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What Sims packs should you buy?

  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • CROW
    CROW 2 months ago +4754

    Seasons is for sure a necessity, but I still can’t stop thinking about the fact that EA charged us for weather 💀

    • outrider
      outrider 9 days ago +1

      @julia they did think of it.... They just removed it and added it back as a dlc bcs EA

    • justphoebe
      justphoebe 14 days ago

      i just bought the sims 4 and i was so sad when i found out you have to pay for weather 😭

    • Mycomni The Great
      Mycomni The Great 22 days ago +1

      Alongside Bust the Dust and laundry day! They’re a kit and a game pack respectively but ITS PART OF MUDANE LIFE! IT SHOULD BE PART OF THE *LIFE* SIMULATION. That’s just my opinion

    • Nicole?
      Nicole? 25 days ago

      @Isifluff yeah

    • Isifluff
      Isifluff 25 days ago

      @Nicole? you can opt out of weather you know

  • bethany
    bethany 2 months ago +1135

    You should do a tier list video for every death in the game

  • DayImetU
    DayImetU Month ago +309

    If u only have money to buy one expansion pack out of all those packs, I would personally recommend City living over Season.
    1. You got a complete new zone compare to no new zone for season
    2. There are tons of events plus food stalls
    3. You get to experience apartment style living in 3 very different areas
    4. Loft style apartment for builders

    • - My Work Account -
      - My Work Account - 2 days ago +2

      I found a copy of City Living for $5 at Walmart, which seemed like a good deal to me. It's still the only pack I own.

    • emily X
      emily X 11 days ago +2

      theres also new traits, new careers and new lot traits (highly recommend for those who cant have mods)

    • Lizzie The Royal
      Lizzie The Royal 28 days ago

      I only own those two packs, but as much as I love Seasons for the weather and holidays, City Living is my favorite for those reasons.

      SUNFLOWER 29 days ago

      Dang it’s honestly my fav

    • Niamh rice
      Niamh rice Month ago +17

      I actually find seasons annoying, I understand why people love it but it’s not necessary for everyone

  • Juji the Vampire Grandpa
    Juji the Vampire Grandpa 2 months ago +3682

    I personally love Snowy Escape as an Asian, it makes me so happy to see non European or American things in the sims

    • Infinity_Roses
      Infinity_Roses 28 days ago

      Snowy escape was one of the first packs I bought cause I adore mountains. One mistake I made was buying it before seasons, snowy escape has holidays and snow weather and it just doesn’t make sense without seasons if I ever recommend a pack I will say to buy seasons and snowy escape together

    • Lana 🔖
      Lana 🔖 Month ago

      yesyesyes i'm also asian and i absolutely love it, one of my favourites i love seeing representation and traditional items in games!

    • Brianna France
      Brianna France 2 months ago

      I LOVE snowy escape because it added more representation and something more unique than what they usually do. My only complaint is that I have a bug that makes it where my Sims won't take care of their toddlers whenever I'm playing Snowy Escape. So I can never have toddlers.

    • FranHunne
      FranHunne 2 months ago +2

      @S The game is American, the developers are mainly from America - what do you expect, they do the things they know about. Yes, of course it would be nice to have a Russian world with all those nice towers or the old wooden church architecture, or an African world, just one example: a kind of North African sukh. But I am pretty sure the developers lack the more intimate knowledge for that, while they all have been to American Highschools, know how American Suburbia looks like etc.

    • exzid
      exzid 2 months ago

      Im asian as well but for stuff like food i can get with mods since i now play on laptop its kinda useless to me, but i like how sims 4 added korean foods especially the ones i grew up eating

  • Giselle Enid
    Giselle Enid 2 months ago +1442

    Answering your question in 1:09
    They have different colors by categories: deep blue is career and lifestyle, green is outdoor and adventure, magenta is family and friends, light blue is everyday activities, purple is supernatural and fantasy, red-orange is architecture and decorative, yellow-orange is fashion and style. I think I cover them all.
    PS: edited to add time stamp.

    • North Wynd33
      North Wynd33 Month ago +2

      @Sarah The newer, more up-to-date, non-legacy edition of the Sims 4 (which can be found on Steam) is free, if that helps any.

    • Kylie Flores
      Kylie Flores 2 months ago +4

      @rainbcwdream yes, sadly they're getting rid of it soon :/

    • rainbcwdream
      rainbcwdream 2 months ago +5

      @Panda Person1245 isn't legacy edition the one that works on older computers?

    • Panda Person1245
      Panda Person1245 2 months ago +10

      @Sarahlegacy edition is really old and is being delated I’m pretty sure so you don”t need to have it. It just not updated at all for the newer packs from like eco lifer style or something

    • rainbcwdream
      rainbcwdream 2 months ago +11

      @Sarah yes, the base game is free

  • Nazynn
    Nazynn Month ago +341

    i wanna see some turkish/arabic/balkan packs in Sims.
    like turkish coffee, kebabs, sims that are addicted to soap operas, more traditional rugs, going to each others home to meet parents, strict dads etc

    • Harmonia
      Harmonia 5 days ago


    • Maddi Boyle
      Maddi Boyle 26 days ago

      i would love to see a pack like this! i'm not middle eastern/west asian/eastern european myself but i grew up near the detroit area and i have always loved their culture, i think it would be so cool to see stuff from those cultures in game!

    • Niamh rice
      Niamh rice Month ago

      @Živa tartosa is such a let down, I feel like is so half-baked

    • Živa
      Živa Month ago +4

      yes! I would love to see a balkan world, with a mediterranean feeling… tartosa is very italian and I would love to see a Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian (basically Yugoslavian) world!

    • Niamh rice
      Niamh rice Month ago +6

      I would die for soap operas in the sims!!!

  • Thamires S.
    Thamires S. Month ago +92

    I personally love get famous, I love the actors career, the fans, the gifts they send you and letters... And I also like you can be famous in any career, like a famous baker, a author or football player or whatever... I like the video station to play like a youtuber... there's a lot of opportunities to having fun with this pack, but I do agree the world is terrible haha

    • Stronger on Plants
      Stronger on Plants 24 days ago +1

      This was literaly the first pack I was thinking about to buy! Just recently installed the free base version and downloaded BTS (K-Pop music group) household and it'd be epic to actually live their life hahaha.

    • IlyEm
      IlyEm Month ago +8

      I never knew so many people disliked the world! the cul-de-sac neighborhood is so north american suburban that I cant help but love it! it feels like every cartoon/disney movie 😂

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S 2 months ago +988

    Seasons and City Living are in my necessary ones as well, they make it such a different game. Parenthood, dream home decorator and tiny living are up there for me as well.

    • ChxrlieTxcaaa
      ChxrlieTxcaaa Month ago

      @lilymwa which one did you get?

    • SillyMae
      SillyMae Month ago

      I agree! Recently all my packs I had got deleted (not entirely sure why as one I didn’t even know I bought I had for somehow, but I believe it’s because the account they were bought with somehow got deleted) and so my amazing brother offered to buy me one (cause they stupidly expensive) and I was struggling between seasons and city living so bad

    • lilymwa
      lilymwa 2 months ago +5

      @epic style they are extremely annoying at times but seeing the random strays, kids playing with them and the cuteness of puppies/kittens is worth it 😭

    • alynnidalar
      alynnidalar 2 months ago +3

      I loooove Tiny Living just for the furniture options. I use the stuff from that pack absolutely constantly.

    • DiamondStar23💎⭐️
      DiamondStar23💎⭐️ 2 months ago

      I got dem both

  • Jona s
    Jona s Month ago +70

    It would‘ve been nice if they added some kind of „traditional“ festival things like in the City Pack to Island Living, would suit that pack a lot

    • Cora R
      Cora R Month ago +4

      There’s at least one festival in that pack where they do fire dancing and cook together but for some reason it’s not on the calendar so you have to either see it or already know it’s going to happen :(

  • Josh Siegel
    Josh Siegel Month ago +74

    Other than the necessities like pets and seasons, Snowy Escape and (unexpectedly) Cottage Living are my favorite.

  • PeightonTheHeeb
    PeightonTheHeeb 2 months ago +551

    I love these types of “what packs should you buy” videos, I wish someone made these when I first started getting into the sims.

    • bripatrick
      bripatrick 2 months ago

      There’s literally 800 “ranking Sims packs” videos on Clip-Share

    • J. Stanley
      J. Stanley 2 months ago +5

      @Sage Ardor Yeah, I love the aesthetic and world for Island Living but it's definitely a better option once you have a few other packs of any type which impacts the game a bit more. Same for Snowy Escape. There are exceptions of course; if you're always playing in Sulani or Mt. Komorebi and it's a really important culture for you, then it's better but for others either one will be a touch too empty (although at least Snowy Escape does have more lifestyle options.) 😅

    • Mel Doesn’t Want To Tell You Their Last Name
      Mel Doesn’t Want To Tell You Their Last Name 2 months ago +11

      @Sage Ardor I almost got my first pet stuff when I first got sims

    • Sage Ardor
      Sage Ardor 2 months ago +9

      FOR REAL. My first expansion pack was Island Living, and in retrospect I think that was a bad choice.

    • iwantpinkhair
      iwantpinkhair 2 months ago +18

      YES omg, and like actual detailed overviews of the packs would help soooo much

  • Mikusagi Gillare
    Mikusagi Gillare Month ago +44

    I have City Living and Pets and I'm kinda making sure my choice for next pack is the right one, and this video helped me :) I'm getting Snowy escape and Seasons next. And then, after that if I haven't tired of sims yet, Cottage Living.

    • strrangermike
      strrangermike 7 days ago +1

      Same! I have city living and cats and dogs

  • Stan Kween
    Stan Kween 2 months ago +233

    I know people say Snowy Escape is lacking gameplay and stuff, and I do agree, but the world itself and the Build & Buy items in this pack are my all time favorite.
    As an Asian who grows up in Eastern Asia, this pack is a must have for me. Also, I don't think they've ever given us other sims4 pack with similar theme afterwards.

    • IlyEm
      IlyEm Month ago +1

      @Chele For me I prefer city living because theres more cultures represented! I rarely see representation in media for places other than North/South America(South America being mostly just Mexico), Western Europe and East Asia. City living added so much cultural food, clothes, and build/buy that are a complete necessity, it makes the world feel more real to me. Lifestyles confused me, and the game never labels my sims correctly! And the stuff for kids at the festivals just felt like something I could build at any park tbh, like just add some science tables and id be set 😅

    • brooke
      brooke Month ago

      I AGREE!

    • Chele
      Chele Month ago +2

      I don’t get people who say Snowy Escape lacks gameplay but City Living is one of their favorites. I think Snowy Escape is way better… there’s stuff for kids at the festivals, and you can go hiking/skiing/boarding/mountain climbing. Plus there’s snow to play in (I don’t have Seasons), and I love the CAS & Build/Buy while a lot of City Living CAS is just weird. Plus lifestyles are just a standard part of any game now. And taking your shoes off indoors is a small but really nice touch that I love.

    • Quinnley Dean
      Quinnley Dean 2 months ago +7

      I'm not East Asian, but I spent a long time studying the languages and cultures of Eastern Asia in general and I cried seeing how on point the cultural aspects of Mt. Komorebi came into being. Removing shoes before continuing to walk into the house, the chopsticks being a potential utensil preference, the yukata and kimono, the kites, the onsen even, all of it nearly made me start sobbing. The world itself is absolutely gorgeous. I don't even mind the lack of gameplay simply because of the fidelity to the real world Japanese culture that Snowy Escape as a whole has. Would I like to see more gameplay-affective things with this pack? Yes, I would. Would I like to see more of an in-depth exploration to the culture this pack is showing everyone? Absolutely. But I don't mind if it never comes, since it's already really in depth as it is. (Would recommend doubling up Snowy Escape with Incheon Arrivals Kit, though!)

  • Tony Rocky Horror
    Tony Rocky Horror 2 months ago +638

    Still cant get over the fact that seasons pack should be in base game instead

    • Jennifer Blackman
      Jennifer Blackman Month ago

      i think it should or they should all be chepper cuz of kids if they want it and there mom or dad or who they live with wont buy it

    • yakiee estrella ☆
      yakiee estrella ☆ Month ago +2

      when i first got the sims i saw so many people doing gameplays and when i first played i was wondering why there's no other weather types in my game then i found out they make us pay $40 for different weather 😭

    • Tony Rocky Horror
      Tony Rocky Horror Month ago

      @Nanny Kiki never played sims 3

    • Nanny Kiki
      Nanny Kiki Month ago +1

      Are you forgetting sims 3 had seasons

    • Inky Jr
      Inky Jr Month ago

      @Chloe sarie then in Sims 5 if it's free then in settings have an on and off toggle

  • Ssarok_yj
    Ssarok_yj Month ago +27

    I don’t have any packs in the Sims yet, but I am thinking about getting the Cats and Dogs EP. The world looks absolutely beautiful and really cozy. And the best part is that cats and dogs are added. I lost my German Shepard around 5 years ago, so re-creating him in my world would be really heart warming. It also comes with the vet career, which I am in love with.
    I feel like expansion packs deal with your life experiences. For example on how Snowy Escape relates to lots of asian people, and Get Famous being for people who want to be influencers irl.

    • Dramatic Leftist Goblin
      Dramatic Leftist Goblin Month ago +2

      The pets are, at least to me, amazing. The cats are quirky and have so much personality (I don't play the dogs as much). So I'd say, go for it.

    • Miya
      Miya Month ago +3

      @Google Sucksjust curious, what makes you not like seasons?

    • Google Sucks
      Google Sucks Month ago +1

      I agree. It's 100% what you're personally into and playing style. - I personally HATE seasons and turn it off.

  • CrepeCake10
    CrepeCake10 Month ago +21

    The thing I want the most from Sims now is Apartment! And perhaps Hotel. I really want the concept of landlord and renting and strangers live in the same building so bad. I want to build and operate apartments and hotels. Not just living in one like city living😭

  • Nightfire-613
    Nightfire-613 2 months ago +648

    One of my biggest issues with "High School Years" is that I have a save that's set to Long Lifespan, but prom is EVERY. SINGLE. SATURDAY. and unlike the regular High School day, there is no "Send Alone" option. If I want my teenage daughter to go to prom, I can't take care of my other 4 kids.

    • QueerLittleCactus
      QueerLittleCactus 2 months ago +8

      @Cool Pumpkins 45 I found a mod that fixes one of the problems. There’s a mod that lets you set the number of students in the high school. I don’t remember by who, sorry, but it is just a script file and is pretty light, so it works with most computers. I have the 18 students package because I like small high schools and it works with no issues.

    • Piperbird
      Piperbird 2 months ago +29

      @Cool Pumpkins 45 This is way I always watch a ton of gameplay videos before getting any packs. And not just Simsie, because she tends to gloss over anything that's less than perfect. Watch a bunch of different Simmers for different opinions before shelling out any money. And then I still wait for sales.

    • Nicole Peña Garcia
      Nicole Peña Garcia 2 months ago +17

      @Cool Pumpkins 45 I get you, that really sucks that you wasted your money like that. The only thing I can think of to help with your gameplay is downloading another better high school from the gallery. Lilsimsie has a great one, and so does James Turner. My personal favorite one is James’. Hopefully you can find some more enjoyment out of it that way

    • Cool Pumpkins 45
      Cool Pumpkins 45 2 months ago +26

      THATS your biggest issue? literally EVERY- SINGLE- FEAUTRE in the pack is FULLY bugged. i payed for that with my money i got for my birthday. that money was WASTED. i am so dissapointed in the pack, everything that came with it, and plus the high school was empty and dark, theres like 5 sims in the class, not nearly as fun and exciting as in the ad, i just send my sim teens alone every time because its SO boring.

    • raining hail
      raining hail 2 months ago +45

      I get you, I have their lives scaled to “28 days=4 seasons=1 year” and it’s so annoying doing the “spring formal” and the “winter ball” and the “Halloween dance” just to diversify the IDENTICAL GAMEPLAY that takes place EVERY Saturday

  • Chase Crossing
    Chase Crossing 2 months ago +4

    This video came at the PERFECT TIME, I was literally just googling this the other day!

  • Renata Szabo
    Renata Szabo Month ago +11

    Having bought all the expansion packs (except High school years, waiting for the next sale😂) I’d say I wouldn’t want to not have either of them. I have my preferences too but I’m glad I got them all. Cottage living is my absolute sweetheart, even when I’m not even playing it actively, I just love it so much I keep thinking about how much I love it😂 I do wish that EA showed a bit more enthusiasm and care through the packs and the builds showed, it is a bit off-putting that they put the high price tag on it but some packs(especially game packs) look like they literally just threw the first version on us knowing that we still gonna buy it.

    • G
      G 20 days ago

      @Raffie ohh, is it over?

    • Raffie
      Raffie 20 days ago

      @G I meant winter!!! Oh no!! Steam winter* sale is a sale that the game engine Steam has every winter (there’s one during the summer too) and lots of games and dlcs are marked down by a lot!! Makes everything cheap for a week or so.

    • G
      G 20 days ago

      @Chloe what's that

    • Renata Szabo
      Renata Szabo Month ago

      @Chloe haha same! ashamed to admit that now i have high school years too :( ahahah

    • Chloe
      Chloe Month ago +1

      Steam summer sale just started now!! Lol thats why I'm watching these videos.

  • Charlie
    Charlie Month ago +5

    I think my most nostalgic packs are Get Together and Outdoor Retreat. I love those packs for that alone haha. Also I use clubs all the time to just make my kids have friends!!

  • Brady Brown
    Brady Brown 2 months ago +569

    I think a fun "spin off" of this series of videos would be "which sims game has the best X" where X is a certain genre like "University" "Seasons" or "Supernatural"

    • Giselle Enid
      Giselle Enid 2 months ago +2

      Agree. That would be great, being TS3 at least in the best University pack.

    • Cassv
      Cassv 2 months ago +10

      Plumbella has an entire history of series where she kind of does this!

    • hea
      hea 2 months ago +11

      probably makes more sense to change the genres to best cas, build-buy; or even best teens or kids gameplay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Loovalee
    Loovalee Month ago +5

    Seasons is a great pack, but I wish there was the possibility to adjust the amound of rain days. If you play with seasons, it is raining way to much for my liking

    • Amaya -08
      Amaya -08 Month ago +1

      you could always use the weather machine

  • approsa
    approsa Month ago +17

    First pack I bought was City Living. Maaaany years ago, they didn't even had Seasons , yet. My second pack.
    So sad I don't play Sims anymore, I don't have the time and the only thing I do when I turn it on, is build something. I build and then leave. I might be too old 4 Sims... I'm almost 40yo. Then I come here see your content from time to time. Love your energy Kayla. Take care.

    • approsa
      approsa 25 days ago +1

      @Ariel 💖 enjoy Ariel, I'm happy 4 u. My daughter likes it very much when we play together ☺️.
      When Sims 1 first came I was a teen and I also didn't have the money to buy it, so I used to play at a friends house. I went from Sims 1 to 3, that I was able to enjoy more. Then when Sims 4 came I was an adult that could afford the game and some packs here and there. It felt good. I'm glad The Sims connects ppl from different generations and keeps us young 😉

    • Ariel
      Ariel 25 days ago +3

      @approsa she’s going to love it. I’m an older teen now, but I remember watching videos about the sims when I was a bit younger (where I didn’t know how to download the sims on my computer/wasn’t allowed to and didn’t have a job etc) and I bought the sims like a year ago (before it became free smh) and now I’m experiencing all the stuff I wanted to do as a kid when I couldn’t play it, so I’m glad your teaching your daughter how to play!

    • approsa
      approsa Month ago +1

      @Jenna Flora lovely ppl here. Well, it's Kayla s channel, right ? She's the sweetest. I miss The Sims now that you are talking about it... Will have some time to play next weekend. Now I'm showing and teaching my daughter how to play it, too. She's 10.

    • Jenna Flora
      Jenna Flora Month ago +2

      Im 48... I tend to only play in the Winter though... not sure why but my brain is like... well its cold out... time to play the sims

    • approsa
      approsa Month ago

      @cats 😊

  • yty404
    yty404 Month ago +3

    I only have the base game and i thought that you had to get the packs in order of release, otherwise the expansion won't work. Idk if some packs have requirements before buying them or they are independent updates. Anyway i'll buy the ones i feel i'll like the most

  • mia
    mia 2 months ago +185

    I was looking for this video a few days ago since there’s currently a 50 % off of a lot of the expansion pack ( until the 28th! ) and ended up watching her older ranking videos. From those videos, I decided to get seasons, cats and dogs + pets stuff ( bundle! ). As for outside of the sale, I got pastel pop kit and tiny living stuff pack. So far I'm absolutely loving it! I'm glad I got them but I'm not sure if I would pay the full price for the expansion pack. but the stuff packs and kits are worth it!

    • Leah Lasher
      Leah Lasher 2 months ago +1

      Honestly NEVER pay full price for any pack. Alway always bundle if you can. The 1 expansion + 1 game + 1 stuff pack bundle is always the way to go if you are buying outside of a traditional sale.

    • Brandon Haslett
      Brandon Haslett 2 months ago +1

      the black friday sale ends on december 7th

    • Jay Bee
      Jay Bee 2 months ago

      @yiczelasanchez8414 that’ll keep you busy for ages 😁

    • Yiczela Sanchez
      Yiczela Sanchez 2 months ago +1

      With their sale I got the cats n dogs w the pet stuff, pastel pop, island living, vampires and the cottage core pack, I bought it at night and haven’t yet gotten to play💀

    • Vivali Ackerman
      Vivali Ackerman 2 months ago

      @ILuvAyeAye true true!! trying to work around the limits is a pain. but I remember Kayla and others giving tips in how to "cheat" the system with unattached walls and whatnot; you can check it out!!
      filter by tiny houses in her channel and you will see plenty!! Idk if anyone has done a roundabout way using platforms, but with Kayla's models, like the triangle tiny houses, you can definitely leave the tiles to be counted on the platform only!

  • Ave
    Ave 2 months ago +103

    I never understand the dislike among simmers for get famous, it was the first ep i bought and i to this day believe it is the most fully fleshed out pack. it gives you loads of build items, tons of cool cas items and 2 new careers that are not only playable but are super detailed, and a big (yet i’ll admit odd) world. to this day four years later i am STILL discovering new things in Get famous.

    • Khrisstyne Winters
      Khrisstyne Winters 2 months ago +2

      Yes, I feel the exact same way. The EP is one of the top one's due to it being fully fleshed out.

    • Forever Dolls
      Forever Dolls 2 months ago +4

      Yes! I love get famous!

  • GrenGoddess
    GrenGoddess 2 months ago +212

    Eco Lifestyle is a REALLY good pack! it impacts every neighborhood and adds so much gameplay! Definitely great for people who usually play in live mode! :D Oh! and it is hilarious lol.

    • denver
      denver 2 months ago

      it's very cool when you actually wanna play with it but it's so annoying if you don't plan out your gameplay around it

    • Erin Kinsella
      Erin Kinsella 2 months ago +3

      @moonbyeol you can turn the neighbourhood voting in options:) so you can enjoy the pack without the faff

    • moonbyeol
      moonbyeol 2 months ago +3

      I hate the voting thing. Half of the game without water… or npc taking stuff off community lots. No.
      I use quite a lot from build/buy mode, but gameplay wise - not a fan.

    • Philix
      Philix 2 months ago +1

      @Jay Bee yeah it's literally the dumbest system there is in the game. I once played with a teenager and I've had the challenge to get all of the good responsibility,manners and so on and so on traits. And then my neighbors put that fight thing in place and I got attacked by everybody so that my teen lost that conflict resolution trait. I was so angry at the game ngl

    • Jay Bee
      Jay Bee 2 months ago +1

      @philix9285 he charges me every week for ‘green gardening’ which says you should have a garden. I have the biggest garden anyone has ever seen but he still fails me every week 😂

  • jessie carroll
    jessie carroll Month ago +1

    I love seasons because of the snow:)

  • Ariana Kadiri
    Ariana Kadiri Month ago +5

    Seasons in sim3 and 4 will always be elite

  • Molly Shackleton
    Molly Shackleton Month ago +1

    Season in my opinion is a absolute rip off. The Calendar is now base game (so annoyed the only reason I bought seasons), you get snow with snowy escape, seasons make no difference to any game play except gardening, no world and so much more I can’t think of right now. Sure the cas and bb are really good but that could come with any pack it’s not specific to seasons so I doesn’t count as a positive. So you’ve paid £35 for rain and holidays.

  • vespertilio
    vespertilio 2 months ago +39

    might be a controversial opinion, but I think packs like Get Together and Get To Work actually hold really well, ik simsie says about them having less content which is true but in terms of actual gameplay I still always use them to this day. I pretty much always use something from Get Together in like every build too, its crazy how old these packs are yet are still better than some of the ones after them. Like the scientist career imo is also one of the best in the whole game, and I think LOT of ppl forget about the re-playability of things like clubs and stores, which you can use in any way you want, compared to re-playability of things like snowy escape (which I really wish was better than it is currently).

  • HardlightLibrarian
    HardlightLibrarian Month ago

    Crap builds aside, I still like Del Sol Valley. I might be the only one who does 😅

  • Alexis
    Alexis Month ago +5

    Snowy escape is their best pack seriously

  • Nicola Gilroy
    Nicola Gilroy 2 months ago +123

    I was really quite disappointed with the university pack, the world looks nice but it’s annoying that you can’t control whole university households like you could in TS2, the classes are all just rabbitholes, it just felt like a letdown. Most of my sims do go to university, but I’ve only had one actually live on campus.

    • evrenthegoblin
      evrenthegoblin Month ago +1

      i bought university not knowing this and finding out about after the fact sucked.

    • Chyrchhella
      Chyrchhella 2 months ago +2

      @QueerLittleCactus well, I know a bunch of people who were dating, making friends and got married at college in the US. Some of them were medical students.
      That really sucks if studying takes absolutely all of your time at college, it really shouldn’t be like this :(

    • QueerLittleCactus
      QueerLittleCactus 2 months ago +4

      @Chyrchhella to be fair though, it’s like that in real life too. At least in the U.S. College takes a long time, is really difficult, and takes up most of your time between classes, homework, and clubs.
      Maybe it’s just me, but I find that I have little time to hang out with friends unless I have it scheduled or in a club setting and dating is the last thing on my mind because I simply don’t have the time. Plus, depending on your major and future job, college can take a huge chunk of your young adult life (undergrad, masters, phd). My sister is currently going for her phd and she just turned 25. The rabbit hole classes are a bummer, but judging from the active high school classes, I prefer the rabbit holes over buggy classes!

    • Chyrchhella
      Chyrchhella 2 months ago +5

      @Nicola Gilroy you also could build the dorms in the sims 3, I also loved that sims visited the rabbit hole classes only twice a week, other days they had lectures which you could follow (kinda like classes in the sims 4 high school pack), and they also had practice classes depending on their major. Ah, good times 🥲
      I also really loved the fact that your sims could get extra credits for having high level of skills required for the major, so they could finish university way faster.

    • Nicola Gilroy
      Nicola Gilroy 2 months ago +5

      @Chyrchhella I never played Sims 3 University, but I loved Sims 2 University! I loved the fact that I could build my own dorms (same with apartments in Apartment Life, so much better than what we have now!), I’d send Sims to university with their friends and have them live in the same dorm or in a house together, it was so much more fun. Britechester is a pretty world, but the actual university gameplay just feels so lacking.

  • la miki minach
    la miki minach 2 months ago +181

    For me discover university is actually kinda horrendous. It doesn’t feel like college at all which sims 2 and 3 managed to do perfectly. The sims 4 universities are completely dead and lifeless in contrast. It lowkey feels like remote learning bc everything is rabbit holes 💀
    Another pack I’ve spent like maybe 5 hours total playing, wish I never bought it lmao.

    • Elizabeth Jones
      Elizabeth Jones 2 months ago +1

      @carolyn acra mods are only available on PC unfortunately.

    • carolyn acra
      carolyn acra 2 months ago

      @Elizabeth Jones how can I get Mccc story progresion? I use playstation4, I alwaysss wanted to be more real, like there's no new people, just the one that came with based game and if I have other stories they don't appear in the one that I'm using...

    • Schaemia
      Schaemia 2 months ago +1

      Sims4 university feels like an actual university (i.e. not fun). I don't know if I'm just playing it wrong but all my sims has time to do is go to class, do assignments and tasks and basic necessities. There's nothing fun (or no time for anything fun)!!!

    • Elizabeth Jones
      Elizabeth Jones 2 months ago +1

      I never use university because if you start with a young adult they have to sell their house to move to university and then that house is probably not available when they finish (I use MCCC story progression so people do move into empty houses). If your young adult is part of a family you cannot play both households because your student will fail if you don't micromanage them and if they live off campus why bother instead of starting any other career?

    • Blossom 🌸
      Blossom 🌸 2 months ago +1

      @Patrick Adonis Silva same! I love the pack lol I send all my Sims to uni

  • iwantpinkhair
    iwantpinkhair 2 months ago +107

    11:42 they defo could've done like a small cozy island town neighboorhood on one side of the world, and have the other side be like a 'tourist' vacation district with added lore abt the tourists destroying their town and slowly taking more space

    • IlyEm
      IlyEm Month ago

      @Leah Lasher im dying for Dominican Republic rep so if they do that for a resort expansion I would actually cry!!

    • iwantpinkhair
      iwantpinkhair 2 months ago

      @Leah Lasher mhm i defo agree tho. i just think the gameplay is kinda bland you know. if they had added *more* gameplay it could have worked but right now its a very bland ep.

    • Leah Lasher
      Leah Lasher 2 months ago +11

      I hear you. But I like the idea that it didn’t include tourism. Islanders are more than their tourist-driven economies and I’m glad it focused on the lifestyle. That being said, I’d love to have another tropical beach world that had some tourism elements.

    • iwantpinkhair
      iwantpinkhair 2 months ago

      @lainey 😭😭

    • lainey
      lainey 2 months ago +21

      that would require ea to think

  • Linds
    Linds 2 months ago +46

    Seasons is a must have pack! I don't think I could go back to playing without it now. I think it's the only pack worth the $40 price because it really does offer so much to your gameplay.

    • jam
      jam 2 months ago +7

      that and cottage living are the only ones I've ever payed full price for! i actually dont enjoy cottage living as much as i thought i would but definitely love the animals so far

  • HitGirl20
    HitGirl20 2 months ago +42

    As a build-ish player I love new and diverse worlds. Snowy Escape and Island Living are my two favorites, and now Tartosa has joined them.

    • Ssarok_yj
      Ssarok_yj Month ago +2

      Island Living is a bit underrated, like who would not want to become a mermaid!!

    • HitGirl20
      HitGirl20 2 months ago

      @Ariana k totally agree! The Get Together world is amazing. I love building on the island. :)

    • Ariana k
      Ariana k 2 months ago +2

      I love to build too (I once spent 3 hours going thru a book to get all the references to a specific house I wanted to recreate) and for me I really love the style of get together and strangerville

  • birdy steal
    birdy steal 2 months ago +45

    For me I loved snow escape. When you actually take the time to play in the world instead of the typically popular ones is quite amazing. Compared to the higher ranked packs, when I play them I always feel rushed in a way and can’t seem to do everything and just ugh. But for some reason it’s just so relaxing for me when I play in snowy escape and it’s just very fun and absolutely gorgeous there. It’s personally my favorite world to play in.

    • IlyEm
      IlyEm Month ago +1

      I love both island living and snowy escape. both top tier for me! it almost doesn't feel like the sims

  • Bob The builder
    Bob The builder Month ago

    I use get famous all the time just for the CAS and build mode stuff lol

  • Viki
    Viki 2 months ago +20

    personally i think island living is also essential. it's a very unique pack and a wonderful new world, there's nothing even slightly similar in the whole game. i love sending my sims to sulani for the weekends whenever i feel like they need a holiday. where else would i send them? over the weekend they can swim around a little, play on the beach, cruise around on ships or jetskis, sunbathe, see some mermaids, collect shells, dive, etc.
    the way i see it island living and city living are very similar packs, in a way that they both offer a unique world and a different way of life for your sims, and then it's just preference which one people like. i don't have city living because to me there's nothing appealing about city life, and the festivals are repetitive and boring and lifeless, not to mention how restricted the apartments are with the walls and windows.
    and yet when people talk about island living it's always what it "could have been". and then when it comes to other packs people rate it for what it is, not what it could have been. yes mermaids could have been better, so could apartments. yeah maybe island living could have given us hotels but then city living could have gives us a landlord carreer or retail system thing.
    anyway, i personally love recommending island living to new/casual players because it will certainly give them and new and fresh experience. and it can very well be integrated in your everyday gameplay, by going there on short holidays and weekends. my sims need a little break from work or family or anything? to sulani we go!
    and i'm surprised to see snowy escape so low too because the build/buy and cas are so good, the world and builds are gorgeous, and you absolutely dont have to go out of your way to use the 2 districts that arent up on the mountain. ur sims can live there without caring about winter sports, you dont even have to go up there if you dont want to.

    • Squilat
      Squilat 2 months ago +3

      I agree Island Living is the pack i play most with bc the world is so beautiful and tbh, i'm very glad there is no resort or big hotel complex 😶

    • Jay Bee
      Jay Bee 2 months ago +5

      What I like most about island living is that it’s one of the easiest packs to get outdoors with. I have a tendency to just have my sims live in their house/apartment. But with island living I spend most of the time wandering around the world or going to lots. Because it feels like that’s what you’re supposed to do. It’s very relaxing gameplay :)

  • j
    j 2 months ago +30

    who else NEEDS either a futuristic sims pack. i know it wouldn't fit in but the idea of into the future in the sims sounds kind of exciting.

  • Guilherme Barbosa
    Guilherme Barbosa 2 months ago +73

    To me personally, Eco Lifestyle is the best pack out there. I love the build and buy, CAS is good and the gameplay is SO good. I love the neighborhood action plans and I love petitioning to take bad neighborhood action plans down. The careers are not that good but to me, the core gameplay that involves dealing with the community appeals so damn much for me

  • Clara Plays
    Clara Plays 2 months ago +34

    I definitely, definitely play with Get To Work *a lot*. Think a lot of people forget about the hospital and police station also being in a separate world, similar to the lab. Completely agree on the fact that this is the one that needs a refresh the most BUT I feel like it is the underdog of all of them, yet a great contestant.

  • Beth
    Beth 2 months ago +34

    you should do a build using you’re recommended bundle!! perfect for all the new simmers and with the sale :))

  • Supergirl UK1818
    Supergirl UK1818 2 months ago +14

    City living is my favourite 😍 I really hope it gets a refresh, there's many little things they could implement to make it better. It's a shame the apartments are so huge/tall but hopefully they add more apartments in other packs like in Eco Lifestyle

  • Donald branydt
    Donald branydt 2 months ago +54

    Amazing videos and thank you for breaking it down!! Despite the economic downturn, I’m so happy I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $9,000 investment every 21days.

    • dorcas madda-
      dorcas madda- 2 months ago

      I can sincerely say he's one of the best Traders I have ever seen in the state in the past few years, now cutting losses and ensuring profits..

    • Wayne Simon
      Wayne Simon 2 months ago

      @Smith Roseanne Great got it thanks alot, I have contacted him and he just responded told him you referred me.

    • Smith Roseanne
      Smith Roseanne 2 months ago

      He’s active with this +𝟏𝟐𝟓𝟐𝟐𝟑𝟏𝟐𝟔𝟐𝟗 currently

    • Smith Roseanne
      Smith Roseanne 2 months ago

      For sure. He's on What's apk👇👇

    • Wayne Simon
      Wayne Simon 2 months ago

      Oh please, how can someone get to speak with Mr James Werden. Anyone with his contact info 🙏

  • Just Another Random Disney Fanatic

    I’d love to see and African or Middle Eastern styled world. The sims is basically European and American and it’s cool and all but as a life simulator you’d think there would be more cultures that are a part of life. Snowy escape introduced a new culture and I’d love to see more of it.

  • omgits_kilee
    omgits_kilee Month ago +9

    I just bought Island Living, and its amazing imo. You get 2 new occults, mermaid and elementals. Volcanic eruption lot challenge, and an amazing island world. I live in florida so this is the closest thing i will get to it lol

    • IlyEm
      IlyEm Month ago +1

      def, ive seen that a lot in the comments too. a lot of ppl seem to like snowy escape and island living, they dont really feel like the sims their gameplay is so beautiful yet relaxing.

  • KittenPanda
    KittenPanda 2 months ago +27

    I’ve been going full on strategic with my purchases in the sims lol. I bought it a few months ago when it was 5 dollars, bought Seasons and Pets during a 50% sale, bought HSYs while I could get the extra stuff, waited some more, and bought Snowy Escape and Cottage live during another sale, and then after Christmas, I’m gonna wait for a sale and buy Eco lifestyle and get together.

    • Brina Blue
      Brina Blue 2 months ago

      I just picked up a couple with the sale, but I used Kayla's older videos, so getting Cats and Dogs plus Get Together yesterday are still the same choices that I would have made if I would have waited for this video. I can't imagine ever paying full price!

  • alissa 💗
    alissa 💗 2 months ago +7

    I honestly regret getting the Discover University pack. The university gameplay is so boring and the only reason I got it was for the CAS. I like the world, but it's really lacking lots. I love the build and buy but the gameplay for this pack is so boring for me. I was so hyped for it and it just lacked a lot for me.
    edit: I'm also really bitter that they made THREE hairs that came from university basegame. That one hair with the braid on the side is ONE OF THE REASONS I BOUGHT THIS PACK! I'm glad black simmers or people who just want to make black sims have more options, but i'm furious about how they made hairs from packs free now. Same with those hairs from toddlers stuff.

  • 《Nina Sylveon》
    《Nina Sylveon》 Month ago

    Del Sol Valley really just looks sooo unpleasant. The colors and everything just...ew. no. I get the hate. :D

  • Broken Robot
    Broken Robot 2 months ago +19

    I really like the fame system from Get Famous. I like it when my Sims are artists, writers or social media influencers and their actions actually make them famous. I think it's really cool and I love how my Sims get recognised as their talents grow.

  • antyss
    antyss 2 months ago +158

    i'm sorry, but since when the infamous piranha pond turned into the shark pond???
    i know you can have different fish in there but as far as I remember, simsie always talked about her piranhas...right? RIGHT?
    it feels like we somehow shifted to another universe lmao
    even in the bell family, there are sharks now and I didn't notice when the change happened

    • Catherine Smith
      Catherine Smith 2 months ago

      I'm pretty sure she started doing sharks with her legacy on Twitch, and since she plays more on there she must have gotten used to doing that instead of piranhas

    • antyss
      antyss 2 months ago +1

      @ILuvAyeAye yes!!! I don't use twitch, so I don't know what's up with Potts family, but I have watched every single Bell family episode and somehow missed it???

    • ILuvAyeAye
      ILuvAyeAye 2 months ago +5

      YESSSSSSSSS she said "how funny if Blue fell in the shark pond" last episode of her legacy challenge (or maybe the one before) and I was all like "SHARK???"

    • Someone who can't make up their mind onausername
      Someone who can't make up their mind onausername 2 months ago +2

      maybe you're thinking about her other legacy series, the one on twitch? she did make a video about it recently where she buit the not-so-berry challenge house and she talked about how she always put a piranha pond in all the family's houses and she would make them jump in it to see who the heir is

    • Gwendolyn Robinson
      Gwendolyn Robinson 2 months ago +9

      @antyss it's only been in the last month or two, her sims could just afford sharks now so she gets those ones

  • Baebee_Peach
    Baebee_Peach 2 months ago +130

    The colored background on the packs on the sims websites is a new way they are categorizing them. For example royal blue backgrounds like on high-school years is Career&Lifetsyle, but then Green backgrounds like on island living are Outdoor Activities. It's their way of letting you know what kind of game play and stuff is in the pack

    • Simply Monica
      Simply Monica 2 months ago +1

      I came to the comments to write this description lol. I noticed this a few weeks ago. I love the new categorization of the packs on their site.

    • iwantpinkhair
      iwantpinkhair 2 months ago +5


    • Zankor2
      Zankor2 2 months ago +1

      @Baebee_Peach ok

    • Baebee_Peach
      Baebee_Peach 2 months ago +3

      Before anyone else asks, orange is Architecture&Decor and purple is Supernatural&Fantasy and yellow is Fashion&Style

    • Baebee_Peach
      Baebee_Peach 2 months ago

      @Zankor2 Everyday Activities

  • Sara C
    Sara C 2 months ago +14

    I love how I watch these recommendation videos knowing that I am not able to buy any of these😂😂 can't imagine how much fun it is to play with these

  • klea k
    klea k 2 months ago +28

    I like these videos because even though I have most of the packs it's interesting to see how different our opinions are on all the sims packs!

  • Lizel Welthagen
    Lizel Welthagen 26 days ago +2

    I'm holding out hope for a 'Be our Guest' gamepack where you can run a bnb or hotel. Just imagine.

  • Maria Azevedo
    Maria Azevedo 2 months ago +2

    Ill have to say this about Eco Living, I thought it was really cool and had plenty of awesome CAS (I love CAS) but when I downloaded it it completely broke my game. I had sims standing on counters unable to move, no matter how many times I reset them. Also the creating/selling gameplay would crash my game. Mind you I have a professional pc. I honestly dont even touch the pack anymore because of how buggy it is. Ive tried to replay sims but the amount of bugs makes it unplayable. So sad because this is my all time favorite franchise:(

    • MkatSims
      MkatSims 2 months ago

      Have you tried disabling the pack? Maybe you’ll be able to play the Sims again

  • frenchtoast013
    frenchtoast013 2 months ago +9

    We're surprising my mom with a setup which can handle Sims again. So this video came in CLUTCH as I choose what expansions to have in her surprise Origin account to go along with the tech. :)

    • alissa 💗
      alissa 💗 2 months ago +2

      you should get her city living or cats and dogs, the worlds are stunning and the build/buy and the cas is so good!

  • manu alves
    manu alves Month ago

    since i live in a different country, each pack cost between 90 and 200 bucks

    • M J
      M J Month ago +1

      have u tried ea dlc unlocker? if you have the free legit game you can get those dlcs for free

  • zuzanella100
    zuzanella100 2 months ago +6

    If I had to choose only 3 EP I would totally go for
    > Seasons - I agree with Kayla, it's an incredible pack, very useful and fun, I just can't imagine my game without it (TS2 and TS3 too!! I love TS3 version of it)
    > Snowy Escape - I ADORE THIS PACK, I'm very into Japan and Japanese style, so this world and build/buy objects are like a dream come true. If I remember correctly, thanks to Snowy Escape we can travel to every world for vacation now (if there is a rental house)
    > Discover University - great CAS and really well done gameplay imo. It is hard but not impossible to finish studies with A or 6 (with 3 sims at the same time!!).
    And if I could take 2 more
    > Get together - for cafes, world and clubs
    > City living - for apartments, festivals (they're awesome!), many food options from different cultures and just the vibe

  • Lady Raritatum
    Lady Raritatum 2 months ago +8

    nah eco lifestyle is a necessity for me just because of the build/buy stuff, it has my favorite beds ever and the colors are GORGEOUS and the modern style windows that don't break your sims' wallets? AMAZING the base game could never 😂

  • Nicola Gilroy
    Nicola Gilroy 2 months ago +20

    It seems so strange hearing the village in cottage living being described as “a downtown area” 😅

  • Vandy
    Vandy 2 months ago +4

    It's kind of random but island living is one of my favourites! The ocean irl is a really special place (Maybe because I'm Australian) so being there in the sims gives me so much actual joy and peace. I also love the beachwear in that pack, cleaning the island, and the conservationist career.

  • Rheanna Scheck
    Rheanna Scheck 2 months ago +7

    Honestly I bought every one of them this last summer when I got wifi. I'm only missing 3 kits. You inspired me to spend my bonus on something I love.

    • Cameo Dixon
      Cameo Dixon 2 months ago +2

      I love that for you ❤😂 we’ll be broke together

  • aoibh niceachmharcaigh
    aoibh niceachmharcaigh 2 months ago +11

    i really really wish that high school years would include more gameplay surrounding the career days. if they included a singular day of active career work to give students a taste of work life

  • DayDreamerJim
    DayDreamerJim 2 months ago +3

    Get Famous and Island Living are those packs that sound so cool on paper but then in game are kinda just... there? I think I played in Island Living maybe once. Get Famous is fine but I don't play in the world and the paparazzi are bugged as hell and kinda ruin everything when they swarm a location

  • Eleanor
    Eleanor 2 months ago +2

    One thing I really appreciated about the packs released around 2019-2020, they really expanded the range of styles available for CAS and building, to the point where Eco Lifestyle + Tiny Living meant I could uninstall almost all the custom content I was using for builds, which made my game experience so much better. I'll always rate those packs higher just for that.

  • Momma Friendly
    Momma Friendly 2 months ago +4

    I always forget werewolves, vampires and tiny living are different tiers of expansion because they impact so much as far as gameplay, worlds, etc

  • Alyssa T.
    Alyssa T. 2 months ago

    One of my favourite unexpected features of city living is the food festivals and recipe collecting! Before I would often have my sims cook and use their own ingredients they’d grown, but this opened up a whole new world for me! The amount of new and culturally diverse recipes is so fun to explore, and unlock to add to your sim’s own cooking! The food festivals themselves are also such a fun event to take friends, family, and partners to go to together! 😊 now that I have it, I can’t imagine being without it.
    I really love gardening and creative pursuits so Eco Lifestyle ended up as a must have for me! Initially I didn’t know what I’d think of it, but after watching simmers play it, I went for it and it was so perfect for me! If you like your sim doing creative things, non-traditional careers, and having them make things for themselves, this is probably a great pack for you too. I also really enjoyed the convertible community lots, we’ve never really had anything like that before and it helped my sims make a lot of connections!

  • Wren Penrith
    Wren Penrith 2 months ago +4

    get famous was a pack i didnt expect to like as much as i do, the world is awful but the gameplay and the sims make it super enjoyable. essential packs for me are 100% cats and dogs, cottage living and seasons i cannot play without them

  • Theblackdagger17
    Theblackdagger17 2 months ago +12

    Hey Kayla for the prom thing I’m pretty sure if u travel to the auditorium u can attend prom. I did it once because I wasn’t done getting my sim ready and from what I can remember it worked

    • Wren
      Wren 2 months ago +1

      Whenever I've travelled to the auditorium when the prom popup didn't work, it was just the default lot. No way to get to prom without the popup. But maybe it's the difference of it glitching vs choosing not to go when the popup comes up and going later. Possible it still works that way, have never tried.

  • Emma T. Fink
    Emma T. Fink 2 months ago

    I also love Seasons, Cats and Dogs, and City Living! I feel like the first two should be included in the base game though. Like, weather and pets are crucial parts of life. I get that it’s not the EA way though…🥲

  • Lunar__Lavender
    Lunar__Lavender 2 months ago +8

    Rip my wallet. The way she describes these packs makes me want to buy almost all of them

    • Ssarok_yj
      Ssarok_yj Month ago +1

      Same 😭😭 but 40 dollars is way too muchh

  • shaniah
    shaniah 5 days ago

    I love both snowy escape, and island living, theyre really beautiful and I love the Asian and Polynesian representation. But cost wise, I think it shouldn’t be a top priority,

  • Callie
    Callie 2 months ago +2

    Island Living was the first expansion I bought, I was so excited for mermaids! But I got bored really quickly and kind of regret buying it. I agree the world is beautiful but also Eco Lifestyle is so much more fleshed out and probably my favorite expansion pack.

  • emily ihrke
    emily ihrke 2 months ago +3

    simsie’s videos are genuinely so relaxing. i could listen to her talk about this stuff for hourrrrssss

  • Ariel F
    Ariel F 7 days ago

    Thanks so much for this video! I recently started playing again (haven’t played since TS2) and was debating between seasons and cats and dogs. Went with cats and dogs, and I’m so in love with all the animals! They so cute and funny! 🥰 I gotta get the seasons for sure though and then I’ll do city living eventually. I’m looking at some kits to get though if anyone has suggestions! Thanks!

  • Glory Martin
    Glory Martin 2 months ago

    Eco lifestyle is my favorite expansion pack there is just so much game play. I like to leave NPC voting on and let them vote on NPAs in the background. Sometimes the townies can wreak havoc one save I have is a juiced community, has Free love and We wears bags.

  • Mallory
    Mallory 2 months ago +3

    I adore the house you built in Snowy Escape! I've used it a lot ☺️💕

  • Cool Pumpkins 45
    Cool Pumpkins 45 2 months ago +2

    My rating personally, but only with the packs that i own.
    *Necessary:* Seasons -- Cats & dogs
    *VERY good:* Snowy Escape
    *Pretty good:* Cottage Living
    *Just fine:* Get famous -- Spa Day -- Christmas Stuff
    *Not for me:* High School Years
    *About all the packs:*
    *Seasons:* this pack is definitely good and if you dont have it there will only be california weather all year around, comes with a ton of clothes and hairs and furniture, but especially GAMEPLAY (yay!) probably one of the best packs i would recommend to everyone!
    *Cats & Dogs:* The pets have a great system for customizing them, exceeding my expectations by far…. the vet career isnt maybe the MOST fun, but its ok and functional. the world is honestly great (very rainy) and while i could play without it i definitely prefer to have it in my game and honestly i take it for granted these days!
    *Snowy Escape:* A beautiful pack, lots of gameplay! The houses and built. by youtubers who are not japanese, right… and some of them seem a little tourist-esque.. like we're looking at the world from a tourists perspective… but generally very good. the town is cosy, something i did notice was that it made all (99%) of my townies have japanese names (for some reason?) which isnt a bad thing of course, i however think its a case of tuning (the pack adds japanese names, but instead of adding them to some people, it almost adds it to ALL people) it might be because im playing in an old save from 2019 which sometimes gets a bit buggy.. but i do love the pack!
    *Cottage Living:* The world is great! The gameplay is great! The cas items are great. The farming lifestyle was a little (very) repetitive and having lots of chickens, cows, lamas means A LOT of death notifications. CON.STAN.TLY: i honestly wish you could turn them off. i like the build items and i was very pleased with the pack, but maybe it was just not really my play style!
    *Get Famous:* I honestly love the world for get famous, but mostly the small lots, one of the lots are on this street with these broken/crooked details and it captures the feels of town in a way most other worlds DO NOT. the view is amazing from the luxury houses but i do wish you could maybe interact with the city more and definitely wish there would be more than 2 bars/clubs (only 1 is accessible for non-celebrities). the fame system is okay but its also kind of broken, if your sims mom or aunt or even sibling gets famous, your sim will be nervous and faint around them which doesnt make sense. i do have to say i play with the pack often and it is overall useful, just feel like it would have been better if it came out TODAY because of how the game has improved.
    *Spa Day:* Not a lot to say, its okay and there isnt anything distinctly bad about it. just not the best pack out there, not necessary at ALL but a fun little addition to your game.
    *Christmas Stuff:* A free pack with some christmas decor. The decor is not functional and adds nothing to your gameplay except decoration, id recommend it as an addition to seasons, or if you do not own seasons but want to pretend that ur sims have to celebrate christmas.
    *High School Years:* Warning: Do not buy! Social Bunny app? Completely glitched. the prom? glitched. the new "crush" sentiments? GLITCHED. GLITCHED GLITCHED GLITCHED!!!! this whole pack was a nightmare to explore when i first got it, i was disappointed in everything but the cas/build items. the gameplay is so insanely badly done that i was wondering: HOW DIDNT THEY NOTICE THIS BUG BEFORE LAUNCH??!! my calender was glitched, it made everyones (EVEN PEOPLE THAT HAD NOT *PURCHASED* THE PACK????) game FULLY BUGGED to the point where we COULD NOT. OPEN. OUR. GAMES: WHAT? HOW? THIS IS ONE OF THE LARGEST CORPORATIONS IN THE WORLD…. and yet THIS is the bestt they could deliver. i feel bad. i feel bad for everyone who worked on this pack. (apparently like 8 people? sorry what?) because its a DISASTER: i regret buying it. thats all i can say. do not buy it.

  • Alia Gonzalez
    Alia Gonzalez 2 months ago +3

    after i bought get famous and city living as a teenager wanting to be a big broadway star, now i buy packs based solely on the build/buy objects i want to use. that’s why jungle adventure, eco lifestyle, and tiny living are my 100% must have packs. i use them in every. single. build.

  • oliver sunshine
    oliver sunshine 2 months ago +8

    I just recently got The Sims 4 when it became free and I’m debating getting a couple packs while they are on sale. Currently I’m thinking just Seasons and City Living but this video is very helpful for looking through all my options!

    • Yoda
      Yoda 2 months ago +1

      I’d recommend starting with Seasons and Cottage Living OR Seasons and Cats and Dogs.

    • Capricehxo
      Capricehxo 2 months ago +1

      I'd highly recommend tiny living it's such a good, useful pack and paranormal if you like the idea of it, the gameplay is insanely fun

    • Ariana k
      Ariana k 2 months ago +3

      I think what she forgot to mention about city living is that it also actually ties into regular gameplay very well imo. I love going to the festival's whether I'm living in the city world or not, it's just fun. I also love the community lots, many places for a fun night out, a date or a wedding!

  • Veronica Kishe
    Veronica Kishe 2 months ago +4

    Lilsimsie is actually amazing at these videos!! I don’t have all the packs, but when I’m looking to get one I always turn to Kayla :)

  • eos
    eos Month ago +3

    I'm torn between buying City Living and Cottage Living, both sound so great :')

  • bestnikista
    bestnikista Month ago

    ea gave me the get to work pack for free

  • Katherine Clausen
    Katherine Clausen 2 months ago +1

    The thing about the eclectic nature of build mode in university is that it’s true to life, young adults don’t have a lot of money so ikea and fancy hand me downs or thrifted items is what you get so something that isn’t styled is so much more realistic.

  • alice🤭
    alice🤭 2 months ago +6

    i personally love get famous, i have this one celebrity in my world which i’m so attached to and i loved getting her up to the top, but i agree the get famous world is so awful😭😭 that’s why i made her live in a penthouse in the city world once she got famous

    • Ssarok_yj
      Ssarok_yj Month ago

      Fr 💀 getting famous is so fun thoughh and just sims recognizing you and hosting events, and the acting career. get famous is so fun but the world definitely needs a re-fresh

  • Ronual Ratliff
    Ronual Ratliff Month ago +4

    Get Together is great for making money. When I did the R2R challenge I started out gardening to make money, which on its own is quite lucrative, but over time the garden grew to an unmanageable size. My sim was working from morning to night just to keep up and had very little time to satisfy their needs. Started a gardening club that met daily and basically got free labor to help tend the fields so all I had to do was harvest the crops. Later on I spent some cash on a few easels and added painting to the club activities(or possibly started a new club - can't remember because it was so long ago). I'd walk around and sell the paintings as they were completed. I think the goal of that challenge was to earn $1M and I hit that mark after only a couple of weeks of playing before maxing out my funds a few weeks later.

  • Riley Allen
    Riley Allen Month ago +7

    One of my issues with HSY is that we can't build a high school in a different world. I get why, but it yoinks emersion from me. In my head, Oasis Springs or Mt. Komerebi are nowhere near Copperdale (like you can't drive there and that's how I play). I know that's nitpicky personal play style, but I like having my gens moving being a big deal.

  • Irene Yolande
    Irene Yolande 2 months ago +2

    I was really sceptical about eco living because its not my thing. But I got the game when it had 50% discount and I love it! I love the gameplay and the things you can make yourself. I feel like there are a lot of things you can do. Just like cottage living.

  • Ash Nova
    Ash Nova 2 months ago +1

    This really helped me, I was having a hard time deciding what expansion pack I am going to buy next. 😁

  • CrepeCake10
    CrepeCake10 Month ago +11

    I super love Island Living, Cottage Living, Snowy Escape, and somehow City Living because they are rich in cultures, they give us so much taste. They also are very unique with their houses and style. Snowy Escape is still kinda too tourist centric but still pretty inclusive. Seasons, is basic needs.

    • CrepeCake10
      CrepeCake10 22 days ago

      @IlyEm rigghhttt😭 let’s wish for more sims 4 expansion, and better, more inclusive sims 5 🫶🏻

    • IlyEm
      IlyEm 28 days ago

      @CrepeCake10 shut upp thats one of my wish list worlds too! it annoys me sometimes when these games that go "around the world" only go to East Asia, like there's so many more beautiful cultures to explore!!

    • CrepeCake10
      CrepeCake10 Month ago

      @IlyEm righttt!! I am from South East Asia and I hope Sims would make something based on Asia, other than East Asia. Caribbean sounds fun too!

    • IlyEm
      IlyEm Month ago

      I agree! I wish we had a Caribbean inspired world, bc I feel so bad when I kinda head canon sulani as Dominican Republic bc I wanna live in my country so bad!! 😭I hope they make one in the future, it would be an easy way to add resorts!

  • ruby
    ruby 2 months ago +4

    my first pack was get to work as a gift from my parents (and the only pack i still have on disc lmao), and cat's and dogs was my second. but i really can't agree more that seasons is THE best. especially for a first pack, it's really the best example of specific gameplay enhancements (holidays etc.) and absolute game changing experiences like the seasons. also being able to change the length of seasons, as well as toggling on/off things like thunder storms are really cool to me. there's just so many small details that i couldn't live without, like the roller/ice rinks and having snow ball/water balloon fights. WELL worth the money.

  • ILuvAyeAye
    ILuvAyeAye 2 months ago +3

    I want to be able to build apartment buildings or row houses so bad! I grew up in Brooklyn, and I played and loved the Sims, but the houses were so foreign to me. I didn't know anyone who lived in a building that didn't touch two buildings on either side, or that had a visibly slanted roof. It was just hard of me to understand how those homes are laid out and roofed.

    • ILuvAyeAye
      ILuvAyeAye 2 months ago

      Apartment Living is fun, but it's so glitchy. I will try to build in the apartment, but it will take the wall paint off the exterior of the building. So I go to fix the exterior paint - no, you're not allowed to change the building's exterior. It's frustrating.
      I also think my laptop struggles a bit more tracking all the Sims on the street and in the other apartments, but that's my fault for using the Sims on a laptop lol. I don't think it explains the building glitches.

  • CGI Andy
    CGI Andy 2 months ago +2

    When did the piranha pond turn into a shark pond? Also thanks for ranking these packs. I personally love university build stuff for making teen rooms. I also have fond memories of it because I used it to design my dorm with my mom. Also eco lifestyle is the first pack I bought so I think it holds a special place in my heart. Keep up the good work bro! :)
    (Also I've been skiing and it isn't that fun. I got stuck in a hole that was around one of the ski lift poles).

  • aola wili
    aola wili 2 months ago

    really cool and I love how my Sims get recognised as their talents grow.

  • Jazlyne Alejandre
    Jazlyne Alejandre 2 months ago

    Thank you for these kind of videos!!❤️ With Cyber Monday today, I was planning to buy some just didn’t know which ones were worth it. Cause $40 just ain’t worth it for some of these 😔

  • Tabby Hanson
    Tabby Hanson Month ago

    The first canon gay couple in the sims franchise were the lesbians in the Sims 3 world Roaring Heights, not the Heckings. Just saying.