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Cristiano Ronaldo tears up at Ballon d'Or

  • Published on Jan 12, 2014 veröffentlicht
  • Portugal and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded the biggest individual honour in football at the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2013. Watch his emotional speech.
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Comments • 2 161

  • Yasu Entertainment
    Yasu Entertainment 8 years ago +2721

    Not a big fan of Cristiano but those tears are from someone who worked very very hard to get where he is now. Congrats Cristiano

    • youtuber
      youtuber Month ago

      it was rigged

    • Meg Viesca
      Meg Viesca 2 months ago

      🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • IB Monkey 007
    IB Monkey 007 9 years ago +280

    For those who don't know. Today,Ronaldo bought all of his Physios ( people that keep him from being injured) new cars for keeping him fit enough to win the ballon d'or. how can someone this caring deserve the hatred??

  • Ricky Raybould
    Ricky Raybould 9 years ago +580

    Just shows how passionate he is about his sport and that's why I like him!

  • KorashTUBE
    KorashTUBE 7 years ago +1885

    he proved it ..


      Messi going for the 8th Ballon d'Or dissaprove

    • Fred R
      Fred R 2 months ago

      @Sneakytacos77 It doesn't. Most Messi fans consider it unfair when his success is attributed only to his talent. He works incredibly hard. But, it is not his nature to cast attention to himself.
      Also, world cups are not referred to by "season" in association football.

    • Sneakytacos77
      Sneakytacos77 2 months ago

      This comment makes Messi fans so mad. They’re so unlike the guy they praise! This season actually woke Messi up, made him start taking diet & training more seriously so he could match Ronaldo’s hard work! Best competition between 2 players we will ever see

    • Fred R
      Fred R 2 months ago +1

      @Ab Your comment really did age well! Cheers mate

    • Fred R
      Fred R 2 months ago

      @bbb 2022 World Cup. Haha i guess.

  • Adam
    Adam 9 years ago +351

    That's a lot of frustration in those tears. Deep down y'all know he's deserved that trophy more than twice. RONALDO=BEAST

    • the toxic devil
      the toxic devil 24 days ago +3

      ​@Lazzy nope Ronaldo legacy stays Messi won more now but Ronaldo will have his own special legacy forever

    • Lazzy
      Lazzy 2 months ago +2

      Messi has cemented his legacy 🐐🐐

    • Fahad
      Fahad 8 months ago +4

      Ronaldo = goat

    • You're awesome!
      You're awesome! 2 years ago +2


    • Dylan Munien
      Dylan Munien 4 years ago +56

      Well he has 5 now

  • mrselbendadi
    mrselbendadi 6 years ago +309

    Love him for showing his emotions! What a great and talented man! Thumbs up Cristiano- You're a legend! :-*

  • FootballluxSB
    FootballluxSB 5 months ago +25

    Man came from zero..and became the greatest footballer of all time. ❤️🙏

  • ln32
    ln32 9 months ago +26

    Those tears from him, his mother,from Irina.. they don't lie.. they've seen the lengths this man goes to.. the hardwork he puts in.. this man to me is an inspiration..
    It'll be a very sad day when he does hang up his boots.. that day,millions will have tears in their eyes..

  • Nolan Scripture
    Nolan Scripture 9 years ago +446

    I'm more of a Messi fan, but Cristiano Ronaldo deserved it this year. I'm glad they got it right.

    • Ryan Sihaloho
      Ryan Sihaloho 4 months ago

      Bulan ini piala dunia semoga portugal menang ya tuhaannn amiiiinnn 😭🙏🙏🏆🏆🏆⚽️

    • Rocky Munshi
      Rocky Munshi 6 months ago

      If that year ribbery deserve it then 2010 inesta deserve, 2015 Neymar,2018 cr7,2019 virgil van dk, 2021 Lewandowski . If anyone don't agree it then I think he have no knowledge about football

    • Suwi
      Suwi 10 months ago

      @Moon flowerwolfy cry. 8 years later, Ronaldo destroyed ur club over and over again.

      MYSTIC WORLD 11 months ago

      I'm also Leo fan ♥️

    • The Ghost in Paris
      The Ghost in Paris Year ago

      @Night Slayer ronaldo had 60+goals and Ribery had like 20+ stop the cap

    NØMAD 8 years ago +116

    I don't know why but this gets to me everytime...his reaction is so genuine

  • 2Pseudonym1
    2Pseudonym1 9 years ago +101

    seeing his mother in (happy) tears really made me emotional. ronaldo and his family had to make sacrifices to make him who he is today, and the award is for them all. those years in lisbon away from home and family paid off. personally for me, to see a player i first watched in 2003 pick up a major gong for the 2nd time in his career 10 years on is a very emotional moment. i feel like i'm part of the journey. you are my biggest inspiration, cristiano.

  • Norel
    Norel 8 years ago +121

    Not a fan of his but I cry every single time I watch this video he deserves all the success and love he gets

  • Carlos Renderos jr
    Carlos Renderos jr 9 years ago +51

    Finally....Finally all the hard work has paid off....well deserved, and many years waiting. Two time Ballon D'Or winner....finally!

  • gr4verrr
    gr4verrr 4 months ago +13

    It sounds like even the translator is about to cry. Ronaldo so inspirational man

  • Morales
    Morales 9 months ago +6

    imagine being in someone’s shadow for 4 years then finally get the upper hand again after so long, this is the most beautiful balon dor win i have ever seen

  • Green Tuga
    Green Tuga 9 years ago +119

    im portuguese...soo im just gona translate piece by piece so you can fully understand what he said:
    Good evening! There are no words to describe this moment... (aplauses)
    ...Im very happy! Thanks to all my teammates in real madrid, and in the portuguese national team, and to all my family that is here today...(aplauses)
    Its an enormous pride! those who now me know how much i sacrificed to win this award! I want to thank my businessman, my president, and to all off you present. I also want to mention eusébio (and well) and madiba has well, they were important persons to me, also my girlfriend, my mother,and my son that is here with me, its the first time he sees his dad winning a ballon d'or, and if I forgot someone please forgive me cause this is a very emotional moment for me!

  • SoccrFrk4life
    SoccrFrk4life 9 years ago +47

    Yeah. No matter who wins the award, these footballers make me enjoy football. Enough of hating a footballer. I respect these guys because they make the most beautiful sport entertaining.

  • Ella Valeyrinné Emerald
    Ella Valeyrinné Emerald 8 years ago +53

    He totally deserved this, he worked so hard and finally got what he deserved.

    • Doctor Prishnicov
      Doctor Prishnicov Year ago

      @Dhruv Maslekar now I would even say 2013 was his prime tho. Or even if it's not not exactly 2013 it's gotta be between 2012-2015

    • Doctor Prishnicov
      Doctor Prishnicov Year ago

      @Dhruv Maslekar yep

    • Dhruv Maslekar
      Dhruv Maslekar 2 years ago +4

      Pascal Reitmeier Ribery was great but Ronaldo was a monster that season

    • Eren Jaeger
      Eren Jaeger 2 years ago +2


  • Mitch Kirkby
    Mitch Kirkby 9 years ago +144

    I'm so glad that Cristiano won. Although many people may prefer Messi, there is no doubt that CR7 deserves more than 1 Ballon d'Or. He is one of the best players to ever play the game, there is no denying that, and his goal record at Real Madrid proves that. It would be a crime if he ended his career with just 1 Ballon d'Or. Viva Ronaldo!

    • Fahad
      Fahad 8 months ago

      Now the goat of football

    • Salman Fariz
      Salman Fariz Year ago

      @Ehan Bhairakdar and messi won the golden boot in 2013 playing 16 matchesless than ronaldo, won spanish super cup, laliga, ronaldo won nothing in 2013. Then why he deserves.🤔🤷
      Robbed that's it.💯🌚

    • Ehan Bhairakdar
      Ehan Bhairakdar Year ago

      @Boom Hahaha I'm saying other seasons, people say ronaldo wins the balon d or because he just scores goals.

    • Boom Hahaha
      Boom Hahaha Year ago

      @Ehan Bhairakdar Yea it was vvd came close but I also think modric did not deserve the 2018 ballon dor

    • Ehan Bhairakdar
      Ehan Bhairakdar Year ago

      @Boom Hahaha fair enough, but I think it was pretty even between the two

  • Hyde Vanity
    Hyde Vanity 9 years ago +20

    So much passion and emotion, respect to Ronaldo.

  • Veganlife
    Veganlife 3 months ago +15

    Cristiano Ronaldo is not just an amazing football player but an amazing human being who shows where hard work and dedication can take you. I can honestly say that it’s amazing to be alive at the same time as this man.

  • Marciuu Carvalho
    Marciuu Carvalho 9 years ago +8


  • Dominic
    Dominic 9 years ago +32

    He simply had to win it this year. He's had an amazing year.

  • Tanvir Hossain
    Tanvir Hossain 6 months ago +10

    Young Cristiano getting a taste of how it feels to hold the balloon d'Or from heart.

  • Thomas Scerra
    Thomas Scerra 9 years ago +52

    CR7 The Best!!!!! Real man, real player.

    • Fahad
      Fahad 8 months ago +1

      The goat of football brother 🤍🤍 HALA MADRID 🤍🤍

    • Thomas Scerra
      Thomas Scerra 9 years ago

      ***** Hala Madrid!

  • Gusstra Beats
    Gusstra Beats 9 years ago +367

    Anyone who hates on Ronaldo never have won something or just never had any goals in their own life.Lames... but RESPECT TO RONALDO

  • marinaCR7
    marinaCR7 9 years ago +4

    Congratulations Ronaldo!!!!!! You are an absolute and amazing football player! You were the best last year & deserve to be recognized by your peers! Your work ethic is exemplary & it's a joy to watch you play :) Awww he started crying when he saw his son, how adorable! Cristiano jr is soo cute!!!

  • Zachary Thunderbolt
    Zachary Thunderbolt 9 years ago +8

    I'm crying. I love Ronaldo! My idol! Congrats! :)

    • Fahad
      Fahad 8 months ago

      The goat 🤍🤍

  • Farzad
    Farzad 9 years ago +8

    As a Messi fan, I couldn't stop smiling when he won, he deserved to finally win another one. Congrats.

  • ollie berry
    ollie berry 9 years ago +7

    I'm so happy that ronaldo won the award! He is my favourite player of all time, but I have to admit I enjoy the rivalry between ronaldo and messi because both of them do unreal things and create the best moments. Let's hope this season none of them get injured!

    CIVILXREJECT 9 years ago +22

    Messi is my favorite player but Ronaldo really disserved this win he's great he is going to be a great teammate for Portugal in brazil and he disserves the title the best footballer in the world im glad he got it :D

  • David Davidc
    David Davidc 9 years ago +1

    Bravo Ronaldo és o melhor, mereceste essa bola de ouro ,faz nos sonhar no Brasil

  • BITW 10
    BITW 10 6 years ago +3

    Can't help but get moved everytime I see this.
    Cristiano's best Ballon d'Or to date, the most meaningful one.

  • José Miguel
    José Miguel 9 years ago +6


  • CaMeYoSiEmPrE AsTuR
    CaMeYoSiEmPrE AsTuR 9 years ago +8

    El mejor del mundo sin duda alguna Te lo mereces por tus goles y tu entrenamiento diario que siempre quieres mejorar

  • Sherry Lewis-da Ponte
    Sherry Lewis-da Ponte 9 years ago +4

    He's absolutely GORGEOUS, even when he cries. Congratulations to Ronaldo; he seems like a genuinely good guy. This award was well deserved.

  • Nuke Daddy
    Nuke Daddy 9 years ago +32

    You worked so hard baby! I am with you since you were 20 years old! And will be forever! My idol!

  • carlos fortes
    carlos fortes 9 years ago +1

    Parabéns Cristiano, és o melhor do mundo. Eu já dizia há anos que és o melhor do mundo, simplesmente um jogador de futebol espectacular.

  • Ketan Engineer
    Ketan Engineer 9 years ago +2

    I'm very happy for Ronaldo for winning it this year. He really did have an amazing season and that's coming from a HUGE BARCELONA FAN. Well done Ronaldo!

  • Dom Toretto
    Dom Toretto 9 years ago +1

    HALA MADRID HALA CR7.... You have everything there is needed and you are the best in the world. Hope you can win few more balloon d'or again. That truly was emotional speech there at the end.

  • Rob Rob
    Rob Rob 9 years ago +25

    Well deserved. Congrats to CR7!

  • Sadiq Usman
    Sadiq Usman 9 years ago +33

    Well deserved. Keep it up Ronaldo :-)

  • Rob Van Yams
    Rob Van Yams 9 years ago +46

    As a Barca fan it's simple he deserved it this year, congrats man pretty emotional

    • A S
      A S Year ago +1

      @Rafa Messi so delusional😭😭

    • I Love Food
      I Love Food Year ago +1

      @Rafa Messi 👍

    • Rafa Messi
      Rafa Messi Year ago +1

      @I Love Food yes it is true messi was beast in 2012 it's a very difficult Choice between messi and Iniesta
      In 2018 between cr7 and Modric
      Very difficult Choice

    • I Love Food
      I Love Food Year ago +1

      @Rafa Messi I agree with all except 2012
      Messi imo

    • Rafa Messi
      Rafa Messi Year ago

      @I Love Food it's exactly what I was saying u r asking me
      Ballon d or is too blessed on attacking side it's actually unfair
      Real winners

  • Nicholas Linares
    Nicholas Linares 9 years ago +3

    Casi lloro cuando vi a RONALDO llorando , bien ronaldo sigue así eres mi ídolo

  • asdasdasda
    asdasdasda 9 years ago +93

    i'm crying.Ronaldo we love you! Thumbs up if you do guys!

  • Milka Jaqueline Cardoso Barbosa

    Muito merecido chorei junto..esperou tanto!

  • Ezra G.C.
    Ezra G.C. 9 years ago +4

    Este año lo dio todo, demostro que puede superar a Messi...individualmente es un jugador muy completo

  • Mvrtins
    Mvrtins 9 years ago +1

    Orgulho CRISTIANO, es O MELHOR ! Um lutador nato parabéns !

  • Bärchen
    Bärchen 6 years ago +440

    You can not compare Ronaldo and Messi.. They are two totally different players.
    Look, Ronaldo has been working his ass off since he was twelve, to get where he is now. Ronaldo's way was totally much harder than Messi's. Ronaldo had a hard time, his father was a alcoholic, and he died when Ronaldo was very young. Ronaldo also had to move from his family to bet on football.
    And Messi, has always been good in football. He was born good, he got picked up by Barcelona when he was 10 years old. And Messi has always been there..
    Also, Many thinks Ronaldo is a bad guy and a ego. But his the opposite. All the money Ronaldo got from EUFA EURO 2016 he gave it to people who needs it, while Messi gave incorrect information about how much he earned to avoid paying tax on any money. So no one can say Ronaldo is a worse person than Messi. They both are great. I'm not a Messi hater or something, i just want you Ronaldo haters to know that Ronaldo is a great person, and you should respect him more.
    My opinion is just that Ronaldo has been working much harder than Messi to come where he is. And Ronaldo gets alot of hate because of his reactions and how fast he gets angry, but, yoo, everyone has their own problem. And Ronaldo is working on it, respect him!

    • Arpan Chowdhury
      Arpan Chowdhury Year ago

      @BASILPAUL GEORGE ?? Such a bad English imo


      @Arpan Chowdhury Man all of his teammates from the time of man u always said tales of him putting weights in his angle for better football and 1st person to hit the gim everyday and last to leave,stop being a kid who is jealous of a self made star as of u is sitting free and post foolish about successful personalities just to spread hate..

    • ArcStyle
      ArcStyle 2 years ago

      Well Said!!!

    • Usmaan Nazir
      Usmaan Nazir 2 years ago +3

      They both worked hard, regardless of how much talent you have you still have to work hard especially to be a world class football player.

    • Arpan Chowdhury
      Arpan Chowdhury 2 years ago +2

      So messi doesn't hard work , maybe he works hard more but he doesn't post on ig because he's a man with shy and humble nature

  • Saudev Singh
    Saudev Singh 9 years ago +1

    i love the way that his son followed him to the stage! it just show how much he loves his father even though they get to spend very less time with each other! his tears just showed his great human side! hala madrid!

  • Priscila Hernandez
    Priscila Hernandez 8 years ago +1

    Do I still get super emotional and cry everytime I see this video? You bet I do. Cristiano is unbelievable, words cannot express how happy I was when I heard Pelé announce his name. He deserved that award so damn much, just the way he reacted showed how much it meant to him.

  • neo khan
    neo khan 3 months ago +3

    What a guy! What a guy ..what a guy !! Love you Ronaldo 😍😘

  • Marcos Gutierrez
    Marcos Gutierrez 9 years ago

    La temporada que se viene para cristiano sera descomunal! Felicidades al mejor del mundo! Hala Madrid!

  • Jorge Montenegro
    Jorge Montenegro 5 years ago

    Sus lagrimas solo expresaban todo el tiempo que vivió bajo la sombra de Leo Messi y como con un extra de trabajo duró logró superarlo, merecidísimo

  • KCfitness
    KCfitness 6 years ago +46

    You clearly see how much it means to him after watching Messi claim it for a number of years. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard enough.

      ABUZAR KHAN🖤 Month ago

      @Hydro world cup opinion

    • Joshua Philippe
      Joshua Philippe 2 years ago +2

      @Li'l Rogue ur opinion

    • Hydro
      Hydro 3 years ago +7

      @Li'l Rogue ur opinion

    • Li'l Rogue
      Li'l Rogue 6 years ago +3

      Kasy Anuar Fitness Messi works hard man...common...its just that year Ronaldo was better...but overall talent(MESSI) is still better. 😊

  • Ben57599
    Ben57599 9 years ago +1

    Congratulations Ronaldo! You are a fantastic person and player. Inspiration to many footballers. Fully Deserved. Well done my friend!

  • Aldo Carlomagno Montoya Palacios

    Nose que si se podia! Felicidades Cr7 y Gracias. A Todos.

  • SM Asociados
    SM Asociados 4 years ago

    Se emociono al ver a su hijo! tienes un gran corazón Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • ilbuko
    ilbuko 9 years ago +1

    Bravo Cristiano!
    An authentic Champion, an example for anyone who approach football.
    Alone can change any match with any team.
    You deserve it more than anyone else. Every year you have improved tactically and in terms of goal score, a beauty for the eyes of football lovers.

  • Vauxxey
    Vauxxey 5 years ago

    Damn I almost teared up........YOU'RE THE BEST CRISTIANO HALA MADRID!

  • Ramiro ibanez
    Ramiro ibanez 9 years ago +16

    Congrats cr7
    You deserved to win it you worked so hard in 2013

  • Zafri
    Zafri 9 years ago

    Shows how much this meant to him. Well Deserved CR7!

  • White tip tail hummingbird

    I just cried! Congrats Cristiano!!!!!!

  • vipelere
    vipelere 9 years ago +2

    It shows how much he loves football and how much he is honnored !!!
    Great worker and talented guy Ronaldo the best this year ...

  • ElAlexRG
    ElAlexRG 9 years ago

    Grande Ronaldo! cualquiera se lo hubiera merecido. Me alegro. Soy madridista, y debemos de estar orgullosos de este tío. Creo que todos los madridistas nos hemos emocionado un poco también. Se lo merece por su talento, su esfuerzo, su sacrificio, y su afán de superación. Y los antis, qué decir... En fin. Soy tanto madridista como aficionado al fútbol. Mucha gente solo es aficionada a un equipo, y el fútbol lo deja a un lado. Disfruto viendo tanto a Messi como a Ronaldo. Habrá preferencias, claro. Pero pudiendo disfrutar de dos, nos tenemos que cegar en uno... Qué pena. Que sigan por muchos años estos dos bestias, y me hagan disfrutar los dos. Viva el fútbol, Hala Madrid, y Hala Cristiano.

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User Year ago +1

    This Man Deserved this , hard work pays off !❤️

  • Random Stuffs with RRD
    Random Stuffs with RRD 2 years ago +3

    Who wouldn't be emotional. He was waiting for this since 2008... Messi had won 4 on trot. And being the fighter that he is, nobody would've been more desperate to end that trend than Ronaldo 🔥❤️👍. Great player. Wish he comes to ISL someday 😎

    • Random Stuffs with RRD
      Random Stuffs with RRD 2 years ago

      Strange how badly Irina Shayk and CR7 hate each other now. Modern relationships are quite funny ;)

  • Tiziano18
    Tiziano18 9 years ago +2

    very emotional speech!Portugal is proud of you

  • Abrar AlMulla
    Abrar AlMulla 9 years ago +1

    The most amazing moment in history ♡

  • Emmanuel Photography
    Emmanuel Photography 4 years ago +2

    A wonderful footballer I respect this man 💯% I don't know why people hate this guy.

  • Shiang Ying Tan
    Shiang Ying Tan 9 years ago

    After all this years,he deserves it.he always play his best for the team,even people doubt his ability.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 9 years ago +2

    Very happy for him, well deserved!

  • Jose. G
    Jose. G 9 years ago +4

    soy seguidor del BARÇA pero C. Ronaldo individualmente a hecho mejores las cosas .
    Te lo mereces CR7, eres el mejor del MUNDO.

  • Oko. zai
    Oko. zai 9 years ago

    Grande CR7!! Te lo mereces desde hace mucho tiempo....

    LUXURY BUSINESS 9 years ago

    Muito merecido. Parabéns Cristiano Ronaldo - o aguardamos no Brasil em Junho.

  • Dearchrist Rohy
    Dearchrist Rohy 4 years ago +1

    Your tears has paid your success till today have inspired many people in the world including me.. salute for you.. God bless u..

  • Dezko Miller
    Dezko Miller 9 years ago

    Balón de Oro bien merecido, grande Ronaldo!

  • Michel Henry
    Michel Henry 9 years ago +2


  • kins
    kins 3 months ago +3

    I will always shed tears as well watching this one.

  • franghan
    franghan 9 years ago

    Grande Ronaldo! O melhor do mundo and a true gentleman at heart!

  • real Nexus
    real Nexus 9 years ago +1

    Parabens! Cristiano és o Maior. #Worldsgreatest

  • DM Play Music
    DM Play Music 9 years ago

    Lagrimas De Un Grande :)
    Cr7 El Mejor :)

    HAFIEN NABIL 9 years ago +1

    Le meilleur dans les cinque dernières années.

  • Eddie Sandoval
    Eddie Sandoval 9 years ago

    He really deserves this award, great player

  • erahman
    erahman 9 years ago +6

    he so emotional.. thats football, make you smile and make you cry the other side.. #Respect

  • Mario Oliveira
    Mario Oliveira 9 years ago

    He deserved it!!!
    Ele mereceu o premio!
    Forca Portual, forca Ronaldo!!

  • ezgi tekdoğan
    ezgi tekdoğan 9 years ago

    He is the best,he deserved it,hard work and determination pays off.

  • Rúben Luso
    Rúben Luso 9 years ago

    Orgulho Nacional FALOU EM PORTUGUÊS !!!

  • Salimar Luis
    Salimar Luis 9 years ago +1

    I can sense the sincerity of CR7 really when you work hard for any thing then you achieve it will breaks you in to tear!

  • Ayush Vision
    Ayush Vision Year ago

    I saw this moment in TV and I cried a lot,GOAT Ronaldo

  • Flávio Silva
    Flávio Silva 9 years ago +3

    Thank You Ronaldo!! You are the best. Madeira Love u.
    Um dia mas de felicidad para los portugueses pero ainda mas para los madeirenses que van tener una bola mas em su ciudad. Gracias Ronaldo.

  • Juan DavidTvVideos
    Juan DavidTvVideos 9 years ago

    Muy Merecido se lo tenia que Ganar el por que tuvo una excelente temporada & con esas lagrimas que salieron de sus ojos demostró una muestra de humildad
    Yo Soy del Fc Barcelona Pero hay que aceptar que esta ves el que se merecía ese PREMIO ERA EL CR7

  • Adi Bizoi
    Adi Bizoi 9 years ago +1

    Nici nu se putea mai bine. Keep it up, you're the best. RESPECT CRISTIANO

  • One king to burn ‘em all.

    One of the best footballers the world will ever know. What a player and icon of 'hard working'!

  • Miguel simao
    Miguel simao 9 years ago

    Ele mereceu a bola de ouro!

  • orlendis lamoru martinez
    orlendis lamoru martinez 9 years ago +1

    bien merecido ese premio,el es el mejor del mundo aunque muchos lo odien y hace mucho tiempo siempre lo ha sido por su voluntad de jugar,felicidades eres el mejor

  • Santeri Heikkinen
    Santeri Heikkinen 9 years ago +29

    Cristiano Ronaldo deserves the win . I always believe him!!!! #halamadrid #cristiano

  • Edgar Medina
    Edgar Medina 9 years ago

    You're the best Mr. Ronaldo!!!
    Well deserve. Vamos que sí se puede CR7

  • Liizzy C. Totoy
    Liizzy C. Totoy 9 years ago +1

    Felicidades CR7.. me conmovió q llorara oowww!!!

  • Rayan Andrade
    Rayan Andrade 8 months ago +2