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Limited Life: Episode 3 - THE AFK SESSION

  • Published on Mar 16, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Limited Life: Episode 3 - THE AFK SESSION Grian was not well during this session and couldn't record, so decided to afk and let fate decide what happens.. This is what happened.
    Grian: / @grian
    Smallishbeans: / @smallishbeans
    Smajor1995: / @dangthatsalongname
    bigbst4tz2: / @bigbst4tz22
    Etho: / @ethoslab
    BdoubleO100: / @bdoubleo
    PearlescentMoon: / @pearlescentmoon
    InTheLittleWood: / @martyn
    GoodTimeWithScar: / @goodtimeswithscar
    impulseSV: / @impulsesv
    Tango: / @tangoteklp
    ZombieCleo: / @zombiecleo
    SolidarityGaming: / @solidaritygaming
    Skizzleman: / @mcskizzleman
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  • Obama BingChilling
    Obama BingChilling 2 months ago +21630

    Grian is the only person who can make us look at a waffle for 20 minutes straight and have it still be entertaining

  • deltaFrappuccino
    deltaFrappuccino 2 months ago +1234

    Unironically, probably the funniest Life Series episode so far.

    • Frog
      Frog 28 days ago +1


    • Sammie
      Sammie 28 days ago +1

      I agree Imp amd Skizz made me laugh

  • melxdiq dooms
    melxdiq dooms 2 months ago +594

    The amount of chaos, confusion and how scar massacred 5 people in one episode all because grian went afk is crazy

  • Oweashino
    Oweashino 2 months ago +2304

    Grian accidentally created more death in a single session than the entire limited life series

    • Jhonny Waltz
      Jhonny Waltz Month ago +71

      This episode is just death a comedy

    • H
      H Month ago +21

      While afk

    • Sharki
      Sharki Month ago +6

      Did you watch session 7, there was like 40 deaths

    • Oweashino
      Oweashino Month ago +1

      @Sharki which season was tht, was tht the one with the mansion and the tag

    • Sharki
      Sharki Month ago +1

      @Oweashino in session 7 of Limited Life Grian got 10 kills out of the 40 deaths

  • Elise ig
    Elise ig 2 months ago +113

    The guttural scream of “GRIAN” and then him dying to pufferfish was immaculate

  • AnonymouslyYours
    AnonymouslyYours 2 months ago +3323

    “Bless Joel’s heart for trying to keep me entertained.”
    That warmed my heart

    • WackoMcGoose
      WackoMcGoose 2 months ago +53

      Meanwhile southerners be like "???"...
      (in the southern states, "bless your heart" is actually a discreet insult)

    • AnonymouslyYours
      AnonymouslyYours 2 months ago +22

      @WackoMcGoose OHH- PFTT OH NO

    • KingBardYT
      KingBardYT 2 months ago +25

      @AnonymouslyYours Only sometimes

    • AnonymouslyYours
      AnonymouslyYours 2 months ago +10

      @KingBardYT oh ok!

    • Flying Space Cat
      Flying Space Cat 2 months ago +16

      @WackoMcGoose ???
      Is it? I’m southern and it’s quite the opposite. “Bless your heart” is like a sympathy thing but It can be sometimes used in an offensive and sarcastic way.

  • silhouettes
    silhouettes 2 months ago +6289

    I like how Etho used you as a therapist, and then proceeded to admit to plans of homicide as if you were a priest to confess to 😂. Great video, 10/10.

    • Ahmed Hisham
      Ahmed Hisham 2 months ago +50


    • vv
      vv 2 months ago +52

      @Ahmed Hisham 18:05

    • Laxmii
      Laxmii 2 months ago +34

      I was laughing because I’m a Scott viewer 😭 (mainly but I do tune in to the others)

    • Willow Wanderer
      Willow Wanderer 2 months ago +14

      @Laxmii i’m a Joel viewer but I do occasionally tune in for others as well

    • ᗢ Cherry The Cat ᗢ
      ᗢ Cherry The Cat ᗢ Month ago

      ​@willowwanderer I also watched Joel's afterlife videos

  • Clar Fon
    Clar Fon 2 months ago +370

    I love how everyone shows up to Grian like it's a wake and they're all apologising to him after he died, like he can't hear them, which… yes he died, but also yes he can hear you.

  • Brandon Prestes
    Brandon Prestes Month ago +48

    That "Grian!" scream at 15:38 was literally so perfect.

  • Creator Stacy
    Creator Stacy 2 months ago +1288

    I absolutely love how protective the Bad Boys were over Grian and how even other people like Martin (is that how you spell it?) tried to help him out AND how those that tried to hurt him even felt sorry for hurting him. All around, this session was so wholesome yet so chaotic

  • Aoife Lynch
    Aoife Lynch Month ago +70

    I didn't think grian could cause MORE chaos by NOT being in a session but here we are

  • Peppermint 👑🎗
    Peppermint 👑🎗 2 months ago +2186

    I love how the rest of the bad boys tried their hardest to stop grian from being killed/stolen while everything else descended into chaos around him

  • frogwknife
    frogwknife 2 months ago +3873

    I love how Grian being sick and afk became an attraction for the whole server this episode

    • Andr Pratt
      Andr Pratt 2 months ago +137

      it's a rare server wide event, and a chance to mess with the series creator, in a sense grian became this rare mob everyone could mess arround with

    • Bobcat Animations
      Bobcat Animations 2 months ago +36

      he became an attraction in a theme park :D

  • Meowtain
    Meowtain 2 months ago +263

    "I won't blame you for not watching the episode"
    I watched it twice. Once before seeing any of the others and again now that I have the context for everything that was going on. Definitely the best POV to start this session with

  • Elijah H.
    Elijah H. 2 months ago +201

    Ok Joel sticking around and talking to AFK Grian is super cute

  • SuperSpider Studios
    SuperSpider Studios 2 months ago +493

    What I've learnt from this episode, is that grain has the ability to focus and direct chaos, when he's not actively doing so the chaos leaks all over the server and THIS happens

  • JediMaestro
    JediMaestro 2 months ago +62

    This is like one of those TV show episodes that break the usual formula and try something experimental and become lauded as one of the best episodes as a result. I like the novelty of this

  • 2tini ⚜️
    2tini ⚜️ 2 months ago +476

    "Who would build a submarine? Bad Boys"
    Bless Joel. I'm so happy Grian is teaming with him this season. That man is just precious.

  • Adamm
    Adamm 2 months ago +4545

    I can only imagine Grian watching the footage back for the first time in editing and grinning at every point the others were talking to him

    • Love Roleplay
      Love Roleplay 2 months ago +70

      Ooooo, that's really cool tho, heartwarming ^^

    • spockamania
      spockamania 2 months ago +78

      I would have loved to see a livestream of him just watching back the footage for the first time

    • Kevin McGowan
      Kevin McGowan 2 months ago +2

      ​@Love Roleplay true

    • Love Roleplay
      Love Roleplay 2 months ago +3

      @spockamania agreed!

  • LaGrenouille09
    LaGrenouille09 2 months ago +86

    The Great Grian Heist has been one of my favorite things to watch, so thanks for this very unconventional approach to a Life session!

  • Ginger Montrose
    Ginger Montrose 2 months ago +24

    Joel screaming ‘stop trying to steal Grian!!’ is not something i knew i needed 😂

  • Daniel Butler
    Daniel Butler 2 months ago +409

    You'd think that an AFK episode would be boring. You'd think that watch paint dry would have the same effect. You'd think the critics would call it "lazy". But WHAT ON EARTH!!! THAT WAS SUCH A GOOD EPISODE. Also, we need to appreciate how this man is so sick he can't even play the game, he still gives us content. God speed to your recovery

  • Sabine
    Sabine 2 months ago +78

    Now this is how you make something from a bad situation. Full credit to the rest of the group for making this so entertaining. Genuinely one of my favoirite videos ever.
    The 'confessional' at the end was so wholesome. It almost seemed like they forgot he was recording. Such an interesting view of the chaos and fun, I'd love to see it again but I doubt you'll ever be able to capture the same vibe unfortunately.
    Glad to hear you're already feeling better Grian 💜💜

  • Missing_Names
    Missing_Names 2 months ago +437

    I love how chaotic everyone becomes when someone goes AFK😂. The last few minutes with everyone talking to Grian like it's a confession booth is hilarious XD

  • Reekill
    Reekill 2 months ago +8843

    Three things we have learned from this episode:
    1. Joel is oddly wholesome
    2. AFK content is oddly satisfying
    3. Scar needs to be dealt with next episode

    • SimplyUnst4ble
      SimplyUnst4ble 2 months ago +356

      The third one is the most important

    • M N
      M N 2 months ago +200

      The way that list goes from most to least surprising

    • Lemon
      Lemon 2 months ago +14


  • Panda Horn
    Panda Horn 2 months ago +51

    This was a great session of Grian being AFK and how several people came by to say hello and include AFK-Grian into shenanigans. It was great seeing from many other people's episodes.

  • Elathis Ranzya
    Elathis Ranzya 2 months ago +38

    I saw the title and was like "Well this should be interesting..." And I was not wrong. I think this has been the most entertaining life episode yet.

  • whitekid12
    whitekid12 2 months ago +526

    New life idea: team life.
    The server is split into 2 groups, each having 10 shared lives. Once they hit 5, they can attack the other team, and once they hit 3, the whole team seperates, becoming a free for all
    Edit: like so it gets grains attention and feel free to copypaste just give me credit for the idea

  • Ju
    Ju 2 months ago +25

    This is a really sweet episode because it really does feel like a group of friends trying to cheer you up while you're laying sick lolol

  • Idiot, Puncher Of Screebs
    Idiot, Puncher Of Screebs 2 months ago +20

    Joel's "GRIAN!" as Grian died to the pufferfish was so emotional
    What a beautiful moment

  • Jack Dunne
    Jack Dunne 2 months ago +3530

    Only Grian can go AFK and still manage to go bungee jumping, spelunking, and ride a roller coaster.

    • Cannon Ferrell
      Cannon Ferrell 2 months ago +5


    • Kerilithia
      Kerilithia 2 months ago +73

      I don't know, I think it was Tango in hermitcraft who went afk and zedaph got him about ten game achievements which was about on par with this.

    • Nerdboss3000
      Nerdboss3000 2 months ago +24

      Don't forget being a pastor

  • Alicia Bennett
    Alicia Bennett 2 months ago +4

    Grian- “I’m basically about to watch everything happen around me, and be involved in none of it.”
    Grian- Chaos revolving around him

  • Billy
    Billy 2 months ago +40

    I love episodes where not a damn productive thing happens and its just them messing around. This video is great.

  • netanel admoni
    netanel admoni 2 months ago +64

    i seriously want this entire thing animated, could be funny

  • Starcc
    Starcc Month ago +11

    This episode was so funny literally because Grian was doing nothing at all and everyone else was arguing like kids 😂

  • Nightfury
    Nightfury Month ago +3

    joel and jimmy are so precious for trying their hardest to protect grian and keep him/us entertained ^^

  • Jadon D
    Jadon D 2 months ago +2237

    Causing more deaths AFK than actively playing, thus is Grian's chaotic energy

    • t1552
      t1552 2 months ago +62

      Yea. Grian is just chaos. Grian murphy

    • Loco 4 locos
      Loco 4 locos 2 months ago +4

      @t1552 Yes sun is just Chos Murphy’s sun

    • t1552
      t1552 2 months ago

      @Loco 4 locos lol

    • Demon King
      Demon King 2 months ago +5

      @t1552 Grian Murphy’s Law

    • I Live To Fight
      I Live To Fight 2 months ago +4

      Gotta be some sort of in-universe deity at this point to cause this much devastation while unconscious

  • Mr. Minecraft
    Mr. Minecraft 2 months ago +53

    19:01 That sounded so wholesome 😂

  • Asparagus
    Asparagus Month ago +9

    I love how all of them kept us entertained

  • Daymian McGraw
    Daymian McGraw 2 months ago +10

    Idk why you said “i wont blame you if you dont watch this episode” this was absolutely fantastic😂😂😂

  • African_Ghosty
    African_Ghosty Month ago +3

    I love how Joel looked out for Grian and he showed us that he does care

  • AnimeLoverFan
    AnimeLoverFan 2 months ago +13

    9:01 You can tell how desperate and furious Joel is when he says Scar’s name 😂😂

  • Dylan Cloud
    Dylan Cloud 2 months ago +2689

    Etho be like, “I’m not seeking penance for what I’ve done, Father. I’m asking forgiveness… for what I’m about to do”.

  • aMadHatter13
    aMadHatter13 2 months ago +14

    3:00 this is my exact sentiment watching Joel's episode before this one.
    Oh bless him. He's trying so hard 😂

  • African_Ghosty
    African_Ghosty Month ago +2

    Its also beautiful to see how your friends care for you especially with the community u’ve created and that you’re not just on the same server just to make youtube videos

  • MeiMeiandPorgi
    MeiMeiandPorgi 2 months ago +14

    I have never laughed so hard through an entire episode. I thought I was gonna pee my bed if it lasted any longer. I'm 46. I'm too old to be peeing my bed. Thanks, for staying logged in, Grian.

  • Francisco Aaron Lagarda
    Francisco Aaron Lagarda 2 months ago +14

    I am obsessed with the confesionary session where you can hear the whole chaos outside lol

  • jr johnson
    jr johnson 2 months ago +24

    This episode is a fever dream and honestly, it's so different then a regular minecraft series I love it.😂

  • Andx
    Andx 2 months ago +3104

    It´s crazy how Grian didn´t even do anything but still being in the centre of this session.

    • HowDoesOneSocial
      HowDoesOneSocial 2 months ago +113

      He's like the main character lol

    • Just Yoda
      Just Yoda 2 months ago +164

      I feel like in this scenario going AFK would make anyone the centre of attention, just kinda puts a target on your back lol

    • HowDoesOneSocial
      HowDoesOneSocial 2 months ago +41

      @Just Yoda I thought of that too. Probably would have turned out the same no matter who went afk.

    • eli hall
      eli hall 2 months ago +3


    • Sally Worm
      Sally Worm 2 months ago +7

      He's just like luigi bro 😂

  • Selena Robertson
    Selena Robertson 2 months ago +18

    this feels like a filler episode and I love it

  • Brennan
    Brennan 2 months ago +16

    I very much appreciate this chaotic AFK content rather than no content at all! I’m so glad you’re feeling better Grian! ❤

  • I Live To Fight
    I Live To Fight 2 months ago +8

    This episode becomes so much funnier if you imagine Grian just peacefully napping the entire time including when he dies

  • de_saaj
    de_saaj 2 months ago +7

    Don't you just hate it when you accidentally become a confessional? This material is gold, had a bunch of fun

  • Butterfly Warrior Edits
    Butterfly Warrior Edits 2 months ago +11

    It was funny seeing these events transpire from everyone else’s pov and seeing your pov just made it 10x better

  • Moonblast
    Moonblast 2 months ago +2747

    We need to appreciate Joel and Jimmy here. Joel tried so hard to make the episode funny and comedic for Grian to cheer him up and Jimmy made sure he didn’t die (even if he failed). We gotta love the bad boys.

    • GreyStorm
      GreyStorm 2 months ago +138

      They may seem like bad boys on the outside, but once you know them inside you'll see they're good boys in arms.

    • Mei___
      Mei___ 2 months ago +45

      @GreyStorm everyone has a little good boy in them

    • Zack Drett
      Zack Drett 2 months ago +5

      Joel and Jimmyhere?

    • Icy PurpL
      Icy PurpL 2 months ago +2

      @Zack Drett no, solidarity is jimmy

  • Fluoresce
    Fluoresce 2 months ago +6

    Gotta say this was the best way to spend a third of an hour admiring that glorious waffle

  • Unice Nedy
    Unice Nedy 2 months ago +6

    Before today I didn't think to be entertained by a twenty-minute video in which the only thing I can see on screen is Grian's waffle... This is art...

  • Jason Olson
    Jason Olson 2 months ago +14

    Low-key, this was one of the best perspectives of this ltd life session

  • 💌* ¡nxtLunaxD_ ♡︎!

    Joel is like a overprotective father to Grian this episode I love it so much 🤣💗

  • Shoob
    Shoob 2 months ago +4

    Watching Mr. Beans try to keep us entertained is so adorable for some reason it’s like being babysat

  • Deltacarygirl
    Deltacarygirl 2 months ago +5031

    I feel like this was the funniest possible way to experience the session. Joel’s attempts to entertain. Jimmy sounding like a worried mother hen the entire time. Impulse coming by to apologize sheepishly even though he didn’t seem to be responsible for any of what happened. Pure gold

    • SpeakEasyV
      SpeakEasyV 2 months ago +62

      When he died of the pufferfish and Tim realizes …. “GRriIAAaAAANNnNN!!!”

    • Craeonkie
      Craeonkie 2 months ago +39

      Tim always gets mad at him but when it comes to it he's just like a mother lol

    • iciclepops
      iciclepops 2 months ago +10

      This describes them perfectly lol

  • Francisco Ferreira
    Francisco Ferreira 2 months ago +4

    I love how grian leaves and let's everyone deal with the aftermath... Hilarious

  • Koko Ventilo
    Koko Ventilo Month ago +1

    Ok I’m gonna be honest, I just put the limited life playlist on and then I fell asleep sometime during episode 2 and woke up in the middle of episode for but oh boy I am so GLAD I went back and watched episode 3, this is an absolute gem

  • Eleanor Rae
    Eleanor Rae 2 months ago +7

    Somehow this is one of the best episodes I've seen so far and I just have to give it to the fantastic editing and the other Lifers for just being so good at what they do!!

  • Game Crusader
    Game Crusader 2 months ago +9

    I absolutely need to see the unedited version of this it has to be amazing

  • NerveBy
    NerveBy 2 months ago +4

    Timmy having heart attacks every 20 seconds to keep Grian safe was the most funny stuff. Steal Grian is the Hobbt of everyone
    This episode was hilarious, Grian! Happy that you are feeling better, take care!!

  • Simona Kaščejeva
    Simona Kaščejeva 2 months ago +1170

    Despite doing nothing, in the most literal sense of the word, Grian was an indirect cause for more than half a dozen deaths in this episode. There are some constants in this world, and Grian's touch of death is one of 'em.

  • Casey Blevins
    Casey Blevins 2 months ago +5

    You just did something horrible; Because now I want to see more footage like this; this was absolutely hilarious. My favorite part was the confessionals. I’m pretty sure now we ALWAYS need a confessionals person who is AFK. 😂 great video.

  • s.drxke
    s.drxke Month ago +2


  • Naomi Buckingham
    Naomi Buckingham Month ago +1

    That was AMAZING! Honestly, probably one of the best episodes yet. You weren't even there and still managed to get 20 minutes of interesting and hilarious content! That right there is talent! (and also amazing friends. That helped a lot. Thank you everyone on Limited Life for contributing! All of you are amazing!)

  • Prathmesh Kale
    Prathmesh Kale 2 months ago +1

    Joel and timmy are protecting grian with such dedication

  • Hanna Dave
    Hanna Dave 2 months ago +6

    This video feels like the perspective of that kid that falls asleep first at the sleepover

  • vormiam
    vormiam 2 months ago +2015

    It's impressive that he managed to cause more death by doing literally nothing than he does while he's actively trying.

    • Johnny Foster
      Johnny Foster 2 months ago +102

      He's one of those people who can't go anywhere without a trail of chaos. I like him for that. Remember the Hermitcraft season 7 (I think) prank war? That was pure Grian. OMG im not kidding when I typed in Grian it gave me an auto correct pop up for Grain. LMFAO

    • alysa unzen
      alysa unzen 2 months ago +11

      @Johnny Foster are you referencing the one that turns into the civil war or a different prank war

    • Alo Nosh
      Alo Nosh 2 months ago +5

      Seems like Luigi Mario Party Rules are in play here. :P

    • Khirek
      Khirek 2 months ago +2

      ​@alysa unzen i think season 7 was mycelium resistance wasn't it?

    • alysa unzen
      alysa unzen 2 months ago +1

      @Khirek yes but they said that they thought it was 7 but i think they meant 6

  • Oliver's Cloud
    Oliver's Cloud Month ago +3

    This is literally one of the best episodes I've seen in the third life series as a whole- I laughed so hard while doing my chemistry homework

  • Exi_M
    Exi_M Month ago +2

    This episode isn’t really even about Grian, it’s about all the other members. It’s about what HAPPENS to Grian, not about Grian himself.
    Wish there were some more episodes like this lol

  • Nagumo
    Nagumo 2 months ago +5

    Insane what kind of butterfly effect happened when Grian is gone for a session.

  • Ldog.T
    Ldog.T 2 months ago +2

    appreciate the tenacity to post an episode despite being awfully sick, feel better man

  • Angela Burrow
    Angela Burrow 2 months ago +1

    I think it's incredibly sweet that so many wanted to keep him safe, & then there's Scar. Lol
    This is an incredible way to still be part of a server when you're too ill to play. 10/10 for ingenuity. 🙂

  • iciclepops
    iciclepops 2 months ago +1290

    The banter and chaos that transpired just from Grian being an emotionless husk proves that he is a malevolent force of nature

  • CrystalWasTaken
    CrystalWasTaken Month ago

    I swear, Grian is literally so smart. He got some rest and got content at the same time 😂 DEFINITELY my favorite episode

  • Emily Thurston
    Emily Thurston 2 months ago +3

    After watching other people's perspective's I was really looking forward to this episode and see grian's perspective, and it was even better than i could imagine, watching chaos unfold from either side of waffle is the funniest thing ever. Can't wait to see him back non -afk next episode!

  • Enchanted_590
    Enchanted_590 2 months ago +4

    This is AMAZING! I hope you get better!!! The chaos is amazing! I’ve also got sick. This is amazing to watch especially because I’m stuck at home sick with a fever. Thank you so much for making this video!! Once again, I hope you get better!!!

  • UniGirlTx
    UniGirlTx 2 months ago +1

    The shenanigans in this episode were hilarious. I didn't think after watching everyone else's POV it would be any funnier but I was wrong, your POV was the best 😂😂💀💀 I really think you should get some of your time back that was taken away due to no fault of your own

  • Guardian Namick
    Guardian Namick Month ago

    I finally caught up and am watching this episode, and bless your heart Grian, I am glad you're feeling better now, getting sick is never nice to deal with.

  • ItzDaDutchSheep
    ItzDaDutchSheep 2 months ago +8727

    This is so unique, yet also something Grian's done before

    • Bertram Flachs Melson
      Bertram Flachs Melson 2 months ago +54

      bro the vid has been up for 14 minutes the video is 20

    • Ledgend
      Ledgend 2 months ago +190

      In hermitcraft? When he got put in the glass bottle and sold lol and when Scar took him on a rollercoaster

    • WypmanGames
      WypmanGames 2 months ago +7

      Don't Read My Profile Picture ok

    • Vileplume87
      Vileplume87 2 months ago +11

      @Bertram Flachs Melson 2x speed

    • Shxde-emo Kid24
      Shxde-emo Kid24 2 months ago +12

      didnt he do this on the evo series?

  • DarkGengar 94
    DarkGengar 94 2 months ago +1

    This episode was like friends trying to keep their friend who is in a coma part of their life.
    Then, the ending was like an open casket.

  • DaN1
    DaN1 Month ago +1

    In this episode , grian is just the notebook diary from every war games that explained everything that happened

  • GreyWolf0120
    GreyWolf0120 2 months ago

    I love a good afk session every now and then. Suddenly you're just the center of attention and it's hilarious what people will do. The confession sessions were pretty funny 😂

  • Ayla Lynch
    Ayla Lynch 2 months ago +2

    I'm sorry you were too poorly to join in with the session, but this was hilarious, there's something very funny about hearing chaos but not being able to see what's happening!

  • Darcy
    Darcy 2 months ago +9

    For like the first 10 mins Joel being such a wholesome friend

  • coconutcore
    coconutcore 2 months ago +2592

    Not saying I don’t love living Grian ten times as much, but as a solution to the problem, I love this. It’s like watching a movie about children from a toy’s perspective.

    • Vicky Leigh
      Vicky Leigh 2 months ago +94

      Toy Story (Grian's Version)

    • Shoes4Clues
      Shoes4Clues 2 months ago +55

      toy story but the toys are normal

    • Vanilla of Esk
      Vanilla of Esk 2 months ago +30

      Except the Timmy the toy is one of the children

    • juju
      juju 2 months ago +10

      that REALLY says something about the life series

  • Flame Epidemic 🐷👑

    This episode gave me the same level of anxiety that scar does when he does something reckless in these series

  • s.drxke
    s.drxke Month ago

    Honestly the best episode yet, I love all these sweet morons, Scar treating grian like a baby is such a mood 😂

  • The Typing Dragon 22
    The Typing Dragon 22 2 months ago +3

    This was weirdly entertaining and I think it was made better by the fact that I am ALSO sick while watching it. Added to the vibes.

  • Hanna  Anquillano
    Hanna Anquillano 2 months ago

    Honestly, this is probably one of the most entertaining session so far. It's different but it's so good to watch 👍

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 2 months ago +1

    This is by far the best perspective of the session! Especially the confessional at the end. Everyone coming to see Grian to share their thoughts in only the ways that they each can. Bad Boys are very bad at protecting themselves let alone eachother.

  • ERNesbitt
    ERNesbitt 2 months ago +2733

    Grian being a MacGuffin for an entire episode... Priceless and inventive way to work around being sick. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    • bean_random
      bean_random 2 months ago +9

      this was so weird because i had/have quite a serios stomach bug in the last week. glad grian is feeling better now!

    • DaBaus98
      DaBaus98 2 months ago +7

      ​@bean_random did you even watch the vid he had multiple commentary pauses of him talking explaining whats happening and he even said in one bit thats hes feeling good now

    • Noctua MC
      Noctua MC 2 months ago +1

      @bean_randomsame dude!

    • world
      world 2 months ago

      @DaBaus98 yeah that was pretty early on too

    • Ice is cool
      Ice is cool 2 months ago

      But he’s already better :/

  • SkylightCiel
    SkylightCiel 2 months ago +3

    This is straight up one of the most entertaining episodes of the Life series I've ever seen lol

  • M.C. Moistify
    M.C. Moistify 2 months ago +2

    This was actually one of my favorite episodes. I love AFK content 😂 idk how many times I've watched this episode.

  • Nona DiAngelo
    Nona DiAngelo 2 months ago +8

    This entire episode has such strong Weekend At Bernie's energy and I love it.