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Binging with Babish: Sausage from God of War: Ragnarok

  • Published on Nov 28, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary Universe  2 months ago +2472

    Big shout out to Double G Cosplay for building this entire costume! You might remember them from the "Training like Kratos" episode of Being with Babish. Go check them out on Instagram, @doublegcosplay

    • Sam Peeps
      Sam Peeps Month ago

      That's a Cumberland sausage. Already exists in England.

    • DarkGamerLord
      DarkGamerLord Month ago

      Hey you should make some iguana on a stick.

    • Golden Dash
      Golden Dash Month ago


    • tony black
      tony black Month ago

      Can you make wonton bombs from the TV cartoon chowder

    • Iced Tease
      Iced Tease Month ago

      Holy cow, you're so close to 10 million subs!

  • Ordinary Sausage
    Ordinary Sausage 2 months ago +4846

    It’s a decent sausage…I guess

    • nmcgunagle
      nmcgunagle Day ago

      I think when he over dramatically chopped that patty, it was a nod to Mr. Sausage. That’s how I took it anyway.

    • Italian chicken
      Italian chicken 3 days ago

      It’s pretty small to be honest nest

    • Zombieknifefight
      Zombieknifefight 4 days ago

      I only came here looking for you, and I found you.

    • food
      food 4 days ago

      The shade

    • RedStrider
      RedStrider 5 days ago

      THE MAN

  • Luan Ismaili
    Luan Ismaili Month ago +153

    I love how everyone is arguing and kratos is just silently enjoying his sausage😂

    • 䨻
       4 days ago +3

      hes a chill dude

  • DeLePlays
    DeLePlays Month ago +311

    Petition for him to redo this but a complete parody of ordinary sausage. I need a bimbish "WE'RE SAUSAGINNNGGGG!!!"

  • Travis Morin
    Travis Morin Month ago +61

    "Massage the sausage until it's evenly firm throughout" is great life advice, Babish.

  • Ozone
    Ozone 2 months ago +8160

    _Babish's impression of Kratos is _*_ungodly_*_ amounts of accurate._

    • Ichigo Kurosaki
      Ichigo Kurosaki 2 days ago

      What if babish is the reincarnation of kratos 😱🤯

    • Selena Phoenix
      Selena Phoenix 11 days ago

      @Ben Stevens it wouldn’t matter sense for it to be so, it’s most definitely Babish

    • Kevins Chili
      Kevins Chili 21 day ago

      @Some Blaq Guy your eyes must be malfunctioning then. There ain’t none there.

    • Sukma ND
      Sukma ND Month ago

      I almost thinking that's Judge voice. 😂

    • Crash With Kirby
      Crash With Kirby Month ago

      My only gripe- he wouldn’t throw the axe down like that, such disrespect (smh)
      He would have gingerly placed it on the table while reflecting on his giant dead wife.
      All kidding aside, this was a neat video, and it’s cool to see how the sausage got made. Sorry I said I was done kidding.

  • Task Force
    Task Force Month ago +102

    When he said *"But I have got something better a surprised guest"*
    Out of nowhere Christopher Judge immediately came to my mind which got really hyped me up there. However all went in vain, still have to give this man props for the hardwork he put in for cosplay and cooking the sausage at the same time

    • Ninja Flibble
      Ninja Flibble Month ago

      I was expecting Christopher Judge for a second, too 🤣

    • NewsFlashStudios
      NewsFlashStudios Month ago +8

      I was expecting Ordinary Sausage 😔

  • AshyMuted
    AshyMuted 2 months ago +654

    You can't avoid Mr. Sausage forever, Bimbish.

  • Tessa Frank
    Tessa Frank Month ago +37

    pølse means sausage in danish and norwegan, tilbehør basically means sides or condiments, rødkål means red cabbage but we traditionally eat it in this really sweet stewed version

    • Teirun
      Teirun Month ago +1

      oh wow now that you say it i can see the resemblance to the german Rotkohl!

  • Camerson
    Camerson 2 months ago +2377

    I’m disappointed this wasn’t a Babish/Ordinary Sausage crossover 😢

  • PluckyInc
    PluckyInc 2 months ago +6991

    this would've been an amazing moment if Ordinary Sausage came from out of nowhere. this episode is basically for him.

    • PluckyInc
      PluckyInc 18 days ago

      @slashed! noticed ordinarysausage made a comment eventually.

    • slashed!
      slashed! 18 days ago

      check out the comments bro!

    • Smol Child
      Smol Child Month ago +1

      He's the top comment :)

    • M. ierardi
      M. ierardi Month ago

      Absolute fake out! He knew we who follow them both we waiting for a Mr. Sausage Cameo

    • Carter Logue
      Carter Logue Month ago

      I too was expecting a mr sausage

  • Megasingularity
    Megasingularity Month ago +94

    When will we see Bimbish and Mr.Sausage collab already 😩

  • Boomer
    Boomer Month ago +18

    Oh wow Medisterpølse reminds me of Christmas. Funny to see Banish making some Danish food

  • lowercaselad
    lowercaselad Month ago +47

    Kratos took a break from causing ragnarok just to appreciate Babish's cooking

  • romannoodle
    romannoodle Month ago +2

    really enjoyed this episode of gaming with gabish. can't wait for the next one

  • Diamond Ingot
    Diamond Ingot Month ago +19

    Babish seem like a calm and reasonable person

    • Jonathan Boam
      Jonathan Boam Day ago

      @Egg Bruh I'd say the moment calls for calm... yeah.

    • Egg Bruh
      Egg Bruh Month ago +1

      only if the moment calls for calm though

  • 1987MartinT
    1987MartinT Month ago +4

    Medisterpølse is one of the most Danish dishes ever. And, yes, it does have its origin in the Viking Age.

  • George Moslener
    George Moslener 2 months ago +56

    You know Andrew, if you need two hands to handle a sausage, there's a certain Sausage Chef who can help you

  • potato
    potato 2 months ago +470

    Seeing Babish make the sausage so easily after watching Alvin try it last episode makes me giggle a little, the stark difference lolol

    • cavalier liberty
      cavalier liberty Month ago

      They could both use some pointers from a certain sausage Clip-Sharer.

    • Katsuragi Rin
      Katsuragi Rin Month ago

      Because Alvin turned the ground meat into meat paste for some unknown reason with the mixing machine. I dont understand what was he thinking.

  • Angela White
    Angela White 2 months ago +233

    Would love to see a collab with Ordinary Sausage some time in the future.

  • Evie! 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    It's taken over three years, but the Kratos cosplay, it's finally here!

  • Societal Staircase
    Societal Staircase 2 months ago +202

    We need a Babish and Ordinary Sausage crossover episode

  • LeGinge Dury
    LeGinge Dury Month ago +6

    Ordinary Sausage is having a fit right now.

  • TheFrancescanater
    TheFrancescanater 2 months ago +342

    This would’ve been great for an ordinary sausage collab

    • YouLackGrace
      YouLackGrace Month ago +1

      i dont think badging with bimbish likes him very much

    • Rhys B
      Rhys B 2 months ago +5

      He knew what he was doing when he said "it's the man himself" before bringing out the Kratos cosplay.

    • organicleaf
      organicleaf 2 months ago +2

      @K Ryuzaki what would Happen when all of Them are in the Same kitchen? As a Mortal Im scarred to think about that

    • K Ryuzaki
      K Ryuzaki 2 months ago +16

      Honestly I feel like this is him baiting collabs at this point.
      Nutmeg to summon Townsends, Sausage to summon Mr. Sausage.

    • jojojaykay
      jojojaykay 2 months ago +30

      Binging with bimbish is scared

  • DirtDertDurt
    DirtDertDurt Month ago +3

    I remember seeing your physique in the vlog video where you trained to look like Kratos for 30 days. You've really come a long way! Congrats man!

  • Kate -H🔥T - Girl - Vlog
    Kate -H🔥T - Girl - Vlog 2 months ago +70

    It's taken over three years, but the Kratos cosplay, it's finally here!

  • Kiki
    Kiki Month ago +1

    I loved when he tried pronouncing medisterpølse. I'm Norwegian so it sounded pretty silly to me. honestly it wasn't too bad tho but still funny :p

  • Silvia T
    Silvia T Month ago +6

    I was waiting for Mr. Sausage to appear the whole time.

  • Tinius Alme
    Tinius Alme Month ago +5

    Non Norwegians takling Norwegian will always be a favorite to me. The ø was magnificent

  • Kage The Danish
    Kage The Danish Month ago +106

    As a Dane, the pronunciation of medisterpølse is pretty accurate! Although, there is actually a kind of "joke" translation in Denmark, that being it's pronounced almost exactly like "meat easter pearls", or rather, well, that's the closest any non-Dane is ever going to get to pronuncing it correctly lol

    • Kage The Danish
      Kage The Danish Month ago +1

      @Ordelian I guess it's not far off the Danish meaning of the word then. In Danish, "Tilbehør" pretty much means a side dish or anything smaller that comes along with a bigger item of sorts.

    • Ordelian
      Ordelian Month ago +1

      Could you tell me what "Tilbehøre" is then? In Finland we have the exact same word, but spelled "Tilpehööri" and for us it means an assortment of random items, often small in size. Aka the contents of a junk drawer.

    • Felixbui
      Felixbui Month ago +2

      rødkål was pretty accurate too

  • *:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*

    We need a Babish and Ordinary Sausage crossover episode

  • LukeJuke
    LukeJuke 2 months ago +2390

    The last part is hella accurate. Most video game characters when they pick up food is just them dumping it all into an endless sack, like in skyrim, you pick up a muffin from a table and stuff it in with your ores, dusty books, bones, and dangerous potions.

    • sickheadjoker
      sickheadjoker Month ago

      It's more like you taking the food since your controlling the video games

    • an 8th dimensional being
      an 8th dimensional being Month ago +1

      @arcabark same with the forest, the inventory actually shows where and how your items are stored in your survival pack.

    • an 8th dimensional being
      an 8th dimensional being Month ago +2

      mmm, 3 entire cheese wheels dusted with the miscellaneous dirt and dust of your inventory.

    • RuSosan
      RuSosan Month ago +1

      It's got that brothy tang to it.
      Numbs the tongue like crazy though. 🤔

    • SimpForIni
      SimpForIni Month ago +4

      ah yes i love the taste of paralysis poison on my bread 🤤

  • Emmitt Mailhot
    Emmitt Mailhot Month ago

    You gotta do the hidden stew you can make in the game traveling through realms !!

  • Techfuse13
    Techfuse13 Month ago

    The sausage looks great as well as the cosplay. Would have been a cool moment to feature @YaBoyRoshi.

  • Dragonlord
    Dragonlord Month ago

    Top notch production value! Absolutely rivals Industrial Light & Magic!

  • Christian Easthill
    Christian Easthill 2 months ago +10

    I appreciate sirs attempt at pronouncing "Medisterpølse" xD

  • Kiro
    Kiro 2 months ago +35

    when he said "the man himself" I expected Mr. Sausage

  • Actaeon
    Actaeon 2 months ago +55

    Would love to see a collab with Ordinary Sausage some time in the future.

  • scorchy
    scorchy Month ago

    now that i finally have the game im able to watch this without spoilers

  • H H
    H H Month ago +1

    You guys should make the Fried Egg Chili Chutney Sandwich from Red Dwarf! :)

  • Caleb Chaney
    Caleb Chaney 2 months ago +1018

    It's taken over three years, but the Kratos cosplay, it's finally here!

    • Lucky mark
      Lucky mark Month ago

      4 lol

    • Joseph Gonzales
      Joseph Gonzales 2 months ago +14

      And I'm DEFINITELY not complaining about his results either. 🥵😁🤣

  • 3-EX-0
    3-EX-0 Month ago

    How dare you make a Sausage without Mr. Sausage himself, Ordinary Sausage.

  • Liam Gall
    Liam Gall Month ago

    Really wanted the hammer to fly out of the last shot, would have been the cherry on top. Great video!

  • darkbowls
    darkbowls Month ago +1

    its rare we get an episode that isnt outsourced to his friends

  • Goremejy
    Goremejy Month ago +78

    Come on bimbash we all know who would have been a perfect guest for this episode

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones Month ago +2


  • MASb4itDied
    MASb4itDied 2 months ago +5

    Idk if anyone noticed but hes basically learning from Ordinary Sausage. Especially the black pepper part

  • Aprajita Kesar
    Aprajita Kesar Month ago

    As a vegetarian I wasn't sure at first if the understuffed/overstuffed sausage lines were more innuendo or actual instructions! 😅

  • Phumipat Boonrat
    Phumipat Boonrat Month ago

    Dude now you gotta make the "passable dirt soup"

    CHEFPK 2 months ago +1

    That's a nice sausage you got there Krabish.

  • Harizon
    Harizon Month ago

    For a future episode of Basics with Babish, would you consider making pepperoni rolls or kolaches? I’ve lived in West Virginia for most of my life and pepperoni rolls are a big part of my life. Kolaches are very similar, except they use sausage instead and they are big in Texas

    • a black icon
      a black icon Month ago

      Or none of those because of 10 million sub special

  • Cozmo
    Cozmo Month ago +1

    POV: brok is watching Tyr make an actual sausage

  • Gingy 0102
    Gingy 0102 2 months ago +111

    When he said special guest I really thought it was gonna be ordinary sausage and I would have flipped

  • Stay in the corner M.A.X

    Babish almost looking like Kratos, made my sleepy self think it was Kratos cooking.

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way Month ago

    Petition for him to redo this but a complete parody of ordinary sausage. I need a bimbish "WE'RE SAUSAGINNNGGGG!!!"

  • insanemindset
    insanemindset 2 months ago +1

    I find it funny that Kratos insulted Babish here when a large part of Ragnarok is that Kratos is learning to be a more compassionate person. XD

  • Deadpools10
    Deadpools10 2 months ago +145

    When he said "Surprise guest the man him self to taste the sausage" TOTALLY THOUGHT and wish that it was Mr. Sausage ngl.

  • Sarge_FPS
    Sarge_FPS Month ago

    that impression was amazing bab

  • Shou Crit
    Shou Crit Month ago

    Props to dressing up as Kratos for this bit XD

  • Lacucarachadefuego
    Lacucarachadefuego 2 months ago +53

    Releasing a Sausage episode on the same day as a Ordinary Sausage upload? You’re playing a dangerous game Bimbish

  • Q*bert78
    Q*bert78 Month ago

    Hey, finally got around to trying Botanist Gin. Stuff is awesome. It's my new favorite spirit...till next week.

  • Ryan Mauery
    Ryan Mauery 2 months ago +9

    I would have really enjoyed seeing an ordinary sausage collaboration!

  • Josh Halim
    Josh Halim Month ago

    Request: Do Muffy's cookies from Arthur. I believe it has strawberry, banana, oatmeal, raisin, nuts and chocolate chip. I believe I have missed something.

  • Gustav Johan Langseth Nilsson

    I am from Denmark, and medister pølse taste great😊

  • MegaKnight2012
    MegaKnight2012 Month ago

    Kinda surprised it wasn't Tyr's stew, followed by haggis, honey oatmeal, and olives.

  • Bricklebit
    Bricklebit Month ago

    Not even Tyr's cooking can be a match for yours

  • Gelden
    Gelden Month ago +1

    As a Dane i approve of your pronunciation of midister pølse

  • Alexander Wille
    Alexander Wille Month ago

    "Massage the sausage until it's evenly firm throughout."
    Can't help to take this out of context

  • Xanderqwerty123
    Xanderqwerty123 2 months ago +71

    If only there could have been a Babish and ordinary sausage collab

  • Lioneagle255
    Lioneagle255 2 months ago +922

    Man for this, Babish should've done this at a forest dressed as Kratos and Alvin should've been dressed as Atreus helping Babish make this sausage.

    • Stephanie Zalac
      Stephanie Zalac Month ago


    • TheKekMan
      TheKekMan 2 months ago +6

      Mmm... I don't think that would have improved it much, Babish videos always work better when he's alone I find

    • Soy Sauce Supreme
      Soy Sauce Supreme 2 months ago +7

      Mr Sausage needs to educate Babish how to sausage.

    • Zero Wolf
      Zero Wolf 2 months ago +6

      This, I need it now 🤣

    • sbusiso Manqele
      sbusiso Manqele 2 months ago +56

      Now I want them to redo the video like this
      With kendall as freya
      And the other guy who does the football episodes as mimir

  • Tyler Almgren
    Tyler Almgren Month ago

    You should make a Freebirds episode where you go back in time to the first Thanksgiving to take turkey OFF the menu.

  • WeedWhacker Zach Eat's!

    Love that half the comments are talking about the cosplay and the other half wants mr sausage on the channel.

  • Velvet Scars
    Velvet Scars Month ago

    Definitely thought the special guest was gonna be ordinary sausage

  • ClodolC&Midnights
    ClodolC&Midnights Month ago +1

    So.. what have we learnt…
    Babish is kratos
    …that it, that’s the comment

  • Kris Malt
    Kris Malt Month ago

    Can u do mimir's, ferya's and kratos' favorite food

  • Leeboi 99
    Leeboi 99 Month ago

    For Christmas you should do Kevin’s sundae from home alone

  • ᛒᛖᚾᛄᚪᛘᛁᚾ ᚠᛚᚪᛏᚾᛖᚱ ᛘᛁᚻᚱᛖ

    I never expected banish to make my favorite type of Norwegian/Scandinavian sausage munch less that he would try to speak Norwegian. Hats of to you.

  • Brasc
    Brasc 2 months ago

    As a video game character, be thankful he didn't start smashing all your pots, ripping open your chests, and looting you blind.

  • Iqbal Faiz
    Iqbal Faiz Month ago

    Who else expected the Leviathan Axe to fly off-screen at the end?

  • Viken Manjikian
    Viken Manjikian Month ago

    I got a crazy one for you… all the foods from the Food Eating Contest in Hey Arnold 😂

  • Johan Stahl
    Johan Stahl Month ago

    It's weird to hear boar/pig together with "kosher" salt. XD

  • Corey Love
    Corey Love Month ago

    Can't wait for the 10 million subscribers dish!

  • Meanwhile on Hastings...
    Meanwhile on Hastings... 2 months ago +8

    Bring on Ordinary Sausage!!!

  • FraggerLagger
    FraggerLagger Month ago

    Tyr’s dialogue hits different looking back on it

  • Mystik Liyon
    Mystik Liyon Month ago

    When you realize Kratos was eating boerewors😂

  • Broken Heart Cosplay

    Speaking of video game food..you should do the polish pierogi recipe from dying light 2!! It’s a collectible and it’s a literal step by step recipe!!

  • mustard puddle
    mustard puddle 2 months ago +77

    we need an ordinary sausage crossover NOW

  • BVtok26
    BVtok26 Month ago

    Do we get to see the entirety of you in the Kratos cosplay? I mean I'm hoping you didn't just do the body/armor but you had your face painted too.

  • Spencer Marfy
    Spencer Marfy Month ago

    Shoulda partnered with ordinary sausage for this one

  • PewPew_McPewster
    PewPew_McPewster Month ago

    I'm not gonna lie I saw the sausage and assumed this was an Ordinary Sausage video. Who else makes sausages on Clip-Share?

  • DiamondFrost
    DiamondFrost Month ago

    Can you make Benson's microwave wings?

  • JoeMama
    JoeMama Month ago

    i would highly recommend that you try and make some of the food from the chocolat.

  • Joey Caine
    Joey Caine 2 months ago +62

    Thought for sure that Ordinary Sausage was gonna be the special guest

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin Month ago +25

    Always so cool to see my own cultures food in videos like this. Thank you for making it. it looked great!

  • Nostal Gaming
    Nostal Gaming Month ago +1

    Tyr: "Bull*hit!! What Brok made is nothing like that!!"

  • Reddone
    Reddone Month ago

    You should make Litmus Lozenges from "Because of Winn Dixie"

  • Brother Bango
    Brother Bango Month ago

    Now make Tyr's passable dirt soup!

  • Eric Schoen
    Eric Schoen Month ago

    Dark-timeline Toby Ziegler as Odin is a choice and a half and I loved it.

  • Calamari Plays
    Calamari Plays 2 months ago +36

    I mentally said "let's sausage" before he started the sausage making 💀

  • SmrtVillager
    SmrtVillager Month ago

    Wow, that was trippy. I got an ad made by Babish while trying to watch this video and I thought it was part of the video