Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019 veröffentlicht
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  • Cherry Soda
    Cherry Soda Hour ago

    I love this flim even the colors and music

  • Art and Gacha wolf Wolf

    she is the queen

  • Ella Bryan
    Ella Bryan Hour ago

    Make another film like part 2 like what happens next

  • Røś śië
    Røś śië Hour ago

    Oj hits differently mann

  • Mark Mako Waits
    Mark Mako Waits Hour ago +1


  • Sara-Kacy Harp
    Sara-Kacy Harp Hour ago

    This ain’t it... lol

  • Galactic Gamerz
    Galactic Gamerz Hour ago


  • That Sunshine Ming

    The chick who Orange Juice was about in here I wish I was her weight, I am a 142 Pound teen, I wish I was lighter

  • Cheeseburger In the club

    58:26 🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟

  • Eduardo J Perez
    Eduardo J Perez Hour ago

    Petition for Melanie to activate comments in her earlier vids.

  • GaChA PoT loser
    GaChA PoT loser Hour ago

    I got in trouble for watching this but I DONT CARE THIS IS THE BEST THINK EVER SO YOUR WRONG MOM

  • Best Tiktoks
    Best Tiktoks Hour ago

    I cannot believe this movie took her 4 years it is so good it needs move views and needs to be put in theaters!

  • Meme Tolson
    Meme Tolson Hour ago

    Or you got hailed back

  • Xterminator 1504
    Xterminator 1504 2 hours ago

    Fans: melanie you’re fucking queen
    Melanie: I’m a baby , bitch

  • Meme Tolson
    Meme Tolson 2 hours ago

    So you didn’t go to the 12th Garda

  • Kenny 2345
    Kenny 2345 2 hours ago +1

    7 million likes for the amount of money she spent!

  • Bradd Boyce
    Bradd Boyce 2 hours ago

    Absolutely loved this. Thank you Melanie ❤️🥰❤️.

  • Helena McKinney
    Helena McKinney 2 hours ago

    Beautiful movie

  • da potato
    da potato 2 hours ago

    Did anybody else notice that Melanie has none of her tattoos

  • Nada_ Fazbear_13
    Nada_ Fazbear_13 2 hours ago


    Songs/ stuff that are actually references to her old songs

  • Cecilia Kat
    Cecilia Kat 2 hours ago

    It look really good! I’m going to be watching this tomorrow :D

  • Britt P.
    Britt P. 2 hours ago

    It was the best thing ever seen !!!!!

  • Margaret belliveau
    Margaret belliveau 2 hours ago

    Make a k12 two

  • Cookie Bear
    Cookie Bear 2 hours ago

    I lovvveeeeeeeee this😱🤩👑👄💖💘❤

  • Violet DeHaan
    Violet DeHaan 2 hours ago

    she worked for 4 years

    spent 7 million dollars

    and gave it to us for free

    it just goes to show she doesnt care about how much money she gets from it. she cares about giving us something from her heart that we enjoy.

  • Fairly Unfair
    Fairly Unfair 2 hours ago

    Okay but the diversity in this is just beautiful ❤❤

  • Sofie Ledesma
    Sofie Ledesma 2 hours ago


  • SUGAR vamp SKY
    SUGAR vamp SKY 2 hours ago

    The nurses look like they're off of silent hill

  • Im Not Kawaii
    Im Not Kawaii 2 hours ago

    I just realized she stepped out of the house without uniform LOL

  • Crispy Chicken
    Crispy Chicken 2 hours ago +1

    56:30 me when none of my friend listened to K-12

  • xxxpandaxxx pandaxxx
    xxxpandaxxx pandaxxx 2 hours ago

    The 84k dislikes are probably from her haters

  • Rebecca Shepherd
    Rebecca Shepherd 2 hours ago

    It's not a movie it's a song compilation lol but its good

  • Mel Vin
    Mel Vin 2 hours ago

    But can we all talk about Felipe's acting skills?

  • That Sunshine Ming
    That Sunshine Ming 2 hours ago

    The 28k likes are people who can’t appreciate art, Melanie spent so much money and time, 4 years, And 7 million AND THIS QUEEN GAVE IT TO US FOR FREE. Those haters are retarded it’s like someone complimenting you and then you say something negative.

  • Yandere Sister 血液月

    We seriously don’t deserve this absolute queen ❤️✨

  • Cesca Cabello
    Cesca Cabello 2 hours ago

    My 15 year old daughter showed me this, and from a 45 year old - I too say it's awesome. Love it. Thank you Melanie x

  • d g
    d g 2 hours ago

    leaving this here for myself later :)))
    wheels on the bus 3:50
    class fight 12:17 continued at 15:20
    the principal 20:45
    show and tell 24:25
    nurse's office 28:56
    drama club 34:56
    strawberry shortcake 40:18
    lunchbox friends 46:15
    orange juice 50:57
    detention 56:08
    teachers pet 1:01:48
    high school sweethearts 1:06:33
    recess 1:17:31

  • Jae the Kitten
    Jae the Kitten 2 hours ago +1

    Supongo que está es la película del álbum ¿no?

  • nyi !
    nyi ! 2 hours ago

    The perfect description for school.

  • Xaruto Uzucrack
    Xaruto Uzucrack 2 hours ago


  • La Girl2
    La Girl2 2 hours ago

    She criticizes society a lot, whether they are socially accepted things or not while happily drinking her glass of milk.

  • breathinq
    breathinq 2 hours ago


    Sorry it’s my book mark

  • Ute Gregori
    Ute Gregori 2 hours ago

    please do part 2

  • Dope Videos
    Dope Videos 2 hours ago +1

    She has kidnapped us ......

  • Kaila Kkk
    Kaila Kkk 2 hours ago

    22:50 * cough cough* trump

  • chimken nugget
    chimken nugget 2 hours ago

    Just got done watching it for a 4th time!

  • Cherry- Chan
    Cherry- Chan 2 hours ago

    I have anemia and anorexia

  • Agustinaxa x
    Agustinaxa x 2 hours ago


  • Yumi Kun悲しい
    Yumi Kun悲しい 2 hours ago

    I'm watching for the second time
    because it looks great!

  • Skye Re Vera
    Skye Re Vera 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice that she covered her tattoos throughout the whole movie? That's some good makeup👌

  • Lielle Bradley
    Lielle Bradley 2 hours ago

    51:47 that arm move thooo like that is awesomeeee

  • Raya Taroum
    Raya Taroum 2 hours ago

    this is amazing

  • -*_N0T_4_G4CH4_*- TM
    -*_N0T_4_G4CH4_*- TM 2 hours ago

    who wrote the english subtittles , im his fan.
    even if im chilean,i dont give a *_B A N A N A_*

  • Dominic M
    Dominic M 2 hours ago

    7 mill? no big dill

  • Lielle Bradley
    Lielle Bradley 2 hours ago +1

    Orange juice (51:00) has to be my favourite song or wheels on the bus... or the principal or all the other songs... I can’t choose I love them all so much and keep listening to them on replay 😂 😍😍😍

  • concerned idiot
    concerned idiot 2 hours ago +1

    Bro, can we just appreciate that she legit took everything that's wrong with school and put it into a movie that's for free and has no ads? We Stan that, we stan her.

  • HeyNikaykay
    HeyNikaykay 2 hours ago

    Halloween Inspo .

  • R.J. Dark
    R.J. Dark 2 hours ago +1

    The one thing that school had right was nap time.

  • sandra coetzee
    sandra coetzee 2 hours ago +2

    i think the ending symbolizes that leaving your past behind is difficult even though it's for the best. All throughout the movie all she wanted to do was leave, but inevitably, leaving a place you are familiar with can be scary and intimidating. it is up for interpretation on whether or not she decided to leave the past behind (her home) or if she decided to stay and help liberate the people there.

  • Nariyah Hardy
    Nariyah Hardy 2 hours ago

    *realizes all the people in Kelly’s “group” also eats oranges*