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Gigabyte, This is How a PSU is Supposed to Work (EVGA 750 GT SuperNova)

  • Published on Mar 19, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This video shows how a power supply is supposed to respond when you push it past the power limits. The Gigabyte PSU explodes, but this EVGA 750 GT SuperNova probably won't.
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    For context, watch our speedrun of a Gigabyte PSU failing this same test: • Speedrun Gigabyte...
    Watch another PSU working properly in this video (Dell OEM PSU): • Dell Did Somethin...
    This video answers a commonly requested topic from our GBT speedrun: "Can you show a power supply that works properly?" Well, here it is. This is how a power supply's OPP is supposed to work. And again, as a reminder, we believe there is clearly more wrong with Gigabyte's power supply than just OPP -- that just happens to be an easy way to demonstrate one of its many design flaws. We could run these all day on the 750 GT, but given that there's no clear end in sight when something works properly, we cut it off at about 30 minutes.
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    Watch Part 1 (Gigabyte PSU Fires): • Exploding Power S...
    Part 2 (Response to Gigabyte): • Gigabyte Twists T...
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    Seasonic Focus GX-750 on Amazon is also actually good: geni.us/JNVMaI
    00:00 - Another PSU Test Speedrun
    01:59 - Damage Caused by Gigabyte's PSU
    03:40 - PSU Testing is More Than Just This
    04:40 - 20% Load & EVGA 750 GT SuperNova Setup
    08:03 - First OPP Trip Point
    10:38 - Explaining the GBT Failures
    11:32 - Why Over Power Protection Exists
    15:35 - What Happens to Test Machine's "Watts"
    16:13 - Another OPP Trip Point Survival
    20:50 - Yet Another OPP Trip Survival
    22:29 - Explaining This Approach
    25:18 - "Just Buy Seasonic!" Response & Conclusion
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    Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
    Testing, Host: Patrick Stone
    Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  Year ago +1059

    We decided to cut off testing around the 30-minute mark since it was still running without issue at that point, whereas we could kill 2-3 GBT PSUs in that same time. For those of you asking what's supposed to happen, hopefully this helps! Feel free to leave more requests below!
    For context, watch our speedrun of a Gigabyte PSU failing this same test: clip-share.net/video/7JmPUr-BeEM/video.html
    Watch Part 1 (Gigabyte PSU Fires): clip-share.net/video/aACtT_rzToI/video.html
    Part 2 (Response to Gigabyte): clip-share.net/video/Xts3pvbcFos/video.html
    Get behind-the-scenes videos about other PSU testing as hosted by Patrick Stone: www.patreon.com/gamersnexus

    • Aravind Raja
      Aravind Raja 10 months ago

      Is the EVGA supernova 1000 GT a good PSU for heaven load like mining?

    • Madison Square Garden 1939 did J.F.K
      Madison Square Garden 1939 did J.F.K Year ago

      Hi can you guys test a Asus PSU by any chance

    • kontoname
      kontoname Year ago

      PLEASE FIX THE FOCUS!!!! This has been a thing over the last episodes for this and you're very often out of focus. Please fix!

    • Jared
      Jared Year ago

      The EVGA amazon link is broken FYI

  • Kendon Grace
    Kendon Grace Year ago +2399

    Permanent overpower protection. That's POPP, which is the sound it makes.

  • Tom Ault
    Tom Ault Year ago +916

    Other techtubers: "Steve's videos are too long and boring"
    GN viewers: "Ah yes, 30 minutes of a PSU functioning normally, just what I needed"

    • Sergey Pupko Music
      Sergey Pupko Music 2 months ago

      @neotokyo666 PSU testing ASMR. It's all the rave these days.

    • Sergey Pupko Music
      Sergey Pupko Music 2 months ago

      Lol. Because sometimes, nothing happening is a lot more satisfying than the world burning. 😂

    • neotokyo666
      neotokyo666 10 months ago +2

      10 hours of soothing PSU testing sounds

    • andymath89
      andymath89 Year ago +20

      I've never thought I would be able to laugh while watching a review of a functioning PSU, but here we are. LOL

    • Bernd S
      Bernd S Year ago +17

      it's actually relaxing while playing a spacesim

  • Cesar Palmos
    Cesar Palmos Year ago +375

    PLEASE give the camera operator at 4:20 a raise.....they actually increased the shutter speed to match the frequency of the tester's display refresh rate and actually lowered the ISO or increased the F-stop to compensate for the increased exposer. Not many camera operators pay attention to that kind of detail, even on "professional" channels.

    • Alpzepta
      Alpzepta 2 months ago

      Sounds like he raise from 1/160 to 1/240 which is 60hz x 4

    • Marco Carvalho
      Marco Carvalho 4 months ago +2

      I thought it was the equipment stabilizing, thank you for this insight

    • PocketD
      PocketD 6 months ago +4

      @Chris Lee I can see your point. Not sure if he was using a gimble or not, but fair enough. I didn't think it was that bad so maybe I'm not as affected by the motion shake.

    • Cesar Palmos
      Cesar Palmos 6 months ago +6

      @Chris Lee I can't take you seriously. You have the same name as my co-worker and he is mostly care-free and doesn't let small things bother him.

    • Chris Lee
      Chris Lee 6 months ago +2

      A shame they couldn't keep from shaking the camera around like some cheap TV drama, there are devices you can use to steady handheld camera work, and most video cameras have built in stabilisation, just a matter of turning it on! Unfortunately I couldn't watch as I started to get motion sickness and the whole think looked amateurism.

  • Henrik Oldcorn
    Henrik Oldcorn Year ago +347

    A few weeks ago Linus said “Steve is like a dog with a bone, he doesn’t let go” on WAN Show. Watch GN ramping up the savagery is delightful.

    • Razale
      Razale Year ago

      Underated comment XD This, and the video itself, had me howling with laughter XD

    • Benjamin Middaugh
      Benjamin Middaugh Year ago +55

      He'll let go if the company involved behaves responsibly. Gigabyte did not, so he's ramping up the pressure so that there's no excuses left for Gigabyte.

    • Christopher Anderson
      Christopher Anderson Year ago +17

      I’m sure Steve was watching at that moment too, lol. If I was he certainly was

  • catbertz
    catbertz Year ago +126

    I've had an EVGA 750 G2 for years (can't even remember how many) through multiple system rebuilds, and plenty of overclocking, it's been rock solid. I'm glad to hear they continue to deliver good stuff.

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B 2 months ago +1

      Evga is one of the best PC component brands by far, never go wrong buying from them

    • odjs75 82jaks
      odjs75 82jaks 6 months ago

      @Xinef mine still strong :d
      I used to put seasonic 750w for my r9 390, but then my room was unbearable hot and my bill was way too much, then i kept seasonic for backup, sell the gpu, get 1060 that last till now
      the antec psu kept me from buying 200w+ gpu again :d

    • Xinef
      Xinef 6 months ago +1

      @odjs75 82jaks I just retired mine, had it since 2013 (9 years). Served very well, ran pretty much anything I threw at it. But I finally replaced it with a Corsair RM850x, needless to say it's a worthy successor, especially with the Rubycon capacitors.

    • Jeymez
      Jeymez 7 months ago

      @Handyman i think 650 to 750 is a good area you want to be, even a budget build for example can benefit from a good psu. because often times the first mistake a beginner will make is undersize what people tell them. things like oh a 450w is enough, not realizing it might not be.
      when i first built my PC in 2008, i didn't know how much i needed.
      i had a Core 2 Duo E something i don't remember now, but it was back on the old 32 nm process which was a long time ago, but it was rated at like 80 watt. i know the Core 2 Quad was like 90 to 95 watt, so i knew that drew more power, but the old Core 2 Duo wasn't as efficient as the Core i3 that eventually replaced it. and i had a ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card i paired with it, and that was a 140 watt by itself. luckily i knew someone that knew about PC building, and he helped pick out exactly what i needed and not what i thought i needed. so with my first build i had a 550watt, he said 400 is what needed but he said you always want to go above the recommended. because back then power supplies weren't as efficient, but as a general rule you want to make sure that the psu can provide the power that's necessary. so ever since i always go with atleast a 650 watt or 750, because the more headroom you have the more efficient the computer will run.

    • unnamed715
      unnamed715 11 months ago +3

      Same here. However for some reason on the PSU tier list on Cultists Network that particular model is listed under "low priority units". Like, what??? 🤨

  • John Fetzik
    John Fetzik Year ago +40

    Would love to see a post mortem on the failed supplies to show exactly what types of components failed and the possible reasons they did fail.

    • brt john
      brt john Year ago +7

      they did that in their first video though.

  • neocyke
    neocyke Year ago +55

    Great point Steve on that brand "loyalty" mistake. When I was actively building PCs around 20+ years back, MSI was my go to for mobos. They had a great track record, exceptionally good products (that was the *only* thing they made at the time). At some point their QC fell through and after a couple of mobos dying, so did the so-called brand loyalty.

    • General Granger
      General Granger 5 months ago

      bought a z370 a pro few years ago and it's still working fine except for one pcie 1x port which I burned by half plugging in a riser.

    • General Granger
      General Granger 5 months ago

      how about now ? which motherboard brand is the best these days ?

    • TheSteelRodent
      TheSteelRodent 7 months ago

      it greatly depends on models. In the high end MSI is mostly good, while the more budget oriented models are very hit or miss. But in comparison every Asus motherboard I've come across has failed in one way or another within the first year, typically still mostly operational, but with issues like USB working when it wants to and expansion slots that phase in and out of existence due to bad traces, and a lot of other problems - they're the only manufacturer where I've had a universal bad experience and it doesn't help that their support is useless and generally not interested in helping consumers. We have to go through the distributor each time we do RMA with Asus because of their attitude

    • William Wilson
      William Wilson Year ago

      I built my dad a computer with a B560 MSI mobo. Runs great but twice I've had to buy a new Windows key because twice I flashed the BIOS and Windows deactivated each time. Quite weird, but that's taking me elsewhere for my next builds.

    • Slightly Opinionated
      Slightly Opinionated Year ago +4

      I don’t know about MSI’s Intel motherboards but their AMD motherboards are great.

  • kurauk
    kurauk Year ago +9

    Gotta say a big thank you to all of Gamers Nexus for doing these kind of tests and doing them in such an open way for us to see. The work you do is incredibly important for us consumers and we all really appreciate it, even if Gigabyte might not.

  • Thomas Needham
    Thomas Needham Year ago +47

    I love the way Patrick is getting more comfortable in every video he does. Did he get zapped by the exploding Gigabytes?

  • bLuefaLL
    bLuefaLL Year ago +6

    Keeping the companies making components on their toes is great! Thanks for taking your time making this kind of content on your channel!

  • Luigi de Guzman
    Luigi de Guzman Year ago +2

    I'm actually enjoying this series because Stone is so chill as he runs these tests. These are way more entertaining than any electronic testing videos have any right to be.

  • ItBurnsWhenIP
    ItBurnsWhenIP Year ago +2999

    Gigabyte should have named their power supply a super nova seems fitting.

    • BPG
      BPG Year ago

      More like black (dark) dwarf

    • smakfu
      smakfu Year ago

      @Googlar I think the difference is, like you said, EVGA dealt with their issues. Gigabyte had/has a bad product on their hands, which is forgivable. The part that isn't forgivable is lying about the situation and not recalling the damn things when, at best, they're destructive to property, at worst, downright dangerous. People paid money for a product from a (formerly) well respected brand, specifically expecting that it should not be in danger of catastrophic, explosive failure. Gigabyte is treating those people like dirt.

    • Googlar
      Googlar Year ago

      The original Super Nova line from EVGA had a lot of problems too (presumably only with some models), but they responded a lot better to those problems than what Gigabyte is doing now, if I'm not mistaken. I remember reading about it when looking at reviews of EVGA Super Nova power supplies which came out after the troubled first generation. People always thought that "Super Nova" was a weird choice for something which you want to be stable and reliable rather than, you know, explosive. You need to develop a reputation for very good reliability in order to think that "Super Nova" is a good product name.

    • PadinnPlays
      PadinnPlays Year ago

      Actually I think a lot of EVGA and Corsair PSUs are actually rebranded Seasonic internals. I suppose that changes from generation to generation.

    • wnxdafriz
      wnxdafriz Year ago

      supernova might actually be trademarked by evga lol.... i find it amusing

  • WebX
    WebX 5 months ago +1

    I never get sick of how naturally and effortlessly Steve can throw thick shade.

  • Red Squirrel
    Red Squirrel Year ago +45

    "Power supplies that are well designed will not explode" That made me laugh more than it should have.

    MTLVMPR Year ago +1

    As Steve said, the tester is basically a space heater. It's so hot in their office that they only wear clothes during filming. The lengths GN is willing to go is just amazing.

  • NightDragon2383
    NightDragon2383 Year ago +13

    Oh snap, I actually picked up this PSU for my first ever PC build in December and was worried the video was going to show it failing as well, so glad to see I made a good choice with this one!

    • Kalyptic
      Kalyptic Year ago +4

      Same bro I got mines a few months back and couldn't find any reviews on it, I was a little worried but now i can rest easy haha

    • Brandon Schwietzer
      Brandon Schwietzer Year ago +8

      @JT Syo wrong. Some of them were reported to be dead on arrival. I sure as fuck wouldn’t be trusting my expensive ass pc to a power supply that doesn’t perform how it’s supposed too. Accepting this shit from companies is why so many shit companies are still around. If we as customers are going to buy something we shouldn’t expect mediocrity.

    • JT Syo
      JT Syo Year ago

      Even the Gigabyte you would have been OK for regular PC use if it didn't go over the voltage.

  • DuckofFail
    DuckofFail Year ago +51

    Imagine how salty Gigabyte must be that EVGA beat them to registering the trademark for their GP-P750M namesake... "The other guys might CALL thier PSU a SuperNova, but only Gigabyte brings your the real thing!"

  • add2cart
    add2cart Year ago +324

    "you're hurting my channel performance right now with your functioning power supply" made me crack up so badly lmao

  • Lorf
    Lorf Year ago +6

    Didn't really think I would ever watch a 29 minute video of a power supply working, but here we are.

  • Godfella's
    Godfella's 6 months ago +1

    Interesting videos on PSU's. I would also be interested to see a PSU from a working computer (Say 5 years) and beyond warranty, removed and tested as electronic assemblies are said to degrade over time. Would an older PSU still function safely? I only ask however, out of curiosity is how would a PC overload a PSU to 140 percent overload. Keep up the work, we enjoy it.

  • JupiterTrooper
    JupiterTrooper Year ago +4

    I'm really enjoying the PSU content. I'd love to see more on this. The uncut footage and commentary is great.

  • lollllloro
    lollllloro Year ago +1

    I've had an EVGA 750W supernova G3 for just under four years now. I selected that one as it was modular (most others weren't) and was marketed with a whopping 10 year warranty, meaning I probably won't need to worry about buying a new PSU when I upgrade no matter how far off in the future that might be. Good to see its little brother doing it right.

  • John Pilgrim
    John Pilgrim Year ago +1

    I always check reviews before buying things but if I had to take a chance on a brand of power supply I’d certainly feel comfortable with choosing Seasonic. Every power supply I’ve had of theirs has been great.

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams Year ago +636

    Gigabyte deserves this 'grilling', especially after they tried to blame their problems on the reviewers testing, rather than just owning their mistake and fixing it...

    • gmu_alum08
      gmu_alum08 2 months ago

      If GN is grilling, I'll take my steak mid rare!

    • J S
      J S Year ago

      @Rusty Shackleford don't watch it then... you're the one leaving comments

    • wh4t3v3rrr
      wh4t3v3rrr Year ago

      S J Agree 100% They've dug their own hole deeper and threw the dirt onto Gamer's Nexus' lawn. I'm fine with them burying Gigabite alive. Own your mistakes and do something about it.

    • Leaf Boye
      Leaf Boye Year ago +5

      @TrucksR US i have a gigabyte motherboard... Half of it came DOA and my friend that gave it to me said he didn't even wanna try their customer support

    • Christopher Youngbeck
      Christopher Youngbeck Year ago

      @ChrisK3 I see what you did there.

  • Shea Doolittle
    Shea Doolittle Year ago +4

    This makes me feel quite good since I have the exact same power supply that was tested so uneventfully. I have had several EVGA power supplies over the years and thus far none of them have had any issues whatsoever.

  • AirBnBacon
    AirBnBacon Year ago +11

    I'm so glad that i "settled" for the EVGA SuperNova 850W GA psu when I upgraded my PC about 6 weeks ago!!! Thank you very much for your continued honest work in reviewing products unbiased!

    • AirBnBacon
      AirBnBacon 9 months ago +1

      @Carlos Reyes I got a i7 11700K and a RTX 2060

    • Carlos Reyes
      Carlos Reyes 9 months ago

      @AirBnBacon Glad to read this! What GPU and CPU do have?

    • AirBnBacon
      AirBnBacon 9 months ago +1

      @Carlos Reyes i'm very happy with the performance of the EVGA SuperNova 850W.. haven't had a hickup as of yet..

    • Carlos Reyes
      Carlos Reyes 9 months ago

      How's working the PSU for you? I want it for a 3080 TI

  • AP May
    AP May Year ago +3

    I bought a SuperNova 650 G2 years ago based on the review on JonnyGuru's pages, and I've been using it in a gaming/work from home (graphics & video editing) rig. The thing continues to work fantastically 8 years on now.

  • Zachary Clark
    Zachary Clark Year ago +6

    Stone needs to be in videos more often if he's comfortable with it. His dry humor and sarcasm are amazing.

  • H Marc Bower
    H Marc Bower Year ago +1

    A good case... A non-garbage-tier PSU... What has happened to this channel? ;) I appreciate the fair reviews you do and the superior effort you all make to ensure your results are as fair and accurate as possible. Great job :)

  • 117TheWolf
    117TheWolf Year ago +748

    It’s great that you guys used a pretty budget PSU as well. This way, A) no one can come back with some smarmy comment about a baller PSU being overbuilt, and B) GB can’t use price and down-costing as an excuse. Can’t wait to see the AresGame review.

    • Darth Wiizius
      Darth Wiizius Year ago

      I used to run a 4th gen i7 with a GTX770 with a 600W Corsair bronze rated supply and it worked just fine, CPU was a heat monster though but a big air cooler tamed it a bit. In fact I'm still using the PSU in my current Ryzen build and it's still working just fine after 8 years.

    • D Kat
      D Kat Year ago

      AresGame is definitely something I have been looking at they sure have great reviews.

    • scottydoesntnow99
      scottydoesntnow99 Year ago

      @Celiturbo you might be the perfect person to ask, I just got the z97 board a few months back, and I’m not sure if hwinfo is displaying the correct info. Would it be possible the Asus z97 board is auto undervolting my cpu, since I’m seeing awfully low power use in HW info for the 4690k, or some energy saving feature of the mobo, it’s oc’ed to 4.2 on 4 cores and using 50-60W apparently.

    • scottydoesntnow99
      scottydoesntnow99 Year ago

      @t4w1m I’ve got an XPG core reactor 750 for my 3070 ftw3 (305-310W), 11600KF(200W during gaming, seen it spike to 240 during benches), lol the 680 at 180 and 4690k at under 100 is nothing nowadays.
      I have pushed the 680 with cyberpunk, Bf 1 and V, FH4, actually playing f1 2019 gamepass version since it doesn’t work on the rtx 30 series, and pleasently surprised to be hitting a steady 60ish with 1080p maxed out. PSU hasn’t gone boom yet lol

    • yambo59
      yambo59 Year ago +1

      When is the Aresgame review coming up--??

  • playloud90278
    playloud90278 Year ago

    I'm one of those who generally goes to SeaSonic, but it is because of the detailed reviews of the specific power supplies I was considering. I love that you're starting to focus on PSUs, as they're so often overlooked.

  • Uzziah Latour
    Uzziah Latour Year ago

    Can never go wrong with an evga psu, those things never fail.

  • Crusader1815
    Crusader1815 Year ago

    EVGA is my go-to brand for power supplies. I've had an EVGA 750GQ in my daily driver machine for a couple of years now, and it has worked flawlessly.

  • Paul Jungwirth
    Paul Jungwirth Year ago +1

    These two videos have been amazing, thanks for the effort.
    I haven't seen a PSU fail like the gigabyte in over 20 years, how they could claim it was anywhere near acceptable is crazy.
    Curious, outside of the Gigabyte model (sorry, couldn't help the extra dig at it), have you ever run OPP testing on an otherwise reliable unit repeatedly to locate a terminal failure point, if it has one?

  • Googlar
    Googlar Year ago

    I seem to remember that EVGA had some really bad power supply units when it was first starting out with selling power supplies, but their response was a lot different, I believe. I only remember reading a little bit about it when looking at reviews for EVGA power supplies that were made one generation later (and which turned out to be much, much better).

  • Eric Baker
    Eric Baker Year ago +235

    11:33 Stone is dead on with his answer. As an engineer in the aviation industry, we have reliability engineers dedicated to stress analysis. Making sure that the product will meet it's target service life. Check out NAVSEA SD-18 Derating Standard

    • Fyre
      Fyre Year ago +8

      In my case, I derate myself by telling people I'm a useless piece of crap, so that when shit hits the fan they're not disappointed in my performance and knew exactly what not to expect from me. Spot on parallel with multiple industries here, I gather.

    • Milsparro
      Milsparro Year ago +12

      @Jon Davis I came from the opposite side of things, designing material handling equipment to a price point. Low duty cycle, over 100% rated power.

    • Jon Davis
      Jon Davis Year ago +13

      Yep, in my case with space hardware EEE INST 002 and MIL HDBK 975 most often, but derating is key to a reliable design for sure!

  • chris
    chris Year ago +1

    You joke that this functional PSU is bad for your youtube view count, but this is honestly one of the most educational bits of content on PSUs I've ever seen (along your 80plus explainer). This is the kind of quality content that I love about GN!

  • Ron Jenkins
    Ron Jenkins Year ago +1

    If you learned from Jonny Guru, you learned from the master! Glad to see you testing PSU's and I love the way you have held Gigabyte's feet to the fire!

  • Robert Sagris
    Robert Sagris Year ago

    Have you thought to make a chamber for the PSUs that you could test them at different ambient temps? Basically verify that the PSUs can handle operating at their rated wattage at their max rated operating temps or is the 30C difference between room temp verses usual max temp not significant enough to change failure mods/OPD operation?

  • AstralPhnx
    AstralPhnx 5 months ago

    EVGA power supplies are just really damn good. I've been running a 550 watt one in my PC for the last few years and just upgrades to a 750 watt one and it works like a dream.

  • Michael Palacios
    Michael Palacios Year ago +1

    I love this series of PSUs, but I just had one fail badly a few days ago. Thankfully no components were damaged, but time to see how the warranty process holds up.

  • Jonathan Yu
    Jonathan Yu Year ago +552

    I always appreciate seeing Steve in the comments for every upload even when it’s like 2am. Thanks Steve!

  • George Holt
    George Holt Year ago

    I'm so happy that I bought an EVGA 850GQ and 650GQ for my systems, before GN brought all this to light.
    I wanted to request them possibly being tested as they are still budget options but this video has made me feel a lot better about their entire line-up.
    Thank you for your service, GN.

  • Ranger Smith
    Ranger Smith Year ago +2

    One key is to know what company actually designs and/or builds the PSU you're considering. Most of the companies that sell PSUs don't design or build them; they simply license their name.

  • Bret Spangler
    Bret Spangler Year ago +2

    I have the EVGA 650GT Gold model below this running my 3600XT and RX580 and it has operated flawlessly so far. great to see this review and that it works as designed.

  • Mike Sonntag
    Mike Sonntag Year ago +4

    Honestly it's pretty amazing it's able to hold the 12v rail voltages in spec all the way to 130%.

  • techm
    techm Year ago

    I was building a new machine earlier this year and was in the market for a power supply. I'm so very happy I went with EVGA. Thanks for holding manufacturers to account, guys.

  • shaggywardog
    shaggywardog Year ago +398

    Refreshing to not see a PSU explode

    • HenryViii Fake
      HenryViii Fake Year ago +1

      Found the Gigabyte QC employee 🤣

    • Mondfischli
      Mondfischli Year ago +3

      ... refreshing to see Patrick takes no risk, not wearing flipflops this time 😅

    • ┗(-_- )┓TURNT
      ┗(-_- )┓TURNT Year ago +14

      Agreed, this isn’t the days of where defective capacitors were widespread.
      The PSU’s should be built overkill rather than shitty and cheap.

  • solidreactor
    solidreactor Year ago +1

    Just out of curiosity, would it matter if you tested for both in NA 110V and Europe 230V (±10V) and 50-60Hz? Can some PSU work better (or worse fail) when using different power standards around the world?

  • Sierra Komodo
    Sierra Komodo Year ago +2

    Can I just say, your cameraman does really good work with focusing on and showing things while you're explaining them.

  • Michael Rosenberg
    Michael Rosenberg Year ago +2

    Keep up the great work. I will absolutely watch all of these videos even if nothing exciting happens because this shit needs to be done.

  • John Wayne as Genghis Khan

    I am very well pleased with my EVGA PSU. It is super quiet, has an eco mode, fully modular and of great value.

  • eirinym
    eirinym Year ago +1

    I've been very happy with my EVGA PSUs. Have two in my machines and have never had any issue. Good to see they're working well with the OPP. I over provision for rating so I highly doubt I'd ever hit that 132.5% load.

  • PantsManUK
    PantsManUK Year ago +380

    Makes me think you need a "Well, it's better than Gigabyte" award for you power supply tests. :D

    • Tom Ault
      Tom Ault Year ago

      Make it a new certification standard and nearly every other PSU on the market will have that shiny sticker, just not the gb750

    • LilBitsDK
      LilBitsDK Year ago

      @mjc0961 thats the whole joke in it ;-)

    • Gerardo Padilla
      Gerardo Padilla Year ago

      The thing with "better than DELL" is that they build things just enough so they work.
      "Better than Gigabyte" here would mean nothing, as self-destruct is the base. Anything not working yet not possibly killing your other components would be "better than Gigabyte". A literal potato attached to an Epyc cpu and 2 3090 sli could be considered "better than Gigabyte" here.

    • needabettername
      needabettername Year ago +1

      @shane eslick those aren't actually bad, they follow spec. Up to prebuild maker to specify what they want and price point

    • needabettername
      needabettername Year ago

      Hopefully ALL psu get that award

  • Project C1RCA 04
    Project C1RCA 04 Year ago +1

    Great video you guys! I'm personally running a Corsair RM750x psu in my system and had it for about 4 months now and it is great, no issues so far. I've heard of companies like Seasonic, EVGA, and Be Quiet who supposedly make great psu's. I cannot vouche on behalf of those companies but as for Corsair psu's, so far so good. Keep up these great and informative videos @GN

  • Boom Box
    Boom Box Year ago

    Great video and much respect knowing that you got trained by JonnyGuru himself. I cant tell you the amount of times in the past that have read reviews from his web site. Keep up the good work and sticking it to large companies when they do wrong.

  • LILWS6_stuff
    LILWS6_stuff Year ago

    EVGA is becoming one of my favorite company's to deal with as of late. But like you said its definitely possible for any company to produce a bad product. I've still got one of these 750w gigabyte psu's sitting in the package i received in a newegg bundle that i will not put in a system. At this point its just going to become a shelf ornament :D

    • Droksbeel
      Droksbeel 3 months ago

      Its a good piece of pc history now lol

  • Marcos Vigil
    Marcos Vigil Year ago

    This is (by far) the most nearly aproach to a "meeting with Steve" in his studio that we are going to experience in life. Great job guys!

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago +1

    I have used EVGA PSUs a lot over the past several years at work. They have always been excellent PSUs.

  • ZipZipZap
    ZipZipZap Year ago +96

    I think when this saga is all over we need a playlist for this so we have an easy way to remind companies what happens when they do something like this

    • Andrew's Projects & Innovations
      Andrew's Projects & Innovations Year ago +5

      Some say that "any publicity is good publicity"
      Who thinks this is Gigabyte's angle?

    • volvo09
      volvo09 Year ago +5

      Companies really are pretty stupid when they deny things. Everyone knows "drama" attracts multiples more attention than an average positive review.
      Product passes - people see it, they discuss
      Test fails - more people see it, more discussions on what the problem can be, but it's still not that bad.
      Deny the failed test and mounting evidence of a true problem? - that's how you go "viral".

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes Year ago +1

    evga has always been a good brand. i like my 1000 watt p2 from evga. i hope you guys do the Thermaltake tough power psu because that was the least expensive 1000 watt psu that i could find for my second pc. so far it runs well.

  • Tookie Bo Waba
    Tookie Bo Waba Year ago

    I’ve had horrible experiences with Evga power supplies. Every one I have got has either failed shortly or had horrible coil whine and some have popped on me. I use seasonic now but would of been nice to not have gone through so much stress and worry when I had Evga

  • Eric Epperson
    Eric Epperson Year ago

    I think the most telling thing about all of this is how many and how bad the Gigabyte PSUs are destroying fuses on the test equipment. Really demonstrates how they can take other components with them.

  • horus falcon
    horus falcon Year ago

    I think you addressed it: the failure of a power supply is not the end of the discussion. It's what happens afterward, whether the vendor will own their mistakes and make things right - that's what makes the difference. This testing regimen is designed to separate the wheat from the chaff, and I do believe it does that quite well. Thanks again.

  • crazybubble
    crazybubble Year ago

    Just - Thank you for what you do! You are not trying to bring down a company or anything. You are just looking out for every day people! I hope everyone understands that. I think if Gigabyte acknowledges the issue and recalls the PSUs, story is over. This wont not have even reached here if they didn't give out a cocky response to a scientific yet standard testing. Great job !

  • john wright
    john wright Year ago +201

    Power supplies don't get the love they deserve. The most important part of any system is relegated to a boring "box of electronics". So kudos to Gigabyte for bringing them into focus.

    • Luna's Comments
      Luna's Comments Year ago +1

      @T power factor of 1? Thats super interesting!

    • Hartbreak1
      Hartbreak1 Year ago

      @Absoleet that’s pretty much it, but when someone spends 1500+ on a system it would be unwise to rely on a 10$ PSU. Fortunately there’s a good variety of PSUs for different budgets that can do the job fine. So there’s no need to break the bank for a reliable PSU.
      Even I myself made that mistake back when I built my first system and learned the hard way not to skimp on a PSU. Very fortunately the only price to pay was a loud bang and a new PSU.

    • T
      T Year ago +4

      Actually the more you read about things like active power factor correction and efficiency the more interesting they are. Back in ye old days a PSU had a transformer, a rectifier, a capacitor and a linear regulator. Modern switch mode PSUs are much more complex but their performance is remarkable - you can get ~90% efficiency and a power factor of one. And compared to ye old days design they are much more compact. And modern fan control means they're silent on low loads. Some of them also do not explode and spray shrapnel like a hand grenade.

    • Absoleet
      Absoleet Year ago

      @Hartbreak1 Its possibly because psu's don't directly affect gaming fps and it becomes harder for some to justify the extra expense.

    • Hemestal
      Hemestal Year ago +2

      @Hartbreak1 I learned this the hard way when a budget, pos PSU zapped my whole system and fried my old 1070. Now, I have this tendency to do really thorough research on my units before assembling a new system.

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis Year ago

    I am now thinking that EVGA would be a good brand for my next PSU since this one seems to be running quietly, going past its rated capacity without issues, tripping protections when it should and (most importantly) not exploding!

  • thor831
    thor831 Year ago +40

    “Is it ready?” “Yes we’ve just replaced the blown fuse from the gigabyte episode.” 😂 omfg I love the salt. They deserve every bit of it too!

  • TVfen
    TVfen Year ago +17

    OK, so I have a question.
    I remember PSUs having a better performance curve (more efficient) when running at 240V, vs running at 120v.
    After seeing little RMA reports in Europe for those Gigabyte PSUs, my question is, how do they perform on 240v? have you guys checked them?

    • No Brand Internet User
      No Brand Internet User Year ago +1

      @マルス putting 2ohms of resistance to get 69 Wloss.

    • マルス
      マルス Year ago +3

      For a pure power perspective, as you increase the voltage used, the more efficient your system will be. This can be seen in industrial power lines that run at 10 kVolts. Current is the bigger issue as more current correlates to more voltage loss.
      Say we have a 1000 W power supply. One at 120 V, the other at 240 V. Also let's throw in 10 kV for fun. Let's assume 2 ohms of resistance.
      P = V * I. V = I * R. P = I^2 * R. This is for total power (S), not counting imaginary or Real power here, though it is Real since not using capacitance or inductance at all.
      120 V: 1000 W / 120 V = 8.33 A. 8.33 A * 2 = 16.66 Vloss. 16.66 Vloss * 8.33 A = 138.78 Wloss.
      240 V: 1000 W / 240 V = 4.17 A. 4.17 A * 2 = 8.33 Vloss. 8.33 Vloss * 8.33 A = 69.39 Wloss.
      10 kV: 1000 W / 10 kV = 0.1 A. 0.1 A * 2 = 0.2 Vloss. 0.2 Vloss * 0.1 A = 0.02 Wloss.
      As you can see, we lost 69.39 Wloss for the 120 V rail...while 10 kV was basically nothing. That's why powerline are so high. Of course this is an extremely simple example. A real power supply will have to account for capacitance and inductance, smoothing out the PWM signal from the controller IC and ripple, using a feedback loop to cut out current transients, accounting for power loss in the switching mosfets, and much more fun things. I encountered some of that in my university capstone with a power supply company.
      Also answered here: www.quora.com/Why-is-a-device-with-a-higher-voltage-and-a-lower-current-more-efficient
      btw fun fact, DC power lines would be more efficient once a certain amount of power line miles have been crossed.

    • Bjørn Egil Larsen
      Bjørn Egil Larsen Year ago

      I believe those PSUs mainly sell on newegg bundled with graphics cards, and newegg doesn't ship to most european countries

    • Max Michel
      Max Michel Year ago +3

      Maybe they arent sold here so often (i haven't checked)

  • Unbound
    Unbound 8 months ago

    I definitely agree any product even to the point of individual items you should consider incredulously. Some have better probabilities of being good, some have huge probabilities of failure but anything could be a lemon.

  • Mandrake Fernflower
    Mandrake Fernflower Year ago +253

    "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!" - Marvin The Martian

    • exxor9108
      exxor9108 Year ago

      Ah well. Back to the old drawing board.

    • horus falcon
      horus falcon Year ago +3

      Oh, no! The Illudium Pu-238 Explosive Space Modulator was made by GIGABYTE! Delays, delays!

    • PINKBOY1006
      PINKBOY1006 Year ago +1

      Its not only Marvin saying that at this point. Gigabyte execs are now saying the same.

  • Lorenzo Scarpellino
    Lorenzo Scarpellino Year ago +204

    evga is actually cool tho. even when they're 3090s were getting bricked, they immediately replaced any bricked units. super cool of them to do that and it shows how companies should handle issues with their products

    • Asterisk
      Asterisk Year ago +1

      Had an evga 750 ga psu and got a 3080. Found out that the 3080s would trip ocp on those specific models of psus. Evga immediately acknowledged the issue when I contacted them and replaced it with an 850w g+. Took no time at all, one of the best warranty services I’ve experienced.

    • Doom Squirrel
      Doom Squirrel Year ago +1

      @Supervillain321 heh my name is Jason, and I'm probably 10 to 15 yrs older than Steve

    • Supervillain321
      Supervillain321 Year ago

      @Doom Squirrel thx steve

    • Doom Squirrel
      Doom Squirrel Year ago +1

      @Supervillain321 we do not joke around here, we are incapable of seeing humor ;)

  • Sumiko Mei
    Sumiko Mei Year ago

    Also the temperature factor is basically why I manually set my PSU's fan to run at its slowest speed at minimum instead of the "fanless until x temperature" function that it uses by default. (I'm fortunate enough to have a power supply that gives the user that ability, a Corsair AXi series unit.)

  • Nathan Hostetler
    Nathan Hostetler Year ago

    It's nice to see the test done repeatedly without any explosions. Lucky me, I just got this same psu to replace my 10-year-old Rosewill lol.

  • Kaz Mo
    Kaz Mo Year ago

    Can your testing system show if these shutdowns or gigabyte explosions are shooting any voltage spikes or anything into the system? If not it would be cool to make something inline that can do this so you could test if the gigabyte PSU did kill that gigabyte gpu. It would also be a way to truly test protections to see if they don't just shut down but also prevent passthrough of whatever they are protecting from.

  • JimmyT
    JimmyT Year ago +1

    Having purchasing 2 EVGA Supernova's recently, this makes me feel better about my choice. After watching the previous Gigabyte PSU videos there was a nagging question of quality in other brands. With PSU's how do you know if its good or bad? Functioning isn't a clear definition of working correctly.

  • VoVillia Corp.
    VoVillia Corp. Year ago

    Used evga's psus for a number of years now with dozens of builds, always loved their products, guess you can say I'm a bit of a fanboy for their products. I did have an issue once before about 5-6 years ago, I bought a bronze grade 850w psu from evga and it was missing cables, I asked support for the cables and they sent me a whole psu with it's cables, thought that was very nice of them.

  • Monetary6
    Monetary6 Year ago +805

    Oh so THIS is what OPP looks like, gigabyte must have implemented OPD, over power destruction

    • HenryViii Fake
      HenryViii Fake Year ago

      "It can't get you electrocuted if it ceases to exist" - Gigabyte (probably)

    • CabronEsse
      CabronEsse Year ago

      LOL. Best hilarious comment so far!

    • Darth Wiizius
      Darth Wiizius Year ago

      It's such an advanced safety feature that it can predict that one day it'll be stressed so it just POPs in advance to save time, now that's efficiency!

    • Zerosight117
      Zerosight117 Year ago

      @cat -.- Overpower Explosion, if it exploded it can't draw more power

  • Glenn RH
    Glenn RH Year ago

    I have one of these EVGA 750 GT SuperNova and it served me well. I have since upgraded to the 850w because of numerous upgrades I"ve made to my gaming rig. EVGA PSU's Gold seem to be a good value, decent guiet running PSU's at a good price.

  • Jiko's Stuff
    Jiko's Stuff Year ago +1

    Personally in my self-built PCs I'm using PSUs by be Quiet! and I'm quite happy with them. Mainly the Straight Power series is pretty reliable. The more expensive Dark Power is a bit too expensive for me. The cheaper Pure Power is actually getting better with the new generation.

  • Blaquegold
    Blaquegold Year ago

    This is a good video. I have always bought corsair at least 850 PSU for the head room. The only exception was the corsair 750 sff PSU and the cooler master 850 sff PSU I just bought a few months ago. I have always believed you buy more than what you actually need so you can grow into it as you upgrade components. And like I used to tell people it runs more efficiently. Those who used to laugh at me are now complaining they need new PSU because they did not give themselves extra head room and the prices are now crazy.

  • GearheadLydia
    GearheadLydia Year ago

    One of the more important things with power supplies that aren't branded by an actual power supply OEM is knowing which company actually makes the supply itself. MEIC apparently makes these dangerous Gigabyte power supplies, as well as the Gigabyte P-B power supplies (which are supposedly cheap, but not immediately dangerous).

  • Traffic MVA
    Traffic MVA Year ago

    Hello GN, in the testing and failures of any PSU, are you able to record the value(s) of any "spike" or "surge" that is created by the failure?

  • TheCreatorBeast
    TheCreatorBeast Year ago +278

    When gigabyte said "casting doubt" about their power supplies, I already found the main issue of their manufacturing process. Belief > science

    • DPB
      DPB Year ago


    • needabettername
      needabettername Year ago +2

      Unfortunately not that uncommon with more than psu....bad trend

    • Celiturbo
      Celiturbo Year ago +1

      @cat -.- But hey, they magically got hacked and cant warranty stuff now, they are victims you know.

    • cat -.-
      cat -.- Year ago +11

      Now I not only doubt their quality, I doubt their ethics too.

    • I game I do research too
      I game I do research too Year ago +2

      @Friendly Octopus xDDD

  • Barry Steinhart
    Barry Steinhart Year ago

    After a few trips and long stress tests, what are the chances that any of the voltages could now be dirty? Is it worth scoping the DC?

  • G6 Liara
    G6 Liara Year ago

    EVGA does make some nice power supplies. I have used one of their 1300w units to power an amplifier with. It's a little easy to trip the over current protection in that scenario, but it has worked like a champ since i got it.

  • Duffimus Prime
    Duffimus Prime Year ago

    I think you should review all power supplies like this style out of the box and tested!

  • ToxicTheEagle
    ToxicTheEagle Year ago

    EVGA is the only company I buy my PSUs from when building pcs for friends/clients, and this just further proves my trust in them

  • dwigt
    dwigt Year ago

    I have a 500B evga psu that I’ve been using for years and have gone through several builds with is still running strong along with my old 960 sc that is now in another system. Evga makes good products for sure. I’ve always used gigabyte motherboards mostly because they’re affordable, but I think I’m done with that

  • Nikola Petrov
    Nikola Petrov Year ago +203

    Hey Steve, can you do a video with all the staff members where everyone tells a little bit of background about them? And also what they currently do in GN? I especially want to know about the Patricks, cause I always mix them up.

    • shane eslick
      shane eslick Year ago +3

      @Nikola Petrov GNSteve, click the Logo up at the Description for the Home Page & then in Channels you will find the link

    • shane eslick
      shane eslick Year ago +1

      @Gamers Nexus Yeah this would be great for GNSteve 😁

    • Jobin James
      Jobin James Year ago +12

      GNSteve is the side channel's name.

    • Bigdog1787
      Bigdog1787 Year ago +4

      His side channel is the one he posts bike riding on☺️

    • Nikola Petrov
      Nikola Petrov Year ago +13

      ​@Gamers Nexus What are the side channels? Thanks Steve, Back to you!

  • Demented Shadow
    Demented Shadow Year ago

    I have an EVGA SuperNova NEX750B. I've had it for about 4 years now and it's been awesome. Definitely not the most expensive PSU but it hasn't made me question its reliability.

  • LostKnight0727
    LostKnight0727 Year ago

    I'd still love a review of the Abkoncore TN Power Supply.
    But another hypothetical question related to the efficiency of components. If a company puts out a PSU rated for 750W with components that are the same they use in their 1000W PSU. What would they change to make it be rated at 750W instead of rating it at 1000W if they are using the same components?

  • kainenable
    kainenable Year ago +2

    Thanks for running a test with a normal power supply. Theory is great, but seeing it work practically makes the point completely clear.

  • Karim Temple
    Karim Temple Year ago

    I've bought EVGA PSUs exclusively for almost a decade now. They reduced the size way sooner than most other brands, while adding "zero RPM" features and including great warranties. None of them have failed yet.

  • fallshimjager1
    fallshimjager1 Year ago

    My major doubt is what is considered too much before OPP kicks in.
    I know that for example when the PC is turned on or some task is started there are spikes, and if your PSU had 0% margin, your setup which would be fine with 750W might not be possible to use.
    However, 132% isn't too much before the unit shuts down?
    I'm also a big believer in Supernova, I have a 850W G2, which was praised a lot by Johnnyguru ironically lol.

  • Chef
    Chef Year ago +48

    Really appreciate you doing this vid. While it was obvious how the other one failed, it's nice to have context for how a properly functioning PSU works.

    • Goffe
      Goffe Year ago +3

      Exactly. I watched the old one and didn't like that the PSU exploded.... but it's nice to see what should happen.

  • xDevs_com
    xDevs_com Year ago

    Steve need a hot box with a live camera for live PSU survival tests ;) Side note for future, you might want remote sense to compensate for power loss on connection wires for PSU tests over 1kW. It may be significant for weaker gauge cables.

  • John Prosser
    John Prosser Year ago

    Thanks for that! I like the Seasonic PSU's but as you would well know they had a problem with their Focus. The RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 and the ASUS GTX 970 Strix GPU's caused the power supply to malfunction.

  • jayblueeyez
    jayblueeyez Year ago +7

    Makes me feel great that this is the exact EVGA power supply that I am running right now!

    • XAvi
      XAvi Year ago