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Most OVER Engineered Clothes Hanger

  • Published on Apr 9, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Sometimes i just want to use tools.
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  • David Acord
    David Acord 7 months ago +13749

    Doesn't even make the hanging part rotate

    • Andrew Cowell
      Andrew Cowell 2 days ago

      @Ulises Maldonado Wait for it!..... WAIT FOR IIIIT!!! :p

    • Ulises Maldonado
      Ulises Maldonado 2 days ago

      I bet it’s also too heavy so most closets wouldn’t handle many of em

    • Andrew Cowell
      Andrew Cowell 2 days ago

      true but you could hang the titanic on them lol

    • FlourishWitherDie
      FlourishWitherDie 16 days ago

      It's very fancy, but over engineered it ain't.

    • DynamicWorlds
      DynamicWorlds 19 days ago +1

      This wasn't what you'd get from a hanger made by an engineer.
      This is what you'd get from a hanger made by an architect.

  • Am I Here ?
    Am I Here ? 7 months ago +1386

    “Honey, there’s someone in the house! Quick, grab the hanger!”

    • JackTalyorD
      JackTalyorD 24 days ago

      @Raya Koth now where talking

    • Raya Koth
      Raya Koth 24 days ago


    • pep carboxylase
      pep carboxylase Month ago +3

      and show off how awesome your hanger is

    • JackTalyorD
      JackTalyorD Month ago +4

      Good chance it could double as a boomerang

    • Niels Daemen
      Niels Daemen Month ago

      Why would you ever want it in any other orientation?

  • Lev Skywood
    Lev Skywood 7 months ago +754

    “This is the most over engineered coat hanger!”
    *Japan*: Alright, give me a minute.

    • Jowling Kowling Rowling
      Jowling Kowling Rowling 28 days ago

      @Adam J Smith Dude's trying to tell you that edit and censor don't necessarily mean the same thing.

    • Gnome Warlord
      Gnome Warlord 29 days ago

      @hhjhj not over engineered huh have you seen any of their f****** toilets and using BMW as a comparison my guy you f***** up they're not even good anymore anyone who disagrees obviously is never owned a BMW past 20,000 miles because anyone who has no's something goes wrong whether it starts leaking oil for no apparent reason or any other fluid vital to the engines continued operation and you compare it to Lexus a company that is more or less successful because they make really good sports cars BMW sports cars are almost as good but well it's BMW they're kind of a joke in the car community for how unreliable most of their cars are passed a certain period kind of like Kia who literally designs their wiring harness to just Outlast most warranties they keep most tow truck companies in business actually then that in Toyota as well as BMW actually neither of them seem to like the cold in general

    • WungusBill
      WungusBill Month ago +3

      @Adam J Smith
      No I think I used a pretty reasonable amount of words to get the important points across. It's not about using as few words as possible, just the right amount.

    • Adam J Smith
      Adam J Smith Month ago +1

      @WungusBill maybe you should practice that then so I don't have to click the read more button on your rant...

    • WungusBill
      WungusBill Month ago +1

      @Adam J Smith
      Self editing is learning how to get your point across in a way that others care to read, it has nothing to do with censorship, just awareness of the fact that if you try to communicate through endless psycho rants it isn't going to be very effective.

  • Fathom Gathergood
    Fathom Gathergood 7 months ago +162

    This is a case of, "I can buy it for $7, or I can make it myself for $93 in craft supplies" lol

    • Piped Golf
      Piped Golf Month ago

      Or, I could make no videos today or make a Clip-Share short and make some money 😂😂

  • Gaurav Bhalerao
    Gaurav Bhalerao Month ago

    Great job! Looks amazing and works like a charm too!
    Now imagine making 50 of these per person in your house

  • A Watt
    A Watt 7 months ago +18605

    What's the point of having all that machinery if you don't use it to solve problems that don't exist?

    • A Watt
      A Watt Month ago

      Only one way to solve this....

    • TheLittenLord
      TheLittenLord Month ago

      Imagine complaining that someone wants to do something they like with their own personal property.

    • Yash Kambli
      Yash Kambli Month ago +1


    • Daniel Lopez
      Daniel Lopez 6 months ago

      Might be his hobby you snowflake

    • Uncrustable
      Uncrustable 6 months ago

      @Laarg Boolag if you're gonna be cringe, keep it in kindergarten

  • Drakonus
    Drakonus 7 months ago +2

    I genuinely expected it to have an over-engineered new feature other than just looking like a fancier version. My disappointment is immeasureable, and my day is ruined.

  • William Moncrief
    William Moncrief Month ago +2

    We need MORE SHORTS from this guy!

  • CJ Projects
    CJ Projects 2 months ago +4

    Adding the tie slot in the hanger is a stroke of genius. I would've never thought of it

  • Austin Burrows
    Austin Burrows 7 months ago +17

    “Here at hangsafe, we make premium clothing hangers out of authentic steel frames and locally sourced oak”

    • Space
      Space 6 months ago

      Sounds like a company that would sponsor youtubers

  • Koniku • 3y
    Koniku • 3y 7 months ago +3062

    The most over engineered hanger I've seen have adjustable length, rotating head and also foldable

    • WungusBill
      WungusBill Month ago

      I mean a second one of these is never going to be built so that's not really an issue

    • Will
      Will 5 months ago

      Thats what I was thinking

    • Rain man
      Rain man 5 months ago

      Are you serious? Are you from the future?

    • eyespy3001
      eyespy3001 6 months ago

      And doesn’t weigh 10 lbs. More than one of those will make the rod snap

    • Based history enjoyer
      Based history enjoyer 6 months ago +1

      Mine has a lot of hooks for socks and underwears

  • Noah Strong
    Noah Strong Month ago +23

    The plasma laser part had me shaking in my boots with how close his hands were

  • Duhmeister
    Duhmeister 6 months ago +3

    I would watch a whole series of over-engineering everyday items

    • Mike Blust
      Mike Blust Month ago

      That actually sounds like a great idea! Too bad I don’t have access to that kind of equipment, I’d make the series myself.

  • junior 666 666
    junior 666 666 Month ago

    Colin furze, the legend. You made my dreams come true when I was a child and I saw your videos, how old you became. I want to thank you for inspiring me to become an engineer

  • PitchBlackCat
    PitchBlackCat 5 months ago

    Love the video and the result, but i don't think it's over engineered at all. It doesnt have a million features or take into account many small insignificant problems. Its just made of far too expensive materials and looks beautiful

  • SiegeSouth
    SiegeSouth Month ago +42

    “I reckon it’s not engineered enough!” -Colin later that day

  • iqbal55
    iqbal55 5 months ago

    This should be a new series! Overengineering everyday stuff we take for granted!

  • Fragrance Canuck
    Fragrance Canuck 7 months ago +2

    This is still kind of a bad hanger. Quality hangers are made of wood, sometimes cedar which helps draw moisture out of the clothes, and are usually thicker to avoid causing unsightly creases over time.
    There's a couple of corners and edges from the metal pieces you put on the side that could easily catch and tear a dress shirt.

  • gray’s kinda blue
    gray’s kinda blue 6 months ago +1

    From the thumbnail I was expecting the sides being able to pop out/in so you don’t stretch out expensive items or sensitive materials.
    Which isn’t a bad idea tbh, someone Venmo me 10% if you have the means and the will to
    make that lol

  • Scott D
    Scott D 7 months ago +2893

    “I need a new hanger. Thank goodness I have a plasma cutter.” - Colin Furze (probably) thought to himself.

    • William Morken
      William Morken 7 months ago

      or he wants to hang his plate carrier.

    • TehButterflyEffect
      TehButterflyEffect 7 months ago +6

      He also has a laser cutter, apparently.

    • Eric Caldwell
      Eric Caldwell 7 months ago +8

      And not just _any_ plasma cutter... a *CNC plasma cutter* 🤘
      With all its computer controlled roboticness

  • zigzagzaag
    zigzagzaag Month ago

    This is the first "fabricate something that can bought at the store for way cheaper" thing that I've actually legit wanted. Well done!

  • The plural is actually "asparageese".

    I see one function added, the tie slot ... And a lot of potentially snaggy hardware that I suspect could hurt clothes one day ... Overdecorated is more like it lol 😜 Cool aesthetic though for sure and looks like you had a great time, rock on

  • Jf Carrier
    Jf Carrier 7 months ago

    Some wood parts with rivets would have looked so nice ! Same design/method use to make a knife handle :)

  • Dad Jokes Actual
    Dad Jokes Actual 7 months ago

    There's probably a market for something like this among people like mechanics who work in the cold and have to store their heavy thermal coveralls, and police and military units that have bulletproof vests, load-bearing gear, and duty belts that weigh a good bit more than your average piece of clothing.

  • Snek
    Snek 7 months ago +1485

    When you buy something really expensive and have to reassure yourself that it was a necessary purchase, so you make random stuff

    • Unpaid Intern
      Unpaid Intern 26 days ago

      Me with my 600€ resin printer :(

    • this is a social experiment
      this is a social experiment 6 months ago

      @nu his humor is beyond our comprehension, we're but mere mortals.

    • Sage Paterson
      Sage Paterson 7 months ago

      @hhjhj it's definitely an interesting issue. Does sort of make you wonder why we don't have more publicly available tools, though that does bring the risk of people improperly using and breaking them.

    • Snek
      Snek 7 months ago

      @hhjhj Buy a quality tool if you are going to use it often, otherwise you are just spending money

    • hhjhj
      hhjhj 7 months ago +2

      This is one of the ultimate conundrums of western culture isn't it? We all have garages and sheds full of expensive tools that get used a couple times and spend most of their lives just SITTING, doing absolutely nothing.
      I mean think about it, most of us have lawn mowers that spend most of their lives just sitting...... Even if you mowed your lawn for 1 hour every week that still means like 90% of the time it just sits there doing nothing, not to mention all the other tools and resources needed to maintain it. Multiply that by millions, if not billions of people.......... Then factor in that people will use the lawn mower for a year, not store it properly so the carb gets all gummed up so instead of fixing it they just throw it away and buy a new one...... Even if people DID used that lawn mower for 100 years it still probably isn't that efficient or good for the planet.
      It's just not really efficient. It's fun don't get me wrong, I love having a bunch of tools, but I must admit that most of the time they just sit, they are just expensive paper weights that sit and wait for that ONE time I need them, and what's also interesting to point out is that FOR ME it's cheaper to buy the tool and do the work myself then it is to pay for a service usually. Usually with mechanic work it's CHEAPER for me to buy the tools, even EXPENSIVE tools, and do the work myself then it is to just go to a mechanic, which I guess is thanks to economies of scale.
      The hidden cost of this though is that I now have sheds full of tools that I have to worry about, also my time goes into the cost, so it probably is still cost effective to just go to a mechanic to save space and time.

  • Kendall Hall
    Kendall Hall Month ago +1

    I wish there was a machine that pulled out your clothes from the dryer and hung all the shirts, then put them in the closet. I'm totally going to get an Optimus prime when Tesla finally releases it in ten years. If that's the only thing it does, it'll still be worth the 20k

  • Static Builds
    Static Builds 7 months ago

    Should contain a built in heater for those cold mornings. Also some sort of function so it moves along the bar. Maybe two little motorised wheels at the top which move the coat hanger along the rack.

  • YTuser45
    YTuser45 3 days ago +1

    He seriously just held the metal in place with his bare hands while the scorching hot laser cutter cut it, and took the hot and freshly cut metal out with his fingers.
    I’m convinced that this man does not know of pain, nor does he fear it.

  • derek meier
    derek meier 6 months ago

    Love the hanger but I'd probably go with over built instead of over engineered

  • Andrew Pulsipher
    Andrew Pulsipher 7 months ago +2225

    "Over engineered" no, I didn't see any engineering, just seriously overbuilt.

    • Gatis Fauss
      Gatis Fauss Month ago

      @deadboy good job on replying to months old comment.
      Believe reference was for "over engeneering", and I still believe it has to introduce extra functionality, excessive load beyond just making the object artsy.

    • deadboy
      deadboy Month ago

      @Fillia A yes he did. The added rubber or foam supports (whatever they are). You guys really are deadset on just being wrong and arguing about the most mundane thing

    • deadboy
      deadboy Month ago

      @Gatis Fauss no it's doesn't actually. It implies making redundant fixes to an already existing invention that can easily be made less complex. This completely fits that definition you pseudo intellectual.

    • danny Thorpe
      danny Thorpe 2 months ago

      Tell me you don't understand engineering without telling me you don't understand engineering. This is engineering. "the action of working artfully to bring something about", so by definition this is 100% engineering.

    • Kaelart
      Kaelart 7 months ago +4

      Yeah it’s like he just made a heavier metal hanger. aside from the neck tie slot there’s not much improvement

  • danteelite
    danteelite 5 months ago +1

    I also made a super heavy duty metal hanger, to hold my Ballistic vest and AR500 plates, it’s a beautiful hanger.
    When I hung it up in my closet it ripped my pole off the wall and tore a big ass hole in my wall… when it all fell it broke an walkie talkie and exploded 2 gallons of water I was storing for emergencies.
    My dumb joke caused a bunch of money worth of damage and the cost of a handful of destined items like my handheld radio and it snapped one of my camp knives in half..
    I made all of the repairs but went back to just resting my armor on the floor by closet door because I rent and I’m not permanently modding the house. Haha

  • Vallerie Wand
    Vallerie Wand 7 months ago

    Colin is the type of guy who drives a rocket bicycle but still taps screw holes with hand.👏

  • YTuser45
    YTuser45 3 days ago +1

    Hold on.
    Did he seriously just hold the metal in place with his bare hands while the scorching hot laser cutter cut it out?!?
    I’m convinced this man does not know of pain, nor does he fear it

  • Requiem for a Meme
    Requiem for a Meme 6 months ago

    This is honestly one of the best uses for the Shorts platform.

  • joe g
    joe g 7 months ago +3106

    If it's not over engineered. Does it deserve to be engineered in the first place?

    • Dream Smuggler
      Dream Smuggler Month ago

      There's not even basic coat hanger features on it. Hanger doesn't swivel, no rack for pants.... I expected so much more from him 😔

    • Tri Beard
      Tri Beard 7 months ago

      No. Chill the fuck out.

    • ImPrincessWolfy
      ImPrincessWolfy 7 months ago +2

      It’s not over engineered, it’s just a waste of material

    • Mr. Dmitri Ravenoff
      Mr. Dmitri Ravenoff 7 months ago

      Found the German.

    • Ron S
      Ron S 7 months ago

      You mean over designed. I’d send it back to the designers before I’d even touch it

  • hhjhj
    hhjhj 7 months ago

    I have thought about fixing clothes hangers. My PERSONALY main problem with my clothes hangers is with T shirts, usually when I take a t shirt off of a clothes hanger I have to slide it off causing the neck to become stretched a bit. I would prefer the clothes hanger to fold inwards so that I can remove the T shirt without having to stretch the neck if that makes any sense.
    I hope people get what I mean. I HATE when my Tshirts have wrinkled stretched necks. I also am not a fan of folding clothes. If there was a pivot point in the middle of the clothes hanger so that it can be folded inserted into the Tshirt then butterfly out then it would be PERFECT.

  • Andy
    Andy 5 months ago

    *Colin please create another hanger, that will allow me to put the hanger through the neck.* 😊
    I am very lazy at laundry and always put the hanger in from the top.
    Over time the neck of T-shirt and sweaters get stretched, due to the constant pushing of hangers through the neck hole.
    Could you make a hanger that would allow us to put hangers through the neck holes; and if the hanger-arms actually reached to the shoulders of the garment, it would avoid those annoying lumps created by the hangers' corners.
    *Folding arms which click or toggle up and down? *
    Good luck on this mission. I hope you accept and enjoy this challenge. 🤠

  • holohulolo
    holohulolo 5 months ago

    I was quite disappointed that the hanger doesnt have movable parts. I mean it could be one of those foldable hangers that helps you slip it in from the collar easier. But add a bunch of complicated mechanics to make that happen. Like maybe having hydraulics to help ot extend back to the full length slowly.

  • Gary Chen
    Gary Chen Month ago

    I wouldn't even consider this over engineered, you could've added a lot of functional design to a hanger for this much effort! E.g. Swivel hook, a slot to make hanging closed collar shirts easier, pants bar/clips...This just a mega beefy hanger.

  • The Student Official
    The Student Official 7 months ago +480

    I thought the hanger will be multifunctional with adjustable shoulder length, pants hanging function, flexible hooks and so on. Great crafting nonetheless, I'm still jealous.

    • The plural is actually "asparageese".
      The plural is actually "asparageese". 7 months ago

      @Cassiah Facts!

    • Cassiah
      Cassiah 7 months ago +2

      @The plural is actually "asparageese". Not that it's only women that have a problem with over consumption anyway. It's a problem regardless of gender just with different things.

    • Cassiah
      Cassiah 7 months ago +1

      @laus 99 it's almost like different shoes and handbags have different designs, aesthetics, and purpose 😲

    • The plural is actually "asparageese".
      The plural is actually "asparageese". 7 months ago

      @laus 99 Sure, I'm the delusional one, says the guy who _literally claims I don't exist_ because I'm a woman who doesn't care about shoes and bags and knows thousands of women who also don't care for them 😆
      That would be pretty funny if I weren't so sincerely sorry for you. Apparently you can't cope with the idea that people with vaginas are not a monolith with one shared brain. That sort of immature nonsense usually comes from being hurt and being deeply sensitive to it, so I'm sure you've suffered. But then these asinine beliefs/the way you lash out traps you in a cycle where no reasonable woman will go near you, so you end up lying to yourself that reasonable women don't exist, so you can pretend you're not the problem.
      That's a really sad and pathetic way to choose to live.
      You are capable, fyi, of pulling your head out of the sand and turning your social issues around. I hope you choose to try. If not, oh well, it's your prerogative to lie to yourself and cope with reality as you see fit. I tried my best.
      Inb4 you throw a "ha ha tl;dr I'm definitely not rereading this and crying angrily" deflection or most likely make up nonsense narratives to project onto me to distract from you being called on your crap. I mean, maybe you're above those tantrums, idk, I'm not saying you'll handle confrontation that poorly, but it seems probable and I don't care to be a greenscreen for you to work out what you hate about yourself -- so, best of luck to you, we're done here 👋

    • Toafloast
      Toafloast 7 months ago

      @laus 99 schizophrenia

  • Zodiac
    Zodiac Month ago +1

    Companies: “If you don’t like our shitty hangers, make one yourself!”
    This guy: “Ok. Hold, please!”

  • Eevok3r
    Eevok3r 7 months ago

    I mean you could have just 3D printed it. But this must have been waayy more fun. Nice work! :)

  • Butacup Pucatub
    Butacup Pucatub 4 months ago

    Honestly the little slot you placed to slide your tie through…. THATS BLOODY GENIUS!! Can you make another that will also hold trousers along with the shirt and tie?

  • jrkiii
    jrkiii 5 months ago

    Could you even imagine how expensive life would be, dictated by the Furze?

  • Phillip Bicknell
    Phillip Bicknell 7 months ago +1062

    In the next episode: Upgrading the wardrobe to cope with the additional weight 🙂

    • Dream Smuggler
      Dream Smuggler Month ago

      Wife recently voted cbf on folding all tops. Now they're all on hangers. Those poor bars in our wardrobe were visibly sinking under the weight of it all when I was putting them all on.
      Soon as I saw a solid steel hanger all I could think is that I'd fit maybe 10 of those with no clothes on them before the whole rack caved in 😂

    • Jenni
      Jenni 7 months ago

      I am loving how the reply section just escalated

    • ChristopherLee
      ChristopherLee 7 months ago +3

      And then changing the laws of physics to prevent the added mass of the upgrades from collapsing into a black hole....

      CPT. PRICELESS 7 months ago +1

      An over engineered bar to hold it all.

    • Ziedmac
      Ziedmac 7 months ago +4

      @willy harris changing the foundation from concrete to casted steel

  • colin101981
    colin101981 2 months ago

    I LOVE over engineer'd stuff - it's so cool.

  • biււ cծsby iֆ iռռoceոէ ՛

    I thought he was so upset with the hanger that he was going to take his own life
    Also he essentially made a steampunk clothing hanger

  • Empanada
    Empanada 7 months ago

    1) The hanging part doesn't rotate
    2) there is no lower rack for pants
    3) there aren't hooks for spaghetti straps
    4) There aren't adjustable sliders to fit ant width shoulder perfectly.
    Perhaps the coat hanger with the most wasted material, but most overengineered? Not by a mile

  • Lava Shark and Boy Girl

    This is a perfect example of somebody who just enjoys making things for the sake of it

  • Wylan Vallotton
    Wylan Vallotton 7 months ago +594

    I wouldn't call that over engineered so much as just high material and production cost. It's still a regular hanger, just made from better materials.

    • Axuwu
      Axuwu 7 months ago +1

      It does have that tie hole, though! Sure, you could hang a tie on a regular coat hanger, but in this specified tie hole, it won’t slide around or fall off

    • hhjhj
      hhjhj 7 months ago +1

      Over engineered IMO, would be some gold hangar with lots of delicate moving parts. Almost like some elvish piece of art.
      Kinda like the Orokin from Warframe if anyone knows that game lol.

    • Ling
      Ling 7 months ago +4

      @Darken Croix even cheap dollar store hangers have hooks that swivel

    • Wylan Vallotton
      Wylan Vallotton 7 months ago +1

      @CringeBanana4096 that's a good term for it

    • CringeBanana4096
      CringeBanana4096 7 months ago +8

      @Wylan Vallotton Over built?

  • H
    H 5 months ago

    See, I think "over-engineered" implies engineering, which implies thought. Other than the tie hole and the cushions, I don't see a use to any of the features on this, so it's just a really strong hanger, not over-engineered.

  • MrWildbill47
    MrWildbill47 2 months ago

    This also makes it a lot easier than a wire hanger to get your keys out of your locked car, little tap to the side window and you can just reach right in.

  • The Shaggy Rifleman

    Not really over engineered, there actually hangers like this available for purchase. Although usually theyre used for hanging things like body armor which can weigh about 15lbs on the lighter side.

  • Paul Irwin
    Paul Irwin 2 months ago

    No longer a clothes hanger, more a family heirloom. It could survive for generations. 🧐😎

  • Tim Bednarchuk
    Tim Bednarchuk 7 months ago +192

    I love how everything he makes never looks nice, it’s always a large unwieldy hunk of metal that weighs too much and can always be used as an improvised blunt force weapon.

    • Daniel Awesome
      Daniel Awesome 7 months ago +11

      It's called being proactive, whatever that means.
      *_-...Because I definitely know what that means.-_*

    • Wind Wood
      Wind Wood 7 months ago +9

      He is ready for zombie Apocalypse

  • steve williams
    steve williams 7 months ago

    might be good for hanging really heavy clothing items, like body armour

  • Darrow Green
    Darrow Green 6 months ago

    I've always wanted a clothes hanger that also functions as a bow

  • Iampaztro ‎
    Iampaztro ‎ 7 months ago +1

    It would be cool if it’s had some sort of spring mechanism so you can easily pull the shirt off and put it back on the hanger

  • Bo Chapman
    Bo Chapman 6 months ago

    Does this count as overengineered? Feel like you have to have moving parts for things to be over engineered. It feels more over built.

  • Ben Jensen
    Ben Jensen 7 months ago +221

    I love that he does stuff like this. Totally random and definitely over engineered. Functional and is gonna last forever. But looks neat too.

    • Belagu
      Belagu 7 months ago +2

      @Marc Crockett i meant which part of the video shows that its "overengineered"? There wasnt even a single calculation on his part, he just measured his shoulder then made a metal hanger

    • Marc Crockett
      Marc Crockett 7 months ago +1

      @Belagu "Overengineering, is the act of designing a product or providing a solution to a problem in an elaborate or complicated manner, where a simpler solution can be demonstrated to exist with the same efficiency and effectiveness as that of the original design"

    • Belagu
      Belagu 7 months ago +8

      Over engineered?

  • Lucy K.
    Lucy K. 6 months ago

    Doesn't look over engineered to me, as it implies a lot of extra functions, space saving etc and it does none of that. It just looks over decorated or something. Does look nice though. Good for minimalistic people with very little clothing, because it takes up space.

  • Lieutenant Dan
    Lieutenant Dan Month ago

    That hanger would be perfect for hanging up a ballistic vest and helmet, with the right setup it could hold all of that plus a stocked go-bag. I'll take 10

  • Unhomie
    Unhomie 7 months ago

    If it was over-engineered, it'd probably have a swiveling top part as well as another extension to hang a pair of pants as well, so you get an entire outfit on a single hanger.

  • Timothy Martin
    Timothy Martin Month ago

    If you wanted it over engineered, you should have made the hook into a clockwork mechanism to adjust the shoulders out.

  • Red
    Red 6 months ago +1

    was expecting the hanger to produce steam or something 😭 my expectations were too high

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 7 months ago

    Wait is this over engineered? It just seems kinda well designed and well built

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 6 months ago

    Y’know, any architect can build a bridge, but only an engineer can build one that barely stands

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong Month ago

    No no an overenginerred clothes hanger would be something like a tensegrity triangular truss with spectra tensile members and a cfrp hollow tube compressive member and a carabiner locking hook. It would be rated to 950±4N symmetric load capacity over 100M cycles at 1.5 FOS. It weighs 9.70g each and costs $30000 for a minimum production run of 100.

  • C-64
    C-64 6 months ago

    I thought you were going to make it spring loaded on the ends that give way you can pull the shirt off without removing the hanger, then after that the springs pull the hangar back to its original position.

  • TechSeth
    TechSeth Month ago

    That’s not overly engineered, that’s brilliant! Now I know where to put the TIE

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong Month ago

    I didn't see any engineering much less overengineering. The product weighs fifty times as much and costs one thousand times more than the original wire hanger while barely improving load capacity at all due to using the same bent wire hook.

  • Parzival
    Parzival 7 months ago

    I was hoping he was going to make a clothes hanger that had extendable/retractable arms or something to make it easier to put in... xD

  • john koch
    john koch 7 months ago +234

    Having directly assisted a blind person for several years: Why the hell aren't you wearing any safety glasses?

    • Phil Pique
      Phil Pique 18 days ago

      Yes, Colin, please!
      Use your next video to fabricate some safety glasses!!!
      I still have both eyes only because I was wearing safety glasses 48 years ago when I went to peek into a Quadrajet carburetor and stabbed my eye into the air cleaner mounting spike. No harm done, but only because I had taken that very simple precaution.
      You just never know what unexpected things will happen in a workshop. We want to see more of you, and we want you to see more of everything.

    • Erick Peres
      Erick Peres 28 days ago

      @Rex Galilae i was waiting for this comment 😂 definitely never worked industrially thats for sure

    • Mecurian
      Mecurian Month ago

      @BusyBee Well I'm an aeronautics engineer and I have never used eye protection while using a stationary sander.

    • BusyBee
      BusyBee Month ago

      @Mecurian what makes you think you don't need it? I'm a aviationsheet metal mechanic. Eye protection is required on the shop floor period. A sander can create projectiles. It is required. End of story.

    • Pramod Bisht
      Pramod Bisht Month ago

      @Mecurian you aren't smart aren't you?

  • Harshvardhan Haritwal
    Harshvardhan Haritwal 7 months ago +1

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  • Esteban Delgado Rios
    Esteban Delgado Rios 7 months ago

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  • Keiranful
    Keiranful Month ago

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  • superhawk20002
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  • Kaspariuks
    Kaspariuks 7 months ago +354

    Me: expects something which automatically irons cloths then you hang them
    Colin: just a fancy metal Hanger

    • Coy Raig
      Coy Raig 7 months ago +1

      It also has a tie slot

    • Adam Tennant
      Adam Tennant 7 months ago

      The fact that there is no jet engine involved is a big let down. 😏

    • analogdistortion
      analogdistortion 7 months ago +2

      I was thinking it would dry your short, warm it up, cool it down, and all be remotely controlled via an app, and GPS findable just incase you misplaced it.

    • aetmi
      aetmi 7 months ago +2

      I think thats Collins thing, never doing what you expect!

    • 13 FPV
      13 FPV 7 months ago +1

      That's gonna be V2...

  • Dan Geffel
    Dan Geffel 7 months ago

    As someone who was beaten with a hanger before, this terrifies me 😂

  • TRD Chris
    TRD Chris 6 months ago

    You could use this for self defense, best make sure you don't drop it on your toes. I mean I'm assuming it is aluminum or something light so maybe not that bad, but cool project. I see people like "why don't you fix problems that actually exist" but my thoughts are "why don't you just do whatever makes you happy?"

  • Liz
    Liz 7 months ago +3

    Perfect for hanging up my suit of armour

  • TalkSick Gamer
    TalkSick Gamer 7 months ago

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  • Owen Schauer
    Owen Schauer 7 months ago +231

    When he was sanding his hanger it almost looks like he’s sanding a wrench

    • CJ
      CJ 7 months ago

      That's what I saw

    • average joe
      average joe 7 months ago

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    • im Judeau
      im Judeau 7 months ago

      @redwarf smd

    • redwarf
      redwarf 7 months ago

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  • ᴊɪɴX̷ sʏᴘʜᴜsʙʟᴇᴜ

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    If you know, you know.

  • Benjamin Dutschmann
    Benjamin Dutschmann 18 days ago

    So this is only tangentially related, but I've used a hand plasma cutter for a few years on some projects. How exactly do you use one without creating a messy line with bits of molten metal everywhere? Is it even possible by hand?

  • Icicle
    Icicle 6 months ago +1

    While you're at it, engineer a steamer, to unwrinkle your shirts 🤣

  • Crjase
    Crjase 7 months ago +193

    I wouldn't call it "over engineered", I'd call it *perfection*.

  • S o u p
    S o u p 7 months ago

    Over-engineering - ❎
    More creative problem solving than reality can keep up with - ✅

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    DryBonz1 7 months ago

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    Christopher Bauer Month ago

    So now you just make a mold to produce plastics with that shape it's perfect for you know everyday life and it's not over engineered it's brilliant also I was thinking how like you got the perfect equipment to do what you know whatever you want really and I just saw a video about a seven-piece little fit together metal camping grill the fits into like a pouch genius stuff going on here

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    • Steve Sucio
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    • lilkurd2000
      lilkurd2000 7 months ago

      @Mark Townsend So am i, :)

    • Mark Townsend
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      He's a man who's made engineering and fabricating his career. His workshop reflects that. I am incredibly jealous of it all.

    • lilkurd2000
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      Few years of youtube donations

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  • x x
    x x Month ago

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