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Super human interview

  • Published on Aug 19, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • If super humans had to apply for hero jobs, but all of their powers are trash.

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  • @Slimecicle
    @Slimecicle 4 years ago +38

    I thought I was repeatedly watching this video because I liked it but I'M IN A TIME LOOP

  • @gustavosifuentes3991

    “To death even… IF I WILLED IT”

  • @musbub4u
    @musbub4u Year ago +11

    him rejecting all these people is making them villains lmao

  • @nocturnal3427

    caleb is really good at making conversations between himself feel real. like the dialogue always sounds natural and i forget this is actually one person

  • @M3LP
    @M3LP Year ago +2

    Caleb needs to do a super villain interview where even they reject the spider and centipede summoners.

  • @Spoookay

    The invisibility guy is actually mad useful cause they could just get some type of specialist that can train him to do a backflip then he can just go invisible

  • @floodwater
    @floodwater 3 years ago +50

    I can go invisible but only when no one is looking at me.

  • @sir.mipmop2286
    @sir.mipmop2286 Year ago +15

    "i can summon spid-"

  • @speedblurvideos
    @speedblurvideos Year ago +8

    "I can bring anyone back to life."

  • @badonkeydonk84

    No one ever talked about that last guys power to manipulate light waves like if it's dark he’ll light it up that's godly

  • @ireallyhatejam873
    @ireallyhatejam873 Year ago +6

    He said “

  • @teamixlyt5276

    imagine you become a villain and your backstory is you got rejected in a job interview.

  • @johnli5607
    @johnli5607 4 years ago +21

    Ok but heres the thing, by immediately firing all of those bug power dudes, you have essentially laid the groundwork for a truly terrifying supervillain group consisting of bug people

  • @sevn9447
    @sevn9447 Year ago +5

    Turns out the invisibility guy doesn’t actually need to flip but is only capable of turning invisible as a fight or flight reaction and so the sudden pain causes it to activate.

  • @ricemaker3541
    @ricemaker3541 Year ago +2

    That dude who can summon cats is being under appreciated

  • @blazedgorilla2359
    @blazedgorilla2359 Year ago +200

    3 years later and the "GET THE HELL OUT!" still kills me every time🤣🤣

  • @griffy6952
    @griffy6952 Year ago +519

    I love how in the first one the interviewer is so much more patient and in the second video he’s so done with everyone. Caleb really follows through with these engaging storylines.

  • @user-in5vc4yy8y
    @user-in5vc4yy8y Year ago +370

    Dude this video is genuinely a masterclass in comedy and skit making. So, so well done, and so funny

  • @thatonevideo2117
    @thatonevideo2117 4 years ago +24

    I can summon spide-

  • @TheElevenFirst
    @TheElevenFirst Year ago +4

    I mean the invisibility guys power wasn’t that bad like they could just teach him how to do backflips or put padding on his head.