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Horrifying Home Design (w/ Chad Chad)

  • Published on Jan 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 239

  • Danielle Guerrero
    Danielle Guerrero 2 months ago +13834

    Jarvis making chad chad look up weaponized incompetence by saying he doesn’t know what it is, 💀💀

    • Cian Griffin
      Cian Griffin 16 days ago

      @Alex N random does not equal funny

    • Yh
      Yh 21 day ago +3

      Same energy as
      “the word of the year is gaslighting”
      - “no it isn’t”

    • jamari binns
      jamari binns 27 days ago

      @Alex N yes

    • ☀️SleepyCrybaby💡
      ☀️SleepyCrybaby💡 Month ago +1

      She is so much better at googling

    • Sarah Singing
      Sarah Singing Month ago +2

      @Pixie Dust 21:40 is when the conversations begins I believe. It’s really funny lol.

  • mae
    mae 2 months ago +4923

    the 8 kid’s bedroom is just like something you’d build in the sims 4 for a baby challenge or something

    • Xel J
      Xel J Month ago +19

      except the sims wouldn't even be able to get to the room, they'd just stand in the kitchen waving their hand in the air with the path error thought bubble over their head.

    • Lareina Brown
      Lareina Brown Month ago +25

      When I was like 7, I wanted a bunch of siblings SO BAD and I “designed” like a 12 story bunk bed and wrote my imaginary siblings names on where I wanted each of them to go

    • Bella Ruesing
      Bella Ruesing Month ago +14

      there's a 12 kid bedroom somewhere out there (i saw it on instagram) that feels like what you said on hard mode

    • Haley Selene
      Haley Selene Month ago +3

      This really feels like its ai generated or something its just so weird

    • Suga Sweet
      Suga Sweet Month ago +16

      It sucks that I legit thought that’s what it was😭😭

  • DaceCase
    DaceCase 2 months ago +3929

    The "gaslighty intro" actually worked on me lmao I was like "Damn maybe there WAS a whole series these two have been doing and I just don't remember"

    • OmnivorousGrandpa
      OmnivorousGrandpa 26 days ago

      Stop because smae

    • Minty Mouths
      Minty Mouths Month ago

      It’d be great if it existed

    • ghost
      ghost Month ago

      wish there was tbh, they’re a hilarious combo

    • Chrysanthemum
      Chrysanthemum Month ago

      This is my first Jarvis Johnson video, I definitely fell for it

    • jon arbuckle
      jon arbuckle Month ago

      i was looking for the playlist

  • Nate Kinda Maybe
    Nate Kinda Maybe 2 months ago +850

    I love when jar jar and chavis collab

  • Star D
    Star D 2 months ago +2287

    That hashtag is definitely "design edit" but "designed it" is so much funnier😭

    • Linka
      Linka Month ago +14

      @June Creator it’s the name web accessibility professionals use to describe using capital letters at the start of words in hashtags eg LikeThis vs likethis. It makes it easier to read for everyone but is especially important for people with visual impairments/who are blind as it allows screen readers to read each word individually instead of trying to read it all as one long word eg Like This instead of the “word” likethis

    • June Creator
      June Creator Month ago +3

      @Linka camel case…?

    • Moxie M
      Moxie M Month ago +31

      @Captain of the Loser Cruiser “LMFAOOOO 😊😊”

    • GayJayy
      GayJayy Month ago +44

      @Captain of the Loser Cruiser "I'm dead ☺️"

    •   アリアナ
      アリアナ Month ago +7

      Wait WHAT- I had to look back at that 🤣

  • Carly Welch
    Carly Welch 2 months ago +1032

    jarvis & chad chad have such good comedic chemistry, the way they synced up at 24:02 killed me lmao

    • ADHD&D
      ADHD&D Month ago +5

      @Chocomint Queen hope she’s recovered from that, looked pretty severe

    • Reviver Z
      Reviver Z Month ago +17

      Im just replaying it, so wholesome

    • Chocomint Queen
      Chocomint Queen Month ago +27

      Damn near killed Chad Chad too, Jarvis laughing slammed the mic into her face lol

    • Captain of the Loser Cruiser
      Captain of the Loser Cruiser Month ago +24


    • Gatorade bottle
      Gatorade bottle 2 months ago +46

      My favorite part of the whole video tbh

  • abby !
    abby ! 2 months ago +9464

    the fact that THE chad chad is helping out these small creators, she's so nice and wholesome 🥰 (john jervis? who's that? i'm only here to see chad chad)

    • Bongo Cat.
      Bongo Cat. Month ago

      @MASTER TRAGEDY what

    • squishie
      squishie Month ago

      @Enchiladas this is the internet "toxic"

    • xXchar animatesXx
      xXchar animatesXx Month ago +1

      Bro some of the people in these reply’s really can’t take jokes huh‼️

    • SpicySalad
      SpicySalad Month ago +1

      @Enchiladas how is saying you didn't get the joke toxic lol

    • Marc Hew
      Marc Hew Month ago +3

      @Enchiladas I think you’re the toxic one. Everyone was having fun and laughing but you decided to insult someone’s intelligence by saying that they’re incapable of making a joke here.

  • Kit
    Kit 2 months ago +3741

    When you find you're explaining the plot to Battle Royale, you know your interior design video has gone in a weird direction

  • nolon gioven
    nolon gioven 2 months ago +3137

    One underappreciated fact about the bunk beds is that it makes it quite clear to the kids you put in those middle bunks exactly how little you love them without needing any additional time expense from the parents.

    • Jared H
      Jared H 21 day ago +2

      As a busy parent, I often find that there's just no time in the day to let Chris and the other one know that I'm not expecting much out of them. I need this for my own home!

    • Ila Winterburn
      Ila Winterburn Month ago +3

      As a middle child I would've ended up in one of those bunks for sure 😅

    • Yawning Lion
      Yawning Lion Month ago +13

      I was thinking that too, the middle bunks are so cramped and so awkward

    • Spooky
      Spooky Month ago +82

      @sick-tired-bean and also the middle beds would be very claustrophobic feeling, you couldn't even sleep on your side with that

    • give me back my gamer girl sonic
      give me back my gamer girl sonic Month ago +122

      also the guillotine machine “fan” is in such an awkward spot that the kids on the top bunk will be literally freezing while the kids on the bottom bunks will just not feel any breeze at all

  • Dokka Chapman
    Dokka Chapman 2 months ago +337

    I love how Chad Chad holds the mic like it's a hot cup of tea. :)

    • Kevin Dawson
      Kevin Dawson Month ago

      The Shure SM7B is so hot right now, it's probably necessary. 😁 Heck, my wife freelances in audio production and voice work, I'm looking at one right now. Sometimes I threaten to grow my beard out and use it to do the Leo Moracchioli thing, but I can't play drums and I have been assured that if I grow my beard out and rubber band it, it will be removed nocturnally.

  • Null Null
    Null Null 2 months ago +219

    Actually, that screw doesn't fasten the bed to the wall - it's a key that opens the portal gateway for the infinite number of clone kids to pass through.

    • Evilmudbug
      Evilmudbug 9 days ago +1

      And the lion on the other dimension is holding the beds in place

    • Cadva
      Cadva 2 months ago +3

      Now you're thinking of multiple levels 🤯

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 2 months ago +1350

    Jarvis and chad chad are so good together.

  • Zach Shapiro
    Zach Shapiro 2 months ago +669

    As someone who wants to study architecture, seeing these amazing designs has prepared me for college more than I could have ever expected.
    I DID NOT KNOW tiger cages were so important… now I do 😩❤️

    • I eat charcoal
      I eat charcoal Month ago +3

      No! The tigers appear once you put too many beds in one room (they really like beds)! You need to defeat them to unlock the room!

    • Gemstone Rose
      Gemstone Rose Month ago +3

      @Zach Shapiro exactly, you can all the structural integrity you need with one

    • Zach Shapiro
      Zach Shapiro Month ago +5

      @Gemstone Rose multiple screws just waste budget like... be reasonable here yall

    • Gemstone Rose
      Gemstone Rose Month ago +12

      @Maleeha Ali It's always such an exciting class. I would say definitely wear sneakers cause depending on the department budget there can definitely be a live demonstration.

    • Maleeha Ali
      Maleeha Ali Month ago +10

      no fr! i’m in my first year of uni and i’m majoring in architecture and i just found out i’m learning the importance of tiger cages tmr! 😝

  • Claire Bourke
    Claire Bourke 2 months ago +579

    i know they're joking but i am going to need another episode of this next week.

  • Kouda_Ha
    Kouda_Ha 2 months ago +133

    Laughing at Jarvis and ChadChad pretending they don't have spontanious tiger cage spawning through their ceiling at random intervals like... you don't have to lie, we all have it

  • Math
    Math 2 months ago +177

    Seeing them in the same room made me realize how used to remote collabs I have become. Wow !

  • dumb head
    dumb head 2 months ago +207

    the syncing at the end of every jarvis chad collab video (there are six) (this is the seventh video in their series) is so incredible. cannot wait to see it again for the eigth time next week. (they post episodes weekly)

  • Put Me In, Coach
    Put Me In, Coach 2 months ago +5057

    this feels like when I had to model a virtual house for 7th grade tech ed and I kept alluding to a surprise in the garage and when it was finally time to give my teacher the tour I'd just filled it with so many ostriches

    • Ghostess
      Ghostess Month ago +1

      @Katie Bowen Like, no privacy walls or stalls. Just free pooping in any room of the house.

    • Katie Bowen
      Katie Bowen Month ago

      @Kaitlyn Rainville SKETCH UP LITTLE HOUSES OMG!!!!

    • Katie Bowen
      Katie Bowen Month ago

      @Ghostess eye contact toilets? like you make them really tall so they are at eye level?

    • TooManyInterests
      TooManyInterests 2 months ago +4

      @Ghostess I've seen a house for sale that had a sink and vanity unit in every bedroom that looked like they'd been installed in the 50's/60's. Before plumbed bathrooms people used to have washstands in their bedrooms. These ranged from large marble-topped timber cupboards with tiled backs to small metal famed stands that just held a basin.

    • Mia ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ
      Mia ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ 2 months ago +1

      This made me laugh so hard, I hope your teacher appreciated that

  • hannah taylor
    hannah taylor 2 months ago +234

    the chad chad and jarvis duo is truly one of my favs right now. their giggles are contagious and the banter is so good lol

  • K - Lowe
    K - Lowe 2 months ago +48

    "It's like when periods sync up but with nightmares" -Chad Chad 2023

  • neckpillow
    neckpillow 2 months ago +208

    i love how your guys' humor bounces off each other and you go one brain sometimes. its like cosmic humor

    • Lynn
      Lynn Month ago +3

      Chad Chad has such an effortless way she talks to someone that makes them feel heard, and important. Love her.

  • The Tales Of The Great Gamer

    Hey, student in 3d animation here. Regarding your last question about the time it takes, I think that it takes a decent amount of time. I'm pretty sure that the character models are downloaded online, and same thing for the animations of the characters. I also think that small assets like the mop, shampoo bottles are downloaded. However, all of this has to be animated and rendered, which still takes a significant amount of time. I'd say that this can be made in around a week or less by a single person. Hope this helps answering some of your questions !

  • Sleeepy
    Sleeepy 2 months ago +48

    I love the idea of a man being home alone, an alligator dropping into the house from a different dimension, and the man telling his wife when she gets home something along the lines of “I would probably just make it worse somehow”

  • Llen
    Llen 2 months ago +5205

    Even though I know this TikTok page is supposed to be a sort of concept for bedrooms, it’s funny to imagine building an entire 9 bed bedroom with ONE screw

    • Yuri ♡⃝ ◡̈
      Yuri ♡⃝ ◡̈ 2 months ago

      That could easily break LOL. Who are the geniuses coming up with these? Also, the fan which is near to the bunk beds. Replace it with an AC instead, or place the fan further away.

    • fsgfsfgsfsgfsghfhfgfgfgffgfhfghfhfgfhf
      fsgfsfgsfsgfsghfhfgfgfgffgfhfghfhfgfhf 2 months ago +2

      @no sounds more like a shock video if you say it in that way

    • Josiah Baumgartner
      Josiah Baumgartner 2 months ago +15

      The funny thing is literal nobody would question it if they didn’t show any screws. The fact that they show one is the only reason that it feels strange they don’t show more

    • Ally Saunooke
      Ally Saunooke 2 months ago

      Don’t forget the tiger

    • Sprigatita_Gaming
      Sprigatita_Gaming 2 months ago +10

      One screw to rule them all

  • Lydia
    Lydia 2 months ago +192

    I just live for the natural chemistry between these two. It’s so fun to watch

  • properantagonist
    properantagonist Month ago +18

    I think with the production quality that this presents, this is just surreal comedy. When I first saw a few of those, I laughed by ass off. They're clearly very aware of what they're doing cause the pacing feels very much like they're trying to create absurdity.

  • MiM
    MiM 2 months ago +14

    For a moment I dared to hope there was weekly Chad & Jarvis videos I had just missed smh guys 😭

  • LavenderTreats
    LavenderTreats Month ago +18

    Someone please clip Jarvis saying "the nightmares of children" before villanously laughing out of context

  • k then
    k then 2 months ago +19

    One screw to rule them all, One screw to find them, One screw to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

  • HipUsername
    HipUsername 2 months ago +4506

    The guy in the shower is just thinking about how much the bill is gonna be for redesigning his house for his 14 children, I'd also be having a crisis shower

    • T C
      T C Month ago

      I lost it at crisis shower

    • HipUsername
      HipUsername 2 months ago +18

      @MilesCantRun she died because they weren't finished making the shower slip resistant enough for her to shower in heels, so they had to keep building 💁‍♀️
      And you're spot on, I remember it being like that in roblox studio where you'd have to get creative with building stuff if you didn't want to make you're own models lol

    • MilesCantRun
      MilesCantRun 2 months ago +25

      I know this is over-analyzing but I think I've solved it:
      whoever animates these designs doesn't have a large selection of animations that they can use with the models so they're using whichever animation looks closest to the correct action.
      washing hands? DJing is close enough right?
      washing your hair? covering your head in a panic kinda looks like you're scrubbing your scalp.
      that's all I can think of but there's definitely no excuse for the woman *literally dying on the shower floor*

    • DynoGamerGurl
      DynoGamerGurl 2 months ago +17

      14 children + the gator and the tiger

    • Sporer
      Sporer 2 months ago +25

      saving money on screws at least!

  • EchoDev
    EchoDev Month ago +24

    Love the casual gaslighting Chad Chad does in every collab she's in

  • 🎧 niki 彡 ·˚ ༘
    🎧 niki 彡 ·˚ ༘ 2 months ago +77

    I literally love ChadChad and Jarvis collabing. Their humor bounces off eachother SO well and whenever I watch their collabs I genuinely cannot stop laughing 😭 I desperately need more of these 2!!!

    • canarybird828
      canarybird828 Month ago +3

      Have you watched the first six videos in this series?? So great.

  • Your lawfully wedded Wife
    Your lawfully wedded Wife 2 months ago +12


  • Jeremy Rogers
    Jeremy Rogers 2 months ago +35

    These two are perfect together, perfect comedy duo

  • GayJayy
    GayJayy Month ago +15

    The leaning laugh at the end warms my heart. I love when friends laugh so hard they lean against each other for support.

  • sari
    sari 2 months ago +2093

    Y’all are in person together!! It always feels crazy to see two separate Clip-Sharers together. It’s like a crossover episode

    • Ana Cecilia
      Ana Cecilia 2 months ago

      Este,material no tiene traducción.no se puede responder si conocer su contenido

    • Elena Harper
      Elena Harper 2 months ago +3

      @Luigi Nastro that's just Danny doing a greenscreen with himself tho. Danny and Kurtis get together sometimes tho which is neat

    • sari
      sari 2 months ago +1

      @Hacknerds I follow both of them but I’ve never seen them together irl!

    • Luigi Nastro
      Luigi Nastro 2 months ago +5

      Danny and Drew

    • luv4shizuk
      luv4shizuk 2 months ago

      @Sqq’s lover OH MY GOD ITS SHEN QINQIU

  • teawiththeMadHatter
    teawiththeMadHatter 2 months ago +31

    These two work so well together, I could not stop laughing at all their collabs, it just seems like they’re genuinely having a good time and not just pretending like they get along for the video, and they’re jokes bounce off each other so well

  • Emery King
    Emery King 2 months ago +28

    Okay but if you made this into a series... serious, I love both of you individually, but the energy you two have together is absolutely perfect.

    • Andrea Rupe
      Andrea Rupe 2 months ago +2

      It IS a series, did you not watch the previous 6 episodes?

  • English3Muffin
    English3Muffin 2 months ago +30

    Well this was a delightful collab. Y’all are magic together.

  • adfaklsdjf
    adfaklsdjf 2 months ago +42

    You better make this a series. You've created the expectation now.

  • jediping
    jediping 2 months ago +1794

    My cousins had a “dorm” room where most of the 7 boys slept. Don’t know how all of them made it to adulthood. Probably a bunch of scars from fighting that tiger.

    • prim
      prim Month ago +1

      Mothboy I'm going to kill myself over how funny your reply was

    • jediping
      jediping 2 months ago +2

      @Ilan Bliss Ha, didn’t intend to imply that. Was trying to be succinct instead of explicit, and … that usually leads to such oddities ;)

    • Ilan Bliss
      Ilan Bliss 2 months ago +9

      i love the implication that only one of these boys is your cousin so the other six are unrelated boy roommates

    • Mothboy
      Mothboy 2 months ago +59

      i love life of pi

    • Magpie
      Magpie 2 months ago +249

      There used to be 8, that's how they survived. They had to sacrifice one to the tiger.

  • Zoë Rose Whiting
    Zoë Rose Whiting 2 months ago +32

    As someone currently studying interior design, these videos have single-handedly made me change my major to finance.

  • Everett
    Everett Month ago +4

    Is anyone gonna talk about that adorable ending where they both ended up saying the exact same things at the same time without prompting and just cracked themselves up in the process? aaaa I love these two so much

  • Juan Juri
    Juan Juri 2 months ago +8

    4:29 They're not bunkbeds, they're altars. Make offerings to the portal so it will not send your child back. Believe me, you will not like what it's become.

  • Timera Today
    Timera Today 2 months ago +14

    y’all have me dying. can’t wait for the next episode. didn’t think y’all could top the last one but wow.

  • Choerrix
    Choerrix 2 months ago +19

    Argh! I just hate it so much when I’m trying to build a dorm morgue and a tiger pops up from the tiger dimension!

  • Timothy Shrooze
    Timothy Shrooze 2 months ago +1695

    Chad Chad and Jarvis are just such a good combination. What a pair of Clip-Shares

    • forkle sticklespoons
      forkle sticklespoons Month ago +6

      they're such a pair a Clip-Share

    • Laura Derbonne
      Laura Derbonne Month ago +7

      oh my gosh, seeing this comment on a jarvis vid made me smile. my worlds have combined

    • LHZOZ
      LHZOZ Month ago +12

      No joke, they're definitely my favourite Clip-Shares

    • 🫀The Empresses Bakery🫀
      🫀The Empresses Bakery🫀 Month ago +10

      Fr They really are youtubes

    • Sodashiira
      Sodashiira 2 months ago +31

      Just two Clip-Shares being pals 👍

  • mm
    mm Month ago +3

    Thank you, Jarvis, for making these videos. Chad Chad, too. Right now I feel really stressed and I just need to listen to someone’s voice, and you two really helped make me feel better. I threw up but since I started watching your videos, I feel better

  • My Name Goes Here
    My Name Goes Here 2 months ago +16

    The chemistry between Jarvis and Chad Chad is just cest magnifique lol

  • pevenclev
    pevenclev Month ago +3

    ChadChad alone: deadpan chaos, cyberpunk hair, harpsichord
    ChadChad with friend: ✨ g i g g l e s ✨

  • Load Saved Game
    Load Saved Game 2 months ago +9

    The vibes from Jarvis and Travis Johnson are immaculate.

  • Laine Bee
    Laine Bee 2 months ago +7

    When I was little I had one of those reaaaaally old fashioned wood and metal desks with the folding lid.
    I one time cut off all my hair and hid it in that desk.
    Then I fought the tiger that dropped from the ceiling 🤷‍♀️

  • EvryDayShucklin
    EvryDayShucklin 2 months ago +2093

    I was just saying to a friend that Jarvis and Chad Chad have some of the best collabs because they such amazingly complimentary senses of humor and chemistry and just come off as real friends. And today I find out they did another one! Perfect timing!

    • Mountain Dew Baja Blast
      Mountain Dew Baja Blast 2 months ago +12

      @RINGER 13 they start fighting tigers as soon as ths camera is turned off

    • RINGER 13
      RINGER 13 2 months ago +17

      Yeah they do come off as real friends. Sucks that in real life they aren’t and the moment the camera is off they start fighting each other violently yelling about how much they hate eachother.

    • Zanonymous Ruiz
      Zanonymous Ruiz 2 months ago +10

      Oh yeah actually they do these collabs every single week, haven't you heard?? /j

    • Chloe Aebersold
      Chloe Aebersold 2 months ago +2

      ... they are real friends lol

    • DigitalHarmony
      DigitalHarmony 2 months ago +8

      You should talk about them to your friend more, maybe we’ll get more collabs out of it 😂😂

  • spreest
    spreest 2 months ago +18

    That first bedroom just looks like the bedding situation in Squid Game.

  • Drixi
    Drixi 2 months ago +4

    Making a new floor for the washing machine that now needs to be cleaned under was just so beautiful😂😂😭

  • Binna Robiness
    Binna Robiness 2 months ago +5

    Bro that intro was evil 💀 i legit believed y'all for a sec lol

  • james2529
    james2529 2 months ago +11

    This episode is better than the previous six. I think this series is improving week by week.

  • Yael Kellman
    Yael Kellman 2 months ago +7

    Clearly those kids are ghosts who were killed by that fan, which is why that first one went through the wall

    • T C
      T C Month ago


  • flustereddarcy
    flustereddarcy 2 months ago +3020

    The slight pause between “the water is tiger!” and Jarvis and Chad Chad both busting a gut made me truly grin in real life. Please collab more!! The vibes are absolutely delightful. (Edit - I’ve seen a couple of their other videos before but I truly want one of these a week lol)

    • blarg2429
      blarg2429 2 months ago +2


    • Erie Wood
      Erie Wood 2 months ago +5

      23:51 brought so much joy

    • 🍄Cam🌺
      🍄Cam🌺 2 months ago +8

      17:50 (ignore this saving my place)

    • mahbluebird
      mahbluebird 2 months ago +52

      This is episode seven of them collaborating, the playlist link is in the description

    •   アリアナ
      アリアナ 2 months ago +50

      15:12 for joy :)

  • Hel
    Hel 2 months ago +8

    Consider: Washing machine suspended by wires from the ceiling so it sort of floats in the middle of the room (can't be against the wall because then you can't clean the wall obviously)

  • theCatOwl
    theCatOwl 2 months ago +10

    Ahhh yes my favourite weekly series, already looking forward to next week at the reoccurring time and regular place!!

  • Bine Bine
    Bine Bine 2 months ago +8

    Hands down this is one of the best commentary collab duo

  • Scarlet Onyx
    Scarlet Onyx 2 months ago +14

    You guys look like you are having a blast making these vids. It always makes me feel good seeing people crack up in sync.

  • Max O
    Max O 2 months ago +10

    These two are such a perfect team. I could watch endless of these videos

  • Taret Time
    Taret Time 2 months ago +1434

    Hi CG artist here chad chad has a really good point. They re-use animations a ton which would save them loads of time. Most of the animation is pretty simple key frames on location and rotation. The animations they use on the characters are preset animations that they found online (which is why they only vaguely fit what the person is doing in the scene) these still take some modeling and texture work but could probably be churned out by a single person fairly quickly.

    • Damien Loveless
      Damien Loveless 2 months ago +1

      @Taret Time I've dabbled a bit in cg art for mods, and I agree that this is likely in Blender. Granted, your opinion is worth far more than mine, lmao.

    • Rayssa da Penha
      Rayssa da Penha 2 months ago +3

      Just wanna add that Adobe has a 3D character creator software that is basically just picking things up, like The Sims. Mixing that with Mixamo's animations presets makes it a very easy process

    • Taret Time
      Taret Time 2 months ago +7

      @Annika yeah, that’s true I’m pretty sure this is blender still. I’m pretty familiar with it as it’s the main program I use for my personal work. I definitely think they took premade assets for most things outside of the base environment. There’s some stuff like the human/animal animations that make me think this isn’t a dedicated archviz software.

    • Annika
      Annika 2 months ago +1

      I know there are programs out there specific to 3d interior design with assets and fast renders, but I'm not sure if you can animate in them. There's a whole industry for this (interior designers and home remodeling shows do this exact type of animations), but this person is taking it to the comedy level

    • gradientdiffusion
      gradientdiffusion 2 months ago +8

      @Taret Time yeah youre probably right. Theres no way they would ray trace this shit

  • 桔梗
    桔梗 2 months ago +7

    They honestly really got me with the gaslighting at the beginning of the video, i was like “really they have a whole series? I gotta watch that” also, why is it randomly a beauty store like- (x_x) thats one hell of a marketing tactic i guess…

  • Rayy
    Rayy 2 months ago +4

    10:20 the way they try to rationalize the most deranged things is so funny 😭😭

  • David Painter
    David Painter 2 months ago +6

    I love that you called the weird solo toggle bolt a screw because now I can imagine the people making the tik tok being like "Ok, where are we gonna put the room screw this time?"

  • wren
    wren Month ago +4

    hey! 3D animation and production major here. things like this, if produced by one person, can take hours, even when reusing assets. HOWEVER, it’s very likely that there is a production team somewhere in the middle east that can produce these things by the dozens. it is really common, even for western animation and media, to commission middle eastern companies/teams for models and animations that are small enough that you wouldn’t notice them (ie pipes, books, brick textures, etc)

    • Crocsy
      Crocsy Month ago

      It's actually a chinese trend. Some real estate companies started to commission these over the top crazy scenarios (like the tiger or the lady dying) on their 3d advertisements for property renovations so people will make their videos viral. It's a bit like those ads for house products that look like they were made by 5 minutes crafts. They're just reuploading them with english captions

  • min doji
    min doji Month ago +4

    maybe one day i’ll be able to watch a video w chad chad in it without focusing on how perfect her eyeliner is winged, but today is not that day 🫡

  • Isic The Dude Bro
    Isic The Dude Bro 2 months ago +807

    my mom watches these room idea vids lmao. they're literally mom sensory videos.

    • Keely
      Keely 2 months ago +6

      every hospital lounge has HGTV on 24/7. apparently adults who have no idea how to actually do construction can stim for hours watching others do it

    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
      Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 2 months ago +3

      @Micah Cook yeah that part was particularly off-putting 😀

    • Micah Cook
      Micah Cook 2 months ago +10

      @Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey also the movement of the people and objects is just CREEPY Lmfao idk why things keep getting thrown at the screen like it’s a 3D film 😂💀🫣

    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
      Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey 2 months ago +35

      As a mum. I would just find it anxiety-producing watching these videos. They seem so focussed on efficiency at the expense of comfort. Also, even if I saw a good idea, I don't have the money to remodel 😕
      I prefer to watch videos about luxury resorts I'll never be able to visit instead. They're a virtual holiday. Or... videos like this one 🙂

    • reindeer age
      reindeer age 2 months ago +87

      minecraft creative mode for moms

  • TonyaStark121
    TonyaStark121 2 months ago +8

    I don't know about your washing machines, but mine will be moving around like crazy when it's working. Putting it on a shelf is just sentencing it to falling over in the most dramatic way with the only hope of it not killing me on the way down.

    • Ela Explorer
      Ela Explorer Month ago

      Frontloaders don't do that and if it does it needs to be repaired.

  • jason levis !
    jason levis ! 2 months ago +3

    this was actually gold please do more collabs 😭😭😭

  • skelta x3
    skelta x3 2 months ago +6

    love how chad chad called "weaponized incompetence" a tiktok term lmao

  • Andrea Rupe
    Andrea Rupe 2 months ago +6

    6:57 Chad Chad's jump reminds me of the newborn baby startle reflex, which I affectionately named "raptor arms" when my kid was a newborn.
    Yall are too freakin hilarious

  • Renee W
    Renee W 15 days ago

    Aggressively manifesting that these two become besties and do a ton more videos together because this had me rolling

  • somethingstupid
    somethingstupid 2 months ago +397

    bathroom dj: “hey, if i’m not pooping I’m looping”

    • Twix the Fox
      Twix the Fox 2 months ago +3

      This made me laugh so hard. I'm so glad someone remembered that as well :D

    • Amy Williams
      Amy Williams 2 months ago +5

      if i can’t excrete, i’ll make a beat

    • Andrea Rupe
      Andrea Rupe 2 months ago +1


    • what
      what 2 months ago +2

      This comment is so underrated hahaha

    • RINGER 13
      RINGER 13 2 months ago +21

      One of Drew’s best bits and he didn’t even use it in a actual video

  • Duck
    Duck 2 months ago +13

    ah yes. my favorite youtubers. jarvis and charvis

  • Athena P
    Athena P 2 months ago +2

    I haven’t seen a collab where people are in the same room in so long I gasped!!!! People are REAL??!!!

  • Sarah Craig
    Sarah Craig 2 months ago +3

    so glad you’re back together for the 7th time in a row

  • E I
    E I 4 days ago

    They seem to have such genuine chemistry that’s really cool

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 2 months ago +4

    you two have such great comedic chemistry! I know the weekly episodes was a joke but you really should😊

  • FlamingFox
    FlamingFox 2 months ago +1019

    12:59 Sometimes I forget Jarvis is from florida because he's assimilated into human society so well, but then he outs himself with wadda bottel

    • Nila Wright
      Nila Wright 2 months ago +5

      @Ashik Jaman in the Midwest we are desperate to escape. Maybe Florida is the same.

    • Ashik Jaman
      Ashik Jaman 2 months ago +13

      I feel like 50% of American Clip-Sharers are from Florida and 30% are from the Midwest

    • Mossy is bored
      Mossy is bored 2 months ago +16

      as a floridian I am distraught because I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE

    • Keely
      Keely 2 months ago +17

      The fact that Jarvis comes from the same place as the likes of Backyard Scientist and Grey Still Plays (love them both,but they're very Florida man) boggles my mind a bit.

    • Andrea Rupe
      Andrea Rupe 2 months ago +38

      @Alex your comment translated by Google to "a road to the sea" 😹😹

  • oh no
    oh no 2 months ago +18

    Man Jarvis is such a Clip-Share, new Jarvis Johnson videos always brighten my day

    • Marelli
      Marelli 2 months ago +1

      Oh yea this was such a youtube of him! Chad chad as well obviously

    • Wise Knack
      Wise Knack 2 months ago +1

      This is one of the most youtube collabs ever, I love it.

  • Jazzykitty
    Jazzykitty 2 months ago +7

    So happy to see them on trending! 😊

  • Jasper Emil
    Jasper Emil 2 months ago +4

    This is top tier sibling energy and I'm so here for it

  • Leia Skywalker
    Leia Skywalker 24 days ago +1

    i am dying over the fact that there's a term for my dad not knowing how to load the dishwasher even though they've had it for 15 years lol

  • Out of The Hat
    Out of The Hat Month ago +2

    I think the bathroom redesign was inspired by changing it from a North American style bathroom where you have multiple bathrooms in a house so it's not a big deal to have it all connected in one private room; to a Chinese style bathroom where the sink and toilet and shower are often literally physically separated rooms because there's only one bathroom that everyone in the house shares. But it wasn't even a good redesign for that problem.

  • Clownboy Bebop
    Clownboy Bebop 2 months ago +870

    Ah, that familiar childhood experience of being haunted by a live tiger

    • dratini
      dratini 2 months ago +1

      no you see if it’s haunting you it’s actually a dead tiger

    • AdmiralMeow
      AdmiralMeow 2 months ago

      @Rori 🌱 YES that video lives rent free in my head

    • roth
      roth 2 months ago +6

      yeah, the calvin and hobbes experience, we've all had it

    • Jilly Dawn
      Jilly Dawn 2 months ago +1

      I love your username lmao

    • Furret Animations
      Furret Animations 2 months ago +1

      @Rori 🌱 i know!

  • pirimi
    pirimi Month ago

    I love this duo so much, you're just effortlessly hilarious together

  • Ella Teasdale
    Ella Teasdale 2 months ago +6

    looooveee them together, this needs to actually become a weekly show

  • Gracie
    Gracie Month ago +5

    would’ve watched this 3 weeks sooner if I had know it was not only a collab between chadchad and jarvis but ALSO hoshi

  • Mads
    Mads 2 months ago +2

    yall are hilarious, cracking me up nonstop! i am very stoned but also you both are very funny!

  • Asha Fletcher
    Asha Fletcher 2 months ago +3

    y'all have incredible comedic chemistry fr~!

  • Vee
    Vee 2 months ago +639

    love that they were like "see this shower? what if its smaller! And connected even closer to the toilet! And cuts a window in half!" and thought that was better

    • Si
      Si 2 months ago +37

      and when the sliding door opens the person in the other area can’t get out???

    • Emily MacDougall
      Emily MacDougall 2 months ago +34

      The window cut in half was pretty bad and the clearance in front of the toilet wasn't great either... like if the problem was that you don't want people to see you showering maybe opt for a shower curtain, or throw a little half wall between the toilet and the vanity for some additional privacy

  • Archae
    Archae Month ago +1

    21:28 i can physically feel the urge to just say “heil” emanating from jarvis

  • Léonie Mélodie
    Léonie Mélodie Month ago

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    Editor Phi 2 months ago +3

    I missied last weeks so Im glad this weeks Chad & Jarvis Featuring Jarvis Johnson and Chad Chad was such a good episode 7