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Why Andrea Hides From Social Media

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Our pretty and smart sister, Andrea joins us this week! Yoatzi talks sending Nudes, we discover Andrea is a homebody, and an hombre took a pic of Louie's nalgas!
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  • jaymee lee
    jaymee lee 3 months ago +865

    I love Andrea's vibe n being private instead of being sucked into the social media world that can b so evil 😢 shes pretty and smart ❤❤

  • SiimplyDanna
    SiimplyDanna 3 months ago +295

    My favorite part of the podcast was when you guys were talking about how Andrea will always protect you guys, if someone is bullying you or making you uncomfortable she will stand up for you guys it’s so cute that she would defend her siblings and family ❤️ I am a size large

  • Jayleen A. Cano
    Jayleen A. Cano 3 months ago +294

    I’m so proud of Andrea for sticking in school but also I love how she gets to experience both lives with you guys! Like gets to be low key and then have people cheering for her is CUTE A F ! 😭😭😭😭😭💫💫🩷

  • Squiggz
    Squiggz 3 months ago +31

    Andrea not being afraid to say anything towards people being rude to her family and friends is sooo admirable. She honestly inspires me

  • Mimi
    Mimi 3 months ago +299

    Not me crying just watching how much love you have for each other. I’m convinced the Castro DNA is magic! 💖

  • divinegirl
    divinegirl 3 months ago +94

    can you bring your parents and talk about how they felt when you guys started social media? :D

  • Deann LeSane
    Deann LeSane 3 months ago +162

    I love how you two are so proud of your little sister.

  • Valerie Gonzalez
    Valerie Gonzalez 3 months ago +45

    my fav part of the podcast was when you guys were talking about anxiety, many influencers don't really talk about it and you guys expressing and not being afraid of telling the world and showing that even if you have the biggest following, you guys are still human beings and have feelings and not everything is shown on social media. and btw love you guysss and I am a size small❤

  • Ailani Jade
    Ailani Jade 3 months ago +81

    my familia is also a trio with 2 girls & 1 boy as siblings 🥹 i’ve always loved watching you 3 together since wayyy back . you guys remind me of my brother & sister & continue to remind me of how important positive family bonds are for your life & how much value they really hold ❤️‍🔥

  • Jaelene Grioli
    Jaelene Grioli 3 months ago +41

    i’ve been watching you guys since 2015 and i LOVED going down memory lane with you guys in this video. it brought such a smile to my face and made me happy that we got to look back at the good times you shared with us over the years 💜💜💜

  • Stephanie Alfaro
    Stephanie Alfaro 3 months ago +54

    I am so thankful for you louie and yoatzi💜💜 this is literally a distraction from everything I love all the chisme you’re amazing💜💜🎉

  • Elvira Gonzalez
    Elvira Gonzalez 3 months ago +10

    I love the sibling love ❤️
    The part where you guys talk about depression/anxiety and arent afraid to speak about it just made yall extra special ✨️ Louie being hella supportive is just beautiful 💕
    S:XL BTW 😊💜

  • Melanie Carrillo
    Melanie Carrillo 3 months ago +22

    I loved hearing baby sis defending her siblings stories. It’s the quiet ones you got to watch out for! Lol love your guy’s bond so much. I really wish i had stories to share about my sibling and i but didn’t really have much together. Anyways LOVE your podcast!!
    This mommy is a size Large now lol

  • Arianna Banuelos
    Arianna Banuelos 3 months ago +41

    My favorite part of the podcast was when Yoatzi was telling the story on how Andrea protected her at target i think it was so cute how she defends her siblings and family💕I am a size medium

  • Ana Rodriguez
    Ana Rodriguez 3 months ago +13

    Love how you guys support each other and are there for one another when someone is trying to bring another sibling down. Andrea is such a vibe when she’s talking about just vibing by herself with her cat and plants at home reading a book. And you guys talking about mental health and how having social anxiety is a real thing and sharing that being on medication can actually help. A lot of influencers talk about anxiety but not a lot mention that they get help through medication. So I give you guys props for sharing that! Love these videos and keep them coming! Size Large ❤

  • Leslie Sinay
    Leslie Sinay 13 days ago

    Loved this sibling podcast. You guys seem to have a great relationship. You are so different, but I do see similarities. Can’t wait to see more. ❤

  • Andi
    Andi 3 months ago +22

    This podcast gives me something to listen to during my lunch time or break at work ! Even at home ! I love them both 🫶🏻💜🩷! You guys have inspired me through a lot !

  • hu6tao
    hu6tao 3 months ago +7

    this is the best possible thing you guys could’ve pursued! i’m so so happy seeing you guys just talk and sit down with us about the castro sisters:) love u guys always

  • Lupe Rodriguez
    Lupe Rodriguez 3 months ago +9

    My favorite part was Andrea discussing her introverted personality. I relate to that so much and I share a lot of the same hobbies she does like reading and being more of a homebody. I also really liked you guys discussing your relationships with each other. I’m also super close with my two siblings so I relate to those bonds you guys share ❤ size large

  • Cristina Diaz
    Cristina Diaz 3 months ago +2

    Love the podcast love all of the episodes so far you guys are so entertaining. I love the part where you guys kind of explain the anxiety you guys have because all of us won’t just come out and speak about it. You guys are so comfortable to put it out on the internet. I love you guys and I can’t wait for the next episode❤️

  • pricilla martinez
    pricilla martinez 3 months ago +12

    Each of you complement each other very well. It is nice to have a calmer one in the bunch. Love the bond you guys have with each other. I laughed at Yoatzi, sending the picture to your mom. Lol. That is hilarious 😂

  • jaqui Hernandez
    jaqui Hernandez 3 months ago +2

    I look forward to these podcasts! I get to chill and laugh once my daughter falls asleep 🥺💜 thank you for these and keep up the amazing work 😊

  • Jazmine Vazquez-Martinez
    Jazmine Vazquez-Martinez 3 months ago +3

    I was so happy to see the castro sisters back! 🫶🏼 your relationship reminds me so much of mine w/ my siblings! my favorite part was yoatzi telling her first nude story 😂 I would have died of embarrassment lol love you guys! 🤍 you guys bring a lot of comfort and it’s nice to be able to relate and not feel alone, thank you guys for being you! - size small

  • Brenda Delgado
    Brenda Delgado 3 months ago +8

    My favorite part is when you 3 talked about the different types of anxiety you have. It's good to know we are not in this alone. Sometimes I feel as if no one understands when it comes to mental health, or no one can relate. Thank you, guys, for this episode!! 💜💚💓 (2xl & @theebrenda_dee)

  • Angelyna Diaz
    Angelyna Diaz 3 months ago +4

    I have been watching you guys since 2015 and i love the seen you guys grow within the yearssss. My favorite part was when Andrea talked about her always protecting you guys if you felt bullied or judged by people around. And just her vibe is so peaceful and bring so much joy into the environment. ❤❤❤

  • Yuri urban-sanchez
    Yuri urban-sanchez 3 months ago +3

    I cant even pick a favorite part of this podcast, everything about it was fun and entertaining. I am so happy that Andrea came. I love that you guys shared her thoughts on what you guys do. We really got to see what type of relationship you guys have. You guys are so caring and protective towards each other. It was very comforting seeing you guys open up about anxiety because you don’t see that on social media a lot. A lot of people can relate to that and you guys sharing your experience makes people feel less afraid to open up about mental health. Que dios los bendiga a todos, you guys are truly so pure and beautiful. Don’t ever let anyone change that ❤️- size small & @urban_yuri_

  • Gaby Rios
    Gaby Rios 3 months ago +8

    I love Andreas vibe and how protective she is and that y’all always have each other’s backs my favorite part of the podcast was that Louie and Andrea bonded over the “og” Clip-Sharers❤️

  • Rachel colson
    Rachel colson 3 months ago +2

    I love watching you guys! Your guy’s podcast has helping me through my depression, y’all make me laugh so much. My favorite part is you guys talking about your younger years together 🙏🏼 stay blessed and mad love, ps my fav color green and large because I live over sized hoodies, hope to win but if not that’s oka too I’ll still watch

  • Aimee
    Aimee Month ago

    I wish more people were like Andrea she is honestly so genuine and down to earth & humble ❤
    unlike a lot of Clip-Sharers I been seeing lately 🫠 most of them are so full of them selfs and weird, I don’t understand how they are even influencers

  • Mills Rod
    Mills Rod 2 months ago +2

    This podcast is one of the only ones that will literally have me in tears laughing my ass off in public places! Then I get all embarrassed and shit 😂💀 over here giving me y’alls social anxiety 💀

  • C r y s t a l
    C r y s t a l 3 months ago +1

    Absolutely so in love with the bond y’all have with one another 🥺 to see how defensive and protective Andrea is over y’all is just 😭 love it, true sibling love 🫶🏼 And also loooove watching y’all 🩷 always making my day! And getting me through this pregnancy 😅
    I’m a size large or XL🙈

  • Paulina Alvarado
    Paulina Alvarado 3 months ago +15

    I was drinking water at the part where Louie said yoatzi is pretty but an airhead and I almost spat out my water 🤣 I love this podcast💜💜💜💜

  • Adreana G
    Adreana G 3 months ago +9

    You can tell Louie and Yoatzi have a genuine love for Andrea💜

  • Selena Santana
    Selena Santana 3 months ago +26

    My favorite part was when Yoatzi was sharing her nude accident with her mom! Omg had me laughing so much how she tried to cover it up 😂 I’m a size Medium ❤ love to see Andrea back

  • Julianne Andrade
    Julianne Andrade 3 months ago +26

    Loui im so blessed you started these stories I wait for these every week and look forward to them

  • Melissa
    Melissa 3 months ago

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE this podcast literally the only podcast ive actually watched. Ive sat through & listened to each episode so far & loved every single one ❣️❣️🙌 keep it up Castro beauty sisterssss 💖 I strive to be like all 3 of you in different ways 💕 I love how Andrea defends the 2 of you at all costs 😍🙌😫😭 Truly proud & so so happy for you all ! May God bring you & your beautiful families joy, happiness & continued success ALWAYS 💖🙌🥰 Size Medium ❤ p.s. from Riverside county 🙌🙌🥰

  • Mimi's Space
    Mimi's Space  3 months ago +1

    My favorite part of the podcast was when you guys talked about mental health. I have had all that happened and it made me feel noticed. Thank you for that. ♥️ size: XL

  • Bianca Quintanilla
    Bianca Quintanilla 3 months ago +5

    I Love the Spelling Segment....You should always do the English version but Bonus round should be Spelling the same word in Spanish ❤ Love This Podcast 🎉 XOXO Bianca

  • Isaac Barajas
    Isaac Barajas 3 months ago +2

    I Love watching the podcasts, I'm so proud for Andrea and love y'alls relationships💙

  • Isis Flores
    Isis Flores 3 months ago

    love you guys, watch you guys during work. and so happy how far you guys came. been watching you guys from the start💗

  • eva m
    eva m 2 months ago +1

    I literally have not been on Clip-Share for a while now but I didn’t know y’all had a podcast and now I LOVE IT 🫶literally I’m glad y’all are doing this! Keeep it up👊🏼👊🏼

  • Andy Can
    Andy Can 3 months ago

    My favorite part of the episode was honestly the whole thing because you guys just together are really fun to watch and all three of you guys are just amazing and I really liked this episode in general ❤ I’m a size medium

  • Karina
    Karina 3 months ago +2

    Omg Yoatzi being anxious to take her mental meds makes me feel I’m not alone! I get so anxious to take mines since I just started but thank you for sharing that. I also get panic attacks and knowing I’m not alone makes me feel more normal 😭😭😭😭

  • Alia 💌
    Alia 💌 3 months ago

    i love how down to earth Andrea is i love her vibe i want to be like her so bad and she’s me posting every 6 months ❤

  • Allison Meza
    Allison Meza Month ago

    I love watching all three of you guys seeing how different your guys vibes are and how close you guys are.

  • Jysela Hernandez
    Jysela Hernandez 3 months ago

    My fav part was so hard to pick!! But I loved getting to what Andrea’s perspective of social media & how it affects her! I love you all together and hearing your stories, I would for y’all to have another meet & greet! Also I am a size medium 🫶🏽🥹✨

  • Aryanna
    Aryanna 3 months ago +2

    Ahhh omg literally love your guys vibe every time a new episode comes out I always tell my mom because she loves you guys to ❤ my favorite part of the episode was when you were telling the story’s of when Andrea would stand up for you guys because I feel like i can relate a little but yeah love the episode can’t wait for the next bby ❤ also we need addy on here nextuhhhhh 😝

  • Claribel Flores
    Claribel Flores 3 months ago +1

    you guys make me feel comfortable and I been watching you guys since when louie started and you guys make feel like I was not alone from my bulling

  • Wendy Placido
    Wendy Placido 3 months ago +19

    andrea is so quiet but i love that she defends y’all when necessary, the dynamic trio, love that for y’all. - size medium :)

  • minoritykj
    minoritykj 3 months ago +2

    Love the relationship you three have with each other!! The next word should be “anxiety” 😊

  • yoselyn
    yoselyn 3 months ago +4

    my favorite part of the podcast was totally the part where you guys told storys about how andrea would stand up for you guys and how she always does it, just so nice how you guys have each other 🙏🏽🙏🏽 we need to see more andrea for sure 💕 size medium 🫶🏽

  • Martha Carrera
    Martha Carrera 3 months ago +1

    I’m dying at Yoatzis story about sending her nude to her mom 😂

  • Liddoem21
    Liddoem21 3 months ago +1

    Omg i love this!! You guys are freakin adorable! Andrea should start her own podcast! I love her voice! Lol Andrea’s just like me 😂😂😂 i make people feel really uncomfortable whenever it comes down to my siblings being disrespected. I will stare a mf down just so they can back tf down. Im very straightforward and will tell anyone to back off as loud as can be 😂😂

  • Zian Kama
    Zian Kama 3 months ago

    I loved this soooo much 😭❤️ I loved how you guys kept it real & shared the good the bad. It just shows how you guys can also relate to everyone. It was soooo nice to the sisters all together ❤️ all positive vibes and i’m here for it!! -size medium

  • Victoria Perez
    Victoria Perez 3 months ago +43

    I love when all the Castro sisters are all Together because its A vibe!💞😌

  • Suzy R
    Suzy R 3 months ago

    I'm visiting my sis in Vegas and she's working right now. I woke up opened Clip-Share and podcast popped right up. 🤗 excited!!! You guys are hilarious and and entertaining. Love your bond! I have to say I identify myself a little with all 3 of you...I also have anxiety in general, motherhood anxiety, depression panic attacks shyness, I also stand up for my brother and sister when needed and I also take medication 😅 love hearing your stories and laughing along. Can't wait for the next one. And like Andrea says be nice to everyone because you never know what someone is going through! Except when they are being bitches to you 1st. Esque tampoco hay que dejarse. 😉🤗🥰
    Lg @Szzzy13

  • Allyson Vasquez
    Allyson Vasquez 3 months ago +2

    I love how andrea is such a vibe and I love when you guys get together yall are such a vibe and love this videos its definitely such a good video and a good laughs I am so in love with you guys 💖💖

  • Carla Deidrè Klein
    Carla Deidrè Klein 3 months ago +7

    This whole episode was my fav! But the part when Yoatzi said she sent her mom the picture instead of the guy!!! 🤣💀,
    Not me getting second hand embarrassment 😂. Love you guys for real, I could watch for hours! Also, I love your strong relationship 💜💚💗

  • Jessica Ortiz
    Jessica Ortiz 3 months ago +14

    I really do like Andreas vibe, style.... she reminds me so much of my little sister too. As far as loving plants, going hiking, painting. And it all so cute. Definitely not old lady haha. It's like your more private but in a good way. I like that. ♡ it was nice getting to know you Andrea. Your beautiful 💗

  • Kaylee Flores
    Kaylee Flores 3 months ago

    Definitely my favorite video of this segment, I love seeing Andrea with you guys definitely see the balance! ❤️🫂

  • Corrina Rosales
    Corrina Rosales 3 months ago +3

    Guys I’ve had such a hard day today but this podcast really cracked a laugh and a smile on my face I love you guys😭❤️

    • Bri V
      Bri V 3 months ago +1

      I hope your day gets better!

    • Corrina Rosales
      Corrina Rosales 3 months ago

      @Bri V I hope you have a beautiful day thank you for you kind words🥺

  • jessica garcia
    jessica garcia 3 months ago +3

    Love love love this episode, Thursday’s are literally my favorite days now! I loved how you guys could talk about your mental health issues, I’m pretty sure we all go through something in our different ways and it’s great to hear from someone else’s perspective. Can’t wait to keep seeing you guys grow! Not yoatzi being me sending a “nude” to the wrong person 🤣 (Size M. @idkmaniggah )

  • daniela
    daniela 2 months ago

    Andrea is literally me! every time I see her she's seems like such a shy and private person, like when she introduced her self I was like "where literally the same person" bc I also paint and love too cook and the way she said what she things is fun is literally my shit. AND Andrea is such a pretty girl like I swear and also she seem like such a humble person like how she doesn't start anything out of no where. like I just love her as a general person.

  • Suzanne Fallin
    Suzanne Fallin 3 months ago

    I love your sibling bond! Y’all remind me of me, my sister and my brother growing up! Love Andrea!

  • Rey Bibi
    Rey Bibi 3 months ago

    I love the sibling relationship you guys have!❤ I also love how much normality goes on in your videos, like the anxiety part for example! Makes me feel like ok I'm not exaggerating, it's ok to feel like this! Thank yall for the entertainment!💞💓
    Size: S

  • Alejandra Padilla
    Alejandra Padilla 3 months ago +2

    I love how you guys talk about serious topics but still keep
    It light and goofy too ❤❤

  • Leslie Garcia
    Leslie Garcia 3 months ago

    I love how open you guys are about everything and even though Andrea is more private the times you guys bring her on she is open to talk about whatever ❤❤ I’ve been watching you all for awhile and love seeing how far you all have come ❤️
    @lelizabeth_93 - L
    Also word: pneumonia

  • Lizette Garcia
    Lizette Garcia 3 months ago +1

    When I was younger I was not close with my siblings at all. But I feel like as I got older I have something close or similar to you guys. Love watching you guys especially with your parents. Omg wait an episode with the whole fam! Castro fam podcast hehe if your parents are up for it ❤️

  • Tionna Lovell
    Tionna Lovell 3 months ago +1

    I feel really similar to Andrea but I’m not smart or confrontational 🤣🤣 the giving someone a compliment, I love doing that what I can because you never know how someone has been feeling. I need to be less scared to stick up for myself tho!! You can really tell you guys grew up with so much love ❤❤❤

  • Abigail Rico
    Abigail Rico 3 months ago

    Love your podcast and most of all love your humbleness can’t wait for the next podcast!♥️ size 2x

  • Calles Angie
    Calles Angie 3 months ago +1

    My fav part was the stories of Andrea being protective and making people feel uncomfortable 😂

  • Hilda Munoz
    Hilda Munoz 3 months ago

    my favorite part is when y’all talk about Andrea having y’all’s backs and her standing up to the mean people. i am the exact same way when it comes to my siblings. i will go against the world for my family. i wish y’all continue having the loving relationship y’all have. les mando muchas bendiciones ❤️❤️😇
    i don’t have instagram but i’m a size thiccckkkk ahahaha jkjk i’m a size large 😂
    next word for Louie should be definitely . i have a hard time spelling it. it literally took me like six times to finally spell it correctly 🤣 soy bonita pero bien pendeja lmfao

  • Kelsey Castillo
    Kelsey Castillo 3 months ago +14

    I need like 5 episodes a week, they are so funny and entertaining🫶🏻 Andrea is a combination of both of you!

    MARIA ESTRADA 3 months ago +2

    Want my kids to grow up with this type of sibling love I have a boy and a girl and I would do anything for them to grow and be like you guys and the relationship you all have and I love how since the first pod and til now you guys keep mentioning how you guys are nice and friendly but mess with one sibling or make you guys mad and you’ll go off and as you should honestly 💯💜💗

  • Flor Cancino
    Flor Cancino 2 months ago

    I love Andrea, she has such a pure heart 🤎

  • Fortino Aispuro
    Fortino Aispuro 3 months ago

    I really loved this episode because I love watching you guys just being together lol but it kinda reminds me of me and my brother and sister. We are lucky enough to have a good relationship with one another just like you guys do. Anyways, I think it’s just cool watching another pair of siblings getting along and also love how each one of you guys have a different perspective on social media. Love you guys and can’t wait for more episodes ❤ I’m a size 2x-3x

  • Jesse Daisey Arcaute
    Jesse Daisey Arcaute 3 months ago

    I love you guys.. Looking forward to seeing another episode!!!

  • Afrikaa Santiago
    Afrikaa Santiago 2 months ago

    Me having the popote al revés jaja I love this podcast, I am finally keeping up with it during summer break 🎉

  • dumbass
    dumbass 3 months ago

    The love and the care that u guys have for each other is so nice and that you guys are protective of each other was well is soo cute ✨
    Love you guys big fan of you guys ❣️,im a large

  • Wendy Cortez
    Wendy Cortez 3 months ago +1

    Y’all have beautiful souls. Your parents raised y’all soo good ❤️ my sister and I get along very similar to you guys 😇🫶🏽

  • Gabriela Vargas
    Gabriela Vargas 3 months ago

    Its been fun watching you guys it reminds me of my sisters and me getting together and and remembering so many things you should do a cooking episode all three of you guys together.

  • ChristineJ
    ChristineJ 3 months ago

    Y'all are so beautiful and I love the sibling vibes. The way you guys talk to each other is too cute!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  • Stephanie Maeda
    Stephanie Maeda 3 months ago +18

    you guys were meant for a podcast!

  • Jaqueline Espindola
    Jaqueline Espindola 3 months ago +1

    OMG!!! Obsessed with this podcast!! You guys should try to match colors every episode 😍 that would be sooo cute

  • Abby Ramirez
    Abby Ramirez 3 months ago +1

    I can relate to Andrea when she stand up for her siblings because I do that when anyone stares and my mom,sisters, and tias in a creepy way and I just stare and call them out. Their were these two situations that happened to me when I was walking home and someone was hella staring at me while they were in their car and I just let the first one slide and then the second did and I just wanted them out hella loud. I don’t care why they starring like “huhhhh!”

  • Brianna Buitrago
    Brianna Buitrago 3 months ago

    I think it’s super important for someone to balance there privacy because not everyone is up for the media world and the internet is beyond toxic and super bad for mental health so completely andrea

  • Reyna Villalobos
    Reyna Villalobos 2 months ago

    I love how she cares about others feeling and like I would like to be all of your guys friends because your all really nice❤

  • Dina Sky
    Dina Sky 3 months ago

    The best part I enjoyed from the podcast was when y’all talked about y’all’s close relationship and how y’all defend on another. Me and my siblings are like that as well

  • maria’s vibezz
    maria’s vibezz 3 months ago +2

    Fav part is that you guys protect each other so much that’s key right there ❤️ can’t wait to meet you guys one day 🤍

  • Leticia Garcia Rafael
    Leticia Garcia Rafael 3 months ago

    I love it; Andrea’s facial is a mix of both of y’all ❤️ #castrosisters

  • leslieloveg 96
    leslieloveg 96 3 months ago

    Louie is literally meeeeee!!! I still use my fingers to count lmao love your podcast 💜💜💜💜💜

  • alyissa Ramirez
    alyissa Ramirez 3 months ago


  • Beatriz Reyes
    Beatriz Reyes 3 months ago +1

    This episode was off to a great start with the future guests to come and just the trio of the Castro Sisters is everything. The way everything is raw and wholesome says a lot about y’all, always staying humble with is important
    My favorite part was when y’all talked about Andrea always standing up for you guys. It’s ironic on how she’s the youngest but brave enough to stick out for the family and her future plans. Size M. @Trixx213

  • isela G
    isela G 3 months ago +3

    I love how wholesome this episode was ❤🥹

  • Alexa Martinez
    Alexa Martinez 2 months ago

    Andrea I love her vibe if she wants to be more private Thas perfectly fine like if she doesn’t want to be stuck out to the world that much that’s on her she doesn’t want to deal with the hate, and like how people are so evil in life but that’s so awesome for her and she needs to keep up with what she does if that makes her all love to yalllll❤❤❤

  • Esmeralda Fuentes
    Esmeralda Fuentes 3 months ago

    I love watching the relationship y’all have with each other. I have anxiety as well and when y’all talked about it it makes me feel not alone! 💓
    Size: L

  • Iris Coronado
    Iris Coronado 3 months ago

    omg i love yall!! my favorite part was just you guys bonding. It’s true that as you’re growing up I feel like your siblings relationships aren’t as close. It’s the older you get that really makes yall close. I’m a size 2xl

  • marelyn
    marelyn 3 months ago +1

    I really love when y’all talk abt y’all experiences w social media and I really love you guys💕

  • Aurora Gonzalez
    Aurora Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Omg Andrea looks like your mom she’s so pretty! All of you are ☺️ I love how Andrea keeps it to herself it’s good

  • Julissa M
    Julissa M 3 months ago

    Ahhh my fav siblings together!!! I loved this episode! I was crying in laughter of yoatzi asking her mom if she likes her bra bien SEXXYY😭😭😭😭 Can’t wait to see who you guys bring out next! IM THINKING ADDY NNNYYYYYYYYAAAA 🤪 I would love to win a hoodie🥺 Size XL❤️