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Food Hacks And Cooking You MUST See

  • Published on Jul 15, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Ultimate food and cooking hacks video. Amazing recipes and simple kitchen ideas to make cooking easy and fun. Simple recipes, kitchen gadgets, fruit hacks, cooking ideas. More Food Hacks here: clip-share.net/video/VWUJQqljHzI/video.html
    Cold Drink Gadgets: clip-share.net/video/txfE8Bhlypc/video.html
    Awesome Kitchen Gadgets: clip-share.net/video/OuYtV7C_Ukg/video.html
    Frying Pan Recipes: clip-share.net/video/5b-gi3TwwoA/video.html
    Cut 100 Foods with a Pizza Cutter - clip-share.net/video/FvniG8F2PZY/video.html
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Comments • 3 068

  • DaveHax
    DaveHax  10 months ago +1130

    Which is your favorite hack?

  • JYNX L4Z3R
    JYNX L4Z3R 2 months ago +109

    I really appreciate how this channel hasn’t changed in ages and now it’s a family tradition that every weekend I make a Dave Hax dinner for my family once again thanks a lot

  • TameThing
    TameThing 5 months ago +321

    I love how this guy gets right to the point, with rapid-fire tips that really are pretty cool. Nicely done!

  • Fluid Spill OFFICIAL YouTube Channel

    These are all fantastic hacks!
    I love the transition between hacks. As a watcher, I was pretty gripped in seeing what the next hack was going to be. It's a unique approach that keeps me sucked in. Well done.

    • Fluid Spill OFFICIAL YouTube Channel
      Fluid Spill OFFICIAL YouTube Channel 8 days ago

      Again, it was in reference to the segues, not the hacks themselves.

    • Fluid Spill OFFICIAL YouTube Channel
      Fluid Spill OFFICIAL YouTube Channel 8 days ago

      Yet you still made it this far so...😱

    • willisverynice
      willisverynice 10 days ago

      @Fluid Spill OFFICIAL Clip-Share Channel honestly this channel is basically clickbait

    • Fluid Spill OFFICIAL YouTube Channel
      Fluid Spill OFFICIAL YouTube Channel Month ago

      @willisverynice it is indeed pretty obvious as to what some of the hacks were going to do (i.e. crushing ice) but my post was more in reference to the segways as opposed to the hacks themselves. Perhaps my initial post of a compliment got confusing and for that I apologize.

    • willisverynice
      willisverynice Month ago

      Aren’t they a bit obvious though? One of them is literally “make crushed ice by taking ice and crushing it”

  • Pero Juric
    Pero Juric 5 months ago +22

    For me it's pretty cool how he does not lose any time with long switches from one cool trick to another. It's just snap snap snap 😁

  • Maiya
    Maiya 4 months ago +6

    This man has made me so happy he can change my day . For example, one day I had a awful day and I saw him on my yt and after watching one video he made me feel better

  • TangoAlphaRomeoDelta
    TangoAlphaRomeoDelta 3 months ago +10

    12:35 I used to have this problem. I could never butter bread without totally destroying or squashing the slice and not actually getting the butter spread properly. I've figured out a method that works perfectly everytime, isn't time consuming and doesn't create extra cleanup. First, when picking up the butter, if its too cold and hard, use the tip of the knife to massage a small amount of butter into a paste inside the butter tub (does that make sense?). Second, when spreading the butter, only use the very tip of the knife. Trust me, try it. I don't know how it works, (maybe something to do with surface area?) but it prevents the bread from tearing even a little bit. Oh and another tip is, never re-chill your butter. By that I mean, don't let it come to room temp, then put it back in the fridge to re-chill, because that makes it turn rock hard. Either keep it the fridge, or keep it at room temp, but don't swap between the two.

    • TangoAlphaRomeoDelta
      TangoAlphaRomeoDelta 3 months ago +1

      @Little BlackCat margarine tastes bloody awful and it's not very good for you, especially compared to butter.

    • Little BlackCat
      Little BlackCat 3 months ago

      I just use margarine.

  • Kitty
    Kitty 5 months ago +10

    What’s best about this man is that he actually does raw footage

  • Heather Bullock
    Heather Bullock 2 months ago +7

    As a chef, I can't see me ever needing a emergency greater, however, I'm really glad I now know how to make one. As long as I have a power drill in the middle of the woods or a zombie apocalypse.

    • Patrick Cooper
      Patrick Cooper Month ago +1

      I was hoping he’d just use the drill for a circular speed grater but nope he chooses safety, wack lol

  • Finch
    Finch 6 months ago +731

    Dave: “Pretty cool, huh?”
    Me: *”You’re damn right it’s pretty cool.”*

  • Eljo Montefalco
    Eljo Montefalco 3 months ago +8

    *Dave: "... a couple of frozen grapes."*
    *Dave: (puts 3 grapes)*

    • br
      br Month ago +1

      Polygamous relationship

  • em gee
    em gee 3 months ago +1

    Well what do you know, kitchen hacks that are genuinely useful! Some are a bit silly, such as the power tool ones, though I suppose if you're spiralling a huge amount, it could be useful

  • cryzz0n
    cryzz0n Month ago

    This man hasn't changed for 4 years
    I still love him ❤️❤️❤️

  • Banana boost
    Banana boost 3 months ago

    I love how he makes this and eats it with his family

  • Alex C
    Alex C 10 months ago +932

    i love how he says "Pretty Cool Huh?" When its real cool.

  • Hydratonis
    Hydratonis 8 days ago

    I actually did the first one a while ago, and it’s actually pretty tasty! I recommend

  • Matmeg-08
    Matmeg-08 4 months ago +2

    Thanks for the home alone lunch Ideas Dave, you always lift up my mood!

  • Atlas
    Atlas 4 months ago +6

    6:30 I tried this one, and it was rlly good. I did have some trouble keeping them rolled up in the pan tho, so be careful of that.

    • C. L-M
      C. L-M 3 months ago

      bake them in the oven (grill) then smother in some butter on top when they come out:)

    • Chip Squeaks
      Chip Squeaks 4 months ago +3

      If you stick tooth picks through them it will hold them.

  • Roblox n msm player
    Roblox n msm player 5 months ago +1

    I used a lot of these for a big party! The guest loved the hacks :) thx

  • Gist
    Gist 10 months ago +106

    DaveHax just makes very great, interesting videos. Not gonna lie, binge watching these videos brings such a relaxing feeling. Definitely a good way to wind down for the night. Keep it up! ♥️

  • Kat Leong
    Kat Leong 5 months ago +3

    if I had a ten dollar bill every time Dave said pretty cool huh I would be rich

  • Alex
    Alex 5 months ago +5

    6:54 Actually looks really delicious I am gonna give it a try some day

    • Connor
      Connor 3 months ago +1

      I did try it and it was amazing. 10/10

    • mrcheese
      mrcheese 5 months ago

      did u try it did it work and was it good

  • dio
    dio 4 months ago

    this dude was my childhood i have just uncovered a gem that i thought i would never find

  • Sandi V.
    Sandi V. 4 months ago +2

    I just tried the spiral potato. You make it look so easy! I had a super hard time getting the skewer in the potato (actually broke one), then my spiral was so thick and uneven! They are in the oven now. They will probably still be delicious even if not beautiful like yours!

    • Little BlackCat
      Little BlackCat 3 months ago

      There was a mobile take-away food outlet in my part of Australia a few years back called "Spiral Spuds" which pretty much did the same thing. You got to buy a yummy spiral spud on a skewer!

    • Gage Unruh
      Gage Unruh 4 months ago

      Practice makes perfect, cant get everything right on the first attempt.

  • Aiyam R.
    Aiyam R. 10 months ago +351

    This man hasn't changed for 4 years
    I still love him ❤️❤️❤️

    • Shayne Henry
      Shayne Henry 2 months ago


    • Puginator 16
      Puginator 16 3 months ago +1

      thats because other youtubers need to change but perfection doesnt need to change

    • DW KZ
      DW KZ 5 months ago +4

      Lol when he said "pretty cool huh?" The memories came back

    • lukepineda42
      lukepineda42 6 months ago +1

      Same and true

    • Citex23
      Citex23 6 months ago +1

      Same here

  • Called LennixxX
    Called LennixxX Month ago

    I love how he makes real hacks and not the new “five minutes hacks” and stupid stuff like that

  • FluffyGU
    FluffyGU 3 months ago

    27 years old and a chef and spreading butter on bread still haunts me 🤣

  • The Animation Rocket
    The Animation Rocket 28 days ago

    I love this: 11:12: “when they are ready, you can tip out the hot water, and cool them down with cold.”

  • Electronade
    Electronade 2 months ago +1

    "Pretty Cool, Huh?"
    - Words Of A Legend

  • only me
    only me 10 months ago +350

    Me knowing every hack cause I bingwatched all Dave's videos

  • TheDriestPuddle
    TheDriestPuddle 3 months ago

    I love your accent, honestly, it goes great with “Pretty Cool Huh”

  • hayley galiano
    hayley galiano Month ago

    I love when he says” pretty cool huh” what it’s really good

  • Yalkın
    Yalkın 4 months ago

    That walnut coal lighting trick looks amazing, I hope that it really works

  • Mohammed ED-DAHBI
    Mohammed ED-DAHBI 4 months ago

    "Leave it there for a few minutes....it's not quite perfect"
    So you might as well just leave the butter out without having to do all the extra steps

  • Lord of Vermillion
    Lord of Vermillion 3 months ago

    I love how some are amazing tips like spiralized pancake hot dogs and some are "make crushed ice easily by crushing some ice"

  • TommyMash
    TommyMash 3 months ago

    this dude is 5 minute crafts if they actually put in effort, amazing ideas dave!

  • TheMidnightElf
    TheMidnightElf 2 months ago

    I love how he used canned pickled “American hot dogs” btw we do not eat pickled hot dogs in America.

  • Tarek Kechairi
    Tarek Kechairi 2 months ago +1

    Wow!I'm going to make some of this XD Well definitely the bread rolls!Its the easiest since your most likely to have all the ingredients%)

  • Dennis Comella
    Dennis Comella 10 months ago +12

    Every single hack was cool and easily implemented for real life! Some of these I've never heard of and are truly next level.
    Thank you Dave!!! You are an inspiration!

    MEL ANA 5 months ago +1

    Finally… hacks that actually work and make sense

  • Mr Tyto
    Mr Tyto 2 months ago +2

    Ah yes, my standard cooking utensils. A bunch of good, sharp knives, sandpaper and a drilling machine.
    That sandpaper hack was genius.

  • dgyjbhhevc
    dgyjbhhevc 4 months ago

    I find this much more useful than 5 Minute Crafts. Thanks a lot!

  • The Raw Egg Files
    The Raw Egg Files 4 months ago

    5:48 I feel like if you've got the time to make this DIY grater, then you've got time to go out and buy one, or even just order one.

    • Me Here
      Me Here 4 months ago

      not if you're in lockdown :P Or if your supply chains have broken, like they have where I am right now. These things aren't in the shops right now. I mean you can borrow one off your neighbour pretty easily if you really need it, but still cool to have the option this video provides

  • The Necromancer
    The Necromancer 5 months ago +52

    Dave is like “you know that plastic bottle you just threw out? You could use that to solve world hunger. Pretty cool huh?”

  • pro Errors
    pro Errors 3 months ago +1

    Him: "if you want to steal some pizza without someone knowing cut it like this!"
    Me: *Did Rachid Watterson teach you that?*

  • Sow&Reap FamilyFarms
    Sow&Reap FamilyFarms 2 months ago

    Amazing contents… love your easy tips on doing things…

  • PAN SEBA ☑
    PAN SEBA ☑ 3 months ago

    Fun fact: most of the people watching this will never do such a thing, they watch this to relax

  • TheJJnator01
    TheJJnator01 17 days ago

    "no one would ever know"
    Damn That Pizza Is More Uneven Than British Peoples Teeth.

  • Oofies
    Oofies 10 months ago +20

    Dave never fails to amaze us. Look he's almost at 6 million subscribers :D

  • smib
    smib 2 months ago

    I'm definitely making those heart shaped eggs more often

  • Charlie Paige
    Charlie Paige Month ago

    I can watch these vids endlessly, the hacks are brilliant and well presented! Wish I was better at remembering them though, ha!

  • Shaurya Shrivastava
    Shaurya Shrivastava 4 months ago +1

    Dave is awesome at solving non problems

  • AcNivator_YT
    AcNivator_YT 3 months ago

    3:05 dave you can also use tissue paper surround the can and run it in cold water then put it in freezer for 5 min and it's ready cold dring

  • Panda Lover Delta
    Panda Lover Delta 10 months ago +19

    WOW DAVE. I just LOVE how you make these episodes. They can be helpful and inspiring like with those "sandwitch rolls". I really need to test these recipes!

  • random pot guy
    random pot guy 2 months ago

    "Sir i ordered a large pizza, why does my pizza so small?"
    The pizza delivery: 2:00

  • Varsha
    Varsha 2 months ago

    years of cooking experience AND HERE WE HAVE THIS VIDEO...JUST AWESOME

  • Lynn Leigha
    Lynn Leigha 5 months ago

    That's how my kids and I make butter, they love to shake the jars forever, lol! That was why I saved all the glass baby food jars

  • Rami A
    Rami A 3 months ago

    One of the best channels on Clip-Share -100%addictive

  • jip jap
    jip jap 10 months ago +177

    I remember on another account, when I was much younger I commented something about loving this channel, I can't remember exactly what it was, but I think it was my birthday. I remember getting a reply from you and I honestly have never forgotten that. I've drifted away from the channel but I wanted to come back to say im so happy you're still doing the same content and are still on the platform. I've never forgotten that small kindness you've done for me :)

    • Gooble Yeah
      Gooble Yeah 4 months ago +1

      to this to the next two persons to pay it forward :)

    • missy
      missy 5 months ago +3

      It’s the little things in life

    • NIRO  HOME COOKING (Sri Lanka)
      NIRO HOME COOKING (Sri Lanka) 6 months ago

      Im cooking girls srilankan

    • Emory
      Emory 6 months ago +6

      evil davehax be like: not that cool, huh?

    • CheeseYT
      CheeseYT 6 months ago +17

      Pretty cool huh?

  • Cara
    Cara 5 months ago

    You are pretty cool, huh!!!!! Greetings from Arizona. We’re pretty, hot, huh!!! But it is a dry heat, of. Course. Really great content--I will have to watch several times to remember all this. I love your presentation, too. It is nice to have fun listening to you in these difficult times. You have a joyful voice.

    • DaveHax
      DaveHax  5 months ago

      Thanks so much, I'm glad you've enjoyed the content, and thanks for taking the time to write a message :)

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    “Pretty cool, huh?” will never get old

  • SynthD
    SynthD 2 months ago

    Never stir simmering rice. Mix the stock pot into the water after it’s boiling and before you add the rice.

  • WETbread
    WETbread 4 months ago

    6:36 actually my mom would actually coat the rolled bread some scrambled eggs and put some breadcrumbs and it makes it crispier

  • Vilne Pempyte
    Vilne Pempyte 5 months ago

    The egg one is amazing and the banana seems like a party trick 😂

  • Anders Karlsson
    Anders Karlsson 4 months ago

    "Give it a good shake" never gets old.

  • Luck_Runner
    Luck_Runner 3 months ago

    Watches to see the hack. Mind blown by the hot dogs in a can. I honestly have never seen that before

  • Macaroni
    Macaroni 14 days ago

    4:12, I actually freeze grapes for myself like its tiny ice cream.

  • Ben Boeshans
    Ben Boeshans 10 months ago +30

    Why do I always watch this when I'm hungry? Even so, I have to try some of these! You never cease to amaze me, Dave!

  • Thomas Walker
    Thomas Walker Month ago

    That's great. Good mini recipes. I want to try that too! I loved it, thank you)

  • SleepyFloof
    SleepyFloof 2 months ago

    The "pretty cool huh?" Never ever gets old

  • Baron Sharpe
    Baron Sharpe 2 months ago

    "And even add some chocolate sauce to your ice cream in cookie bowl!"

  • Macadamia Nutball
    Macadamia Nutball Month ago

    Haha loved this . Who wouldn’t need an emergency grater!!🤷

  • hurricane BG
    hurricane BG 10 months ago +257

    who else gets hungry watching this😁

  • Ozzyplayz
    Ozzyplayz 3 months ago

    Me as a swede: why the heck are you cutting the cheese woth out a "osthyvel".
    Dave; cuts the cheese with a knife.

  • Day12My
    Day12My 3 months ago

    5:40 Aint no way I would do that. There is no way you want eventually have some metal shards in your cheese.

  • Teker
    Teker 4 months ago

    Finally, I know my pretzel walnut mix will light good.

  • Abhiraj Bhokare
    Abhiraj Bhokare 2 months ago

    14:26 ….. so instead you can simply whip the cream with an actual whip to turn it into whipped cream. A simple yet innovative, efficient and effective way of making whipped cream.

  • Derptify
    Derptify 10 months ago +731

    Me when other youtubers saying "pReTty CoOl hUh?": Ugh, cringe
    Me when DaveHax saying "Pretty cool huh?": Yeah, it does seem pretty cool

  • Dr. Raven
    Dr. Raven 5 months ago

    This guy gives use stuff that could actually work and explains how not to hurt yourself while also being fast and easy to listen to.

  • Komaeda Nagito
    Komaeda Nagito Month ago +1

    The thing he did to the pizza killed me 😭 it’s amazing

  • untitled
    untitled 5 months ago

    There’s only one thing that we can say
    *Pretty cool, huh?*

  • Microwave Burrito
    Microwave Burrito 5 months ago

    This is by far one of the best life hack channels ever

  • vez
    vez Month ago +1

    These are awesome! Can’t wait to try these

  • ravy_rafy
    ravy_rafy 26 days ago

    I tried one of these hacks with my parents and it was pretty cool and wasn't even fake

  • CCallumate
    CCallumate 2 months ago

    I feel like you'd need to tell your friends that the pizza your getting is going to be a small pizza for the taking pizza with out any one nowing, But still, these hacks are amazing.

  • Abbey Morgan
    Abbey Morgan 4 months ago

    6:29 yummy 😋

  • YourLocalFish
    YourLocalFish 4 months ago

    Dave: Pretty cool huh?
    *Me: yeah it is pretty cool*

  • Josiah Ojwang
    Josiah Ojwang 3 months ago +1

    I love the way you cut the hard boiled eggs and the way you make those sausage and door shish kabob😍🤩👌😋💙

  • Soccer Kid
    Soccer Kid 2 days ago

    This is the only guy that gives good life hacks.

  • C J
    C J 29 days ago

    Great ideas, especially the can opener trick !!

  • Commander Rex
    Commander Rex 4 months ago

    you’re definitely a smart chef

  • victor colon
    victor colon 22 days ago

    I love all the tricks. Thanks from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  • Family Is Everything
    Family Is Everything 4 months ago

    Wow yes this is amazing lol I've never seen hot dogs in a can or jar before or plastic packaging

  • Your-Local-Kaiju
    Your-Local-Kaiju 5 months ago +1

    Thanks for the ideas ^^

  • L K
    L K Month ago

    I tried that egg hack where you shake them in a bowl once and they just kind of exploded lol. Neat video!

  • CheekyMonkeyGirl
    CheekyMonkeyGirl 2 months ago

    This is good for the low-budget university students. ☺️

  • Ghostly animal👻🦌
    Ghostly animal👻🦌 5 months ago

    Just imagine how much food he would have

  • Bryan Javier Cancejo
    Bryan Javier Cancejo 3 months ago

    POV: Someone watching your vids and heard your voice
    ME: OMG, you also watch Mr. Pretty Cool Huh??😳❤

  • FakeCommentMadeByHouseholdHackerInPhotoshop 47

    Along with getting to watch some great hacks, I also get a nostalgia trip. I remember watching almost all of these different videos individually when they first came out

  • °• it's izzy! •°

    Love how he says..