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The #1 QB in Arkansas!

  • Published on Nov 9, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Wowie
    Wowie Month ago +174

    Lets hope he doesn’t get an injury, wouldn’t want him to break bad

  • Brendan Hill
    Brendan Hill Month ago

    Y’all heard of Alvin Henderson, he’s the number 1 player in Alabama with over 59 d1 offers including bama, my school had to play his team in the 3rd round of the playoffs and we beat him, our team is SweetWater their is Elba

  • MarkinWA
    MarkinWA Month ago

    First pass, and the one right before the dunk, were both behind the receiver. Amazing that they use those two in the video.

  • B D
    B D Month ago

    Let's not forget that back in the day when the #1 team in Arkansas (Shiloh) played Euless Trinity from Texas. Trinity won 80-26. Texas is different.

  • Second Mover
    Second Mover 2 months ago +1428

    He feels like the type of guy to go to Albuquerque new mexico and become a chemistry teacher. Just me tho.

    • Uncle Ruckus
      Uncle Ruckus Month ago

      White excellence

    • Gray
      Gray Month ago


    • King Mike
      King Mike Month ago

      when the “hes jacked” picture came up, i could see it. Chem class, telling the class that he in fact use to be the #1 Player in Arkansas, and that’s the picture he’d use.

    • Joni Antonio - The Millennial Landlord
      Joni Antonio - The Millennial Landlord Month ago +1

      “And he’s jacked!” Meant nothing for the top 5 QBs of all time, if anything Brady showed that is all about mental toughness on and off the field!

    • Estevan Sisneros
      Estevan Sisneros 2 months ago +2

      I’m from abq 😂 and yes… yes very much so

  • SpaceCaptain
    SpaceCaptain Month ago

    He is certainly one of the Quarter Backs of all time.

  • Mike M
    Mike M Month ago

    I've known Lane since Fresno State years ago Lanes family was a Defensive minded family Lane decided to play Qb good Choice 👍 kid Lanes the Best Coach in the Country

  • Russian Roulette
    Russian Roulette 2 months ago

    Those qualifications and skills you think he's got, also were possessed by Brock Osweiller, Paxton Lynch, Trevor Lawrence , Zach WIlson and Baker Mayfield, but all these are bust, so what don't expect too much.

  • Christopher Hite
    Christopher Hite Month ago

    You know Saban is going to get him just like everything else

  • Nigel Roy
    Nigel Roy 2 months ago +915

    I've heard some buzz that he could be committing to New Mexico.

  • Dangus Rangus
    Dangus Rangus Month ago

    Trevor Lawrence, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel.
    All were “jacked” and best qb. Enough said.

  • David Sequeira
    David Sequeira Month ago +1

    Lane Kiffin and this kid would be a great fit

  • The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

    Every pass he threw would have been an interception in the NFL.

  • Wes Bearden
    Wes Bearden Month ago

    Im from arkansas so this is so awesome to see !

  • Walter Hartwell White
    Walter Hartwell White 2 months ago +2951

    Bros number 1 Receiver is Jesse Redman 💀💀💀

  • Inappropriate Content

    Dude is super jacked for sure, nice touch passes in these clips

  • Seneca Miller
    Seneca Miller Month ago

    He'll be a Razorback

  • K9 Fish air
    K9 Fish air Month ago

    Hold on it thought the biggest deal in Arkansas was that about for Greenwood Kane Archer?

  • R Levy
    R Levy 2 months ago

    His first two throws were wildcat worthy.

  • PowshieVEVO
    PowshieVEVO 2 months ago +278

    His name is Walker White but his Teammates gave him the nickname "Heisenberg"

  • TheTonganRonin
    TheTonganRonin 2 months ago

    Another peyton manning coming up 🔥

  • Jaqavion Jartavious Johnson III

    Doesn’t he play for P A, I watch them sadly beat Catholic high

  • matt evenstad
    matt evenstad Month ago

    As he throws a ball behind the first receiver😂

  • 1SGCarter
    1SGCarter Month ago

    This was the moment walkuh became a football player.

  • Bosstank Productions
    Bosstank Productions 2 months ago +356

    “Walku, need to win states”
    “Redman, we can’t just win states we need to dominate them”
    “RIGHT ON YO, Mistu white”

    • Zhou Biden
      Zhou Biden Month ago

      naw the school he plays for sucks lol theyve lost to the same school for 4 years in a row now. only beaten them once since hes played there

  • c0rtlxnd
    c0rtlxnd Month ago

    There is someone in 8th grade in my school that can dunk on regulation

  • Cheif Espada
    Cheif Espada Month ago +1

    Someone explain to me how the VERY FURST THROW was off!!!!!
    Next video immediately

  • David Russell
    David Russell Month ago

    bro looks damn good in navy blue. and he’s reppin number 4? (RIP JEVEN SNEED) we will gladly take him. #HOTTY TODDY

  • MC
    MC 2 months ago

    why did i think it was dave belfort, vitor son😂 who is also a good QB

  • Zac Gold
    Zac Gold 2 months ago +8665

    “My name is walker white, yo”

  • Yodaman
    Yodaman Month ago

    Razorbacks are my fav team

  • hashmonster3000
    hashmonster3000 Month ago

    First throw is behind the receiver 😂

  • Josh _
    Josh _ Month ago +1

    The priveledge of being tall and simply bring fit. You get looked at as a demi-god

  • David
    David Month ago

    He's better than all the QB's on the New Orleans Saints roster right now.

  • TheOGMen
    TheOGMen Month ago +42

    "His name is walker white"
    HMMM sounds familiar

  • HasbullaMagomedov
    HasbullaMagomedov Month ago +2

    “We aren’t in danger, I am the danger”

  • Jaime Baca
    Jaime Baca 2 months ago

    Totally under threw that first pass… 🤦‍♂️

  • BerBaller
    BerBaller Month ago +2

    Normal people: Walker White.
    People that know: 🤨🤨🤨

  • UltimateKicks
    UltimateKicks Month ago

    Now try passing like that with you feet and not breaking stride, more impressive then hands

  • Zac Gold
    Zac Gold 2 months ago +1468

    Bros probably gonna play for the Los pollos Hermanos family 💀

    • Jace robert Vlogs
      Jace robert Vlogs 2 months ago

      homie went berserk in the comment section

    • Kamarov
      Kamarov 2 months ago

      @Jason Bone yo Michael boner

    • Keegan!
      Keegan! 2 months ago


    • Carpe_ Poon
      Carpe_ Poon 2 months ago

      Walker White throws pizzas, not footballs

    • Bobby Taylor
      Bobby Taylor 2 months ago

      @Jason Bone yoooo , completely messed it up 🤣🤣😭😭😭

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark Month ago

    #HottyToddy hopefully he will hop on the #LaneTrain

  • BillByDaylight
    BillByDaylight 2 months ago

    "It's science Mr Walker White!"

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo Month ago

    He was 23 yrs old in the 9th grade.

  • Ricky Ogatis
    Ricky Ogatis Month ago

    I’m not a quarterback coach anything but his ball placement after the snap is too low.

  • Mdautkreix -
    Mdautkreix - Month ago +82

    Can’t wait for him to win the “Heisman-berg trophy” 😎

  • kimaste
    kimaste Month ago

    While hyping this guy up, the very first pass in this video, he throws behind the receiver.

  • Artemis Entreri
    Artemis Entreri Month ago

    first pass threw it behind im almost. bad pass, but looks strong and quick

  • Hooked Lifting
    Hooked Lifting Month ago

    So genetics blessed him. Nice

  • Zac Gold
    Zac Gold 2 months ago +608

    The moment walker became walkinburg

  • Brionn Hayes
    Brionn Hayes Month ago

    They call football passes “dimes”???? Honest question

  • Steve Reed
    Steve Reed Month ago

    JT Daniels was best high school QB ever almost ....sometimes it don't translate....jt has concrete in his shoes

  • Austin Adams
    Austin Adams 2 months ago

    It’ll be interesting to see him in the next level. Seen a lot of “beast” players out of high school that just flop in the next level. Best of luck to him

  • I’ll choose a name when i think about a good one

    As soon as I heard his name was Walker White I went to the comments. Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed in what I saw.

  • The Doo
    The Doo Month ago

    First part of the video he throws the ball behind his receiver ……. Lol

  • aladeen smith
    aladeen smith Month ago

    Everybody: Walker White like Walter White in Breaking Bad
    Me: Walker White like GOT white walker

  • OuTBreak kubA
    OuTBreak kubA Month ago

    How can this affect mahomes thoo

  • William Holt
    William Holt Month ago +28

    Parents held him back in 1st grade for 5 years

  • Kishawn Mckayle
    Kishawn Mckayle 2 months ago +1

    Every year or month we hear some Shxt like this…😭 Once they reach the big league they nothing

  • Tyler Galloway C/O 2027 - Arkansas

    I've actually done a workout with him before with our trainer jj meadors and I can definitely agree he is amazing and will do amazing

  • bdude
    bdude Month ago

    jesse... we need more touchdowns..

  • drisan aston
    drisan aston Month ago +1

    75th best football player In Arkansas

  • hovz 1105
    hovz 1105 2 months ago +669

    Being the #1 player in Arkansas is like being the tallest midget.

    • DetroitLions
      DetroitLions 9 days ago

      The #1 basketball recruit in the country is a kid out of Arkansas…

    • Mikel H.
      Mikel H. 12 days ago


    • JJ Smeltzer
      JJ Smeltzer 22 days ago

      Bro give him respect he’ll make it farther than you’ll ever dream of

    • O-DeLosAltos-Chih.
      O-DeLosAltos-Chih. 27 days ago

      Walks in any D1 ha from California… are we a joke 😂

    • shanks mcnasty
      shanks mcnasty 28 days ago

      @Doug Ro Brady Quinn.. at least he had a good college career though 🤷🏼

  • Dylan Martino
    Dylan Martino Month ago

    Yo is he married to his cousin 😮😂
    Btw all those throws besides the deep 50 yard would’ve been INTd in college or the pros.
    Because none of those guys was open at all.

  • Joseph Harris
    Joseph Harris Month ago

    Doesn't look like a huge arm

  • Dylan Martino
    Dylan Martino Month ago

    Why wouldn’t he go to Alabama?
    Makes no sense at all.

  • Woah There Pal
    Woah There Pal 2 months ago +72

    He’s on his way to becoming Heismanburg.

  • Lucas Mancini
    Lucas Mancini 2 months ago

    american football… the sport that doesn’t get played with the foot and does not have a ball 🤣

  • fredrico
    fredrico Month ago

    Go to michigan bro. We'll love u here!

  • Ezequiel Riesgo
    Ezequiel Riesgo 2 months ago

    Effortless. Can’t wait to see him at the next level

  • Lil Checo
    Lil Checo Month ago

    He throws bad he doesn’t throw to the person good he throws to dem like more to the side

  • bacon lettuce potato
    bacon lettuce potato 2 months ago +1543

    "His name is Walker Whi-"
    *_goes to comments_*

  • love pugs05
    love pugs05 2 months ago

    He would be smart to sign with Alabama Crimson Tide ! Great football program.

  • Johnny SwaG
    Johnny SwaG Month ago


  • Frank
    Frank 28 days ago


  • SuperMeanSadie
    SuperMeanSadie 2 months ago +6

    This is what hard work looks like! Definitely an inspiration…

  • Reece Culwell
    Reece Culwell Month ago

    I was the pressure in his face

  • PlopSauce
    PlopSauce Month ago

    If Walter white didn’t become a teacher

  • L V
    L V Month ago

    We just gonna ignore the kangaroo jumping in the gym?

  • Deezy
    Deezy 2 months ago +13

    Thats my guy, one of the most humble and driven dudes ive ever talked to eeally cheering for him

    • Grover
      Grover 2 months ago +2

      Deezy, I get that same comment often, yet somehow I am able to remain humble.

    • A Stupid Wrench
      A Stupid Wrench 2 months ago +2

      You mean walkuh?

  • MarkinWA
    MarkinWA Month ago

    First pass, and the one right before the dunk, were both behind the receiver. Amazing that they use those two in the video.

  • Kimi Jong Highball
    Kimi Jong Highball 2 months ago

    We need this guy to play for the mighty Rams!

  • Daddy
    Daddy 2 months ago

    The most successful QB’s in the 20 years haven’t been great physical specimens, they can however get the ball where it needs to go whenever they want. Don’t let being in shape fool you.

  • JSKC
    JSKC Month ago

    Low key, all of those passes where behind??? No?

  • icicle
    icicle 2 months ago +65

    His coach after he throws an interception:
    No more half measures Walkuh

  • Davie Jay
    Davie Jay 23 days ago

    That really is some impressive core strength to throw the medicine ball like that

  • Michael Hairston jr
    Michael Hairston jr 4 days ago

    It's amazing how as recently as 2018(talking about LAMAR JACKSON) you had people like BILL POLIAN among others saying that quarterbacks have to stay in the pocket, fast-forward to 2023 and look at all the quarterbacks in the AFC/NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES(all can run around outside the pocket). Long gone are the days that you have a statue in the pocket who is non-athletic!

  • Meepmoe6
    Meepmoe6 2 months ago

    Bro I heard Walter white the first time lol

  • Hayden Rose
    Hayden Rose 2 months ago

    Arkansas needs to Gets this Guy
    He’ll be a game Changer for the Hogs

  • Zac Gold
    Zac Gold 2 months ago +3709

    “Walkuh we need to cook walkuh”

    • Walter White
      Walter White Month ago +1

      I have been summoned

    • Brandcack
      Brandcack 2 months ago

      You have multiple comments with over 1000 likes on this post alone

      GIMPYISASIMPY69 2 months ago


    • LeTimo Sean
      LeTimo Sean 2 months ago

      @J Und3RRated 😐 missed the joke bro

    • J Und3RRated
      J Und3RRated 2 months ago +1

      Thats not how people talk in arkansas 😹😹😹 if that's what u was tryna do here buddy

  • Ami
    Ami Month ago

    Dude fills admission form :
    Last Name:. First Name:
    coordinator: Shite, we gonna need arya

  • Jose A
    Jose A Month ago

    This is high school!! let’s see how he does in college under real pressure

  • marksgameoflife
    marksgameoflife 27 days ago

    His name is like a name they would give to a QB in a 1980 movie about a star quarterback.💪😎

  • Kody Lemire
    Kody Lemire 2 months ago

    Seen a slant thrown behind the receiver and an over the shoulder in the end zone that he threw to the wrong shoulder and made the receiver stop and turn around.

  • Double V
    Double V Month ago +6

    I bet his cousins and sisters are lucky to have their dad playing football

  • Roger Dixon
    Roger Dixon 2 months ago

    He’s already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They’re going to start the NIL program for high school kids soon. Then soon after for middle school kids. Then for embryos, you know, for athletic conceived fetuses Only then will sports be awesome

  • Neely Sha Spencer
    Neely Sha Spencer Month ago

    It better be at the top of his list I need him in my team

  • cammac junebug
    cammac junebug Month ago

    Needs work on accuracy

  • George Whiteley
    George Whiteley Month ago

    Hopefully he'll get to the NFL and won't tank. The NFL is a whole new level. I wish him the best and look forward to seing him one day on Sunday night footbal.

  • Tampa Time
    Tampa Time 2 months ago +14

    “This is the number one quarterback to be born on a Thursday and have double jointed elbows!”
    -This guy