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Newegg Scammed Us

  • Published on Nov 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • GamingGaming

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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  9 months ago +4148

    Watch our interview with Newegg (face-to-face): clip-share.net/video/d1R4wbuXFII/video.html
    Part 2 is UP! It got worse: clip-share.net/video/CL-eB_Bv5Ik/video.html
    Newegg responded (sort of): clip-share.net/video/-wECJJveifw/video.html
    Has Newegg done something similar to you? POST IN THE COMMENTS so you can help other people who have the same problem!
    Support our work and get a product that's actually supported well, like the GN Modmat, Toolkit, Mouse Mat, or shirts: store.gamersnexus.net/ (in stock & shipping now!)
    Watch our undercover warranty test on NZXT: clip-share.net/video/iY-SEPGvqxY/video.html
    Or our undercover test on Intel: clip-share.net/video/I2gQ_bOnDx8/video.html

    • UnrealVideoDuke
      UnrealVideoDuke 4 months ago

      I was calling on NewEgg for selling Hard drives that were well known to fail. I'm talking about the Maxxtor's with the Cirrus Logic chipset and tried warning anyone who thought they were a great deal. Another time was with a wooden PC case that is missing a "Optional" LCD display that I would really have loved to build with. They were selling the custom LCD displays separately and were sold out and the company who made them were not making them anymore. Don't get me started on their "Marketplace" or any other corporate BS webstorefront that has it because they will not honor the external seller's listing if it happens to be fraudulent

    • J M
      J M 4 months ago

      F*** Jeff bezos and f*** Newegg for making me order stuff from him when they should be the outstanding company they were a decade ago.
      They went above and beyond back then and now whoever is running it is a scummy piece of dog s***!
      I have orders going back almost two decades because I don't want to support Jeff bezos.
      They have made it so prime 2-day shipping makes New egg completely invalid at this point after this video.
      It really hurts me but I can't support people who treat customers like this now. They used to be amazing I hope some of the other people have experienced New egg before this tragic transformation into scumbaggery!

    • Rain
      Rain 9 months ago

      Knowing Newegg, the customer support chat or phone, is probably outsourced sadly. Not helpful at all most times.

    • MuZeSiCk77
      MuZeSiCk77 9 months ago

      I worked at Compaq at the Re-Work facility, were we made, old stored pc's, up-to-date. We had the same issue, that personell stole or otherwise used the products and left traces of that. What even happened was, there was a cleaning company working in the building. And what investigation showed was, that 1 of the cleaning-personell went inside for cleaning the windows, and 1 on the outside "cleaning the window's" . The fact was, the 1 on the outside had an empty bucket, and when cleaning windows together, the 1 inside opened windows and gave parts through the opened window to the 1 that was outside whith an empty bucket and...... you guessed it.... walked freely on the outside with his bucket without having to pass the security in the building. The personell on the workfloor was searched for months and people were fired, until investigators found out what really happened. I'm strongly suggesting that New-Egg has somekind of the same problems Compaq-Netherlands had. they should put alarms on the windows when people are working.

      CRYPTOGENIK 9 months ago

      @John Stockton I don't know what you mean - clearly no one is shilling newegg.
      They've really pissed me off, I'm looking for an alternative. They aren't the cheapest anymore and their Customer Service is risky to rely on. I hate the though of using Amazon but there's not much else to choose from. ZipZoomFly back in the day

  • Relden
    Relden 9 months ago +2101

    They're not "sorry" for what happened, they're sorry they got caught and exposed.
    Nothing will change.

    • Mojobrojo
      Mojobrojo 17 days ago

      Well something will change. I'm not buying from them anymore.

    • sswgm
      sswgm Month ago

      In about 10 years, after NewEgg's business is totally failing, they'll be bought by another wealthy scammer-business entity and re-branded. They'll probably "dissolve" the former NewEgg business entity so that they have no legal liability for their actions, but re-use as much as profitable. Thanks American capitalism, you suck.

    • TheDarxide23
      TheDarxide23 2 months ago +1

      @Bloodwyrm Wildheart Not only do you not know how to spell "conceited," but you also don't know what ad hominem means. I'm not surprised on either count, though. Stay in school, though. You'll get there some day. I believe in you. No, actually I don't.

    • Bloodwyrm Wildheart
      Bloodwyrm Wildheart 2 months ago

      @TheDarxide23 Nice ad-hom. Tell him you've conceded without telling him you've conceded.

    • Ja C
      Ja C 8 months ago +1

      @TheDarxide23 It's more like this;
      -Start out with passion and heart
      -Founder and higher ups actually put out quality product or service in order to attain success
      -Attain success and name brand is now known for the quality
      -Founder either gets lazy or cashes out and leaves. Original staff move on.
      -Company starts slipping and is now lower quality, coasting on their established name brand
      The problem is once their name brand is established, they have a lot of credit to burn until consumers stop buying from them.

  • leejames929
    leejames929 9 months ago +296

    I'm actually impressed that one guy on twitter thinks its reasonable to make a postman wait well you open a product and look it all over. His postmen must hate him

    • Angel Irbin
      Angel Irbin 28 days ago +1

      Postmen don’t stand around to watch you open stuff. Who ever that person was needs a reality check. They’re not special there’s other deliveries.

    • Michael Madden
      Michael Madden Month ago +2

      like most examples of this kind of thing online, it's just some child pretending to know things about the world

    • Joshua Klarr
      Joshua Klarr 3 months ago +5

      @Chris Tomas Watch the video and use logic.

    • Virux
      Virux 3 months ago +7

      @Chris Tomas ???? He said confirm the contents before accepting delivery. There's only one way that you could do that.

    • Allen Schermerhorn
      Allen Schermerhorn 3 months ago +8

      I'm a delivery driver, and the company I work for has a specific policy: you can refuse the package on sight, but if you open it up, then you have to go through the claims process.
      Every so often some pretentious potato tries to hold me up because the corner of the box has a frumple in it. As soon as they cut the tape, I walk away. It's pretty comical sometimes.

  • Druuzil Tech & Games
    Druuzil Tech & Games 9 months ago +135

    I always find it strange when companies pick these kinds of hills to die on. Customer spends tens of thousands of dollars with us? Let's screw them on a fairly small purchase so badly they'll never shop with us again!

    • Leggo My Ego
      Leggo My Ego Month ago +3

      Yeah, newegg is way behind the times and I suspect they don't use customer lifetime value in their decisions.

    JAYDSE 9 months ago +386

    newegg refused a return on unopened speakers; Avoid newegg at all costs.

    • akridercolton1
      akridercolton1 Month ago

      Newegg is a scam

    • Cry
      Cry Month ago

      @far exponent At least Amazon accepts my returns.

    • Sandra Velazquez
      Sandra Velazquez 5 months ago +1

      Lesson learned the hard way

    • far exponent
      far exponent 8 months ago +1

      @Gary MuthaFckn Oak same

    • Gary MuthaFckn Oak
      Gary MuthaFckn Oak 8 months ago +8

      I was actually thinking of getting my first ever gaming desktop from Newegg. Thank goodness i got this in my recommendations , whew 😮‍💨

  • Caleb Barentine
    Caleb Barentine 8 months ago +70

    I once managed to accidentally scam Newegg. When I was first building my pc (2020), I ordered sleeved cable extensions from them and someone somehow put my shipping label on the wrong package so I was a bit shocked when I got an rtx 2060 in the mail. Needless to say, I reordered the cables, I got a 2060 for about $50, and I resold the 1660ti I ordered days before.

    • JinWoo
      JinWoo Month ago +1

      Lucky guy

    • Marcelis
      Marcelis 3 months ago +8

      Luck build strats

  • Traversy Media
    Traversy Media 9 months ago +959

    Great video. Every company should treat EVERY customer like they’re an influencer with 1M+ subs.
    They do this shit to people thinking there won’t be any blowback and they can just get away with treating their customers like shit. They need to be called out more often.

    • Chengcong Li
      Chengcong Li 3 months ago

      @LT FreeBorn What are you even trying to say? 😵‍💫

    • LT FreeBorn
      LT FreeBorn 4 months ago

      Should they though? Because i've saw smaller channels reach high 500k to low 1-1.2M views on most videos with the said channel being at only 50-150k, I've also seen channels that, as you're saying, are 1M+ but are only getting a few 10k views and if they're lucky, break the 100k barrier. So, instead of doing the " *_oNE MillIOn PLuS_* " idea you have here, companies should rank user interaction and views stead of subscriber count. Like
      "How many views is the proposed channel getting on average?"
      "How much views should we expect from this video sponsorship with them?"
      "What percentage of those viewers clicked on their affiliate link"
      "How much comments are there?"
      "What is their like/dislike ratio on average?"
      "Is the proposed channel someone who is in constant controversy?"

    • E Cruz
      E Cruz 4 months ago

      what if ... their employee's where in the gpu mining gig and are now replacing "new" items with their old items, but sneakily pealing the parts or resealing the old 'very cleaned', items back into circulation?
      Seemed that way to me with my "new" msi z690A board, a pin was bent and i feel i didn't do it also no packages, wasn't closed at all.. with like tape or anything... i haven't purchased a board in a long while, but usually everything is sealed to prevent these things...
      luckily i fixed the issue, i couldn't notice it with a magnifier glass and a phone on zoom, so i just ate the issue, can't really afford to send things back and forth, what got me thinking is why the f-ck don't part creators also supply the demand with a store of their own? is it a monopoly issue? including a 3rd party like this, leaves things on a rocky road to say the least..
      to add there is also what appears to be heat dmg to the ram locations, and i recorded opening the box and mentioning no tape? no enclosure of a protected item from tamper, i paid new price... it has to be an open box item sold as new... i would sue but could i win... have to record from delivery to opening to repackaging to shipping probably. GFX box also looked open... supposed to be new... no plastic seal on any of these items... ram all of it... whatever, not made or money so having to eat these issues...
      happen this week, products "2"days old... afaik...

    • Oregon Crow
      Oregon Crow 6 months ago

      Nice plug.

    • Smokey Edits
      Smokey Edits 6 months ago

      @Hercules Brofister lmao i bought a little on-the-go pipe kit on amazon and someone stole it. the empty shipping bag showed up in my mailbox one day. i asked for a refund (was a cheap little thing, but all the same, i didn't get my shit) and they said no

  • TheSimba86
    TheSimba86 9 months ago +144

    I'll definitely never buy from Newegg again, this is ridiculous, this is why Amazon is so massive, because if you have a problem Amazon will usually fix it even if they have to FORCE the 3D party seller to fix it

    • David Miranda
      David Miranda 10 days ago +1

      Lmao just this week I got scammed by Amazon, ordered a mobo only to open it up and see it was just a envelope with a barcode and it said delivered, and it was sold and fulfilled by Amazon 😂

    • Leggo My Ego
      Leggo My Ego Month ago

      @vicosku Amazon bases most of their customer decisions on lifetime customer value. You're probably not valuable enough to them.

    • MrFRNTIK
      MrFRNTIK Month ago +1

      @Retrogamergamez quick to attack newegg but criticism of Amazon gets your hair standing? Consumer mindset got confused.

    • vicosku
      vicosku 8 months ago +8

      @MrHakubi ah, didn't see this response. It says it was sold by Amazon Services LLC. Who knows what happened. I switched return boxes right before shipping it out. I suppose it's possible that I mixed things up, but I don't think so. Their email said they received an item with the "incorrect serial number" and was discarded, so it seems like they admit receiving some sort of tech item that even has a serial number. I certainly didn't mix it up with any other items. At worst, I can imagine packing up an empty box and accidentally throwing the box with the mouse in the trash, but that's not what their message indicated. They just provided no details so I'm forced to take their word for it with no ability to defend myself. To be fair, this Amazon account has been active since 2003 and I've returned a good amount of items over 20 years. It seems like the account specialist looked at my account and felt it was safe to find me at fault based on some sort of criteria. In the end, I'm just not going to buy items like this from Amazon if possible. It's too big a risk now, whatever the reasons.

    • Bryan Chaney
      Bryan Chaney 8 months ago +3

      @vicosku This is why I prefer ebay and there money back guarantee. In the last three years I have had to file about 4 different times, and each time I was refunded the amount.

  • Samimari Shien
    Samimari Shien 9 months ago +207

    In hindsight, this MB turns out to have been one of the best investments GN ever made. This kind of story, money can't buy.

    • FknDOPE Gaming
      FknDOPE Gaming 4 months ago +2

      @MrComfyFrog. ...Said as you are 4 replies deep responding to comments on your own reply to a comment on a Clip-Share video.

    • ً ً
      ً ً 4 months ago

      @Kaylon Reddit is trash bro

    • wibblywotsits
      wibblywotsits 7 months ago +2

      Also? In hindsight? Best sponsorship by 'Be Quiet' cases.. ever. Over a million an' a quarter views at the time of writing :)

    • MrComfyFrog.
      MrComfyFrog.  8 months ago +2

      @Kaylon Twitter's even worse than Reddit. Like Reddit, it's not something to strive towards or use as an example of anything positive.

    • Kaylon
      Kaylon 8 months ago +4

      @MrComfyFrog. Twitter uses it too, but as a person who sometimes uses tone indicators, they aren't perfect but they're miles better than making an unnecessary comment bashing Reddit for just being Reddit (and I don't _like_ Reddit!)
      If this was a joke, this furthers my point.

  • strafer
    strafer 6 months ago +14

    That’s hilarious they expect the mailman to stand around while they open a box and inspect the contents. They have hundreds of houses to deliver to.

    • akridercolton1
      akridercolton1 Month ago

      My mailman won't even take mail out of my box that doesn't go to my house when I'm standing there showing him it's not my mail

  • Eric Goff
    Eric Goff 8 months ago +62

    Bet the guy who denied the return got fired because he did it to a guy with popular tech Clip-Sharer upper management was like damnit billy you know we only screw the little people so there's no repercussions 😂

  • Dillon Baca
    Dillon Baca 9 months ago +3379

    I love how when Steve starts getting really heated there’s a cut. There’s footage somewhere of this man really telling Newegg in detail where they can put that $500.

    • Sucram Sucram
      Sucram Sucram 8 months ago

      Yep, one penny at a time

    • Tech Time
      Tech Time 8 months ago

      @Josh Hust Quit hoarding gpu’s, there’s starving kids in Foreign countries who could eat those…

    • Carl Kamuti
      Carl Kamuti 9 months ago

      That should definitely be made into a Patreon reel, or something.

    • Matt Bassett
      Matt Bassett 9 months ago

      They are milking this so hard

    • LittleKingInc
      LittleKingInc 9 months ago +1

      Release the heated cut

  • hunter benoit
    hunter benoit 7 months ago +48

    I started laughing so hard when you started talking about inspecting 2000 pins while the delivery guy waits

  • Paul T Maack
    Paul T Maack 7 months ago +22

    I have actively avoided buying from Newegg for nearly a decade. My tolerance for bad business practices is really low, so I got out early. I'm astonished how bad they've gotten.

    • akridercolton1
      akridercolton1 Month ago

      I've made 3 purchases from new egg and 2 of them they sent me broken parts

  • BobsBadBathroomBlog(B4)
    BobsBadBathroomBlog(B4) 8 months ago +34

    Plus: Every time I needed to do a RMA, Newegg customer support made the process almost unbearable. Many times I had to 'escalate' my request to 'supervisors' that tried every trick in the book to stop my RMA. Nine out of ten times this was done when I was retuning Unopened items. The HDD enclosure was just the last straw in a long line of poor support from Newegg.
    Again, Newegg is the Last Place on earth one should consider buying anything from, I trust Alibaba more than I do Newegg!

  • Ballinger French
    Ballinger French 9 months ago +38

    Here I was just about to drop $2100 on a computer from Newegg, in no small part because of their very accommodating "No hassle 30 day return" policy. Whoa Nelly! I have a subscription to Amazon Prime where no hassle returns are part of the buying culture. Ironically, I came across this video searching the channel for a review of the computer system I am wanting to purchase, lol.

    • Lisa W
      Lisa W 6 months ago +3

      Yeah I’m not buying from them now. I don’t do this much so I don’t want to take the risk to have all these problems.

    • Mark O'Connell
      Mark O'Connell 8 months ago

      Dodge a bullet there didn’t you. Phew!

  • Azeal
    Azeal 9 months ago +13319

    Of all the people to screw over, they managed to do it to the guy with the social media equivalent of a nuclear warhead.

    • Mark Japan
      Mark Japan 7 months ago


    • Vash The Stampede
      Vash The Stampede 8 months ago

      @Rinnosuke the asteroid from heavy metal

    • Selynar
      Selynar 8 months ago

      Just pulled a pistol on the guy with a missile launcher.

    • GizmoFromPizmo
      GizmoFromPizmo 8 months ago

      I really don't see Newegg recovering from this. Who is going to trust them even after they admitted wrongdoing and made restitution?

    • IronHead Rondo
      IronHead Rondo 8 months ago

      @Rinnosuke lol no one takes linus seriously, he's for normies who wonder about tech and like games

  • J Bennett
    J Bennett 9 months ago +13

    15:40 "It escalated to furious..." That resonated with me. I quit shopping at NewEgg years ago because a simple issue, trying to return a damaged computer case that arrived in an undamaged box, took me from disappointed to... well, furious. It's good to see they messed with the wrong guy this time. Thanks, Gamers Nexus.

  • Sox
    Sox 9 months ago +43

    One of the happiest days of my life was when an employee in the build your own section of my local Microcenter told me they would match Newegg prices. That was years ago. Now their prices are right there. It's nice to be able to shop locally and not have to deal with an anonymous person via email/phone if there's an issue.

    • NegaGreg
      NegaGreg 6 months ago +1

      MicroCenter is wonderful and I love them dearly.
      The only place I love more, is Crutchfield but they refuse to price match. Even against big box brick and mortar.
      They’re the best to work with tho. They do offer solid deals and their customer service is the absolute best.

    • Isham Trivedi
      Isham Trivedi 7 months ago +1

      Yeah, it's easy to tell if someone is genuine in-person.

    • 24 News
      24 News 8 months ago +3

      I have the exact opposite story. I went to my local retailer(plaisio) and asked them if they could match the newegg price , they told me to buy it from Newegg then and were quite mad at me. I ended up buying it out of peer pressure and because it was available immediately.

    • Andy R
      Andy R 8 months ago +4

      Yep got my last computer at frys (rip) and they tested and built it for me in case any malfunctioning parts

  • Strider
    Strider 9 months ago +14

    I’m glad this has been brought to the rest of the publics attention. I’ve heard these horror stories for the last couple years now and refuse to do business at all with Newegg ever again. These are not accidents. Newegg was knowingly robbing customers. Because of that they should never be taken seriously again.
    Honestly I wish there was more attention brought upon Asus as they have amazing hardware but some of the worst customer service around.

  • illiniwood
    illiniwood 9 months ago +7

    I'm about to build a computer for my business. Luckily, this came into my feed before my build purchase! Gamers Nexus, you've saved me from a lot of grief, and for that I am truly grateful. I'll be avoiding Newegg like the plague.

  • Midir
    Midir 9 months ago +1741

    Thank you Steve. These companies would be perfectly happy doing this to regular people. Little did they know they fucked up doing this to a prominent PC media outlet.

    • Jimster480
      Jimster480 9 months ago

      @Profound Damas Oh yea definitely, its a big problem today especially amongst the politicians who are pushing these backwards ideologies on the younger generation. Many younger people today have no qualms about scamming other people or scamming companies in general. Which only hurts the rest of us.

    • Profound Damas
      Profound Damas 9 months ago

      @Jimster480 I didn't mean you, I don't even know you. I was talking about a part of our society.

    • Jimster480
      Jimster480 9 months ago

      @Profound Damas That is our politicians. If you are really trying to say that this is me and that I am some sort of imposter then you have another thing coming.

    • Profound Damas
      Profound Damas 9 months ago

      @Jimster480 I guess 2timothy 3:13 is right about how people would behave in the last days: "But wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse, misleading and being misled".

    • Josh M
      Josh M 9 months ago +1

      @Jared Quinn I'm linking this video to every new video Newegg puts out on Clip-Share. They might not see it (although I suspect they have) but their future -customers- victims might.

  • Goggle Plus
    Goggle Plus 4 months ago +3

    I literally shed a tear seeing Steve get genuinely and visibly irate from the thought of countless customers who have already been screwed over. Very emotional video.

  • Ryan Truman
    Ryan Truman 9 months ago +13

    I stopped shopping with them the moment I saw the price-gouging for the New Egg Shuffle, but now I'm going to start actively telling people to shop elsewhere. Absolutely ridiculous, predatory, negligent, and most likely malicious. Wow.

    • Alec Miller
      Alec Miller 4 months ago

      Any suggestions on better places?

  • Casey Will
    Casey Will 4 months ago +3

    This makes me sad… I bought the parts for my first PC build from Newegg, back in the day when it seemed like 90% of online parts dealers were scams. Over the years they’ve given me amazing customer service, but I guess they’ve decided it’s not worth the effort to keep existing customers

  • Danny N.
    Danny N. 6 days ago

    It saddens me to hear how low Newegg has fallen. When I was a child, I remember watching pc building videos where groups of friends were building pcs together, and they all had Newegg boxes. One video, I’m thinking of is Node’s 2012 builds.
    It gave me the perception that they were a respectable brand, akin to Micro Center. At this moment, I’m looking to buy a motherboard and Newegg has the cheapest prices.. but I am so sure I wanna risk them screwing me over. Even Reddit posts on r/Newegg have the occasional customer who was wronged. Maybe I’ll buy it from them through Ebay instead.

  • Netsuko
    Netsuko 9 months ago +929

    This makes me incredibly angry. As a normal customer you’d be almost completely out of options. Thank you for doing this, Steve!

    • Ben M
      Ben M 9 months ago +1

      @J T @J T oh man, that was beautifully worded let me tell you haha I strongly agree with everything you've said. And on the Amazon front, I would still rather them monopolize the card industry than deal with Newegg. I can't speak for everyone's experiences with Amazon, but anytime ive had an Amazon problem, I get a refund in two days with literally zero questions asked, it's all automated. Doesn't get much easier, don't even need to pay for shipping as Amazon is partnered with smaller, local companies all over that allow you to drop off returns, and usually get a $5 voucher. Not too shabby. Then there's Newegg, sending out exploding pc components or just stealing from customers. It's not a hard trade off 😂(though in general I'd say it's a fallacy to think Amazon is monopolizing the card market, like you and I have both pointed out, there's still tons of little brick and motar stores around, of course just not stocked quite as well, but that's the trade off imo)

    • J T
      J T 9 months ago +1

      @Ben M Tbh, I figured as much, since I live in a 10k village myself, and I have 2 shops here. Granted, they don't really carry stock, and if they order for me it would probably come from Newegg/Amazon equivalences. But if a small village like this has enough business for 2 stores like that, then I can't imagine a store that does carry stock is that far away. I can't just say that because it's like that over here, in a country where no one has money to spend on pc parts because of high taxes (jk), that the same must be true in the states. I appreciate the comment.
      I have thought a bit about the amazon monopoly argument, but that also seems silly now. Out of fear of amazon not having to worry about competition, we should create a situation where newegg doesn't need to worry about competition? Newegg isn't gonna disappear over night and there is still plenty they can do to turn things around... or... well... that is what I would have said before the appearance of a certain RMA sticker.
      Instead of giving Newegg a taste of competition, maybe he is planning to write them a strongly worded letter. Perhaps that would change things for the better? :D

    • Ben M
      Ben M 9 months ago +1

      @J T I'm also American, I don't have a Microcenter within 100 miles of me, and yet there's still plenty of other places for me to get PC parts from. Maybe it's just the region that other guy is in, or maybe he's just backtracking I don't know, but I can say there are plentyy of other places my American ass will shop than Newegg. Haven't needed them in the past, and certainly won't be needing them now. I really can't get over the fact they sent out parts that could literally explode to unknowing customers. Like c'mon, if nothing else that alone should be reason enough to boycott them.

    • J T
      J T 9 months ago

      " I'm not sure what point you are trying to make as your post is everywhere"
      Convenient, if you point me to the parts that confuse you I'll gladly try to elaborate.
      "I never said Newegg was justified."
      I'm sorry, since you were not transparent about your reasoning behind faulting people for leaving Newegg, and only talking about how these experiences don't justify people leaving Newegg, that definitely seemed to be the implication. If Newegg isn't justified in how they treat some customers, why would you make an issue about people ditching them because of it? That would just be the natural course of events, no?
      "I said the boycott is unjustified."
      And I provided you with actual arguments regarding that claim. If you don't counter I will take that as a forfeit.
      "Here in the USA if we lose Newegg that means we only really have Amazon as a pc parts vendor and that is atrocious to say the least.
      Since b&h + adorama barely carry any stock and best buy only covers major brands, minimal inventory and in general higher prices.
      Newegg IS the USA pc parts store. Microcenter exists but only in a few states, making it irrelevant for like 80% of Americans.
      So at the end of the day it's important to not start stupid shit like boycotts over a few bad customer interactions."
      Ahhh, the cat comes out of the bag. You realize we would have had a completely different conversation if this was your first post, right? Still, whether a boycott is smart or stupid has no bearing on whether it is justified or not.
      Surely you can understand that without this information in your first post and then you telling me that that is what you are saying in your first post came across as gaslighting and incredibly disingenuous? You can understand it pissed me off? You understand that you can't fault me for not magically knowing your main point and motivation without you telling me, right?
      "How's that for shitty personal attacks?"
      You pissed me off, that's not an excuse, It's an explanation. I'm not going to apologize though, as it is not my fault you withheld key information (intentional or otherwise) and then pretended like you didn't. You had a part in creating that situation as well. Both of us have blame in that.
      I would like to mention there is an important difference between my attacks and yours. I am attacking you on your character, as it seems to be, based on the statements you made. If your statements make you look like a bad person, then that says something about your statements. Again, not an excuse, justification, or me trying to be better than you. I'm just pointing it out because it does say something about your arguments. The fact that you couldn't do the same to me and had to resort to discrimination based on my nationality speaks volumes.
      "Newegg sells millions of items per year and has a few hundred bad interactions per year (if that many), so to you 0.01% of the time means it is "unacceptable"."
      The way they treated that 0.01% of customers is indeed unacceptable, yes. It was never about customer satisfaction as a whole. Phone calls not getting returned, customers being duped by bad QA, the whole gigabyte PSU + GPU debacle and how that was handled. All unacceptable, regardless of overall customer satisfaction, or the total amount of people affected.
      "Ill give you one last example; go search for the i3 12100 on Amazon. They will give you the i3 10100! If you don't read well you will purchase the wrong item... Returning CPUs can be difficult at Amazon especially if you accidentally opened it (and I know this since I've had to personally deal with this issue before for a family member)
      Better boycott them too."
      I never said Amazon was better, or referred others there as an alternative? Trust me I'm not a fan of Amazon's either.
      You have my sympathy for your PC store situation, and it's the only good argument against boycotting I have heard from you. If you want to start a discussion about that statement I'm fine with that, I'm not sure if I'd end up agreeing with you or not, so it'd be interesting tbh.
      Next time, just spit out your main concern/statement/argument from the get go.
      I hope you can understand how your first 2 posts came across as apologetic towards Newegg and unreasonably harsh towards people calling for a boycott, almost like you were trying to get people to stay with Newegg under false pretenses, manipulating them, especially when it also seemed like you were trying to gaslight. I understand now that this was a misunderstanding and perhaps you even accidentally deleted the amazon monopoly stuff from your first post. (Perhaps a weird assumption to make, but it I've noticed that sometimes half my post just gets cut by clicking somewhere else in the textbox.)

    • Jimster480
      Jimster480 9 months ago

      @J T I'm not sure what point you are trying to make as your post is everywhere and mostly just attacking me.
      I never said Newegg was justified. I said the boycott is unjustified. Since you are Dutch you should just shut the fuck up since Newegg isn't in your country and none of this affects you. Here in the USA if we lose Newegg that means we only really have Amazon as a pc parts vendor and that is atrocious to say the least.
      Since b&h + adorama barely carry any stock and best buy only covers major brands, minimal inventory and in general higher prices.
      Newegg IS the USA pc parts store. Microcenter exists but only in a few states, making it irrelevant for like 80% of Americans.
      So at the end of the day it's important to not start stupid shit like boycotts over a few bad customer interactions.
      Newegg isn't in the right here, however Steve could have also done some things better that he should already know to do, owning a business himself. Since I own multiple businesses and deal with customers in my software and my e-commerce business every day and ship packages every day, I understand the hardship. I understand how important documenting packages are and how when there isn't a proper paper trail or due diligence isn't done that it can mean lost money for you or your company. This is just how the world works.
      Here you are virtue signaling from your country as if somehow you are on some moral high ground and your comments do something. You live in one of the world's shittiest nations with the some of the highest tax In the world, where there aren't even proper pc stores Cuz who is gonna buy parts when everyone is poor?
      How's that for shitty personal attacks? See what it feels like when you are sticking your nose where it doesn't belong?
      Newegg sells millions of items per year and has a few hundred bad interactions per year (if that many), so to you 0.01% of the time means it is "unacceptable". This is probably why you are all government slaves In your country because you expect your government to "take care of it for you" and as such all Dutch have no idea what personal wealth is (unless you work for the government). So there is no way I can expect you to be able to understand what it is like to be American and what it is like to have a crisis of pc stores where there is only one real option.
      Ill give you one last example; go search for the i3 12100 on Amazon. They will give you the i3 10100! If you don't read well you will purchase the wrong item... Returning CPUs can be difficult at Amazon especially if you accidentally opened it (and I know this since I've had to personally deal with this issue before for a family member)
      Better boycott them too.

  • KiddsockTV
    KiddsockTV 9 months ago +7

    I especially like the part where they tweet back so they can "improve [their] processes and [their] overall services." This goes WAY beyond that. This is not a "process" thing. This is a "some people are going to get fired thing". There were no calls back because they did not know how to handle such a big screw up. Someone higher up should have stepped up and figured things out, taken action and then called Steve personally to apologize and been honest about what happened. Going to be a big clean up in their RMA department.

    • John Gordon
      John Gordon 9 months ago

      One would hope there's going to be a big clean-up in their RMA department but who knows maybe they don't care

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 9 months ago +3

    Steve youre a great guy and your content is always top tier

  • Ryan I
    Ryan I 6 months ago +2

    I’ve been shopping at NewEgg since the 2000s and haven’t experienced this to my recollection, though I don’t think i’ve ever had to return anything. I’m definitely going to think twice before shopping there now, knowing that this is going on.

    • Jason Malone
      Jason Malone Month ago +2

      They used to be the gold standard. In 2016 they were bought by a Chinese tech company. The rest is history.

  • TOWEOatmeal
    TOWEOatmeal 9 months ago +3

    In 2012-ish, we received a defective keyboard from them and put it back in its box and sent it in to get exchanged. They sent an email stating that we needed to send the original packaging it was in, which is funny because that's exactly what we did. After some strong wording, they finally gave in and sent us a working one. I didn't realize how long they've been doing shit like this and it's pretty infuriating tbh

  • Atomic
    Atomic 9 months ago +783

    Gamers Nexus: "NewEgg scammed me with RMA shenanigans!"
    The rest of us: "First time?"

    • Jupiter
      Jupiter 9 months ago

      @Florida Man that was the other name I was trying to remember

    • Florida Man
      Florida Man 9 months ago

      I miss Tiger Direct....

    • Will Berry
      Will Berry 9 months ago

      was really surprised to see a youtuber that is supposedly engaged with the PC space, JUST NOW realize that newegg is super scammy. seems staged honestly lol

    • skullywag
      skullywag 9 months ago

      For me, NewEgg has the worst reputation....second only to Fry's Electronics (good riddance).

    • theonlyone38
      theonlyone38 9 months ago +1

      @HEXDATOR ah still found it hilarious

  • Bob the Slacker
    Bob the Slacker 9 months ago +1

    Now that they've fully responded it's quite obvious that theft is a part of Newegg's business strategy.

  • Steven
    Steven Month ago +1

    I'd love to see someone do something similar to this with Lowe's. They're great in person but never order anything from them online, their customer service is the same way--canned "not our problem, deal with it" responses.

  • Bence Daniel Lazar
    Bence Daniel Lazar 9 months ago +2

    You always have the option to refuse the delivery of a package if it’s clearly visibly damaged on the outside/box, otherwise checking for damage inside the box has nothing to do with the courier if the packaging is undamaged. The ppl who suggested this bs are either trolls or they don’t know anything about orders and deliveries.

  • Josh Cee
    Josh Cee 4 months ago +1

    After hearing the horror stories, I'll consider myself lucky for recently returning a ROG STRIX G10 prebuild, open box. The case was hot garbage and allowed no cooling so my expensive prebuild was blue-screening due to overheating.
    I was afraid they'd find any reason to screw me, so I carefully repacked the machine in far better condition I received.

  • David Wang
    David Wang 9 months ago +542

    Newegg has definitely gone downhill - glad this is being talked about more widely

      ZAPATTUBE 9 months ago

      Any time the Chinese take over that's straight downhill !

    • Stop the FOMO
      Stop the FOMO 9 months ago

      Went downhill ever since they kicked out the Professor Egg 🥚 mascot logo

    • Darth Wiizius
      Darth Wiizius 9 months ago

      I imagine that also gives them a higher margin because they can source their stock directly in the far east and miss out the the local distribution tier. Also by the way behaving it sounds like they buying their products under "bought out" contracts, this is where a retailer gets a large discount by taking on the warranty provisions on the products, over here Argos buy most of their electronics on this principle(some companies do not normally allow it like Sony for example) but Argos are like Amazon and will take anything back without question as long as it's within a certain time frame, for example a firm I worked for used to repair and refurb these returns for them and one time a VHS player had been replaced with an actual potato, another time a VHS had been totally deconstructed with every SM component desoldered and loose in the box. VHS player returns and video cameras were a great source of free pornography BTW, I think one of mine got on the news because I "misplaced" some hard core German porn and an 84 year old lady nearly had a heart attack, oops.

    • J.M. Luna
      J.M. Luna 9 months ago +1

      Down the hill and headed for a sharp cliff.

    • Pabz
      Pabz 9 months ago +5

      this video actually made me angry

  • Stefan Schuh
    Stefan Schuh 7 months ago +7

    I stopped dealing with them years ago, due to similar issues. Sending me broken boards, charging me restocking fees for said broken items. So, reselling after I tell them it's broken? selling used items... The list goes on.

  • Will Fadedit
    Will Fadedit 7 months ago

    I've never used Newegg and after viewing this never will! Thanks for all the effort. If we as consumers band together and boycott these malicious companies will go bankrupt!

  • able724
    able724 9 months ago +1

    Wow. I've been a Newegg customer since they started in around 2001. I've literally spent more money on parts with them rather than buy from someplace else because they, at one point in time, had such phenomenal customer service. As an example, they at one time took an RMA back from me, without any restocking fee and paid for return postage, when I accidentally ordered the wrong CPU socketed Intel Chip. I've spent thousands of dollars with them over the years. This however, is enough to convince me that I need to find a new place to buy my parts from.

  • RedStarSQD
    RedStarSQD 9 months ago +1

    New egg was sued a few years ago now. I stopped buying from them until I could see the result. Not found what happened. This episode confirms for me that new egg should be avoided.

  • Jeffrey Paul
    Jeffrey Paul 9 months ago +554

    Steve's angry smile is only slightly less happy than his happy smile.

  • Mike Spencer
    Mike Spencer 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video! My first computer build was in 2018 and I’m getting ready to do another one. I vaguely remembered Newegg had some a few issues years ago selling open box items as new so I decided to search to see if that was just a one off situation. Apparently not and I will definitely not be giving Newegg any of my money. It’s just not worth the chance or aggravation dealing with scam like tactics from a large company.

  • Lonewolfboi
    Lonewolfboi Month ago +2

    I didn't have the same situation happen, but was definitely on the receiving end of being scammed by Newegg.
    A few months ago I ordered a limited edition PC build from them. It was open box, but I was under the impression that Newegg was still the reputable company it used to be. When I got it and opened the box, I found they pulled a bait and switch on the PSU. They switched the it out for a standard edition that retailed for around $150 less. After multiple conversations with their "customer service", including them pointing out that it was an open box item and their open box policy clearly states that it might not come with all necessary accessories (sorry, but the PSU is not an "accessory"), I was left with the options of returning it for a refund/exchange, but if I took the exchange, they would offer no guarantee that it would have all the correct parts that it was supposed to, or they offered me a $35 credit for the inconvenience.
    I ended up going to the BBB, with the desired resolution of either they cover the cost and send me the PSU correct limited edition PSU that it was supposed to include (per their listing) or they offer me a gift credit in the amount to cover the purchase and shipping for it (approx. $380 at the time). After going back and forth a couple times, they offered me a $300 gift credit toward purchasing the correct part which I decided to cut my loses and accept this.
    Skip forward a couple weeks, about a week after their return window was over, and the computer completely crashes while I'm using it. Won't boot up, can't find the OS, after a little work, I discover that the SSD was apparently bad. When I remove it to test it, I found out that it wasn't even the correct SSD that was supposed to be with the computer, but a bargain priced brand with far less than spectacular reviews.
    Moral of the story, avoid this company like the plague unless you like being lied to and cheated out of your money.

  • Timothy
    Timothy 9 months ago +4

    Recipe for company self destruction: 1. accuse customers of lying 2. fail to realise that customer acquisition costs >> retention costs 3. screw over the most ubiquitous PC gaming platform and accuse Steve of lying…..you’re done Newegg. DONE.

  • Chew Magna
    Chew Magna 9 months ago +4

    The "You should open and verify the package" thing could be from people in other countries. I have talked to people overseas where that is the standard practice, and when I told them how it works here in the US, they didn't believe me at first. So, it could be cultural/regional differences there.

    • Ryan I
      Ryan I 6 months ago

      Seriously, the delivery people never wait anyways. Even if I open the door 10 seconds after hearing the knock or doorbell, they’re already driving off. I get it though, they’re super busy.

  • Jay P
    Jay P 9 months ago +340

    Steve is a gift to this industry, true journalism and truly defending the people with his platform

    • Frank Stared
      Frank Stared 9 months ago

      @kb lol, mean business indeed!

    • kb
      kb 9 months ago

      @Frank Stared
      There are probably far more people who actually try to return things in bad faith than you think. Making a bad relationship with a company because of hearsay is not a good way to run a business, which when you boil down the reasoning for this channel... it's a business. It is not a channel to call out everyone's problem with every supplier.

    • Frank Stared
      Frank Stared 9 months ago

      @Scroopy Nooperz No, they'll just blacklist him.

    • Frank Stared
      Frank Stared 9 months ago

      @kb Once someone (in this cane many) shares their experiences, even anecdotally, it is personal. How does Gamer's Nexus get the ideas for most of their content if not through the proverbially grapevine.

    • Scroopy Nooperz
      Scroopy Nooperz 9 months ago

      Yes but now Newegg is probably gearing up to have him assassinated.

  • I34dKarma
    I34dKarma 9 months ago +1

    Well I apprecaite your work on this and I hope Newegg leans from past mistakes and improves. I am not a Newegg customer becuase I learned a long time ago what a hassle it can be to do returns for damaged products, yes it was a motherboard. I switched to shopping at local computer stores and have been very happy with it. Most of the small mom and pop stores are gone but I have a Microcenter that I do shop at. Newegg could learn something from them. I bought a few RAM sticks for an upgrade from Microcenter and I went hope and installed them and my computer would not even post. I tried removing my exixting sticks and put the new ones in and still the dreaded no post. The next day I made the 45 minute drive back and was expecting to deal with lots of red tape and a big hassle. I described the problem to the person at the customer service desk and without hessitation they said yep that sounds like bad RAM. What would you like to do? Well given this was the second time I have had bad RAM sticks (these instances were maybe six years apart mind you) I asked if I could exchange them for my trusted go to brand. Thier reply was a fast sure and I paid the 30 dollar difference and was out in 15 minutes. My suggestion is sometimes spending the extra money to shop local is worth it. If there are any corner computer shops left maybe support them before you try and save some cash shopping at Newegg. The damage might be done so you may only have yoursevles to blame. I think Newegg and people in general might want to look up W. Edward Deming. Hit Wikipedia to learn about him. His tenth key principle was "Eliminate slogans, exhortations, and targets for the work force asking
    for zero defects and new levels of productivity. Such exhortations only create adversarial relationships, as the bulk of the causes of low quality and low productivity belong to the system and thus lie beyond the power of the work force.". Newegg really seems to love thier slogans and executive buzz words. Action is worth a 1000 words.

  • ChallengerDrakava
    ChallengerDrakava 9 months ago +3

    I never bought from newegg and after seeing this video, I will NEVER buy from them.

  • Jan Alter
    Jan Alter 9 months ago +1

    Sorry to hear this story and what you've had to endure. I watched the second video of the motherboard being returned to you and was awed at the note sent by Gigabyte to Newegg to have it repaired.
    When unscrupulous behavior by a big outfit takes place it is really nice that there are social media channels available to air the issues. Because of your highlighting this event I'm thinking Newegg will get the message and rework how they deal with their clientele. Even though I've used Newegg for more than 15 years and never had an issue, even with a few returns, I am believing what happened to you and appreciate what you are doing. Thanks

  • unhygienix1970
    unhygienix1970 9 months ago +1

    Thanks for this. This happened to me with another tech company, Fanatec. Denied my RMA due to damage! I ate it for all the reasons you mention here. I will never again purchase from NewEgg. F@ck them. I am lucky enough to be in a large city and have local, physical store options.

  • Tim2060
    Tim2060 9 months ago +2323

    Was waiting for this. These videos are awesome, shame on Newegg

    • Phanji
      Phanji 9 months ago

      @Luka Stemberger my brother had psn for a year from a family member, psn tried autorenewing, family member said he didnt authorize, brothers psn gets suspended until he pays for $60 of gift cards for the psn apparently. Guy he called said he has to do that or he couldnt get his account unsuspended

    • justification Is not an excuse
      justification Is not an excuse 9 months ago +1

      I use to love Newegg in its early years had high quality products for lower prices than other competitors it’s a shame what they became

    • dwarfer777
      dwarfer777 9 months ago

      ye no s**

    • Entropy 404
      Entropy 404 9 months ago +1

      @Luka Stemberger Ah yes personally calling somebody is very hyperbolic and wasn't suggested, but if a user is allowed to spend money but can't get a refund they should be notified in some regard of that fact before the purchase of a product and not to be pointed after the fact to a terms of service sheet

    • Luka Stemberger
      Luka Stemberger 9 months ago

      ​@Entropy 404 Well, no... All it takes is reading it in their terms and conditions. The thing people skip... Obviously they're not going to give someone a personalized call to explain the T&C. If someone is suspended, it reduces that person's credibility, so it makes sense. Like I said, I had only good experiences with returns from Sony. One of my returns was even not covered by their T&C, but they still approved it.
      I just wanted to share my experience which shows there must be circumstances that caused the return to not be accepted. Games that you buy from any store like GameStop, BestBuy..., including Nintendo and Xbox are not eligible for returns for being "defective". When they are truly defective, they will give refunds to everyone, like they did with Cyberpunk.

  • Lives4trauma
    Lives4trauma 9 months ago +2

    Keep doing the great work you do! We need more people like you!

  • Marvin coverdell
    Marvin coverdell 9 months ago +5

    Damn I wish I would’ve seen this video sooner. I just bought a motherboard from new egg and it arrived damaged. Missing stand offs for heat sinks. Had plastic chipped off of some of the pieces. They just know most people won’t send the item back. They will just try to deal with it and fix it or work around it, so they don’t have to wait for another product.

    THE16THPHANTOM 9 months ago +1

    this is what i had always feared back when i started buying stuff online. thankfully this has never happened to me(yet).
    mostly because i make it my business not to buy from shady or unknown sellers especially when they are foreign and dont have a local branch in my country no matter how much cheaper they are compared to trusted sellers.

  • Chance Dreamscape
    Chance Dreamscape 7 months ago +1

    Thanks for such honest and open review if piss poor customer rip-off practices. I will never buy anything from this predatory practitioner. This video may not have been fun to put out, but it is a VERY VALUABLE SERVICE AND WARNING to those who HAVE BEEN victimized and those who my have otherwise bought something from them. THANKS SO MUCH !!!

  • Rodney
    Rodney 9 months ago +366

    It’s crazy. Newegg could’ve been the “Target” to Amazon’s “Walmart” but ended up deciding to be the used car salesman of the tech world.

    • Prince Daniel
      Prince Daniel 9 months ago

      I refuse to buy from Newegg since they sold me a broken prebuilt (it had GPU problems) with one of those potentially explosive Gigabyte PSUs. Sure I got a refund but they tried to dump a dangerous product on me! Sad thing is they may stick that PSU into another computer and sell it and kill another GPU or even worse set something flammable on fire and burn down a ton of stuff or kill someone! How are neither Gigabyte or Newegg getting in trouble for continuing to sell this product instead of doing a recall?!

    • LS
      LS 9 months ago +2

      Yep. For a time, they outdid Amazon with things like upgrading shipping for free so ground orders got 2-day instead. Newegg excelled at delivering beyond customer expectations and Amazon struggled for a long time to compete. Where Amazon won was by having warehouses everywhere and their ruthless pricing. Rather than try to fight that, Newegg went down a different, darker path. It is not the same company it once was.

    • David Helfinstine Jr.
      David Helfinstine Jr. 9 months ago +2

      BOOM, I like this. Pandemic style, surprised how many “free” items I’ve gotten because they’ve been broken and it cost more to ship back than to just write off. Thankful for companies like that! (Not abusing systems, just literally been told to throw, use, or donate an item that was “broken” but not unusable, like a pump on any bathroom item) edit: bathroom item, nothing specific, lol

    • Space Elf Downlink
      Space Elf Downlink 9 months ago +6

      @Channel shit, They sold it? that and them being public traded explains everything. They used to focus on C/S now its to quote a classic rap tune, All About the Benjamins

    • Channel
      Channel 9 months ago +16

      They got really shady after the original owners sold the brand. Feels like a pawn shop at this point.

  • Craftspirit
    Craftspirit 6 months ago

    Honestly I would wish there was some form of effective customer protection to avoid this kind of scummy practice...

  • IntrepidRobot
    IntrepidRobot 9 months ago +2

    Thanks for doing this video! I am in the market for a new build and was considering purchasing my components at Newegg but I've reconsidered. What they're doing is garbage treatment and theft from its customers. I'll happily spend my money elsewhere.

  • Rod Briggs
    Rod Briggs 8 months ago +1

    Thanks Steve for the informative video on Newegg. I have a Newegg credit account and after watching this video, I have unsubscribed from all their email listings as well as the Newegg Shuffle. I will NEVER buy anything from these scam artists. You're right by saying they are taking advantage of the GPU shortages. Shame on you Newegg.

  • sergiovalmendea
    sergiovalmendea 9 months ago +2

    I really wanted to order from Newegg. Now I'm not so sure I should. Thanks for this video.

  • ConsumeShroomz
    ConsumeShroomz 9 months ago +345

    vids like this are why i love Steve and GN. They don't WANNA do vids like this, but when a company forces their hand, they always look out for the consumer and tell us the truth when they could easily opt for some kind of "good will" deal with these company's after they realize who they're dealing with.

    • Paul Deck
      Paul Deck 9 months ago +9

      I appreciate Steve for having the integrity to still move forward with this video even after being refunded. I'm sure Newegg would have been happier to throw money and/or resources at him, a point he knows but still has too much integrity

  • King McAllister
    King McAllister Month ago +1

    Man, Newegg has fallen hard. I remember when they were the top choice for buying computer parts online.
    I'll never buy from them again.

  • Wesley Thoman
    Wesley Thoman 8 months ago +1

    This really sucks. In my experience, newegg has always honored my business whether it be RMA's with damaged or wrong items sent. But I've heard a lot of horror stories lately.

  • DIY Dave
    DIY Dave 10 days ago +1

    I realize this is several months old. but this is precisely reason I've been very hesitant to do business with Newegg over the years... very shady RMA practices

  • moonbladem
    moonbladem 9 months ago

    I've never shopped at Newegg, but I was planning on buying a PC case from them. Thanks for helping me dodge a bullet. Also, I applaud you on shining daylight on their scamming practices by speaking up, calling them out and exposing them. These people thrive in the darkness, hate the sunlight. Our consumer rights are being eroded by some of these business practices, like arbitration denying RMAs etc.

  • Theodore Cole Anderson
    Theodore Cole Anderson 9 months ago +377

    This is unacceptable. When they sell "Open Box" items, Newegg should definitely take photos of that opened item as proof of it's condition before selling it. I no longer plan to buy from Newegg from this video.

    • Jimster480
      Jimster480 9 months ago

      Newegg Open box has always been a joke just like open box from basically anywhere else...

    • Santiago Draco
      Santiago Draco 9 months ago +2

      They will just fake the damage picture as well. They have become pretty shady.

    • Absoleet
      Absoleet 9 months ago

      Agreed, dunno why they can't do such a simple thing.

    • Joseph Dalrymple
      Joseph Dalrymple 9 months ago +2

      TOTALLY agree. If it's an Open Box, the pictures of the actual item should be included on the product detail page.

    • mromutt
      mromutt 9 months ago +3

      @a No one actually checks these things (just like best buy and frys and others) I once bought a streaming device back in the day open box and it still had the last persons stuffed signed in to everything and payment info lol. These places just put it back in the box and try to sell it.

  • Jan Alter
    Jan Alter 9 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your story. I watched the second video too and was awed by the Gigabyte note on the motherboard that. Pretty amazing. Hopefully your complaint will reach the white collars at Newegg and it will change the company's practices. I'm glad you are complaining for the sake of the rest of us.

  • 1Dshot
    1Dshot 8 months ago

    I watched the interview first, and then came back to watch the saga unfold. I also feel that the front line agents, although may be decent at the customer side of things; call control, using the right verbage, etc in many scenarios, would beneftis from understanding the product itself. If they understood what it mean to have a bent pin on even an open box product they may've looked further into it: "ok you stated you didnt' even open the shipping box..." and giving you the benefit of the doubt, it would've gone smoother as well

  • Thomas Caswell
    Thomas Caswell 9 months ago +1

    Steve once again sticking up for the consumer against a company shafting their customer base at every turn

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith 8 months ago +1

    A nearly identical situation involving a motherboard happened to me 10 years ago with Newegg. Haven’t done business with them since. Nice to see they’re up to their same old tricks.

  • Taki7o7
    Taki7o7 9 months ago +473

    Meanwhile at Newegg: "Damn boys, we scammed the wrong guy!"

    • accseller8
      accseller8 9 months ago

      It will be more like - damn boys why are sales down? Everyone needs to just STOP buying from these scammers. Call it what it is and realize what we HAVE to do - put them out of business.

    • Tibor Klein
      Tibor Klein 9 months ago

      @Mike Hudgins In a corporate environment no one ever bears responsibility for anything.

    • Mike Hudgins
      Mike Hudgins 9 months ago

      Yea hopefully the lower level employees that dealt with Steve don’t specifically get in trouble. They were just following the bogus policies the company itself put in place.

    • Tibor Klein
      Tibor Klein 9 months ago +4

      He caught them lackin'...

    • SlamTheFart
      SlamTheFart 9 months ago +9

      😂 they fucked up

  • Starrsy4
    Starrsy4 8 months ago +1

    Thanks for the warning. I haven't bought from them in years and have been thinking about a new purchase. I won't buy anything from newegg ever again.

  • Cindicare Mint
    Cindicare Mint 9 months ago

    I went out of my way to avoid using Newegg when sourcing parts for the PC I'm building this week as a result of this debacle. It's ridiculous that a retailer would think any of this is okay.

  • Moxie's Motel
    Moxie's Motel 9 months ago +1

    I was about to order new PCs this year... at least now I know NewEgg won't be the platform of choice to spend my money on. Thank you for saving me from potential issues!

  • loucifer
    loucifer 9 months ago +3

    i fucking love you guys so much. charismatic as hell and always looking out for the consumers. ♥

  • TROPtastic
    TROPtastic 9 months ago +238

    Thanks for the amazing work you do to keep the PC hardware industry accountable. If you weren't around, companies would get away with terrible behaviour like this.

    • ClonesDream
      ClonesDream 9 months ago

      Who gave you Clip-Share Gold?

    • ‎
       9 months ago +1

      @Kamran don't forget the substantial cut that goes to YT. Would be better to just become a patron or buy something from their store ideally

    • Erazer
      Erazer 9 months ago +4

      @JLJoe_ Pay to win chat !

    • JLJoe_
      JLJoe_ 9 months ago +9

      what a weird new feature

    • Gamers Nexus
      Gamers Nexus  9 months ago +44

      Thank you! We're happy to see more and more reviewers in this position, too. Our small community has been able to establish some independence to be able to do this.

  • P l a y t a r d !
    P l a y t a r d ! 9 months ago +4

    I wonder if employees at the receiving end of Newegg are running "damaged product scams" claiming its damaged then somehow taking the "garbage" home...?

    • FullMoonOctober
      FullMoonOctober 4 months ago

      If they are, it has to be enough lover level employees involved that at least some management is in on it, too.

  • Mm accessories
    Mm accessories 2 months ago +1

    thanks for being the best at always calling out companies without worrying about relations with them and fear of not getting a sponsor from them, keep it up

  • John Williams
    John Williams 9 months ago

    There should be a class action lawsuit against Newegg. It’s good that they’re being called out and losing future business because of these practices, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’ve scammed a lot of people out of a lot of money. Those people are still SOL and should be compensated.

  • Drax
    Drax 9 months ago

    I appreciate all the hard work that has been put into this.

  • Cooljosh3k
    Cooljosh3k 9 months ago +421

    Supporting GN because of a willingness to call companies out is why I’m considering buying merch I don’t actually need.

    • iDreamOfWeenie
      iDreamOfWeenie 9 months ago

      @Jimster480 well in that case cope, seethe and (most importantly) dilate

    • Jimster480
      Jimster480 9 months ago

      @iDreamOfWeenie I am literally not affiliated with Newegg in any way. I have just been a customer since like 2003.

    • iDreamOfWeenie
      iDreamOfWeenie 9 months ago

      @Jimster480 if you work for NewEgg just say that

    • Jimster480
      Jimster480 9 months ago

      GN calling out Newegg here in all the wrong ways and not understanding the issues of ecommerce has only done damage to the industry and not helped anyone. They could have used their platform to understand the issues we face in ecommerce today to discuss how we as a collective could do better instead of raise pitch forks.

    • Cooljosh3k
      Cooljosh3k 9 months ago +1

      @bit I looked at the offering and I don’t like the mousemat design, plus the shipping on just a wrist strap is quite costly for me. Might just go for that donation option after all.

  • Mino 42
    Mino 42 8 months ago +7

    I made a huge oversight and ordered a ASUS mobo that was openbox. I get it and they don't include the backplate and its covered in used thermal paste. I call and was told too bad for me. I also notice the original RMA sticker is still on the bag and it says that its dead. I ask them to look up the RMA to find out the issue. Rep tells me that it was tested and in perfect working order. I build the entire pc to find out its dead. Now dealing with this lady in the chat who takes over 5 minutes to respond and isn't helpful at all. I hate myself for ordering from this company...

  • ツShadow
    ツShadow 9 months ago +2

    I had the same exact problem with Newegg. I recently bought a laptop, that broke down within 3 days of use. I was extremely careful with the laptop, and returned it to them without a scratch. They then proceeded to deny my rma, claiming that the laptop was way too physically damaged for them to repair. Luckily I issued a chargeback and got my money. Regardless, Thank you so much for making this video.

  • Ahmed Anssaien
    Ahmed Anssaien 9 months ago +2

    "Nuclear option" or not, I always get what I want eventually, so long as it's reasonable, of course. Morocco Telecom almost lost me as a customer for pulling some bureaucratic crap, and apparently, tweeting at them made them send technicians to set up fiber Internet in our new apartment, get me a new router, all within 12 hours - you're more likely to win the lottery than get an exemplary service like that here in Morocco. Whether it has something to do with me being a wordsmith or something else, I don't really know, and I don't really care. Maybe I'm just good at picking the right battles, and like you Steve, I'm not vindictive, and like Paulo Coelho said, "Sometimes when I'm angry, I have the right to be."

  • Zarobien
    Zarobien 6 months ago

    I'd love it if we could just watch guys in youtube telling about stuff, and then order them from the manufacturer... It would be so much better than having storage company trying to skim off the top on every turn.

  • bkbenelli
    bkbenelli 9 months ago +263

    GN: "If you make the very busy delivery person stand there while you open the box and inspect 2000 pins, you're an a** hole."
    So well said I can't even handle it.

    • David
      David 9 months ago +3

      Yea. Those guys are in a dead run delivering from daylight to dark; they dont have time to sit there and watch you inspect a product.

  • Proudnerd
    Proudnerd Month ago

    Great work exposing these awful business practices. Like you said Newgg really got unlucky screwing you of all people.

  • Wesley Bastien
    Wesley Bastien 9 months ago +2

    Well, they definitely took a bigger hit from this than you did LMAO. I bought my Pc and a few pricey pieces from NewEgg and I can confidently say I'll be getting my next upgrades from a more reliable company.

  • Pink Ray
    Pink Ray 9 months ago

    I have been screwed over by NewEgg multiple times... The last I remember was a subwoofer/sound system (2.1), not to expensive, under $100. That was multiple years ago. I am very skeptical of NewEgg and, like you said, I only use it as a last resort option.

  • D A
    D A 8 months ago +1

    Thanks for this video! I have been a NewEgg customer for decades and won't buy from them anymore in support. There are plenty of other suppliers. And, I have too spent many thousands of dollars with NewEgg. It seems they are doing this on purpose and it's designed into their process. I would consider a class action and certainly make complaints with the AG of each state it happens in and file complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The famous bent pin and thermal paste excuse is insufficient to not issues a refund to a CONSUMER. They will learn that the consumers are in charge. Simply stop giving them revenue. #forget_newegg

  • Old Grey Redneck
    Old Grey Redneck 9 months ago +329

    I've been a Newegg customer since 2012, and I stopped using them last year when this very issue happened to me in a nearly identical way... unopened packaging returned and rejected due to "damage". I am glad this is coming to light finally. Thank you.

    • Jupiter
      Jupiter 9 months ago

      @Old Grey Redneck damn...

    • Old Grey Redneck
      Old Grey Redneck 9 months ago +1

      @volvo09 they did send it back to me. No idea if the damage was done on purpose by them, and I'm not claiming it was. My main issue is they knew the box wasn't opened, so how was I responsible? I chalked it up to lesson learned and have simply never bought from them since.

    • volvo09
      volvo09 9 months ago

      Did they send it back? And if so, what damage was it? Did it look faked like someone purposely rubbed something on the socket? Or like a noob f'ked it up?
      I have seen people damage motherboards, but not as commonly as they're claiming. I sent like 100 back to Dell over 8 years doing repairs in an office and never had one returned. I know of co workers who damaged boards and got them returned, so this really does look like a scummy Newegg issue.

  • Bladesocg
    Bladesocg 9 months ago

    Its almost sad how far Newegg has fallen. They used to have the best customer service. Back in the early to mid 2000s you'd be hard pressed to find a complaint about them. Now it seems like a struggle to find anyone who has anything positive to say about them. Honestly sad.

  • General Obi Wan Kenobi
    General Obi Wan Kenobi 7 months ago +1

    Wow.. I used to get all my upgrades through Newegg back from 2004 to 2014 and haven't since I got my first custom built HP laptop. It was a compromise on price with what I could afford, but it was so much better getting a laptop with dedicated graphics memory. An Nvidia GPU with just 1GB of dedicated VRAM could game circles around any of the other laptops I'd rent-to-own or outright bought that were either ATI or Nvidia GPUs with up to 1.5GB of SHARED RAM. With as often I end up in hospital I need a laptop as a desktop is impractical. The HP was great except for the fact that HP's cooling SUCKS ASS. Tiny ass vents and I was not confident back then enough to take apart the bottom to access the fans and heat sinks to clean them. It got so hot the metal on the VGA port would burn you if you touched it. I don't mean just ow that's hot, but actually hot enough to cause blisters. The keyboard backlighting on the upper left dimmed, probably from the burned dust, and the function keys from F5 to the ESC key wouldn't always work and had to usually press the keys 1 through 3 a couple of times to get them to respond. Yeah, never again, HP. Since then I've used Alienware of the 17 inch types as those had far more vent area and were far easier to open to clean and even upgrade. The last item I bought from Newegg was 16GB of RAM for that first Alienware 17 (was also a price compromise to I got the minimum RAM and just 2GB Nvidia graphics), which I had for three years before I could afford a better system in 2017. An Alienware 17 R4, but I bought the SSDs and RAM from Amazon, while I was able to afford the 6GB 1060 GPU. That one I still have and still works but after 5 years, I upgraded to the x17 R2. A BEAST! lol

  • Mike P.
    Mike P. 9 months ago +1

    Just the opposite happened to me when I was ordering a pc build for a friend and they were going to build. He ends up bending the pins and we get a full replacement for free. This was 2 years ago.

  • Darin Johnson
    Darin Johnson 2 months ago

    Thank you for your work on this story. It makes me rethink of who I purchase from companies like this. I almost get screwed with Western Digital as I did not think of getting a tracking number as when I use Amazon I normally do not have to worry about it. I did finally track the tracking number down in my history, but it was a lesson learned to make sure I take down all tracking numbers now. I am not sure who I will be buying for, but more likely buy locally. I do n to have a big computer company in Alberta Canada. I will be careful about who I buy from now. Thanks for the warning.

  • Fahim Ahmed
    Fahim Ahmed 9 months ago +68

    Gamers Nexus is quite literally one of the best things to ever happen to the PC market.

  • Vorfelan
    Vorfelan Month ago

    I'd never heard of these issues happening. I'm so happy I remembered there was a Microcenter nearby when I just upgraded my PC last week, so I cancelled my order before it was even processed.
    That said I'm still waiting on one part of the order to be refunded so...

  • signa8
    signa8 8 months ago +1

    Last time I bought something from New Egg, they had a security breach, so they gave me a $50 gift card. I then spent that on a Nintendo Switch. Not going back though. I can cancel my credit cards if my data is leaked, but I'd rather not deal with this kind of bad service.
    Years ago, I ordered some RAM from them to fix some person's PC, but they had recently started doing the thing that Amazon does where they have sellers listing product on the New Egg site. These sellers sent the RAM in a plastic bag, no padding in the USPS. Of course the RAM didn't work, and they were an overseas company and refused to do anything about their own shipping mistakes. It was clear then that I never was going to buy from one of their sellers, because they just didn't have the same oversight as Amazon does.

  • Brisingr611
    Brisingr611 9 months ago +1

    As some who wants to build my own PC I will not ever being buying from Newegg’s even if they have cheaper prices. Thanks Steve you ROCK!!!