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We Bought 3 Cheap Wrecked Exotic Cars For Less $$$ Than A C8 Z06 Corvette | Car Trek S9E1


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  • David Van der Vossen
    David Van der Vossen Month ago +1192

    As much as I enjoy car trek - I Would love to see them all get cars within the budget and following the rules for once

    • J Kent
      J Kent 13 hours ago

      It’s to remind you that it really is just top gear.

    • Mike Delape
      Mike Delape 6 days ago

      this is within the rules, i work for chevy, were selling the Z06 for 225k

    • Mike Delape
      Mike Delape 6 days ago

      @Hugo Nuñez this is regular too some people, including me so its all relevant

    • Lucas Von Heiz
      Lucas Von Heiz Month ago

      @Hugo Nuñez they can't even drive proprely, look at TG with noble vs Aventador vs mp4-12c, you feel that all 3 were really on it.
      Here they look... murricans, lacking of talent and making things boring.

    • Zach H
      Zach H Month ago

      FOR ONCE jeeeeez

  • je1279
    je1279 2 months ago +1047

    The look on Freddie's face was priceless. Nothing cures overconfidence quite like a near death experience.

    • Kyle Milford
      Kyle Milford Month ago

      @rub ber what? That thought never even crossed my mind.

    • rub ber
      rub ber Month ago

      @Lawg duh it wasnt him

    • rub ber
      rub ber Month ago

      lol that was so fake it wasnt him. get real

    • Lawg
      Lawg Month ago +3

      they didnt actually show the whole incident kind of disappointing but I'm sure they got reason why.

    • Jack Vv
      Jack Vv Month ago +11

      People don't realise how fast that car is, it's got more engine power than a p1 and they have a top speed in the 240s unrestricted (the electric motors don't help the top speed just the acceleration) so Freddies car should be similar

  • brad esq
    brad esq 2 months ago +703

    Having gone through turn 5 at Thunderhill hundreds of times, I really laughed when Tavarish sent a 200k car flying over the crest. Future tip: At any track, first lap is sighting, you take it slow and find out where it goes. No need for sighing lap, let's go full send over a blind cresting turn. lol

    • C Connon
      C Connon 10 days ago

      Was Freddie going off cgi?

    • Lucas Von Heiz
      Lucas Von Heiz Month ago

      Chap they've got no clue how to drive a car.
      Driving position is weird, talent is lacking

    • Tavarish
      Tavarish  Month ago +5

      @rub ber lol wut

    • Tavarish
      Tavarish  Month ago +15

      @Rob Rob It was not a planned stunt, which was why the only exterior shot of it was from a drone 200 feet behind the car. Yes, it was incredibly scary and I thought I was going to total the car. We didn't play it in any video games or watch 20 laps on Clip-Share. Sometimes people simply make mistakes.

    • brad esq
      brad esq Month ago

      @rub ber "You are" or "you're"

  • Jimmy Broadbent
    Jimmy Broadbent Month ago +27

    You guys gotta do sighter laps, especially in cars that fast. Glad nothing came of it, but yeah, spooky.

    • A Balakrishnan
      A Balakrishnan Month ago +1

      Ay it's jimmer! Ed, Tyler, and Freddy should do a Car Trek in Britain!

  • Jormungand13324
    Jormungand13324 2 months ago +118

    i'd love to see a car trek where it's all family sedans. i wanna see one of these guys take a buick to the track.

    • Jormungand13324
      Jormungand13324 Month ago +1

      @Spencer Kaup I got mine for just under 3k at 102k miles. 2005 buick lesabre.

    • Spencer Kaup
      Spencer Kaup Month ago

      Or maybe something affordable

    • A Michigan Boi Whose Real Lazy
      A Michigan Boi Whose Real Lazy Month ago

      They did something like that with the luxury episode

    • Markster
      Markster Month ago +3

      @Trump is putins btchthis lol. There are crazy sedans out there

    • Jormungand13324
      Jormungand13324 Month ago

      @Trump is putins btch i see hoovie bringing his '94 park avenue.

  • Stiffy Jeff
    Stiffy Jeff Month ago +6

    This show needs a "Stig" or pro driver of sorts to see what they're cars are really capable of.

  • a boomer
    a boomer Month ago +61

    "This thing is a track monster"

  • Matt B
    Matt B Month ago +78

    Tyler and Ed making fun of Freddie's catchphrases by saying "Go wrench every day!" and "There goes the warranty!" made me laugh so hard haha

  • MAN UP
    MAN UP Month ago +18

    I honestly thought it was CGI at first when Tavarish flew off the track (like a funny scene)… had to rewind and be like wtf that was real! Wow so surprised at how the car was fine…Crazy lucky bro.

  • Kunal
    Kunal Month ago +40

    love how they are all gunning it on their sighting lap ... that's the confidence I wish I had 😅

    • NBNR Fortnite
      NBNR Fortnite Month ago

      @Hit me up 👉TheStradman47you are not needed on planet earth

    • NBNR Fortnite
      NBNR Fortnite Month ago

      the person that replied to you is a scam they just joined youtube and have the wrong username please don’t buy into there scam

  • Takao Senpai
    Takao Senpai Month ago +53

    The way they're blocking the other driver from passing them is insanely reckless and dangerous...

    • Mike Scherrer
      Mike Scherrer 24 days ago +1

      You realize this is a scripted show, right? You gonna whine about Tom Cruise hanging on to planes next?

    • Corbin Wesler
      Corbin Wesler 26 days ago

      @gijoecam I'll give the camera operator a pass.

    • gijoecam
      gijoecam 28 days ago +1

      Well, the camera operator was hanging out of the back of a minivan just in front of them, so maybe we should give them a pass...

    • Jissan Huq
      Jissan Huq Month ago +2

      Not surprised who it was either.

    • Uh Oh IT'S A TRAP!
      Uh Oh IT'S A TRAP! Month ago +5

      Eh, nobody cares.

  • WouterB76
    WouterB76 Month ago +14

    That Mc Laren stole the show from the moment it appeared.
    Very well done Freddy!

  • AbsurdToastling
    AbsurdToastling 2 months ago +1441

    Tonight on Car Trek: Ed Bolian breaks character, Tyler goes for a spin, and Freddy learns to fly

    • Endeavors_DnB
      Endeavors_DnB Month ago

      This completed the show for me.

    • Claude Dottin
      Claude Dottin Month ago

      I heard text

    • jovan milan
      jovan milan Month ago

      @Aaron xkdeo

    • HulkSmash780
      HulkSmash780 Month ago

      They say he can taste what you had for dinner last in your engine oil, all we know is he’s called the Car Wizard…

    • x020pk Bond
      x020pk Bond Month ago +1

      TG style

  • GarageNextDoor
    GarageNextDoor Month ago +64

    I'm sure we all got caught off guard with that turn in Gran Turismo, Freddy you're not alone 😂

    • DragonZer0
      DragonZer0 Month ago +6

      Laguna Seca with the corkscrew corner such good times. I remember ramming an old 67 stingray off the side of the track and into the tires then it got air born up to that point I never knew cars could get 20 feet off the ground.

    • EddieHu
      EddieHu Month ago +1

      Not this track, but similar turn!

  • Brent Ruvio
    Brent Ruvio Month ago +5

    Long as Freddy is worried about rock chips he's always gonna get gapped 🤣

  • Colin Justian
    Colin Justian 2 months ago +16

    Damn. Seeing you cry when you hit 150 is amazing. You can tell the love and work you put into that car and now feeling the reward. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Willimon Precision
    Willimon Precision Month ago +6

    If Freddy would just learn to drive, he has the guts to get into that car like you are supposed to. When it is on a track you need to hammer the brakes hard until they start telling you to back off a little until they stabilize

  • styill
    styill Month ago +6

    Newcomer here! The Clip-Share algorithm put this video in my feed. Top Gear is like a drug to me and to ease my addiction I'll take any motoring show presented by 3 friends falling over each other.
    I've subbed and greatly look forward to watching your back catalog of videos.

  • Mark K
    Mark K Month ago +5

    nice to see Tavarishs car in action after all that work! well done guys!

  • Matt Ross
    Matt Ross Month ago +2

    Well, Ed and Tyler were pretty much dead on for the values of their cars, though the mileage and history on Hovies might bring his price down a bit. Tavarish might get $325K with a salvage title, but I would bet less! Lots of fun guys! Thanks.

  • Michael Warren
    Michael Warren Month ago

    So, would this work with an engine swap with something like the M5’s V10 or an Chevy LS?

  • Elliott Alvis
    Elliott Alvis 2 months ago +1818

    As someone who witnessed it, Freddy flying off the side of that mountain was quite the jump. So glad the series is back!

    • Uh Oh IT'S A TRAP!
      Uh Oh IT'S A TRAP! Month ago

      @lobuzz311 Completely incorrect.

    • Philip Douglas
      Philip Douglas Month ago

      @Andrea Colombo I would like to see the in-camera footage of the wreck. There are multiple in-car cameras and no footage.

    • Andrea Colombo
      Andrea Colombo Month ago

      @Philip Douglas They're obviously filming with onboard go-pros, a drone and a camera car. How can they even get side shots? They're not Formula 1 with cameras all around the track

    • ED V8 ZR1
      ED V8 ZR1 Month ago +1

      @Robbie Gee Yes this is true.

    • Robbie Gee
      Robbie Gee Month ago +1

      A proper James May like crash

  • justin clark
    justin clark Month ago +5

    Love the cars! Dream scenario would be to race and compare to an actual Z06

    • Kapten
      Kapten 2 days ago

      @the Rocker one would hope, after spending quarter of a million on wrecked car

    • the Rocker
      the Rocker Month ago +2

      Quality wise these cars are just far higher grade

  • Final Touch Auto Detailing llc

    Ed I love you shirt, love your wit. There couldn't be a better trio of awesome dudes to get together and make these videos!

  • Mr Harry
    Mr Harry 2 months ago

    I love the show and I respect the presenters.
    When racing they have a lot to do, race aswell as present and concentrate through the turns.
    However why do they look so slow and their corners are aweful....they cannot be that bad at racing, I think therefore that whenever you see a "race" it is fabricated entertainment.
    Still love it though.

  • Omega Gamer
    Omega Gamer Month ago +2

    So instead of buying that wrecked mc Lauren for 80k he could of just bought a brand new one and saved money after all the parts and time spent fixing it😂😂😂

  • AlessandroCD7
    AlessandroCD7 Month ago +1

    Honestly can't all of you do it right one time, there is always one or two cheating. That takes all excitement and fun away

  • Ed smith
    Ed smith Month ago +9

    Freddie wiped away a tear at 150 mph 👑💥😎

  • OfficialHoneZtAbe
    OfficialHoneZtAbe Month ago +2

    Working your ass off on a 675LT and taking it on this show, should've definitely put on some PPF or one of those trackday temporary PPF bras or something. I wanted to see that McLaren rip!

  • Justin E
    Justin E Month ago +9

    NGL I was starting to think that you weren't gonna get to enjoy all the work you put into the 675LT....Then you hit 150MPH on the straight and I was as happy for you as I could be.

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K 2 months ago +282

    "Tyler pays in Dong, and he pays really well" - Quote Of The Year from The Car Wizard. 😁😁

    • Jerry Miller
      Jerry Miller Month ago

      My Nephews name is Tyler. I laughed so hard at this! He'd laugh his ass off too!

    • Freddy Villa
      Freddy Villa Month ago

      I dont even know what that means!? lmaooooo hahahaha

    • Hotlog
      Hotlog Month ago +2

      Tavarish: "Uhhhhhhhh........"

    • nowthatsurban
      nowthatsurban Month ago +7

      He gave the wizard a lot of Dong 😂😂

    • François Caron
      François Caron 2 months ago +14

      A million Dong is $40.57 USD. 😂

  • Furryfattal
    Furryfattal Month ago

    I remember learning this track in nfs shift and gran turismo. It's a tricky, squirrely fast but breaking downhill slide. The angle is severe.

  • Kani Ou
    Kani Ou 2 months ago +231

    "You still got a bill to pay" the wizard cracks me up . Love the episode guys great job.

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      Ur lame

  • Navodeep Deka
    Navodeep Deka Month ago

    That R8 V10 is actually a Honda Civic of supercars. Man I really love the R8 💛

  • J Username
    J Username Month ago +4

    Wasn't sure if Tyler was driving good or bad with that tail end getting shifty, then he spun out lol..

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson Month ago

    That mclauren first lap was incredible!,! 😅

  • Chico BM
    Chico BM Month ago

    I love christmas 🎄 and this type of content 😍

  • psychotictactoe
    psychotictactoe Month ago

    I actually think when Clarkson, May and Hamster retire, these guys will take over the world!

  • Herps85
    Herps85 2 months ago +2

    I'll buy that "$500" car for $500.

  • Mclaren F1 LM
    Mclaren F1 LM Month ago

    winning against a tuned 675lt is.... quite the achievement for any car

  • Pancake
    Pancake Month ago

    tyler is literally worse than me when i was 8 years old playing forza motorsport on my xbox 😂😂

  • Utah5oh
    Utah5oh Month ago +2

    Once again Tavarish coming in spending 3X's everyone else.

    CHARICKTER Month ago +1

    It's about damn time Freddie started playin' the game Hoover and Jed have been playin' all along.

  • 2 Dazed
    2 Dazed Month ago

    Regardless of out come. Audi R8 is 1 in my eyes!🤌🏼🤌🏼

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown 2 months ago

    Honestly, did any of you even bother watching a video of the Thunderhill line before taking these cars out there? Cyclone is not a turn to just figure out the hard way! P.s. Tavarish, Corkscrew is at Laguna Seca.

  • Brett
    Brett Month ago

    Have any of you ever heard of a sighting lap? That track gonna be shut down soon if they let you drive full speed without one.

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 Month ago

    Ok, I lost it at
    "When I was 17, the only thing I was fast and efficient at was-"
    "No, don't!"

  • Squat Penguin2
    Squat Penguin2 Month ago +1

    Love all the cars but the 458 is hands down my favorite. Not a fan of the red interior but put a nice exhaust on it and 👌🏼. I've heard a straight piped one in person and it was insane.

  • Marc Gomez
    Marc Gomez Month ago +1

    Should have shown the speedometer for the top speed run 😢

  • Laurens Woltermann
    Laurens Woltermann Month ago +1

    "Tyler pays in Dong and he pays really well" - Car Wizard.

  • Brian C
    Brian C Month ago +1

    The rock chip on track feeling is why I always have vettes as the track car. I can just shrug and “it’s a Chevy” and not worry.

  • Dave Marshall
    Dave Marshall Month ago

    Who’s idea was it to go straight out on a flying lap with an inevitable offing? Sighting laps are no longer a thing? Guess it makes good content😂

  • Jacob Berry
    Jacob Berry Month ago +2

    Viewer here from PKA. Not a car guy but you make great content bro. Like the wish version of top gear segments but I mean that in the best of ways

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver Month ago

    @10:30 I get this is fictional but a visual inspection isn't enough. You gotta at least jimmy a pry bar around in the coilovers to "test" the suspension.

  • Rob2Skuttered
    Rob2Skuttered Month ago

    I would be mad at the guys in the rari for not letting me know about that turn, That coulda ended badly for the the McLaren I’d be so pissed they didn’t let me know..

  • hakim achim
    hakim achim Month ago

    watching these guys drive hurts in so many ways

    SOMNIOHM Month ago +1

    Xavier forreal a super chill dude!!!
    "Every car I got slammed to the pavement. What I spent for these you couldn't make the payments"
    Loving the M all murdered out like that.. all his F80 needs is meth injection, or (flex fuel kit) w/E85, and the BM3 S2 tune!
    Easy 600+ to the rear tire!!! (Another $3K)
    -Fuel It (Complete stage 4 kit w/port injection) 680+ for around $4K! (Max out OEM Turbo's)
    Set of 18X11.5 Wheels wrapped in a 315/40R18 555R2! ($4.5K)
    He needs to do this, then come back for a *REAL Round 2* !!!

  • Gabriel H
    Gabriel H 2 months ago +1

    In it for Freddie's car. He loved on that thing so much. It's good to see it finally running

  • DHG3821
    DHG3821 Month ago +1

    i feel the pain of freddy's car just flying

  • Parker
    Parker Month ago

    This show needs its own channel

  • generic youtube user
    generic youtube user 2 months ago +34

    Past seasons: "Ed, why do you keep buying cars with horrible history??"
    This season: "Ed, your car has no history!"

    • Markster
      Markster Month ago

      They didn’t realize how much they missed it lol

  • misa bito
    misa bito 2 months ago +53

    Can we all just appreciate the fact that Hoovie is driving past 100 mph, remember how scared he was at 80

  • phil towle
    phil towle Month ago +3

    The $500 corona follows same rules as Tavarish's McClaren.

  • Tristan
    Tristan Month ago

    @24:50 the look on his face when he realized he was going to crash.

  • Furryfattal
    Furryfattal Month ago

    Wonder if that Sun machine is the one off pawnstars 🤔

  • oliver
    oliver Month ago +1

    as jeremy clarkson said it on grand tour s1e1: WE’RE BACK!!!

  • Xentix
    Xentix Month ago

    Most rigged series ever. “Races” 1J Toyota… aka drives slowly round the track all of them had reasons to lose ect… fake shit. A real race would of been great to see

  • Xaphan
    Xaphan Month ago +5

    I’ve said this on every episode of this series and I’ll say it again. Best series on Clip-Share by far. When I find out there’s a new episode I literally have to stop doing everything and get time to watch. Love this serious so much.

    • chrischaf
      chrischaf Month ago

      This is more like what the American Top Gear *should* have been

  • Honey BBQ Sauce
    Honey BBQ Sauce Month ago +4

    "I don't want you to die before you pay your bill" lol

  • JPizzleKC
    JPizzleKC Month ago +1

    "Tyler pays in dong and he pays really well" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Justin Gadlage
    Justin Gadlage Month ago

    Someone had got to let me know when ever they do a new car trek I always miss out

  • Artificial Music
    Artificial Music Month ago +2

    _"The only thing I was fast and efficient at at 17 was-"_
    - N-no. I know what you'-
    "-playing videogames."
    "Oh was it? Speedrunning goldeneye?"

  • Willbryan Medina
    Willbryan Medina Month ago

    How do you go for the first time to a track, see a giant hill and go at high speed up to it, WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO SEE WHAT COMES NEXT?

  • bmw2nv2000
    bmw2nv2000 Month ago +1

    While i enjoy these stories i get kinda tired of the prices being way above what the claimed ceiling is

  • Fan Boy
    Fan Boy 2 months ago +224

    Let's be honest! Tavarish been waiting for an episode where he can flex his 675LT. I can't blame him tbh

    • Stephen Reed
      Stephen Reed 2 months ago +5

      Honestly, when I saw it was going to be in this series I was -excited-.

  • Flaze Derg
    Flaze Derg Month ago

    Love the show as always, but not a big fan of the edition.
    Engine noise and what the car is actually doing is almost never synced up, we constantly keep seeing the gauge cluster, and the car changing gear, but audio is not synced up at all and theres just a random engine note playing. Theres lots of times where the footage shows you guys blasting down the straights and we hear the engine off throttle.
    Im also not a fan of speeding up your footage to make it look more exciting. It just make it look goofy and takes people out of the action. It might be suited for a general audience, but your viewer base is basically all petrolheads. We can see that something aint right.
    Maybe hire an editor that is actually in to cars next time.

  • Ibn Thani
    Ibn Thani Month ago

    I still have my R8 TT and I love it ❤

  • Becca's Backlog
    Becca's Backlog Month ago

    "Tyler Pays In Dong, And He Pays Really Well!" -Car Wizard 2022

  • Billy Beck
    Billy Beck Month ago +1

    “I BEAT THE KID!!” 😂😂😂💀 hahaha

  • utbdoug
    utbdoug 2 months ago

    It's funny Hoovie made the Jurassic Park reference. I think this is the second time I've seen him in a video, and both times I thought he speaks and acts similar to Jeff Goldblum lol

  • 3103frank
    3103frank Month ago

    Another great series!!!

  • BooTub3
    BooTub3 Month ago +19

    That face Tavarish made 😂 I can’t believe anyone would go full send on a track they’ve never been on.. Hoovie can have some slack but come on guys

  • Catfish Corner
    Catfish Corner Month ago

    Fella’s another great Car Trek episode I’m stoked while watching this!💯🐟

  • Mumen Mansour
    Mumen Mansour 2 months ago

    675lt is on another level

  • sieve5
    sieve5 Month ago +1

    Wow I can't believe you've done nine of these!


    I can’t stand listening to Ed. He loves hearing his own voice. Never shuts up!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • J Branche
    J Branche Month ago

    So you can spend about 1/6 the amount of money and have a teenager beat your Mc Laren or Ferrari on the track. But you have to admit both the Mc Laren and Ferrari look amazing on the track.

  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix 2 months ago +274

    Yesss! I look forward to these so much!

    • Funk Gremlin
      Funk Gremlin Month ago

      @Tavarish this is the crossover we need. Please make it happen

    • *The World Teacher - Jagadguru Svāmī Vegānanda*
      *The World Teacher - Jagadguru Svāmī Vegānanda* 2 months ago +5

      @Tavarish, it seems the producers forgot to mention the precise top-speeds in the final race?

    • Macht Schnell
      Macht Schnell 2 months ago

      @Vue Vang Drifting is for guys who prefer circle jerks to dates with women.

    • Vue Vang
      Vue Vang 2 months ago +1

      CarTrek season with a drifting challenge would be perfect

    • f f
      f f 2 months ago

      I wasn't expecting this comment just laughed and laughed. God Bless

  • sdfswords
    sdfswords Month ago

    Nothing like taking a Ferrari into the weeds, and then doing 130mph...what could go wrong? Or the case of a Ferrari, fall off, or combust!

  • Bernhard M
    Bernhard M Month ago

    From a certain angle and when wearing a helmet Freddy looks like Checo Perez’s older brother.

  • Alwayyssgone
    Alwayyssgone 2 months ago +1

    Ok so that kid was badass he’s living a dream

  • aphexer6
    aphexer6 2 months ago +39

    My heart sank when the Mclaren left the track. With the blood, sweat and tears (and $$$$) Freddie has put into it, he did so well to keep it together and keep filming.

  • Dima Yakubov
    Dima Yakubov 2 months ago

    Well, it feels a bit too scripted, both missing a coolant leak and not getting familiar with the track layout before going off it. Rock chips are way worse in a spyder without eye protection or even side windows up.

  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds Month ago +1

    Tyler pays in Dong and he pays really well... I AM DEAD!!!

  • Josh N
    Josh N 2 months ago +2

    I used to love the series, and it was fun the first time or two when they broke the rules on amounts, but the McLaren is a huge stretch for C8 comparison. Stick closer to the rules and it would be a way more enjoyable series, actually attainable stuff for people when you do

  • Gonzalo Sanchidrián

    Did none of you make ANY research on Thunderhill?! That turn is famous for catching drivers off guard... Jeeeezz

  • Ethan Howard
    Ethan Howard Month ago +1

    Lol, money doesn’t buy driving skill 🤣

  • KertUm Cell
    KertUm Cell Month ago

    Tyler goes no one knows the history of this car
    Processing to stand by Ed

  • Jdp1901
    Jdp1901 Month ago

    Of course freddy spends $240k on a z06 that at max options is around $180k.

  • israel irola
    israel irola Month ago

    Tyler pays in Dong, and he pays really well - Car wizard 2022