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The Coldest Ball

  • Published on May 27, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I put a ball at -320F (-196C) in water
    See the full video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjEvE...
    My main channel: clip-share.net/channel/UC1VL...
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  • Action Lab Shorts
    Action Lab Shorts  Year ago +11056

    When I said that cooling the water down holds less air, what I mean is that when you freeze it it holds less air. If you don’t freeze it it can actually hold more air than hot water.

    • Finnbogi Ragnar Ragnarsson
      Finnbogi Ragnar Ragnarsson 18 hours ago

      That's actually why artic and anatartic seas are blooming with life, cold water holds more oxygen.

    • Berkana
      Berkana 9 days ago

      Was the rock even mildly porous? Could those bubbles be nitrogen that soaked into the pores of the rock coming out as it warms up from the water?

    • HeavenLeahSky
      HeavenLeahSky 9 days ago

      What a great voice for Mr Green to steal

    • sailaab
      sailaab Month ago


    • Roy Yi
      Roy Yi 2 months ago

      I think the cold ball absorbed (thicker layer of) air or nitrogen, released when met warmer water, thus bubbles.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Anyone else wish regular ice cubes worked this fast?

    • APS۔CAFE
      APS۔CAFE 2 months ago

      my ice cube is still under process

    • Thayne Tennant
      Thayne Tennant 4 months ago

      Why are you everywhere, how are you everywhere?

    • plum
      plum 5 months ago


    • b
      b 5 months ago +1


      SHADOW GAMER 6 months ago


  • Mars2Mars
    Mars2Mars Year ago +2933

    The kids outside: "snowball fight!"
    This guy in his basement: "its on."

  • Celtic Blade Films
    Celtic Blade Films Year ago +733

    You’re really pissed at that kid who threw a snowball at you aren’t you?

    • BadJefferBoat
      BadJefferBoat 5 months ago

      @Google User Frostballs are my testicles being exposed to fucking -20°c

    • Google User
      Google User 7 months ago +5


    • Fazzystar
      Fazzystar Year ago +12

      Good one

  • kakirim
    kakirim Year ago +239

    “Gyro, what happened to your steel balls?”
    “Nothing much, just froze them in liquid nitrogen.”

  • me
    me 2 days ago +1

    Put an ice cube in liquid nitrogen.

  • G VAN
    G VAN Year ago +7424

    Imagine this in your whiskey

  • Ains 2
    Ains 2 4 hours ago

    That thing has been through so much

    NOW SEE THIS! Year ago +1

    Love the videos, love the explanations, LOVE that you keep it simple, clean, and drama free!

  • TheTwoFailerLP
    TheTwoFailerLP 4 days ago

    I was like, did he said -320° ??? Then I was like Ohhhh Fahrenheit always wired

  • Seeds of the Wayside

    What the fish gonna breathe if you take all the air out of it?

  • JackDidAThing
    JackDidAThing Year ago +8511

    > coldest ball
    Clearly he hasn’t walked into a pool slowly

  • SavvyNotFound
    SavvyNotFound Year ago

    Quick questions: Does it melt? And if it does, where do you store it to keep it cool?

  • Emme Apps
    Emme Apps 4 months ago +1

    I’m pretty sure this is how my independent ice maker works. It’s got like 8 steel rods that most likely cool this way and then the machine lowers the rods into some water and ice forms around them. Then it must raise the temperature of the steal rods because the ice falls off and into a tray. Happens in about 3-5 mins

  • Philip Fahy
    Philip Fahy 3 months ago

    I'm guessing the air bubbles came from either, air being forced out of what was rapidly becoming ice, or the liquid nitrogen just vaporizing, but it's important to note that cold water actually holds more dissolved gas than warmer water. So cooling water down (save freezing, as this pushes gas out) would actually make it hold onto more gas.

  • RACE
    RACE 9 months ago +1

    The coolest thing about this guy is that he sees science where no one else in the world does 🤓

    WYSIWYG 7 months ago

    This guy never runs out of ideas. Amazing.

  • Vexil
    Vexil Year ago +50

    Little Timmy: Oh look at the snowball its so round!
    "Snowball flying towards him"
    Little Timmy: 🏥🚑🤕

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago

    Based on my experience that ball must have been huge before it got that cold.

    TH3TI3MAN Year ago

    That air gap actually surprised me a little.
    The more you know.

  • Tanner Nabozniak
    Tanner Nabozniak Year ago +4182

    Instead of a red hot ball, it’s an ice cold ball!

  • ApeDragon92
    ApeDragon92 4 months ago +1

    What if there was a ball made from a solid mixture of 2 chemicals that would react creating gas but can't because it's too cold and would only begin to react at, lets say, -20°c. And you also dip it in water and then take it out. It is now covered in ice and about to heat to -20°c where the gas is produced. Would the ice explode into loads of very sharp shards that would fly through the air? Is there a real reaction like this?

  • ThatODDGuy Sir
    ThatODDGuy Sir 3 months ago +3

    “A soon as i take it out of the water it wet”
    Action lab 2021

  • Rodolfo Suarez BabyBearRudy

    I like that he’s a well rounded scientist just trying to show us cool shit for fun

    • Blessings 2You
      Blessings 2You Year ago +2

      @Rodolpho... YUP! He's why I'm here. Retired science teacher "of the year"... never can get enuffa' this stuff! Originally became a sci teacher cuz' back in the day we got to blow stuff up - right in the classroom! Now there are laws against endangering students! I miss the "ooooh's & aaaah's". Cyanide in cherry pits though...? Now THAT'S a NEW ONE!!

  • Maxim J
    Maxim J Year ago

    Oxygen and nitrogen have higher solubility in cold water, that's why bubbles form in a glass of tab water, because the water heats up to room temperature. I think that might be a flaw in your bubble explanation.

  • Taz's Voice Overs
    Taz's Voice Overs Year ago +2762

    "Where's Johnny?"
    "He's out freezing a ball with nitrogen."

  • Big McJones
    Big McJones Year ago

    Where do you get your supplies for these experiments? I know someone who's having a kid soon and I would love to show him interesting science experiments when he's older to spark his desire to learn more.

  • A K
    A K 8 months ago

    I love watching this guy demonstrate the glitches of life.

  • Tyler Scott
    Tyler Scott Year ago

    Science at it's finest. Thanks you gentlemen for ruining my sleeping pattern with cool science tricks.

  • Jayze Poudz
    Jayze Poudz  Year ago

    I don't know if i'm more impressed about the experiment or about how you manage to cram all that info in 37 seconds!!! O.O

  • Justyn Ly-Kowalski
    Justyn Ly-Kowalski Year ago +1760

    Action lab: "negative 300 degrees"
    me: Impossible

  • Daman Vashistha
    Daman Vashistha Year ago

    That's the coolest ball I've ever seen!

  • Suicidal_Miniac
    Suicidal_Miniac 9 months ago +4

    Imagine playing snowball fight with this-

  • khyseni
    khyseni Year ago

    will the air it creates help it drop faster underwater than a normal ball?

  • Jack Mariner
    Jack Mariner 7 months ago

    So could you theoretically freeze sea water somehow in order to breath air escaping from it?

    KNOCKINGJACK Year ago +4457

    "Damn, my ice cream melting so easily~"
    *"Try this..."*

    • Connor Goudie
      Connor Goudie 8 months ago

      Did anyone else first thought was "grab it with no gloves"?

    • Meow
      Meow Year ago

      @Black they’re most likely not from an English speaking country.

    • Mister Maniac
      Mister Maniac Year ago +1

      @Sham Ram prolly rock solid too

    • Blop
      Blop Year ago +1

      @Niypo *no*

    • Niypo
      Niypo Year ago +1

      That's crazy beacuse the post underneath this one is about ice-cream

  • Brett Kalfas
    Brett Kalfas Year ago

    When it turns to ice it can no longer hold the air, water can actually hold more oxygen and other gasses when it's cold.

  • Quentin Waynick
    Quentin Waynick Year ago

    Are the bubbles a chemical reaction if the H2O separating leaving two parts hydrogen frozen while the oxygen is released because they have a slightly different freezing/melting temperature?

  • Какие-то pictures
    Какие-то pictures 11 months ago

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better😀 💣

  • StabbyMcBlade
    StabbyMcBlade Year ago

    Ah I get it, so....
    cold + water = ice...well you certainly do learn something new every day

  • chr0min0id 04
    chr0min0id 04 Year ago +1229

    This video: “The coldest ball...”
    Me who sat on the metal slide during winter:

  • bver
    bver 5 months ago +1

    Damn I bet you this ball must be hard to handle

  • bereal929sb
    bereal929sb Year ago

    Combined with water of equal volume how long would the ball and water remain frozen sitting at room temperature?

  • M K
    M K 6 months ago

    Maybe there wasn't an air gap and something else was happening here. It's possible that as the temperature of the ice shell continued to drop, it expanded and seperated itself from the ball.

  • Anchorized
    Anchorized Year ago +5

    Wow gyro didn't teach johnny that technique

  • runpigrun
    runpigrun Year ago +4847

    I’m disappointed the whole beaker didn’t freeze 😔

    • Chill pill 201
      Chill pill 201 Year ago

      @Ceru after I said I’m immune, was there even 1 more reply?

    • Chill pill 201
      Chill pill 201 Year ago

      @SoundStorm7 lmao I know but I don’t care if they do I’m immune- BAHAHHAHA

    • SoundStorm7
      SoundStorm7 Year ago

      @Chill pill 201 If you tell people you’re 11 on the internet, people aren’t going to take you seriously and are going to try to provoke you. This the internet; you should’ve seen this coming.

    • backgrounds
      backgrounds Year ago


    • الروائي_Elrouey
      الروائي_Elrouey Year ago +1

      Watch what you've never seen before

  • MKGames
    MKGames 11 months ago

    That is one of the coolest balls I have ever seen🥶

  • Hunter Cosgrove
    Hunter Cosgrove Year ago

    I want to see what happens when you get one steel bowl that has been in liquid nitrogen and another steel ball that is glowing hot I want to see what happens when they connect

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement Year ago +2

    Man I just want to continuously freeze and break the ice off of that.

  • aswler
    aswler Year ago +1

    great but in a scientific channel, I would appreciate hearing Celsius values, too.

  • ADK Aquatics
    ADK Aquatics Year ago +844

    We were all expecting the entire beaker to instantly freeze.

    • Pravin Dahal
      Pravin Dahal Year ago

      Water is much more impressive than liquid nitrogen.

    • Roshill
      Roshill Year ago

      If it was a later piece of metal or a smaller beaker it might have.

    • Marie Remelie
      Marie Remelie Year ago

      Not me because I’m stupid

    • Bigboikilljoy
      Bigboikilljoy Year ago +4

      all the stupid people

    • Veluta ✓
      Veluta ✓ Year ago +2


  • Starfire
    Starfire Year ago

    The air bubbles are more likely just the nitrogen coating the ball "boiling" as it warms up

  • Adam C
    Adam C Year ago

    How is he able to grab those tongs w out it freezing his hand also? 🤔 I imagine it requires some sort of special gloves to handle

  • Ckom
    Ckom Year ago

    This is literally the only reasonable and informative channel on Tic Tok!

  • Epixerty
    Epixerty Year ago +15

    "coldest ball"
    my balls after coming from Antarctica:

  • rowboat001
    rowboat001 Year ago +3645

    “Damn it, Johnny have you seen my steel ball?”

    • samuel Biye
      samuel Biye Year ago


    • HermitFan _
      HermitFan _ Year ago

      i hate these comments that goes:" is that a JoJo reference!1!1" even if its so fcking obvious

    • Cool Guy
      Cool Guy Year ago

      Is that a JoJo's reference?

    • Edward Newgate
      Edward Newgate Year ago

      Steel Ball Run!

    • ÆX
      ÆX Year ago


  • Tanay Satrasala
    Tanay Satrasala Year ago

    Lmao imagine if you’re having a snowball fight and someone just shows up with this

  • Pants Mage
    Pants Mage Year ago

    You all know that would be some cool refreshing water after that

  • SleazyRoseWalker
    SleazyRoseWalker Year ago

    So i'm assuming holding it with your hands would cause some serious damage

  • House of Invertebrates

    -320° f, what would that feel like on human skin I wonder?

    KNOCKINGJACK Year ago +413

    "Honey, can you get me some ice on the freezer?"
    "No, *the round one."*

    • TheSchultinator
      TheSchultinator 8 months ago +1

      @Nina Tran (Sn) Good bye tongue, I ain't helping you

    • Nina Tran (Sn)
      Nina Tran (Sn) Year ago +2

      The round one?..
      O M G
      Dis is kool
      Lick it*.

    • Emily An
      Emily An Year ago +4

      "This steel ball.." I thought it was going to be a jojo steel ball review from araki or smth..

    • Emily An
      Emily An Year ago +7

      "Damn it, Johnny have you seen my steel ball?" Johnny:

  • the jelly and the beans What the f

    Damn, that's a really cool ball

  • Dave-shi
    Dave-shi Year ago

    These could be the fanciest ice cubes ever

  • Gorillainthemist
    Gorillainthemist Year ago +1

    Dam! I wouldn't want to freeze my ball like that, 😁 OUCH! 🤣🤣😂

  • Franklin Blunt
    Franklin Blunt 2 months ago

    Although prefer using Kelvin for absolute temperature, NR tosses in much info that provokes further ideas & investigation. That's a good thing & among causes to appreciate his efforts. Those SI units help when assess hypotheses, experiments are measured for possible relationships & formula. Consider those phase changes happening at the sphere surface, when the bubbles are observed, any ideas upon controlling the enclosure, ambient pressure or temperature? Many possibilities from varying this. Cold steely balls.

  • OfficerZwei
    OfficerZwei Year ago +1692

    “hey Jimmy, snowball fight!”
    one throw later...
    “Billy, you are being sentenced to 10 years for manslaughter.”

    • samuel Biye
      samuel Biye Year ago


    • IronPhoenix67
      IronPhoenix67 Year ago

      @Alex70413 ah makes sense Ight thanks for that and have a nice day

    • Alex70413
      Alex70413 Year ago

      @Bay Area Jokester yes it was very sad..its one of those deaths that your mom will say too you,"Dont throw snowballs at cars, remember what happened to the mother an daughter

    • Alex70413
      Alex70413 Year ago

      @IronPhoenix67 no because it wasnt his fault..the jury was hung on whether he kept driving after the fact of his windshield being smashed or if the impact of the metal snowball made him veer of immediately

    • Bay Area Jokester
      Bay Area Jokester Year ago

      @Alex70413 condolences to that family. Sadly now in Sol Cal these broke bums are shooting metal BB pellets at car windows on the freeway and such, with a few incidents getting close to hurting young kids.

  • Milk man
    Milk man Year ago +2

    Everyone: Having a snowball fight.
    The silent kid:

  • Mattle
    Mattle Year ago

    So when you put a metal ball that has been in liquid nitrogen for ages into water it kindoff de-oxydizes the water?

  • Ryugo7 7
    Ryugo7 7 Year ago +6

    The next person to throw a snowball at me is in for a rude awakening.

  • Facelesboi
    Facelesboi Year ago

    Taking blue balls to a whole new level

  • []soup[]
    []soup[] Year ago +1430

    Me when I enter the pool for the first time since last summer:
    *the coldest ball*

      TRIX TRIX Year ago

      The coldest ballz

    • SilentGaming
      SilentGaming Year ago

      Yes I got the 1000th like

    • Vladimir
      Vladimir Year ago


    • Mystro
      Mystro Year ago

      Why is that so true

    • Nate Higgers
      Nate Higgers Year ago +1

      @Samuel Linn I am a triracial father of 9 and i will not be bothered by you

  • MangaJosh
    MangaJosh Year ago

    I want to know how far the temperature dropped after putting the super ice cube in the that water?!?

  • K7L3R Workman
    K7L3R Workman 8 months ago

    This one was pretty damn cool 😎

  • Marc Spector
    Marc Spector 6 months ago

    Wonder if this is colder than the blue balls I get from constantly being rejected. 🧐

  • A guy with a camera

    It feels like it's breaking the laws of thermodynamics because we are used the think about the stable temperature to be above 0 celsius, but this time it's lower and it feels weird to me

  • HuwDouglasEvans
    HuwDouglasEvans Year ago

    That must be one of the balls off the brass monkey I keep hearing about.

  • D
    D Year ago

    Woah, that’s one cold ball!

  • cooki
    cooki Year ago

    this is the coolest ball ive ever seen!

  • Dani
    Dani 8 months ago

    About those bubbles, I don't think they are coming from the water in such a big size. The ball was provably covered in a layer of liquid nitrogen

    YASH RAWAT Year ago +65

    For those who were expecting that beaker would freeze instantly , remember it wouldn't have happened simultaneously anyways as some partlicles are at different energy levels and still you would need latent heat of fusion to be given of which is quite a lot

    • Sarah Price
      Sarah Price Year ago

      @Bradley Warren Thank you!

    • Bradley Warren
      Bradley Warren Year ago +1

      Here we go I'm going to speak as simply as possible.
      The ice forming on the ball acts as insulation.

    • Victor H
      Victor H Year ago +1

      @Professional Fangster whenever a material loses or gains energy, they don't act linearly all the way.
      Let's think of liquid water going to ice (frozen water):
      First the water need to lose energy and this is rather easy, as the heat sink will gladly take the kinect energy from the molecules. If there was a thermometer measuring the temperature of the water, we'd see it drop rather fast.
      But once it gets to around 0°C, the water has to chage from liquid to solid, which will actually release heat as they are getting to make new bonds (physical rather than chemical) and now the amount of energy needed to make this change is greater than just making the particles go slower.
      Also complementing on OP's post, as the heat sink (super cooled metal ball) is getting layers and layers of ice on top of it, the heat transfer is being impacted (metals transfer energy much faster than ice).

    • Professional Fangster
      Professional Fangster Year ago

      What is "latent heat of fusion"?

  • Lee
    Lee 11 months ago

    How long will a Steel ball covered in ice stay cold for?

  • Arjun Gupta
    Arjun Gupta 7 days ago

    Laughs in pluto

  • Saurav Sarkar
    Saurav Sarkar Year ago

    Isn't the solubility of gases inversely proportional to water's temperature ?

  • Ah-Leck
    Ah-Leck 6 months ago

    Now I’ve never seen balls that grow when they get cold

  • Coffee God
    Coffee God Year ago +443

    This guy just created the ultimate snow ball fight weapon
    Edit: thanks for the likes, and sorry about my typo

    • SPSheep
      SPSheep Year ago

      "The Best armour and potions" person: has 65535 health points
      This thing: adds 65536 to people who get blasted by this.
      Fun Fact! Throwing this ball at someone causes an integer overflow, which sends a person with 1HP to -65536. and a person with 65535HP to 0HP.
      This will instantly end the opponent as it sends them to either negative HP or 0HP.

    • CJ K
      CJ K Year ago +2

      Hense why you don't invade Russia in Winter

    • Noah Griffith
      Noah Griffith Year ago

      Ice artillery

    • Fulcrum29
      Fulcrum29 Year ago

      @Chase the Master past tense

    • Green Weed
      Green Weed Year ago

      Local man arrested after kill neighbor with cold steelball. More at six

  • Timbolus97
    Timbolus97 Year ago

    Ohh so a cold steel ball actually freezes water, how interesting

  • Veronica Smyth
    Veronica Smyth Year ago

    Can the steel ball crack under your presser when it's that Cold?

  • Yanaguchi
    Yanaguchi Year ago +2

    Everyone's gangster until someone bring this in a snowball fight

  • The Film makers
    The Film makers Year ago

    Him: this has a air pocket so it broke easily
    Me who just watched him smash it open with a hammer

  • Peshy
    Peshy Year ago +135

    I’m actually kinda hungry now. That ball looks like a giant gobstopper, and I’m imagining it’s flavour being somewhere between cold and really cold.

    • Alisibeth Tolliver
      Alisibeth Tolliver 8 months ago +2

      Jotunheim flavour.

    • Max Power
      Max Power 9 months ago

      Soooo. You're hungry for balls?

    • FlamingFox
      FlamingFox Year ago +12

      Depending on the season and when it was was harvested, sometimes it has notes of Holy Fucking Shit This Is Cold, and if you're lucky, a hint of Frozen Eyeball Juice

    • Aaron Goeltl
      Aaron Goeltl Year ago +8

      Super minty gobstopper

  • Dante Toshiro64
    Dante Toshiro64 Year ago

    So amazing and scientifically satisfying 💯💯😊😊😊

  • hypn0t1z3
    hypn0t1z3 Year ago +1

    These videos are the definition of ‘I didn’t need to know but that’s really cool’

  • marawan Elbalal
    marawan Elbalal Year ago

    Ultimate tool for when someone forgets to place their drink in the freezer.

  • azul
    azul Year ago

    He: When I take it out at first, it's still wet...
    He: But as i hold it out a little longer...

  • Toppy
    Toppy Year ago +1150

    The homie: aye bruh my drink is kinda warm
    Me: don’t worry I got you bro

    • Jason Talbot
      Jason Talbot Year ago

      @The Guide very intelligent comment.

    • Jason Talbot
      Jason Talbot Year ago

      @The Guide agreed.
      However that comment was trying to be funny and failed miserably.

    • The Guide
      The Guide Year ago

      @Jason Talbot Not everything have to be funny

    • The Guide
      The Guide Year ago

      @Jason Talbot you have like 3 friends, if not then shut it

    • عبدالله بن عايض عالم
      عبدالله بن عايض عالم Year ago


  • LectroNyx
    LectroNyx 9 months ago


  • Upscale sale
    Upscale sale 11 months ago

    Maybe see what happens if you swallow the nitrogen soaked steel ball? I am sure it may have an unwanted effect. Or. Maybe if someone actually swallowed it the effects would actually be wanted. It's a paradox. Well maybe it's not. It depends.

  • Alicia Roberts
    Alicia Roberts Year ago

    I wish you were my science teacher!

  • Rep Gaming
    Rep Gaming Year ago

    -320 F, frozen steel ball..
    My mind: TOUCH IT.

  • Tony Ganner
    Tony Ganner Year ago +16

    Mind blown every time.
    Your full length videos are of perfect frequency, I watch all of them with my wife.. (and you get played often first before most of our subscriptions because 7 minutes or less is ideal and will be played much sooner than 15m videos from other channels) and this new series adds something I can click and watch even when I'm busy!