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Ed Sheeran, Pokémon - Celestial [Official Video]

  • Published on Sep 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • The official music video for Ed Sheeran, Pokémon - Celestial
    'Celestial' out now: EdSheeran.lnk.to/celestial
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    Produced by Genki Kawamura, Masami Hatanaka
    Director: Yuichi Kodama
    Character Design: Yu Nagaba
    CG Animation Production: MORIE Inc.
    VFX Production: Khaki
    Production: AOI Pro.
    Animation Production: ENISHIYA inc.
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Comments • 17 879

  • Kazegami45
    Kazegami45 7 hours ago +258

    Just finished my playthrough of Scarlet and this song hit like a truck right in the feels! The story in this game was so good and the friends we made along the way made it all come together so nicely at the end, and hearing this song play during the credits legit made me cry

  • 水無瀬雅
    水無瀬雅 4 hours ago +67


  • 夜宮白夜
    夜宮白夜 4 hours ago +48


  • kan 000
    kan 000 9 hours ago +112


  • キャベツ太郎
    キャベツ太郎 4 hours ago +3


  • felipe carvalho

    Simplesmente uma obra prima 👏❤️❤️

  • Luke The Nuke

    As an introverted kid who didn't have friends at the time, Pokémon still made my childhood worth remembering, and to this day I occasionally play one of the many games, at 28. This songs means a lot to me. I was imagining all those Pokémon next to me as a kid too and seeing the Mewtwo movie scene really opened a Pandora box of childhood memories. I got emotional, thank you Ed.

  • フー吉
    フー吉 2 hours ago +1

    finil pvも見て無意識に聞いていたはずなのに、初めて「あっ、良い曲!」と思ったのがsvのedで、調べたらまさかのエドシーランだと知って歓喜です。

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 19 hours ago +372

    Lots of people here due to Scarlet/Violet, this song fits the game's storyline really well.. I got Scarlet and the ending honestly made me emotional because of the loss I have faced in my life. This song is a resounding resolution to the series and how it has been the backbone to many people who grew up with the series.

  • Y
    Y 9 hours ago +1


  • リクト
    リクト 4 hours ago +3


  • GeoSane
    GeoSane 4 hours ago +47

    This is probably my favourite song because I just love pokemon and its just so good.This man is a living legend and has made much of our childhoods,❤❤❤ ps: I've listened to this like 200 times no joke and also if you want me to keep editing this I will at 5 likes❤ Thank you Ed! Ok. We havent reached 5 likes yet but just finished Pokemon violet and I actually cried at the end when this song rolled. It suited so perfectly with the ending that I just broke down.I havent lost anyone major in my family while I have been alive but I think my dads days are limited since he has cancer so thank you ed and thank you pokemon. You made my year. Hello I'm back and we reached 19 likes! Tysm for the support because I never thought my opinion on a song would get 20 likes😂 So thanks and I've just started pokemon scarlet do I get to hear the credits again lol. Thank you ed! And youtube!

  • Sonia’s Way

    I love how this song isn’t just about any love story, but it’s about how Pokémon lit up Ed’s childhood. Authentic and addictive as always

  • k紫音
    k紫音 7 hours ago +1


  • 面倒子
    面倒子 2 hours ago +5


  • Nui Ifriit
    Nui Ifriit Day ago +383

    I can say I'm not the biggest fan of Ed Sheeran but this song made me absolutely ball my eyes out at the end of my playthrough of Violet. What a great song for the end credits.

  • 小林直樹
    小林直樹 7 hours ago +3


  • AruNia
    AruNia 8 hours ago +1


  • M Z
    M Z  +571

    The animation starting at

  • La luz de San José
    La luz de San José 8 hours ago +1

    Gracias por hace excelente canción.¡¡Gracias Pokémon!!