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HW News - RTX 4090 Shown, DDR5 Price Drops, Intel A750 & A770 Specs Official

  • Published on Nov 27, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • GamingGaming

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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  2 months ago +118

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  • HWstar
    HWstar 2 months ago +2205

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      TCPUDPATM PORTS 2 months ago

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    • Nerds Unscripted
      Nerds Unscripted 2 months ago

      @Gamers Nexus I can see it now “announcement: everyone, tomorrow we’re uploading a video detailing the impending announcements of announcements, thank you for watching this announcement of announcement of announcement announcements”

    • Rock Lee_MC
      Rock Lee_MC 2 months ago

      Your meetings about the next meeting must be really something special.

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 2 months ago

      I announced the announcement to announce the announcements

    • Benjamin Reese
      Benjamin Reese 2 months ago

      I just went to a Nine Inch Nails concert last weekend. It was bomb.

  • Ricky Sargulesh
    Ricky Sargulesh 2 months ago +742

    Those 4090's might just come in time to heat my room here in Europe during winter. Nvidia always consumer focused first.👍

    • Mark Semple
      Mark Semple 2 months ago

      @Chanting In The Dark he was making a sarcastic joke.

    • AlienRenders
      AlienRenders 2 months ago +1

      I was able to detect sarcasm on the Internet. It's a miracle. Props to OP :)

    • Kyle
      Kyle 2 months ago

      I know! How did they know I live in a cabin with an electric heater? Now I don't even have to run it, my 3080 12gb heats the room just fine!

    • Budget King
      Budget King 2 months ago

      too bad electricity price is up just as much as gas lol

    • Mustang 0524
      Mustang 0524 2 months ago +1

      @Daniel Chettiar Trump warned Germany about this exact thing a few years ago and they laughed at him. SMH

  • informitas 0
    informitas 0 2 months ago +630

    I hope so badly that ARC won't be canceled. I wish Intel will become even near competitive.

    • billyhatcher643
      billyhatcher643 2 months ago

      im told that the arc gpus dont even have direct x 9 support at all they just emulate it so its not real direct x 9

    • lll
      lll 2 months ago +1

      ​@D AMD is not a budget champion, they just copy Nvidia prices. remember how they were embarrassed on 5700xt launch and had to play it off as "jebaited", they wanted to price it higher but couldn't because Nvidia struck first. nobody thought there will ever be a $1000 AMD GPU but here we are. if AMD has competitive or even superior product (like RDNA3) they would price it accordingly, it's just business. same with Ryzen, the fleecing started right when they took the crown with zen3 and intel was floundering.

    • lll
      lll 2 months ago

      ​@Elkarlo77 intel DG1 (basically an iGPU on steroids) was supposed to be a testbed, and that was released in 2020. their big mistake was reusing iGPU drivers for Alchemist thinking the arch is similar enough but that proved wrong, plus it had silicon bugs. Arc was supposed to come out more than a year ago, now it's just too late, nobody wants those cards because the GPU shortage is long gone.

    • D
      D 2 months ago

      @George Jones Knowing Nvidia, they will find a way to drive prices up. Hence why I go AMD as I am not keen on the way Nvidia behaves at times with its business practices.

    • Elkarlo77
      Elkarlo77 2 months ago

      Me too, the Arc A770 doesn't look bad. It may land in the RX 6700 XT and RTX 3070TI region, upscaled from the A380 3D Mark points. That won't be even bad. As it lands in the mass market spott. When it's cancelt because the A380 got bad press then Intel is Dumb. The A380 was the Driver Testbed, to get the drivers out running for the Midclass Cards.

  • Old Guy
    Old Guy 2 months ago +106

    I miss the days when $70-120 got you a solid motherboard.

    • Crateer
      Crateer 2 months ago

      @le4che henry well cpu prices are absolutely fine though 😂

    • le4che henry
      le4che henry 2 months ago

      @Budget King this is some of the shadiest shit you could ever pull lmao

      MACHINE 2 months ago +1

      if you cant get creative with that price range i feel sorry for you

    • BAD comment BOT
      BAD comment BOT 2 months ago

      @MGR lol

    • BAD comment BOT
      BAD comment BOT 2 months ago

      @Migernation they suck tho

  • CarthagoMike
    CarthagoMike 2 months ago +196

    It took a few months, but second-hand GPU's are starting to finally hard-flood the 2nd hand market down here in Europe.
    I can't blame Nvidia for postponing a large part of their launch, given it will be hard to compete with their own previous-gen GPU's in the mid and low end.
    Let alone Intel Arc.

    • Emulation_Junkies
      Emulation_Junkies 2 months ago +1

      @Gabriel Pinto Hey don't buy a second hand Gigabyte GPU. Their warranty is non transferable just like the founders

    • Paul Lasky
      Paul Lasky 2 months ago

      @Charley Weinhardt 😂 🤡

    • Charley Weinhardt
      Charley Weinhardt 2 months ago +1

      Hold the line!

    • danimayb
      danimayb 2 months ago +1

      In UK, Yes prices have dropped like a brick on the used market! Like these crazy couple years never happened lol. I totally feel for my brother man, Only a few months ago he purchased an RTX 2060 because it was just the best deal going for his budget at £430! Now they £200 or under, And you can buy a 3070 or even 3080 for the money he paid 😂 🤦‍♂

    • soupdragon
      soupdragon 2 months ago

      Yeah, god forbid that they should forgo some of their huge margins of profit. What heroes.

  • Juan Morales
    Juan Morales 2 months ago +251

    The rounded edges of the 4090 looks... interesting? I wonder if other brands will do what zotac did or is doing

    • Emulation_Junkies
      Emulation_Junkies 2 months ago

      It sort of reminds me of the PNY 30 series. The Revel. Ive had a 3090 for over a year and its an amazing card, just not great looking imo.

    • Jalex
      Jalex 2 months ago

      Oof! They’re seriously rivalling the Asus Noctua fans for sheer heft & I’m here for it! 😅

    • Mr. Swada
      Mr. Swada 2 months ago

      @Aymen In my experience, their 3090s run cooler than most of the competition.

    • 1320x𒀰灬 𒍜灬𒁏灬𒈟灬 𒆎灬 𒇸灬 𒋦灬𒅄灬𒀱灬
    • Christoffer REdfielfd
      Christoffer REdfielfd 2 months ago +1

      @Aymen zotac amp holo extreme is as good or better than suprim x and better than rog strix so where do you gets this from?

  • Claudiu Lucian
    Claudiu Lucian 2 months ago +91

    7:00 just 5 slots cards? We should have a separate full tower case just for next gen Nvidia GPUs

    • Hasso Sigbjoernson
      Hasso Sigbjoernson 2 months ago +11

      The return of the big towers! Finally, it pays off that I kept mine from the 90's. Solid as bunker, no RGB, heavy as hell ... and ready for RTX! ;o)

  • Charles Snyder
    Charles Snyder 2 months ago +68

    I'm not sure I understand the general feeling that Intel might just cancel their whole GPU project after launching one low end SKU that had a bunch of predictable problems. I'd assume expectations were set internally considering how up front they were publicly as well.

    • Trevor Lam
      Trevor Lam 2 months ago

      Youre looking at this wrong...the problem is that they are too far behind. Arc can't even compete with the low end ampere cards which are getting superceded RIGHT NOW. So they are 2 generations behind technically...while we are moving into a recession....while crypto is crashing...while there is an unprecedented glut of cards in the retail and used market. Do you get it now?

    • SteveAkaGoatpile
      SteveAkaGoatpile 2 months ago

      Apparently there are issues at the hardware level, so they can't fix them with driver updates.

    • Joseph Arata
      Joseph Arata 2 months ago

      @None Business mining is a really dangerous place to be right now. Governments are coming down on cryptographic currency and are in to lockup anyone who's not paid their taxes on the trade of such currency. They're also trying to build their own that they can force everyone to use and ban all other payment methods that aren't digital. Everyone is going to just stand there and take it, or we're going to end up with a civil war because of class inequality.

    • None Business
      None Business 2 months ago

      Alchemist launch was repeatedly delayed. If there are any execution problems with Battlemage, it likely won't be profitable either without another mining boom. And even Celestial might not do too well. So we might be looking at three or four years before the graphics division will turn a profit.
      Meanwhile Intel's margins have been suffering and last quarter they actually posted a loss. If everything else was going well, investing hundreds of millions for a chance to turn a profit in a few years would be acceptable, but as is Intel is looking to cut costs (they already axed Optane).

    • sephondranzer
      sephondranzer 2 months ago +2

      Upper management and investors, in short. These perspectives are hard to explain to investors who want all the products they invest in to profit. This leads upper management manage as though they are driven by investment first, thus scrapping it.

  • Ben Rogue
    Ben Rogue 2 months ago +53

    Those AM5 motherboard prices are painful! Combined with the higher price of decent DDR5, the crazy price of PCI-e 4.0 and 5.0 M.2 drives of any decent capacity, the question of next gen 12vo power supplies, and not to mention everything else in life. I'm sure there will be enough reasons to deter a lot of potential buyers... I've stuck with my Ryzen 2700X since launch, so I might just upgrade to a 5000 series CPU when I can snatch one up with a promotion, and wait a few more years for things to improve

    • BiscuitPuncher
      BiscuitPuncher 2 months ago

      Same. I was waiting to build something and think it will be with current / out going gen for the next two cycles to save some cash and let the market stabilize.

    • JJayzX
      JJayzX 2 months ago +1

      @Walter Elías Chamie DDR5 just came out it ridiculous to say, "oh just wait til DDR6". That's like how many years away and it will come with its own expenses and issues early on just like everything else new.

    • Walter Elías Chamie
      Walter Elías Chamie 2 months ago

      LMID did report that MoBo vendors would inflate the prices a lot for the first months, so I'd suggest to wait till final prices.
      That being said, having already an AM4 plalform, better stay on it at least till DDR6 gets to the market. Get the 5k and avoid buying more stuff than necessary.

    • Redemz
      Redemz 2 months ago +3

      X670E is a rip off so its not surprising. B650 will be where the value is at.

    • Flabby Tabby
      Flabby Tabby 2 months ago +1

      You don't have to use PCIe 4.0 drives, in fact I haven't even topped out PCIe 3.0 bandwidth for my usage. Most people don't need those high speeds. Exceeded SATA limits we have, but NVME, far from it.

  • Jay Maverick
    Jay Maverick 2 months ago +81

    Truly, this was one of the announcements to ever be announced.

  • Brakiri
    Brakiri 2 months ago +13

    These M5 prices are insane. I think I will wait for the 5800x3d to come down and upgrade on M4. Otherwise you would shell out over a thousand bucks just for MB, DDR5 and CPU alone..just crazy

    • Laurel Sporter
      Laurel Sporter 2 months ago +1

      The B chipset (s) will come, and DDR5 is already trending downwards. Early adopters always pay more. Pretty normal, it's just more exaggerated than the past couple cycles, due to choosers, CPUs, power, and IO standards all coming at once. I'm surprised how little inflation has affected prices, so far, TBH.

  • CamoTech
    CamoTech 2 months ago +28

    Fantastic announcement of future announcements and real stuff. Thank you! ☺️
    The Intel A770 looks nice.

  • TractorMonkey with JL
    TractorMonkey with JL 2 months ago +45

    GPU's are getting so big they will start needing their own case.

    • Pedro Duran
      Pedro Duran 2 months ago +2

      @Ryan more like water cooled gpus.

    • Gjermund Skogstad Lingås
      Gjermund Skogstad Lingås 2 months ago +1

      @Andrew T An pci-e slot is like twice the length of a parallel port? I can see this happening.

    • Hasso Sigbjoernson
      Hasso Sigbjoernson 2 months ago +1

      The answer is a big tower from the late 90s/ early 2000s with the space from the hard drives used for the graphics card. Maybe we get a new wave of riser cables with RBG ;o)

    • Andrew T
      Andrew T 2 months ago +3

      We'll need the eSATA equivalent of PCIe, that's not USB/TB. Just a straight up external PCIe x16 port.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 months ago +6

      External GPUs will become standard.

  • SSpider41
    SSpider41 2 months ago +62

    5090 will require a whole itx case for just itself.

    • BAD comment BOT
      BAD comment BOT 2 months ago

      @sihotech I hope so

    • Sovereignty of Voyagers
      Sovereignty of Voyagers 2 months ago

      @sihotech Seeing these potential future prices I don't think anyone would be able to afford to even buy a GPU to play a game with in the future.

    • sihotech
      sihotech 2 months ago +2

      Europeans won't be able to afford to play games in the future.

    • klfjoat
      klfjoat 2 months ago +3

      External GPUs, here we come!

    • Mend Amar
      Mend Amar 2 months ago +1

      @Morpheus then the 8090 will require nuclear power plant just to keep running your GPU

  • Nunya Beeswax
    Nunya Beeswax 2 months ago +6

    I don't really have too much of a problem with GPUs being so thick nowadays, 450 watt heat loads within the constraints of a single- or dual-width card isn't very feasible. But if you're going to take up four slots of space, at least use a four-slot PCIe bracket to give the GPU extra support and reduce sag. It's not as though the extra slots can be used for anything regardless.

  • Mo Ka
    Mo Ka 2 months ago +14

    When seeing those prices, I am somehow happy, that I have a ryzen 5000 CPU, which runs well and will probably get me through the next couple of years.

    • Jalex
      Jalex 2 months ago

      Feel the same way about my 12700k. Hopefully won’t have to upgrade for a good 4-5 years now. GPUs appear to be playing a long game of catch up, esp. @ 4K

  • Hombremaniac
    Hombremaniac 2 months ago +14

    Well, if mobos for new Ryzens are really going to be crazy expensive, then I'm gonna buy previous gen Ryzen on DDR4. Sure, M4 socket is dead, but that does not mean I could not build new rig based on M4 Ryzen that would comfortably last me for 5-6 years. And I assume prices will go further down once new Ryzens are out. So it might be a win for budget conscious gamers.

  • dieselbaby
    dieselbaby 2 months ago +45

    I love how only Gamers Nexus is dropping their videos at like 5:30 am randomly. Because I'm a weirdo and I'm awake, so rock on. Stay awesome, Steve and crew.

    • Crateer
      Crateer 2 months ago +1

      Ever heard of this thing called "time zones"?

    • BeetleBuns
      BeetleBuns 2 months ago +4

      this one released around 0800 in NC where they're headquartered

    • Mekaniac
      Mekaniac 2 months ago +6

      They've got an international audience too so it all works out

    • JasonLeBron 23
      JasonLeBron 23 2 months ago +2

      Yeah i like the vids at 2:20 pm 😅 i just started to think what i should watch at work 🤣

  • IIxVxII
    IIxVxII 2 months ago +4

    I've ran iCue for a while now and its been getting better over time. With that being said, connecting your house lighting to your PC might just be a bit much. On the flip side though, if you ever wanted a super immersive flashbang in BF or MW, now is your chance!

  • SharkeyBruhaha
    SharkeyBruhaha 2 months ago +3

    Yes, interested in the new JSAUX dock. Really enjoy their existing dock, and would be neat to have one with storage specifically for the games that I don't see myself doing solely on the deck screen.

  • SmithN' Wesson
    SmithN' Wesson 2 months ago +6

    I hope AMD steps up with the RX 7000 Series. Nvidia is just adding more and more power draw.

  • Godyr
    Godyr 2 months ago +2

    Intel and AMD struggling to fight NVDA for market share simply shows how dominant CUDA is, but I do hope ARC is here to stay and specifically geared to fight for mid/low range card market share. Competitively priced mid/low range cards is great for budget consumers.

  • Jett Fastballs
    Jett Fastballs 2 months ago

    I finally pulled the trigger on my red GN mousepad. Thanks for all you do GN!! Been watching you guys for two years now. Trusty, reliable, and funny, y'all made a noob much less intimidated to build a PC back in the day. Love what ya do, keep it up!

  • Snackdad_Jules
    Snackdad_Jules 2 months ago

    "Some of these are actually cool improvements" said in the most unconvincing way. Spectacular.
    Love me some Tech news!

  • HWI
    HWI 2 months ago +2

    DDR5 has really come down in price a lot over the last 6 months. Picked up a 2x16GB DDR5 5600 CL36 for only $35 more than 2x16GB DDR4 3600 CL16 a couple weeks ago for a recent built.
    On a separate note, really hoping Intel executes 5 and 7 series Arc successfully. I'm really looking forward to more competition in the GPU market.
    And I can't let this video go without saying how crappy Corsair's iCUE software is. I don't want it on my PC, let alone controlling the lights in my house.

  • Sav
    Sav 2 months ago

    With the monstrous size of GPU, I imagine we're going to see external mounted options getting extravagant. GN designed external mount?

  • GCAT01 Living
    GCAT01 Living 2 months ago +23

    GPU companies trying to nest announcements and see who can get the longest runtime.

  • Dumiso Siwawa
    Dumiso Siwawa 2 months ago +63

    14:36 small correction, MSI did actually have the MEG X570 GODLIKE and it cost $699.99at launch

    • Blissy1175
      Blissy1175 2 months ago

      I was about to say, I almost bought an x570 godlike but it was out of stock when I was building my pc lmao. I definitely remember the 700~ price tho, so I nearly choked at the 1300$ price tag

    • H. D.
      H. D. 2 months ago +1

      @Chopper Krios Same here, did a double-take and looked at my PC.

    • 5Federline
      5Federline 2 months ago +2

      @Chopper Krios 🤣🤣🤣 that maybe DevilLike

    • Chopper Krios
      Chopper Krios 2 months ago +9

      This^ I was about to ask... If x570 didn't have a godlike then what's in my PC?

    • Martin Quintana
      Martin Quintana 2 months ago +6

      Correct! They removed it from their site after

  • rg1124nov
    rg1124nov 2 months ago +2

    The icue Phillips integration is pretty cool! Don’t really trust the software but the idea is definitely solid. Especially if you have like a dedicated gaming room or for a streamer maybe. Good aesthetics (according to your taste of course)

  • A Fistful of 4K
    A Fistful of 4K 2 months ago

    Wireless VR already works quite well. The compression's definitely there - you see it a little in smoke etc - but it's totally fine. It's better quality than cloud gaming when I last tried it.

  • Browser
    Browser 2 months ago +1

    I think like a lot of people, it's nice to see another brand/company try to jump into the GPU market and try give amd/nvidia some competition or at least people another option. I think a lot of us are fed up to hell of both nvidia & amd's general behavior especially over the last 2 years
    No doubt a big uphill battle for Intel, but I think I speak for all of us when I say.. more power to the win to them

  • Master
    Master 2 months ago +11

    Yeah that looks like a decent heater..... I will pass on that one.
    Hopefully the 4060/4070 will be efficient and not too expensive

    • canaconn23
      canaconn23 2 months ago +1

      you know it won't be efficient nor cheap.

  • Doc Legendary
    Doc Legendary 2 months ago +2

    Just would like to say, I enjoy the Steam Deck related coverage. Also excited about wireless VR and WiFi 7 potentially helping enabling this. I remain dubious of Nvidia's announcement of announcements of a new high demand, low supply and overpriced 4080. ;)

  • Clayton Paterson
    Clayton Paterson 2 months ago +1

    Great video more informative than a Linus tech tip I’ll be watching the gpu tear down next for sure

  • Seth Najmon
    Seth Najmon 2 months ago +1

    Would definitely like to see more details on that Steam Deck dock with the M.2 slot and other Steam Deck docks as well!

  • Thomas Giles
    Thomas Giles 2 months ago +58

    Nvidia should announce the 4000 series, not through a press conference, but by telling random streamers in a whisper and telling them to "pass it on"

    • Bacon Revolution
      Bacon Revolution 2 months ago

      @Thomas Giles 👍

    • Thomas Giles
      Thomas Giles 2 months ago

      @Bacon Revolution more Yin Yang twins

    • Bacon Revolution
      Bacon Revolution 2 months ago

      @Flabby Tabby I mean true

    • jyrolys6
      jyrolys6 2 months ago

      That would totally be believable and not give a scam/spam/bot/hacked account vibe. Assuming streamers even read whispers.

    • Flabby Tabby
      Flabby Tabby 2 months ago +5

      @Bacon Revolution Ultimately, the announcement will turn into some crazy conspiracy about the green people scheming something.

  • Jono SSD
    Jono SSD 2 months ago +287

    The year is 2052 and Nvidia just unveiled its GeForce 34000 series: a minibar sized graphics card that doubles as a heater.

    • Andrea
      Andrea 2 months ago

      @N H Bill wants to kill us all slowly and earn money doing it.

    • N H
      N H 2 months ago +1

      Gonna need it after Bill Gates blocks out the sun and launches the earth into a new ice age

    • Eduardo Meli
      Eduardo Meli 2 months ago

      Year is 2152. Nvidia announces a GPU that hooks up directly into your neighborhood's high voltage line, and connects through your computer through wifi 23. Despite the fact that the GPU is not phisically in your household and has the computational power of a supercomputer, Nvidia still does not allow SR-IOV and therefore cannot be shared in said neighborhood.

    • Andrea
      Andrea 2 months ago

      It was 2010 and it was callet GTX 480

    • Chairman Wang
      Chairman Wang 2 months ago

      Sold, I get a free Gpu with a heater? Now that’s economical

  • Vain Games
    Vain Games 2 months ago +1

    great episode. i love my steam deck, but until they fix the 4k resolution when 'docked' to external display i don't think i'll be using one. that said, i'd be curious about the performance of an external m.2 to at least know if it's worth it.

  • OmNomz of Chainsaws
    OmNomz of Chainsaws 2 months ago

    I would love to see what the m.2 dock would do. It would be great for games you only want to play on a TV or for people's daily driver a backup hub to plug into. Also, if it's good, and gets a favorable review someone will be smart enough to actually put a dual video output on the dock instead of the single video output and really compete with steam's proposed dock.

  • OugaBoogaShockwave
    OugaBoogaShockwave 2 months ago

    the 40 series rtx is freaking massive.
    if this continues the gpu will need it's own PC case, this is getting ridiculous size wise.

  • Larry Moran
    Larry Moran 2 months ago

    Sept. 20, 2022 - Great video as always. Thanks Gamers Nexus. I am REALLY interested in the JSAUX docking station.. but not for a Steam Deck. I'm more interested in the ability to use an M.2 memory stick with my PCs without having to plant one in my motherboard, and, it offers other outlets like USB and HDMI. I know that "operators are standing by", over at JSAUX. (actually, I'm going to do a Google search). So I'm going to hustle over there and find out if this dock can be used with my full tower desktop PC.s.. or.. maybe even my Chromebook. 🎵🎵The more you know..🎵🎵😁

  • Robert Lawrence
    Robert Lawrence 2 months ago

    I hope Intel releases some 900 series GPUs too. Give consumers options of decent 4k gaming from Intel too.

  • Markdude701
    Markdude701 2 months ago

    Great video folks! I'd be super into the Steamdeck dock. I've been looking to buy/3d model and print one myself.

  • Grant Martin
    Grant Martin 2 months ago +5

    I've been using a different dock by JSaux, it's been working well. The automatic mounting will be something nice to be added to the Steam OS itself too.

    • Shadow 133
      Shadow 133 2 months ago +1

      I don't think I need m2 slot, happy to get cheap SD cards. But I would buy their standard hdmi, usb dock if it had a gigabit port.

  • Michaels Carport
    Michaels Carport 2 months ago

    Finally things I'm interested in are getting closer. Intel arc, ddr5 more mainstream, atx 3.0 and Intel gen 14. Yes, I'm waiting for gen 14 as hopefully they'll have fully ditched ddr4 by then and more solidified the next gen socket pin count. Going to keep my gen 7 until then. Also my gtx1060. I really don't g.a.s. about nvidia anymore right now.

  • kirk lawrence
    kirk lawrence 2 months ago

    Going to be interesting with the flood of used GPU's starting to hit the market.

  • Kisai Yuki
    Kisai Yuki 2 months ago

    That ASRock thing is really strange, but my guess is that they had the boards made before they had the expected timings finalized so they used a longer memory timing strategy.

  • castform5
    castform5 2 months ago +6

    The wifi 7 thing seems really cool, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what it can be used for. VR is obvious, but since it can't penetrate shit, and probably will need a directional antenna, the use of the faster speed is very limited.

    • Sherman Herritt
      Sherman Herritt 2 months ago

      @Deliveredmean42 Yeah, this just makes wifi do what it was always intended to do, better. It was never about making your internet access faster, it was about making your cordless setup in your home more useful. Plex type home setups are becoming more popular, alongside streaming to your gaming devices; which are becoming more friendly as handheld platforms. I doubt the difference between 2gz and 5gz will be night and day for the majority of things, but it might be the difference between a full house of users bogging a system down, or getting the most out of your high end hardware for 1 person.

    • Deliveredmean42
      Deliveredmean42 2 months ago

      It end up being like a limited physical cable to a degree now, huh?

  • Blissy1175
    Blissy1175 2 months ago

    Interested in the 40-series cards just to see how much changes but I will probably stick to my 3080 for at least another year for the inevitable ti interations or the 50 series if gains aren't that big, but I'm definitely going in for the am5 platform. 7950x looks like a great upgrade.

  • Resto Ron
    Resto Ron 2 months ago +2

    MSI has long been known for gouging the public but this is over the top even for them. I wonder how much of this is early adopter tax and the price will drop after the first of the year?

  • Uther
    Uther 2 months ago +6

    Holy crap, I guess I will be running my 7700k for a bit longer till I can save up to buy something new. Thanks again for the news Gamers Nexus!

    • NavySeal2k
      NavySeal2k 2 months ago +1

      I went from a 2600k to a 3600, brace yourself the next 1-2 years will be brutal ;) But the jump in quality of gaming was mind boggeling. Went from 2600k and a GTX680(1680x1050) to a 3600 5700XT(3440x1440)

  • Isaac Trimble-Pederson
    Isaac Trimble-Pederson 2 months ago

    I’d probably use a standard Steam Deck dock, and plan to buy one when I can afford one, but I don’t believe I’d spring for one with an M.2 expansion. Seems like a better deal to just install a high capacity microSD, since that would let me carry many extra games and retain them in portable use. (Or, take apart the steam deck, and expand that M.2, for the same reason).

  • JEM Tank
    JEM Tank 2 months ago

    The ASRock issue makes sense, they sometimes can be a little wonky in the beginning but they stabilize pretty nicely after release from my experience compared to MSI and ASUS

  • Charley Weinhardt
    Charley Weinhardt 2 months ago

    8:00 I'm thinking some of these 4000 series cards are going to need to come with support options for how much they're going to sag over time!
    I have a little per under the end of my TUF 3080, it needs it.

  • rararawr619
    rararawr619 2 months ago

    I wanna say my x370 gaming pro carbon AC was $180 and I know my x570 Unify was $300. So for those to double in price is just pure insanity. Meanwhile the 16 core chip that would make the most use of those boards has gone down $50-100 from its previous generations

  • Franken J Stein
    Franken J Stein 2 months ago +2

    Just checked Microcenter and Amazon. A lot of DDR5 prices are almost 50% off. About $750 for 128 gb.

  • Mariusz Sukiennik
    Mariusz Sukiennik 2 months ago +1

    I'm really interested in A580, cannot wait for GN to do some benchmarks when they get their hands on it ^___^

  • jake20479
    jake20479 2 months ago +1

    once you lock in XMP settings you should be enabling Fast Boot to skip memory training. if your bios retrains memory, its likely to change tertiary timings that you wont notice causing instability. and it will do this 100%.

  • Aaron Abraham
    Aaron Abraham 2 months ago

    AMD boards might be more expensive as they tend to release fewer sockets than Intel, so board manufacturers might have to up their price to compensate.

  • joker927
    joker927 2 months ago

    My most anticipated next gen GPU version is anything water-cooled and especially an open loop water block version. These GPUs beg for slim, efficient water cooling and the massive air coolers must be a significant portion of the cost, just to be ripped off and discarded. I really want an out of the box option for folks looking to water cool. One can dream...

  • Plague Doc
    Plague Doc 2 months ago

    I honestly cant wait to see the performance of the 4080 and 4090. As I need to get a brand new rig anyway.

  • digizilla164
    digizilla164 2 months ago +1

    With the way video cards are increasing pretty soon we'll be back to computers taking up an entire room.

  • Austin Hibdon
    Austin Hibdon 2 months ago +5

    I would definitely like some coverage of that steam deck dock that you mentioned. I was planning on constructing something very similar once I got my Steam Deck

  • Slick Plays
    Slick Plays 2 months ago

    Love the humor you have in these videos! Love all the content!!

  • Nathanael Forlorn
    Nathanael Forlorn 2 months ago +1

    Honestly with prices like these for boards and ddr5, it's probably best to go am4 and B450 for team red. Still. In almost 2023. It's nuts.
    Or ofc 12000 Intel series.

  • Maximilian Morse
    Maximilian Morse 2 months ago +18

    I paid under $150 for an open-box X370 Crosshair board a few years ago, crazy how expensive they've gotten.

    • Mason
      Mason 2 months ago

      I guess one thing to look out for will be the b650 models that usually follow a few months later. Hopefully they will be a bit cheaper once they are out for a few months after the early adopters go trigger happy. So basically if you want a reasonable price we will need to wait a bit. Not a bad idea since they can post some bios updates and work out bugs on new platform. I will prob wait for next gen since I upgraded my b350 with ryzen 5700x a few months ago.

    • KaleidoDeer
      KaleidoDeer 2 months ago

      Yeah I said fuck it and chose to get a Strix z590-e for $180 to upgrade from my Z170-A board. The cost of getting a new cpu, mobo, and ddr5 is just way too high to do all together with this gen.

    • Sherman Herritt
      Sherman Herritt 2 months ago +3

      @Mason When enthusiast boards used to be $250 ..... nostalgia.

    • Mason
      Mason 2 months ago +5

      I doubt many people will buy entry level motherboards for $300 dollars.

  • Zane Gale
    Zane Gale 2 months ago +1

    On the battery life, with low lighting on my G915, it's 120 hours, so 50 hours isn't that crazy honestly. with lights off, 1,000+ hours (estimated at least). Glad to see some more low profile mechanical keyboards on the market for sure now, and they were smart too not use optical switches like Razer (Which for sure has the worst battery life outta the bunch)

  • Xellaz
    Xellaz 2 months ago

    Man this channel blew up really fast this past year or two. I remember when Steve has like less than 100k subscribers. Keep it up! 👍

  • Ciuy R
    Ciuy R 2 months ago +6

    I just love it when they announce that they will make an announcement at which they will announce the next announcement about something that i already forgot and don`t care

  • Jay Tea
    Jay Tea 2 months ago

    Just WOW on those board prices... Kinda makes me want to just get a laptop for my next build and call it a day.

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark 2 months ago +1

    Looks like I will go with Intel for the board and cpu the next time i build a pc. Cost is important so AMD is not competitive anymore in that respect for good( not stripped) parts

  • Alfredo Alves
    Alfredo Alves 2 months ago

    If it makes you feel better about the Silverstone name, "HELA" could refer to the Norse goddess more commonly referred to as Hel. Also, Amazon has their 2050W HELA PSU listed as well.

  • Mr. Moʀɖɛռ
    Mr. Moʀɖɛռ 2 months ago +5

    Since we're talking about announcements of announcements I thought I'd mention that Microsoft recently updated the updater in Windows 11.

  • Ultimatebubs
    Ultimatebubs 2 months ago +1

    I've decided to ignore these video card leaks until the products are actually available at retail. No reason to get my hopes up over vaporware.

  • Clipse D
    Clipse D 2 months ago +1

    charging $2000 for a graphics card and then releasing another one the next year tells me the price tag is not justified. the technology is either jumping so much fast that the original msrp should be lower or the price is justified based on time to develop new technology. same thing with phones

  • JonathosDX
    JonathosDX 2 months ago

    I could see the NVMe dock being useful if it's relatively seamless. Given how easy using SD cards is I hope the experience is similar to that.

    • Laurel Sporter
      Laurel Sporter 2 months ago

      It can't be worse than 1st-gen Displayport over USB docks, that's for sure.

  • Michel van Briemen
    Michel van Briemen 2 months ago +12

    If Arc really is buggered into a bin, I'd love to know how it got to that point.

    • Sherman Herritt
      Sherman Herritt 2 months ago +2

      They Nintendo'd themselves, without any first party IP to carry it.
      You don't release sup par graphics cards at the end of the life of your two other competitors for that generation because you were expecting the mining market to not swtich over and die like it said it was going to do all year.

    • osbert
      osbert 2 months ago +1

      "Raja Koduri"

  • Paul_Sleeping
    Paul_Sleeping 2 months ago

    Lian Li’s o11d evo and evo xl cases are probably going to be the best enclosures for these new generation of cpus and gpus. The side mounting for the gpu will exhaust the hot air directly out of the case and keep the interior of the case cool.

  • MPL
    MPL 2 months ago

    Motherboard makers are likely charging more because AMD has chosen to support their chipset for a longer period of time. I don’t remember where, but I heard this was an issue for AMD’s motherboard partners with the current generation of motherboards.

  • Bagline
    Bagline 2 months ago

    Wireless VR seems doable with 5Gbps and compression. The bigger problem I think would be latency, I can't imagine the drunk effect bad latency would have in VR lol.

  • Ye Old Gognard
    Ye Old Gognard 2 months ago +7

    Remember kids, there is an early adopter tax. It sounds like it's going to be significant this time on AM5 motherboards

    • Emulation_Junkies
      Emulation_Junkies 2 months ago

      I hope it brings us cheaper 5000 series. Would be nice to actually have a competitor in the low end sector. The 12100f smokes everything in their lower tier for $100.

  • D Jaquith
    D Jaquith 2 months ago +4

    You can't get mad at OEMs for not leaking data, but I can't wait to see the benchmarking of the RTX 40 series lineup!

  • Chaos Engineered
    Chaos Engineered 2 months ago

    X670 board prices are utterly bonkers. I had planned on going from my X370 and R71700 to a B650 and R5 7600. Looks like I will be going B550 and R5 5600? I will see an improvement on my RX 6700XT, but I was hoping to jump to Zen 4 and DDR5. I don't want to spend more for a barebone kit of Board CPU RAM than I did my entire previous system build.

  • The Raddest Scorpion
    The Raddest Scorpion 2 months ago +48

    Man, they REALLY don't want people buying PCs, do they?
    JFC I'm not upgrading my machine in years, things going this way.
    If you're going to charge me this much, the performance upgrade needs to be much higher.

    • bob dol69
      bob dol69 2 months ago

      @The Raddest Scorpion yeah it just ended up being one of those things where i felt inclined to wait one more generation, and got lucky by doing so

    • The Raddest Scorpion
      The Raddest Scorpion 2 months ago

      @bob dol69 well, I suppose different markets. Here in Europe I saw the 3080s go for MSRP for at least a couple of weeks.
      Of course by waiting you're going to get a better deal, but you also have to endure crappier performance relative to the state-of-the-art while you don't upgrade.
      First world problems and all that.

    • bob dol69
      bob dol69 2 months ago

      @The Raddest Scorpion im still not totally sure what youre saying, the 3000 series released during the mining hayday and 3080s were contested from launch. the 3090s were actually 300$ more on launch than the 4090s will be, not to mention i can get any one of them that i want on launch. the problem with getting a 3080 was that it was a nominal increase from the 2080s, and it came at a bad time for a "generational" upgrade. getting a 4000 series card will cover the new GTA, the new elder scrolls, the top end of cyberpunk, etc. really anything with an open ended graphics slider. i mean, even if you had a 3090, this would be a 2-4x performance upgrade. im not sure why anyone would pass up moving to this generation. i didnt miss the boat, i got a 2-4x better boat by waiting a little longer...

    • The Raddest Scorpion
      The Raddest Scorpion 2 months ago

      @bob dol69 I mean you haven't been able to get a 3080 for MSRP for a while, so you should have bought one on release, if you wanted to spend the same kind of money you spent on your current graphics card, but double your performance.
      That's what I mean you missed the boat.

    • bob dol69
      bob dol69 2 months ago

      @The Raddest Scorpion what do you mean missed the boat? the 4090s will be the same price as the 3090s were. maybe even slightly cheaper because nvidia over-ordered on boards when mining was hot.
      my point is that this is probably the first, justified generational increase since the 2000 series from the 1000 series. im going to be getting a 3-5x increase in performance for being patient since the 3000 series was barely an upgrade from the 2000.

  • Mike Oleksa
    Mike Oleksa 2 months ago

    To think that there was a day when we only had to worry about the length of a graphics card when it came to fitting into a case. Now we need a minimum of a full ATX case to have enough height for the thickness of the graphics card. On a positive note, it's the wattage draw and thickness of the graphics cards that are dominating the news lately, instead of the outrageous scalper prices.

  • coladict
    coladict 2 months ago

    I like the look of those Zotac cards, but I now noticed how short the PCIEx16 pin array is compared to the card. I have a Fractal Design Define XL and I doubt I can fit that thing unless I remove my hard drives and the rack for them.

  • Todd Ward
    Todd Ward 2 months ago +1

    I have the JSAUX current dock, and its great/useful for playing on a TV (no 4k support though). iN reality this dock is COOL, but the extra $$ for the M.2 isn't really helpful when testing shows that game loading is great over even micro SSD, more or less USB, where you can just plug in an external SATA.

  • Chris H
    Chris H 2 months ago

    I find a lot of the news that people get outraged over for the Zen 4 motherboards odd as all of this has been a way of life on Z690 DDR5. The boat times at start are long, motherboards are expensive, DDR5 can be flaky and so on. If anything, AMD has a year of lessons learned and are trying to get in front of it like having boot warning stickers.

  • Eu-Gene Teo
    Eu-Gene Teo 2 months ago

    It's sad that the fall of DDR5 prices might not translate to cheaper prices here because the exchange rate is unfortunately dropping further against the USD in my country :(

  • C Stout
    C Stout 2 months ago +1

    I think MSI's prices are to be expected since the only folks buying X670E boards are pro overclockers or those with more money than sense anyway.

  • Miles Carter
    Miles Carter 2 months ago

    The only problem is an internal 1tb drive is around $140, which you can buy and the $30 dock for the same price and keep your games on the inside of the Deck for use on the go.
    I'm really hoping the Steamdeck console comes and puts these silly docks to rest with a 2280 slot.
    Since the controllers and motherboard are seperate they could actually make a controller and console with the existing hardware. Add a controller motherboard and you are done. Probably same price bracket because you trade the screen BOM for the controller Mobo and separate cases for console and controller
    Just have a taller socket to let the SSD fit over the heat and RF shield and the SSD could be a regular $90/TB 80mm drive. Even 110mm (though not likely).

  • Travis Morse
    Travis Morse 2 months ago

    Those motherboard prices are insane!!!! No way would I ever pay one of them.

  • Robb Fisher
    Robb Fisher 2 months ago

    As someone who bought Down In It on 12" vinyl back in 1989 from freaking Tower Records... GN is now even more officially the greatest channel ever

  • Alexander Kabikov
    Alexander Kabikov 2 months ago

    6:20 regarding the memory bandwidth difference between 8/16GB versions of the card:
    GDDR has no "ranks" unlike DDR memory. Most likely it's going to be double-stacked GDDR6 memory chips, resulting in exactly same max possible theoretical memory throughput, much like 3090 doesn't benefit from having 24 chips as only 12 are connected separately and 12 more are mere extensions of the first 12 and in the same way the double capacity 12 chips on 3090Ti provide same performance, given a comparison at exact same clock.
    This is similar to 1060 3GB/6GB situation or 470/480/570/580 4 vs 8 GB models.
    This difference is clear in data bus used on the card/s

  • AbnormallyNormal //
    AbnormallyNormal // 2 months ago

    5 slot cooling? Cool, I can finally try that thing where you take the shroud off and put nice fans on the bottom and but the GPU heat sink against the case fans in my 011 air mini lol

  • TheReal_ist
    TheReal_ist 2 months ago

    Steves humor is so perfect for this normally serious news BS.
    Makes it palatable compared to taking it seriously. lol

  • JayDpwnz
    JayDpwnz 2 months ago +2

    Honestly I hope nvidia announce an updated nvidia shield tv, with av1 support, hdmi 2.1

  • cafesmitty
    cafesmitty 2 months ago

    Thank you. A lot of useful information for my next build.

  • Owen
    Owen 2 months ago +3

    The zotac cards on the production line looked like a bunch of strange skateboards without wheels. So many fps they now officially hover