely not all Clip-Sharers, I would say most tech tubers though. I always appreciate when they do because it gives me a larger picture without cutting off part of the image like if I zoomed into full screen. The aspect ratio he gives is the biggest it can get without showing the selfie camera on my s20fe

      MISSINGNO 9 months ago +1

      so thats those bars at the top and bottom

    • Mars is Not Okay
      Mars is Not Okay 11 months ago +2

      @Red_ Guy aye you using a moto g stylus too (':

    • Red_ Guy
      Red_ Guy Year ago +8

      So this is why my front camera cover a bit the left bottom of the video...

  • Kieran Grant
    Kieran Grant Year ago +551

    I stacked $500 of coupon codes and was only charged for shipping, but unfortunately they caught on and canceled my order about a week after it went through. But hey, it was worth a shot!

    • Hamza Mohamed
      Hamza Mohamed 3 months ago


    • Emmet
      Emmet 3 months ago

      @Kevin a universe where people dont compare iphones to androids

    • Kevin
      Kevin 4 months ago +1

      @Cyan_Oxy What universe do you live in?

    • Snivy con
      Snivy con 4 months ago

      omfg,,, that means they paid for at least 50 people to make an ad for the phone

  • Arpith Jinu John
    Arpith Jinu John 6 months ago +104

    I’m so happy that Arun warned us to not buy the phone while he could have advertised the phone and made over a million dollars. That is why he is the only tech channel I trust

    • David Sh.
      David Sh. 4 months ago +6

      Check out someordinarygamers, Mental outlaw, LMG, every single one of them talked about this.

  • Eyad
    Eyad Year ago +1424

    You know a product is sus when it has the word "freedom" everywhere on it.

  • Lisa Pink
    Lisa Pink Year ago +514

    The second he said he "wrote an OS himself" all the security bells rang in my head. That is not something good...
    (But let's face it he didn't)

    • Smarterthan You
      Smarterthan You 15 days ago

      He never claimed to write the OS himself. The OS is a collection of many different components. Regular phones are loaded with spyware. This is not. You are a gullible fool.

    • Staringcorgi6
      Staringcorgi6 5 months ago

      Unless you’re terry davis it’s rare for someone to make an os by themselves and skins of linux don’t counts

    • nimi
      nimi 6 months ago +10

      @llynxfyremusic to be fair, a lot of that is due to linux developers having to reverse-engineer the hardware, while hardware manufacturers write the drivers themselves for windows and maxos

    • llynxfyremusic
      llynxfyremusic 7 months ago +8

      @SephTheSatanist yeah this, linux has been around for 30 years and its software compatibility is nowhere near up to snuff with mac or windows yet.

    • SephTheSatanist
      SephTheSatanist 8 months ago +31

      Lol for real. Writing an OS from the ground up yourself can take years to decades (like TempleOS and Plan 9 by Bell Labs) and making one on-par with Linux, Windows, and MacOS is essentially impossible without a dedicated team and years of work.

  • Wojak Entertainment 🇺🇲

    I will say, its nearly impossible to make a phone in the US, just because no one actually manufacturers them here except large companies.

    • Ramble On
      Ramble On 3 months ago

      @Wojak Entertainment 🇺🇲 Their just building it. It aint gonna do anything.

    • Sean Pruitt
      Sean Pruitt 3 months ago

      @Wojak Entertainment 🇺🇲 massive investments have been made in that sector its going to be a very big deal here

    • jua mu
      jua mu 3 months ago

      @rvng so children and china are smart enough enough to manufacture phones?

    • jua mu
      jua mu 3 months ago

      @Hellish Cyberdemon tsmc, qualcomm, mediatek. whose factores are located in taiwan, china and s.e. asia

  • Dion van Oene
    Dion van Oene 8 months ago +223

    "Non-snooping alternatives. Like Duckduckgo." Oh boy, that one aged poorly

    • Smarterthan You
      Smarterthan You 15 days ago

      @Bravo "I'm pretty sure I have no clue because I just said "or something" on the end." ** fixed that for you

    • MC Chase Productions
      MC Chase Productions 2 months ago

      To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, "You were the chosen one!!! You said you would destroy the sith, not join them!!!

    • Mo He
      Mo He 3 months ago +1

      We should also not forget that beside the privacy aspect there is a second factor for a good search engine: That thr results are not biased or censored. As far as I know ddg also prefers to rank the results in a very gonvernmental friendly way. To not say propaganda gets the top spots.

    • David
      David 3 months ago

      lol. Was thinking the same thing.

    • Soundblaster Studios
      Soundblaster Studios 3 months ago

      Brave Search, Startpage, Searx, etc.
      Still better than Google

  • Arinjoy Ghosh
    Arinjoy Ghosh Year ago +925

    A person who spent a thousand dollars mindlessly on bitcoin just to skip College is definitely not trustworthy

    • copes
      copes 3 months ago

      @JBD "college is a dumb financial choice" lmao tf you on? Degrees are actually useful so you can work on high paying jobs (e.g programmer, doctor)

    • JBD
      JBD 3 months ago

      You do realize there are few truly successful people that got there because of college degrees. All the successful people got their wealth by making smart financial choices, which has little to do with college. A degree gets you slightly above the average joe and not much more 98% of the time. Much of the time college is a dumb financial choice.

    • Ronnie
      Ronnie 3 months ago

      @rvng Please learn to read instead of just pretending. The cooment is almost a year old...you had plenty of time to actually read it. I never said it wasnt risky.

    • rvng
      rvng 3 months ago +2

      @Ronnie Please do research instead of just watching business channels on youtube saying investment is not risky

    • copes
      copes 4 months ago +1

      @Harry Chapman atleast i have a fallback plan whenever my passion flopped. For example, if I want to be a professional gamer and try to win tournaments but I failed, at least I have a degree for a high paying job (like programming)

  • Ishaan Ahmed
    Ishaan Ahmed 9 months ago +40

    I just realized when seeing Arun react to the "celebrity" endorsements, that he would make amazing react videos to dumb marketing videos about devices.
    His reaction when Anna Khait said "It reminds her of an iPhone" and him not saying a single word was just amazing! 😂

  • iscream soda
    iscream soda Year ago +3349

    This man just took drop shipping to another level lmao. The same people lining up for this phone are the same people who told us not to believe everything we saw on the internet.

    • Smarterthan You
      Smarterthan You 15 days ago

      Those people you're ostracizing have been right THE ENTIRE TIME.

    • markus64s
      markus64s 26 days ago

      @Damien Thonk No, because their particular customer isn't "most people". No one would buy this phone unless they wanted to limit their exposure.

    • Jeffrey Suen
      Jeffrey Suen 3 months ago

      Don't believe anything you see on the internet, except the bit I'm about to tell you.

    • SailingSeignior
      SailingSeignior 3 months ago

      @markus64s Update? 😂

  • Ralphie Raccoon
    Ralphie Raccoon Year ago +727

    In the end, you don't need a new phone for this, just root your existing phone, stick on a third party OS of your choice, and don't use Google play.

    • Smarterthan You
      Smarterthan You 15 days ago

      There are VERY FEW phones that you can do that to.

    • PPD 27
      PPD 27 3 months ago

      As an iphone user i can confirm

    • Kenny Ewing Flores
      Kenny Ewing Flores 7 months ago

      Yeah but Boomers are largely not going to do that shit lol.

    • Need Some Milk
      Need Some Milk 10 months ago

      @KillaLogeFTW he means jailbreaking

  • Anhua
    Anhua Year ago +56

    To be able to create a phone scam based on privacy is suprisingly easy. (For companies who can make a phone proparly or, you know, that can buy a couple hundred phones)

  • radius97
    radius97 6 months ago +73

    Besides just being a scam, the Freedom Phone tries to solve a problem that doesn't really exist. Take PatriApp. It has, let's just say Parler for example while Apple and Google banned it from their stores. But for Android phones, yes, you could just download the APK for it. Loads of other apps could be downloaded as apks too. This is the "problem" Erik is trying to solve, when it really doesn't matter if it's banned from app stores or not. Not even Aptoide (third party app store) banned it 💀

  • Sam Squids
    Sam Squids 3 months ago +25

    My solution would be to buy a last gen Pixel device like a 6 or even 5A and flash either GrapheneOS or CalyxOS if you want a private phone, or just get one of the many Linux phones.

  • Jortiz
    Jortiz Year ago +213

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is a grift.

    • a plastic bag
      a plastic bag 10 months ago +2

      @Gabriele V. OH MY PKCELL

    • Oxy_02
      Oxy_02 Year ago +1

      @Gabriele V. Which is good, because I found the original track and the bass is insane. Pretty sure it's why DP uses it to blow up dirtybuds.

    • Gabriele V.
      Gabriele V. Year ago +1

      @Oxy_02 it doesn't sound right unless through a pair of cheap buds that have no bass and all mids

    • Oxy_02
      Oxy_02 Year ago +2

      @Gabriele V.🎵 SCARLET! FIRE! 🎵

  • OmniDigital
    OmniDigital 9 months ago +13

    Making a phone that prevents you from getting censored is like trying to make shoes that prevent you from stepping in shit, it's not a shoe problem lol

  • The Tech Chap
    The Tech Chap Year ago +1170

    Top video Arun - really well explained!

    • Danzo
      Danzo 11 months ago

      @Ryan lex do you ever reply without saying lmao? Lmao

    • The King
      The King Year ago +1

      Collab video of you two soon please.

    • Vẫn Do
      Vẫn Do Year ago +2

      @Ryan lex
      In what part of his channel does he trash talks MrBeast and PewDiePie and say MrWhoseTheBoss #1?

  • some cunt
    some cunt Year ago +43

    I once had a phone with a p60 in it, it was a decent phone all in all. It was not missing a beat in performance, the UI was smooth, scrolling was like butter, most games ran just fine with even asphalt 9 achieving WELL OVER playable frame rates and it was very cheap for this experience!

  • Chris Shoup
    Chris Shoup Year ago +97

    I am American, I loved this video so much. Subbed for life. you put to word everything I wondered about this. The people this appeals to are very likely to blindly buy this lmao.

    • jua mu
      jua mu 3 months ago

      after looking at donald trump links with the epoch times. i kinda stayed away from politics all together.

    • Brain Steroids
      Brain Steroids Year ago +4

      @- Caesarian - There is nothing American about conservatism.

    • Cooper Gates
      Cooper Gates Year ago +2

      @SuperVladamere Are you part of Republican Voters Against Trump? It's so annoying to see those NRSC ads like "Are you leaving Trump and the Republicans" as if almost all right wingers are Trumpers.

  • Josiah's Vlogs
    Josiah's Vlogs 2 months ago +6

    "Non-snooping alternatives like Duck Duck Go"

  • Jade Annabel
    Jade Annabel Year ago +24

    I feel people forget that tracking and security are pretty much nonexistent. It's not really a super bad thing, but the way people freak out just sorta drives me nuts. We had a QR code leak the other day and everyone was panicking, but I'm sorta just... we're walking around with a GPS in our pockets. If someone honestly wanted to know where you were, it would not be hard if they were determined enough.

  • Babs Champagne
    Babs Champagne Year ago +878

    I love how those 'influencers' are blatantly scamming people with a straight face and all of their braindead followers can probably fall for it without any thought or hesitation. They should be called scammers for this as well.

    • Brain Steroids
      Brain Steroids Year ago

      Pretty genious though, they did target very, very easy to scam people!

    • bhanu teja
      bhanu teja Year ago +4

      Rubicon 1 Bro you can wipe out every google function on any android and flash custom ROM of your choice in less than 5 min. The point everyone in the comment section trying to make is they're just cashing of people that don't know about tech and who those believe those conspiracies and those "Influencers" mentioning "you can download any app(parlor) without any suppression" is just plain bullshit. you can literally download any app on android from chrome if not from the play store(but not that secure). That Erik guy took a gamble on Bitcoin it worked out pretty well...it doesn't mean you can trust him on technology regarding privacy.

  • Davide Cassarino
    Davide Cassarino Year ago +40

    what can I say...thank you for taking the time to inform the people about these scams, and shame on the influencers that promote anything just to get paid

    • Morbid Eel
      Morbid Eel Year ago +5

      I doubt this video had much impact on the people that were going to buy this phone.

    • Brigitta Mason
      Brigitta Mason Year ago +1

      And you don't think this clown got paid to crush the little guy? Of course he did. wake up.

  • Dan Chaloner
    Dan Chaloner Year ago +43

    That explained quite a few things to me. Especially these zombie Android phones from utterly obscure manufacturers.
    Imagine what you could do with the initial premise, remove the America First stuff and actually deliver an internationally acceptable Freedom Phone. Now that I'd like to see.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Hellish Cyberdemon
    Hellish Cyberdemon 4 months ago +3

    Ive owned an Umidigi phone and while being super SUPER tough to break them... they eventually slow down and start to suck

  • Hank
    Hank Year ago +40

    While I am naturally interested in IT and pretty much all that pertains to it (everything from software for use by the general public to military hardware) it can be easily a boring subject, depending on the presenter (like my professor, I remember the girl who would often clack her tongue ring more than anything he said!). So the fact that you through in some antics in just the right amount (I know, I should quantify that) helps make your presentations likable. Also, you are enthusiastic about the subject in your videos.

    • Cooper Gates
      Cooper Gates 8 months ago

      @Dewald Steyn Tons of tech fail montages, smartphones or otherwise

    • Dewald Steyn
      Dewald Steyn 8 months ago

      @Cooper Gates wdym?

    • Cooper Gates
      Cooper Gates Year ago

      Did you binge through this channel's failure videos?

  • Jeypi
    Jeypi 10 months ago +1

    Im sure with enough dedication and any reasonable android phone(maybe even an apple idk how determined you are). You can make your own software that cant be traced by big tech as long as youre willing to use a software that doesnt look too fancy.

  • Master Kartik
    Master Kartik Year ago +4333

    Arun: don't buy freedom phone
    Also Arun: passionfruit

    • Reeve LMAO
      Reeve LMAO Year ago

      Because passion is smth you should have -passionfruit ceo

    • Anh Nguyễn Việt
      Anh Nguyễn Việt Year ago

      At least he tell everything is honest

    • That Guy Alex :)
      That Guy Alex :) Year ago +2

      @Lavender Sunrise Banana branded phone is the best phone. Better than that Sony Xperia thing.

    • Lavender Sunrise
      Lavender Sunrise Year ago +2

      Everyone knows Passionfruit is the most superior smartphone on the market

    • Z Star
      Z Star Year ago +1

      @That Guy Alex :) and cream

  • 傭兵Cloud
    傭兵Cloud Year ago +176

    I’m VERY certain that Owens does not own one of those.

    • G
      G Year ago +1

      She's a greater. Why would a greater believe the crap they spew or buy the crap they peddle to the lesser? She's above them and she knows it.

    • nateclipps
      nateclipps Year ago +19

      @AmericanPharaoh yep. Anytime she gets called out she uses her race card. “Oh your just mad because I’m a free thinking BLACK WOMEN conservative” 😂

  • little rock
    little rock Year ago +269

    I like how you speak the truth and not scared of it… unlike all these other Clip-Sharers who are scared

    • COLTON
      COLTON Year ago

      @Josh Hudlet did you cry?

    • COLTON
      COLTON Year ago +2

      @Josh Hudlet are you gonna cry?

    • CZA Industriez
      CZA Industriez Year ago +3

      @Josh Hudlet I work for Eric, and you need to stop riding his rocket so we can scam more people.... Work Ethic, kid.... Bitcoin value isn't evolving like the good ole days, champ.

  • I am maybe a bro? 45
    I am maybe a bro? 45 4 months ago +3

    Fun fact: This was originally going to called the French Phone, but they changed it in the wake of Jan. 6.

  • Bama Bigz
    Bama Bigz Year ago +41

    I feel incredibly sad that there are actually people out there who thought the "Freedom Phone" was anything other than trash. Regardless of which iteration it is at the moment. 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹

  • Nicholas Shelton
    Nicholas Shelton 3 months ago +20

    This is my first time coming across your channel, and I just have to say, your cinematography and lighting are incredible.

  • Garro
    Garro Year ago +1628

    It's funny how almost every influencer still tweets from iPhones after promoting a product and gets caught😂
    Edit: This scam should definitely be in the next tech fails video.

    • EdyAlbertoMS
      EdyAlbertoMS 4 months ago

      @hepwo91222 I'm pretty sure he said everything you needed to know to decide if to buy this or not, it's some 150$ phone with slight software modifications and a 500$ price tag.

    • Commander Captain
      Commander Captain 9 months ago

      "Bitcoin billionaire" 🤣 FOH
      That's like me owning several Monopoly boardgames and calling myself a "thousandaire".

    • Digital Apex
      Digital Apex 10 months ago

      @Nezunish - To separate idiots from their money

    • ParadoxZee
      ParadoxZee Year ago

      There is a reupload of the Anna girl on youtube and you need to see to believe it.
      She knows 0 about smartphones and tech, she try so hard to sell you the phone she says 10 times it is for privacy, at one point in video she takes a selfie, she looks at it and says it looks worst than an Iphone, than she correct herself and says how that is good

  • Eclipsa Butterfly
    Eclipsa Butterfly Year ago +3

    Glad there's honest people out here calling out scammers as they pop up. This makes the Escobar phone a great bargain!

  • Gav Hern
    Gav Hern 11 months ago +14

    my favorite part of all of this is how much he advocates for free speech and removing censorship and then hid all the replies to his tweet that were damaging his image

  • memr
    memr 9 months ago +1

    Well, first question I'd ask is how exactly this works. For example, we here in Soviet Russia have an entire repository of android software of all kinds that you can download and keep it the way YOU want, without auto-updating in the background and changing the application you've installed into some bull overnight. BUT you need to understand that this "solution" is even bigger security risk for you, because literally every package there will be infested with malware right from the start.
    What happens is you are using someone else's app store, or sending your data to someone else's server, and so on. You would think that since you are paying for this, you have the right to set your rules, like what to use and what not to use, but no. The rules are still in their hands. And this is the problem. It wouldn't change simply because of some other owner of the app store. It needs to be changed in its roots.

  • TwstedTV
    TwstedTV Year ago +26

    You should never ever put your credit card information on a online storage database. Thats the worst thing you can do.
    Never storage all your credit cards information in one location or any location for that matter.

  • Karl Hungus
    Karl Hungus 4 months ago +3

    It's almost as if their whole thing is a grift.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Scammers are evolving to have crazier and crazier ideas to scam people

    • Ramble On
      Ramble On 3 months ago

      You have 150 likes for a very ordinary comment..look within yourself

    • Ashli Rabid
      Ashli Rabid 3 months ago

      Scamdance Owens.

    • UrSo
      UrSo 5 months ago


  • J
    J Year ago +13

    Just get a pinephone or a custom ROM if you're really into privacy. Just because something has "Freedom" in the name doesn't mean it's automatically good.

  • SwampThing585
    SwampThing585 Year ago +17

    The Freedom Phone is the definition of irony.

  •  3 months ago +6

    When you realise there's already India's own freedom 251 phone which was maybe more than 6 years old🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LadyShay
    LadyShay Year ago +22

    Do people that are scared of the face recognition feature scared that having it as an option at all means their phones are taking pictures of them at night or something???

    • Dewald Steyn
      Dewald Steyn 8 months ago

      Yup definitely😂

    • BASIL!!!!! The Pumpin' Seagull
      BASIL!!!!! The Pumpin' Seagull Year ago +1

      @Rain I would imagine it's useful to sell to 3 letter agencies for profit? Or at the very least, being strong-armed by those same agencies to hold on to that data?

    • Rain
      Rain Year ago +2

      @BASIL!!!!! The Pumpin' Seagull it would need to be stored on the phone itself, otherwise you wouldn't be able to use face recognition to unlock your phone without an internet connection. I doubt Google would also hold a copy on their servers as it would just be a waste of space. Even if we look at it from a marketing perspective, there's not much they could gain from your face that they can't already from the name associated with your Google account-but in that case, your usage is way more beneficial for them to give you tailored ads and the like than either of those sources. As for iPhones, they use IR sensors to scan the contours of your face and hold no colour data-as far as I know. That means the scan of your face is even less useful to Apple than Google's.

  • Roy Teo
    Roy Teo 3 months ago

    Well people in his target market segment have never been accused of being tech savvy

  • HumanDoor
    HumanDoor Year ago +8296

    I once saw a Twitter post that said “people who have phones with Face ID technology the government has your face!” And someone responded “wait until they find out about driver’s licenses”
    Edit: Before you yell at me remember that I am not anyone in this exchange! I just thought it was funny and hoped others would find it funny as well

    • ET0139
      ET0139 8 months ago

      Or even your ID. Shit, they got your fingerprints if you have a passport

    • ben q
      ben q 8 months ago

      If you are not in America you have an ID card constantly updated so that the picture is up to date and still I hear that argument here

    • 1sMiku
      1sMiku 8 months ago

      @Amarakon all my assistant hears is "light off, FUCKING HELL I SAID LIGHT OFF NOT PLAY WHITE NOISE SHUT UP"

  • Gharren
    Gharren Year ago +83

    "Successful investor" really isn't much different than "successful lottery player".
    Lots of people who pretend they have some genius strategies, when all they had was luck.

    • Sheepy007
      Sheepy007 9 months ago +2

      Not only that, he literally asked his parents for gamble money.

    • Itismethatguy
      Itismethatguy Year ago +1

      @Dim T yeah thanks i should have said it like that

    • Dim T
      Dim T Year ago +5

      @Citizen Kane no they do, bitcoin simply contributes nothing, while investing in lets say oil contributes something

    • Citizen Kane
      Citizen Kane Year ago

      @Itismethatguy you don't seem to understand how investment works.

    • Itismethatguy
      Itismethatguy Year ago +5

      They also don’t contribute to this world. If people did such things, they would only increase their own wealth and not give anything to the world.

  • Christopher Dean
    Christopher Dean Year ago +25

    Gutsy! The fanatics buying this phone aren't going to appreciate you. Thanks for your candor and honesty. I think links to your videos telling people to rethink technology, the effects of social media and ai are appropriate here. This phone is just another step in the wrong direction. Imagine if they had a head to manipulate a.i.'s, we'd be in trouble.

    • hax boi
      hax boi 4 months ago +1

      @Yep6803 Designed in California actually. Still made in China 😬

    • Yep6803
      Yep6803 9 months ago +1

      at this point buy iPhone with "made in California"

  • 💕  KillerGma  💕
    💕 KillerGma 💕 8 months ago

    💕you’re videos are so informative yet entertaining…I definitely need to get that password software…I am constantly getting notifications of password leaks (🤦🏼‍♀️ have to stop recycling them lol)💕

  • Couldn't mix A Pot Noodle

    If you're that worried about privacy you can unlock the bootloader on Android phones and just get a better operating system that doesn't use Google or facebook

  • James C.
    James C. 4 months ago +1

    I swear this inspired the ‘Arcane Wireless’ episode of The Blacklist 😂 - in that I think the phone’s network was billed as untraceable but actually used CIA spyware riddled monitoring devices which as the users think it’s secure they incriminate themselves 😂

    • James C.
      James C. 3 months ago

      @Dan W haha that’s brilliant

  • Vines
    Vines Year ago +3968

    Arun : Freedom phone
    Indians : *Visible flashbacks*

  • Valdas V
    Valdas V Month ago

    Dashlane is good, I used it for couple years, but recently switched to Bitwarden which is cheaper and more secure, and I love it 😁👍

  • Salma Hyena // Sashimi Cheetah

    He Must have felt feel bad when he realized he had to download the SDK for Android( in order to "develop" his OS) From none other than big scary Google!

  • Rust Kitty
    Rust Kitty Year ago +23

    Pretty much any third party Android ROM would do what he promised from the software side, or indeed a pure AOSP image.

  • CoatesmuhGoats
    CoatesmuhGoats 9 months ago +9

    The idea is definitely there. Would be nice to have no-one snooping around. I think a lot of people can get behind the idea of more privacy.

    • meg
      meg 4 months ago

      just go watch someordinarygamers video on how to make your own muta phone

  • N East
    N East Year ago +4

    love how this video got like 3.9M views about how it's a scam and erik finmans video on it only 969 views, i love how arun spreads the word about scams so people who are less tech savy dont get get caught into these scams like escobar was and this phone

  • Mark Bunds
    Mark Bunds 4 months ago +1

    This is incontrovertible evidence that if you appeal to stupid, you can’t lose…for awhile.

  • Rainy
    Rainy Year ago +18529

    Arun is becoming Rick Astley himself 😂

  • Rafi
    Rafi Year ago +1

    This is exactly why tech should never ever be politically driven

  • doggo
    doggo Year ago +17

    Arun's reaction to Anna's video is me explaining phones to my sister 😂

  • GG Everything
    GG Everything 10 months ago +2

    Now they added the specs, and we can confirm that this is a scam

  • Miguel Dorado
    Miguel Dorado Year ago +1

    My man casually letting us know he turned down a potential million dollar ad to give us the truth is such a flex. So glad you're keeping it real!!!

  • x_xEnvy 偉ヷ奥
    x_xEnvy 偉ヷ奥 5 months ago

    Bro should've never skipped college tbh. Giving such guy all the trust in the world would be a deal with the devil.

  • Akshay Prasad
    Akshay Prasad Year ago +729

    Petition for Arun to do the Rick Astley dance when he hits 10 million

  • oktc68
    oktc68 Year ago +2

    Great video thanks. In the dark days of WW2 the state had the right to execute people for profiteering. While that's somewhat extreme, I find myself thinking more and more often that we could do with similar consumer protection now. To make a reasonable profit is perfectly fine, but when greedy individuals start making 500% profit it's time to repurpose the piano wire and throw a "greedy mofo lynching party" or perhaps "stoned" to death by their own product has the ring of poetic justice?

  • Bhupinder Tube
    Bhupinder Tube Year ago +7

    Arun, I think this is one of your best videos ever! By watching it, I went to a state of flow. You're so creative and informative at the same time!

  • BrainAnimations
    BrainAnimations 4 months ago +2

    7:07 the shock on his face 😆

  • Danny Symington
    Danny Symington Year ago +1

    Idk, it's kinda like, for me the most annoying part of "big tech" is the sponsored apps, like how on Samsung I can't uninstall facebook because they made a deal with them, but if I had to chose between that and getting a phone from an unknown random guy without the support of trusted companies behind him? I'd chose Facebook every time.
    Rather the monster I know, yeah
    I mean I'd love some customisation, I'd love to be able uninstall what I want (as you explained, installing isn't the problem, there are workarounds). But as someone who can't afford a new phone every year (I use mine till it breaks, usually around 5 years or so, although it's been getting shorter), I can't afford to take a leap on something that could drop support anytime

  • kenny iwound
    kenny iwound 3 months ago +12

    He's using the word Freedom like some companies use the word Green to sell a product. As in loosely. It says more about how products are sold to us in general. Hype sells, not the product.

    ZOCCOK Year ago +461

    Guy knows how to make money even if the money made is at the expense of clueless customers.
    But hatsoff to Arun for exposing the scam for exactly what it is

    • FreedomOverEverything🤝
      FreedomOverEverything🤝 Year ago

      I pledge allegiance to the banning of bumpstocks being forever and to the 6.2 Trillion for which they took. One nation under Tyranny, manipulation and force for all.

    • Ian Kincaid
      Ian Kincaid Year ago +25

      @Margarita Ramos Naw, they don't even know how to use Clip-Share so they'll never see it

    • Margarita Ramos
      Margarita Ramos Year ago +31

      Even, after the exposure, those clueless customers will say Arun is Fake.

  • Nameless Entity
    Nameless Entity Year ago +10

    If he did not want to attend college, then he could have A: gone straight to a recruiter and sign-up... he'd be government property then. My Father dropped out of HS in 1957 to join the Navy, in large part because of home-life. Or B: At 18, you get to decide your own fate, it might have gotten him kicked out of the house but, free-will has a cost. BTW, this reminds me of the "Soulja Boy" handheld debacle.

  • Paris France Mission

    Great review as always. I hate it when people scam others.

  • ψ
    ψ 3 months ago +9

    GrapheneOS (for Pixel users) is a truly great privacy alternative.

    • ψ
      ψ 3 months ago

      @Mo He i personally only like the Pixel so works for me!

    • Mo He
      Mo He 3 months ago +2

      And great security aswell, which is rarely the case for custom OS.
      Only downside is that youre tied to Pixel phones.

  • acutelychronic
    acutelychronic 11 months ago +14

    you can turn literally any phone into a "freedom phone" by jailbreaking or installing a different open source OS.

    • David
      David 3 months ago

      The vast majority of people are not willing or savvy enough to do that.

  • Charlie Chuckleberry
    Charlie Chuckleberry 4 months ago +9

    Anytime I hear bitcoin or NFT millionaire/billionaire, that screams "professional scammer!"

  • Mild Misanthrope
    Mild Misanthrope Year ago +5418

    I won’t trust a salesman who dyes his hair, shaves his face, but leaves the hair on his neck untouched thus being a true neckbeard.

    • Sam From Italia
      Sam From Italia 6 months ago

      @TechWiz717 I forgot about this comment it's pretty bad but I personally don't think that we should normalize doing something that could possibly result in damage, I know quite a few people who have tiny scars all over their face and even neck because they needed to quickly shave before work

    • TechWiz717
      TechWiz717 6 months ago

      @Sam From Italia what a ridiculous comment, do you have a beard at all?? You don’t need to use a straight razor or do anything drastic. It’s very easy to shave your neck, worst case (barring any insanity on your part or a horrific freak accident) is a small Nick and a little bit of blood.

    • Sam
      Sam 6 months ago

      But he has glasses!

    • RG0505
      RG0505 6 months ago +1


  • Scatmanpro
    Scatmanpro Year ago +1

    The way you build up your videos step by step and make them understandable by doing that is amazing. Thank you!

  • Ethan Fang
    Ethan Fang 11 months ago +3

    Love the fact that he make reviews of phones that most of us don't even know of

  • Mandy Waynick
    Mandy Waynick 9 months ago

    Just the fact that there isn't a spec sheet is a HUGE red flag that screams to stay away

  • 🐸Big Daddy Chemster🐸

    Thanks for explaining "discount codes". Any ideas how I can save money on my Huel order?

  • Book Art
    Book Art 5 months ago

    Arun :" By this logic Tim Cook and I are best friends."
    Also Arun : ive Been ordering jis phones for the past five years

  • Burssty
    Burssty Year ago +976

    This phone gives you the "Freedom" to have a complete lack of device security

    • hepwo91222
      hepwo91222 Year ago +1

      how do you know? Certainly not form this video as he never reviews it.

    • Alex Gagnon
      Alex Gagnon Year ago +9

      @Ryan lex dude did you listen to the video? Its a scam, its a 100$ Umidigi phone, rebadged and filled with free apps you can download on Google Store.

    • Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN
  • wjejeh 2jei3uehd
    wjejeh 2jei3uehd Year ago +3

    this is the man i trust with my tech.

  • Wow :]
    Wow :] Year ago +13

    Mad respect for him to pass up a million dollars for us.

  • Carlson Ray Withers
    Carlson Ray Withers 9 months ago +16

    The most ironic thing here is that the phone was from Alibaba, a chinese equivalent of amazon. Freedom... China...

    • The-Aman20
      The-Aman20 12 days ago +1

      @Carlson Ray Withers Taobao is basically a Chinese exclusive as the foreign version is different and no one uses it, also props to you for coming back to a 4 month old comment lol

    • The-Aman20
      The-Aman20 4 months ago

      Nah Taobao is more or less the Chinese amazon

    • Mr.Dave maeen
      Mr.Dave maeen 6 months ago

      @Carlson Ray Withers i thought all backdoors were through software. But thankyou for correcting me

    • Carlson Ray Withers
      Carlson Ray Withers 6 months ago +1

      So there's this weird thing called a "Backdoor" and what it basically does is it is in the hardware of your phone and takes all of your data be it passwords and files.

  • Deathraidergaming
    Deathraidergaming Year ago +1

    Can I just say I love how he could have just told us to get it and made a bunch of money but he doesn’t he says hey it’s not the best

  • minifigamer
    minifigamer 4 months ago +6

    So in short, they're doing the soulja boy method, which is in summary; buy cheap tech from china, slap your branding on it, mark up the price, and boom, a "business"

  • Aydo
    Aydo Year ago +4115

    Plot twist: Erik uses the devices to mine Bitcoin for him

      EUGENEMAN18 6 months ago +1

      Good one dude you made me split lemon juice on my friend's head

    • Dystopian Overture
      Dystopian Overture 6 months ago

      @Debianne Balmer Tell me you fall for fake news, without telling me you fall for fake news.

    • spaghetti2772
      spaghetti2772 7 months ago

      @WanderingFemboy🏳️‍🌈 true

    • WanderingFemboy🏳️‍🌈
      WanderingFemboy🏳️‍🌈 7 months ago

      @Harpreet Kaur nothing wrong with being gay for the million and 1th time

  • Ahoy 122
    Ahoy 122 Year ago +2

    “it doesn’t make calls which i love!” made me laugh for 30 minutes😂😂

  • nate
    nate Year ago +68

    Erik - does something sketchy
    Arun - "but let's just put that to the side"