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We Swore In Front Of Nick Eh 30

  • Published on Jan 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #shorts
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Comments • 510

  • x2Twins
    x2Twins  Month ago +546


  • Charlie
    Charlie Month ago +430

    “do you think he sawr us?” 💀

    • ImNotGoated
      ImNotGoated 14 days ago

      @Alfie_Ez he aint

    • Alfie_Ez
      Alfie_Ez 14 days ago

      I can tell ur not british

    • ImNotGoated
      ImNotGoated 20 days ago

      I was gonna sat the same thing

    • Noah’s Life
      Noah’s Life 21 day ago

      @Midwext have you heard of “j o k e?”

    • Midwext
      Midwext 21 day ago

      you ever heard of an a c c e n t ?

  • Karen Bark
    Karen Bark Month ago +97

    Alternate Title: Never swear in front of Nick eh 30

  • Jellyfishツ
    Jellyfishツ Month ago +92

    Moral of the story never swear in front of nick eh 30

  • Conan gray for life
    Conan gray for life Month ago +18

    The “hello there” got me dying lol

  • X lovers subscribe
    X lovers subscribe Month ago +9

    People in Ohio be like

  • Cyborg
    Cyborg Month ago +33

    Where is our cutest 47-year old :(

  • Fxturecorkowl
    Fxturecorkowl Month ago +40

    Tbh I thought he’d get mad when you said what the hell😂

    • Jayden Weidum
      Jayden Weidum 18 days ago

      I mean it is a swear word but what isn't, the isn't and hell also isn't a swear word but for some reason when you place it behind each other it is

    • PhoeNiX
      PhoeNiX Month ago +1


  • RykerVR
    RykerVR Month ago +3

    Taco bell has found its new janitor

  • ⭕️Free V-Bucks On My Profile

    "What is he doing?" Turns around on a chair 🤣

  • KKgames5476
    KKgames5476 Month ago +2

    The true last words they heard were "please and thank you"

  • Luffy the goat
    Luffy the goat Month ago +1

    “U think he’s sawr us?” Literally starring directly at him

  • Muneer Abusalem
    Muneer Abusalem Month ago +3

    Saw has left the chat
    Sawr has joined the chat

  • Feefenmcpants
    Feefenmcpants Month ago +2

    I could see the x2Twins actually playing with Nick Eh 30

  • Kirishima
    Kirishima Month ago +1

    the “HeLLo ThErE got me dying

  • DubzClown
    DubzClown Month ago

    "You hid 3 seconds after he saw you" 💀

  • satrwarsisthebest
    satrwarsisthebest 17 days ago

    The Obi Wan Kenobi "hello" " there" had me cracking up laughing

  • dessa talento
    dessa talento Month ago

    The family friendly god

  • *warning cringe*
    *warning cringe* Month ago

    He smashed them real hard

  • Slixz
    Slixz Month ago +1

    We aren’t talking about how he swore twice?

  • europe
    europe Month ago

    Never let them know your next move

  • Suleika Mateo
    Suleika Mateo Month ago

    Jesse Was Literally Aiming At Nick Eh 30 When They We’re Hiding Behind The Tree

  • Leper
    Leper Month ago +1

    They acting like fortnite got proximity chat 😂

  • cLoUdZy pT
    cLoUdZy pT Month ago +1

    Bro Nick eh 30 re spawned from the gulag

  • SevereVr
    SevereVr Month ago

    bro why did the x2 twins evolve into thiss😭😭

  • Oliver Sveholm
    Oliver Sveholm Month ago

    you better be family friendly

  • Snakiee⸜⁄
    Snakiee⸜⁄ Month ago

    "do you think he sar us?"

  • Jamie Bombardieri
    Jamie Bombardieri Month ago +1

    They're not even in the same server 💀💀

  • Fake Artist
    Fake Artist Month ago

    imagine cooper heard it

  • Chitus
    Chitus Month ago

    "What is he doing?" Turns around on a chair

  • Scott Purslow
    Scott Purslow Month ago +1

    Oh dear you really made a big mistace😂😂😂

  • Amanox
    Amanox Month ago

    Never see that friend say a swearword


    Report button looks really touchable and shiny


    That screem😭

  • Rengoku Kyojuro
    Rengoku Kyojuro Month ago

    So we're just gonna ignore the part when they said "what the hell"

  • Muffet nugget
    Muffet nugget Month ago

    This is why they were in the item shop for one day 💀💀💀💀💀

  • Roblox_net
    Roblox_net Month ago

    Oh hell naw did you swear 😂😂😂

  • simplyalr
    simplyalr Month ago

    do you think he saw us?
    after standing in the open as he looks over 💀🙏

  • Aaron Phillips
    Aaron Phillips Month ago

    Keep it family friendly x2twins😂😂😂

  • MADDOG13
    MADDOG13 Month ago

    do u think he sore us?? 😂

  • magic moments
    magic moments Month ago +1

    What the hell he's just chilling

  • whajje
    whajje Month ago


  • Brett Hertzog
    Brett Hertzog Month ago

    It’s not like he heard you😂

  • Tyson Dunphy
    Tyson Dunphy Month ago

    Fuck no had me dying

  • AA_batterys
    AA_batterys Month ago

    bruh if I see nick eh 30 I'm saying the n word

  • RecronGaming
    RecronGaming 6 days ago

    You didn’t keep it “Family Friendly”, now u shall be banned from seeing me again

  • Oliver Reyner
    Oliver Reyner Month ago

    Family friendly stream only for nick eh 30

  • Osman El kheir
    Osman El kheir Month ago

    Can we keep it family friendly by any chance

  • M K
    M K Month ago


    RICK ROLLER Month ago

    Enter Evil Nick Eh

  • Crusezero
    Crusezero Month ago

    Hey twins I had a bad day and y’all made it better

  • Finn Bailey
    Finn Bailey Month ago

    Keep it family friendly

  • V1vid
    V1vid Month ago

    Do you think he saw us? I dont know. Also “NickEh30” staring straight at them: r u stupid?

  • M
    M Month ago +2

    lol new lesson never swear in front of nick eh 30

  • Ryth
    Ryth Month ago

    "wait do you think he sore us?"
    Bro wtf-

  • anna rutkowski
    anna rutkowski 26 days ago +1

    The end🤖🤓

  • Anurag Kumar
    Anurag Kumar Month ago

    Is this the real nich eh30

  • Jayden Watcho
    Jayden Watcho Month ago

    HeLlO tHeRe😂😂😂

  • Arbes Hallunej
    Arbes Hallunej Month ago +2

    Bro no way the perfect loop doesn't exi-
    Nah man I'm out

  • Gdawg
    Gdawg Month ago

    seems about right

  • Laney Beau
    Laney Beau Month ago

    never say beep no infront of nick eh 30 hahaha

  • Glamthicc Freddy (GoodAids)

    Definitely him collating with guys who fake shorts and videos

  • Alexa Garcia
    Alexa Garcia Month ago

    Hahaha when u saw nothing and u both said AHHHH 😂

  • Gage
    Gage Month ago

    Hey it’s nick eh 39 here

  • Sweaty_Bot
    Sweaty_Bot Month ago +17

    Ah yes Oceania server+North America server
    =game together.

    • Hackzヅ
      Hackzヅ Month ago +1

      You can switch server regions bud

    • Gerrit fn
      Gerrit fn Month ago

      @mcchicken yes other countries not other servers

    • McChicken
      McChicken Month ago

      Bruh I be getting mfs from other countries

  • IslandGirl671
    IslandGirl671 Day ago

    Bro really Bing bong

  • Julie Ann Regalado
    Julie Ann Regalado Month ago

    That was so funny😂😂😂😂😂

  • Taco
    Taco 15 hours ago

    RIP X2Twins

  • undefeatedjay10
    undefeatedjay10 Month ago

    Go Nick

  • MasterSpier
    MasterSpier Month ago

    Nice 😂

  • DB
    DB Month ago

    They acting like he's a elf on the shelf

  • Land3xGam3r
    Land3xGam3r Month ago

    Hey twins I absolutely love your videos

  • Scyblox
    Scyblox 25 days ago

    Remember hes family freindly

  • Ziaulhaq Qadri
    Ziaulhaq Qadri 23 days ago

    True thought

  • Joshia Ch
    Joshia Ch Month ago

    Dude he already said “ what the hell”

    WASIM FF 1M Month ago +1

    I respect everyone who were involved in this , seriously the best piece that I ' ve ever seen on Clip-Share ,Hats of the Well All ! Love your videos💓

    • gru
      gru Month ago

      I dont understand your grammar at all

  • Shinchan_263
    Shinchan_263 Month ago

    Nick bro 😶

  • Melissa Begue
    Melissa Begue Month ago

    (See’s a sypherPk icon skin)

  • drummer king
    drummer king Month ago

    Hello there 💀💀

  • lololololez
    lololololez Month ago

    You cut the vid but it’s still good

  • ArshaanPrakashBoGaming

    "hello there"

  • the evil super Saiyan

    You next up hard

  • PWR fan Lanz
    PWR fan Lanz Month ago

    You know cooper was there

  • Alex Gotheridge
    Alex Gotheridge Month ago


  • Alex Villares
    Alex Villares Month ago

    Copper Nick eh 30

  • amorepurpura
    amorepurpura Month ago +1

    bro scared he said fuck no

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy Month ago


  • Spikey_gt
    Spikey_gt Month ago

    Bro that’s not Nick eh 30 they use a sound from a vid and they cut out the part where u can see his username

  • Llamatrauma warzone mw cod

    Ooh Jessie oh no 😂

  • Alina :]
    Alina :] Month ago

    HeLo ThEr

  • Flamez FN
    Flamez FN Month ago


  • Maliha Maliha
    Maliha Maliha 23 days ago

    Hi x2Twins I'm a big fan

  • Heidi Riggs
    Heidi Riggs Month ago

    Bro bout ends this whol man’s career

  • Fletcher cuthbertson
    Fletcher cuthbertson Month ago +1


  • super eb games
    super eb games Month ago +7

    Clip-Share demonization be like

  • MSMCultForever
    MSMCultForever Month ago


  • Qiufeng Cai
    Qiufeng Cai 20 days ago

    The guy who thundered them was cooper check out his channel

  • WaRrEn Is FrEe
    WaRrEn Is FrEe Month ago

    Copper is now nick eh 67

  • fish-fingurrs
    fish-fingurrs Month ago


  • Alan Alvarez
    Alan Alvarez 10 days ago

    Check if he is still looking fuck nooo 😂