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At least we got it on camera. 😅 Visit ​⁠

  • Published on May 25, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Mic S
    Mic S 3 months ago +47053

    Yes thank goodness the camera was placed there before this staged accident happened.

    • Slim
      Slim 3 months ago +478

      Exactly ……

    • Nafiul Islam
      Nafiul Islam 3 months ago +1318

      I think the camera was for percel unpack recording. Just as a proof if they got any false items.

    • Ryan macharika
      Ryan macharika 3 months ago +824

      it looks like an unboxing video

    • phil naegely
      phil naegely 3 months ago +438

      Recorded for other unboxing but good try

    • Nellie Page
      Nellie Page 3 months ago +11

      Good morning. Even Leff l Love you too Even Leff ❤❤

  • Beanz
    Beanz 3 months ago +1026

    "Im crying im literally crying right now"
    *the nonexistent tears*

  • Lavrec
    Lavrec 3 months ago +407

    Damn those camera ninjas are the real MVPs there

    • Summer
      Summer 2 months ago +4

      Looks like the camera was put there for an unboxing vid

  • RK
    RK 3 months ago +20396

    This is such a great surprise. And the camera predicted it so well, that it positioned itself there and caught all of it. Such a smart and brilliant camera.

    • a
      a 3 months ago +437

      it was probably thought to be a different package because it wasnt supposed to be brought to the house

    • Lynette Givinsky
      Lynette Givinsky 3 months ago +514

      It looks like a PR unboxing and it got mixed into it. Hence the shipping company to help him see the package and intercept it. C’mon negative nancies!!!

    • E gb
      E gb 3 months ago +8


    • Huege Wong
      Huege Wong 3 months ago +21

      Must be one of those AI Cameras

    • Fab Souv
      Fab Souv 3 months ago +66

      Me, so caught in the moment that it never crossed my mind🙄 but...i wonder if they were ready to film a different video and this happened. I mean... it does look like it was not planned. Right?

  • MWM
    MWM 2 months ago +68

    I'm glad she let everyone know she was crying. I wouldn't have known otherwise.

  • Planetspoon
    Planetspoon 3 months ago +32

    The most wholesome video I’ve watched today. And it taught me something new! I learned that cameras are sentient and can predict the future!

  • Evil Corgi
    Evil Corgi 3 months ago +2955

    So glad the camera was here to film this sponsored yet unexpected accident 😍

    • L&E
      L&E 3 months ago +29

      It was an unboxing video, but nice try :)

    • Dan Hunt
      Dan Hunt 3 months ago +14

      And they are also suggesting by this video that the place has bad customer service and will fuck up your order! 😂

    • L&E
      L&E 3 months ago +2

      @Dan Hunt it was just regular post, of course they’ll fuck up your order.

    • Dan Hunt
      Dan Hunt 3 months ago +2

      @L&E is this even in English, because it doesn’t seem to have anything remotely to do with my comment…

  • Joshua Willis
    Joshua Willis 3 months ago +47

    Just remember before your everlasting love, he thinks about the camera first

  • keilah
    keilah 3 months ago +15

    I’m new here, but I’m glad it was an anniversary, and not a proposal I would have been so sad for him. lol, love it, keep it up

  • Blinkgirlsareperfect
    Blinkgirlsareperfect 3 months ago +2464

    The camera definitely didn't know she was gonna be there.😊

    • Glory Govi
      Glory Govi 3 months ago


    • Srimedha Gottumukkala
      Srimedha Gottumukkala 3 months ago +20

      She was filming a package haul and found the ring cause it was shipped to the house

    • Cole LHM
      Cole LHM 3 months ago +3

      Not to mention it's an ad lol, easy avoid on this channel

  • AmericanAndProud #’MURICA
    AmericanAndProud #’MURICA 3 months ago +16

    That’s why I make sure my wife knows not to open the mail if it doesn’t have her name on it 👍🏽

    • Stacy M
      Stacy M 2 months ago

      Or a camera already filming😅

  • Larry Royovitz
    Larry Royovitz 3 months ago +17

    Camera man never dies.

  • Andy D
    Andy D 3 months ago +4634

    People lead strange lives where every room has a camera pointing at your every move. 👍

    • Azorean  Blue
      Azorean Blue 3 months ago +13

      Yes they do !! On “stage 25/7” we don’t know how to relate to people face to face and have a conversation that is not scripted…

      GARDEN GUARDIAN 3 months ago

      I literally have been wanting this for 10year now i guess im weird

    • KAT XO
      KAT XO 3 months ago


    • Kairo
      Kairo 3 months ago +4

      They were recording another video

    • Benny Boy
      Benny Boy 3 months ago +2

      It's "reality tv" they even look at the camera like you're a guest

  • Lowkey_Cadee
    Lowkey_Cadee Month ago +2

    For everyone talking about how it was staged at least this man was so kind and thoughtful to get his wife something like this and it made her whole day. He is literally the best dad and husband ❤

  • Thunderr
    Thunderr 3 months ago +32

    I'm glad the camera just magically records every exciting moment, so much that the man and woman both look like this is not the first time they have seen whatever is in that box. Really quite a miracle.

  • Nicole B
    Nicole B 3 months ago +1893

    Literally crying with no tears but beautiful. I would have just put it back and acted like I didn't see it.

    • Fabi
      Fabi 3 months ago +38

      Its all staged and faked and you are believing this bad role play looool 💀💀💀💀

    • MrJedged
      MrJedged 3 months ago +10

      Are there no tears because it’s fake or are you dehydrated? Hope you get sorted soon 👍

      DONNA ROBINSON 3 months ago +1

      I would have done the same 😊

    • Polycrystalline Candy
      Polycrystalline Candy 3 months ago +3

      And waste the effort the went through to setup the camera?

  • Elsa Labouret
    Elsa Labouret 3 months ago +10

    Nothing was ruined this is the sweetest and her reaction was so genuine

  • Jason Amezquita
    Jason Amezquita 3 months ago +5

    "It's so beautiful, I'm literally crying right now," she said, not caring about the 10 years anniversary, only about a shiny rock she can strut around with.

  • John Beckwith
    John Beckwith 3 months ago +451

    Love how she looked right into the camera as if she knew it was there.

    • AstroValleyZone
      AstroValleyZone 3 months ago +26

      because she did, they were filming another video

    • ♡WAHOOOO!♡
      ♡WAHOOOO!♡ 3 months ago +22

      She did, how will she record an unboxing video without knowing theres a camera? obviously she has to know

    • Girelvi Vivas
      Girelvi Vivas 3 months ago


  • God
    God 3 months ago +4

    That’s why you don’t open each other’s packages.

    • Lilykiller11
      Lilykiller11 3 months ago

      Yeah i get yelled at if i dont open his package so

  • Felt
    Felt 3 months ago

    When people say "I'm crying, I'm really crying" you know they aren't crying

  • Crystal Cooper
    Crystal Cooper 3 months ago +3785

    I think that it's even cooler that she got it like that because it was really a surprise to both of them. Because when you go to dinner and everything you expect a gift. Your an amazing couple and your children are so beautiful.

  • Salad.
    Salad. 3 months ago +1

    It’s the authenticity of the moment that really got me.

  • D2 Masochist
    D2 Masochist 3 months ago +8

    Thank God the camera was there and running, and she looked directly on it. Very authentic

  • Mangoflamingogirl91
    Mangoflamingogirl91 4 months ago +4785

    She still got a wonderful surprise❤ You are an amazing father and husband. ❤❤❤

    • N S
      N S 3 months ago +4

      That delicate ring doesn't quite work with the arm sleeve tattoo.

    • Manda
      Manda 3 months ago +10

      Anyone posting their kids online for money is not an amazing father.

    • Lilly Love
      Lilly Love 3 months ago +6

      ​@MandaI agree 👍💯

    • steven black
      steven black 3 months ago +1

      Is expensive gifts the only way to your heart also?

    • Rhonda Davis
      Rhonda Davis 3 months ago +2

      @steven black well no, but this guy does a TON of other things for his wife, and I suspect strongly she does for him.
      I know some ppl are cynical about good marriages. I get that. Divorce makes ppl skeptical about the possibility of being able to have a good marriage.
      After a couple relationship failures early in my life, I finally decided to live the way God suggests. And it is not coincidence that doing it His way got me the results that are good. Been happily married to a fun, loving and caring godly man for over 10 years and we are happily grandparenting 12 grandkids together.
      IMPT LIFE LESSON: the suggestions in the Bible for doing things His way is to protect us from the harm, sadness, despair etc that living a sinful lifestyle produces. Instead of living MY way, I started living His way.
      My husband and I (separately) chased after God; I went on mission trips with my teen daughters, raised my kids in a sober household, took them to a great church and actually learned for myself what the Bible said…not what I thot it said! ☺️
      waited for over 10 years living a pure lifestyle sexually. Was it easy? Most of the time it was, but sometimes it was difficult. But God helped me be strong when I was tempted and my husband also. My husband was doing similar things after his divorce, gave his life to the Lord, took his daughter to church, sang in a quartet and played music in church. He also strengthened his relationship with God, and lived a pure life(sober and sexually pure).
      Neither of us were looking when we found each other. We were determined to put God first in our lives and marriage. We still are.
      We are blessed and as we age, we have a loving partner…never thot that was going to happen. But it didn’t happen by coincidence…we chose to do things Gods way, and it continues to be a source of great joy for us. Is life easy? No, it’s not, but we have Someone named Jesus that helps us have peace in the midst of trouble and He guides us daily.
      Hope this helps someone to believe that, as is stated in Matthew 19:26
      “But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible’ “.
      “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
      Matthew 6:33
      I pray this helps everyone reading 🙏🏼❤️

    SKULLMAX 3 months ago

    "im crying, im literally crying"
    *tears left the chat

  • Kaizoku Mugiwara
    Kaizoku Mugiwara 3 months ago

    "You're a husband whose 10 year surprises was ruined"

  • DomDollx
    DomDollx 3 months ago +8923

    How does one get this type of moment on camera w/o planning?

    • Claudia White
      Claudia White 3 months ago +1069

      Tbh looks like it might’ve been an unboxing video of some kind?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Anon.
      Anon. 3 months ago +507

      I guess when you make contents for soc med, you just set up camera anytime to capture their daily lives, which they can also use these footage in their vlogs. This is youtube short so they just snipped this specific moment out of a long video to post. The rest can be used for other video contents

    • Woozy
      Woozy 3 months ago +40

      @Anon. Bro I look like crap all day

    • elly
      elly 3 months ago +135

      she was doing a mail unboxing

    • Sarah Ledbetter
      Sarah Ledbetter 3 months ago +60

      You don’t.

  • Ggenna Brown
    Ggenna Brown 2 months ago

    Awwwww, sooooo cuuuuuuute, congratulations guys 🎉

  • Kash Mooney
    Kash Mooney 3 months ago +2

    Bro is gonna have the angriest phone call later on 😭😂

  • Lerato Mohapi
    Lerato Mohapi 3 months ago +10026

    Ok backstory for those wondering if this is fake or not the husband actually has a video explaining what actually happened here and the story is he did order some jewellery from this sponsor for their anniversary and he bought a ring but planned on surprising her on their anniversary date, so he thought he shipped the necklaces to his house and the ring to fedex but the delivery delivered one necklace and the ring so when he saw her open a box he thought it was the necklace and didn’t seem concerned until you see his reaction when he realises they deliver the ring in advance-the reason they have a camera in is because they were unboxing the jewellery and wanted to actually market that jewellery store and get y’all to buy from them ( you know common Clip-Sharer stuff when they advertise) and then that happened, totally unplanned and real reaction -my man’s entire plan got ruined in a minute 😂❤

    • Iqbal Salad
      Iqbal Salad 3 months ago +169

      Is this their fake account

    • Josephine Salinas
      Josephine Salinas 3 months ago +70

      Thank you ❤❤❤ i was wondering 🤔 what was going on

    • Mak-Mak
      Mak-Mak 3 months ago +27

      😅😅😂😂😂😂 bestest surprise for both of you😅😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Nathan Malik
      Nathan Malik 3 months ago +14

      ​@Iqbal Salad😂😂

    • lylavati
      lylavati 3 months ago +3

      Oh no 😂

  • kr4zzy
    kr4zzy 3 months ago

    This deserves an oscar

  • Postalferret Withrum
    Postalferret Withrum 3 months ago

    "I'm crying really crying right now"
    Covers eyes to hide lack of tears for conveniently place camera on tripod

  • Hera
    Hera 3 months ago +486

    Most surprises are nice, but when someone gets you something you truly find beautiful you will treasure it for a lifetime.

  • Arty Watts
    Arty Watts 2 months ago +1

    i always film myself opening my ordered packages incase something like this happens!

  • tumatauenga
    tumatauenga 3 months ago

    Thank the gods the camera was set up to capture this totally authentic moment

  • T S
    T S 4 months ago +3905

    Yeah, sure, and you just happen to have a camera going when you "messed up by accident.." 😂

    • Jen Lynde
      Jen Lynde 4 months ago +449

      Because they were supposed to be unboxing thier necklaces. He thought there was one in each box. The ring was supposed to be shipped somewhere else.

    • It’s Just Jessi
      It’s Just Jessi 3 months ago +83

      I came here to say just that! I am glad someone explained!

    • Melanie Moody
      Melanie Moody 3 months ago +40

      They were supposed to be filming something else

    • Kassie Dabs
      Kassie Dabs 3 months ago +17

      .... thats a likely story ... some would say 😂 either way, its content 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Mr Chug-a-lugga
    Mr Chug-a-lugga 3 months ago

    Their love is as real as this video

  • F Davis
    F Davis 2 months ago

    You can see his disappointment that he didn't get to give it to her. God bless them.

  • MajorMonkeytoes
    MajorMonkeytoes 3 months ago +1249

    If a package has my husband's name on it I don't open it unless he asks me to. He does the same for me; that way we don't ruin any surprises. It's technically not our mail anyway.

    • Dead Set On Dreams
      Dead Set On Dreams 3 months ago +26

      He might have put her name on it so he could tell what the package was. Or he might have just put their last name on it. My dad will just put only the last name on things sometimes.

    • Anu Gokak
      Anu Gokak 3 months ago +19

      😂😂uh guys are seeing private parts without hesitating nd u guys feel embarrased to just open package????

    • Dead Set On Dreams
      Dead Set On Dreams 3 months ago +45

      @Anu Gokak Opening someone else's mail is considered a Federal Crime...You do realize that, correct? Who said anything about embarrassment? Because literally, no one did...
      They said they aren't opening their significant others' mail because it isn't addressed to them. And I explained why it may not have been clear to the poster why it wasn't for her.
      Also, the fact that you called them private parts. It's called a penis and a vagina. You are allowed to educate yourself and address things properly.

    • Christina L.
      Christina L. 3 months ago +15

      They are married, it's not considered a crime

    • Banks
      Banks 3 months ago +21

      @Christina L. it is if their name isn’t on it. Doesn’t matter if you’re family.

  • Mia D
    Mia D 3 months ago

    “ that was supposed to be shipped to FedEx”😂

  • Dex
    Dex 3 months ago

    Luckily you had a camera rolling, a sponsor and a promo code ready for this totally unexpected moment 😂😂😂💀

  • Motzaik Muzik
    Motzaik Muzik 3 months ago +1021

    Plot twist: it was for his girlfriend and he’s quick with it

  • HugeRooster10
    HugeRooster10 3 months ago

    This is why I tell my wife not to open my packages lmao

  • Becca Boo
    Becca Boo 3 months ago

    I didn’t realize people record themselves opening their packages. 😂

  • Tricia Alphonso
    Tricia Alphonso 3 months ago +1592

    His facial expression was priceless. If this was fake, he deserves an Oscar. What a sweet husband.

    • Andrea Stavelio
      Andrea Stavelio 3 months ago +20

      Lol this definitely fake…and bad acting

    • lylavati
      lylavati 3 months ago +14

      I read it is not fake, because they wanted to advertise something that was supposed to be delivered to their house. Instead the ring was delivered there. But I dunno, maybe it is fake. 😂

    • Deal Wolfstriked
      Deal Wolfstriked 3 months ago +1

      If this was fake?? Do you not see him peeking over her shoulder at beginning of video to SEE her reaction???

    • Trill Murray
      Trill Murray 3 months ago +3

      Yeah she's so convincing when she says I'm literally crying right now 😂

    • ଓଁ d OVER analyst🇮🇳
      ଓଁ d OVER analyst🇮🇳 3 months ago +8

      ​@Deal Wolfstriked That was cuz it was supposed to be filming for a reaction to opening the necklace.
      The ring was the mistake

  • MR.Kat-z YouTube Channel

    Even know the surprise in the guy's eyes got ruined but she was still surprised and very happy.

  • Megzz
    Megzz 3 months ago

    I love how they put a picture on the fridge like that would convince everyone this wasn’t staged 😂

  • casualcrybaby
    casualcrybaby 4 months ago +1640

    “Is it for me?!?!” As if he has another woman on the side💀❤️

    • Targaryen_Paula
      Targaryen_Paula 4 months ago +32

      I was laughing so hard! Her reaction is so cute! ❤ 😂

    • emil huseynov
      emil huseynov 4 months ago +49

      I mean he kinda has in the form of his two beautiful kids. Sooo it’s never unwise to make sure it’s for her 😁

    • Hera Isaway
      Hera Isaway 3 months ago +63

      Could be for his mother or other relatives🤷‍♀️

    • Solkard
      Solkard 3 months ago +21

      It's for his next wife. Divorce papers are in the next envelope.

    • joe hernandez
      joe hernandez 3 months ago +10

      lol it is now

  • Audio Elitist
    Audio Elitist 3 months ago +1

    Congratulations. Keep being amazing to each other.

  • Benedictus Mhlengi
    Benedictus Mhlengi 3 months ago

    The change in the husband's face 😂😂😂

  • Carve
    Carve 3 months ago

    Just for people that don't know, if you're saying "I'm crying" and you're not literally crying, you're not crying

  • mint pancakez
    mint pancakez 3 months ago

    which is why i never let anyone open my packages 😂

  • Maria Alejandra Wuetter Gonzalez

    She is so grateful, and the accidental fact that she opens the box doesn't care❤ love it!

    • Wokephobic
      Wokephobic 3 months ago +1

      Grateful? Bruh I didn't realize her look of disappointment was a look of gratitude.

    • colas topczynski
      colas topczynski 3 months ago +3


    • Alina Sss
      Alina Sss 3 months ago +4

      Sure, "accidental". The camera was set up "accidentally" too 😂 I wonder how many takes it took them to film it

    • SmittysGaming97
      SmittysGaming97 3 months ago +1

      @Alina Sssit was an unboxing video for other jewelry

    • SmittysGaming97
      SmittysGaming97 3 months ago

      @Wokephobichuh? Who hurt you my guy lol

  • Roger Warton
    Roger Warton 2 months ago

    They both crying but for different reasons.
    Her: What a sweet husband you are.
    Him: What a dumb husband I am.

  • JowaMoto
    JowaMoto 3 months ago +2

    Yup. I totally buy it.
    Im just impressed how cameras are always perfectly in the right place at the right time for moments like this. 😂

  • austin gamble
    austin gamble 3 months ago +1070

    What a thoughtful wife she knew damn well she didn’t order any jewelry straight up ruined his plans

    • ThatGuyThatDoesStuff
      ThatGuyThatDoesStuff 3 months ago +61

      Yep. This isn't cute at all. Opening something not addressed to you is not cool.

    • hotblackie🦍🤎
      hotblackie🦍🤎 3 months ago +28

      @ThatGuyThatDoesStuff so dramatic 🤣

    • KitKat
      KitKat 3 months ago +16

      @hotblackie🦍🤎 haha right if it was a surprise guy should have let her know not to open anything with his name on it my bf and I of 6 yrs open each others packages but make sure to ask first lol just in case stuff like this happens...they def learned but still cute.

    • decrane100
      decrane100 3 months ago +47

      That's not what happened. Look and the 2nd top comment. They were supposed to open jewelry they were sponsored by the ring got ship to them by accident. It was supposed to be a necklace.

    • Deaisha Spivey
      Deaisha Spivey 3 months ago +9

      ​@katiehiggins7826 if you watched properly you would know that he said that was NOT supposed to be shipped to the house

  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago

    “How fake do you want it?”

  • Digitalhunny
    Digitalhunny 3 months ago

    Now THIS is what we call real life! When you plan your wedding & all future parties/ events try to include these serendipitous events. "We meant to do that", is always more fun & stress free than getting upset. Plus, couldn't we all use a few extra happy accidents in our lives? Even if they're sorta planned to be something else.

  • OddlyIncredible
    OddlyIncredible 3 months ago

    "Is this for me?"
    "Nope, it's for my other wife in Tuscaloosa."

  • ren / see
    ren / see 3 months ago +246

    “I’m crying, I’m really crying right now.”Exactly what I say every time I’m crying. Gotta love that consumerism, keeping it real deep.

    • 유재석 가모니
      유재석 가모니 3 months ago +2

      Not only that but it's diamonds which has no real value. You go to a bank and try to give them diamonds vs you go to a bank and try to give them gold...see which one they will take. Diamonds are a scam, better get a thick gold necklace if you want to measure love with precious metals.

  • Sumeri
    Sumeri Month ago +1

    ANSWERING EVERYONES QUESTION! Okay so all of you are saying that it’s fake and the wife knew the camera was there but look at the packages there,the wife might’ve thought it was part of it because they were doing a unboxing video 👍

  • Canthus13
    Canthus13 3 months ago +429

    I'd have been all "Oh. Shit. That was for your sister."

    • General Sorrow
      General Sorrow 3 months ago +2

      You'd have been divorced.

    • Canthus13
      Canthus13 3 months ago +9

      @General Sorrow Ha. Nah. My ex wife would have thought it was hilarious. (I know. my ex wife. We split for reasons other than humor. Mainly that we can't be in the same room for more than a couple of hours without being at each other's throats. We're still close friends and co parents, though.)

    • peace&love unity
      peace&love unity 3 months ago +1

      ​@Canthus13 😂Wth😅

    • Josh
      Josh 3 months ago +1

      I don’t even know what to say to all that 😂

  • ShR33k
    ShR33k 3 months ago

    Plot Twist: He forgot about the anniversary, and it was actually for his side piece!!! 😂 Happy anniversary!!!

  • CoderSal DCLXVI
    CoderSal DCLXVI 3 months ago +1

    So much work went into this video people don't even realize. This guy had to crawl into a time machine and study her every move in order to strategically place that camera to capture the exact moment her reaction happens. Phenomenal!

  • Dragon Moon
    Dragon Moon 3 months ago +87

    Thank goodness an Instagram camera was floating in the air capturing this precious moment.

    • Athena Edwards
      Athena Edwards 3 months ago +4

      Right?! Its almost like they were filming an unboxing video for sponsored products. 🤔

    • EllieDau
      EllieDau 3 months ago +1

      @Athena Edwards omg fr, like I never thought of that. I wish there were a video, or a short explaining what happened! Ur theory is so smart.

  • Liones
    Liones 2 months ago

    So naturally spontaneous, with all the camera's

  • Mimi S . Bloom
    Mimi S . Bloom Month ago

    ring in place of necklace was the best surprise for her

  • šūdas
    šūdas 3 months ago +24

    Aww camera knew what was going on how cute!

  • Anthony
    Anthony 3 months ago

    "Is this for me?"
    And that's where my sense of humor would get me in trouble.

  • Duilioel
    Duilioel 3 months ago

    Let’s give it for the invisible camera man. 👏

  • LeRoy Jenkins
    LeRoy Jenkins 3 months ago +1050

    Totally by accident, but I have 2 different cameras recording it ... Sounds legit.

    • Kallie Goodman
      Kallie Goodman 3 months ago +16

      Plus her ring was already off

    • hi
      hi 3 months ago +32

      She was recording another video

    • LeRoy Jenkins
      LeRoy Jenkins 3 months ago +23

      @hi lol.. suuuuure. The dude also just happened to be lurking in the background, too... You believe whatever you want.,

    • Moonlit _Shadows
      Moonlit _Shadows 3 months ago +32

      You can tell shes recording a po box opening based on all the other boxes

    • Imelda Menjivar
      Imelda Menjivar 3 months ago +38

      Where’s the second camera angle? Please tell me you aren’t talking about the zoomed in parts.

  • Aditya
    Aditya 3 months ago

    Wow the camera was pointing right at them. God really is great 🙏

  • me
    me 3 months ago

    the way his face dropped so quickly as soon as he saw it 💀

  • Sev
    Sev 4 months ago +230

    1 can only think of how beautiful it is
    And the other can only think of the failed surprise 😂😂😂

  • adminmovie
    adminmovie 3 months ago

    thank god camera's AI was activated to capture this precious moment.

  • Kaitlin Mooney
    Kaitlin Mooney 3 months ago

    How did you not have to sign for such a package? I’ve had to sign for freaking shaving razors for crying out loud 😂

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 3 months ago +629

    Whenever it was presented to your wife, you're a winner, dude!!!! It did what it was supposed to do for your lady. Good job!!

  • Tina Fardoulis
    Tina Fardoulis 3 months ago

    So beautiful ❤ you guys are adorable

  • DBSxGaming
    DBSxGaming 3 months ago

    “How fake?” “Yes”

  • Shinigami_Jem
    Shinigami_Jem 3 months ago +56

    I would have answered, "nope not for you" 😂😂😂

    • Theglamm Fairy
      Theglamm Fairy 3 months ago +1


    • Suyeon
      Suyeon 3 months ago +2

      same if she goes through my stuff ruining my surprise i would have said, no that s for my other girlfriend.
      believe me as a girl if i would hear that i would be shocked xd so it would work.

    • Julia DeMar
      Julia DeMar 3 months ago +1

      Am I the only one that doesn't think the ring was meant for her?

  • DreemSkreemer
    DreemSkreemer 3 months ago

    If it wasn't scripted, it definitely wasn't for her!😂😂😂

  • MrNunyoBidness
    MrNunyoBidness 3 months ago

    Wife: _"Is this for me"_
    Husband, panicking: _"Uh, no. It's for my side piece."_

  • Supa Chaloopa
    Supa Chaloopa 3 months ago +17

    When the camera is the only one in the room with you tube on it's mind.

  • Nolimit kk
    Nolimit kk 2 months ago

    “Im crying i’m literally crying right now” - literally NOT crying at all 😂😂😂 influencer life 🤣🤣

  • سهر
    سهر 3 months ago +160

    Honestly it’s better it happened this way such a sweet wholesome memory

    • Suyeon
      Suyeon 3 months ago

      this is not sweet this is her being selfish...the man clearly wanted to do something special and she ruined it .

  • Fatty
    Fatty 3 months ago

    Women are so much happier, with material things! Men mean absolutely nothing to a women but objects mean everything!

  • InfernoR4pt0r
    InfernoR4pt0r 3 months ago

    Can’t tell you how many times this has happened to my parents. My dad gives up half the time and decides to go out for the day when it happens😂

  • Thegray_grae
    Thegray_grae 4 months ago +227

    I know how you feel, but I think this makes it even more beautiful that you caught both of y’alls reaction on camera

  • Rue Robbins
    Rue Robbins 3 months ago

    hahahaha I think this turned out better than a planned suprise love seeing stuff like this caught on camera!!!

  • The Talker
    The Talker 3 months ago

    “Is this for me?”

  • pat riot
    pat riot 3 months ago +432

    He’s the perfect dad and husband! Happy Anniversary now go show your girls your gift! ❤

    • Laura Winch
      Laura Winch 3 months ago

      Still very sweet ❤

    • Anna Verano
      Anna Verano 3 months ago +2

      On camera every couple is sweet and adorable because its staged to make appear sweet and adorable. In reality they have their ups and downs just like every other couple in the world . Just most people choose not to have their private lives and personable daily activities lives on full display with a camera lurking around to capture their every action .. js

  • Logic2222
    Logic2222 2 months ago

    I would’ve took the ring back and surprised her another 10 years from now😂

  • Jamie Conway
    Jamie Conway 3 months ago

    Hes definitely going to file a complaint to whoever was on charge of shipping it

  • Ell
    Ell 4 months ago +367

    This is very sweet and also freaking hilarious!

  • Deskas Andreas
    Deskas Andreas 2 months ago

    At least she didn't tried to hide it by not looking directly at the camera

  • Mojo Lojo
    Mojo Lojo 3 months ago

    Nothing says materialism like omg I'm crying with not a single tear

  • 神の遣い
    神の遣い 4 months ago +329

    Your wife is so happy that she could cry 💞 Congratulations on your wonderful anniversary, wonderful ring, and wedding anniversary💞✨✨✨

  • Dan K
    Dan K 2 months ago

    Good thing you always film yourself opening your mail... 😂

  • Usri Yeni
    Usri Yeni 3 months ago

    3,2,1.. action 🎥…… they both are good actor n actress . N the Grammy goes toooooo…. 👏👏