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  • Published on Jan 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • In this special 45-minute retrospective, Daniel Craig candidly reflects on his 15 year adventure as James Bond. Including never-before-seen archival footage from Casino Royale to No Time To Die, Craig shares his personal memories in conversation with 007 producers, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.
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  • Bayuuk
    Bayuuk Year ago +696

    The biggest fuck you to any of the Craig doubters was the fact that he gave us arguably the best bond film in his debut. Casino Royale is a masterpiece

    • Diogo Catalano
      Diogo Catalano 7 months ago +4

      Jason Bourne, that´s what it is.

    • Daniil Ashurov
      Daniil Ashurov 7 months ago +21

      @Diogo Catalano Quantum is Jason Bourne. Casino is one of the best Bond movies.

    • Diogo Catalano
      Diogo Catalano 7 months ago +4

      @Daniil Ashurov I cannot see this reboot as James Bond character. That´s just another guy using the franchise´s name.

    • Daniil Ashurov
      Daniil Ashurov 7 months ago +18

      @Diogo Catalano too bad for you. But Craig Is Bond.

    • Diogo Catalano
      Diogo Catalano 7 months ago +2

      @Daniil Ashurov Fortunatelly, he is gone for good.

  • Christians For Truth
    Christians For Truth Year ago +27

    One of the main reasons why Daniel was great as Bond was because he seemed real. He was very believable. That's why he was great. His Bond was not jokey and obviously unreal. His Bond felt very real. Great job.

  • The Red Velvet Shoe Vintage

    No words. Just respect. For the franchise. The team. Mr. Craig. Everything. This is why legacy matters...

  • Hello_there
    Hello_there Year ago +290

    Craig is so down to Earth. A humble man. That is a very rare thing for someone of his prestige.

    • melisa GALVALIZI
      melisa GALVALIZI Year ago +3


    • Pajak's Perspective
      Pajak's Perspective  Year ago +8

      I agree with this. No one truly understands what the guy went through to make these films. I know he’s proud of his 5 films and walking away after No Time To Die was hard for him especially that ending and his films are their own self contained series he re defined 007 and made him a human being first and foremost. A superb journey.

    • John Bacon
      John Bacon 8 months ago +6

      @melisa GALVALIZI You seem to have fallen into the trap of only knowing part of the story. You try doing something new tomorrow, only to find the internet pulling you apart for days and weeks after..... then suddenly everyone realises you were actually amazing at it, and you wake up the next day to 200 people ouside your home, you cant go out, have a meal or a pint in the local your kids routines are messed up as they are being hounded going to school... everyone wants you to do this and that... you spend months away from home, to come back to crazy town... see how that effects your mental health..... you might make a few moans and groans alomng the way.

    • Daniil Ashurov
      Daniil Ashurov 7 months ago +4

      @melisa GALVALIZI go outside, touch the grass.

    • Mr. Manager
      Mr. Manager 4 months ago +3

      @melisa GALVALIZIConnery did the same thing. Hating Bond is almost a requirement to playing the character

  • Recovery Unplugged
    Recovery Unplugged Month ago +5

    These particular Bond films saved my life and gave me a creative career. I have bipolar disorder and wrote a memoir about my recovery after seeing Casino Royale called Letters to Daniel. I made the film. It won over 100 awards. It got streaming, DVD, and limited theatrical distribution. Thank you for casting him. Thank you for these films. Collectively you all gave me my dream career and life. ❤

  • givethatwolfabanana 🍌

    Daniel Craig's final speech to the set... I cried.

  • Varun
    Varun Year ago +2066

    Craig had the longest tenure but he was also the only Bond who had a character arc and a beginning middle and end. Even in his weaker films he was the best part. He left some pretty big shoes to fill.

    • Ramír Delgado
      Ramír Delgado Year ago +16

      And I agree.

    • Diogo Catalano
      Diogo Catalano Year ago +22

      Longest because this last movie should be released in 2019 but because the pandemic it was released in 2021. Only time will tell if Craig´s movies will have any importance in the future. I bet not.

    • Haider Ali Khan
      Haider Ali Khan Year ago +40

      Best bond ever. Thank you Daniel. I miss you

    • SKK
      SKK Year ago +9

      Tom Hardy, idriss Elba, Jason statham. All could be fantastic bonds.

    • Food Reacts
      Food Reacts Year ago +4

      that's 2010 Filming for you , its strange to see Bond without a ARC

  • Hunter Thompson
    Hunter Thompson Year ago +95

    This was so emotional. To see the arc of Craig go from being hated as Bond to the amazing legacy he leaves behind is just so incredibly inspiring. Well done Mr. Bond!

    • Val Murphy
      Val Murphy 4 months ago +3

      Just LOVE it all

    • Vera Mae
      Vera Mae 2 months ago +2

      The London Olympics was the last Olympics for me. The Queen and Bond!
      Then we had Russian doping and Chinese genocide and I gave it up.

  • Adanger
    Adanger Year ago +484

    For me, Bond was always movies I didn't take seriously. Sure, they were fun and fantastical and you could watch it and forget it. Daniel Craig's Bond, and Barbara and Michael's vision of how he could be that character, changed all that. Suddenly it had bite, it had grit, it felt a bit more real and closer to home, even if there are things still that nods at the old Bond. I loved this Bond. He was solid. I hope the press however, take a good look in the mirror, cause their reporting leading up to the first movie was horrendous.

    • army_dreamer_80
      army_dreamer_80 Year ago +15

      Perhaps you could watch Timothy Dalton's 007 films, then reassess your opinion of Craig being the first gritty Bond.

    • Adanger
      Adanger Year ago +16

      @army_dreamer_80 True! So agree. Those are gritty too! I liked Timothy Dalton, and I guess if they had been filmed today, those would be even better. He is a brilliant actor :)

    • Jason Shaneyfelt
      Jason Shaneyfelt Year ago +11

      Nobody learned a thing from attacking Daniel Craig's casting. The exact same thing happened to Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker just a few years later lol

    • Janie Allenson
      Janie Allenson Year ago +2


  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson Year ago +521

    "Knives out for the new James Bond." -- that one actually did age quite nicely :)

    • Kevin
      Kevin Year ago +23

      Knives Out is soo good, I just love everything with Daniel Craig innit

    • Henrik
      Henrik Year ago +4

      One of Daniel Craigs best movies, certainly better than his James Bond performance in any movie he did imo

    • Caroline Whitaker
      Caroline Whitaker Year ago +1

      I can't believe how much Daniel Craig looks like Princess Anne? I wonder if Daniel was adopted by Tim? And Tim looks like David Owen. I can understand their fury. I lost my half sister Lynn and my uncle David 😢

    • Jon Dunmore
      Jon Dunmore 11 months ago +7

      KNIVES OUT, where Danial and Ana de Armas were together onscreen as well...

    • Mark Daly
      Mark Daly 5 months ago +3

      @Henrik Daniel Best performance is in a movie(low budget movie called the lodger) a group of firends put an ad in a paper looking for a lodger, but he is in fact a psychopath and craig is brilliant and in the end they all die.

  • 고인돌님
    고인돌님 Year ago +13

    This memoire of Daniel as 007 will age very well. They made a great tribute to our generation's James Bond. Hats off to the production team who made this.

  • SolidMGSnake
    SolidMGSnake Year ago +32

    Craig gave it his all.. emotionally and physically. Thank you Daniel Craig and all the crew and actors involved in the production of the movies.

  • Luke Daley
    Luke Daley Year ago +1273

    Daniel Craig redefined the bond franchise with his performance as Bond. This is why he’s my favourite James Bond.

    • Randall Rutherford
      Randall Rutherford Year ago +17

      I became a James Bond fan when Daniel Craig played bond for the first time in casino Royale and that enabled me to go back and become a huge fan of all of the previous bonds as well so now I love them all but you really have to respect Daniel Craig for what he did and the ark that he really brought with his portrayal to be complete. I absolutely adore him as James Bond among others

    • Diogo Catalano
      Diogo Catalano Year ago +6

      True. Before Craig, Bond was performed by good looking actors and now he became just a well dressed John Doe.

    • Nelson Smith
      Nelson Smith Year ago +8

      I think Craig was fine as Bond, he certainly made the role his own, but except for two very good films, I don't think his era of Bond is going to be looked back on favorably overall.

    • Food Reacts
      Food Reacts Year ago +1

      SAME him and sean are my favs Daniel is different gravy

    • Pradeep Rajkumar
      Pradeep Rajkumar Year ago +1

      Same here mate..

  • SNG
    SNG Year ago +72

    He’s my favourite bond for sure. Craig humanised him in a way no one else could and made him have actual feelings. It’s sad all the criticism he received but he shut them all up from his performance from Casino Royale

    • Joanie Adams
      Joanie Adams 4 months ago +2

      That was hardly the idea. It's just people's current societal norms. Let's soften Bond.

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro 11 months ago +36

    There will never be another Daniel Craig, what an absolute LEGEND, not only for the Bond films, but all of cinema. I remember watching Skyfall in theaters when I was a kid, and was a fan of Bond films ever since. Thank you for your performance, Daniel Craig❤️

  • Dimi Pepes
    Dimi Pepes Year ago +24

    He’s such an amazing actor and a decent human being, so humble and talented. His Legacy will be remembered forever. Thank you for giving us an amazing Bond and an unforgettable fifteen years cinematic experience Mr. Craig

  • acutelychronic
    acutelychronic Year ago +8

    daniel craig did a great job. he added real humanity and depth to the role without compromising on the badassery.

  • S Dustin
    S Dustin Year ago +5

    I’m a huge fan of them all. I was skeptical. Bond is not blonde! He will be hard to follow. He brought a physicality like no one before. Masculinity . Daniel Craig is also an extraordinary dramatist. I can’t believe his run is over. Iconic Bond. Stellar , Mr. Craig. 👏

  • db
    db Year ago +245

    I'm an 80's kid who grew up watching the Bond films, but it wasn't until I saw Daniel Craig in Casino that I fell in love with the character. To me Daniel Craig humanized James Bond and that's why I think his offerings were so special!

    • indah p
      indah p Year ago +2

      me too... i think among all james bond, craig has given the most perfect spy agent with his though image yet charismatic

    • Nkechi Anaedobe
      Nkechi Anaedobe 7 months ago


    • Dick Handy
      Dick Handy 7 months ago +2

      @Nkechi Anaedobe You both are waterheads. You obviously haven't seen Timothy Dalton. Craig is doing his performance.

  • Luke Harris
    Luke Harris 11 months ago +13

    What an unexpectedly moving little insight into the role of a lifetime. Awesome that the shower scene- which is one of the best romance scenes ever, in or out of a Bond film- came to be because Daniel understood that the moment was so important, traumatic, and fertile for what became truly the best moment in James Bond’s fifty year story. We’ll miss you, Dan.

  • Carlo D
    Carlo D Year ago +8

    Absolutely the best James bond. He will be missed.

  • Rokit
    Rokit 11 months ago +7

    Daniel Craig, you absolutely killed it! Bravo sir! 👏

  • Priscilla Buford
    Priscilla Buford Year ago +7

    I grew up during the Roger Moore Bond era and have seen most of the films. By the end of Pierce’s run they had become almost cringe induced camp. When Daniel started with Casino Royal the franchise seemed to get revitalized and the films were really good again. Of course he had the one liners but something about him doing the delivery made it work spectacularly. I wasn’t expecting No Time To Die to do what it did (no spoilers from me 🤫) and I’m really sad Daniel’s run has come to an end. I hope the next actor is ready for it because the shoes left for him to step in are colossal in size and scope. Thank You to Everyone involved with the last 15 years.

  • The Law of Divine Oneness
    The Law of Divine Oneness 5 months ago +5

    I have watched this retrospective many times because I am just so proud of Daniel. The best part is how he prevailed and proved all the naysayers wrong. Man that has got to be a sweet feeeling to get the last laugh and become the best Bond ever. As one of the reviewers wrote: "Craig is not a good Bond. He is a great Bond."

  • Lee Craig Stewart
    Lee Craig Stewart Year ago +318

    My heart melted when Bond visits Vesper's grave in Matera, saying "I miss you".

  • Larry Richards
    Larry Richards Year ago +6

    Very emotional and well done video. Daniel Craig was the best Bond there was and most likely ever will be. The next Bond has some pretty big shoes to fill.

  • asterisco
    asterisco Year ago +127

    1) Casino Royale
    2) No Time To Die
    3) Skyfall
    4) Spectre
    5) Quantum of Solace
    We will be eternally grateful to you, Mr. Craig

    • tom
      tom 9 months ago +14

      Casino Royale itself elevated the franchise to a new level. Easily best Bond

    • ManuMiAS
      ManuMiAS 8 months ago +7

      no time ti die was awful not even a bond movie

    • constantine zh
      constantine zh 8 months ago +1

      @ManuMiAS Agreed. What a pathetic film....

    • notW1SE
      notW1SE 8 months ago +3

      @ManuMiAS Because it was his final goodbye. It was showing he was trying to get out but ended being dragged back in and finally got out by dying.

      Ahmed ABOUELENEIN 8 months ago +3

      3) Quantum of Solace,
      4) Spectre
      I believe

  • Robin Bucceri
    Robin Bucceri Year ago +67

    I grew up watching Jame Bond movies starting with Connery who I always thought was the best but after watching Craig I have to put him into a whole other category. He was amazing right out of the gate with Casino Royale right through to No Time To Die which was perfection! I don’t know how they will find another 007 or a story that will be as good but that is what we all wait for.

    • Alexei M S Cruz
      Alexei M S Cruz Year ago +4

      especially when they decided to kill Bond off in No Time to Die (spoiler alert)... I've always held the belief when a beloved character is killed off in any series or franchise, it is considered a closure... and it would be difficult if the character would come back alive either by the same actor or a different one and he/she doesn't deliver, they would actually kill the franchise and the character... Craig's replacement had better carry Bond as his own and not a clone or facsimile of the other Bonds...

    • Diogo Catalano
      Diogo Catalano Year ago

      @Alexei M S Cruz Craig´s "Bond" was another character. Just have the same name and profession. I´m so glad his days are over, finally.

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos 11 months ago +6

    I don't know if any of the other actors would've done a good Bond, i imagine they would. But Daniel made the best Bond movie ever. And that says a lot. Thank you, Daniel.

  • Bobby A
    Bobby A Year ago +48

    Daniel Craig, we are going to miss you as “James Bond.”

  • FanThemePark
    FanThemePark Year ago +347

    Daniel Craig is my Bond. He was the first Bond I ever saw on the big screen and his run will always be my favorite as the character. Casino Royale, Skyfall, and No Time to Die are all incredible films and are some of my favorite films of all time. While Quantum and Spectre may not be as good as the other three, I love all Craig's films. You will be missed!

    • Rick
      Rick Year ago +8

      100% with you on this. Casino was my first also, and he made me a fan.

    • 888bangthory
      888bangthory Year ago +6

      100% agree , I kinda missed the Casino/QoS physical energy and athleticism in NTTD but Craigs magnetic performance made up for it , won't happen but Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux deserve Oscar nominations

    • cookies
      cookies Year ago +1

      Same. Craig was my first Bond.. and I fell in love 😍

    • mk smith
      mk smith Year ago +3

      I was born at 10:07 AM 6/9/56. I was destined to be a Bond fanatic.
      From the time my dearly departed wonderful father took me to see Goldfinger,
      I was hooked at 8 years old. "I suppose you want me to talk?" laser making its way toward his naughty bits. "No, Mr bond i want you to die!" LOL I really liked SPCTERE. Especially the scene with the watch, and how Blofeld got his scar. Waltz is a truly great actor too, and the best Blofeld, bald or not, he had that Persian.cat. (My family had one for 17 years gray as Soot, so that's what I named him.) I also watched the original Star Trek with my folks, and I love that franchise also. I could play Blofeld too: almost all my hair fell out by the time i was 25, so I just shave it.
      Anonymous15 December 2017 at 04:16
      to be precise, its not JUST a white Persian cat. The cat is a 'Shaded Silver Chinchilla fur Persian", a hybrid cat that has dark rings like eyeliner around its eyes, bright greenish blue eyes, and a silvery tint over a white undercoat.

    • mk smith
      mk smith Year ago +1

      Thanx for enlightening me on that finer point. I suppose you could be more specific on Book's Main Coon cat, Grudge on Star Trek Discovery too. It is actually brothers.

  • Stacy Leiran
    Stacy Leiran Year ago +11

    I remember when I had first heard that Daniel Craig was going to be the new Bond, I was ecstatic! I had seen him in that small but powerful role in the movie "Elizabeth" and I thought "oh my God, he will make an awesome James Bond"! I have seen all the other actors portray Bond before him and while each brought their "own" as Bond, no one brought the depth of character, the raw emotion, the intensity that Daniel Craig brought to the role. Daniel, you will be sorely missed as Bond and will be difficult to watch without you in this most iconic role. Look forward to other films you do as the years go by... loved "Knives Out", by the way. Just shows what a versatile actor you truly are. You will be missed Daniel Craig💞

    • Sergio Inacio
      Sergio Inacio 10 months ago

      Stacy calm down...the depth and intensity of the character was already done, it's not something new that Daniel Craig brought to this new Bond.
      Timothy Dalton portrait the James Bond with all that flaws!

  • James Morris
    James Morris 3 months ago +17

    Craig's bond defined me in my late teens... I remember watching Casino Royale in the theatre when I was 18, and I can honestly say it inspired me into my career in law enforcement and my current rank as as an agent in my department.

    • Lee Lorenz
      Lee Lorenz 2 months ago +2

      how? He's an assassin.

    • James Morris
      James Morris 2 months ago +4

      @Lee Lorenz you're reading too much into it, dude. I was a kid and wanted to be a Secret Agent. Obviously Bond is a glorified, fictional character.

    • Michael Westmoreland
      Michael Westmoreland Month ago +1

      Congratulations. Do you get to introduce yourself that way? Must be a blast to declare yourself "Agent".

    • James Morris
      James Morris 4 days ago +1

      @Michael Westmoreland Ha ha, I do like the title, yes. It's not as glamorous as you'd expect, but I do enjoy my job.

  • Nebkheperure
    Nebkheperure 10 months ago +5

    This is an absolutely superb in-depth video of Daniel Craig's Bond contribution. Highly informative indeed! Thank you for uploading. A fine tribute to Daniel too.

  • Keith
    Keith 11 months ago +3

    42:44 that gasp made me tear up. What a sweet guy. I like him and Connery the best.

  • Mike Kaufman
    Mike Kaufman Year ago +5

    Thank you, Daniel! Your films have been very inspiring to me as a man, and I rewatch them regularly. You’ve definitely made an impact on the Bond franchise and cinema as a whole!

  • Francis Condon
    Francis Condon Year ago +433

    So glad Craig's Bond story was a connected story throughout. Start, middle, end.

    • Mang Sholeh
      Mang Sholeh Year ago +1

      he said it to M, that life expectancy of a double o agent was short. and its true

    • Bern St
      Bern St Year ago

      I had the feeling they forgot to include vesper partly in skyfall.

    • Nelson Smith
      Nelson Smith Year ago +3

      @Bern St Depends on how much time was supposed to have passed between Quantum and Skyfall. The flow of time in Craig's films is weird, because in Casino, Bond had just become a OO, yet in Skyfall they talk about him like he's over the hill and ready for retirement. Yet the end of Skyfall looks like it's setting up vintage Bond who has completed his heroes journey and is ready dedicate himself to Her Majesty's Secret Service.

    • Bern St
      Bern St Year ago

      @Nelson Smith that’s true.

    • Darren Bunting
      Darren Bunting Year ago +10

      Except there was no middle and end, because the writers and producers made it up as they went along

  • Nicholas Olsen
    Nicholas Olsen Year ago +4

    This was an awesome video. My whole family and I went and saw Casino Royale in 2006 on a beach vacation, and it was the last movie I was able to watch in theaters with my grandma before she passed away.
    Both my grandparents, my mom, and myself are poker players/gamblers (for better or worse 😂), and Casino Royale is one of the last great memories I had with my grandma before she died.
    So despite the fact I was a hardcore Bond fan since I began watching/studying films as a kid, and playing the video games, these five films are sentimental to me.
    Thank you, Daniel Craig, you’re the man! You knocked it out of the park.

  • Tom Kolos
    Tom Kolos 4 months ago +2

    I saw “Casino Royale” out of drama school, and his performance and the physicality he brought to the role were a master class in how to be the #1 on the call sheet.

  • Anurag Kushwaha
    Anurag Kushwaha Year ago +15

    Hands down.. Best Bond ever. Truely remarkable. Thank you Mr. Daniel Craig.

  • Seriously You jest?
    Seriously You jest? Year ago +27

    The best Bond ever, from day one. Words I never thought I would hear myself speak

  • Simon Rockstream
    Simon Rockstream Year ago +15

    Very happy to see this uploaded on Clip-Share! And thank you Daniel, you're a good man

  • Jared Sheppard
    Jared Sheppard Year ago +60

    Great documentary! The speech he gave at the end of NTTD with the whole cast and crew on that last shot/wrap of production and Craig was near tears....man I felt that and started tearing up, too!
    Thank you to EON, and MIchael Wilson, Babara Broccoli, the cast and crew, and especialy to you, Daniel Craig for going through the trials and tribulations, the high, the lows, and everything in between.......of being James Bond. Farewell, Commander Craig.

    • Val Murphy
      Val Murphy 5 months ago +1

      Craig is just gorgeous and an excellent actor.

  • M4NA5
    M4NA5 Year ago +3

    Daniel Craig is the Bond of my era and Casino Royale was the first Bond film I ever watched in a theater. My favorite Bond and film respectively.

  • Kulwinder Kuls
    Kulwinder Kuls Year ago +3

    One of the best bond ever. Love it and Craig sets the bar so high that it would takes real balls to whoever going to choose the next bond role.

  • Lau
    Lau Year ago +11

    Craig is for me the best bond! I loved the more serious and grittier look hope he is going to make more movies and enjoying his life reading the new reactions :)

  • Alex SM
    Alex SM Year ago +37

    My favorite Bond, no one can change my mind. Connery was fantastic but his movies were mostly too campy, being a product of their time. Dalton really knocked it out of the park as well.
    But Craig, to me, is Bond.

  • Katie M
    Katie M Year ago +7

    Beautifully done! Daniel redefined James Bond and will be are very hard act to follow for the next 007.

  • Pajak's Perspective
    Pajak's Perspective  Year ago +335

    Thank you Daniel Craig for 15 years of Bond, James Bond. It is really sad to see you leave the role after 5 films, though I know we'll see you again in other roles. Its going to be very weird and interesting adjust to the series with Bond 26 when the new person takes over, but for my money you were the best Bond we've ever had. I will forever be grateful for all the work you have done on; Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and No Time To Die. Thanks for the emotional journey of Bond and re-inventing the series after Die Another Day.
    Farewell Mr Bond. :)

    • Zachary Antle
      Zachary Antle Year ago +6

      Hi Ollie! ;) totally agreed!

    • Andrew Chapman
      Andrew Chapman Year ago +7

      Yeah, just wish he'd done more than 5 films during those 15 years (despite his injuries). Roger Moore did 7 films in 12 years. Would've loved it if Craig had also done 7. Or even 8 in his 15 years and would've become the longest-serving Bond not just by years, but also by number of films too. But cuz of these production and company issues often happening between films and causing long delays, it weren't to be. But all the same, still loved Craig in his 5 films. And yes, gonna be weird when they announce the 007th Bond.

    • Randall Rutherford
      Randall Rutherford Year ago +1

      Very nicely put.

    • Pajak's Perspective
      Pajak's Perspective  Year ago +2

      @Andrew Chapman yeah I could see him go on forever but we know that every bond actor has to leave at some point but 5 is still a great amount and it’s lovely that each actor has a different number of films; Connery - 6 (officially), Lazenby - 1, Moore - 7, Dalton - 2, Brosnan - 4 and Craig - 5. I’m curious to see how long the new person will stay in the role for but yeah Craig’s era, what a journey but it’ll be fun to marathon all 5 movies.

    • onlyone23km
      onlyone23km Year ago +5

      The really sad part was how it ended.

  • Philip Ford
    Philip Ford Year ago +8

    I thought he was great as Bond. A physical actor with an emotional depth. Bond is a brawler, ex-Navy, tough as old leather, but he's also charming and stylish. Craig captured that.

  • sml_nh
    sml_nh Year ago +3

    Daniel Craig brought the James Bond franchise right to the 21 century; gave breath to 007 with a modern twist that immortalized James Bond forever.

  • Jo Rad
    Jo Rad 11 months ago +3

    I didn't think Craig exemplified bond, but I was so wrong! He brought the badass in him! The sadistic side of a secret agent and the true horror villains must face confronting him. He flipped the script and turn the bond world upside down inside out; turning his skills to another level! Now it's idris Elba's turn!!

  • Sushanth Ramesh
    Sushanth Ramesh Year ago +3

    Thank you Daniel. You're a part of our life. Thank you so much. We'll miss you as James Bond on screen, but you're James Bond forever in our hearts!

  • C
    C Year ago +4

    First, Thank you for this documentary. Absolutely smashing, and does credit to Daniel Craig's tenure as James Bond. Being a fan of the bond Franchise for quite awhile, I can honestly say that Daniel Craig for me is the quintessential Bond. What he brought to the character, a human grittiness and not polished like many of his predecessors, for me this is why he will be THE Bond. Thank you Daniel for the years of great cinema.

  • Mayank Bhattacharya
    Mayank Bhattacharya Year ago +416

    It’s funny how a fictional character played by a brilliant actor could shape, change and inspire so many men across the globe. Thank you Daniel for being that #007. Thank you for inspiring and transforming many lives. Much love!

    • Floro
      Floro Year ago +8

      How right you are Mr. Bhattacharya

    • Chaos Lupin
      Chaos Lupin Year ago +5

      How did he inspired and transformed you? Because, although Bond is not a role model, of all the incarnations, Craig's is the most emotionally immature and less sophisticated of them all.

    • Diogo Catalano
      Diogo Catalano Year ago +5

      @Chaos Lupin I can only think that Craig inspired him to be a ugly man wearing expensive suits.

    • Floro
      Floro Year ago +2


    • Rodolfo Diaz Perez
      Rodolfo Diaz Perez Year ago


  • Viv *****
    Viv ***** Year ago +14

    Daniel Craig nailed it what a ride 🙏 saw him in layer cake new he was capable in every way……😎

  • Brian Azmy
    Brian Azmy 10 months ago +4

    Hands down Daniel is the best Bond character that ever was and will be in my opinion.

  • Efo Hadi
    Efo Hadi Year ago +3

    I think it will be very difficult to find another Daniel Craig. he is the perfect "double o seven" character. I feel like being James Bond every time I watch the movies. Daniel Carig is very special.


    Daniel was a fantastic James Bond; a class act from start to finish.

  • Louis M Skypala
    Louis M Skypala Year ago +35

    The best Bond ever!!!!! How wrong the critics were. Thank you Mr. Craig.

  • R Singh
    R Singh Year ago +71

    I can quote Casino Royale from beginning to end. Ive watched it so many damn times, and now thinking back...THAT movie was the reason i fell in love with cinema.

    • pyrobison2002
      pyrobison2002 Year ago

      I can quote most all of NttD

    • Sammy
      Sammy Year ago +1

      I remember being like 13 years old in 2006 and not liking Casino Royale because it lacked all the cool gadgets/gimmicks etc, just a few years down the line I realized the benchmark Daniel set in the Bond industry starting with the gem of a bond movie being Casino Royale.

    • Ali
      Ali Year ago

      Me too

  • J
    J Year ago +2

    After 15 years it feels so bittersweet saying goodbye to Craig playing this character
    He’s done wonders for the franchise
    I’m so happy he took the role and that my late father was a Bond fan back in 1962
    If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been a big fan either

  • Exile
    Exile Year ago +3

    I have to admit I was one of those people at the time who did not initially like the idea of Daniel Craig being the next James Bond but as time went on I began to change my mind about him he was the ultimate savage Bond he brought with him a sense of ferocity that previous Bonds just didn't have yet he could also be calm and stoic and for that I'll miss him.

  • Zachary J. Moore
    Zachary J. Moore Month ago

    My favorite Bond actor, the first Bond I saw in theaters, the only Bond to make me cry, thank you for bringing action and humanity into one beautiful character.

  • Bruce Klassen
    Bruce Klassen 3 months ago +2

    Sean Connery was amazing Pierce Brosnan also a stellar bond Daniel Craig has become my new all-time favorite

  • V1N 574
    V1N 574 Year ago +7

    I can't believe how amazing and long his career was as James Bond. Honestly don't think someone can fill this role to a Daniel Craig level much less beyond that. This is so emotional

  • Ana Beatriz
    Ana Beatriz Year ago +234

    He was amazing the whole journey!! This documentary should have been made a long time ago for everyone to have an idea of ​​this masterpiece and How Daniel Craig was perfect James Bond

    • Tim M
      Tim M Year ago +2

      Yet the writing of the final 2 were bad as hell

    • Ana Beatriz
      Ana Beatriz Year ago +4

      @Tim M The ending may not have pleased some critics but it was perfect from start to finish, after which many want to be James Bond and Tom Holland wants to be the young James Bond!

    • Ana Beatriz
      Ana Beatriz Year ago +6

      @Tim M Billie Elish won the award for best song, actors of different nationalities want to live the character, directors would also like to be part of it, that is, everything was so good that it brought even more prestige

    • Gavin’s friend
      Gavin’s friend Year ago +1

      It actually was I watched it on cable 3 months ago

    • Ana Beatriz
      Ana Beatriz Year ago

      @Gavin’s friend Yes, but now it is available to all and free here too. Then who's didn't watch can do

  • Skyfall
    Skyfall 3 months ago +2

    Daniel Craig will be missed as James Bond for sure he is the best to do it.

  • Mario Fernandez
    Mario Fernandez Year ago +4

    No Time To Die came out in October. It's already May 2022 and I still miss Daniel Craig's James Bond. There will be no one other.

  • gre le
    gre le Year ago +5

    thank you Mr Craig for bringing this franchise off the last century into a new area. the physical implication u put in the caracter , this fantastic blue eye bond u creat made me proud of this version of caracter ( myself blond blue eyes) the humour an irony u bring and ur guide line from the first to the last opus. i didnt like one opus caus of the script that doesn t bring much , but just ending by saying THANK YOU Mr Craig. god bless your new projects

  • Bryan Richards
    Bryan Richards Year ago +2

    My absolute Favorite Bond. Always will be. And he's missed.

  • Devi Prasad
    Devi Prasad Year ago +26

    The best Bond ever.
    The best of Daniel yet to come. We still need people like him for good cinema.

  • winterxpi
    winterxpi Year ago +56

    The movies are even more remarkable after this honest insight! As a viewer I never could have imagined what they were going through, especially Daniel with his injuries and the psychological burden. Nobody knew what he was going through while filming spectre and frankly no wonder he reacted the way he did when asked about a next movie, that's human. Thankfully he recovered and did another one! I'll always be grateful for the work Daniel did and it'll be be a pleasure to rewatch the movies, always

  • Greg HAYCOCK
    Greg HAYCOCK 10 months ago

    Fantastic summary of a great collection of what the whole team did together and did so well , Greg

  • Gary Mussell
    Gary Mussell Year ago +2

    While Craig will always be referred to as James Bond in every story written about him for the rest of his life, he is a fine actor with an impressive non-Bond resume. I look forward to the next great role he will be remembered for, as I am sure it will happen.

  • Spaceflightengineer
    Spaceflightengineer Year ago +4

    Thank you Mr. Craig- for being smashingly good as Bond.

  • Tom B
    Tom B 11 months ago +5

    Daniel Craig is my James Bond, always will be.

  • Christine Ribone
    Christine Ribone Year ago +3

    First and foremost, Daniel Craig is a phenomenal actor! I've always loved him and the remarkable breath of work he's done. He is fantastic at everything he does!!
    Thank you Daniel Craig for bringing us James Bond and making him alive through you!! You honor us with your superb acting!! THANK YOU

  • Hotwheel TV
    Hotwheel TV Year ago +102

    I grew up with Moore and Dalton and they say your favorite Bond is usually who you grew up watching..... In now 46 and can hands down say that you Mr Craig have been the best of them all.... You have bought Bond into the realms or reality and not just entertainment, I know you will never read this but Thank you! Now carry on being an awesome actor.... create and craft those new characters for us.

  • Allan Peterson
    Allan Peterson Year ago +5

    Daniel Craig the best James Bond ever! He gave excellent acting and new character to the James Bond character, simply the best!

  • Serotho Koma
    Serotho Koma 13 days ago +1

    My favorite moment is in Skyfall - "The whole office goes off in flames and that bloody thing survives" and M responds, "As always, your interior decorating tips are welcomed." I just love that scene.

    • Maverick
      Maverick 12 days ago

      Unrelenting Courage

  • Michael Helmkamp
    Michael Helmkamp Year ago +6

    I remember watching Craig on A Kid In King Arthur’s Court when I was about 5 or 6 years old but it wasn’t until Casino Royale where he really got my attention when I was 12 and that’s when I really fell in love with the Bond franchise. I was familiar with the character before playing The World Is Not Enough on N64 and Nightfire on Xbox but at 12 years old and even on my 13th birthday when I saw Skyfall, the Bond franchise is everything to me. I enjoy every single Bond movie, even the ones that aren’t great, I still love them. No Time To Die was an excellent send off for Craig’s iteration and I’m looking forward on who will be the next James Bond. And my choices are Henry Cavill, Tom Hiddleston, Richard Madden and Damian Lewis.

  • BrunodeMalaisie
    BrunodeMalaisie Year ago +1

    I’ve never watched any James Bond movies before…. Not my thing.
    Until I’ve watched “Casino Royale”
    I’ve bought them all and this kind of documentary made me feel like revisiting the whole 5 movies and savourant every second of it!!!!
    Daniel Craig has brought so much depth to the character. He’s no longer a spy, he is a real human being with a spy shield, which shield has cracks showed in every movie!

  • Gene Logan
    Gene Logan Year ago +1

    I couldn't believe how emotionally affected I was by No Time To Die. Very true, Craig is leaving huge shoes to fill. Good luck Tom Hardy.

  • Luki33
    Luki33 Year ago +27

    PART OF THE JOURNEY IS THE END. Dziękuje Daniel za wszystko co zrobiłeś z 007

  • Bruce Dow
    Bruce Dow Year ago +1

    Daniel Craig was the best Bond since Sean Connery, ... a great beginning, and an incredible finish. Thank you!

  • sanmamiac
    sanmamiac Year ago +1

    In my childhood, it was Pierce Brosnan who defined the role of James Bond and I've fond memories of that style of Bond movies. But this emotional journey of Daniel Craig Bond era resonates in a very different way. From starting of my college days to my professional career, this man and these films has given plenty of memories for a lifetime for me and for transitional generation of men and women. Thank you Daniel Craig, for your raw, humane, warm and coolest portrayal of the iconic James Bond character. Looking forward to a new Bond era soon for a different audience. :D

  • Carlos Loiola
    Carlos Loiola 10 months ago

    Shooow! 007 é nota mil!

  • Ewan Callister
    Ewan Callister 4 months ago +1

    I can’t even imagine what it’s gonna be like for the next actor to play Bond, they’ve got such big shoes to fill following Daniel Craig.

  • xigmatek
    xigmatek Year ago +3

    I grew up with Craig's Bond when I was 3 with a bootleg copy of Casino Royale. Now I'm 18 in college, and although I missed the part of watching it on the big screen thanks to COVID, I'm greatful that I managed to see an era coming to an end in a high note. Thank you Daniel for marking my interest in Bond, and the cinema landscape in general.
    I tip my hat to the next actor and his iteration. Don't fuck it up.

  • Popcorn and Vinyl
    Popcorn and Vinyl Year ago +26

    A gifted actor who brought something truly special to this franchise. He brought a gravitas that will be hard to replicate in the future. He made Bond dangerous and vulnerable. He made a fictional character real, he brought truthful emotion to a character that can easily be played in a 2 dimensional way.

  • isaiah brooks
    isaiah brooks Year ago +1

    Craig was one most boldest bond ever. And I love his era . Very grateful to be part of it if I play James bond I want to take him to emotional level than ever

  • Maicon Motta Retrô-Games

    Simplesmente SENSACIONAL!👏

  • Devin Axtman
    Devin Axtman Year ago +28

    Daniel Craig made bond more gritty, and I loved it! Also, shout out to Mads Mikkelsen for making a perfect villain to make Casino Royale such a success. It will be sad to see Daniel go!

  • Andrew Pearson Stone Monkey Ceramics

    IMO the best bond ever and love the story arc over his tenure. Just superb

  • homesaverchimney
    homesaverchimney Year ago

    As a lifelong 007 fan, I had to watch this. So glad I did. It was as well done as all the films!

  • Kanishk Chaudhary
    Kanishk Chaudhary Year ago +44

    Man this guy was amazing in the role of James Bond.
    Definitely going to miss him...
    Love you *Daniel Craig* !

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar Year ago +2

    Daniel Craig...Commander Bond!!! Your performance as a Bond is not shaken. Going to miss you...

  • Oddball
    Oddball  7 months ago

    I Checked out every single Bond Film in order from my local library when i was around 10 and caught up all the way to Quantum. First Bond Film I saw in theaters was Skyfall with my Dad when I was 13 on opening night. It goes down as the best cinema experience I have ever had. Now I am 23 and I have Seen every one since with him in theaters. Thank you Daniel Craig.

  • Ashleigh Jaima Osborne

    Roger Moore was the Bond of my teenage years. Craig is my favourite Bond ever. Craig’s idea of the shower scene was absolutely perfect. Mr. Craig caught my eye in the movie “ The Ice House”. Glad his talent took him to world wide recognition. 😊🇨🇦