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The Sacrifice Of Stretch Armstrong

  • Published on Nov 6, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I put stretch Armstrong under the giant monster magnet.
    See the full video here: clip-share.net/video/kX4N8hNzsDw/video.html
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  • 113 DmG
    113 DmG Year ago +21140

    Stretch is so extremely brave. He doesn't even change his expression.

    • reply if you’re fuming and crying at my comment
      reply if you’re fuming and crying at my comment 3 months ago

      It’s a toy grow up

    • Duck Song Fans
      Duck Song Fans 4 months ago +1

      @113 DmG yeah, i deffinatlly would not sell them

    • 113 DmG
      113 DmG 4 months ago

      @Duck Song Fans - Better to save instead of sell. You really can't get much for them.
      For now, you may want to put them in a glass jar/container on a shelf for friends to ask about (since many have never heard of steel pennies).
      Later in life, you may want to pass them down to your kids or cousins, or perhaps a young coin enthusiast.
      They are quite a novelty!

    • Duck Song Fans
      Duck Song Fans 4 months ago +1

      @113 DmG i probobly have a coupke hundred, will count latter

    • 113 DmG
      113 DmG 4 months ago

      @Duck Song Fans - Used steel pennies are worth 10 to 13 cents each. If you had a million of those, you would be rich.

  • I0Uイヴァン
    I0Uイヴァン 4 months ago +2889

    "you can't hurt me jack"
    "What are you"
    "Nanomachines son"

    • Kaden Treme
      Kaden Treme 3 months ago

      @I0Uイヴァン i carved my own path you followed your wrath but maybe were both the saaaame the world has turned so many have burned yet nobody is to blaaaaaaame staring across this barren wasted land i feel new life will be born beneath the blood stained saaaaaaaaaaaaaaand beneath the blood stained saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

    • Kaden Treme
      Kaden Treme 3 months ago

      @I0Uイヴァン it isnt finished there is more

    • The Ultimate Ninja
      The Ultimate Ninja 3 months ago

      @Cube of Meat Yes.

    • The Ultimate Ninja
      The Ultimate Ninja 3 months ago

      @Ashmeet Singh That's not what I meant.

    • Cube of Meat
      Cube of Meat 3 months ago +1

      You butchered those quotes horribly

  • bic
    bic 4 months ago +2446

    “This looks like a torture machine”
    Kim Jong un: 💡

  • Sean Hardaway
    Sean Hardaway 2 months ago +126

    I’m really amazed how many steel Pennys you have

    • Akal Chickering
      Akal Chickering Month ago

      Literally tho!

    • Amrealviper
      Amrealviper 2 months ago

      @Yakko Warner sorry, i thought it was copper penny

    • Yakko Warner
      Yakko Warner 2 months ago +1

      @Amrealviper An average grade 1943 steel penny goes for around 1 dollar.

    • Yakko Warner
      Yakko Warner 2 months ago

      @Amrealviper Steel pennies were made in 1943 in all mints so that the USA could save copper. They stopped in 1944. Steel pennies from 1944 are the rare ones. I’m a penny collector, I know this stuff.

    • Amrealviper
      Amrealviper 2 months ago +5

      @Yakko Warner steel pennies from around 1940s are really rare and go for about 40,000$ each

  • Ameh Lee
    Ameh Lee 2 months ago +31

    “It looks like a torture machine”
    Stretch: wait a dam minute-

  • Rayyan Asif
    Rayyan Asif Year ago +23945

    Saw's writers: "write that down, write that down."

  • Noriskea
    Noriskea 3 months ago +75

    "this looks like a torture machine"
    *I know what we're gonna do today Ferb*

  • Viken Darakjian
    Viken Darakjian 4 months ago +12

    Thank you for your unique style in making science fun and interesting 😋

  • michael schwartz
    michael schwartz 3 months ago +3

    Go Stretch! That dude is awesome! He didn't even flinch while he was being impaled!
    You've got one of top 5 best channels!

  • WiseMonkey
    WiseMonkey 4 months ago

    Thank you Stretch Armstrong for your sacrifice for human education, we salute you

  • DreddDizzah
    DreddDizzah Year ago +2221

    If I had a nickel for every time I saw Stretch Armstrong tortured for the sake of science... I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.

    • John Steves
      John Steves 5 months ago +1

      @Tiny Home Chronicles you should chech out the vids where they shoot him, the guy's an absolute unit.

    • John Steves
      John Steves 5 months ago +1

      Id probably have about 20

    • FeaturedNightmare
      FeaturedNightmare 6 months ago +1

      You’re the legendary kid nickels! On account of those two nickels.

    • CobiePal
      CobiePal Year ago +2

      @Redwanul Haque Not reporting could be a good way to appreciate people who don't use bot. You are using bot. Much hate

    • Redwanul Haque
      Redwanul Haque Year ago +2

      dislike could be a good way of appreciating these anti- climactic comments. this one was perfectly creative. much love ❤

  • Patanjal Singh
    Patanjal Singh 4 months ago +7

    Armstrong's pain can be felt visually.......damn that really hurts

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 3 months ago

    The mad scientist energy is so high I'm living for it

  • Enderknight39
    Enderknight39 3 months ago +5

    Metal screws, son. They harden in response to magnetic trauma.

  • Tushar Bandi
    Tushar Bandi 2 months ago

    Magnets and electricity are the closest thing to magic that I can think of

  • Sesame seed
    Sesame seed Year ago +10887

    "This looks like a torture machine"
    An old geezer with a weird looking puppet: "I want to play a game"

  • Global TNT
    Global TNT 3 months ago +1

    He will always be remembered

  • Tay Morton
    Tay Morton 2 months ago

    That's honestly scary to think about the possibilities that can be accessed due to that

  • Anonymous Fishy
    Anonymous Fishy 4 months ago +2

    He puts 1,000 pounds of weight on his hand with no gloves but wears gloves for Stretch Armstrong… like WHAT THE F-

  • Woolfish
    Woolfish 4 months ago

    “He did it for science, he will be remembered”

  • Bas_ Lightyear
    Bas_ Lightyear Year ago +23961

    Stretch Armstrong isn’t phased by this. 9AM Monday morning he’ll be back to stretching like nobody’s business

    • Neyuun
      Neyuun 4 months ago

      nanomachines son

    • A guy
      A guy 6 months ago +1

      Because stretch Armstrong learns from his mistakes

    • John Martinez
      John Martinez 6 months ago


    • Abu Rasi
      Abu Rasi 8 months ago

      @Inferno Gear 5 o 4 I'll meet
      jkmopopplp8 ywnqweb919999mm

    • Gamelian
      Gamelian 8 months ago

      @dataabort Go confess ✨️ before this Easter

  • Vaibhav Shrimali
    Vaibhav Shrimali 2 months ago +2

    He - "that's like a torture machine or something"
    Me- *nice idea*!

  • Rick Astly
    Rick Astly 4 months ago

    "This looks like a torture machine or something"
    Well that seems like a good idea to me

  • carbZzy the furry killer

    Always wondered how a magnet works

  • BlayzeOfFire68 // Blayze
    BlayzeOfFire68 // Blayze 4 months ago +1

    For anyone wondering the reason that 1943 steel pennies were steel is because they were using all of the copper to make bullets for World War Two so they used steel and zinc to make pennies

  • chrispysaid
    chrispysaid Year ago +6929

    "This looks like a torture machine"
    Yeah but you're not even interrogating him. This is just sadism.

    • Just_a_simp_edits
      Just_a_simp_edits Year ago

      @Night I mean he was saying wow an laughing so-

    • The S/Word
      The S/Word Year ago

      Ain't know off button... "it's a one way trip on The Bad Ship.. "

    • The Sun of God
      The Sun of God Year ago

      @Night who doesn’t enjoy torturing?

    • Iqiyi 1
      Iqiyi 1 Year ago

      Sadism lmao

    • Xic Xac
      Xic Xac Year ago

      @Just another mind America 🇺🇸 reference!!1!1??!+😏😏🤓😴😒😱😝🥶😈😈😂😝👍😂😒😬🗿😝😝😝😳😳👋🥵😳🥵😰🥵

  • Khromyak Vsevolod
    Khromyak Vsevolod 4 months ago

    Magnetic force, Jack! Nature's force!

  • Just some boyz
    Just some boyz 4 months ago +21

    “This looks like a torture machine or something” me: “or something!?”

  • Moonsleigh
    Moonsleigh 4 months ago

    I feel like he's been wanting to do that for a long time.

  • noel dennehy
    noel dennehy 3 months ago

    Stretch still being the heroic silent type.

  • Phabid Z
    Phabid Z Year ago +17786

    "this looks like a torture device"
    Cause it is, you're torturing him Lisa

    • Stan Falade
      Stan Falade 4 months ago

      Like literally lower the quality and put some ketchup on it, looks like a bestgore video (probably)

    • BROphetic
      BROphetic 6 months ago

      Who's Lisa?

    • Mistelle Bean
      Mistelle Bean 6 months ago


    • Trey Forster
      Trey Forster 6 months ago

      @Matijas Ostojic free shipping will you have a

    • The Harbinger
      The Harbinger 8 months ago

      @Person more weight

  • Samiya hassan
    Samiya hassan 4 months ago

    Stretch Armstrong is the always the one always , he been through it 😔hydraulic press, cars, shredders you name it

  • chair
    chair 3 months ago

    I guess nanomachines arent too effective against magnets...

  • Phillippe and Pheather
    Phillippe and Pheather 3 months ago

    I wanna buy a Stretch Armstrong doll just so I can keep him nice and safe on a shelf instead of getting destroyed.

  • CtrlAltSpoods
    CtrlAltSpoods 4 months ago +81

    "Okay let's try to pull him off"

  • EngagingBus
    EngagingBus Year ago +3021

    "This looks like a torture machine"
    Jigsaw: HMMMMMM

  • zaabulkaa
    zaabulkaa 3 months ago

    It looks like Armstrong melted. Something I'm courious about is if there was any heat production caused by the pressure.

  • First Fractal
    First Fractal 4 months ago +1

    When you finally understand why your friends took the mattress off the "spare bed" at the sleepover but it's already too late.

  • The Man With Some Type Of Plan

    Hear me out, a magnet so strong it can separate the copper and iron from your blood.

  • readmyusernamecauseitssoreallylongandimwastingtime

    "This looks like a torture machine"
    Jigsaw: "correct. I wanna play a game"

  • Bruh
    Bruh Year ago +3222

    Stretch Armstrong will be remembered as a hero and all remains in our hearts ❤

  •  26swords
    26swords 2 months ago

    Would you be able to replicate this with a really big magnet and use it as a torture device?

  • Ethan Olsen
    Ethan Olsen 3 months ago +4

    "So now let's see what happens when I put tons of sharp objects on top of Stretch Armstrong."
    Him casually dropping coins

    • Mobile GamePlay
      Mobile GamePlay 2 months ago

      Let's not forget he was also laughing at him 😭😭

  • Eltagory Al
    Eltagory Al 4 months ago +1

    You have to put a scale to see how much the mass becomes

  • kartik Patra
    kartik Patra 4 months ago

    May god bless stretch Armstrong's soul

  • Stevenson S
    Stevenson S Year ago +3263

    That’s nothing compared to the things we did to mr Armstrong
    Back in the seventies...

    • Manas
      Manas 4 months ago +1

      @Eagle eye Congratulations you're on the guiness for receiving the most yes on a single comment section

    • Worthy91MoorNook
      Worthy91MoorNook 5 months ago

      @Eagle eye yes

    • Mop Waters
      Mop Waters 6 months ago

      @Eagle eye Yes

    • Stella GS
      Stella GS Year ago +1

      @Eagle eye yes

    • UltimateSaty
      UltimateSaty Year ago +2

      @Eagle eye yes

  • BulbaChar
    BulbaChar 3 months ago

    The fact that one of those steel pennies can be worth $400 and him not knowing it

  • Samuel Salvatore
    Samuel Salvatore 4 months ago

    "from the moment i understood the weakness of my flesh... it disgusted me"
    armstrong: "have you tried hitting the gym?"

  • raystrife234
    raystrife234 4 months ago

    Stretch Armstrong looking at the dude like "why. What did I do to deserve this"

  • Mad Bird
    Mad Bird 3 months ago

    New torture machine invented💡
    It's called the magnet torture.
    Thanks to Stretch Armstrong for sacrificing himself for the machine test.

  • CrissCross
    CrissCross 8 months ago +2391

    Stretch Armstrong had been through so much over the years. And he still keeps that chad look on his face

    • Rafael
      Rafael 5 months ago

      Took it like a champ. A Chad champ

    • NotnooB
      NotnooB 5 months ago

      @DialingDock2 💀

    • DialingDock2
      DialingDock2 5 months ago +5

      He looks through the pain. Like a gigachad.

    • Harley Ritz
      Harley Ritz 5 months ago +2

      Sigma male.

    • spi wolf
      spi wolf 6 months ago +1

      Poor stretch.

  • Dummy
    Dummy 3 months ago

    Doctor: what happened? Why are there so many holes in your palm?
    Action lab: coin and magnet

  • David Gonzales
    David Gonzales 3 months ago

    The face of stretch is like “keep going I can take it”

  • bee
    bee 4 months ago

    Ah yes, I can feel the weight of those quarters from my phone

  • ja c
    ja c 4 months ago

    Esa sería una tortura interesante con un imán mega potente :0

  • Troompa Loompa
    Troompa Loompa 11 months ago +8362

    Watching the coins go that deep into his hand gave me such a feeling of discomfort

    • geemy
      geemy 8 months ago

      @Kristal285 there are other videos on the channel that show/explain it better

    • Kristal285
      Kristal285 8 months ago

      @geemy ah true

    • geemy
      geemy 8 months ago

      @Kristal285 because the coins align with the magnetic field. it will never stay flat especially with such a powerful magnet

    • Paula Natalie Schmidt
      Paula Natalie Schmidt 8 months ago


    • Daniel Brealey
      Daniel Brealey 8 months ago

      @Diamond Simon It's nice to see some educated people on this thread. Good on ya, pal. Knowledge is power, and information is the new weapon of choice... We're entering a new era... Peace my dude

  • Star
    Star 4 months ago

    "No Stretch Armstrong's were hurt in the making of this video."

  • klein
    klein 4 months ago

    imagine pointing a knife on top of your hand ,while your hand is behind with that strong magnet

  • Thomas Jess
    Thomas Jess 4 months ago

    He’s no longer Stretch Armstrong, he’s Tetsuo the Iron Man!

  • AFR
    AFR 3 months ago

    "This is like a torture machine or something"
    - Random German and Japanese soldiers in 1940s

  • Danowulf
    Danowulf Year ago +1790

    "This looks like a torture machine!"
    Stretch: "Yes. Yes it does."

  • Sona Sana Da Creator
    Sona Sana Da Creator 29 days ago

    He’s always going to be a test subject for Science Clip-Sharer’s…

  • Coldz Editzz
    Coldz Editzz 4 months ago

    Disclaimer : No Strech Arms Strong Were Harmed In This Video :)

  • FireStar 4560
    FireStar 4560 4 months ago

    *rumor has it he is still playing with his magnet to this day*

  • Sterling Birks
    Sterling Birks 3 months ago

    Cruel and unusual, thanks for sharing!

  • Nieckou
    Nieckou 11 months ago +3437

    I thought he was going to drop a penny on his hand and we'd see it go straight through. The video ends with screams of both horror and amazement.

    • eCliPse YT
      eCliPse YT 11 months ago +1

      Me too loooooool

    • catplop
      catplop 11 months ago

      I can practically hear his reaction as he clutches his bloodied hand.
      “Woahhhoho, that is so COOool”

    • Angel Sterling
      Angel Sterling 11 months ago

      Who hurt you?

    • Raul Ruiz
      Raul Ruiz 11 months ago +4

      Like magneto lol

    • Kallie Mcfalls
      Kallie Mcfalls 11 months ago +2

      That would be a great video😃👍

  • dr birb
    dr birb 4 months ago

    That might actually break your bones if you put alot of it on your hand

  • aa
    aa 3 months ago

    "so now lets see what happens when we pour this giant pile of sharp screw, nuts, and bolts on top of stretch armstrong" ill be quoting this for a while, thanks

  • zerk24 22
    zerk24 22 4 months ago

    Him: this looks like a torcher machine!
    Stretch armstrong: feels like it too.

  • Piyush Udiwal
    Piyush Udiwal 2 months ago

    I was imagining a saw trap a person tied to a giant electro magnet and getting pushed by so many coins

  • Dualshockatlas4
    Dualshockatlas4 Year ago +654

    Him:"This looks like torture or something"
    Way to go you just gave the world its next interrogation method😶

    • ThaRealChef
      ThaRealChef Year ago +1

      There are people with jobs for that exact task and they make dummy money from it. Most any torture method you could think has already been thunk and put into practice at one time or another.

    • Tesseract556
      Tesseract556 Year ago +24


    • Just Amuart
      Just Amuart Year ago +71

      *Buckles you up to a comical refrigerator sized magnet*
      It was supposed to be a secret.

    • pedro pedrohan
      pedro pedrohan Year ago +6


  • fifibombelek
    fifibombelek 2 months ago

    Sir, I had a fairly traumatic childhood and you are giving me ideas

  • Illegal Gazoz
    Illegal Gazoz 4 months ago

    "Armstrong, impressive little things you got there"

  • 👑Hamza
    👑Hamza 3 months ago +2

    Why does it give me Goosebumps

  • Malvin Banaticla
    Malvin Banaticla 4 months ago

    "This is like a torture machine or something"
    So what are you trying imply😳

  • J Bird
    J Bird Year ago +4141

    Stretch is looking at him with such disdain in his eyes as if he's saying, "is that all you got? You call yourself a madman? You're no match for the Armstrong!!!"

    • squish y
      squish y Year ago

      @Richard Xu uh my favourite last words

    • J Bird
      J Bird Year ago

      @Talan I just looked again and LMAO!

    • Talan
      Talan Year ago +2

      Why is stretch armstrong cross eyed

    • Richard Xu
      Richard Xu Year ago +6

      "more weight" -Giles Corey

    • KachowGang808YT
      KachowGang808YT Year ago +5

      As his insides start pouring out.

  • thug light
    thug light 4 months ago

    Literally impossible to take out a stretch Armstrong jesus

  • Owoo6
    Owoo6 3 months ago

    It's so painful to watch how he casually dropped those pennies.

  • r1vru
    r1vru 3 months ago

    "this looks like a torture machine or something" plot twist: it can be a torture machine

  • Loyal Chad
    Loyal Chad 4 months ago

    "This looks like a torture mechine or something"
    You don't say...

  • JLMA
    JLMA Year ago +4247

    “This looks like a torture machine”
    Ferb I know what we’re gonna do today

  • GamingwithCuyler6
    GamingwithCuyler6 4 months ago

    I hope he realizes how rare those silver Pennies are.

  • Steven Lara
    Steven Lara 4 months ago

    so what you're saying is all I need is a ginormous portable magnet and a sword.

  • Voilet Vulpix
    Voilet Vulpix 3 months ago

    I like how it looks as if Mr. Armstrong melted

  • Xen Rios
    Xen Rios 4 months ago

    Imagine putting a knife on a palm hand under a big magnet that much force in it.

    BONNETHEAD_OFFICIAL 4 months ago

    Imagine putting the edge of the knife in your hand

    ATHARVA SWASTIK 4 months ago

    He is going to open a shop of screws ,washers etc.. after this video😊

  • hubey
    hubey 3 months ago

    Maybe we're all strong magnets and depression is the weight of judgements pulling us down like the pennies in the video.

  • Daniel Berger
    Daniel Berger 4 months ago

    Imagine do it with Rasor blades 💀

  • RichCris
    RichCris Year ago +4759

    Rip Stretch Armstrong you’ll be missed

  • Trevor Sabinson
    Trevor Sabinson 3 months ago

    I love the unit of measure being 1 stretch.

  • emo spider-man
    emo spider-man 2 months ago

    When you try to save that one person you like in a video game

  • Haydenwu91
    Haydenwu91 3 months ago

    this is the next level and the future of gaining muscle fitness

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan 3 months ago

    At first it looked like you were performing voodoo on a doll 😂

  • NeonNightLight
    NeonNightLight Year ago +2972

    "He who is worthy shall possess about 15 pennies"
    - Odin from Walmart

    • Runaiyah
      Runaiyah Year ago

      @dizzle fshizzle the Mercury dime is worth a lil but I doubt copper pennies are worth more than a dollar or two. The steel pennies were a mistake at one of the mints, they put steel sheet instead of their copper ones and let the steel pennies go out in circulation by accident.

    • dizzle fshizzle
      dizzle fshizzle Year ago

      @Runaiyah I'm curious to what they are worth if it's big money? I have about 15 in almost mint shape I found with a bunch of 1942 copper pennies behind a window trim with 1 1927 mercury dime.

    • RedBeard Da Weirdo
      RedBeard Da Weirdo Year ago

      Those are worth millions

    • Israeliana NG
      Israeliana NG Year ago

      Why are the pennies so silvery. Aren't they supposed to be copper?

    • amogus sussy.
      amogus sussy. Year ago

      odin pog

  • R S
    R S 4 months ago

    You did my man stretch dirty . Rip King you'll be missed

  • R Romero
    R Romero 4 months ago

    Ahhh good ole Stretch Armstrong...
    Did anyone ever try the:" tie him to the bumper of two cars and gun the gas" maneuver? LOL 😆

  • Gritted
    Gritted 3 months ago

    I have a 770 strength neodymium magnet, it’s so fun to mess with

  • malawalawee
    malawalawee 3 months ago

    "Sharp objects"
    *proceeds to add metal donuts*

  • [:D o g:]
    [:D o g:] 6 months ago +3647

    * friend walks in *
    “Hey man! Look at this cool new knife I got! It‘s so sharp-”

    • myth plays
      myth plays 4 months ago +2

      Best comment around

    • Beluga 🅥
      Beluga 🅥 4 months ago +2

      - Famous last words

    • Cyber N
      Cyber N 4 months ago +2

      *to be continued*

    • JayGC
      JayGC 5 months ago

      @some idiot on the internet it means like his hand got stabbed I know it’s quit tricky to get

    • some idiot on the internet
      some idiot on the internet 5 months ago

      @JayGC your comment confuses me in ways i am unable to comprehend.