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Villains with TRASH reasons on why they're evil.

  • Published on Nov 13, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Villain: I fell on my way in the house from my car and I had food in my hands. This planet will know pain.
    Oddwin - 19
    King Kaiyo - Melodic
  • ComedyComedy

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  • jonopaten
    jonopaten 2 years ago +41918

    No villain has ever been down as bad as doofenshmirtz .. parents didn’t even show up to his birth LMAO

    • Dragon King
      Dragon King 10 days ago

      They did the physically impossible just because they hate him

    • nicolae-alexandru Luca
      nicolae-alexandru Luca Month ago

      He was basically treated like kettle as a kid, I feel real bad for the doc

    • Marley Lockhart
      Marley Lockhart Month ago

      To be fair both his parents missed his birth

    • Cornell Booth
      Cornell Booth 2 months ago


    • Packit
      Packit 2 months ago

      Then how was he born 🤨

  • Avoltro
    Avoltro Year ago +13307

    I can't believe they bullied Louis about his looks even though this world whole population looks exactly the same.

    • R17
      R17 4 days ago

      Reply 35

    • Day Trips
      Day Trips 4 months ago

      His hair was trash back in the day

    • no one
      no one 4 months ago

      @No One no, i laughed harder

    • No One
      No One 5 months ago +1

      I laughed way too hard at this.

    • KirboKitty
      KirboKitty 6 months ago

      @Waylan Emmick AW SERIOUSLY

  • Wallflower
    Wallflower 2 years ago +14045

    “Lewis, man you always been the more logical one.”
    That sentence backfired so hard.

    • Near Darkroad
      Near Darkroad 3 months ago

      @Messiah the funnier part is those people are not even his bullies lmao

    • R17
      R17 4 months ago

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    • xmidpvper
      xmidpvper 8 months ago


    • The Timbs
      The Timbs 8 months ago

      @Gregory Mirabella akward

    • Jeko
      Jeko Year ago

      @Messiah Mfs is weird

  • Reid Pattis
    Reid Pattis Year ago +3156

    I like how the well written villain had a meltdown on how much of a stretch the second villain is.

    • R17
      R17 4 days ago

      Reply 5

    • Jimmysticks
      Jimmysticks 7 months ago +47

      @Broomer52 At some point he even admits to Batman he has a problem. His intellectual narcissism literally FORCES him to make riddles to Batman even though he knows that basically clues Batman in to his plans.

    • Talin Peacy
      Talin Peacy 7 months ago +54

      @Broomer52 I mean, most of batman's core super villains are the extreme of some sort of mental illness and I'm pretty sure most sociopathic narcissists are painful to be around.

    • Broomer52
      Broomer52 9 months ago +117

      It reminds me of The Riddler. The dude was so egotistical we became a super villain because he got told his puzzles were trash then he continues his villain career because Batman stopped him from committing his crimes. He has the most trash backstory and they lean into and just make him narcissistic as hell.

    • Anamaria Ramirez
      Anamaria Ramirez Year ago +52


  • t a c i t u r n
    t a c i t u r n Year ago +8162

    I love how you can never tell which Caleb is going to be the psychotic one and which one is gonna freak out over the absurdity of everything

  • Fluffyx15
    Fluffyx15 Year ago +2034

    "they tortured me to death and revived me just to torture me to death again"
    "they killed my own parents in front of me"
    "they drowned me in a pool until i drank myself out"
    "ok badlands chugs"
    "they went on my amazon account and canceled all my pre-orders"

    • The knight of Corinthia
      The knight of Corinthia 4 days ago

      @Ross Gabriel oh yes whoever says something critical of another person is offended of course of course

    • The knight of Corinthia
      The knight of Corinthia 4 days ago

      @Strayz Gam1ng ok but it’s still lazy asf

    • The knight of Corinthia
      The knight of Corinthia 4 days ago

      @Uno reverse number one the word you’re looking for is “exhausted with” and also, I’m sure you’re more than capable of looking up the definition of what a metaphor is

    • Uno reverse
      Uno reverse 15 days ago

      @Queen of Vermin don't worry hun, i think they just ended up deleting their comments so they aren't on your end. and me with my nosy ass is legit about to die from what they said lol

    • Uno reverse
      Uno reverse 15 days ago

      @The knight of Corinthia ah yes, rainbows and lolipops totally go in the same section as getting angry over someone quoting what was aid in the video. makes total sense!

  • Unlucky
    Unlucky 2 years ago +31763

    That’s like saying “I joined a gang because their handshake was cool”

    • Steven Serna
      Steven Serna Month ago

      Oh, I don't know, I've known dudes who joined the Marines cause they thought they'd get laid, by walking around in dress-blues. The 70's was weird like that.

    • KLTS
      KLTS 2 months ago

      If only you knew just how many people actually did this. It's a really big number.

    • LUMAY
      LUMAY 6 months ago

      I see a bunch of people responding to one person, but I can’t find the comment they were responding to. Does anyone know what Michael Jackson said?
      From what I could piece together, they were talking about their religion and using too many emojis. It did not seem to go over well, so I’m guessing they said certain groups of people were going to hell. Those groups of people were probably not inherently doing anything wrong because people did not like the comment. That’s all I could come up with though.

    • blu
      blu 7 months ago

      me dooming the last remnants of humanity because the bad guys have cool armor

    • Royale Carmen
      Royale Carmen 7 months ago

      Who? Cosmo Kramer?

  • The KFC- Kevin’s Film Commentary

    I like how the first guy’s motivations were understandable and a little funny because of how dramatic he stated it. Then we have the other guy whose motivations are so ridiculous that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing so loud

    • R17
      R17 4 days ago

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    • Kin
      Kin 5 months ago +3

      Yes. That is indeed the joke of the video.

    • The KFC- Kevin’s Film Commentary
      The KFC- Kevin’s Film Commentary 9 months ago +12

      @Finn MacManus well that’s what I do: Stating the obvious hahahaha

    • Finn MacManus
      Finn MacManus 9 months ago +14

      Thanks for explaining the joke

    • SuperHappyCake
      SuperHappyCake Year ago +28

      I laughed when he’s crying like “hneeeeehhh”

  • darth gengar
    darth gengar 2 years ago +5632

    "Why did you kill all these people?"
    "Because NationWide wasn't really on my side."

    • Nixy 12
      Nixy 12 15 days ago

      It turned out that at Burger King, you couldn’t have it your way.

    • DividedStates ofAmerica
      DividedStates ofAmerica 4 months ago

      Car insurance bullshit does incite homicidal tendencies.

    • N/A
      N/A 5 months ago +2

      All state…I wasn’t in good hands.

    • Violet Nocte
      Violet Nocte 6 months ago +6

      Unlike a good neighbor, State Farm wasn't really there

    • TheRisingSun 777
      TheRisingSun 777 6 months ago

      Brought back so many memories with this comment

  • Mush Mello
    Mush Mello Year ago +470

    Don't forget the evil antagonist that has a sidekick with much darker plans that are even too bad for the first antagonist, so that sidekick turns to the real Antagonist

  • Priyank K
    Priyank K Year ago +1262

    Bill: "Lewis, you've always been the more logical one"
    Lewis: *Proceeds to say something illogical*

    • Lazuli
      Lazuli 2 days ago

      @Henry Su more :)

    • Henry Su
      Henry Su 2 days ago

      @Lazuli MORE??

    • Lazuli
      Lazuli 11 months ago +11

      MORE logical,
      didnt mean he was logical, just a bit more :)

  • Steve is a Stick
    Steve is a Stick Year ago +438

    Percy: Why did you try to start a war of the gods that would result in millions of human casualties?
    Luke: Because I've never met my dad.

    • Donald Okoye
      Donald Okoye 25 days ago

      @Steve is a Stick
      Yeah I get that.
      My point is, my man almost brought about the end of the world, essentially just because of half blood abuse.
      I don't really GET book Luke either.
      I'm not going to underplay it, he lived a rough life but what he almost did in response was absolutely ridiculous. 😂
      But anyway, you're right, the book does at least portray where hes coming from

    • Steve is a Stick
      Steve is a Stick 25 days ago +1

      @Donald Okoye Well yeah obviously, he's still the villain so of course what he's doing is wrong. The difference is that with the book version you can see where he's coming from and why he's doing what he does, even if its extreme. There's a big difference between a kid who was abused and neglected by a system his entire life while watching everyone he knows also get abused and neglected by that system being manipulated by someone who seemed to actually care for him and give him a better alternative, and someone who hasn't met his dad.

    • Donald Okoye
      Donald Okoye 25 days ago

      Funny how yall are only complaining about the movies.
      Bringing about a titan apocalypse isn't really a good excuse whether your parents sucked or not.
      Actually, there's NO good reason to do that.
      Book luke was definitely less goofy than movie luke but both are pretty whacky.

    • Jayden C
      Jayden C 3 months ago +2

      @Steve is a Stick I'm pretty I'm not...there is also how Luke was manipulated and temped by Cronos too. Movie? wait...oh geez...no wonder people say the movies are horrible adaptations...I've only read the books but yeah.

    • Steve is a Stick
      Steve is a Stick 3 months ago

      @Jayden C I think you're looking at it from the books perspective too much. The gods being neglectful and treating their children like crap isn't something that you can see from the movie alone because it doesn't show it at all. The Hermes cabin isn't even mentioned, much less seen, so we never see how most demigods spend their whole lives never knowing who their godly parents are. And just from judging from how everyone knew that Percy was the son of Poseidon and how quickly he found out, most would probably watch that movie and assume that all demigods know their godly parent. That entire aspect of the gods being awful is taken away. That's true for most everything to do with the gods in this movie. All of the reasonable reasons for hating the gods are taken out. If anything, this movie makes the God seem like really likeable and nice people. Stuff like Poseidon coming to Percy in visions and helping him out and Annabeth saying that she can hear Athena talk to her. And any semblance of a reason for hating the gods us absolutely destroyed by the worst decision the movie made, making the law that gods aren't allowed to interact with their children. Now the gods aren't being neglectful, they're just following the rules and there is no blame to be pit on them whatsoever. In fact, this makes the gods seem like the most caring parents ever. Poseidon and Athena are apparently so nice and love their children so much that they're willing to break the rules just to talk to their kids for a bit. So what's Luke's deal? He has nothing to be mad about. It's not Hermes fault that he hasn't met him, his dad was just following the rules. The gods are apparently the best parents anybody can ask for. They're trying their best to be there for their children and aren't able to meet them because of these ancient laws. So by this movie's own logic and rules, Luke has literally no reason to be evil and want to destroy the gods.

  • Zee
    Zee 2 years ago +11647

    “Why did you kill all these people?”
    “My mom didn’t come home with the pizza rolls.”

    • Mitch Johnson
      Mitch Johnson 13 days ago

      Mr. Plinkett’s origin story.

    • Nuclear baller Balling
      Nuclear baller Balling 8 months ago

      @Estelle Ok so i was sleep deprived, i saw this comment
      when i readed it
      instead of "didn't come back with the milk"
      i readed it as "MY DAD didn't COME BACK WITH THE *MILF* "

    • DarkLegion666
      DarkLegion666 Year ago


    • Jocab
      Jocab Year ago

      That’s not a trash reason

  • Nirot the Wanderer
    Nirot the Wanderer 2 years ago +8015

    “Why did you kill all these people?”
    “My dad said he’d be back with milk in 15 minutes. He was back in 16...”

    • Minnie mehak
      Minnie mehak 6 months ago

      mine didn't cane back yet, still counting

    • ryan236
      ryan236 9 months ago +1

      “How old are you now?”
      “16 years and 12 minutes”

    • friendsza
      friendsza Year ago

      atleast he actually came back

    • zizo chemlali
      zizo chemlali Year ago


  • Vivi
    Vivi 2 years ago +9232

    I just imagine him how he gets ideas for these vids. Kinda like, he accidentally canceled his Amazon pre-orders and he made this skit

    • confused but amused
      confused but amused 9 months ago

      Well um this was quite a read here? Really liking the character development here though👌

    • nova
      nova Year ago

      @Raze YOUR*

    • UnflavouredMelon
      UnflavouredMelon Year ago

      @Spiderham55 damn, this comment section is fun to read

  • Kalani Moore
    Kalani Moore Year ago +473

    Other Dude: "Some Kid took my number 3 pencil back in elementary school, that was my favorite pencil. So I'm just as justified in killing those random people as you.

    • Jonathan Garcia
      Jonathan Garcia 11 months ago +1

      @It’s Serrifin Ohhh. Interesting! Thank you!

    • It’s Serrifin
      It’s Serrifin 11 months ago +7

      @Jonathan Garcia the number on the pencil denotes the hardness of the pencil lead, 1 is the softest, and so leaves most lead on the paper, giving darkest mark, but it also smudges really easily, so we use no. 2s, which are a bit harder, but still leave a mark readable by machines.
      At least that’s from what I understand

    • Rin Callinen
      Rin Callinen Year ago +13

      @Jonathan Garcia No. 3 pencils do exist, but they’re not often used.

    • Wicked Gaming
      Wicked Gaming Year ago +18

      @Jonathan Garcia damn, can't blame him anymore in that case. Shit would be rarest pencil

    • Jonathan Garcia
      Jonathan Garcia Year ago +7

      Hold up there's a no.3 pencil?

  • Black Goku
    Black Goku 2 years ago +2491

    Villain: *has a shitty origin story*
    Noncanon Broly: "and I took that personally"

    • FatherAllerdBaledyn
      FatherAllerdBaledyn 3 months ago

      @Vice that was only because Cell forced them to, they basically were just victims; not fighters. Played with until disposal time.

    • Vice
      Vice 3 months ago

      @ClericOfPholtus In defense of the Cell arc they didn't stand around, they were fighting. Even Tien had something to do in it.

    • FatherAllerdBaledyn
      FatherAllerdBaledyn 4 months ago

      Though I'd say its possible that's being turned in like, the most recent of modern Dragonball.
      I mean did you see that movie? Fucking ballin'.
      Piccolo, Pan, Gohan heading it up
      Making the full saiyans the "Back at the Ranch" plot lol 'Chefs kiss'

    • FatherAllerdBaledyn
      FatherAllerdBaledyn 4 months ago

      @Spotted Slash 90% of the characters didn't matter in the Buu arc and onwards
      More than half of them didn't matter in the Android/Cell arc
      Just because they were standing around didn't count as them contributing.
      GT did it even worse than Super and that was like over 20 years.

    • Spotted Slash
      Spotted Slash 4 months ago

      @FatherAllerdBaledyn I understand what you mean here. but Modern Dragonball is very lack luster & disappointing. And 90% of the characters don't matter anymore.

  • DEFC0N  ZER0
    DEFC0N ZER0 3 months ago +145

    And this is why I prefer anti-villians. Villains who have legitimately good and moral goals but simply have wrong methods to achieve said goal

    • nicolae-alexandru Luca
      nicolae-alexandru Luca Month ago +5

      I mean when all they saw was suffering most fail to see the positive influence,therefore they go down the wrong path as they have nobody to show them the right path

    • Trent Bell
      Trent Bell 2 months ago +12

      Anti-villains are kind of the problem. Everyone wants to make anti-villains, but they just end up making villains.

    • AvacadoToast
      AvacadoToast 2 months ago +5


  • Tarker
    Tarker 2 years ago +19173

    "When I was a baby the baby next to me wouldn't stop crying. As a grown man now this is the source of my anger. "

    • iCandyAffirmations
      iCandyAffirmations  18 days ago

      Have you ever heard baby’s crying, that would send anyone into a rage after too long a time lol

    • Khaled M.
      Khaled M. 19 days ago

      @Patrick Ho The new broly makes alot more sense and has a better origin. But I like stupid broly better, bro has the stupidest origin ever and that's what make him a badass. His stupidity only makes it better

    • Kaza Zaky
      Kaza Zaky 23 days ago

      @Morgott, The Omen King Bro just a Filter episode in this world

    • Rohan Amor
      Rohan Amor Month ago

      When I think about it now I couldnt stop laughing about it. Broly is a villain cause Goku kept crying when he was a toddler.😂

    • JsGoated
      JsGoated Month ago

      *Cough* broly

  • 3KBS Channel
    3KBS Channel Year ago +1196

    Regal: "Do you even remember the names of the people that bullied you???"
    Louis: 🤔🤔

    • _____Lol
      _____Lol 5 months ago +1


    • Spidey 555
      Spidey 555 7 months ago

      I thought his name was Rigo?

    • Ms Potter
      Ms Potter Year ago +10

      @Alidd Da I’m done… 🙌🏽take me to jail…🙌🏽

    • Alidd Da
      Alidd Da Year ago +9

      @J Meister YOU JUST NEEDED AN APOLOGY to actually

    • J Meister
      J Meister Year ago +9

      @Shina You mean it?

  • GuyDude439
    GuyDude439 2 years ago +5082

    "Why did you kill all these people?"
    *in Rick Astley's voice* "They knew the rules, and so did I"

    • Lunatic Cultist
      Lunatic Cultist Year ago

      @The Spider *unfunny*

    • Souledex
      Souledex Year ago +3

      If I ever dm a villain who can only talk through the radio/internet streams like bumblebee I’m definitely using this.

    • FetusDeletus
      FetusDeletus Year ago +6

      *S A Y G O O D B Y E*

    • diamondsxt
      diamondsxt Year ago +3

      "you know the rules and so do I"

    • Hongjoong is atiny man
      Hongjoong is atiny man Year ago +1

      i was the 2900th like :>

  • Alice Bivens
    Alice Bivens Year ago +135

    "They tortured me to death, revived me, only to torture me to death again."
    -Cyberpunk 2077 in a nutshell

  • The Katt is Out of the Bag
    The Katt is Out of the Bag 2 years ago +842

    "Why did you kill all those people?"
    "They told me the shipping was free, but it wasn't."

  • Missy Bennet
    Missy Bennet Year ago +387

    Bakugou: I bullied someone relentlessly for years because he tried to help me up once.

    • Ultimate Sora
      Ultimate Sora 6 months ago +2

      @Wren Byrd Bullies do exist in real life. That shouldn't be news to you. Bakugou doesn't really show any abnormal behaviour.

    • Wren Byrd
      Wren Byrd 6 months ago +1

      @Ultimate Sora A bully is normal to you?

    • Wren Byrd
      Wren Byrd 6 months ago

      @minaholic That sounds like my mom. 🤣

    • Spidey 555
      Spidey 555 7 months ago +6

      @m Also no the fuck it isn't. There is no justification for bullying.

  • NHLBlackhawksFan
    NHLBlackhawksFan 2 years ago +13380

    This 6 year old kid really had to drink his way out of a pool. After they drowned him and revived him. Bro I'm deceased.

  • Mar, That’s Me
    Mar, That’s Me 2 years ago +931

    “Why did you kill all those people?”
    “Because everyone kept using this template”

    • Thewin 94
      Thewin 94 7 months ago

      How hasn't this become an actual meme template? Seriously.

    • Daan Farhan
      Daan Farhan Year ago +8

      Its a good template tho

    • grievous-Chan
      grievous-Chan Year ago +8

      thats a decent reason tho

  • Chessica Hullum
    Chessica Hullum Year ago +20

    Can we all applause for the moment at 1:47 where he sheds a REAL tear out of thin air!! This man is a amazing actor- why hasn't Hollywood grabbed him up yet??

  • Eight Kills One Move Sword-Master

    "Why are you so evil man, whyyyyyyyyyy?"
    "Because I once told a joke and no one laughed, if they rejected happiness that time, then pain is what I shall bring!"

  • Elias Bernstein
    Elias Bernstein 2 years ago +371

    I wonder how many fake guns Caleb has lying around his house

  • ImmaVidel
    ImmaVidel Year ago +12

    I like how he calls his partner psychotic but doesn't realize he himself is doing the killing as well.

  • Ykn Sysy
    Ykn Sysy 2 years ago +7972

    Hero: “Why do you kill innocent people?!”
    Villain: *Because they said *“I got your nose” and never gave it back...*
    *The World Shall Know Pain.*

  • yes ty
    yes ty 2 years ago +180

    “Why did you kill all these people?”
    “They didn’t say excuse me when they bumped into me.”

    • tailedgates9
      tailedgates9 Year ago +1

      That's just the enemies from Yakuza. XD

    • Isaiah Hardge
      Isaiah Hardge Year ago +5

      That’s actually legit lol, people will really get killed in the streets for that

    • Waffel
      Waffel Year ago +2

      I hate that

  • Renee Lawton
    Renee Lawton 2 years ago +21

    This is actually very well-produced and thought-provoking.

  • Knife
    Knife Year ago +25

    3:01 the look he gave killed me😂😂💀

  • Irfan Adib
    Irfan Adib Year ago +395

    "Why did you kill all these people?"
    "Because they skipped the sponsor of this video, Nord VPN, the best VPN in the world."

  • Inactivenow
    Inactivenow Year ago +43

    Villain: the government must be changed, corruption, greed, slavery, bias and the people are starved, suffering and dying
    Protagonist: It's wrong to kill people
    *another 9000000 years of corruption, starvation and death*

    • Tobs Onasanya
      Tobs Onasanya 5 months ago +2

      @Cattiston :3 they are villains lol

    • Cattiston :3
      Cattiston :3 7 months ago +11

      Bro this but they always make the villain kill babies or some shit to make sure the Audience follows the movie’s direction like they did with Killmonger 😭😭😭

  • Gavin Smith
    Gavin Smith 2 years ago +4898

    There needs to be a tv show of Caleb just playing everybody, it would be sooooo good

    • Angel Bear
      Angel Bear 7 months ago

      You already have that. It's this Clip-Share channel. Why does everyone want good Clip-Sharers tv shows under the thumb of moronic execs? Who tf even watches tv?

    • Annie Pohlman
      Annie Pohlman Year ago

      @Yah You ! tbh yes

    • Etherealist
      Etherealist Year ago

      Cast him with Key&Peele

    • Papaya_Tree Bunso
      Papaya_Tree Bunso Year ago

      Ryan higa did something like that with Skitzo

    • MaxTyzzler
      MaxTyzzler Year ago

      Caleb city

  • Kitkat
    Kitkat 2 years ago +155

    "Why did you kill all these people?"
    Dumbledore:"Because Harry put his name in the goblet of Fiyah"

  • DJaycer
    DJaycer Year ago +25

    “I’m a villain because some kids threw a lady bug at me and I tripped over it.”
    Moral of the story, interview them before their allowed to be villain

  • 💛Yellow Stickers🧡

    “Why did you kill all those people?”
    “Because I got rejected from my dream art school.”

  • A Blosch
    A Blosch Year ago +89

    “Why did you kill all these people?!”
    Infinite: “Because Shadow called me weak. I AM NOT WEAK!”

    • William Beck
      William Beck Year ago +3

      I mean to be fair. Infinite is meant to be a monster and not worth sympathy really.

    • Hghg hghg
      Hghg hghg Year ago +1


  • Priestess Death
    Priestess Death Year ago +8

    The fact I know this is one person but still each character is so developed…I can’t even put into words…insanely BRILLIANT

  • Hype MyNizzle
    Hype MyNizzle 2 years ago +4389

    Villain: *Trying to destroy the world*
    Protag: Why are you doing this!?
    Villain: Because they shut down Cool Math Games...
    Holy- Okay I know some of you are joking and I don't normally do this.. BUT for anyone reading my comment it's a joke- CoolMathGames is still kicking :) b

    • Adam Hernandez
      Adam Hernandez Year ago +1

      But they did shut down GoAnimate.
      Hero: "Fuck that, I'LL HELP YOU!" (grabs planet-ending explosives)

    • Kayoung Thompson
      Kayoung Thompson Year ago

      @cc and don't forget about the games that taught u to use yur time wisely like Papa's Pizzeria! 🍕😌😆

    • DragonKnight90001
      DragonKnight90001 Year ago

      Thats...... thats not true.....THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

    • ƎNA
      ƎNA Year ago

      Not anymore

    • Doom The Black And Hebrew Slayer
      Doom The Black And Hebrew Slayer 2 years ago +1

      If they shut down

  • weeb trash
    weeb trash 2 years ago +13

    he could legit make a whole drama show by himself and it would be good af

  • IAmPotato
    IAmPotato Year ago +9

    "They tortured me to death revived me only to torture me to death again"
    "They went to my amazon account and cancelled all my preorders"

  • Benjamin Morris
    Benjamin Morris 2 years ago +73

    "Why did you kill all those people?" "Because my ice cream melted before I could eat all of it"

  • Rose whip
    Rose whip Year ago +13

    "Take me to jail" "come on Rico" "Take me to jail" underated

  • wizard
    wizard 2 years ago +17125

    "They totured me to death."
    "They were drowning me."
    Not yet
    "The cancelled my pre-order"

    • R17
      R17 4 months ago

      Replied 51

    • D Roman
      D Roman 5 months ago


    • Antonio McNeary
      Antonio McNeary 5 months ago

      That was a good setup but I felt that flow coming

    • MMM
      MMM Year ago

      @Vinayak S the delete all your comments if you don't like recieving hate comments omg just stop

    • NVRMind
      NVRMind Year ago

      Hbu i

  • R Gresham
    R Gresham 2 years ago +66

    "Why did you kill all these people"
    "They told me Santa wasn't real."

  • Yukisoba888
    Yukisoba888 Year ago +21

    Damn you’re genuinely a good actor, like the beginning when reigle was describing his reasons up to 0:49 like that’s genuinely really good acting, even Bill was good u could actually be an actor

  • YaBoi GotThatSauce
    YaBoi GotThatSauce Year ago +4

    Lol the way he started crying when talking about his past made me laugh way harder than I expected to.

  • Namliler
    Namliler Year ago +12

    Police: "Why did you kill all these people?"
    Villain: "Bro, they DIED?! I legit shot them with a BB Gun!"

  • rangedfighter
    rangedfighter 7 months ago +3

    I've watched a few videos. And you're just a great genius. That humor and critique of stuff is just smart beyond anything.

  • C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶
    C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶ Year ago +3605

    “Why did you kill all those people”
    “I let them borrow my charger, and now it only works at an angle”

    • Eggpop
      Eggpop 5 months ago +1


    • Kcyccyck
      Kcyccyck 5 months ago

      Honestly, I take that as a fair reason

    • Antonio McNeary
      Antonio McNeary 5 months ago +2

      "And now I rob people's homes, not for their valuables but the real riches- a charger that isn't bent or twisted being able to function after a long day at work... Don't you understand Jack?! Isn't this the American Dream?!?!?"

    • Mayonnaise
      Mayonnaise 6 months ago +1

      Good reason

    • Ketamine Poptarts
      Ketamine Poptarts 6 months ago +3

      completely valid, i woukd do the same thing

  • HamboneySportz
    HamboneySportz 2 years ago +27

    @2:16 Lewis was like " well not specifically "...but specifically shot ppl tho...I'm done bro!!!!😭😭😭😭

  • Pipi the forg
    Pipi the forg 2 years ago +5

    "they tortured me to death then revived me only to torture me to death again" got me laughing hard

  • Jeremey Potter
    Jeremey Potter Year ago +5

    1:13 I’m getting big time Denzel vibes from that line. 🔥

  • Lol loser
    Lol loser 2 years ago +61

    "Why did you kill all those people?"
    "Because Arby's didn't have the meaaattss."

  • Ali-Rich 07
    Ali-Rich 07 9 months ago +4

    Bro him and Darryl Mayes are legit the straight highlights of my day 💀💀💀

  • ckittle
    ckittle 2 years ago +6507

    Hero: “why did u kill all these people again?”
    Villain: *because my parents didn’t buy me that one toy I wanted when I was 7, someone had to pay the price.*

  • Kanye Southeast
    Kanye Southeast Year ago +6

    Villains will commit genocide but instantly turns a new leaf when the protagonist wants to be his friend.

  • Riku 97
    Riku 97 Year ago +2

    He nailed TV acting so well, it almost made me cringe as hard as I normally do ❤

  • NotNero
    NotNero Year ago +12

    “Why did you kill all these people?”
    “They got my order wrong.”

  • BeltWhoopinTime
    BeltWhoopinTime Year ago +1

    Lewis' whimpering noises at 1:52 are soooo accurate

  • The Infamous Phantom
    The Infamous Phantom Year ago +209

    “Why did you kill all these people”
    “I found my Minecraft gf’s bed next to my friend’s”

  • QuiteOddish 16
    QuiteOddish 16 2 years ago +2236

    “True evil is born through pain and loss. You see, when I was a small boy back in Gimmelshtump, I had a toy train. Then one day, I lost it.” - 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz

    • Faith 0725
      Faith 0725 Year ago +2

      @KarateThem̸a̸d̸Scientist I'm evil for extra credit.

    • Slamp
      Slamp Year ago

      @Michael Stiles hey man, i hope youre doing okay. A lot of people get fucked up dreams. Does it happen while youre angry? Feeling emotional? Or just randomly?
      I would contact a therapist and get a checkup. I wish i could do that myself. :/

    • Slamp
      Slamp Year ago +1

      @David Christenes perhaps they need to experience some of their own medicine to understand it. Seriously. Edgy teens

  • Meng Hao
    Meng Hao Year ago +24

    "Why did you kill those people!"
    "I NEEDED to watch the light drain from their eyes, to SEE the vibrancy of life fade from them as they turned glassy and doll-like. Have you ever felt the soul leave the body of your prey? It's a profound experience, religious even. You may see me as evil, but as I see it, my mission is holy, I am a shepard guiding lost souls to their inevitable oblivion, to reunite with the void from whence they came as we all must return to the void eventually... Would you like me to guide you?"
    "...................no thanks." *multiple gun shots*

    • Nina Brown
      Nina Brown 11 months ago +1

      😳😐👀 f this suger honey ice tea, I'm out...🚶🏽‍♀️

    • Jahny Bravo
      Jahny Bravo Year ago +3

      this vaguely sounds like some shit Zsasz has said in one of the Arkham games (Arkham City I think). am I making that up or is that what it's from?

    • Meng Hao
      Meng Hao Year ago +5

      @fulgore if you're asking the guy in quotes...well, I shot him. Knowing him though, he'd probably say something about the void being preferable to this world full of suffering, and that it would be merciful to set free that light, the sooner the better. I don't reckon I agree with him, but I made an exception in his case. You gotta be willing to both live and die by your own beliefs.

    • fulgore
      fulgore Year ago +2

      well if they gonna go to the void anyway why not let them die naturally

  • Rogue Storm
    Rogue Storm Year ago +5

    "They went to my Amazon account and cancelled all my preorders."
    "They did WHAT? HELL NO!" 🤣

  • AdamRee1940
    AdamRee1940 Year ago +5

    The way he said “They torture me to death, revive me, only to torture me to death, again.”😂

  • FetusDeletus
    FetusDeletus Year ago +25

    “Why did you kill all these people?!”
    “When I was 6, my parents went out to eat ice cream without me…”

  • Nat
    Nat Year ago +1

    I could watch him run an entire show with him acting as every single character

  • Jack Fallen
    Jack Fallen 2 years ago +21248

    "They Killed my Parents"
    "They cancelled my amazon pre-orders"

    • Samureezy
      Samureezy Year ago

      thats the worst thing you could possibly do.

    • Uzzi
      Uzzi Year ago

      @Tyrriq Springer lol what did kid snyder say

    • The Red Rabbit
      The Red Rabbit 2 years ago

      I had to watch this twice just to BEGIN to understand it. Good job, Caleb.

    • Maris Staff70
      Maris Staff70 2 years ago


    • Jack Fallen
      Jack Fallen 2 years ago

      @Luis Cardenas No Problem.

  • GoobaStories
    GoobaStories 2 years ago +8

    I like how you use your own stories and not a basic story everybody uses

  • TolkienBlack
    TolkienBlack Year ago +14

    "Why'd you kill all those people?"
    "Because Capital One didn't ask what was in my wallet."

  • Gamer's Theater
    Gamer's Theater 6 months ago +1

    This makes me think about how some side villains are the more well written and better motives than the main villain

  • ignited motion
    ignited motion 3 months ago +2

    Regal:”your out of your mind!”
    Also regal:*waves a loaded gun around in an argument.*

  • Snarfnpoots
    Snarfnpoots Year ago +4

    This dude deadass more talented than every single actor on Netflix and he uses his powers for shitposts - a true hero

  • MB17
    MB17 2 years ago +2625

    Villain: “ I killed millions of innocent people because bill gates wouldn’t give me a job”
    Hero: “ the real you wouldn’t do this, I forgive you”

    • Nobody_1707
      Nobody_1707 Year ago

      @jdoggmusicman Technically, that was just the dub. It's even worse in the original Japanese. He let Vegeta go because he wanted to fight him again. In the Frieza fight, Frieza's body couldn't take the strain of his final form and he was actually getting weaker as the fight dragged on, so Goku tried to just leave without killing him because the fight was boring and pointless.

    • Tobs Onasanya
      Tobs Onasanya Year ago

      @2DI0pictures no

    • Luminous Lead
      Luminous Lead 2 years ago

      Good old Naruto villains

    • NUMEGA 7
      NUMEGA 7 2 years ago

      @Cosmic Wave I got that reference

    • Zayden Falls
      Zayden Falls 2 years ago

      Every villain naruto runs into

  • Blue Birb
    Blue Birb 2 years ago +7

    Damn bruh the way he played Lewis was perfect. The way he holds back his crying tho

  • Wiikoolaid
    Wiikoolaid 2 years ago +8

    My friend recently broke a gentleman’s agreement in pummel party and used the toxic barrel and he won by the 30 damage he got on me with the barrel and now I understand how one can be a villain with such trivial reasoning

  • NinjaNate501
    NinjaNate501 Year ago +7

    “They tortured me to death, revived me, only to torture me to death again.” Basically Dream SMP in a nutshell.

    ILSLF Year ago +3

    Holy crap, that's some Denzel level Training Day acting there! Give this man an Oscar

  • Cameron McEwan
    Cameron McEwan Year ago +10

    “THEY DID WHAT HELL NO” I died laughing at that😂

  • TheMamaluigi300
    TheMamaluigi300 2 years ago +6528

    Why did you kill all those people?
    Because a bad guy told me “We’re not so different, you and I.” Now we’re best friends.

    • diamondsxt
      diamondsxt Year ago

      Salvado -rex aaron yogurt

    • M2-x-N2
      M2-x-N2 Year ago +2

      man, its so sad, they are very bad people

    • Nooms
      Nooms Year ago +2

      @Void Stiles yeah i was thinking the same thing and comfirmed that norman osborn said "you and i are not so different"

    • PropaneSalesman
      PropaneSalesman Year ago +3

      "Actually, I will stop. All I wanted was a friend."

  • Amulya Kadaba
    Amulya Kadaba 2 years ago +29

    "Because I lost choo choo" **sad parallel universe doofenshmirtz noises**

  • Pauline Peters
    Pauline Peters Year ago +2

    "No, No, we're nothing alike"
    I like how he's acting as both of them

  • Okay Maybe
    Okay Maybe Year ago +1

    I love how he is skeptical until he brings up canceling his preorders

  • uzonnarrations
    uzonnarrations 2 years ago +10

    *literally the same guy lol*

  • Hungry I'm
    Hungry I'm Year ago +42

    Villains with TRASH reasons on why they're evil.
    Me: So, basically school shoot...
    1:38 Oh....

  • Masquerade
    Masquerade 2 years ago +7812

    “Why did you kill all those people?”
    “Because the teacher called on me when I wasn’t even raising my hand....”

    • Galactic Regions
      Galactic Regions Year ago

      aim for the head

    • We Dead
      We Dead 2 years ago

      That's evil tho

    • Aura Lightrom
      Aura Lightrom 2 years ago

      Hmmm. Sounds convincing if I'm being truthful.

    • jayden the zoah king
      jayden the zoah king 2 years ago +2

      Believe it or not, when I was 5 I got mad BECAUSE my teacher didnt call on me when I raised my hand

    • Tj Askew
      Tj Askew 2 years ago


  • Christopher Crowell

    The acting in this one is top notched. Regal’s reactions killed me

    NINJA FOX 10 months ago +2

    I like how “bill” didn’t think that being tortured to death wasn’t that bad but when he heard that they canceled all his Amazon pre orders 😂

  • Pill Mosbie
    Pill Mosbie Year ago +9

    “Why did you kill those innocent people!?”
    “They were gonna die anyway, so..”

  • Blow
    Blow Year ago

    i never got why he was so surprised. Louis was always the more logical one so it makes sense that all he wants is an apology

  • EmoryBest 100
    EmoryBest 100 Year ago +2

    Love how the hero didn’t care until the orders were mentioned

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    He actually shed a tear for this skit, this is Oscar worthy level acting.

  • The Crusader
    The Crusader Year ago

    Dang, this is a whole year and a half later and these are still so good.

  • CrazyMochacchino
    CrazyMochacchino 2 years ago +36

    "Why did you do this?"
    *"They drew Sans with a Tongue."*

  • Honzy
    Honzy Year ago +8

    Title idea: When heroes makes the strongest villains good but they become the weakest

  • ZeldaSnake300
    ZeldaSnake300 Year ago +8

    Cop: “Louis, you’re always the more logical one”
    Louis: *Kills people because of Middle School bullies*