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  • KingKennyTv
    KingKennyTv 2 months ago +3207

    Bruh I’ve been following Tyler since 2012. His journey has been so inspiring man. All he does is level up Fr. This shit is so good 🔥🔥 got a grown man tearing up 🥲

  • Venture🍄
    Venture🍄 2 months ago +840

    fuck man tyler and rocky together always makes me feel like im in a time machine, seeing them together is always hella good vibes, it's like worlds collide whenever they're together i bet they're great friends

    • Vision board
      Vision board Month ago +3

      facts ...seem like dat Hov vibe on Flocc verse

    • Xuauip
      Xuauip Month ago +9

      u don’t see clips of them together? or imtervires

    • Jayden Kelley
      Jayden Kelley Month ago +8

      ​@Xuauip imtervires

    • W MANZ
      W MANZ 13 days ago

      they are good griends

  • Rini jo
    Rini jo 2 months ago +474

    There is something soooo soothing about the visuals. I am just smiling

    • Jenna Kelly
      Jenna Kelly 25 days ago

      It’s like a film man, it’s the way he uses color

  • fromduon
    fromduon 2 months ago +547

    Look at 3:17 their movements are incredible.
    You can recognize the Pharrell's influence from these nods immediately.

    • Sasuke Sarutobi
      Sasuke Sarutobi Month ago +52

      There's so much in the song that pays homage to Pharrell and The Neptunes/N*E*R*D, but it's little details like this really show love for them as well as care in their own artistry.

      WAVYPTV Month ago +21

      2:02 is damn near the same scene from the "number one" video

    • Colours Film
      Colours Film Month ago +4

      Bingo! Was thinking the same thing

    • baesically ‘
      baesically ‘ Month ago +2


    • alanna
      alanna Month ago +4

      Yes! I thought this was a Pharrell track at first! Was shocked to learn it wasn't!

  • Jared Yap
    Jared Yap 2 months ago +271

    you can see how neptunes influenced this song is. the instrumental, plus the way Tyler is bobbing his head at 3:18 reminds me of Pharrell for some reason

    • tylersgf
      tylersgf Month ago +25

      Sounds like frontin with Jay Z!! Totally see what you mean

    • sinematic06
      sinematic06 Month ago +14

      Yep it’s the same guitar lick in certain spots

    • Wolf Of Harlem
      Wolf Of Harlem Month ago +9

      @sinematic06 you are spot on!

    • baesically ‘
      baesically ‘ Month ago +1

      @tylersgf Yessss

    • 9passion
      9passion Month ago +3

      My favorite part.

  • bryce dudok van heel
    bryce dudok van heel 2 months ago +161

    Not just the music but the beautiful film work and it's rocky and tyler... doesn't get much better

  • cantbefilmingmebrutha
    cantbefilmingmebrutha 2 months ago +21711

    Seeing rocky and Tyler together never fails to make me happy

    • Fake Name 2
      Fake Name 2 2 months ago +383

      I’m really glad Rocky found Tyler after Yams passed he seemed kinda directionless

    • xoueyn
      xoueyn 2 months ago +156


    • Dreka
      Dreka 2 months ago +15


    • Him
      Him 2 months ago +21

      He the best rapper of all time

  • A guy on the internet
    A guy on the internet Month ago +77

    Tyler air drumming and grooving to Rocky’s part in this video is so satisfying. Perfectly capturing that early 2000s aesthetic

  • CarbonRider
    CarbonRider Month ago +45

    Tyler is definitely a creator. I like this track.

    MUTEVESSEL 17 days ago +8

    I’m not an OG. Flower boy was my start . But the love I developed for that record and Tyler as an artist , in retrospect it truly started my love for hip hop past a casual listener. Introducing me to records I credit with changing my life. Without saying too much I just wanna say thank you Tyler, your music shaped my early 20’s and stuck with me as I developed into the person I’m happy with now. Stay healthy, and be well

  • s p i t
    s p i t 2 months ago +68

    When I first heard that key change he does with the chords it made me feel something so familiar from 90s rnb but I can’t verbalize the feeling. Nostalgia? I’ve been playing this song nonstop for the past 48 hrs. When it isn’t playing it’s looping in my head like the soundtrack to my life rn. This song is literally so comforting, whenever Tyler drops it really makes my day so much brighter, this song feels like a hug from a friend. It keeps you on cloud 9 during work, like a secret u can always remember throughout the day & smile to yourself about wow.

    • Lowf,The Rain
      Lowf,The Rain 2 months ago +5

      Sounds like a Pharrell and timberland beat from in my mind

    • XollDerr
      XollDerr Month ago +1

      This song used to fill a hole in my heart

    • Kimira Kash
      Kimira Kash Month ago

      @Lowf,The Rainexactly

  • SomeColdSnow
    SomeColdSnow 29 days ago +5

    GODDDD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH the joy this song brings me is immense

  • ZekeNoTech
    ZekeNoTech 2 months ago +3840

    "Where do you see us on a second date?"
    Beautiful, Heart-Felt song.
    "I don't."
    Well played, Tyler.

    • Doreax
      Doreax 2 months ago +25

      For realllll

    • Belle Bonebag
      Belle Bonebag 2 months ago +87

      @Marsman Because she doesn't either

    • m3m3s
      m3m3s 2 months ago +15

      @Belle Bonebag why would she ask in that case?

  • amber saini
    amber saini 2 months ago +40

    The harmonies and vocals are amazing 💗💗💗💗

    • Logan Oskar
      Logan Oskar 2 months ago +4

      I don't listen to Tyler but this song is clicking with me so fucking hard on the very first day I listened to it, Time to dive into his discography.
      How often do you listen to the song?

    • Tone Vlone
      Tone Vlone 2 months ago


  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    These two have been some of the best inspiration/motivation I could have had in life. Visuals are crazy with all of this ⛵

  • nc
    nc 2 months ago +52

    This song is so interesting. It's as if Tyler has his own imagination in his mind envisioning his date but he instead rejects the person. Probably because he's been waiting too long for them to make up their mind, as he keeps continually asking them before he "treads too deep" and he'll be gone

    • Steve M
      Steve M Month ago +2

      Honestly, I took it as almost a dig at Rocky for not talking to him for five months. Like they could be hanging out and having fun but he's gone.

  • Isaac Schrader
    Isaac Schrader 2 months ago +7

    ASAP Rocky is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and talented rappers in the game, and his ability to shine on every feature is nothing short of impressive. Whether he's lending his skills to a trap banger or a more laid-back, melodic track, he always manages to deliver a memorable verse that showcases his unique style and flow. His versatility and ability to adapt to any beat or style is truly remarkable, and it's no wonder he's in such high demand for features. Whether he's the star of the show or just a guest appearance, ASAP Rocky always manages to make his presence felt and leave a lasting impression on any track he's on.

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 2 months ago +49

    This song has early 2000's vibes that I really love.

  • mason
    mason 2 months ago +5908

    tyler hasn’t just created his own style, he’s created his own world

    • Lovely Untamed
      Lovely Untamed 2 months ago +20

    • san bed
      san bed 2 months ago +27

      I also guess he is done pretending to be ghey

    • Matias Perez
      Matias Perez 2 months ago +111

      ​@san bed he is bisexual

    • Rock Lee
      Rock Lee 2 months ago +3

      clip-share.net/video/-3DyBTUfPsc/video.html Finally it’s Here🤠

    • DM1996
      DM1996 2 months ago +44

      U mean updated Pharrell’s style right

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 2 months ago +34

    This song has early 2000's vibes and I can't stop smiling 😂

    • V E L I
      V E L I Month ago +2

      Lmao it’s his Pharrell dance moves

    • odesa rossa
      odesa rossa Month ago +1

      and pharrell/neptunes sound too

    • AJxTheGreat
      AJxTheGreat 19 days ago


  • Ronell Deadrick
    Ronell Deadrick Month ago +6

    Such a great song ! Been on repeat!

  • MaishuDesi
    MaishuDesi 19 days ago +7

    Rocky and Tyler is honestly one of the best duos I’ve ever seen.

  • Christian Carrasquillo
    Christian Carrasquillo 26 days ago +2

    This song is so soulful hope it lasts till the end of time this song the beat the flow idk who does that last part on the song it's incredible should have done the sound a few more times in the song tho.

  • Kerbo r.i.p x
    Kerbo r.i.p x Month ago +14

    The growth in Tyler's music is highly impressive

  • rudy
    rudy 2 months ago +1463

    tyler's music videos are always so cinematic and beautifully composed

    • tehn
      tehn 2 months ago +32

      He takes lots of inspo from wes anderson so it makes sense

    • Adarshelo
      Adarshelo 2 months ago +13

      and wierd too but lovely

    • ArchiefSale
      ArchiefSale 2 months ago +3

      I like seeing the likes increase every seconds lol

    • Max Toledo
      Max Toledo 2 months ago +2

      I totally agree

  • Swanky Mo Mankey
    Swanky Mo Mankey 23 days ago +4

    He is LITERALLY keeping that space open and hope's that who he's singing about fills the gap in themselves. God damn I hope this dude finds the love he's been yearning for.

  • TheSunSeekr
    TheSunSeekr Month ago +5


  • Cody Bennett
    Cody Bennett Month ago +5

    Tyler's evolution as an artist has been crazy to watch/hear

  • viisi
    viisi Month ago +11

    No one can come near Tylers visuals, they are just so on point.

  • AWHVuurwerk
    AWHVuurwerk 2 months ago +3

    This beat is amazing

  • enor
    enor 2 months ago +1335

    Music aside, can we appreciate how beautiful these music videos are and how good of a director Tyler is? Its phenomenal and you can tell Tyler really puts his heart into everything he does now.

    • Frank Godfist
      Frank Godfist 2 months ago +4


    • jevinday
      jevinday 2 months ago +11

      This is probably my favorite of the 3 music videos he's released for the estate sale project. Probably my favorite track too. but yeah he's a great director. I don't know if he directed the music video for Earfquake but that's quickly become one of my favorite music videos, possibly one of my favorite of all time

    • WTRX
      WTRX 2 months ago +6

      Now? He always puts his heart in it

    • Park Corn
      Park Corn 2 months ago +1

      ​@jevinday he directs everything so yeah he did

  • Wand43q
    Wand43q 2 months ago +11

    Tyler never fails to make good music 🎵

  • Fresh235
    Fresh235 26 days ago +2

    Visuals & the song itself 🔥

  • Ava Susag
    Ava Susag 2 months ago +4

    this man never fails to write good music

  • JordieMotive
    JordieMotive Month ago +19

    I hope Tyler and Rocky never stop being friends who work together

  • D M A R K
    D M A R K 2 months ago +23

    this song has been stuck in my head all day 😮‍💨

  • BluFlacko
    BluFlacko 2 months ago +1930

    This is why I love Tyler, after all these years, his passion still shines through. For us older fans, we grew up with this man lol

    • Slick
      Slick 2 months ago +14

      I’m an older fan and think this sounds like a** 😂

    • neutral air / HASSON
      neutral air / HASSON 2 months ago +51

      ​@Slick Ok

  • Thee Unknown
    Thee Unknown Month ago +8

    This is such an amazing song

  • Cloud Queen
    Cloud Queen Month ago +5

    It's always amazing to see the growth of an artist you love. Each one of his albums is better than the one before.

  • TheContrarian
    TheContrarian 2 months ago +9

    Tyler represents a lot of growth for our generation I think. It wasn’t just me thrashing out to Splatter and tron cat lol. But the peace and serenity in his music these days is so damn beautiful I can’t believe how far we’ve all come lmao

  • Lynxeption
    Lynxeption 2 months ago +7

    Rocky and Tyler are my favorite duo, they never cease to amaze me when they collab 🔥

  • Kenya Collins
    Kenya Collins 5 days ago

    the visuals and the song itself just puts you in a mellow mood. 😊

  • Zane
    Zane 2 months ago +927

    Tyler’s music videos never disappoint

    • Plobey
      Plobey 2 months ago +6


    • Huhh you Talking?
      Huhh you Talking? 2 months ago +11

      The videos only been out for 20 seconds what do you mean?? 😭

    • jezza
      jezza 2 months ago +4

      @Huhh you Talking? the songs been out for 10 hours now

    • ulo
      ulo 2 months ago +1


  • Kaos Edwards
    Kaos Edwards 2 months ago +17

    I seriously can’t explain how this song makes me feel, like the video is a great demonstration of what I imagine the setting to be when I’m hearing this⛵️⛱definitely my favorite song of all time

  • SwitchWasThere
    SwitchWasThere 2 months ago +12

    Probably the song i was most excited for this year so far, Tyler never disappoints

  • Estherlyn B
    Estherlyn B Month ago +6

    I’m so obsessed with the melody of this song😍

  • Melio
    Melio 2 months ago +27

    this is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen and i used to watch yonkers as a kid i can’t believe the astronomical transformation this man has made

  • kabzimpossible
    kabzimpossible 2 months ago +5

    Cool tune. I want to hear Tyler sing it live.

    SUPERKART! 2 months ago +1354

    i feel like Tyler has been wanting to make a song/ video like this since he was a child. it's awesome to see how far he has come

    • Didi
      Didi 2 months ago +5

      tell me you manage to have the sounds of the album on youtube?

    • kebab
      kebab 2 months ago +3

      @Didi the album is on youtube

    • kebab
      kebab 2 months ago +1

      @Didi and spotify is free bro

    • Didi
      Didi 2 months ago

      @kebab on tyler's channel there ain't bro 🤨

    • Awgus
      Awgus 2 months ago +1

      ​@Didi but it has the videos generated automatically on youtube, tyler does not necessarily need to post

  • Jess
    Jess 2 months ago +4

    Simply a gorgeous song, the layering of his vocals during asaps verse sounded like a dream
    Tyler never disappoints, especially with this newer style! His development as an artist has been so amazing to watch, keep it up man!

  • Wemerson Sena
    Wemerson Sena 2 months ago +9

    Amo as músicas do Tyler pelo sentimento de nostalgia, de algo que não estava presente mas faz falta. Mas da mesma forma traz um sentimento de novos tempos, novas rotinas. Depende do estado de espírito para sentir.

  • SwedenTheGoat
    SwedenTheGoat 23 days ago +2

    I love how Tyler has unique but also clean music videos. Love you bro!

  • Jiji
    Jiji Month ago +2

    Tyler, I discovered you four years ago through your Scum Fcuk Flower Boy album and got hooked.
    Thank you for the serene music pieces, the musical journeys through each of your albums...you never disappoint 🔥. Each song you´ve released always manages to take me to take me to places my heart can only dream.
    For sticking to being originally you musically, you are appreciated.
    This Kenyan sends love from Europe 💗💗. Be Blessed!

  • Mojo Joji
    Mojo Joji 2 months ago +11

    This song has everything for it I hope people give this a re-listen

  • tj matally
    tj matally 2 months ago +1551

    the impact N.E.R.D. has had on this man is incredible. beautifully produced track

    • Julian
      Julian 2 months ago +8

      How is this inspired by NERD? Tyler’s going more the indie route

    • JB
      JB 2 months ago +197

      @Julian you need to listen to more music

    • Julian
      Julian 2 months ago +44

      @JB recommend me some G

    • Anthony Perry
      Anthony Perry 2 months ago +24

      @Julian I rate this reply! If you've got some wisdom JB, we're here for it. Open invitation to anyone reading this to put up some music y'all like, if you like :)

  • Bigchungus420
    Bigchungus420 2 months ago +17

    The whole song and video feels somewhat nostalgic, and I love it!!!!

  • Drew Pavlou
    Drew Pavlou 2 months ago +5

    Been a fan since I was 11 years old and grew up with your music. So inspiring in every single way to watch someone grow and follow their passions. Amazing

  • Julian
    Julian 2 months ago +9

    Glad to see the iconic duo back at it again releasing more heat

  • Luis Nava
    Luis Nava Month ago +5

    Esta canción es una maldita joya

    ROUNDAVE 2 months ago +4

    so much energy in all your music . Asap also coming through with full support like a samurai that has been called upon to save the day, i strongly believe next year by this time we will have some songs together

  • rys s
    rys s 2 months ago +885

    Tyler and Rocky together never disappoints

    • MarQ The Mark
      MarQ The Mark 2 months ago +6

      You can imagine how happy I was when My Two favorite rappers of all time started collaborating with each other and actually friends 😂

    • Tone Vlone
      Tone Vlone 2 months ago


  • ocean
    ocean 2 months ago +2

    with each song tyler creates and shares it gives me a euphoric feeling every time i listen to his music. never stop doing what u do tyler, u are one of the best musicians out there, supporter since goblin and ill be there until the end

  • sojuupapi
    sojuupapi 2 months ago +10

    this song has been on repeat for the 10000th time and still cant get enough

  • Paintdoors Paintingcloud
    Paintdoors Paintingcloud 23 days ago +3

    This album give such good vibes omg it makes me so happy 😭

  • Marvelous Marlen
    Marvelous Marlen Month ago +8

    Neptune's influence is strong with this one! Nice job T

  • Hallee Ambrose
    Hallee Ambrose Month ago +6

    I’m so happy I exist in a world with Tyler the creator ❤

  • Johnny Montilla
    Johnny Montilla 2 months ago +1109

    I have a feeling he’s giving signs for the next step here. He’s packed his bags and he’s off to his next destination. Giving that he packed up a Jazz record and a Jazz-infused style book i’m inclined to believe he’s gonna try and discover that sound for him. Nevertheless… He gave me magic with this album, plus the deluxe songs off it. I’m hyped as fuck!

    • Mna Mgj
      Mna Mgj 2 months ago +54

      That’s a really cool theory, I hope it’s true since he could make a bomb album using that sound

    • DietDrKelp
      DietDrKelp 2 months ago +49

      Potentially. And how the video for SORRY NOT SORRY was Tyler dressed in the same clothes from all his albums / eras and the shirtless Tyler is killing all the other Tyler’s

    • LcsInarev
      LcsInarev 2 months ago +19

      You just say this because he said in one interview he would like to make a jazz oriented album one day 😂 since that interview theres always someone finding "proofs" that hes next album gonna be a jazz album. I dont think this is a hint

    • monkeyplay 525
      monkeyplay 525 2 months ago +9

      Well especially with SORRY NOT SORRY Igor killing all of the other Tyler’s especially with the last one symbolizing an ego death so basically a new start over type thing

    • y
      y 2 months ago +1

      These are a collection of songs that didn't make the album but maybe

  • Mr. ShadowOfDeath
    Mr. ShadowOfDeath 2 months ago +4

    She and this song man Tyler never fails to disappoint

  • Tyler Doyle
    Tyler Doyle 2 months ago +3

    When my brother first showed me Tyler's Wolf album, I wasn't a fan. I decided last year to listen to Tyler's albums and I was surprised to find that I am actually in love with his work. He is a big inspiration to me and now I wish to make an album with concepts. Any recommendations for programs and or equipment would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :>

  • Kaushik Mandal
    Kaushik Mandal 2 months ago +10

    Lyrics :)
    Call Me If You Get Lost
    If God was here with us today
    I think I know what He would say (Some shit like)
    "You're so beautiful, and your lips look nice"
    Uh (Like the one on your face)
    I got a new boat, you should come with
    I got a section for your luggage
    Bring some fiction and a nightlight
    Record player and your top five
    Where we goin'? We should get lost
    No more questions, let the wharf talk, uh
    (So there's a lot goin' on, make you comfortable)
    I want you to come get lost with me
    Ask you one more time before I tread too deep (I want you)
    So can you make up your mind?
    A wave's gonna come, wave's gonna come
    So can you make up your mind?
    A wave's gonna come (I want)
    Unlike my friends, don't think I'll fall in love again
    But I'll take a chance, seclusion isn't in my plans
    Pack my shit up, time I headed back out 'cause my shit's up
    Spend it all in one out, wanna split some
    Some here with you right now
    (Whatever you want)
    If you got cold feet, it's warm by the water
    You can turn your page around, let me be the author
    Don't leave your destiny by the harbor
    (Come on, it don't gotta be like that)
    I want you (Say yes), to come get lost with me
    Ask you one more time (Say yes), before I tread too deep (I want you)
    So can you make up your mind?
    A wave's gonna come, wave's gonna come
    So can you make up your mind? (Flacko)
    A wave's gonna come (I want)
    Them bitches say I'm too conceited, they see the way I treat her
    Be my señorita, put a ring up on her finger
    Take her out the climate, somewhere to put her feet up
    Neck Valentinin', rubies, diamonds, uh
    Billionaire yacht party, climate was hot
    Baby, if you seasick, we could stop on the dock
    Yeah, lobster and calamari, caviar, um
    Lots of luggage, private boarding, carry on, um (Dance with us)
    I got a new boat, you should come with (You should come with)
    I got a section for your luggage (Luggage)
    Bring some fiction and a nightlight (Nightlight)
    Record player and your top five (Top five)
    Where we goin'? We should get lost (Get lost)
    No more questions, let the wharf talk (Wharf talk)
    Wharf talk, uh-huh
    I want you (I want you)
    To come get lost with me (Make up your mind)
    Ask you one more time (Ask you one more time)
    Before I go (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
    Before I go (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
    Before I go (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, when you gonna come?)

  • TopTierPessimist
    TopTierPessimist 2 months ago +12

    Played this after a long day of school when it came out. Healed my soul straight up.

  • Vic
    Vic Month ago +5

    When I watch Tyler's clips, I feel like I'm in an alternate universe, where sweaters and good looks seem tough and sarcastic, yet classy at the same time.

  • AzzieWazzie
    AzzieWazzie 2 months ago +234

    Tyler just never disappoints this song definitely should have been on the album

    • Bruh
      Bruh 2 months ago +1

      yup but he dropped it today

    • Obscurit_y
      Obscurit_y 2 months ago +4

      @Bruh nga the album is out

    • trin ✿
      trin ✿ 2 months ago +1

      @Bruh it’s out already on Spotify at least :)

    • Ben Hartford
      Ben Hartford 2 months ago +3

      @Obscurit_y he probably meant the og cmiygl not the deluxe

    • B Blackmon
      B Blackmon 2 months ago

      It doesn't fit that version of the album. I think it works better as a bonus joint.

    LOPPSTIRR 2 months ago +2

    oh Tyler, you don’t even know it but you were the literal background ambiance to so many of my life’s most impactful moments. Dancing with previous lovers, hangouts with the bestest of friends, recovering from my lowest points. To keep it short I just have to say thank you, and your impact is so much greater than you might know.
    ❤ I appreciate you the most

  • Bethiel
    Bethiel Month ago +3

    Singing Tyler on a hood classic background is everything I didn’t even know I needed 💃🏽💥

  • Jose Santamaria
    Jose Santamaria 2 months ago +3

    This beat just goes stupid bruhh 🔥shit is amazing

  • I Love Chicago
    I Love Chicago 2 months ago +7

    This song is so cute. I have it on replay all the time

  • sparkles
    sparkles Month ago

    this song genuinely makes me so happy

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body 2 months ago +1747

    It’s cool seeing Tyler become more comfortable with his singing voice. My mans was serenading those back vox during Rocky verse

  • Power Miller
    Power Miller 2 months ago +2

    This was soo dope tyler and rocky always a great team

  • marquise palmer
    marquise palmer 2 months ago +8

    loving this Neptune inspired ambiance. I don't mention this to compare but its just refreshing to hear, as the new age of Music is on the cusp again!

  • Christina Boggan-Young
    Christina Boggan-Young 25 days ago +1

    Love the vibe of this song. Make me happy with the video included

  • roguewho
    roguewho 2 months ago +11

    Rockys verse fits so well in this song and I love their part in the vid

  • Ellysa J !
    Ellysa J ! 2 months ago +2

    This song and "Yace - Understand” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together. I love you 💟

  • Derrick Clark
    Derrick Clark 2 months ago +878

    It’s like Tyler knows how to match a song to the colors it sounds like. He gets it, just like Pharrell does.

    • J. L.
      J. L. 2 months ago +30

      They got synesthesia

    • Kentrell Thomas-Davis
      Kentrell Thomas-Davis 2 months ago +5

      There's a chart for it

    • Dopeysnow
      Dopeysnow 2 months ago +11

      Post the chart. I’m so jealous of these dudes and Ye.

    • Tone Vlone
      Tone Vlone 2 months ago +2


    • Sava Kirilov
      Sava Kirilov 2 months ago +3

      ​@Dopeysnow Honestly, be glad you're not bipolar like kanye , that shit is a fucking curse and it's admirable he was able to accomplish anything with that weighing him down , let alone everything he has

  • Sau Yanes
    Sau Yanes 2 months ago +3

    Escuchando a Tyler desde Goblin y sinceramente que Call Me if you get lost me hizo retomar el gusto por este gran artista, y este nuevo sencillo junto a Rocky no es mas que pura crema 🔥

  • Jakkusu 3
    Jakkusu 3 2 months ago +8

    this is my favourite song in the estate sale. just so vibey ❤

  • Christopher McCoy
    Christopher McCoy Month ago +4

    People was calling me weird for bumping this man in 2011 glad he's still thriving 💯💯

  • Andrew Roblee
    Andrew Roblee 2 months ago +1

    This song is great, can't believe it wasn't on the album!

  • João Alexandre | Marketing Digital

    Você é incomparável cara

  • PandaLaMao
    PandaLaMao 2 months ago +312

    you and rocky are dangerous together. this is amazing man. a true artist.

    • MIOGYZ
      MIOGYZ  2 months ago +1

      Why you spoil bro? 😢

    • Prjkt_Icarus
      Prjkt_Icarus 2 months ago +1

      @MIOGYZ you went through the comments before watching the video?💀

    • MIOGYZ
      MIOGYZ  2 months ago +1

      @Prjkt_Icarus no It was the top comment 😭

  • Roger Silva
    Roger Silva 2 months ago +18

    Sim, mas cadê os Br pra apreciarem essa obra prima?

  • whtwht
    whtwht Month ago +1

    Incredible production. Bast reverb near the end goess hard🔥🔥🔥

  • Special KayTv
    Special KayTv 2 months ago +3

    The video made me love the song even more 🔥 such a vibe

  • Live, Love. HvshmellyyyVLOGS

    Just seeing any of these two gives me hope in life

  • devious or studious
    devious or studious 2 months ago +1

    bro is so joyous.bro is happy. bro's cinematics are so juviant. i have endless descriptions for tyler

  • Cartierpack
    Cartierpack 2 months ago +208

    This and sorry not sorry are 2 masterpieces I’m so glad we got to hear

    • Deoxsis
      Deoxsis 2 months ago +2

      His songs better bts

    • Shinbo
      Shinbo 2 months ago +3

      @Deoxsis we already know that

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    Maverick Magann Month ago +1

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  • Ellysa J !
    Ellysa J ! 2 months ago +1

    This song and "Understand” By Yace are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together. I love you ♥️

  • Bradley Lewis
    Bradley Lewis 2 months ago +1

    Bridges are so important & Tyler gets it!. Super refreshing stuff.