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How To Make 2D Platformers (Unity Fundamentals Tutorial)

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Here are the fundamentals for making a 2D platformer in Unity! Thank you Erik Coburn for coding the final version at the end of the video!
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  • Thomas Brush
    Thomas Brush  Year ago +4

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  • Glitch Wolf
    Glitch Wolf 3 years ago +328

    DUDE YOUR AWESOME!!! your helping to create more indie devs with each video you create and inspiring them to do there best, allowing other devs or people wanting to learn how to make games talk and help each other out. Dont stop this bad ass game dev train man great work :)

      IIMPOSTER 2 years ago +1

      @Praveen Krishna google it ..its easy to find..believe me

    • Overman
      Overman 3 years ago

      Absolutely Thomas, you are certainly an inspiration for many aspiring game devs around the world.
      Never forget that.

    • Praveen Krishna
      Praveen Krishna 3 years ago

      I want to create a game for android what resolution can i choose?

    • ezra p
      ezra p 3 years ago +2

      @Dyakiw Art hey, just a heads up -- this is generally frowned upon and it looks like you recognize that at the top of your comment. Maybe restrain yourself next time :) I thought I would tell you politely before someone decides to be rude/angry about it
      have a nice day!

    • Dyakiw Art
      Dyakiw Art 3 years ago

      Hi! Sorry but Im dont understand Unity@akanji oluwaleke joshua

  • xedoken87
    xedoken87 3 years ago +88

    Thank you, Thomas! How about a course on Udemy about creating a 2d games with all your skills? Create something cool with art from zero to complete small project, with all steps with refactoring and other hacks? I think this would be really cool for all game lovers! Thank you for all you doing! Hello from Siberia Russia! :)

    • Create with Cherry
      Create with Cherry Year ago +1

      seriously!!! I've been looking for that kinda course on udemy but can't find one, I would love a course by you Thomas!!

    • maikson mendes
      maikson mendes 3 years ago +4

      Thomas please, listen to this guy, i would pay too

    • Darren R
      Darren R 3 years ago +1

      UDEMY AD

    • J
      J 3 years ago +4

      I would pay a lot for that course! :D

  • The Joker
    The Joker 2 years ago +12

    More tutorials like this pls. Like cut scenes, dialog, effects such as fog and stuff that brings life to a level

  • Matthew Fox
    Matthew Fox 3 years ago +1

    I've been following you since I first played Coma years ago. I love anyone who goes and does it for themselves and therefore creates something amazing because they have total control. I love what you're doing with these tutorials! Such a great help. And your presentation is clear and well paced. Well done and thanks!

  • Yusri Ghouse
    Yusri Ghouse 2 years ago +1

    Great tutorial man. I've been learning Unity via a coursera specialization over the last 4 months. Still not even half done, but got a lot of the basics down. Your video here is really great because I want to make a super simple 1 level platformer in 60 min as practice and what your video really helps with is with figuring out a workflow and how NOT to reinvent the wheel. Thanks and subbed!

  • Jakub Kukuryk
    Jakub Kukuryk Year ago

    Great tutorials! I like how You try to organize everything in Your project. I saw You put "0" in the inspector, there is a faster option over there. Right-click on the label "Transform" and select "Reset".
    P.S. Your tutorials are very inspiring! Thanks for the content!

  • Quinton Nam
    Quinton Nam 3 years ago

    Can't thank you enough for this video Thomas! You've been such a great help and are a true inspiration to all aspiring game devs out there! Love your videos and keep up the awesomeness! Thank you so much!

  • Dreamoz Lantus
    Dreamoz Lantus 3 years ago +7

    One of the best and most honest Unity tutorials I've seen. Great job Thomas! I subscribed... keep up the awesome work. I'd love to see a video on all the "tricks of the trade" you've learned to make things easier in Unity and PS. Thanks a lot my friend :)

  • Ray Guzman
    Ray Guzman 3 years ago +11

    28:33 - You absolutely scared the living daylights out of me! LOL
    Thank you very much for all of this information you are providing, I am just getting started with game development. Currently I am in the IT field, but wanted to bring the artist in me out again (but at the same time create interactive 2D experiences). You are a huge help and inspiration. I will support you as much as possible throughout my journey.

  • Skydrathik
    Skydrathik 2 years ago

    Awesome tutorial! Even with file size etc. - really really helpful and from scratch! Thanks a lot!

  • MavElite
    MavElite 2 years ago

    Wow your tutorials are actually really awesome when it comes to how they are structured and how the content is delivered,
    in fact it inspired me and my buddy to try and attempt to create a game of ourselves.
    Great Job.

  • Robocop
    Robocop 3 years ago +10

    Thanks for the video. I just started my very first game ever a few weeks ago with unity. And such up to date tutorials like yours really help me, feel good about, what i do. And dude, its no shame telling us 10 times a vid, that we have to keep everything clean.
    I still struggle with doing so ! ^^

  • TsiratiugZ
    TsiratiugZ 3 years ago +1

    Great tutorial! Thanks for putting the time into this. If you're ever looking for ideas for a new tutorial, I would love to see how you go about creating the art you made for this background in Photoshop. Whenever I try to create such a scene, it ends up looking like something drawn with a crayon by a 2-year-old.

  • Christopher Loubser

    Amazing tutorial thank you very much Thomas, so inspiring, definitely simplified things for me!

  • ZombieStudios
    ZombieStudios 3 years ago +154

    Can you make a tutorial on how to make a 2D character? Like your workflow, how you do it etc.

  • Alain Aoude
    Alain Aoude Year ago

    Hey Thomas, first I'd like to thank you for the time you take to provide us all this vital information. I think I speak for pretty much everyone here when I say thank you!
    I have a couple requests:
    I realize that this video is by no means an exhaustive tutorial on setting up a 2d platformer, interesting follow up videos could be done to explain how to "confine" the camera movement to the frame as you call it.
    Furthermore, you could also provide an example of how you switch scenes when going through the world.
    Finally, my biggest question is about the size of the canvas when you create the frames in Photoshop. In this video, I see that you use 2 x 16:9, but do you ever create bigger canvases in Photoshop before importing the layer PNGs into Unity? I'm very confused on how to go about sizing and creating the art in Photoshop before importing. Also, does it make a difference if it's going to be for PC, iOS, console, etc.? The idea is to have all imported layers in Photoshop simulating a parallax camera (like this video), but to have something like a large level (Hollow knight style)
    Thanks again!

  • Danyal Fryer
    Danyal Fryer 3 years ago

    Wow - this is LITERALLY what I was looking for!!! Can't wait to see how you go more into building and scripting the basic mechanics/scripts too :D Following with baited breath!

  • Макс Джек
    Макс Джек 3 years ago +4

    Hi) thank you so much! It's so nice that you give a link where I can find a really good and useful script for my games. Do more videos like this, please. A detailed, step-by-step video with the ability to download a good script is exactly what is needed for such beginners as me. Because it allows me to see what a project should look like if I want my game ever to reach the release. Thanks)

  • Vlad
    Vlad 3 years ago +2

    THANK YOU, MAN!!! You've brought in the one video the information, which usually the beginners like me, have to search and pick by pieces in hundreds of videos. Thank you a lot!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep making this stuff!!!

  • roel?
    roel? 3 years ago +4

    Hi Thomas! Thank you so much for this tutorial, it helped me a lot already. Though I'm struggling with the player controller script. When I click on the link in the description, I get a different script than I see in your video. Is it possible I'm missing something?

    ITS GAMING MOONLIGHT 6 months ago

    This is where i started my career at game dev, so far i have a demo and tons of small projects and i love every second of making these projects. Only problem im facing is time, i feel like it so hard to find time to work on my projects, especially with high school. But hopefully i can completely finish my first game by the end of this year. Thank you Thomas for this tutorial :)

  • Sampo Pesonen
    Sampo Pesonen 3 years ago

    That parallax tip was really good. Ive been using the perspective background style before but has been really troubling because I use pixel art and trying to scale physical size of the images to match the size of the pixels (with different distances) in game. I think with that and some re-engineering this will make my workflow 5x more easier! So thank you!! :)

  • Eshan Bhatt
    Eshan Bhatt 3 years ago

    This was a phenomenal tutorial. all of your tutorials are by far the best on youtube, and no one is close

  • MaaxN
    MaaxN 3 years ago

    LOVE the feel of this video! Just starting out today with unity after doing c# for 6 months. Great teaching!

  • Jean-Luc Lamarque
    Jean-Luc Lamarque 3 years ago

    Flip man really loving your videos 🔥 It’s the one thing pushing me to continue developing my 2D platformer!
    Keep the videos coming they’re really helpful!

  • EU Arrow
    EU Arrow 2 years ago

    This is an unbelievably good tutorial. So much knowledge packed into 30 minutes and lots of time-saving tips like Cinemachine and links to useful scripts to actually get something together in a short time, with good quality.
    Thank you!

  • guilleacq
    guilleacq 3 years ago

    Man it's so cool you did this, I am sure that both beginners and professionals will REALLY appreciate this.
    Keep it up man!

  • Anthony Rosbottom
    Anthony Rosbottom 3 years ago

    Just started watching this tutorial and it looks great so far. Just wondering why you don't use Photoshop's own Generator function to automatically spit your layers out as pngs? It offers a lot of control over which layers are exported, can do multiple sized versions of the same layer, takes layer masks into account etc. helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/generate-assets-layers.html

  • Dino Nguyen
    Dino Nguyen 3 years ago

    Hi Thomas. Thank you so much for your videos since they help me a lot with understanding game designing. Starting from designing characters and background, before drawing anything in Photoshop we have to create a new file along with choosing the size of it (like width and height), right? What are the numbers then if I like to make it look good at least on 24" computer screen? Thanks again ^^

  • Billy Whitaker
    Billy Whitaker 3 years ago

    Super awesome as always and very inspiring. This one will help more beginners than you think. Thank you.

  • Antonio Alicea
    Antonio Alicea 3 years ago +1

    This tutorial is absolutely incredible and has become my preferred work flow

  • Adriaan Botha
    Adriaan Botha 3 years ago

    Hi Thomas thank you so much for taking the time to help us out with you videos. I just have one question about your video and that is: what is your approach to switch between frames when the player moves to the edge? Thank you and please never stop making games and videos!

  • Orb Borb
    Orb Borb 3 years ago

    THANK YOU for this tutorial. You make everything so easy to understand. I have no experience with this but you helped me understand these fundamentals as if I'v been doing it for years.

  • Arif Eren Güneri

    This is a great tutorial, not only informative but also very much inspiring. Sincerely thank you.

  • Octavian Catusanu
    Octavian Catusanu 3 years ago

    Man this is amazing. I've been looking for years on how to get started with developing games and no tutorial has come close to this one. Thank you!

  • Benjamin Gerd
    Benjamin Gerd 3 years ago +3

    Incredibly valuable tutorial, exactly what I was looking for!

  • Greatfruit
    Greatfruit 4 months ago

    Oh my gosh! I spent weeks trying to make a working camera script for my game when I only had to use Cinemachine! Your videos are amazing dude! Keep up the good work👍

  • André Martinez
    André Martinez 3 years ago

    Beautiful game, amazing content! Please, if possible do a follow-up adding the attack & scene transition. Thanks for sharing your amazing artwork and game!

  • Bob Malloy
    Bob Malloy 3 years ago +1

    Your videos are amazing. I'm really glad I found your channel and I can't wait to deep dive it. Thank you for your effort.

  • Nathan Prescott
    Nathan Prescott Year ago

    This is the most in-depth but easy to use and understand tutorial I have seen yet! Thank you for this! I have never used Unity and just by watching this video I can adapt it to my experience with animation software and other programs. this tutorial makes sense to me and was a HUGE help! Thank You! :)

  • Pizza Train
    Pizza Train 3 years ago +9

    Great video! I'm currently working on a small 2D fighting game and could really use some of your tips! My main problem is still that I can't create good looking sprites... but I'll work on that.

    • RF
      RF 3 years ago

      @Do_odle that's actually genius... You have an example of the end result? That seriously is a lot more friendly, something I'm looking for.

  • Kalib Watson
    Kalib Watson 3 years ago +1

    Thomas, as someone who is totally new to Unity 2D, this tutorial is AMAZING MAN!
    Thank you so much for doing this. It's made me feel like I can ACTUALLY make a game, which is something I've wanted to do for so long. So thank you. This means a lot to me.
    Keep doing great stuff!

  • Artisan JPEG
    Artisan JPEG 3 years ago

    Really great (and useful information) for a beginner like myself, thanks Thomas!

  • Christian Bengtsson

    Hi, I'm really new to all of this and I wanted to say thanks for your tutorials. So far I only have an idea for a game but I feel really overwhelmed of where to start. I mean I could probably start making some scenery or concept art, but since I don't know Unity that well maybe I should start there? What do you think should be the first step for a complete beginner? I feel that making the game equivalent of "hello world" would be kind of boring, but I understand that it's also sometimes necessary.

  • James N
    James N 3 years ago

    Amazing, I'm just getting into this and it's incredible. Thanks a lot for this tutorial!

  • Bryan Barajas
    Bryan Barajas 3 years ago +7

    It would be awesome if you show us how you handle scene switching 🔥
    Thanks a lot man!

  • OXMOND Tutorials
    OXMOND Tutorials 2 years ago +1

    This 2D platformer tutorial is sooooo beautiful! Love your artwork Thomas! 👍🤓🧡

  • Juan Manuel Tastzian

    Thanks for sharing this, Thomas! I would love to mace my own 2D platformer. I hope to give it a shot soon!

  • Andydaseal
    Andydaseal 2 years ago

    Your tutorials are quite literally the ONLY ones that make sense to someone just diving into the world of game development with no background in it. Thank you so much.

  • Devrim Ergin
    Devrim Ergin 3 years ago +7

    You’re awesome! I want so much tutorial videos like this for those who want to make games, is very will helpful ( for me ) can you make videos like unity scripting, object interaction , click to move . You are sharing very good and useful videos.
    Thank you for all.(sorry for my bad english)

  • Batto Is Outto!
    Batto Is Outto! 3 years ago

    For those having troubles with the player controller script included in this tutorial might want to go look at the Unity 2d game kit which gives you quite a lot for a base character controller for free.

  • Game Dev Jedi
    Game Dev Jedi 2 years ago

    Thank you Thomas! The amount of information in this video is amazing! This is so helpful!

  • Gaming 4 Fun
    Gaming 4 Fun 3 years ago

    Really clean tutorial mate. Makes it so much more versatile and useful.

  • Johnny Crow
    Johnny Crow 3 years ago

    Thomas, visual part is incredibly atmospheric. Its a pleasure to watch (and play) games like this. Can you recommend how to create that stunning environment? Maybe there are some great assests as a beginning point? Thank you!

  • Mr Twitch
    Mr Twitch 3 years ago +5

    "switching between different screen boxes" I would like to try to understand this. Are you using scenes to transition to the next screen or is there another way to manage switching screens?
    Awesome content, thanks for sharing!

    • Cnfnbcn
      Cnfnbcn 3 years ago +4

      You can just use another camera placed anywhere else, and when your player goes outside current screen you just say:
      And of course set player's position to where you want him to appear.
      I guess you should also tag second camera as MainCamera in Inspector.

  • Indever Games
    Indever Games 2 years ago

    Thank you for being a huge inspiration! Iv finally jumped into game dev because of you. It’s a challenge as a brand new dad but I’ll be logging my progress (however embarrassing) on my channel. Thanks Thomas!

  • Надежда Федорова

    Such wonderful tutorial! I've never made a game in my life and everything worked perfectly! But how can I cut the edges of the game so the layers won'r show up?

  • matrixbeast91
    matrixbeast91 3 years ago

    Very good tutorial!! A question: at 31:55 how do you set the camera to slowly follow the player through the scene, without getting him in the center?

  • Monkey Saur
    Monkey Saur 3 years ago +9

    Hi, Thanks for this, but the script you linked to for the Character controller is not the same one you are using, and it throws up a problem because it's looking for a sprite renderer and we are using a mesh. Do you have a link to the Controllers script you used here? Thanks.
    EDIT: Another couple of quick questions, "Jumping" in the player controller script (I copied it) doesn't set to true0 and I don't see where it would, is it supposed to? Also my player graphic doesn't flip when moving left, since my grahic never has a scale of -1, how did you achieve that? Finally, you never mentioned PhysicsObject script, but this controller is inheriting from it. You didn't show yours so I couldn't check whether mine is the same, since your controller script is quite different from the one in the link, could my physics script be different too? Thanks for your help.

    • rostovs r
      rostovs r 2 years ago +1

      @IamKoolbody thank you so much for this!! It worked like a charm!

    • IamKoolbody
      IamKoolbody 3 years ago

      comment out everything with "animator". The script likely fails to get an animator reference and crashes. After I've comment out the animator, the player was moving like in the video.

    • Dawud red
      Dawud red 3 years ago

      clip-share.net/video/dwcT-Dch0bA/video.html just download project from this video and copy script XD XD

  • GroguKillstreak
    GroguKillstreak 3 years ago

    Thank you mate, your tutorials are awesome, and give a lot answers I didnt have in other tutorials on youtube!

  • Martin Mutz
    Martin Mutz 3 years ago +1

    one of the best tutorials I ever seen, great job !

  • Perth Fence - Colorbond Fencing Specialists

    This is one of the best Unity explained I have watched. Your super easy to understand

  • Raldes
    Raldes Year ago

    Hello, thanks for great tutorial. May I ask why "Frame1" has different resolution in Photoshop and Unity? (different aspect ratio) Or at least it seems to me because the camera overflows from the top edge of the Frame

  • Chukkzy
    Chukkzy 3 years ago +11

    I think this was the most relaxing videogame tutorial I have watched in my entire life.

  • Malas Pusing
    Malas Pusing 3 years ago

    it's verry cool to see the final result more than i expected. great tutorial. subscribed

  • Bridge Thompson
    Bridge Thompson 3 years ago

    Heya Thomas. Love your videos! You help me want to become a game dev and makes games! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I have a question for you (or anyone else) I was wondering. When is the “best” time to get a copyright on a game? Me and a couple friends have a few game ideas and wouldn’t want our ideas taken.
    Thank you for your help!
    Bridge T.

  • Needful Samurai
    Needful Samurai Year ago

    Obviously the best STARTER VIDEO for Unity... Great! Finally someone that doesnt use those "free platform packs" and shows how to work with creativity! THANKS!

  • ДА НИЛ
    ДА НИЛ 3 years ago +81

    Just bought Pinstripe on Switch. Amazing game!

  • Brett Roach
    Brett Roach 3 years ago

    Really liking these type of videos! I've been working with unity for few months now and know most of the basic steps, but its very refreshing seeing it from someone else's perspective. I like your method and would love to see more of these! Plus Ive been watching your videos for a minute and am really inspired by your work! Just picked up pin stripe on xbox actually a few days ago. Keep up the good work, and thanks for helping me on my journey to game development!

  • Manas
    Manas 3 years ago

    You're one of those people who inspired me to get into creating games so really, thank you.

  • Grogu
    Grogu 3 years ago

    Omg thank you so much for this tutorial! I’m currently working on a portfolio for an art school, and I wanted to make a 2D platformer. Thank you so much!

  • Khaled Entertainment

    This tutorial is the BEST it's incredibly valuable I can use photoshop & it can help make my own game thank you Thomas brush❤ :)

  • Cosmin Aspra
    Cosmin Aspra 3 years ago +4

    Thanks man.You explain very good.Make more videos !✌

    • Cosmin Aspra
      Cosmin Aspra 3 years ago +1

      Have you a discord server because i want to join your comunity.

  • Mikaru TV
    Mikaru TV 2 years ago +1

    this guy is just heavensent for all of us, indie devs :'D thanks for the passion and all the encouragement mahn!!! may you drag others more to success and may we all pass it on :D

  • Rodrigo Demartini
    Rodrigo Demartini 3 years ago

    I have no words to say how awesome you are. I really love games, and you are helping me to realize a dream! make my own game! Thank you very much!

  • Tabby G
    Tabby G 2 years ago

    thank you for this!! very easy to follow as a beginner thank you :)

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    Damon Broussard 3 years ago

    You answered my question that literally no other level design video did. Thanks for being so indepth!

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    Jiehang Ruan 3 years ago +3

    Thanks! I like this detailed tutorial, also, the BGM is so good. Makes the video more enjoyable

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    W Kitch 3 years ago

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    TOPZdk Year ago

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    So happy that i found this channel!!!!!

  • Colin Cryptic Colza Black

    your games look awesome and your tutorial style is really good !

  • Darkexior
    Darkexior 3 years ago

    awesome video! Clean and informative!

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    Spiffy _ 3 years ago +4

    Your art is so beautiful i want to make my games look like that but jesus i cant figure out how to make that style i love it so much

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    Kamer 32 Year ago

    Hello. Thanks for the video. We have same background image size and the same ortographic camera size. Your game view boundaries are smaller than mine. My game view covers up the whole height of the background image that is 2160 pixels. Did you change PPU? What is the difference?

  • Frosty Mug
    Frosty Mug 3 years ago

    Outstanding tutorial thank you!!!

    EMMAN 3 years ago

    Hello! Thank you for the tutorial! ^_^ i really love it and i learned too much from you!

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    Rafael Zoric 3 years ago +3

    Thank you i needed to learn how to do this for my upcoming game

  • true. lion
    true. lion 3 years ago +1

    I love the videos, but even on my high res Mac, can barely see the Unity options being manipulated. Could you use the zoom feature of your screen recorder to highlight/zoom in on the area of your screen you are working in?

  • Trente Trois
    Trente Trois Year ago

    Powerful tutorial, thank you!

  • Aaron DeBrabant
    Aaron DeBrabant 3 years ago

    Love the way you explain it, your a great teacher. You got a sub from me.

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    Artem Musulevskiy 3 years ago

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  • Andrei Stan
    Andrei Stan 2 years ago +7

    where do you get the Parallax backgroud script? In the description page i can only find the layer and camera one

    • rostovs r
      rostovs r 2 years ago

      Make sure you split the ParallaxLayer and ParallaxCamera into two scripts as the forum post seems to show them in the same script.

    • Christoper Bryant
      Christoper Bryant 2 years ago

      link for these ?

  • chris hansen
    chris hansen 3 years ago

    This is what I have been waiting for! What an amazing video! Big fan and love your channel!

  • Chris P
    Chris P 2 years ago

    Hey Thomas, can you do a tutorial on 2d top-down jumping? Not 2d platform jumping, but simulated jumping that you would see in beat-em up games like Streets of Rage or Super Mario Rpg.

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    Michael C 3 years ago

    That was perfect . Just what I needed ! Thank you

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    Parker Nehring 3 years ago +3

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  • Mason
    Mason 3 years ago

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    Erica Feld 2 years ago

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