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Tuco vs Skaters || Better Call Saul

  • Published on Jan 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #shorts #bettercallsaul

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  • Amine Stormtrooper
    Amine Stormtrooper 2 months ago +128601

    He didn't even attack them over the money, he just attacked them over calling his grandma biznatch

    • Fili Fili
      Fili Fili 10 hours ago

      @The Trio i mean stupid games stupid prizes

    • Jacob J
      Jacob J 18 hours ago

      No shhh Sherlock

    • IseaFlames
      IseaFlames Day ago

      I mean grand mas are sacred and if you are an adult your grandma has your complete and total support and respect.

    • Shellshell MCLAUGHLIN
      Shellshell MCLAUGHLIN 2 days ago

      what would you do? someone take advantage of calling your moma a name? don't give me that rolling your eyes crap!!

    • iamsomeone
      iamsomeone 3 days ago

      what does biznatch mean

  • plarra
    plarra Month ago +10284

    "Im gonna give you a 9.6 for technique, 0.0 for choice of victim!"
    Saul was damn right.

  • Santiago Hernandez
    Santiago Hernandez 29 days ago +5417

    Never disrespect a Mexican man’s mom or grandma.

    • Pounce Pounce
      Pounce Pounce 7 hours ago

      @Kasyx U.S white people decided that spanish speaking people should use that to be inclusive to all 54 pronouns

    • YOUTUBE Is Great
      YOUTUBE Is Great Day ago

      Latinx equivalent to they/them being considered an actual thing now

    • V M
      V M Day ago

      ​@No Confundas Las Cosas, Negro not true. I'm usually defended by white or Hispanic men but not black men and I'm black

    • V M
      V M Day ago


  • Hugh J Ness
    Hugh J Ness Month ago +17445

    These guys got off EXTREMELY light. Tuco killed his own lieutenant for literally backing him up

    • Bee 🐝
      Bee 🐝 2 days ago

      Why? That’s hella dumb

    • Jeff Bourke
      Jeff Bourke 10 days ago

      Because they had a good lawyer haha

    • Nicetas
      Nicetas 27 days ago

      ​@LonghornsLegend plus his nana is upstairs, you dont want to disturb your nana just because you wanted to yeeted somebody do you?

    • dankman
      dankman 27 days ago

      Real life a kid got best to death by a meth head they fought but obviously the guy had meth powers and just beat the kid to death kid was 16 the dude was 27 but point is meth heads get aggressive asf when they high

  • Jesse Gnida
    Jesse Gnida Month ago +1032

    Tuco was really a quiet and calculated criminal before he started getting high on his own gear.

  • Candy
    Candy Month ago +958

    Love that he used her cane to hurt them instead of some other random blunt object or just his fists. Perfect way to protect her honor

    • Jessica Middleton
      Jessica Middleton 2 days ago

      ​@FrostedGuyMSM literally.. in the show. They run out in front of cars and pretend to get hit while skate boarding and the other one is conveniently recording but only gets the part his brother is withering in "pain" in the street. They start going on about how they'll sue and they have video evidence and they harass people and get money from them. They did it to Saul as well.

    • J1GEN.0RG
      J1GEN.0RG 4 days ago

      @FrostedGuyMSM they try to scam saul as well and saul doesn’t buy it

    • Aaww Fiisken
      Aaww Fiisken 5 days ago

      @FrostedGuyMSM Don’t remember these guys getting killed and they are scam artists it’s pretty evident in the show

  • Frank Baldemar
    Frank Baldemar Month ago +30662

    This is the most civilized Tuco has ever been.

    • ee
      ee 12 days ago

      ​@Jesse Martinez He'd skin them calmly tho

    • Luke Reynolds
      Luke Reynolds 27 days ago

      @Jesse Martinez but he wasn’t doing it out of anger. He was doing it because his grandma was disrespected

    • Shoaib Chishti
      Shoaib Chishti 29 days ago

      The crystal got to him. Not. Even. Once

    • skyhime
      skyhime Month ago

      I thought he was going to loose it at money but then he said "what u call my grandma?!?"

    • Frank Baldemar
      Frank Baldemar Month ago

      @pablo TY friend, have a good one!

  • Chris Junior
    Chris Junior Month ago +255

    “She felonied me”😂

  • robert greenfield
    robert greenfield 14 days ago +61

    “They called her Biznatch” . Earned them a trip to the dessert.

  • Cityofchamps94
    Cityofchamps94 Month ago +10359

    Unhinged Tuco is scary, but calm Tuco is absolutely terrifying. Reminiscent of Gus Fring.

    • NinjTech
      NinjTech Month ago +1

      You wouldn't smack a couple of smart ass punks for scaring an old woman? Your grandmother? I'd do the same as he did, minus you know the driving to the desert and threatening to kill them part. Depending on the type of work I was doing at the time, I'd make sure the punishment fit the crime, based on the type of co-workers or crew I had :)

    • Michael Williamson
      Michael Williamson Month ago

      @Dejuan Harris😂😂

    • Christopher
      Christopher Month ago +1

      Gus was a pretty evil dude.

    • LXW arts
      LXW arts Month ago +1

      Unhinged Taco?

  • Phlip
    Phlip Month ago +85

    “Words hurt. But not more than walking canes.”
    Tuco Salemanca

  • Nix
    Nix 11 days ago +4

    This was the moment Tuco became Biznatchberg

  • Sofia_Alex_
    Sofia_Alex_ Month ago +14010

    Never insult a Latina/Italian grandma. All games are done and you run.

    • Z Malek
      Z Malek 11 hours ago

      @THUNDABOLT “another breed when it comes to grandmothers” , so now we’re dividing on which culture fights harder for grandmas??? Lmao y’all are 12 and corny

    • Z Malek
      Z Malek 11 hours ago

      That’s literally every culture , just named two random ones 😂

    • TGF_R2
      TGF_R2 13 hours ago

      @EL.MAS.BUSCADO What this clown tryna say

    • JepJep Arts
      JepJep Arts Day ago

      ​@Grey Hunter trust me those people are built like a tank

    • shayli saadati
      shayli saadati 3 days ago

      Did u guys notice his apron was gone after a bit

  • NOOB600
    NOOB600 9 days ago +3

    tuco is the definition of family

  • luxtube luxtube
    luxtube luxtube Month ago +18

    I like how he held his arm out while grandma walked up the stairs and shut her door before beating their asses lol😂

  • Dashing Steel
    Dashing Steel Month ago +5470

    Tuco really waited until the abuella was out of the room before going ape shit.
    My man had more patience than a saint

    • Goferboy 237
      Goferboy 237 9 days ago


    • Spray Cheese
      Spray Cheese Month ago +1

      @Cap'n Cottontail true shit, that’s the only time I’ve ever seen tuco reflect on his behavior. He seemed to feel bad whenever he lost his temper with hector

    • Cap'n Cottontail
      Cap'n Cottontail Month ago +1

      He was also taking care of Don Hector as psycho as he is he respected his elders

    • Chaos
      Chaos Month ago

      @Lily Senpai what do murderers running around have anything to do with this video 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Nicholas Dickson
    Nicholas Dickson 7 days ago +6

    The calmest tuco has ever been

  • IceyPlayz
    IceyPlayz 4 hours ago +1

    To be fair, I gotta respect Tuco for his loyalty to his family.

  • not_my_real_name
    not_my_real_name Month ago +5219

    Never disrespect someone's mom, but especially their grandma

    • MarxismIsACancer
      MarxismIsACancer 28 days ago


    • Snotty boy
      Snotty boy 28 days ago

      @Christopher and may I remind you this is a clip of a show with no context whatsoever. So whether she did do it or didn't doesn't mean I can't ask a simple question.

    • Snotty boy
      Snotty boy 28 days ago

      @Christopher and that is true. But if the grandma were to actually hit and run....keep dodging the question is you want

    • Christopher
      Christopher 29 days ago +2

      @Snotty boy don't change the scenario to justify a false narrative/assumption. What I said was ain't nobody grandmother deserves disrespect for being the victim
      The keyword here is Victim. That's not difficult to comprehend

    • Snotty boy
      Snotty boy 29 days ago

      ​@Christopher ok, and if she actually did, you think she doesn't deserve some disrespect?

  • Esau Perez
    Esau Perez 3 days ago

    As a Mexican American, this was ASMR level satisfaction

  • PineCoan
    PineCoan Month ago +9

    “She felonied me” 💀💀

  • Jolly Quinn
    Jolly Quinn 2 months ago +9925

    These two guys are so skilled at picking wrong victims. 😂

    • Mr Cheese
      Mr Cheese Month ago

      @JUSTIN LUNAit is in fact a strength bc you are much less likely to be attacked

    • Darth Zygoth
      Darth Zygoth Month ago

      ​@austrian shaman Lol 💀

    • empersian1234
      empersian1234 Month ago +1

      ​@sal las actually, and I can't find my other comment to edit it... Yeah Saul picked the victim, but these two bozos hit the wrong car. Mercury Sable, vs a Ford Taurus of the same color.

    • empersian1234
      empersian1234 Month ago +2

      ​@sal las yeah but they didn't pay attention to the license plate and got the wrong car

  • jtitus062006
    jtitus062006 Month ago +13

    On my second watch of Breaking Bad I decided Tuco was straight up and fair with everyone, except possibly his own crew he killed at the junkyard.
    These kids don't know what they're getting into when they get into the business-even small time.

  • chris blake
    chris blake 9 days ago +5

    This guy has integrity, he could have his own show

  • remorse
    remorse Month ago +8401

    tuco literally couldnt believe the disrespect he was hearing from these two lmao

    • kyamoom
      kyamoom Month ago +7

      @General Yellor they’re scammers, their plan went horribly wrong they were in it for the money, go watch the show first then talk

    • Craig Smith
      Craig Smith Month ago

      5200th like

    • Beans n steak make people quake but bird.
      Beans n steak make people quake but bird. Month ago +8

      @Purgatory’s playground ​ they’re scammers faking it.

  • dont bother
    dont bother 29 days ago +10

    Three things you don't mess with. A man's kids, his mother and his abuelita.

  • DJmcRUSH
    DJmcRUSH Month ago +1

    Defended himself from a home invasion

  • SandMan
    SandMan 2 months ago +35657

    When I saw Tuco, I knew they fucked up
    Edit: 6,9k nice

    • Cory Dinsmore
      Cory Dinsmore Month ago

      It's the best your life's ever going to get so enjoy it

    • Mandy Blake
      Mandy Blake Month ago


    • IRUCAT’
      IRUCAT’ Month ago

      Get this man to 69k so he can edit update his comment

    • Tara Seidel
      Tara Seidel Month ago

      @Francisxo Vega You right

    • Francisxo Vega
      Francisxo Vega Month ago +1

      @Tara Seidel nah he can’t his grandma is there

  • John Parrott
    John Parrott Month ago +25

    the most calm and wholesome tuco ever was lol

    • Ted Gonzalez
      Ted Gonzalez 24 days ago +1

      Helps that he wasn't high at the moment too, haha

  • Arena Osprey Film
    Arena Osprey Film Month ago +1

    That’s what they get for setting up the lady. Well deserved

  • bellreaper
    bellreaper 2 months ago +6234

    Never insult a Mexican Grandma, their grandsons will totally take revenge

    • Mr. Black
      Mr. Black Month ago

      "Bizsnatch" (noun)
      ....A grannies Snatch that is open for Biz (i.e., Business)

    • Ruben Gonzalez
      Ruben Gonzalez Month ago

      I think any grandchild of any ethnicity would be livid

    • Mm Gg
      Mm Gg Month ago

      italians too

  • Kura
    Kura 2 days ago

    He was so calm and collected about it.

  • SirSleepy247
    SirSleepy247 Month ago +15

    They completely deserved that! Respect the elderly! Especially a Spanish grandmother!

    • sandor clegane
      sandor clegane 3 days ago +1

      Doesn’t matter if they are Spanish or no respect is respect 😆 why do idiots bring race into the mix like your culture or race is the only one that will defend their loved ones

    • Christopher
      Christopher 11 days ago

      @natma relnam I'm only talking about the grandma here. Don't over think it

    • natma relnam
      natma relnam 11 days ago +1

      @Christopher I mean they were crap but that was an overreaction, do you disagree? You realize he's a criminal scumbag, right? You're supposed to understand these characters, not agree with them. If you agree, you might want to see somebody, or delete this comment....

    • Christopher
      Christopher 29 days ago

      Can't believe people who haven't seen the show are really justifying the twin's actions towards the grandma 😂

  • Phony terguson
    Phony terguson 2 months ago +9217

    Imagine how bad your day was to run into Tuco for your scam💀

    • Radu Laurentiu
      Radu Laurentiu Month ago +2

      the scam it wasnt the problem but the way they were calling his grandmom was a big PROBLEM

    • jakep1979
      jakep1979 Month ago +1

      ​@BrodyBlade He didn't want to get too much blood on her nice wooden floor.

    • Phony terguson
      Phony terguson Month ago

      @Grey yeah🤘🏽

    • Jeremiah
      Jeremiah Month ago +2

      It wouldn’t of went nearly that bad if they didn’t disrespect his grandma

  • Conversations with Trish

    I love how he waited for her to close the door so she would be shielded from hearing anything he was going to do

  • ItzYoGyalCuTiE
    ItzYoGyalCuTiE 6 days ago

    No one should ever mess with someone's grandmother or mother.

  • CrystalQwackrz 21
    CrystalQwackrz 21 2 months ago +19343

    The same two guys who tried to commit insurance fraud at Saul

    • CYM
      CYM Month ago

      @Tdan I bet you do A LOT of that.

    • CYM
      CYM Month ago

      @Tdan are you okay mate?

    • Preacher Z01
      Preacher Z01 Month ago

      It's the link to Tuco

    • phil
      phil Month ago +1

      ​@Jacky6698 he was going after the wife of the kettlemans, otherwise known as the biggest morons across both shows.

  • HiQualiT
    HiQualiT 5 days ago

    Bro calmly assessed and replayed each insult and wrong they did and paid back in full😭
    “Oh you came for money instead of going to fix your leg?”
    “Oh you brought the cops here?”
    “Oh you called my mom a biznatch?”

  • Walter
    Walter 12 days ago

    Never disrespect a grandma especially in front of there grandkids

  • Jakob Psiropoulos
    Jakob Psiropoulos Month ago +5199

    If theres one thing ive learned from my mexican friends, its that family is everything to them. I respect that.

    • Jada M
      Jada M Month ago +1

      Not all the time. Me and my husband moved 6 hours away specifically to get away from both of our families 😂

    • Mr. Pat Patriot
      Mr. Pat Patriot Month ago +1

      I know, I’ve worked at a few McDonald’s locations and at every one, I was pretty much family there with the Mexicans. They’re the nicest people

    • Pequeña Esposa
      Pequeña Esposa Month ago

      Yeah but family isn't always treated well

    • No
      No Month ago


  • Breezy
    Breezy Month ago +7

    It wasn’t about money it was over the disrespect towards his grandma.

  • Islamic Video's
    Islamic Video's 2 days ago

    Out of everything he called her a 'Biznatch'💀

  • Altaza Vost
    Altaza Vost 2 months ago +8938

    If they were calm and polite, Tuco would apologised and gave them money

    • Jack Kraken
      Jack Kraken Month ago

      Nah he was still gonna beat them up,just more politely.

    • Darth Zygoth
      Darth Zygoth Month ago

      Only if they didn't insulted Abuelita.

    • mardo savage
      mardo savage Month ago

      😂😂😂😂 naw I doubt it they lucky the twins was not there it could a been worst for them

    • Dum Usagi
      Dum Usagi Month ago +1

      Bruh its tuco that were talking about guy can be polite and rude at the same time and he doesn't look high here so it possible that he could just give them money and shu them away if they were polite

  • Sagat Uppercut
    Sagat Uppercut 20 days ago +1

    Don't you ever call a man's grandmother a biznatch---especially in his house. If they only knew who Tuco really was.

  • Mullet Studio
    Mullet Studio 23 days ago +1

    The amount of relief whenever I saw those two in the garage tied up (I was scared they where murdered by Tuco)

  • Олег Бочаров
    Олег Бочаров 2 months ago +7581

    "Hey! What you're going to do about this leg situation?!"
    "I'm going to make it *worse* "

    • Ghost
      Ghost Month ago

      Nah Tuco broke their legs...one each

    • Francisco Laurean
      Francisco Laurean Month ago

      Does look broken... yet

    • Darkness
      Darkness Month ago

      Tuco: Let's make that into a reality amigo

    • JayJay Sanchez
      JayJay Sanchez 2 months ago

      @Exurii idek I just hated her attitude at first she is a character I hate to love while Walt is a character I love to hate if that makes sense

    • Hey Nope
      Hey Nope 2 months ago

      @Tony Peppermint bro imagine being that late..

  • T
    T Day ago

    Even bad men love their grandmas

  • GTI1dasOriginal
    GTI1dasOriginal Month ago +4

    I admire him being this nice. Don't know if I would've been equally nice in this situation.

  • YT Hunter
    YT Hunter Month ago +5165

    Regardless of how crazy Tuco is, the dude clearly cares about his family.

    • Brian A
      Brian A 23 days ago

      All the Salamanca's did. Clearly youre not a fan.

    • Lord woof
      Lord woof 24 days ago

      Mexicans care about family, trust me brothers sisters cousins don't matter they take care of each other, same with almost all Hispanic people, respect to my cousin.

      PAPI CHEF IT UP 24 days ago

      Not really he had his uncle living in a Shack with no one to care for him

    • g s
      g s 25 days ago +1

      The classical psychopath that cares about his dog but don't think 2times before destroying an human being life to achieve his objectives

  • Jordan Nolan
    Jordan Nolan Month ago

    The calmest I’ve seen Tuco

  • Coralys Del Mar
    Coralys Del Mar 4 days ago

    If somebody calls my grandma a bitch is a wrap, I’ll go to jail.

  • Tom Roman
    Tom Roman 2 months ago +8407

    Saul saved these two guy's lives. The Napoleon Dynamite twins.

      SEX ED TEACHER Month ago

      Rare L Saul

    • taintdshadw
      taintdshadw Month ago

      Solid lawyer work he did in negotiating their sentences

    • Max Jr.
      Max Jr. Month ago

      “You go blah blah blah, and they walk out of there it’s amazing”- Lalo💀

    • dustman
      dustman Month ago

      ​@Nokmatt Saul talks tuco down from murdering them to just broken legs

    • Starbrune87
      Starbrune87 Month ago

      ​@MONKE POPE yet it has the consequences when the joke is not funny

  • wyvern876
    wyvern876 9 days ago

    I saw the scene where Saul saved these two first, and had no idea what happened before to cause it, and was relieved that he got Tuco to let them go. Now seeing this, kinda wish Saul had let Tuco have his fun.

  • ZedTheSecond
    ZedTheSecond Month ago

    literally the most sane tuco moment.

  • Alan Acosta
    Alan Acosta 2 months ago +694

    “She felonied me” 💀💀💀💀💀

    CARTOONFAN Month ago

    Tuco at his calmest be like:

  • Hperdomo Brothers
    Hperdomo Brothers 24 days ago

    Honestly, those skaters deserved it, she looks like a kind women.

  • G34R_H34D
    G34R_H34D Month ago +2477

    If his grandma wasn’t in a 500 feet proximity those two hooligans would be crying for mercy

    • DawsonTehDolphin
      DawsonTehDolphin 8 days ago +1

      They wouldn’t be crying they’d already be dead if not for Saul

    • Ezra  Rody
      Ezra Rody  28 days ago +25

      That's what happened later but Saul was there

  • Arabic_Cat
    Arabic_Cat 5 days ago

    Legend says, that The great Tuco was taken down by The mighty Walter White and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman

  • Jeice Twiggs
    Jeice Twiggs 9 days ago

    never disrespect a spanish mans abuela.. that's a quick ticket to getting smacked

  • T_M
    T_M 2 months ago +2100

    Man activated the psychopath because he‘s saying „biznatch“

  • dana cruz
    dana cruz 5 days ago

    Tuco always taking care of the senior OGs😂😂😂😂

  • Raheela Hussain
    Raheela Hussain Month ago +1

    True grandson didn’t care about the money instead kicked there ass for calling his grandma a biznatch

  • Person Person
    Person Person Month ago +551

    The fact that she brought them home clearly wasn’t a hit and run 😂😂

    • Nathan Torres
      Nathan Torres Month ago

      @B G he’s talking to oc

    • B G
      B G Month ago +2

      @SSJ Carl and?

    • SSJ Carl
      SSJ Carl Month ago +24

      It was a hit and run though.

    • B G
      B G Month ago +23

      They followed her

  • Jan Kobe
    Jan Kobe Day ago

    Tuco is a Gentleman .. old way ,best way !

  • Large Marge
    Large Marge Month ago

    Excellent character portrayed by an extraordinarily gifted actor.
    Tuco needs a series.

  • Mr Ditkovich
    Mr Ditkovich 2 months ago +1415

    What were these two guyz expecting?
    Lmao I mean he's tuco man. This guy snorted infinity stones and then owned thanos.

    • MMuhee
      MMuhee Month ago

      @Jack Johnson What would imply I'm offended? I just said that not everybody in that world knows who Tuco is. It's not like he's Pablo Escobar.

    • syadow
      syadow Month ago

      This was before tuco went crazy

    • VideoAmigos
      VideoAmigos 2 months ago +1

      ​@Jack Johnson you're the only guy getting offended here, dawg

    • Ashmed_14
      Ashmed_14 2 months ago

      That video is crazy

  • Sreehari Venat
    Sreehari Venat 29 days ago

    Perhaps Tuco was giving them a chance to apologise when he asked "You called her biznatch?". As soon as they said "whatever" he just shifted to Psychopath mode 😈

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black Month ago +2

    Tuco may have been a crazy meth head but he had respect for his elders and family.

  • clongdiver
    clongdiver Month ago +886

    I loved seeing the calmer more calculating Tuco. Before he got hooked on his own supply, he was calm, cool and collected.
    He even has a scene where Mike tries to bait him into a fight but he remains as calm as possible by trying to de-escalate.
    Tl;dr. “Drugs are bad, mmmmkay”

    • gennaro
      gennaro 28 days ago +2

      Drugs are bad mmkay is an actual quote from Mackey 😅

    • Frank Horrigan
      Frank Horrigan 29 days ago +1

      ​​@Michael Toms because it's something counselor mackey said mmmmkay?

    • Michael Toms
      Michael Toms 29 days ago +7

      read that in the “mmmmkay” southpark voice😂

  • Daniel Lim
    Daniel Lim 2 days ago

    he wasnt going to waste his money to treat a leg injury so he made sure his money was well spent 😂

  • Star Pillars
    Star Pillars Month ago +408

    Tuco has my respect here, don’t disrespect somebody’s mom in their own house like that lol

    • Goferboy 237
      Goferboy 237 9 days ago

      @Lee Popethey are faking it for money

    • Lee Pope
      Lee Pope Month ago +1

      @GloryToRussia🇷🇺 Time to watch the show from the beginning!

    • GloryToRussia🇷🇺
      GloryToRussia🇷🇺 Month ago +2

      @Lee Pope it didn’t they faked it and tried to threaten a grandma with calling the police and suing her and she isn’t even at fault

    • Lee Pope
      Lee Pope Month ago

      @SCP- 682 I heard hit and run. Did that happen? Then yes.

    • SCP- 682
      SCP- 682 Month ago +2

      @Lee Pope I don’t think you know what that even means and if you do go say to a Mexican family in their own home….no better yet go to Mexico and call abuelita that

  • James Osborne
    James Osborne 27 days ago +2

    Now thats a good grandson.

  • BoxBoyLewis
    BoxBoyLewis 7 days ago

    Note to self: Don't call Tucos mom a Biznatch

  • Sunny_
    Sunny_ 2 months ago +736

    Tuco may be a bad person.
    But he respect his family!

    • Laurel Lamperouge
      Laurel Lamperouge Month ago

      @Darth Zygoth still his existence isn’t meant for bad so he isn’t bad just actions that are bad, unless he was made constitutionally as a bad existence, then that’s plague.

    • Darth Zygoth
      Darth Zygoth Month ago +1

      @Laurel Lamperouge What about omnicidal-maniacs who want to end humanity in fiction like Ultron?

    • Laurel Lamperouge
      Laurel Lamperouge Month ago +2

      @Darth Zygoth there are no bad guys they just do bad things

    • Darth Zygoth
      Darth Zygoth Month ago

      A lot of bad guys respect their families and friends.

    • Captain Falcon
      Captain Falcon Month ago

      La familia es todo.

  • shaikh shahid.N
    shaikh shahid.N 10 days ago

    this is the most civilized tuco i have ever seen

  • Alexander Greene
    Alexander Greene 28 days ago

    That poor grandma, she was so clearly traumatized by the situation.
    If someone has a serious injury they’re calling an ambulance, not telling the person they blame to lead the way to her house.

  • Hippocrates Noah
    Hippocrates Noah Month ago +292

    It's a brilliant scene because most people watching are BB fans and they know who Tuco is and what he's capable of. The moment they referred to grandma as "biznatch" the tension starts to ratchet up.

    • Alex Duran
      Alex Duran Month ago +1

      yeah i only caught bits of this show over the years and i saw tuco kill his own man over nothing i was like holy crap so when i saw this just now i was oh god these dudes have fucked up i got a spike of fear of their behalf

  • Sage21
    Sage21 11 days ago +2

    The way he calmed his grandmom

  • Viktor Silva
    Viktor Silva 20 days ago

    She looks so innocent, even if she didn't ran over me, i'd be the one apologizing

  • Random_ Ax3
    Random_ Ax3 Month ago +418

    Never call anyone’s grandmother by an insult. Especially if she’s apart of the cartel

    • BigManMcCheez
      BigManMcCheez 8 days ago

      ​@Random_ Ax3 it's because you used "apart" and not "a part". Apart would work as an opposite to a part.

    • AlexcSR64
      AlexcSR64 8 days ago

      Especially when she's spaniard

    • Goferboy 237
      Goferboy 237 9 days ago +1

      Especially Mexicans

    • Mid Squash
      Mid Squash 20 days ago +3

      ​@Random_ Ax3 nah he wants u to use "a part" instead of "apart "

    • Mithrandir
      Mithrandir 23 days ago

      How about Nacho's papa when they tried to include their factory into the drug business

  • Lardian
    Lardian Month ago

    Tuco was smart in this, he made sure no one else was coming first before attacking. Meth really messed him up.

  • JolserOrozco
    JolserOrozco 22 days ago

    You never mess with Mexican’s family.

  • ericoncio1
    ericoncio1 2 months ago +437

    Probably the only scene where I was rooting for Tuco. That poor Abuelita would have fallen for the scam if it wasn't for Tuco lol

    • Ks2000
      Ks2000 Month ago +3

      To be fair driving off like that thinking that you hit someone was a dick move. If that wasn’t a scam then she had just done a hit and run

    • ericoncio1
      ericoncio1 Month ago

      @Anthony Saavedra 1/1 if I remember correctly

    • Anthony Saavedra
      Anthony Saavedra Month ago

      What season and episode was this?

    • Felix
      Felix Month ago +3

      ​@Walter B good

    • ericoncio1
      ericoncio1 Month ago +16

      @Walter B I mean, they were scammers lol, this happens in real life too; people jumps on front of cars to get some money and blackmail the car owner with a sue lol
      If this was a reference, sorry for being dumb and not catching it lol

  • Conan Bowtie
    Conan Bowtie Month ago

    Go into a stranger's home, threaten them, insult them, and then ask for help and money. Yeah, that's how you handle this situation lol.

  • R Sandoval
    R Sandoval Month ago +21

    The level of respect he has for his grandma to wait until she is clear of the situation to react is amazing to anyone who knows what was probably actually going on in Tuco's head of what he was going to do to these two. 😬

  • Jack Russo
    Jack Russo 2 months ago +243

    I wish Tuco was in more episodes. Crazy to see how nice is he was to his abuelita.

    • Goferboy 237
      Goferboy 237 9 days ago

      He’s Mexican

    • Trippynipplez
      Trippynipplez Month ago +1

      @Lee Barbs omg you Comment got me thinking what if Tuco Salemanca fought Dominic Torreto

    • Lee Barbs
      Lee Barbs Month ago +4

      Familia es todo!

    • Kaden Roope-keel
      Kaden Roope-keel 2 months ago +14

      Well of course, that's his grandma ☺️

  • ㅤa
    ㅤa 8 days ago

    Most sane thing tuco has ever done lol

  • 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚔 𝚃𝚘𝚢𝚉

    “Don’t mess with someone’s grandma I’ll tell you that”

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones Month ago +65

    “The cops. They coming?” Immediately reads that they aren’t coming from the off-handed comment “that’s up to you, man” and proceeds to attack them, knowing he won’t be caught. He’s like Gus when he isn’t high on meth

    • Dimitrije Krstić
      Dimitrije Krstić 2 days ago

      True. I guess that was intentional, really smart writing. He's so much smarter here

  • Nicholas Spring
    Nicholas Spring Month ago

    The one time on the series that I actually rooted for Tuco.

  • Carlos Q. McGhee
    Carlos Q. McGhee 7 days ago

    I mean the fact that they came into his home and called her a biznatch and demanded money is crazy.

  • D P
    D P 2 months ago +87

    they weren't even worth Tucos anger, just wiped them like two flies on a kitchen counter

  • Shania Farmer
    Shania Farmer Month ago +1

    and she looked so innocent and truly concerned for him they're true aholes for that serves them right biznatch

  • greg willsey
    greg willsey Month ago

    The waffle house has found it's new host

    FRINZO 2 months ago +228

    Tuco is such a great character, he deserves to stay longer for the breaking bad series (in my opinion)

    • 禅Aki
      禅Aki Month ago +1

      @Felipe Bravo bruh he said it in an interview

    • Felipe Bravo
      Felipe Bravo Month ago

      @禅Aki what? no dude, u just made that up, what the guy up said was true

    • 禅Aki
      禅Aki 2 months ago +1

      ​@ChildEaterIeatkidz420 It was mostly because his wife hated the character and wouldn't like being around him because of his character. 😂

    • ChildEaterIeatkidz420
      ChildEaterIeatkidz420 2 months ago +7

      ​@Kevin Sanchez no it wasn't that he just said he didn't have the energy to play someone so explosive and crazy so often it was exaughsting for him.

    • Kevin Sanchez
      Kevin Sanchez 2 months ago +14

      The actor did not want to play the role anymore because of the violence

  • Shawn Savko
    Shawn Savko Month ago

    He was dead the second he said “biznatch”

    THE LAST 0NE1EXTEVISA 10 days ago

    Goddamn that flourish with the cane at the end was fucking badass.

  • Gabriel Tamecki
    Gabriel Tamecki Month ago +68

    I appreciate the fact Tuco cares about his grandma.

  • DJtrainzzz
    DJtrainzzz Month ago

    Don’t fuck with anyone’s grandma is the moral of the story