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Doug reviews our $2000 Chinese truck

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • We asked @DougDeMuro to review the world's cheapest pickup truck that we imported from China. It's full of quirks and features 😎
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  • Herbie Husker
    Herbie Husker 3 months ago +11560

    Donut is the type of channel to have Doug Demuro as a guest.

    • IDKA
      IDKA 3 months ago +60

      And vinwiki

      KATANAGUANA 3 months ago +112

      Herbie Husker is the type of commenter to comment on a Donut video

    • Cory Harlow
      Cory Harlow 3 months ago +12

      Didn't they have him on recently?

    • K Salem
      K Salem 3 months ago +31

      What's the Doug score?

    • Lonely Planet1
      Lonely Planet1 3 months ago +11

      Can buy this car & then pay an extra $5,000 for a Bugatti badge to stick on the Remote Key; can put the Key on table at nightclubs to pick up; get the girl drunk enough so she can even tell that the car you take her home with is not a Bugatti or if she asks; tell her that it is the newest Bugatti SUV

  • Zach Anderson
    Zach Anderson 3 months ago +1654

    That’s actually pretty sick considering it’s 2k. Would be a great mini hauler for firewood or materials around some land if you have some.
    Edit: yes I know it’s probably more expensive, and built with low quality parts. I just said it was cool. Keep in mind you really don’t have to ruin someone’s optimism because you’re a sorry bastard.

    • KB
      KB 3 months ago +51

      Yeah that's probably what it'll ever be used for at least here in the states. Cos they are not legal in the roads.

    • Terry T2
      Terry T2 3 months ago +40

      You could buy one John Deere Gator or a fleet of these little guys.

    • Uncle Toby
      Uncle Toby 3 months ago +38

      It’s actually $9,999.00. Not $2K.

    • Thud979
      Thud979 3 months ago +19

      ​@Uncle TobyThere's several articles and videos saying base price is $2,000. Where do you get $10,000?

    • I discovered civilization
      I discovered civilization 3 months ago +22

      It’ll be a pile of unusable junk within a year.

  • Green Bunny in A Bongo
    Green Bunny in A Bongo  3 months ago +528

    Throwing the keys out the window and STILL driving off had me on the floor! 😂😂😂

    • Emppu T.
      Emppu T. 3 months ago +9

      keyless start

    • Atorè Ladar
      Atorè Ladar 3 months ago +4

      Get up off the floor. There's all sorts of things on it.

      UNDERGROUND RC 3 months ago +1

      😂😂💯 thought I was the only one

    • Justin Time
      Justin Time 3 months ago +5

      I know right! He threw that key chain out the window and I was NO WAY! I lost it right there. Then he drove away, OMG who does that? Oh man I still haven't recovered, hjave you betabunnygettingbangoed?

    • Eric
      Eric 3 months ago +2

      I can have the key in my pocket and my girl start the car while I smoke a joint outside wtf you talking bout

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. 3 months ago +1066

    Unironically seems like such a fun little thing to own

    • Kane Nee
      Kane Nee 3 months ago +46

      i know right, there is someone on youtube which dad owns this thing, and he uses it for small trips as its just cheaper to drive, or drive it over the large plot of land he calls a backyard

      NCZIOOX 3 months ago +18

      Brand new sure. Itll start falling apart after 4 months though then become a headache

    • Fyre
      Fyre 3 months ago +54

      @NCZIOOX why are you talking about BMW? This has nothing to do with BMW man. Oh wait.

    • Alexei Arntzen
      Alexei Arntzen 3 months ago +14

      Yeah totally. It's like one of those toy cars that rich people buy their kids. But adult sized, for me...

    • I'm over here now
      I'm over here now 3 months ago +26

      Bro it costs less than a lot of peoples' gaming computers. This would be fun as hell to own!

  • ACS
    ACS 3 months ago +299

    You know someone out there will drop in an LS.

    • Scuba Steve
      Scuba Steve 3 months ago +16

      Id go with a Hayabusa engine, way smaller than LS

    • No Thanx!
      No Thanx! 3 months ago +8

      Westin Champlin will do it for Redneck Science.

    • Lok Tom
      Lok Tom 2 months ago +11

      The frame will collapse with that kind of mod.

    • sandas turner
      sandas turner 2 months ago +1

      why not Steve Erkel it.

    • Afikku San
      Afikku San 2 months ago +4

      Rob Dahm running towards the truck with 4 rotors engine on his back

  • StartSomewhere
    StartSomewhere 3 months ago +62

    I want this vehicle a literal drivable talking piece

  • Zach
    Zach 3 months ago +4902

    The quality control on this… not a car, is impressive!

    • Mason Rushing
      Mason Rushing 3 months ago +27

      Regular car fan?

    • Chris
      Chris 3 months ago +12

      @Mason Rushing au contraire, mon ami - ils aiment qualité 😂

    • FloreFaune
      FloreFaune 3 months ago +3

      @Chrisah oui xD

    • Aneko GT
      Aneko GT 3 months ago +24

      It's just the average Chinese quality control, simply flawless.

    • Anna Nimmous
      Anna Nimmous 3 months ago +2

      this is a car, you're thinking of the ElectraMeccanica Solo, which is a motorized tricycle

  • milky1234123
    milky1234123 3 months ago +55

    This is actually really cool. For errands around town this is perfect

    • Justin Time
      Justin Time 3 months ago +1

      what range does it have? How fast does it go? Is it legal to drive this on public roads, can you even register it. How safe is it, does it even have safety belts? Oh wait this is just a review, not an actual review.

    • milky1234123
      milky1234123 3 months ago +3

      @justintime3515 it should be fine to drive on the road. From what I've read has all basic safety features

    • Justin Time
      Justin Time 3 months ago

      @milky1234123 so buy one then find out huh? Is that what you tell the yugo that just ran you over or the people at the DMV? So the review is fine in your opinion?

    • milky1234123
      milky1234123 3 months ago +1

      @justintime3515 I don't need this I have a kei truck I imported a few years ago that's serves same purpose and close to same cost. So eh

    • milky1234123
      milky1234123 3 months ago +2

      @Justin Time you are taking this way more seriously then need be pal

  • Napolian Solo
    Napolian Solo 3 months ago +23

    I like the detachable mirror. It could be moved where you want it, not where some engineer thought it should be.

  • Fran Rukavina
    Fran Rukavina 3 months ago +2963

    Loudest vehicle allowed in California.

    • Chris Vail
      Chris Vail 3 months ago +28


    • Jack let his dog loose and the cheetah had a meal
      Jack let his dog loose and the cheetah had a meal 3 months ago +91

      Loudest car in the world is in California, legal? No
      Does donuts outside my house at midnight? Yes
      Also backfires and sounds louder than a jet.

    • CaptnMexico21
      CaptnMexico21 3 months ago +15

      I must not live in California then

    • Austin O2
      Austin O2 3 months ago +30

      It may produce too much horsepower though to be road legal in Cali though 😞

    • Carl J
      Carl J 3 months ago +7

      ​@Jack let his dog loose and the cheetah had a meal sounds like a pretty sick car

  • Björn Thorsson
    Björn Thorsson 3 months ago +9

    I need this in my life. 😂

  • Napolian Solo
    Napolian Solo 3 months ago +19

    I'm old enough that I don't need to impress anybody to go to the store.

    • Gathering No Moss
      Gathering No Moss 2 months ago +2

      I'm so old that it is literally all the driving I do in a week, a couple of miles to the grocery store.

  • James K
    James K 3 months ago +1754

    We need the full review 😂
    **to everyone that didn't understand, this was meant as a Full Doug review specifically

    • Morbus Ultrasilvanicus
      Morbus Ultrasilvanicus 3 months ago +14

      Yes! Perhaps Jay Leno can do it.

    • seth larson
      seth larson 3 months ago

      There is many….

    • pepeg
      pepeg 3 months ago +15

      @seth larson but not by doug so no good

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago +15

      and a doug score, im surprised if it even gets double digits.

    • TheAwkwardBanana
      TheAwkwardBanana 3 months ago +4

      ​@seth larson from Doug you dingdong.

  • Andrew Brinkworth
    Andrew Brinkworth 3 months ago +24

    Doug and Donut is the collab we all dont know we need our lives lol

  • David Lee Kersey
    David Lee Kersey 3 months ago +5

    It would make a good farm or yard truck.

  • Ilvers Bendrups
    Ilvers Bendrups 3 months ago +1244

    He should do the full review

    • Sameer Sawal
      Sameer Sawal 3 months ago +5

      Ofcourse he can do...but quirks of cars ends before 1 min...😂😂😂

    • Ryswick
      Ryswick 3 months ago +22

      @Sameer Sawal What do you mean? The car is made of nothing but quirks!

    • Sameer Sawal
      Sameer Sawal 3 months ago

      @Ryswick i mean it's small enough for car gaint doug to finish it in one minute or in couple...

    • Purekeuste
      Purekeuste 3 months ago +2

      This is the full review.

    • 100 subs no vid challenge
      100 subs no vid challenge 3 months ago

      whistlin diesel did haha

  • Eamon Hannon
    Eamon Hannon 3 months ago +4

    I like it’s attitude ! A car with personality !

  • Heu Valadao
    Heu Valadao 3 months ago +7

    Ah, yes. Whistling Diesel destroyed one of this recently.

  • Hugo Mata
    Hugo Mata 3 months ago +403

    Ah yes the $2000 truck that donut paid like 10k for 😂

    • T
      T 3 months ago +9

      Really lol that’s great. At least it has nicer infotainment screen than a $10k car.

    • Dont make me call your phone
      Dont make me call your phone 3 months ago +39

      ​@Tno no, its worth 2k, but he paid like 8k in shipping lmao

    • T
      T 3 months ago +5

      @Dont make me call your phone I figured it was incurred costs from import and possibly to get it assembled/running decently but I haven’t seen the video about it. That is what I thought was funny about it.

    • Travis K
      Travis K 3 months ago +11

      10k is still cheaper than a brand new golf cart.

    • Hugo Mata
      Hugo Mata 3 months ago +6

      @Travis K you could find a pretty decent Ford mf ranger for 10k but the bed doesn't go up lol

  • Eric Walsh
    Eric Walsh 3 months ago +3

    2k car that doesn't take up tons of space, seems like a really cool idea and exactly what cars would be if we treated them like everything else 😊

  • julian smith
    julian smith 3 months ago +4

    Best review yet Doug! 😂

  • Scott
    Scott 3 months ago +1880

    Doug needs to do videos on cheap quirky cars again.

    • SK
      SK 3 months ago +5

      No thanks.

    • TheMainCore
      TheMainCore 3 months ago +178

      ​@SKyes thanks, waaaaaaaaaay more fun and interesting than the millionth luxury-SUV-whatever.

    • GoodLife
      GoodLife 3 months ago +42

      For real, those were the only ones I watched.

    • Martin Untch
      Martin Untch 3 months ago +31

      He'd have to be selling one on... CARS AND BIDS! 😂

    • VPR1589
      VPR1589 3 months ago +29

      Seriously. I stopped watching after the 5 millionth AMG whatever the hell it was. Luxury cars are just not fun to watch.

  • scott keeler
    scott keeler 3 months ago +4

    I'd get one just because it's different. Although I do wonder if you have to order parts from China or can you get them locally?

  • Cengiz Mustafov
    Cengiz Mustafov 2 months ago +1

    The duo that we all needed

  • si1121
    si1121 3 months ago +332

    Gives the Rolls-Royce Royce starry ceiling liner a run for its money

    • bbrucet3
      bbrucet3 3 months ago +1

      Duck yeah it does

  • MrAaron
    MrAaron 2 months ago +3

    Could be something really cool to drive around the estate to check things over

  • Liberty4Ever
    Liberty4Ever 3 months ago +2

    This makes me appreciate my little Daihatsu 4WD Hijet kei truck so much more. It's freaking awesome.

  • xXCigarXx
    xXCigarXx 3 months ago +560

    please explain that roof panel.....that shit was the most interesting thing about it.

    • Gippo
      Gippo 3 months ago +19

      100% They didnt mention that in the original video

    • xXCigarXx
      xXCigarXx 3 months ago +1

      @Gippo it really isnt mentioned in the full video,or is that sarcasm? I havent had time to check the full video out.

    • Chris
      Chris 3 months ago +15

      Can fit a whole 50lb bag of dog food up there, if the truck has enough hp

    • Jake Soros
      Jake Soros 3 months ago +3

      ​@Chris You absolute madman!

    • B-Chronium Productions
      B-Chronium Productions 3 months ago +3

      ​@Chris my guess is the "truck" does not have enough hp

  • Velo City
    Velo City 3 months ago +1

    😂That rearview mirror is gonna fall off the windshield on hot sunny days.

  • Lord toe
    Lord toe 3 months ago +2

    Nice to see fisher price up their game.

  • Andrew Baskett
    Andrew Baskett 3 months ago +76

    For the love of God, please make this a full video

  • Micah
    Micah 3 months ago +2

    I like the wheelbarrow-full-of-rocks noises from the suspension at the end.

  • Tapping The Source
    Tapping The Source 3 months ago +4

    This is Doug Demuro doing his best Forrest Auto Review at the Donut Offices. What a mashup!

  • The Over Under
    The Over Under 3 months ago +76

    JEEF gang whats up

    • Doctorwho fan 63
      Doctorwho fan 63 3 months ago +4

      Yo yo What's up just waiting for the next new jeef gadiator to drop and have you seen the nee jeef grond wanger? It's freaken lit!

    • PointlessDrummer
      PointlessDrummer 3 months ago +2

      its a jeef thing, you wouldnt understand

    • Doctorwho fan 63
      Doctorwho fan 63 3 months ago +1

      @PointlessDrummer yeah you're right it is

    • For The Love Of Noise
      For The Love Of Noise 3 months ago +1

      Choosey Step Mothers Choose JEEF

    • The Over Under
      The Over Under 3 months ago

      @For The Love Of Noise this had me rollin

  • drymoper
    drymoper 3 months ago +1

    You can replace the mirror with your phone .... remarkable 😂

  • JasonM2001
    JasonM2001 3 months ago +1

    Still better then any BMW made after 2012

  • JacobReedyMP4
    JacobReedyMP4 3 months ago +111

    The way he just chucked the key out killed me

    • Jess
      Jess 3 months ago +1

      That bit seems a little too well edited. I can’t help but wonder if there’s more to that story. Clearly you need the car to enter the vehicle. There may be a way to lock it as well.

    • Adults Are Talking
      Adults Are Talking 3 months ago

      With P R E C I S I O N

    • BigBadBootyDaddy
      BigBadBootyDaddy 3 months ago +1

      just looked these up June 2023.... there now asking 14,000$ canadian

  • Uncle Toby
    Uncle Toby 3 months ago +2

    Top speed is 25 mph. Another Clip-Sharer did a crash test. They hit a cardboard Pinata. Did considerable to the roof trim and the crash har on the front. The crash bar is made out of stainless steel tubes equivalent to old vacuum cleaner pipes.

  • Aaron Fauth
    Aaron Fauth 2 months ago

    Doug is the type of guy to own one of these things.

  • Alberto Acosta
    Alberto Acosta 3 months ago +108

    Doug-nut collab 😆

  • Ted McFarland
    Ted McFarland Month ago

    I will never lose my wonder at the fact that Doug Demuro is able to turn the word "THIS..." into an entire career.

  • Jace Brogden
    Jace Brogden 3 months ago +1

    That would be a cool camp vehicle. Enough to get around out of the weather and a decent bed to transport stuff

  • Lazar Peurača
    Lazar Peurača 3 months ago +77

    The crossover I never knew I needed.

    • oniichann
      oniichann 3 months ago +1

      Bro if you don't want that car il take it. I need a vehicle badly at this point I'd drive anything as long as it has the title with it.

    • Dana Shults
      Dana Shults 3 months ago +1

      ​@oniichannsame here

    • RealNameNeverUsed
      RealNameNeverUsed 3 months ago +1

      I think OP meant crossover between Doug and Donut.

  • laistab 1
    laistab 1 10 days ago

    They are great together 😂😂

  • Uncle Toby
    Uncle Toby 3 months ago +1

    Note the exposed wiring for the roof lights.

  • DragDemon05
    DragDemon05 3 months ago +60

    Now i want a full review

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards Month ago

    Donut x Doug Demuro collab goes HARDDD

  • Kevans
    Kevans Month ago

    I love donut, and I love quirks and features. great collab you guys are both awesome

  • The Liamster
    The Liamster 3 months ago +36

    The crossover I never thought I’d see

  • Hunter Wolfe
    Hunter Wolfe Month ago

    glad he is having some fun

  • Napolian Solo
    Napolian Solo 3 months ago

    The key isn't to start the car, it's to lock the doors.

  • SlammedZero
    SlammedZero 3 months ago +93

    This was Doug's greatest review video. His pinnacle of achievement!

  • Tech360
    Tech360 Month ago +1

    The proportions are nightmare fuel

  • Peter Pedro
    Peter Pedro 3 months ago +1

    I reckon with another 1,000 you could make it really nice

  • Robert Storms
    Robert Storms 3 months ago +85

    The detachable mirror is genius for when you want to properly clean the inside of your windshield! I wish all cars had that. Or maybe a hinged bracket so you could swing it out of the way.

    • D. Mac
      D. Mac 3 months ago +2

      You can remove the rear view mirror in your car too! :)

    • Wetrock
      Wetrock 3 months ago +1

      Let us know in six months when this sucker is dried up by the sun

    • waffle ninja
      waffle ninja 3 months ago +2

      they fall down all the time. another guy who got this truck glued it eventually.

    • MonkeyJedi99
      MonkeyJedi99 3 months ago +4

      When I was a kid, most rear-view mirrors actually hung from the ceiling adjacent to the windshield.
      And the dash was usually thicker metal than many modern cars use for body panels.

    • Bill Bbaggins
      Bill Bbaggins 3 months ago +1

      Give your mirror a little boop up on the bottom of the base and it will slide off

  • Curtis L
    Curtis L 3 months ago

    Doug gave you the A game on this video lol

  • Master Arkannor
    Master Arkannor 3 months ago

    I would not know I was being robbed standing in my own garage.

  • The Dec clips
    The Dec clips 3 months ago +23

    The colab we never asked for but we got it

  • Donald Spieker
    Donald Spieker 3 months ago +1

    It's basically a glorified golf cart

  • PH
    PH Month ago +1

    I'm legit shocked to see that the man even fit inside the truck...
    Where's the full video??????

  • AV 57
    AV 57 3 months ago +278

    If only there was an American car manufacturer that made vehicles like this at a reasonable price.
    Edit: (since there’s confusion here) We’re talking about using American labor that abides by all federal and state labor laws, and the vehicle meets all safety and emissions regulations.

    • Captain Caveman
      Captain Caveman 3 months ago +7

      There's your blue ocaean strategy calling your name. Go get em!

    • AV 57
      AV 57 3 months ago +29

      @Captain Caveman i can’t even afford used car insurance, let alone the startup capital for an industrial factory. I’m also very dumb.

    • T
      T 3 months ago +22

      The reason this car is reasonable is because it's built by slaves out of discarded parts. Literally couldn't be done in America, unlike the Chinese we don't allow slaves

    • AV 57
      AV 57 3 months ago +9

      @Tso, in your estimation, it is impossible for free people to build small vehicles? There’s just no way to do it?

    • Daniel Immediato
      Daniel Immediato 3 months ago +24

      ​@AV57 No its impossible to make something that cheap when everyone involved wants a 401k, pension, health, dental, weekends off, holidays off, 4 weeks paid vacation a year, and $40/hr. Turns a $2000 vehicle into a $20,000 vehicle really quick

  • Kristopher B.
    Kristopher B. 3 months ago +1

    I'd get this truck and ride around town with it. Not in the city nor on any long distance trips, but locally, sure.

  • Six Hundred
    Six Hundred 3 months ago +1

    Perfect for the price and lil homies to run errands on the block, put me down for x2.. 😅

  • Rich Coady
    Rich Coady 3 months ago +170

    Doug & Donut should be a regular thing lol. While I wait for that to happen, I'll be impatiently waiting for the full review!

    • Bil Nelson
      Bil Nelson 3 months ago +1

      I hope all of the car guys get together and collab. So much knowledge and shared fan base!

    • T0ghar
      T0ghar 3 months ago +3

      Let's call it The Dougnut Show, or not.

    • Sai Pranit Doranala Shesha
      Sai Pranit Doranala Shesha 3 months ago

      ​@T0ghar I was about to reply this..😅

    • frustratedbuffalo
      frustratedbuffalo 3 months ago


  • Dhaval Bhalerao
    Dhaval Bhalerao 3 months ago

    I’d love to see this thing turned into a mini trophy truck

  • Justin Hockstead
    Justin Hockstead 6 days ago

    I actually would love this for my tiny commutes. It's so cute

  • Mikey Craig
    Mikey Craig 3 months ago

    Mid 2000s would be 2050, so it's ahead of it's time 😂

  • Guinness Harvey
    Guinness Harvey 3 months ago +24

    Laugh all you like but this is awesome.

    • Wetrock
      Wetrock 3 months ago

      Like the saying goes "laugh all the way to the bank" but in this case it's "cry all the way to the scrap yard"

  • rdizzo1313
    rdizzo1313 3 months ago

    Love how it has a key but you don’t need it…

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 3 months ago

    The computer fans for ventilation is a nice touch.

  • Garrett Walls
    Garrett Walls 3 months ago +41

    Cody showed me all I needed to know about this truck

    • Ashton Bull
      Ashton Bull 3 months ago +2

      It actually took the abuse pretty well...
      The fucken bolder drop..😮 and he still droveish away..

    • Reto Spinas
      Reto Spinas 3 months ago +1

      i was searching for that comment :)

  • Justin
    Justin 10 days ago +1

    It's not as cheap as it seems when the shipping and delivery paper work adds quite a bit more.

  • sleepingkindaof
    sleepingkindaof 3 months ago +1

    Looks okay for the price nice starter vehicle for anyone

  • Marvin
    Marvin 3 months ago +31

    I will watch this 1000%

  • Dale Greer
    Dale Greer 3 months ago

    He never answered the question "Is it worth it?"

  • kr4t0s G.
    kr4t0s G. 3 months ago

    Two of my favorite yputube channels in one. NICE.

  • Blue
    Blue 3 months ago +15

    I'm all for Donut DeMuro

  • steve lauda
    steve lauda 2 months ago

    Here in Canada, they would be 2k with 10k in taxes.

  • Fabian Lopez
    Fabian Lopez 3 months ago

    I like the dashboard. It looks modern, stylish and with tech

  • HurpMuhGurp
    HurpMuhGurp 3 months ago +20

    The collab we knew we needed 🔥

  • Bodhi Swayze
    Bodhi Swayze 3 months ago

    I think it’s a pretty damn good idea, an affordable cool little vehicle!

  • Crafty Ukraine
    Crafty Ukraine 2 months ago +1

    *Winnie The Pooh Jing Ping Pong’s truck.*

  • Gluskab
    Gluskab 3 months ago +1

    Yo I love the detachable reaview mirror

  • Nathan Marshall
    Nathan Marshall 3 months ago

    A Briggs and Stratton swap would be lit

  • RidgeRunner
    RidgeRunner 3 months ago +9

    I’m praying we get a full Doug review

  • Pete Finch
    Pete Finch 2 months ago

    I would've watched a full version of this review

  • Scott
    Scott 3 months ago

    Looks like Doug finally found a car that matches his wardrobe.

  • Hollywoodbear
    Hollywoodbear 3 months ago +7

    I need this thing to drive to the mailbox and stuff.

  • Richard McGinley
    Richard McGinley 3 months ago

    Why am I flashing back to the days of the Yugo?

  • Keith Webb
    Keith Webb 12 days ago

    Doug is Clip-Share Legend!

  • Ed Perez
    Ed Perez 3 months ago +11

    this is the kind of content i signed up for 😂

  • Tony
    Tony 3 months ago

    The one and only Doug Demuro!

  • Doomshop
    Doomshop Month ago

    This channel is awesome.

  • PostTraumaticChessDisorder

    Doug seems to have some talent reviewing cars. He should definitely do something more with that

  • Dirty D
    Dirty D 2 months ago +1

    I believe it was about 6-8 thousand to ship here. I still can't get this fif 2k tho. Would be lit

  • Sobel
    Sobel 3 months ago

    This guy's uncomfortable laughter makes my head spin.

  • Victor-BRz
    Victor-BRz 3 months ago +8

    A very useful car.... for kids i guess

  • tootall1999
    tootall1999 3 months ago

    Need to edit in Doug’s reaction when flooring a Plaid

  • Jeff Manseau
    Jeff Manseau 3 months ago

    THIIiiiIIS is a Doug Demuro review and today we're going to explore all of its quirks and features.

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 3 months ago +14

    The Chinese dont disappoint when it comes to disappointing

    • riba2233
      riba2233 3 months ago +2

      Not this bot again... Let me guess now you will upvote this comment with other bots

    • Morbus Ultrasilvanicus
      Morbus Ultrasilvanicus 3 months ago

      @riba2233 Interesting! How can you tell that this is a bot?

    • riba2233
      riba2233 3 months ago +2

      @Morbus Ultrasilvanicus it is impossible for one person to make so much comments right away on video release... He is on all major channels and comments right away.

    • Morbus Ultrasilvanicus
      Morbus Ultrasilvanicus 3 months ago

      @riba2233 thanks