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Spending Robux to be the BEST COWBOY in Roblox!

  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • BobBilder
    BobBilder  +17

    Can we all agree that socks got Jameskii in friends on steam and hes playing cs go

  • JellyKuangD

    I used to hate this game but after this video imma play this for 5 hours

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones  +566

    Can we all agree that blaza makes a vid so much funnier

  • Amy Glaude

    good jod on 2 mil but can you try out demon soul

  • RaflusTheBanana

    Teaching the new generation about the things that go on in Texas is very important.

  • CuteCat3

    did anyone else notice that socks is friends with jamesskii on steam?

  • That Genshin Guy

    This map feels similar to one from a VR game… the town feels like something ive seen from a Joshdub video i dont know why

  • TheBadOne

    Never laughed so hard

  • @lag
    @lag  +12

    The fact that the horses were tripping the whole video makes it 10000× funnier

  • Devious Gaming

    everyone else in the tycoon: taking their time waiting for money

  • Happy- Demon
    Happy- Demon 2 hours ago

    Omg, when blaza and tbh was having that wild west acsent i was laughing my ass off🤣🤓💀

  • Yeng Flores

    man why does he dont put the link to the game :c

  • Wolf_Bro2008

    we need ally to make a channel and then they all need to just post these videos from their pov so we can see what everyone else sees

  • Joshua

    Congrats on 2 million if anyone deserve it it’s you

  • Chris Fittipaldi

    I love seeing socks smile and laugh it genuinely makes me smile

  • Corinna Glazzard

    Game name?

  • CuberSpeed

    The game developer is really happy when socks joins the game

  • Beck Kozup

    Congratulations on 2 mil subs

  • Austin Neang

    i love listening to their wild west cowboy accents

  • Otis
    Otis  +52

    I love how blaza just talks straight gibberish it got me dead😂💀