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Cinematic Highlights: Michigan at Ohio State | Big Ten Football | The Journey

  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Go on the field as Michigan gets a win over Ohio State in "The Game."
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Comments • 547

  • Hyzers
    Hyzers 3 months ago +230

    Seeing JJ saying "Don't get too high. Don't get too high..." after their first TD is very impressive. A real leader and extremely mature for someone his age.

    • Shannon Stockman
      Shannon Stockman 3 months ago +1


    • Quick-N-Snappy
      Quick-N-Snappy 3 months ago +3

      Same thing that stuck out to me. Audibly said “what a leader” haha

  • Calvin McFarland Sr.
    Calvin McFarland Sr. 3 months ago +494

    When I noticed the tears from those buckeye fans, it was truly uplifting. Go Blue baby, Go Blue, Hail to the Victor's.

    • Rodrigo K
      Rodrigo K 19 days ago +1

      I come out here from time to time and watch the end just to cheer me up 🤣 who knew Buckeyes crying would make me happy 🤣

    • OGravesNESM1
      OGravesNESM1 Month ago +2

      There is nothing that makes me happier.

    • Peter Vandermey
      Peter Vandermey Month ago

      This video never gets old!

    • Jeremy Van Hoy
      Jeremy Van Hoy 2 months ago +1

      Lot of truck drivers in the stands...

    • Michigan Hypelights
      Michigan Hypelights 3 months ago

      GO BLUE

  • Vulpes Incultuh
    Vulpes Incultuh 3 months ago +343

    This feels like a long awaited Sequel to 2006, the last time they met and the stakes were this high, I remember watching that game as a kid, having my angsty teen heart ripped out now I’m an adult and Mike Hart is coaching the position in the same game he helped define when he was there, this feels like destiny.

    • Vulpes Incultuh
      Vulpes Incultuh 3 months ago

      @Jay no jay, not like 2006. Were you a fan then?

    • Jay
      Jay 3 months ago

      2016 the stakes were pretty high as well.

    • Peter Vandermey
      Peter Vandermey 3 months ago +3

      @Vulpes Incultuh yes sir. I’ll be “ staying “ in Phoenix for the playoff game. Go blue!

    • Vulpes Incultuh
      Vulpes Incultuh 3 months ago +2

      @Peter Vandermey those who stay will be champions Pete! 3 games to go!

    • Peter Vandermey
      Peter Vandermey 3 months ago +2

      @Nicholas Lashway that ridiculous 4th down call that they gave them. Still kills me.

  • kryer981
    kryer981 3 months ago +80

    I'm so happy for those Michigan fans in attendance who got to experience this historic moment.

    • Lloyd Kline
      Lloyd Kline Month ago +5

      Michigan football is loaded big ten football season 2023 going for triple victories over ohio states football 🏈 ,,, bring Ryan day Ohio unemployment office January 2024 first in line

  • Tyler Springstube
    Tyler Springstube 3 months ago +95

    Ok I can't be the only one thinking where is the mike sainrilstil #0 pass breakup in the end zone that forced the field goal when the game was 31-20? That was one one the greatest defensive plays that Ive seen at least recently and at a critical point in the game it was poetry in motion the way he caught up to him and timed the play perfectly

    • Dave Witt
      Dave Witt 2 months ago +2

      No one knew just how much this year's defense needed Sainristil. And that kid was gold all year. After the second game of the year I was bragging about how he was going to be the star of the D this year and there were times he was. But that pass breakup was exactly as you describe. Critical point in game, poetry in motion, perfectly timed. Well said.
      What a great captain, and as we find out just how little leadership the two who are going to Iowa next year provided, it just makes his shadow that much larger.
      Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. Little Mike is proof of that axiom and we are fortunate to have him.

    • ryan srebnack
      ryan srebnack 3 months ago

      agreed that was huge!!!

    • Tyler Springstube
      Tyler Springstube 3 months ago +7

      @Antwan Dukes lol what a joke like yeah fs he just dropped it for no reason 🤦🏼 had nothing to do with his hand (#0) being in the perfect spot at the perfect time making a perfect defensive play

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago +5

      They said the receiver dropped it not giving credit where's credit due.

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago +7

      Yeah that was one of the biggest plays of the game they act like that didn't mean anything. On another Ohio podcast

  • Dustomatic
    Dustomatic 3 months ago +276

    Seeing JJ just chillin against the goalpost made me grin SO BIG.

    • D B
      D B 3 months ago +1

      @Dustomatic jj was the topic and i just watched him take some extra hits in the highlight reel. just "venting" :)

    • Dustomatic
      Dustomatic 3 months ago

      @D B what’s this have to do with anything anyone has said here?

    • D B
      D B 3 months ago +1

      we love jj but hate seeing him volunteer hits on himself. need him to stay uninjured. go blue

    • Jon Grotrian
      Jon Grotrian 3 months ago +5

      He is beyond a college mentality.

    • Louis Sams
      Louis Sams 3 months ago +2

      I thought that was him

  • Jerry R.
    Jerry R. 3 months ago +54

    That’s what makes this rivalry so special. The ups, the downs, the eras.

  • *StopDroolin
    *StopDroolin 3 months ago +13

    " Michigan fans this your one chance to be on top of OSU today, buy a seat cushion right here". That aged like roadkill. GO MICHIGAN💛💙💛💙

  • Kenneth Gray
    Kenneth Gray 3 months ago +86

    As I recall the 90s, we were beating OSU nearly every year and it just became anticlimactic. For the last decade I finally understood how OSU felt during that period. I’m hoping to see the return of the 90s dominance again, it is so awesome to be back! Hail to the Victors!

    • Bill Hicks
      Bill Hicks 3 days ago

      ​@Jerry R. Ryan Day has lost every single game where the opponent was on or close to the level of talent aOSU had. aOSU recruits itself and its his job to coach the elite talent they get up. He does not. Felt great hearing all the buckeye fans chant Ryan Cooper after the beatdown

    • Teddy
      Teddy 3 months ago

      @Thunderstorm day seems like a great coach from a michigan fans perspective, he has fallen through really only in the second half of this years michigan game and that was it, last year the weather had a lot to do with michigans ability to dominate where as this year it was a poor defensive adjustment in the the second half

    • Scott Hoel
      Scott Hoel 3 months ago +1

      @Kenneth Gray as a Wolverine fan, I also appreciate Day’s story, it’s quite admirable. However, I will not stoop to cheering on OSU ever again just because they’re B1G 10.

    • Brian Staples
      Brian Staples 3 months ago +3

      Yeah from 1983 to 2003 I’d say MI dominant the series, not as strongly as from 03 till 2019 for OSU. But getting back in the winning side feels great.

    • Jerry R.
      Jerry R. 3 months ago +4

      @Thunderstorm Day is a pretty damned good coach.
      Most schools would love a 45-5 record.
      Granted, I thought he made some lousy decisions (not going on 4th and 4, when they were in control). But as a wolverine, I’m glad he played conservative.

  • Matt
    Matt 3 months ago +147

    I waited for this sense I was a little 10 year old boy and it finally happened this Michigan team as been a lifeline for all the mental health struggles I have faced this year this team gave me hope when I had lost that I love this team with all my heart I'm proud and honored to be a Michigan wolverine💛💙

    • Bryan Anthony
      Bryan Anthony 3 months ago +1

      I hear you Matt! These last few wins vs buckeyes have carried me through tough times. Stay tough bud

    • Montana Bown
      Montana Bown 3 months ago +2

      27yrs old and I've never been more proud to be a Michigan fan than I have been these last 2yrs!!

    • Conner
      Conner 3 months ago +1

      feel this

  • Vibes
    Vibes 3 months ago +32

    The joy I felt when the girl buckeyes fan was crying is unexplainable. I’ve never felt so much joy watching someone cry

    • Duneedon
      Duneedon 17 days ago +1

      @kryer981 I’m 100% OK with that. 😊

    • kryer981
      kryer981 17 days ago +1

      @Duneedon Michigan dominated the 90s, Ohio the next two decades. We can go back to 50/50 AFTER we finish dominating this decade. We owe them.

    • Duneedon
      Duneedon 17 days ago +1

      @kryer981 Yeah, I get your point there. As a Michigan fan, I have to admit, I would not mind winning the next 30 in a row. 🤣 But since the last 20 years have been so brutal for us in terms of this rivalry, I would be also be admittedly pretty damn happy to see it go back to a (more or less) 50/50. And I honestly think that we are probably headed that way.

    • kryer981
      kryer981 18 days ago +1

      @Duneedon No, that's what NON-Michigan/Ohio State fans want. I never EVER want to lose to Ohio, but as you said, I don't expect to always beat them.

    • Duneedon
      Duneedon 20 days ago +1

      Ohio State has had one of the most spoiled fanbases in all of college football in the last 20 years. And I don't say that with any derogatory tone, at all. Their younger fans have just NEVER known losing -- especially not to Michigan. Well, as they say, losing builds character. And this IS good for the rivalry, as much as OSU fans obviously never want to lose to Michigan. As a Michigan fan, I'm certainly not going to expect a streak of 8 in a row or anything like that. I'm just happy that the rivalry SEEMS to be back on, for real this time. I fully expect a (more or less) 50/50 type breakdown for the foreseeable future. I think Michigan wins again in 2023, and probably loses in 2024, etc. Isn't a TRUE rivalry what all Michigan and Ohio State fans really want?

  • Jerry Lance
    Jerry Lance 3 months ago +5

    Watching the faces on them Ohio fans when they knew it was over and nothing could be done. It made me feel so good as I laughed and a tear dropped down my face.

    HEBREW HAMMER 3 months ago +29

    It's time to put some respect on Michigans name. 2021 was not a fluke. 2022 is not a fluke, Michigan Is back. And Jesse minters second half adjustments are fricken phenomenal. Michigan needs to offer him however much money he wants so he doesn't go to another school cus they are gonna be going after him. I'm so glad the rivalry is actually a rivalry again! Go blue beat purdue!

  • Giovanni Zamarron
    Giovanni Zamarron 3 months ago +17

    I love seeing them buckeye tears 😂
    Especially in their own home turf. GLORIOUS.

  • Dallas Orr
    Dallas Orr 3 months ago +23

    This means so much to maze and blue fans. Been waiting since 2000 when I was ten for this to happen again, just wish my dad was here to see the last 2years. GO BLUE!!!!

  • Adam Price
    Adam Price 3 months ago +88

    "And when the old season is over, you and I know, it's going to be MICHIGAN again....." -BO

    • Vulpes Incultuh
      Vulpes Incultuh 3 months ago +6

      ‘THOSE WHO STAY WILL BE CHAMPIONS’ almost as if he knew about the transfer portal lol

    • J MAN 34
      J MAN 34 3 months ago +3

      The team! The team! The team!

    • The Big Brother
      The Big Brother 3 months ago +12

      “Somewhere, some place, Bo Schembechler is smiling” Go Blue

    • S Cranberry
      S Cranberry 3 months ago +9


  • Robert Small
    Robert Small 3 months ago +9

    I really thought OSU was gonna be on a mission after losing last year. But Michigan held their own and won again. Very proud to be a Mich fan.

    • J-Dog
      J-Dog Month ago

      I agree, great game plan, no one thought JJ could throw, because he hadn't to that point. Everyone forgot that he hadn't been asked to, there's a difference between not being able to, and not being asked to, just looking at results can be misleading. 0 coverage to stop the run and results wise, they didn't even do that. OSU was completely out-played and out-couched. Go Blue!

    • Dave Witt
      Dave Witt 2 months ago

      They WERE on a mission. They just didn't know how to accomplish it. And Michigan now knows again what it takes to complete theirs.

  • Alexander Duggan
    Alexander Duggan 3 months ago +47

    My freshman year at UofM was 2006, and it was a downward spiral for so, so long. I thought the talent was wasted in that loss in 2006, but these guys that we have now are a different breed. They're just victors valiant!

    • Vulpes Incultuh
      Vulpes Incultuh 3 months ago

      @D Hu55ein who’s going to tell him? 😆

    • D Hu55ein
      D Hu55ein 3 months ago

      @Vulpes Incultuh technically before they won the title out right they were the champions of the east

    • Vulpes Incultuh
      Vulpes Incultuh 3 months ago +2

      And the champions of the west!

    • Enzo
      Enzo 3 months ago +2

      Leaders and best

    • Kori Snw
      Kori Snw 3 months ago +2

      Conquering Heroes!

  • james bailey
    james bailey 3 months ago +34

    That was fantastic Big Ten Network, well done !

  • Perfect Sense
    Perfect Sense 3 months ago +5

    Love when the piano starts to play. How can you not tear up a little? GO BLUE!

  • Debbie Cahill-Hawley
    Debbie Cahill-Hawley 3 months ago +15

    JJ McCarthy throws a TD pass and he's on the sideline telling the guys to not get too high knowing there is a lot of ball game ahead, CJ Stroud throws a TD pass and he is on the field striking a pose.

    • Mark Little
      Mark Little 3 months ago +2

      And that is in a nutshell sums up the two teams. Ohio State were bullies who just got smacked in the mouth . They didn't have the next gear to deal with what the Wolverine's were doing

    • Lansing King16
      Lansing King16 3 months ago +1

      It's levels

  • Terry Powers
    Terry Powers 3 months ago +16

    And they say it just means more in the SEC. This game is the best college football game all year. It could be a close game or a blowout and it breaks TV records every year. The best rivalry in college football. Go Blue

    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment 3 months ago +1

      SEC does mean more. Although I do love to watch this game, SEC games are far more exciting.

    • Caleb Carter
      Caleb Carter 3 months ago +3

      All year! Every year! GO BLUE!! 〽️

  • DJ Mark Cornelius "Tha Don"
    DJ Mark Cornelius "Tha Don" 3 months ago +74

    Their tears are magnificent!!!

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago

      I meant they would do it again

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago +3

      @truth1223 that's the right energy doing to those that do unto you and if they had a chance to do it again do it again do we do it again peace out and go Blue in.

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago +7

      Tasty tears!

    • The truth
      The truth 3 months ago +10

      @Muzik Michael exactly.. I would've felt bad for them then I remembered they're nohio state fans then I stopped and started laughing my head off.

    • Muzik Michael
      Muzik Michael 3 months ago +14

      This is Redemption seeing some tears of buckeye fans, Remember that little kid and his mom who was at the game some years back and he was crying at the game and buckeye fans made fun of him these is Pay Back.

  • KJVB66
    KJVB66 3 months ago +5

    The constant sadness on all buckeye faces fills me with happiness. Go Blue!

  • Chase Steele
    Chase Steele 3 months ago +44

    When it hit 8:35 I literally started laughing out loud. It was great to see. Go Blue

    • BigEmPe
      BigEmPe 3 months ago +2

      I laughed at the girl but I felt pretty bad for the Ohio state guys after that. I've been watching highlights all week. This one hit a Lil different. GO BLUE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2022

    • Nick Lobaito
      Nick Lobaito 3 months ago +2

      I'm glad I'm not the only one!!

    • Daniel Decker
      Daniel Decker 3 months ago +2

      That was golden!

  • Robert Tinsey - VRS Satellite Racing

    1:25 with JJ just relaxing and meditating is awesome.

  • Noah Prince
    Noah Prince 3 months ago +5

    Big Ten: The Journey will always be the masterpiece that carried me through my childhood. These never get old.

  • Zac D
    Zac D 2 months ago +4

    8:35 all those years we suffered it feels so good to see OSU fans finally feel the same. GO BLUE!

    • Lloyd Kline
      Lloyd Kline Month ago

      Ohio state football fans crying , 2021/ 2022, & 2023

  • loccdogg26
    loccdogg26 3 months ago +9

    The last time Michigan won in Columbus I was still in the Air Force. This is a great feeling. Go Blue 〽️

  • J-Dog
    J-Dog 3 months ago +34

    What a team effort...The Team! The Team! The Team!! Go Blue!

    • J-Dog
      J-Dog 3 months ago

      @kryer981 I think a QB in the 3rd compared to depth on the OL or DL is unnecessary but perhaps. I believe DC will get what he needs.

    • kryer981
      kryer981 3 months ago +1

      @J-Dog Fair enough. But then they should consider drafting a back-up QB on Day 3. The Fresno QB should still be available.

    • J-Dog
      J-Dog 3 months ago +1

      @kryer981 I would not invest a 1st rd draft pick for any of the QB's coming out this year. I hope the Lions stick with Goff, next year with Amon Ra, DJ Chark and Jamison Williams along with Swift out of the backfield...Lions baby! Don't draft Stroud...imo

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago

      CJ shroud would not make it in NFL as a quarterback.

    • kryer981
      kryer981 3 months ago

      Do you think Hutch would mind if Detroit drafted C.J. Stroud?

  • Steven Hayes
    Steven Hayes 3 months ago +14

    The difference in the QB mindsets is clear after Michigan’s first TD, and OSU’s last. JJ is on the sidelines telling everyone not to get too high, so they stay locked in. Stroud is posing and trying to look all cool.
    One QB broke, one QB didn’t.

    • Him
      Him 10 days ago

      ​@oddsmithboy7893 Every CJ interview I, me, I, I, me.. Every JJ interview we, the team, we the team ... 😉

    • OddSmithBoy
      OddSmithBoy Month ago

      That's funny you say that cuz JJ does the exact same thing and Stroud is more humble than he will ever be

  • Florida
    Florida 3 months ago

    4:04 Desmond's emotion is so raw. It really says it all on how much this game means to both Michigan and OSU ex players

  • 89DrFunk
    89DrFunk 3 months ago +46

    Finally got that Shoe victory demon off y'all back ...GO BLUE! 💪

    • Lloyd Kline
      Lloyd Kline Month ago

      Ohio state football fans crying, they thought they were invincible unbeatable in the horseshoe , Columbus, Ohio

  • Marc LaFleur
    Marc LaFleur 3 months ago +16

    I love these cinematic highlights..... I think they are just a cool way to re watch the story of the game and how it unfolded! Great job with this one..... So to whom it may concern thank you!🤣

  • Thom Raine
    Thom Raine 3 months ago +7

    The 2nd half of the last 2 years are Michigan - 56, Ohio State - 17. That right there tells the story. Good coaching makes the proper halftime adjustments !!! Also, over the last 55 minutes (after the first 5 mins) of THIS game it was Michigan 45, Ohio State 16.

  • S Cranberry
    S Cranberry 3 months ago +51

    Once again Michigan went into this game as if they were going in to pillage a quant anglo-saxon village. Go Blue!

  • ThunderPants
    ThunderPants 3 months ago +5

    When I was a student at U of M from 1993-97, we lost 4 games every year I was there, but we beat Ohio State 3 out of 4, so that made the end of the year a little better.

  • Logan S
    Logan S 3 months ago +19

    Never going to tire of watching this! Big Ten is Wolverine Country!

  • Anthoney Zerbe
    Anthoney Zerbe 3 months ago +74

    That seat cushion guy ate his words haha.
    Love it GoBlue baby!!!

    • kryer981
      kryer981 8 days ago

      He now has his head in his seat.

    • B Babbich
      B Babbich 3 months ago

      The seat cushion guy was a master at marketing.

    • Ringo Starrgazer
      Ringo Starrgazer 3 months ago +3

      Michigan is always on top of ohio..that's just geography

    • jayngo26
      jayngo26 3 months ago +10

      They ALL ate their words. All 99% of their arrogant fanbase! Go Blue!

  • Scott K
    Scott K 3 months ago +19

    Glad these guys shook hands after the game. Big 10 goes through Ann Arbor.

  • K M
    K M 15 days ago +1

    Whenever life brings me down, I watch this vid. Seeing Ohio fans and players cry brings me the utmost joy. All the smack talk we've endured has finally been silenced. Go Blue!

  • Wes Weber Jr.
    Wes Weber Jr. 3 months ago +18

    These cinematic vids are incredible

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago

      I agree incredible.

    • Packers auburn Eric !
      Packers auburn Eric ! 3 months ago

      Amen and war eagle auburn still but hope you guys win national championship if Georgia doesn't but you guys are better off facing a semi final and win that game and then be ready for Georgia that way you guys can keep improving and have your best team the last game and corum should be healthy by then also

  • Kenny McClendon
    Kenny McClendon 3 months ago +31

    Best program win since 1997. Go Blue 〽

    • Packers auburn Eric !
      Packers auburn Eric ! 3 months ago

      @Antwan Dukes as Auburn fan I'm happy just recruit better this cycle so it's sustain after next year !!!

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago +1

      I mean I'm glad someone has some good memories.

    • Antwan Dukes
      Antwan Dukes 3 months ago

      Call somebody got good memories.

  • G71
    G71 3 months ago +1

    This is the BEST VIDEO presentation of “THE GAME” highlights that I have watched yet. The specific highlights The B1G Network put together are priceless and I have seen a lot of those in any other video. Great job to whoever put this highlight roll together, bravo. BTW, for ALL you Suckeye fans, don’t forget you’re going back to the big house next yr., in case it’s slipped your mind. GO BLUE HAIL TO THE VICTORS

  • KingLeoIV
    KingLeoIV 3 months ago +4

    So beautiful: the mini movie, the victory! Hail to the Victors!

  • Louis Sams
    Louis Sams 3 months ago +10

    It was pleasure watching Ohio fans 😢

  • bob
    bob 3 months ago +8

    It’s glorious to see the look on OSU fans. I’ve had that look the past 20 years after these games but not the last 2.

  • Shawn 248
    Shawn 248 3 months ago

    This rivalry will never end 😭

  • rand49er
    rand49er 3 months ago +2

    This will never get old. Never. Go Blue!

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 3 months ago +3

    Keep bring them cinematic videos of the MAIZE N BLUE, last years was soooo good too! Been a die hard fan since 89’ when I watch the greatest tournament display I ever saw by the GREAT Glenn Rice, I don’t think he ever missed a shot 😂😂! He was on fire the whole tourney, then football was jus the cherry on top! Finish the FIGHT BLUE ✊🏼

  • jay det
    jay det 3 months ago +1

    The greatest thing about college football is this rivalry. It embodies everything that is great about college football.

  • G-Unit
    G-Unit 2 months ago

    Lots of great shots of players, coaches , broadcasters and best of all, the fans. I love the passion and intensity displayed by both sides. My personal favorite is the young Michigan fan at 7:28 and the look of utter jubilation on his face. No doubt he’ll remember this game for the rest of his life.

  • dare2speed
    dare2speed 10 days ago

    Mad respect to those Michigan fans attending the match in Columbus.

  • Richard Henkle
    Richard Henkle 3 months ago +3

    I watched every game and lots of video this year. I warned my fellow Buckey fans for many weeks that Michigan would win this game. I wish commentators would focus more upon the victory machine of Michigan which is THE OFFENSIVE LINE. From Tight End to Tight End the Michigan Offensive Line permits the skill position players to be greatly magnified from good players to great. In all analysis, it's the O--Line which will win Michigan a National Championship. It has been that much better than any O--Line in College Football all year long.

  • Callen McKevister
    Callen McKevister 3 months ago +9

    My favorite part is at the end when the OSU girl was crying because of the big fat L they all took. Go Blue!!

  • TSV
    TSV 3 months ago +5

    He said " I pray to GOD they locked the gates" I'm wit it! Go Blue!!!!

  • Jo Fi
    Jo Fi 3 months ago +3

    Even after two decades of domination by ohio, UM still holds the overall lead in the series by ten victories.

  • Chris Roberts Sr
    Chris Roberts Sr 25 days ago

    What an AMAZING game!

  • Michael McCall
    Michael McCall 2 months ago

    Wow...I Love The Camera Angles On All The Plays!! Seeing Them From A Different Angle Really Hightens Them!!!

  • kryer981
    kryer981 3 months ago +6

    It's fitting Blake Corum wears #2, as he finishes his college career 2-0 against the Bucks. All the best to him in the NFL.

    • kryer981
      kryer981 3 months ago

      @NorthPaddle Wow. Talk about bucking the trend.

    • NorthPaddle
      NorthPaddle 3 months ago +2

      I'm pretty sure he's coming back.

  • QMF
    QMF 3 months ago +6

    Tears of joy from their pain. 😂😂😂

  • Mister Ceo
    Mister Ceo 3 months ago +6

    That Mazi Smith pep talk gave me chills

  • Ken
    Ken 3 months ago +13

    "The Team... The Team... THE TEAM!!"

  • Nick Foleta
    Nick Foleta 2 months ago +1

    Can’t stop coming back to watch this. The amount of money I would have paid to be a Michigan fan in a see of red screaming at the top of my lungs how their team and QB are frauds. Give them a smile and take it all in.

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller 3 months ago

    These last 2 years against OSU makes that decade of losing to them a distant memory!!!

  • Sea Whales
    Sea Whales 3 months ago +7

    Stroud wish him the best. His words at the end are perfectly said, talented and wise kid.

    • Lloyd Kline
      Lloyd Kline Month ago

      Happy& sad to see stroud go,, Jim Harbaugh his football daddy, Ohio state should kept Ohio state quarterback transfer

  • Jon Borton
    Jon Borton 3 months ago +2

    Tears in Ohio are smiles in Ann Arbor! The tides are shifting and it’s about time!

  • That Guy
    That Guy 3 months ago +5

    Kudos, these camera angles are great. Very personal.

  • Michael Ahonen
    Michael Ahonen 2 months ago

    Loved seeing Des and Charlie there cheering them on.

  • D. BROWN
    D. BROWN 3 months ago +21

    MY MAN MAZI!!!! GO BLUE!!!

  • M M.F
    M M.F 3 months ago

    I promised not to watch the defeat again, but this was an awesome production!

  • scottdatplanetsave
    scottdatplanetsave 3 months ago +4

    I still can't believe this happened. I thought U-M would win but by just a little. Go Blue

  • Jeff DuMond
    Jeff DuMond 3 months ago +13

    I wish this video was an hour long

  • Sean Ngere
    Sean Ngere 3 months ago +1

    Great hype, great teams, great first half until things went off the rails... congrats to Michigan. I hope that maybe, just maybe, there can be a rematch in the National Championship. Unlikely? Sure. But let me hope.

  • Jacob Baradaeus
    Jacob Baradaeus 2 months ago

    Second favorite moment @ 8:35 - random weeping girl in the stands being every Buckeye fan there is.
    Favorite moment @4:15 - Desmond Howard on the sidelines, whooping for joy and fist pumping, being every Wolverine fan there is.
    What a glorious day.

  • Moha
    Moha 3 months ago

    Even Michigan announcers were surprised on that punt lol

  • Jordan McElroy
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  • Robert Tinsey - VRS Satellite Racing

    Beautifully done

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    Dan Jeffery 3 months ago +1

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    Barrett 9:40 "Who wouldn't want to be the villain?"

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    David Graham 3 months ago


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    Never lost faith in Jimmy.
    〽️ GO BLUE

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    Florida 3 months ago

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    SLUMONE 3 months ago

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