Caught Mama Wong STEALING Grapes!! | Vlog

  • Published on Dec 29, 2017 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 324

  • Michael Kensington
    Michael Kensington 7 months ago

    You guys are so silly -- i love it! 😂😝🤓

  • ari mena
    ari mena 8 months ago +1

    They showed this thumbnail in my vocabulary class for the word petty XD

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo Year ago

    Wait a minute.. isn't that freddiew?

  • Almond M1lk
    Almond M1lk Year ago

    "No, *you're* too much sugar"

  • YourTime
    YourTime Year ago

    I love ur fam

  • Ruizu
    Ruizu Year ago

    Asian parking style xD
    so true :))

  • FLCLnoodles
    FLCLnoodles Year ago

    wait, you and Freddie Wong are related? HOW DID I NOT REALIZE THIS BEFORE?!

  • It's Kitcat
    It's Kitcat Year ago

    On 10:23 that is actually what my dad does

  • Shane Hetrick
    Shane Hetrick Year ago

    Oh my gosh, you guys are my new favorite family. Adopt me, please?!?!?

  • Kermit Chan
    Kermit Chan Year ago

    Good job hitting one mill

  • Kermit Chan
    Kermit Chan Year ago

    How could you mama Wong

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson Year ago

    Seattle, Washington! I didn't know that you live in my Hometown! I hope one day I can meet you! You're videos are so inspiring!

  • Henlo
    Henlo Year ago

    I tend to avoid parking under trees. The birds can make a mess on the car. And I'm telling ya it ain't easy to clean.

  • G4L4XYY
    G4L4XYY Year ago

    Haha Alex Wassabi hoodie!

  • Toasty Strudels
    Toasty Strudels Year ago

    When you try to give your mom insults but instead giving her compliments

  • iNfLx
    iNfLx Year ago

    How tall r you

  • Buk Wildman
    Buk Wildman Year ago

    BingingWithBabish is a much better alternative to this trash

  • Candy Frogie
    Candy Frogie Year ago +1

    make kira kira precure ala mode gelato custard chocolate maqaroon whip and parfait pleaseeeeeeeeeeee anime magicak girls based off food :3

  • Kara Borden
    Kara Borden Year ago

    Plus his family is cute

  • Kara Borden
    Kara Borden Year ago

    I love this channel

  • Hrrai Momo
    Hrrai Momo Year ago

    Plez make a vlog challenge

  • endex
    endex Year ago

    Yung Coconuht

  • Jean Ngo
    Jean Ngo Year ago

    Could you make any of the foods from Disney's Return to Oz from 1985. You should see the movie, it's a trip!

  • HelloMyHaru
    HelloMyHaru Year ago

    Ranch 99? I've always said 99 Ranch?? Is my life a lie??!?

    BARRR Year ago

    Chong Qing: It means "you love me"

    BARRR Year ago

    I saw the Fredster at MAGFest. That man basically owned the game show.

  • Just a clone Trooper

    Im Asian and mom don’t even do they stuff

  • salty mosh
    salty mosh Year ago

    Where's kiwi

  • James BrionesTV
    James BrionesTV Year ago


  • Ansel Edison
    Ansel Edison Year ago

    omg Freddie has the same personality in Video Game High School and in this video

  • Celeste T.Hill
    Celeste T.Hill Year ago

    Aww fun vlog! love seeing a happy family ^__^ also I love learning about food history c:

  • Sarah Zhang
    Sarah Zhang Year ago

    Lol he’s wearing an Alex wassabi hoodie...😝

  • Cassidy Nicole
    Cassidy Nicole Year ago

    My mom does the same thing when she thinks there are too many grapes lol

  • TweetingRawr
    TweetingRawr Year ago

    It was nice to see some brotherly time together ;)

  • ArioliRavioli :3
    ArioliRavioli :3 Year ago

    Off topic but did you really start bleeding in the scene where Brian pushes Ted in VGHS?

  • warid chowdhury
    warid chowdhury Year ago

    this looks funny

  • catherine clement

    I love food wars 🥘🍜🍛

  • catherine clement

    A series of fictional feasts chowder

  • catherine clement

    Do a series of unfortunate events video

  • kyle yates
    kyle yates Year ago

    could you please make the sodas of VGHS love your vids and another great vid

  • enrique Zavala
    enrique Zavala Year ago

    burger dog from uncle grampa

  • Ishi M
    Ishi M Year ago

    Can you cook yan from Tom and friends TSB

  • Sarah Fronk
    Sarah Fronk Year ago

    Can you make a galette des do is from black butler: book of the circus?

  • JackAttack!
    JackAttack! Year ago

    Hey Jimmy! I have a great idea for a feast! Can you attempt to make either the Double-Fried Super Schwaffle or the Super Seanwich from Splatoon 2? This one seems pretty extreme so I would love to see what you can do! Thanks!

  • Bippy the Chippy
    Bippy the Chippy Year ago

    Make Hot buttered apple from Zelda BOTW

  • Krystal Tran
    Krystal Tran Year ago

    can you make the recipe from "We Bare Bears" minisode where Icebear cooks Korean food

  • Tastical YOG
    Tastical YOG Year ago

    make a mini feast on clarence cinnamon sauce like if you want this to happen

  • holothegreat
    holothegreat Year ago

    do something from spice and wolf

  • Mr.Cactusgreen
    Mr.Cactusgreen Year ago

    make Bonk! Atomic-Punch! from Team Fortress 2

  • MRK Mercury
    MRK Mercury Year ago

    Mama Wong is so cute

  • Allison Perez
    Allison Perez Year ago

    Can you guys make omelet a’ la maya from glitter force doki doki

  • MrCookin’
    MrCookin’ Year ago

    Krusty burger from the simpsons

  • MrCookin’
    MrCookin’ Year ago

    Do a honker burger

  • Jenny Vo
    Jenny Vo Year ago

    I was looking at poké bowls for some reason, and then it hit me. Alolan style poké poké bowls :D

  • Vivian G
    Vivian G Year ago

    make kelpo from spongebob

  • Hey B.B
    Hey B.B Year ago

    Wow ur from VGHS "video game highschool"
    Fav charactor

  • Drift Master2760
    Drift Master2760 Year ago

    Can you make jeans omelet from attack on titan like if you agree

  • mega player
    mega player Year ago

    make simple Rick Wafers from Rick and Morty

  • Kailee Orozco
    Kailee Orozco Year ago

    Love your vlog first one i ever saw tbh better than most vloggers i see

  • mika lev ari
    mika lev ari Year ago

    Please make a video that you prepare food from the Inuyasha anime