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  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • from CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale, out 3/31: tylerthecreator.lnk.to/TheEst...
    a collection of songs that didnt make the original album
    directed by TYLER OKONMA
    production: TARA RAZAVI for Happy Place
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  • HipHopDX
    HipHopDX 15 hours ago +5272

    Tyler the Creator deserves more credit for being one of the best rappers alive

  • YouTube
    YouTube 11 hours ago +2121

    knowing the estate sale tracks are coming soon is getting me through this week ty tyler

  • Maria Hooker-
    Maria Hooker- 8 hours ago +1334

    Tyler has such a stacked and catchy discography. This just dropped 5 hours ago and I've already had to come back to the song four times.

    • dliteoftheworld
      dliteoftheworld 6 hours ago +1

      @Josh Viggiani na I think this is just a bot that copied a comment

    • Josh Viggiani
      Josh Viggiani 6 hours ago

      ​@dliteoftheworld things don't upload at the same time for every user

    • dliteoftheworld
      dliteoftheworld 6 hours ago +2

      The vids been out for 12 hours and your comment is from an hour ago, something’s not adding up

  • Nester Helen
    Nester Helen 8 hours ago +583

    Tyler I love your music so much you are such a inspiration of something new and something the rap industry will never have without you

    • Arthuris
      Arthuris 6 hours ago

      @Queasy Sleazy i'm pretty sure its a bot that comments these stuff and likes the comment

    • Queasy Sleazy
      Queasy Sleazy 7 hours ago

      whats with the profile picture tho?

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body 11 hours ago +2075

    Tyler is one of those few artist where it’s a must to listen and watch everything he puts out. Literally everything. ❤

  • Alex Amaro
    Alex Amaro 10 hours ago +119

    This song is so fkn fire. Tyler is probably the most improved artist ever. His old shit was fire, but his newer stuff is straight art. Beats, lyrics, videos, the vibe, everything. He never fails.

  • Korbi
    Korbi 19 hours ago +7539

    Tyler never misses when it comes to making a classic song and music video. This is art

    • S
      S 7 hours ago


    • Steezy
      Steezy 8 hours ago

      Art is Tyler

    • doogles
      doogles 8 hours ago

      most accurate thing ever

  • M0j0
    M0j0 12 hours ago +271

    the way i tear up every time tyler releases new music bc he never misses and it makes me proud 💀💀💀

  • Inteo
    Inteo 10 hours ago +254


    • SUPAMARIOgaming
      SUPAMARIOgaming 6 hours ago +1

      @Miyuzik yeah I feel the same although this shit fucking bangs

    • Miyuzik
      Miyuzik 6 hours ago +2

      it doesnt really fit w the other songs from cmiygl imo

    • SUPAMARIOgaming
      SUPAMARIOgaming 7 hours ago +7

      prolly just aint fit with the rest

    • ItBeLikeThat698
      ItBeLikeThat698 7 hours ago +3

      @Glew it's a new collection could call it a CMIYGL 2 so in a sense new 23 album?

    • Glew
      Glew 8 hours ago +9

      @ItBeLikeThat698 Nah check the description

  • Grease Goblin
    Grease Goblin 8 hours ago +20

    The artistic vision of this man. Watching his evolution has been insane. I remember the first time I heard him back in sixth grade. Truly his music has changed my life in so many ways.

  • Kai
    Kai 12 hours ago +63

    I love all of his music, it really changed my life and how I view it. I'm so glad I came across you, tyler you unknowingly saved my life.

  • kateloveskats
    kateloveskats 9 hours ago +25


  • Mitch Lally
    Mitch Lally 19 hours ago +1088

    Tyler is a masterclass in how to constantly evolve your music without alienating the OG fanbase.

    • radiosurgery
      radiosurgery 15 hours ago +7

      @Larry Dean The point is the edgyness that was present in Goblin or Bastard isn't there anymore. Not that he regrets it, especially because it was taken for something it wasn't intended to be in the first place. There's no question that the music has heavily evolved and matured over the years.

    • Larry Dean
      Larry Dean 15 hours ago +15

      Naw. The new fans tried to alienate us (its a zoomer thing) by claiming he "regretted" his problematic past or some dumb shit. Tyler never said that. Yonkers still bangs harder than anything else today.

      KING JERMARCUS 16 hours ago +1


  • lea
    lea 12 hours ago +154

    it never fails to amaze me how he can always evolve his discography, he will forever be my favorite artist

  • dosedondumile WEBBER
    dosedondumile WEBBER 12 hours ago +57

    love him or hate him, hes a legend and influenced so many other artists.

  • Rafafa≠
    Rafafa≠ 9 hours ago +7

    Simplesmente impecável, o homem nunca falha

  • Saoirse Macbeth
    Saoirse Macbeth 11 hours ago +250

    It’s been 10 years and this song still slaps

  • Alfredo Amador
    Alfredo Amador 10 hours ago +6

    The way T flows through this beautiful sexy sweet ass beat just makes this track perfect. Also the way he plays with the hook chefs kiss fasho.

  • _Iridium
    _Iridium 18 hours ago +3137

    A new Tyler album every 2 years reminds me how fast time goes by.

    • Coolsmokey
      Coolsmokey 8 hours ago

      i still think cherry bomb was three years ago

    • 69 420
      69 420 10 hours ago

      @Krutis Comer 🅥 why did my dumbass actually think this was kurtis Conner

    • Kparkz !
      Kparkz ! 10 hours ago +1

      Damn just processed that call me if you get lost was two years ago you 100% right man holy fuck my head hurts rn I’m going to bed

    • Deathakid
      Deathakid 11 hours ago

      i still get chills from this comment

  • JustEraseTheSystem
    JustEraseTheSystem 11 hours ago +24

    How did this not make the album. Damn Tyler is a true artist

    • threeholePUNCHify
      threeholePUNCHify 8 hours ago +5

      doesnt fit with cmiygl lol. hes like rapping rapping. i feel like it dont fit the vibe but its still really good

    • Kroof
      Kroof 8 hours ago +1

      wait until lil bro finds out untitled 02 and asks why that didnt make an album

  • The dreick
    The dreick 11 hours ago +19

    Tyler It's not just music. Tyler goes way beyond music but has already gotten to the point where he creates art. 🖤🔥

  • Morales
    Morales 9 hours ago +6


  • Mike Oxsmall
    Mike Oxsmall 12 hours ago +11

    The cool thing about Tyler dropping something is you know it’s gonna be good, dude hasn’t missed in years.

  • Coolsmokey
    Coolsmokey 8 hours ago +3

    been listening since wolf. never fails to amaze me how talented he is. I've grown up with him and he's the only artist i've consistently followed for the past 10 years. An absolute legend and the music industry wouldn't be the same without him

  • Geoffrey Evans
    Geoffrey Evans 16 hours ago +1247

    For a track that didn’t make the last album, this sounds 10x better than most of the stuff on the radio.

    • Alejandro Ramirez
      Alejandro Ramirez 11 hours ago

      I didn't listen to the album but gonna listen back to back with the tracks on Friday.

    • FIREFOX274
      FIREFOX274 11 hours ago +2

      @ByeByeLegacyCryHarder so you all silly, simple haha XD
      Don't get tilted

    • ByeByeLegacyCryHarder
      ByeByeLegacyCryHarder 12 hours ago

      @Deez Magical nuts nah lots of people seem to agree with me

    • Heirloop
      Heirloop 13 hours ago

      I respect y’all opinions. I like this song

    • The Grando Smokio
      The Grando Smokio 13 hours ago +6


  • Τζένη Λυμπούση

    He is too unique bruh, can nobody make a song so different and amazing better than him

  • luhvevan
    luhvevan 12 hours ago +4

    its always a good day when tyler the creator drops a new song

  • StoopidCivicKid
    StoopidCivicKid 7 hours ago +3

    Can’t believe it’s been twelve years since cmiygl dropped, glad to see you are still kickin it after you and rocky’s honeymoon in Paris. Love you Tyler ❤

  • Xiax C
    Xiax C 11 hours ago +4

    Tyler is an artist that u have to listen to everything he puts out

  • titty-chan
    titty-chan 18 hours ago +696

    tyler's artistic development has been one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed.

    • radiosurgery
      radiosurgery 9 hours ago

      @Nick it's both!

    • Deathakid
      Deathakid 11 hours ago

      Pam grier in Jackie brown is alot better

    • Nick
      Nick 14 hours ago

      @radiosurgery Glow up or grow up? He was 18 on bastard and 20 on goblin… maturity and skill was bound to come as he’s 32 now..

    • radiosurgery
      radiosurgery 15 hours ago

      Just because I'm not surprised that he is able to do this doesn't mean that it's less of an amazing feat. The growth from his first 2 albums to his last 3 albums is still incredible.

    • vprox147
      vprox147 15 hours ago +1

      @radiosurgery Lol no, i know the point but being a tyler fan for so long, You know he was only going to get more amazing. He is a genius, way different than Kanye. he actually cares about his art and people. I know that point, and like someone said before it’s a boring take. Im not discrediting him at all. are you that surprised? You’re faith in him is fake and low. Come again.

  • Mecha Mochi
    Mecha Mochi 12 hours ago +7

    Damn this song is a banger. The visuals are really cool as well. Good stuff tyler 👍

  • Lerato Nathasha
    Lerato Nathasha 12 hours ago +4

    This man's art is heavenly sent

  • Zanna
    Zanna 10 hours ago +5

    I don't care if it came out today, it's already a classic.

  • cmwpiea
    cmwpiea 12 hours ago +3

    Tyler is literally so freaking talented like lit one of the best artists out there

  • HenCock
    HenCock 8 hours ago +1

    The bars, the beats, the cinematic shots.. he don’t miss 🔥🔥

  • imahotitalian
    imahotitalian 14 hours ago +1128

    doesn’t matter if it just came out, this song never gets old.

    • storm
      storm 10 hours ago +1

      Bro 💀

    • A B
      A B 11 hours ago

      @Chief Keef u are

    • mweem
      mweem 11 hours ago +2

      U look 10

  • bb8
    bb8 12 hours ago +1

    Ya se extrañaban escuchar nuevas canciones de Tyler 😿👍

  • Joe Mother
    Joe Mother 12 hours ago +15

    It’s been hours and this song is already a masterpiece

  • Still Alive
    Still Alive 10 hours ago +2

    This song is a real masterpiece!

  • bobswag
    bobswag 11 hours ago +5

    this man truly never disappoints 😭😭

  • Skee
    Skee 10 hours ago +3

    listened to it like 16 times it never gets old

  • PsyKwol
    PsyKwol 13 hours ago +933

    can always count on tyler releasing a chill, laid back, banger

    • PROTOONS1 Via IG 👇
      PROTOONS1 Via IG 👇 9 hours ago

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    • Quentin Williams
      Quentin Williams 10 hours ago

      @Speeed nice song

    • Speeed
      Speeed 10 hours ago

      clip-share.net/video/rNwr2HDksVQ/video.html Finally it’s here🤠

    • donitovendan
      donitovendan 11 hours ago +7

      ​@fue fme not reading allat bruh + bro cant afford an iphone 😭

  • Loquacious Magpie
    Loquacious Magpie 11 hours ago +3

    he's so iconic cant wait to see him live.

  • Joseph Luna
    Joseph Luna 11 hours ago +2

    One of the underrated greats in our generation.

  • brianna johnson
    brianna johnson 8 hours ago

    This song will be played so much I’m going to annoy my roommates 😂 I swear there’s never a bad song from Tyler can play each and every song on replay all day and never get tired of it 😂

  • Urte
    Urte 12 hours ago +3

    TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He never disappoints

    NEBUNOX 10 hours ago +3

    Tyler is going down in history as one of THE BEST hands down.

  • 𝑥𝑥𝑏𝑢𝑧𝑧
    𝑥𝑥𝑏𝑢𝑧𝑧 10 hours ago +3

    Tyler my guy is a icon makeing tracks what a inspiration

  • Tay Sinegal
    Tay Sinegal 11 hours ago +2

    I’m fucking hyperventilating Tyler you drop when I need you to and it’s always something I can relate to at the current moment I FUCKING LOVE YOU TYLER (thank you for this)

  • doogles
    doogles 8 hours ago +2

    another banger from tyler just when we all needed it

  • waffle
    waffle 12 hours ago +2

    Bro is in different spots throughout this video. It's crazy how much effort Tyler puts in his video.

  • Yakuza Mane
    Yakuza Mane 8 hours ago

    Tyler the Creator never fails to amaze me with his unique sound. This vid is a work of art, filled with dope visuals and an incredible performance from Tyler. He is one of the most talented and innovative artists of our generation. Don’t sleep on him!

  • Juju Guru
    Juju Guru 18 hours ago +829

    Being a long time Tyler fan this makes me very emotional. He has come such a long way

    • Tiffany 🌻
      Tiffany 🌻 10 hours ago


    • CrashBallas
      CrashBallas 15 hours ago +1

      @Brandon Oriti new mellowhype would change my life

    • Brandon Oriti
      Brandon Oriti 15 hours ago

      @CrashBallas nah like I miss Hodgy Beats Domo Genesis mike g left brain syd the kid Matt Martian Taco Jasper dolphin but again Hodgy he dropped 2 songs like a year ago I need another album maybe a mellowhigh reunion or mellowhype give us something I should be commenting on Hodgy that’s the fan I was lol growing up sucks yo

    • SOG slapZ
      SOG slapZ 17 hours ago


  • Dirtyhupe
    Dirtyhupe 11 hours ago +3

    ive gotten into so much music becuse of him and i have not listened to him in a while but holy shit i forgot how good he was

  • That so jaira
    That so jaira  11 hours ago +2


  • James W
    James W 10 hours ago +2

    Tyler always out here making banger music

    R-MiSiNTERPRETED ♪ 11 hours ago +3

    the estate sale is gonna be a sick album (obviously), who else is gonna get it!!?

  • skelly_bones47
    skelly_bones47 10 hours ago +1

    I love the sound of this song, I can't wait to hear the whole album

  • Axomarine
    Axomarine 18 hours ago +1264

    Even his songs that didn’t make the album are still fire as hell 🔥 hopefully we’re getting a new album this year!

    • shway
      shway 9 hours ago +1

      we’re probably getting one in the late fall/winter if he’s releasing a deluxe album rn. he’s never skipped the odd year release

    • Thabang Vezumusa
      Thabang Vezumusa 17 hours ago

      ...nigga we are 3/31

    • fetology
      fetology 17 hours ago

      Still listening to last two and some singles, another album will blow my mind lol

    • Shy knit
      Shy knit 17 hours ago

      ​@D damn it's been 2 years 🤯

    • Ryan Bueno
      Ryan Bueno 17 hours ago +1

      im literally dreaming about it man

  • BopDoc
    BopDoc 12 hours ago +2

    He is so good, a bad song to him is still amazing

  • AlexMD 🧷
    AlexMD 🧷 11 hours ago +3

    Tyler is such a versitile artist he can do pop, rap and rnb

  • Bridget Alford
    Bridget Alford 8 hours ago +1

    This man will never disappoint me

  • 𐌌𐌉𐌋𐌊
    𐌌𐌉𐌋𐌊 12 hours ago +2

    first time listening and it’s automatically one of my favorite songs from him. kinda takes me back to flowerboy

  • Mr. Lonely Boy
    Mr. Lonely Boy 7 hours ago

    This song is really good. We like the growth of Tyler throughout his career!!!

  • Joseph J.
    Joseph J. 18 hours ago +753

    Tyler is one of the few artists out here who puts the word “art” back into “artist”

    • pilvi
      pilvi 16 hours ago +1

      @David Torres i see u got taste

    • David Torres
      David Torres 16 hours ago +1

      @pilvi agree with u stranger

    • pilvi
      pilvi 16 hours ago +4

      @David Torres fr he def didn't listen to the new jpegmafia x danny brown album

    • mayyy
      mayyy 16 hours ago


  • Glowing One
    Glowing One 12 hours ago +1

    Been listening to Tyler since OF Tape Vol.1 and Bastard. The man's growth has been nothing but astounding.

  • TBBMusicBlog
    TBBMusicBlog 7 hours ago

    This song is pretty fire. The flow, the groove, the message. All top shelf.

  • Mercury
    Mercury 6 hours ago

    The way that Tyler always find a different place to record every music video and it always being a hit is crazy, thanks for paying a visit to Oxnard okoma

  • Patricia Rojas
    Patricia Rojas 7 hours ago

    Como una canción puede ser tan buena, a la primera ya la amo

  • Lowkey Lego
    Lowkey Lego 7 hours ago

    Tyler is such an amazing artist definitely my favorite artist ever this finna be on loop for the next week

  • De'Jon Jackson
    De'Jon Jackson 19 hours ago +286

    This man really just comes out of the blue with the greatest cinematography and music then dips out

  • _Casey_
    _Casey_ 8 hours ago

    Tyler never disappoints with his music

  • Jex Form
    Jex Form 8 hours ago

    Tyler, The Creator truly knows how make art. I love all of his music so much :,)

  • j.allin
    j.allin 7 hours ago

    'Sometimes you just wanna restart, looking for ways to get rid of some things' The quote in the beginning of the video means so much to me right now. Toxic relationships that I can't get out of. Wanting to Move somewhere, getting away from negativity. Trying new things and doing new things that make me happy instead of others. As the years go by Tyler really makes me have food for thought. This is why his artistry will stay with me forever

  • doll e
    doll e 6 hours ago


  • JeAga
    JeAga 6 hours ago

    It's been 10 years and I still get that feel like it's my first time hearing

  • Gustavo Fring
    Gustavo Fring 14 hours ago +617

    every tyler song has such an angelic beat

    • Tsmokes
      Tsmokes 9 hours ago +1

      Old Tyler got some demonic beats Wym bro

    • yeah what he said
      yeah what he said 10 hours ago

      ​@emiliano it's reminding me a lot of Smuckers

    • Głue
      Głue 11 hours ago +1


    JANCABOM 11 hours ago +2

    One of my new favorites by you man this shit is dope I honestly have never heard a better beat in my life

  • Lt Crescent
    Lt Crescent 7 hours ago

    Bro I was just minding my own business and all of a sudden this banger found its way on to my Spotify. I did not deserve something this good

  • Takeila Jeter
    Takeila Jeter 6 hours ago

    I love to see Tyler feeling himself 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • H.3.N.D.O. Official
    H.3.N.D.O. Official 7 hours ago

    Tyler the only artist that could have you invested in a full song in only 30 seconds

  • Drmfg
    Drmfg 7 hours ago +1

    Tyler needs more credit for being the best rapper alive🔥🔥🔥

  • CL
    CL 18 hours ago +595

    Crazy how few artists get me as excited for a new release as Tyler. He's had one of the coolest progressions in music ever.

    • Trashboat_Trez
      Trashboat_Trez 17 hours ago

      ​@YeaMan He lied tbh

    • Seargent Slaughter
      Seargent Slaughter 17 hours ago

      clip-share.net/video/rNwr2HDksVQ/video.html Finally it’s here🤠

    • fetology
      fetology 17 hours ago

      That is true

    • CL
      CL 18 hours ago +1

      @Conner Nah not at all, I've been a Tyler fan for a really long time and still love every era of his career. I'm saying he's had a lot of growth as an artist and has managed to bring new things to the table constantly while still remaining himself.

    • allie
      allie 18 hours ago +2

      i understand this 100%, no artist can ever compare to how excited i get when tyler releases anything from music to random projects. his production is amazing

  • Ex0t1cBoii
    Ex0t1cBoii 10 hours ago +1

    Yooo this is fire very talented can’t wait till he drops the album

  • Moose
    Moose 6 hours ago

    Lembro quando conheci o tayler em sapiranga-RS conversamos muito sobre a estetica musical do brasil e dei algumas dicas pra ele melhorar o fole e agora lança essa braba...foda mano apenas😊😊

  • Jose Ramos
    Jose Ramos 11 hours ago +1

    Tyler again being the Creator of great music. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ct matu
    ct matu 6 hours ago +1

    It's always a good day when Tyler releases smth🙏

  • Stan Marsh
    Stan Marsh 16 hours ago +795

    This is already a banger. Tyler never fails to make masterpieces.

  • Thokozani Kwinda
    Thokozani Kwinda 11 hours ago


  • dan godinez
    dan godinez 12 hours ago +1

    this is a good way to start the week thank you tyler ❤

  • Pink Mirror ☘
    Pink Mirror ☘ 6 hours ago

    i swear every song tyler makes is too good

    BLUE CHAOS EMERALD 11 hours ago +1

    Tyler’s next album boutta be insane 😭

  • CommonR1der
    CommonR1der 6 hours ago

    I feel like when new Tyler drops it feels like summer is coming and it’ll be a whole vibe

  • Chef LeMondz
    Chef LeMondz 15 hours ago +681

    I was sad the whole day today, until i went on Spotify to check my new releases. all my problems are gone. mental health is stable. thank you, Tyler.

    • raereich
      raereich 11 hours ago

      literally us

    • Jasper Borggreve
      Jasper Borggreve 11 hours ago

      @Keana Mo haha mental instability, general suffering and irrational thought processes funny lmao advice cringe loll - some twitter user

    • saanaa
      saanaa 12 hours ago


    • Keana Mo
      Keana Mo 12 hours ago

      @Dolemite hes mine

    • Keana Mo
      Keana Mo 12 hours ago

      @Jasper Borggreve me when i have no sense of humor

    KB2MAXX 11 hours ago

    Ion think a lot of people understand how talented this man truly is all around the board everything this man touches is GOLD 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Gnat
    Gnat 8 hours ago

    I can already tell this is gonna be a classic. RIP VIRGIL ❤

  • Sway
    Sway 10 hours ago

    Tyler is one of my biggest inspirations for music and this song had me and my freinds head bobbing back and forth once it started this shi fye

  • Van The Man
    Van The Man 10 hours ago +1

    Glad to hear Tylers voice on something new again

  • JRM
    JRM 9 hours ago +1

    This just makes me more excited for the new album